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Cabarlah Cemetery
Crow's Nest Shire, Queensland, Australia

Cabarlah cemetery is situated on a bend on Highway 42, about 20 mins north of Toowoomba. The township of Highfields is just south of it. Wear closed shoes and socks, the ants are vicious. At times this cemetery can be overgrown.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Sep 19, 2006. Total records = 76.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Adams, Ellen Jane, d. 3 Dec 1897, aged 20yr 6m, dau of James & Letitia, [JB]
Adams, James, d. 7 Jul 1939, aged 94, b. Co Derry, with Ellen Jane & Letitia, [JB]
Adams, Letitia, d. 3 Apr 1921, aged 64, b. Eton Vale 18 May 1856, wf of James, [JB]
Adams, Matilda, d. 30 Dec 1912, aged 69, [JB]
Bird, Elsie Kate, d. 5 Apr 1960, aged 59, [JB]
Bird, Sydney Robert, d. 23 May 1989, aged 89, shared stone with Elsie Kate, [JB]
Cronin, Patrick, d. 23 Feb 1923, age: 58yr, "my dear husband and our dear father… RIP", [TS]
Davis, Elizabeth, d. 21 Dec 1893, age: 68yr, "Beloved wife of Stuckey Reynolds Davis, She hath done what she could", And her beloved husband, [TS]
Davis, Stuckey Reynolds, d. 19 Feb 1900, age: 74yr, [TS]
Franke, Ernest William, d. 17 Oct 1975, aged 84, [JB]
Genrich, August Hermann, d. 31 Aug 1956, aged 80, with Maria, [JB]
Genrich, Maria Auguste Caroline, d. 22 Mar 1948, aged 71, [JB]
Genrich, William Ernest, d. 15 Aug 1944, aged 44, [JB]
Gerskowski, Martha, d. 1904 aged 3yr 8m, [JB]
Gould, Joseph, d. 06 May, 1886, aged 50, acc. killed, [JB]
Gowlett, Abbey Bertha, d. 26 Aug 1896, b. 11 Aug 1881, [JB]
Kahler, Eliz, d. 2 Apr 1916, aged 15, dau of George Kahler, [JB]
Kahler, Elizabeth, d. 4 Jun 1901, aged 74, with Henry, erected by son J.P.Kahler, [JB]
Kahler, George, d. 1919, aged 36, [JB]
Kahler, Henry, d. 27 Nov 1901, aged 72, with Elizabeth, [JB]
Kahler, James, d. 24 Sep 1981, aged 87, shared stone with Margaret K, [JB]
Kahler, Margaret Katherine, d. 4 Jan 1982, aged 83, [JB]
Kiemann, Aguste, d. Highfields 7 Jun 1920,aged 65, b. West Prussia, Germany, nee Santowski, [JB]
Kiemann, Frederick, b. 18 Sep 1879, d. 26 Sep 1902, and also his beloved grandfather Julius Santowski, [TS]
Kiemann, Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm, d. 25 Sep 1902, b. 18 Sep 1879, [JB]
Kiemann, John Heinrich Christian, d. 1922, [JB]
Leahy, Bridget, d. 14 Jun 1966, aged 85, with Patrick, [JB]
Leahy, David, d. 30 May 1934, aged 96, b. Limerick, h/o Margaret, [JB]
Leahy, Margaret, d. 19 Feb 1911, aged 62, native of Clash, Abbeyfeale, Co Limerick, [JB]
Leahy, Michael, d. 15 Sep 1955, aged 80, [JB]
Leahy, Patrick, d. 4 Feb 1960, aged 70, with Bridget, [JB]
Leahy, Thomas, d. 3 Nov 1913, aged 74, native of Barnard, Limerick, erected by brother David, [JB]
McGrath, Thomas, b. County Cork, Ireland, d. 16 Nov 1903, age: 68yr, ??, [TS]
McLauchlan, John, d. 1994, h/o Leslie May Page McLauchlan, s/o William McLauchlan, [WP]
McLauchlan, Leslie May Page, d. 24 Mar 1980, w/o John McLauchlan, [WP]
McQuillan, Annie Catherine, d. ? Aug 193?, age: 73yr, [TS]
McQuillan, James, d. 14 Sep 1901, age: 52yr, , And also his son, [TS]
McQuillan, John, d. 6 Jan 1936, [TS]
McQuillan, Patrick, d. 25 Jan 1897, age: 5yr 6mo, "We have loved them in life let us never forget them in death", [TS]
Morrison, James, b. Co. Sligo Ireland, d. 19 Jan 1937, age: 50yr, ??, [TS]
Morrison, Maria, b. Co. Sligo Ireland, d. 27 Apr 1944, [TS]
Murphy, Bridget, d. 1 Nov 1907, age: 68yr, [TS]
Murphy, Michael, d. 6 Sep 1913, age: 37yr, [TS]
Murphy, Wilhelmina, d. 4 Mar 1912, age: 39yr, "May their souls rest in peace", Also her brother, [TS]
Murphy, William, d. 6 Apr 1906, age: 75yr, [TS]
Ott, Karoline, d. 1 Aug 1905, b. 18 Aug 1895, [JB]
Otto, Olivia Freda, b. 7 Sep 1920, d. no date, "In loving memory of baby, d/o Catherine and August Otto, Always thought of", [TS]
Owen, Mary Maria, d. 1917 in Edinburgh, aged 42, w/o Charles, [JB]
Plant, Anne Miller, d. 8 May 1976, age: 89yr, "In loving memory of our mother", [TS]
Plant, George Henry, d. 21 Oct 1964, age: 78yr, "In Loving Memory of our father", [TS]
Puschmann, Louise Maria, d. 15 Jan 1901, aged 3yr 3mths, [JB]
Santowski, Julius, d. 26 Jul 1902, b. Germany 3 Aug 1826, grandfather of Heinrich F W Kiemann, [JB]
Say, George, d. 24 Aug 1907, aged 79, native of Somersetshire, h/o Ann, [JB]
Schmidt, Anton, d. 13 Oct 1931, aged 88, h/o Maria, [JB]
Schmidt, Maria, d. 27 Nov 1903, aged 43, with Anton, [JB]
Schultz, Carl, d. 23 May 1884 Highfields, b. Prussia 1 May 1810, [JB]
Schultz, Louise, d. 27 Jan 1921, aged 70, nee Gersekowski, [JB]
Scott, Annie, d. 1951, b. 1893, [JB]
Scott, Walter, d. 1964, b. 1887, [JB]
Skelly, Hugh Joseph, d. 02 Jan 1885, aged 22, [JB]
Volp, Anna (Mary), d. 19 Apr 1975, aged 98, with Charles, [JB]
Volp, Charles, d. 13 Jun 1961, aged 86, with Anna, [JB]
Volp, Frederick Louis, d. 28 May 1959, aged 65, with Sophia Christina, [JB]
Volp, Gary Allen, b & d 28 Nov 1965, inf son of Allan & Irene Volp, [JB]
Volp, Henry, d. 15 Mar 1918, aged 81, native of Hessen, Germany, h/o Anna, [JB]
Volp, Herbert, d. 19 Feb 1900 aged 1yr 9mths, [JB]
Volp, Herbert, d. 27 Sep 1897, age: 4 days, "of such is his kingdom of heaven", [TS]
Volp, Johanna, d. 24 Jul 1961, aged 93, with John, [JB]
Volp, John, d. 9 Dec 1939, aged 69, with Johanna, [JB]
Volp, Margaret Ann, d. 31 Jul 1945, aged 65, w/o Michael, [JB]
Volp, Michael, d. 2 Feb 1955, aged 78, with Margaret Ann, [JB]
Volp, Sophia Christina, d. 6 Sep 1954, aged 58, with Frederick Louis, [JB]
Volp, Sydney Robert, d. 23 May 1989, aged 89, with Elsie Kate, [JB]
Volp, Wilhelm F, d. 17 Oct 1975, aged 84, [JB]
Webcke, Stanley Martin, b. 10 Sep 1907, d. 9/08/1988, [TS]
Webcke, Winfred Mary, b. 22 Jun 1912, d. 12 Aug ??, "asleep", [TS]
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