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Greenmount Cemetery
Cambooya Shire, Queensland, Australia

25 km West of Toowoomba, Queensland

Contributed by D Rawlins, May 2001 [scott_deb71@hotmail.com]. Total records = 104.

This cemetery is still being used under request. It is in two sections, Catholic and General. Just like many older cemeteries it lacks TLC and many plots are broken and damaged.

There are grave marker numbers, however they are not fixed to the graves and May have been moved. I have included these numbers (no.?) but this would not be an accurate indicator of a plot location.

This is a complete list of all visible graves. Surveyed by L. Heller and D. Rawlins on Sunday 29th Aug 2001.

- D Rawlins

Cemetery Records

Achilles, Mary, d. 23rd Mar 1946, aged 76 years, "In loving memory of our dear mother. At Rest"
Allen, Isabella, b. Castlecomer, Co. Kirk, Irl. c.1854, d. Greenmount 13 May 1951," In loving memory of. RIP", Catholic Sect.
Ayris, Henry, d. 28 Sep 1912, Aged 69 years, "In loving memory of. In God's Care" (no.125)
Baldwin, Ada, d. 18 May 1948, Aged 88 years, "Our dear mother, At Rest" (no. G18)
Barton, Colin Pearce, passed away 24 Dec 1958, aged 42 years, "In loving memory of my dear son and brother" (no.185)
Barton, Daisy Isaobel, b. 1883, d. 1981, Lovingly remembered (same plot as Pearce) (no.150)
Barton, Pearce, b. 1873, d. 1937, "In loving memory of our dear parents"
Barton, Victoria, (same plot as Henry David Davies) (no.77)
Beddington, Amelia, d. 27 Jan 1903, Aged 42 years, "My dear wife and our mother"
Bermingham, Bridget, d. 20 Jun 1925, Aged 77 years, "Also his beloved wife" (no. 104), (same plot as Thomas), Catholic Sect.
Bermingham, Eileen, d. 5th Jan 1912, Aged I year, "In loving memory of" (Eileen), Catholic Sect.
Bermingham, Ellen, d. 9th Jun 1929, Aged 47 years. "In loving memory of" (Mother), Catholic Sect.
Bermingham, John, b. 1862, d. 1943, "Sacred to the memory of our beloved parents", Catholic Sect.
Bermingham, Julia Agnes, d. 7th Oct 1952, Aged 45 years, "Dear mother of Margaret and Patricia" In god rest her soul RIP, Catholic Sect.
Bermingham, Margaret, b. 1870, d. 1943, "Sweet Jesus Mercy" (no. 161), Catholic Sect.
Bermingham, Patrick William, d. 9th Sep 1945, aged 67 years "In loving memory of our dear father", Catholic Sect.
Bermingham, Thomas, d. 19 Jul 1918, Aged 84 years, "In loving memory of" (no. 119), Catholic Sect.
Brodie, Agnes, d. 31st Jan 1927, 53 years, "My Dear wife"
Brodie, Colin, who died in Infancy, "Beloved sons of JL and G Brodie. Asleep"
Brodie, Daniel, b. Apr 23rd 1870 Ipswich, d. Nov 4th 1924 at Greenmount
Brodie, John Daniel, Aged 8 Months, (same plot as Colin)
Brodie, John Eason, d. 21st Jun 1949, 85 years, "Our Dear Father"
Brodie, Violet, d. Sep 10 1911, aged 76 years, "Native of Luss Dumbartonshire Scotland. My faith looks up to thee"
Brosnan, Mary, d. at Warwick, 19 Sep 1919, Aged 64 years, "Merciful Jesus Have mercy on the soul of" "RIP" (no. 98), Catholic Sect.
Brosnan, Michael, who d. at Greenmount, 18 Apr 1912, Aged 79, "Merciful Jesus Have mercy on the soul of" "RIP" (no. 67), Catholic Sect.
Burton, JoSeph, d. 14 Aug 1917, Aged 86, "Rest in Peace" (no.92)
Burton, Sarah, d. 11 Sep 1929, Aged 90 years, "Rest in Peace" (same plot as JoSeph)(no. 135)
Burton, T J, d. 1 Feb 1915, Aged 51 years, (no.80)
Campbell, Daphne Phyllis, Passed away 30 Oct 1985, aged 33 years, "Sadly missed by Donald, Lynette, Leanne, Helena."
Crothers, Carol Lynette, Passed away 24th Mar 1988, Aged 30 years, "In loving memory of. In Gods Care"
Davies, Henry David, d. 20 Apr 1914, "Just as I am without one plea" (no.97)
Davis, Agnes, b. Mar 10, 1863, d. Dec 11th 1922, Aged 59 years 9 months, memorial to her son Daniel on her marker, Daniel is buried in France
Davis, Edward, b. 1894, d. 1913, (no.74)
Davis, Richard, d. 29th Nov 1924, Aged 61 years
Davis, Violet C, d. Feb 8th 1917, Aged 30 years, "Peace, perfect Peace", d/o Violet and Daniel.
Derrick, Emma Jane Seymour, d. 8 Feb 1936, aged 64 years, "In loving memory of" (no.148)
Derrick, Hannah, d. 3 Sep 1915, Aged 72 years, "Also our dear mother native of Melbourne Victoria. At rest" (no.123)
Derrick, William, d. 15 Apr 1913, Aged 84 years, "native of Bristol England" "In loving memory of our dear father" (no.60)
Donaldson, William James McGregor, d. 20 Sep 1923, Aged 19 years, "Eldest son of James and Isabella Donaldson" "So dearly loved so deeply mourned. Peace perfect Peace" (no.113)
Dutschke, Clemens H, d. 3 Nov 1960, Aged 52 years, "My dear husband and our father. In Gods Care"
Francis, Anne, d. 7 Sep 1935, Age 80 years
Francis, John William, d. 19 Oct 1925, Aged 76 years
French, Florence Hilda, d. 15 Oct 1914, Aged 12 years, "Beloved daughter of DW & L French. Safe in the Arms of Jesus "(no. 18)
Gilbride, Maria, d. 14 Jan 1950, Aged 75 years, 'In loving memory of. Rest in Peace" (Auntie), Catholic Sect.
Harrison, Richard Ernest, Of Greenmount, Aged 92 Years, "Rest in Peace"
Hawkes, Margaret, d. 14 Aug 1915, Aged 66 years, "Sister of the Above who d. in her sleep" (same plot as Wm) (no.84)
Hawkes, Wm, d. 13 May 1092, Aged 67 years, "Also Margaret" (no. 84)
Kenny, Anthony 'Tony' Patrick, d. 9-9-1997, Aged 44 years, "Dearly beloved husband of Sue, Adored father of Clint, Danielle, Matt and Naish, To the word he was but one, To us he was the world", Catholic Sect.
Lemon, Elizabeth Forbes, d. Jan 22 1924, Aged 55 years, "Beloved wife of James Lemon. Peace perfect Peace"
Lemon, Reginald James, d. Feb 20 1916, Aged 17 years 4 months, "Youngest son of James and Elizabeth F Lemon. Accidentally drowned in King's Creek Pilton. So Dearly loved, so deeply mourned" (same plot as Elizabeth Forbes) (no.89)
Lipp, Johnas, d. 16 Apr 1917, Aged 77 years, "In Loving memory of" (no.90)
Lipp, Leonard Robert, d. 21 Nov 1925, 111/2 months (no.121)
Lipp, Mary, d. 9 Oct 1933, Aged 55 years, "In Loving Memory of" (no.143)
Lowney, Mary, d. 18 Nov 1920 Aged 48 years, "In loving memory of" , Catholic Sect.
MacGinley, Basil Patrick, d. 8th Mar 1964, Aged 25 Years, "Our dear son and brother. RIP", Catholic Sect.
MacGinley, Kevin Francis, 20 May 1945 to 21 Apr 1948 "Rest in Peace" (same plot as Roger MacGinley), Catholic Sect.
MacGinley, Michael James (Mick), 22 May 1895 to 28 Aug 1978 "Rest in Peace", Catholic Sect.
MacGinley, Roger Aloysius, Passed away Oct 21 1958, aged 58 years, "Daddy", Catholic Sect.
MacGinley, Roger, b. Co. Donegal, Ireland d. 6th Jan 1926 Aged, 77 years, Catholic Sect.
MacGinley, Thelma (Lipp), b. Good Friday 17 Apr 1908, d. Feast of Annunciation 25 Mar 1990, "Sacred heart of Jesus Have Mercy on", Catholic Sect.
Major, Emma M, d. 27 Feb 1928, Aged 28 years, (same plot as Henry Ayris) (no. 193)
McCarthy, Sarah Julia, d. 17th Jul 1964, "RIP Dearest Mother", Catholic Sect.
McCarthy, Stanley E, d. 9th Jan 1939, Aged 49 Years "My dear Husband and our father", Catholic Sect.
McCullach, Alexander, who departed this life 8 May 1891.
McCullach, Anna, who departed this life 17 Dec 1914.
McDonnell, Mary Agnes, d. Jul 7 1899, aged 74 years, "Native of Kings County Ireland, Sacred to the memory of" (no. 42), Catholic Sect.
McPhail, Archibald, d. 9 May 1955, Aged 80 years, 'In loving memory. Also his loving wife"
McPhail, Edith, d. 20 Jun 1911, Aged 34 years, (same plot as Archibald)
Moller, Catherine, d. 25th Jun 1967, 80 years, "At Rest" (same plot as Walter)
Moller, Henning Otto, d. Apr 24 1906, Aged 33 years, "beloved Husband of Matilda Moller" (no. 47)
Moller, Walter George, d. 7 Jan 1945, 70 years
O'Donohoe, Cecil John, d. 26th Feb 1977,Aged 58 years, Catholic Sect.
O'Donohoe, Tony Gerard, d. 13 Jun 1984, Aged 29 years, "Dearly loved husband of Deirdre Loved father of Rebecca, Marceline and Gerard", Catholic Sect.
Pearman, Daniel William, d. Sep 7 1934, aged 75 years "In loving memory of my dear husband and our father"
Pearman, Florence Lillian, b. 1886, d. 1944, "Sacred to the memory of our dear sister. At rest" (no.162)
Pearman, Sarah Jane, d. Sep 18 1939, aged 77 years, "In loving memory of Our Dear Mother"
Pearson, Emma Dora, d. 15 Mar 1949, Age 68, "In loving memory of my dear wife. At Rest" (no.170)
Pearson, Peta, b. 1891, d. 1969, "At Rest"
Peters, Charles Edwin, d. 14th Jan 1937, aged 64 years
Peters, Maud, d. 27th Jan 1951, aged 63 years, (same plot as Charles)
Phillott, Ivy, d. 21 Apr 1920, Aged 20 months "Inscription unreadable" (no.G25)
Porter, Annie Mary Lucy, d. 7 May 1970, Aged 85 years, 'Loving memory of our dear mother" (no.192)
Porter, Elizabeth, 1887, d. 1928, "In loving memory of our dear parents" (no.127)
Porter, James Robert, d. 20 Jun 1976, Aged 62 years, "At Rest" "Also his son" (same plot as Annie and Wm, no. 192)
Porter, James, d. 14 Jan 1910, aged 62 years, "Dearly beloved Husband"
Porter, Marion, d. 20 Jan 1937, aged 77 years, his beloved wife, w/o James (no. 57)
Porter, Robert Henry, 1884, d. 1940, "Gone but not forgotten"(same plot as Elizabeth)
Porter, William J, d. 22 Oct 1937, Aged 56 Years, h/o Mary (same plot as no. 192)
Savage, Anna Jane (Armstrong), d. Dec 1 1932, in her 80th year, "Faithful until death" (same plot as Thomas)
Savage, Thomas Henry, d. Jun 1 1896, Aged 46 years, "Blessed are the dead who d. in the lord"
Scheuerle, Anna, d. 16th Jul 1938, 51 years
Scheuerle, Frederick Wilhelm, b. 5 May 1867, d. 27 Oct 1929, "In loving memory of our dear parents" (no.43)
Scheuerle, Sophie Wilhelmine, b. 2 Feb 1869, d. 9 Jul 1951, "At rest" (same plot as Frederick) (no.68)
Scotney, Ann, d. 11 Apr 1921, Aged 79 years, "Also our dear mother" (same plot as Richard) (no. 108)
Scotney, James W, d. 28 Jul 1956, Aged 76 years, (same plot as Mary) (no.178)
Scotney, Mary, d. 16 Jul 1953, aged 67 years, "Also"
Scotney, Richard, d. 30 Dec 1917, Aged 75 years 9 months, "beloved husband of Ann Scotney" (no. 93)
Slatery, John, d. at Woodlawn, Greenmount, Apr 5 1924, Aged 90 years, "RIP, A faithful servant of The Allen family for over 50 years", "information plaque on grave, The Character "Cranky Jack" Who features in the Steele Rudds "On our Selection" stories was based upon the real life personality of Jack Slattery, Jack arrived in Australia as a convict in 1860's and initially worked for Thomas Allen in Drayton, The Allen family moved to Emu Creek taking him with them as a farm worker. He lived in hut on the bank of Emu Creek and in his later years looked after the pigs and wood supply. Jack died on 8 Apr 1924 aged approximately 92 years and his body is interred here."The dates and the spelling of Slatery differs on the head stone and the plaque. This is not a typographical error." Catholic Sect.,
Sondegeld, Ivy May (Lipp), d. 17 Sep 1993, Aged 79 Years, "Lovingly Remembered. At Rest"
Tanzer, Catherine, d. 27 Jul 1939, Aged 86 years, "In loving memory on my dear mother" "Rest in Peace" (no.151)
Tanzer, John H, d. 27 Sept 1947, Aged 94 years, "In loving memory of our dear father", "RIP" (no. 167)
Underwood, Charles, d. Aug 6 1917, Aged 70 years, "Beloved husband of Mary A Underwood. RIP. Gone but no Forgotten" (no. 91), Catholic Sect.
Wade, Alfred, b. 1858, d. 1929, "In loving memory of"
Wade, Rupert, b. 1890, d. 1981, (same plot as Alfred)

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