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Cooloola Coast Cemetery
Cooloola Shire, Queensland, Australia

Lat: 25°58"59"S, Lon: 152°58'07"E

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)
submitted: Feb 28, 2000.
Total records = 74.

From Gympie, take the Tin Can Bay Rd, it is well signposted on the southern outskirts. It takes about 30mins to reach the fork to Rainbow Beach. The cemetery is about 5 mins from the fork, on the left.

Established c1992, is situated on the Road to Rainbow Beach. For 4 wheel enthusiasts, who know about tides and beach driving, a really wonderful route is via car ferry from Tewantin, across the north shore, and up the beach to Rainbow. The name comes from the coloured sandcliffs on the beach.

I walked this cemetery in 1999.

- Joy Byrne

Cemetery Records

Armitage, Leslie Calgoa Herbert, d. 6/8/90, Age:83
Baggaley, Harold George M.M., d. 17-9-1988, Age:77
Barrett, Allan Nathaniel, d. 28-2-1991, b.1/2/15
Beashel, Alfred (Alan ), d. 13-6-1996, Age:68
Brice, Craig Robert, d. 15-10-1997, b.20-5-1969
Brooks, Thomas Albert, d. 17-8-1994, b.22-7-1916
Budge, Francis Alexander, d. 4/8/88, Age:74
Cenefels, Anton (Tony), d. 23-7-1994
Clark, Anthony (Boy), d. 23-11-1996, b.16-2-1972
Collins, Ivy Jean, d. 4/7/92, b.26-6-1919
Conors, Charles, d. 20-9-1992, Age:71
Cook, Anthony Brendon, d. 21-8-1989, b.13-1-1972
Croft, Eva Edna, d. 4/4/99, Age:82
Croft, Francis Albert, d. 9/9/94, Age:63
Croft, Ralph, d. 14-10-1996, Age:84
Darrach, Justin Leigh, d. 17-7-1996, b.19-11-1994
Davis, Allan Leslie, d. 17-8-1990, Age:58
de Coque, Roy Francis, d. 9/10/96, b.3/10/52
Deery, Paul Francis, d. 10/7/91, Age:33
Domm, Denis Arthur, d. 16-7-1995, b.31-12-1955
Drescher, Keith H, d. 18-3-1991, Age:59
Egan, Leonard Martin, d. 16-3-1994, Age:79
Egan, Phyllis May, d. 7/12/93, Age:77
Everitt, Jean Wilma, d. 24-8-1994, Age:70
Farrelly, Thomas Herbert, d. 14-6-1997, b.7/7/26
Fewtrell, Edna Mary, d. 1990, b.1925
Fewtrell, Edward George, d. 1989, b.1949
Fewtrell, George Ross, d. 1992, b.1922
Fisher, Ellen Rebecca, d. 1994, b.1921
Fisher, Philip James, d. 1995, b.1920
Foote, Edward John (Jack), d. 22-3-1993, Age:76
Ford, Keith Vernon, d. 15-6-1993, b.21-6-1915
Greenaway, Leslie George (Jim), d. 30-5-1992, b.24-7-1911
Groves, Matilda Lily, d. 12/12/93, Age:84
Groves, William Alexander, d. 20-4-1977, Age:63
Gwillim, Henry Victor, d. 16-6-1996, b.19-1-1928
Hansen, John F, d. 9/7/97, b.10/9/16
Horley, Robert John, d. 25-11-1983, Age:18
Jackman, Cyril, d. 28-8-1990, Age:69
Jamieson, J.A., d. 14-5-1997, Age:75
Jordan , Leslie Edward, d. 30-5-1999, Age:84
Kuyt, Floris Timor, d. 17-8-1988
Langford, Frederick John, d. 1992, b.1920
Lee, Charles (Les), d. 19-3-1993, Age:88
Le-Riche-Perree, Charles Leslie, d. 26-8-1993, b.8/1/05
Mason, Maud, d. 1996, b.1904
Mason, Vivian George, d. 1994, b.1901
McClure, Harold Edwin (Hal), d. 24-4-1995, b.3/3/20
Medlicott, Albert Henry, d. 10/7/92, Age:62
Millward, Harry, d. 15-3-1989, Age:57
Millward, Leema Georgette, d. 6/7/97, Age:73
Moore, C.E., d. 30-12-1995, Age:73
Mountford, Kathleen Edith, d. 11/1/93, Age:73
Mountford, Maurice Percy (Snow), d. 5/6/93, Age:76
Mulcahy, Patrick, d. 1992, b.1907
Newton, Catherine Edith, d. 27-10-1990, Age:75
O'Brien, Yvonne June, d. 15-2-1989, b.1/6/35
O'Mahony, Andrew Kevin, d. 11/12/94, b.27-6-1912
Parker, Shirley June, d. 1995, b.1924
Quinn, Marion Florence, d. 18-8-1992, b.9/4/14
Rae, Alma Lillian, d. 18-12-1993, b.29-7-1915
Reibel, Robert Joseph, d. 1991, b.1924
Roberts, Eric Mumford, d. 10/4/95, Age:72
Rogers, Alfred William Charles, d. 28-3-1998, b.5/9/19
Roughan, William Francis, d. 22-9-1999, Age:62
Shepherd, Krystal Piri, d. 2/11/96, b.9/7/77
Sloan, Cora, d. 14-1-1993, b.24-5-1925
Spoljaric, Julie, d. 17-5-1998, b.1/8/36
Steinscherer, Ruth May, d. 29-11-1994, Age:50
Taylor, Matthew George, d. 6/7/94, b.17-3-1930
West, Frank, d. 22-6-1998, , 22-8-1924
Young, G.M., d. 30-5-1994, Age:76
Young, Pamela Mary, d. 4/2/93, b.10/12/31
Gage, James Frederick, d. 20-6-1999, Age:56
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