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Witta Cemetery (Teutoburgh Cemetery)
Caloundra Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased).

Impers, June Marie, d. 19-10-1948, Age/Birth:no listing
Impey, Ada Marie, d. 4-3-1951, Age/Birth:no listing
Impey, Cornelius W, d. ",1945,"Age/Birth:no listing
Impey, Ida, d.?, Age/Birth:no listing
Impey, Mrs C, d. 14-6-1945, Age/Birth:no listing
Ingram, C, d.?, Age/Birth:no listing
Ingram, Mrs G, d. 11-8-1945, Age/Birth:no listing
Jarden, Amy Lorraine, d. 20-11-1999, Age/birth: 20-11-1999
Jasperson, William Henry, d. 23-12-1991, Age/Birth:18hrs
Jefferies, Marjorie Lilias, d.?, Age/Birth:no listing
Jefferies, Wallace J, d. 28-9-1969, Age/Birth:76
Jenkinson, Louise, d. 28-1-1998, Age/Birth:44
Jesser, Joseph, d. 17-8-1960, Age/Birth:no listing
Jildert, Reinder Jozef, d. 1985, Age/Birth:1921
Jobling, Mary, d. 28-3-1942, Age/Birth:1 dy
Jobling, Thomas, d. 5-1-1971, Age/Birth:no listing
Johnson, George Ernest, d. 30-4-1913, Age/Birth:14
Johnson, Margery Evelyn, d. 30-1-1908, Age/Birth:12
Johnston, ?, d. 11-1-1950, Age/Birth:stillborn
Johnston, Alexander Stewart, d. 27-2-1989, Age/Birth:no listing
Johnston, Mary Josephine, d. 21-12-1993, Age/Birth:no listing
Jones, Ann, d. 21-5-1961, Age/Birth:77
Jones, William Horace, d. 19-7-1954, Age/Birth:69
Jordan, Francis May, d. 18-12-1990, Age/Birth:no listing
Jordan, Leslie C, d. 23-8-1979, Age/Birth:82
Keleher, John August, d. 15-11-1974, Age/Birth:no listing
Keleher, Paul Anthony, d. 5-7-1993, Age/Birth:no listing
Kelly, Eric Frank, d. 1981, Age/Birth:1922
Kennedy, Charles Lancelot, d. 9-5-1964, Age/Birth:65
Kennedy, Constance Beryl, d. 8-3-1965, Age/Birth:65
King, William Henry, d. 9-2-1943, Age/Birth:83
King, William Robert, d. 4-6-1939, Age/Birth:20
King, William Roger, d. July 39, Age/Birth:no listing
Kirby, Albert R, d.?, Age/Birth:no listing
Knight, Ralph Omer, d. 2-12-1935, Age/Birth:20
Krause, ?, d. 15-7-1948, Age/Birth:baby
Kruck, ?, d. 10-12-1941, Age/Birth:baby
Kruck, ?, d. 11-1-1947, Age/Birth:baby
Kruck, ?, d. 31-10-1938, Age/Birth:baby
Kruck, Christian, d. 1974, Age/Birth:74
Kruck, Louisa, d. 26-4-1967, Age/Birth:80
Kruck, Margaret, d. 24-5-1967, Age/Birth:61
Kruck, William Christian, d. 9-7-1970, Age/Birth:77
Kunst, ?, d. 15-10-1949, Age/Birth:baby
Kurz, ?, d. 6-12-1945, Age/Birth:baby
Lack, Albert Edwin, d. 21-12-1926, Age/Birth:42
Lamb, Doris Anna, d. 21-6-1937, Age/Birth:73
Lamb, Edward Charles, d. 7-10-1942, Age/Birth:82
Lamb, Edward William, d. 11-2-1971, Age/Birth:72
Lambert, Robert Eric, d. 9-5-1985, Age/Birth:59
Larney, Kate, d. 22-3-1987, Age/Birth:83
Larney, Rupert Terence, d. 20-5-1988, Age/Birth:85
Lawley, Edgar Walter, d. 8-10-1955, Age/Birth:58
Lawley, Ernest Edward Downes, d. 26-8-1964, Age/Birth:70
Lawley, Evelyn May Downes, d. 29-10-1995, Age/Birth:no listing
Lawley, Janette Helen, d. 4-4-1996, Age/Birth:19-3-1953
Lawley, Margaret Anne, d. 4-3-1962, Age/Birth:Inf
Lawley, Minnie Almira Catherine, d. 26-8-1988, Age/Birth:no listing
Lawrence, Queenie Lavene, d. 2001, Age/birth: 1916
Lawrence, Robert James, d. 1995, Age/Birth:1916
Lee, Doris, d.?, Age/Birth:no listing
Lee, Douglas Robert, d. 15-3-1999, Age/birth: 7-4-1937
Lee, Frederick Marvin, d. 7-7-1993, Age/Birth:56
Lemas, Joseph William, d. 15-5-1933, Age/Birth:4mths
Lemass, Joseph Charles, d. 7-6-1939, Age/Birth:50
Lewis, Adeline, d. 29-9-1958, Age/Birth:no listing
Lewis, Arthur D, d. 14-11-1916, Age/Birth:21
Lewis, William Colin, d. 22-5-1926, Age/Birth:29
Lovall, ?, d. 16-7-1946, Age/Birth:baby
Lovegrove, Lucille, d. 26-2-1946, Age/Birth:9-3-1888
Lowe, Edna Isabel, d. 7-9-1986, Age/Birth:25-9-1909
Lowe, Isaac, d. 28-11-1992, Age/Birth:28-5-1908
Lowe, June May, d. 17-9-1988, Age/Birth:21-10-1940
Lowe, Raymond Arthur, d. 14-3-2003, Age/birth: 29-7-1960
Lowe, Rose, d. 5-7-1976, Age/Birth:no listing
Loxton, Eril J, d. 3-6-1991, Age/Birth:no listing
Lusk, Betty Joan, d. 24-1-1976, Age/Birth:no listing
Lusk, James Verdon, d. 15-2-2001, Age/birth: 8-3-1920
Lusk, Peter Ross (Norm), d. 19-5-1995, Age/Birth:34
Lymbery, Jane, d. 22-10-1950, Age/Birth:75
Lymbery, John Herne, d. 2-11-1969, Age/Birth:101
Lynch, Arthur Joseph, d. 8-10-1963, Age/Birth:78
Lyon, Edith May, d. 13-11-1984, Age/Birth:84
Lyon, Harold Robert, d. 26-3-1970, Age/Birth:70
Lyons, Hazel Jean, d. 6-8-2001, Age/birth: 9-3-1917
Lyons, John, d. 6-4-1940, Age/Birth:74
Lyons, Patrick Perry, d. 25-3-2000, Age/birth: 15-3-1911
Mackay, Gervaise Raymond, d. 1986, Age/Birth:1917
Mackie, Robert, d. 21-8-1935, Age/Birth:63
Madden, ?, d. 22-4-1935, Age/Birth:stillborn
Madden, Ann, d. 10-10-1937, Age/Birth:74
Madden, Catherine, d. 27-3-1934, Age/Birth:38
Madden, Elizabeth, d.?, Age/Birth:no listing
Madden, Eva May, d. 26-9-1964, Age/Birth:no listing
Madden, John Raymond, d. 14-8-1987, Age/Birth:22-7-1904
Madden, John, d. 19-6-1939, Age/Birth:83
Madden, William Henry, d. 16-1-1942, Age/Birth:80
Maddick, Leonard Roy, d. 29-1-1986, Age/Birth:60
Manitzky, Auguste, d. 28-6-1932, Age/Birth:1843
Manitzky, Rudolph, d. 8-2-1934, Age/Birth:1849
Mansfield, Norman, d.?, Age/Birth:no listing
Martin, Esther, d. 13-7-1948, Age/Birth:93
Martin, James Frederick, d. 10-1-1924, Age/Birth:79
Martin, Peter Anthony, d. 2-5-1993, Age/Birth:9-8-1936
Mason, Douglas Graham, d. 12-12-1998, Age/birth: 77
May, Wanda, d. 31-12-1987, Age/Birth:16-2-1947
McCarry, Olivine May, d. 28-9-1998, Age/birth: 3-4-1913
McDonald, Karl William, d. 7-3-1943, Age/Birth:2hrs
McDonald, Leslie Alexander, d. 19-9-1969, Age/Birth:59
McDonald, Raymond James, d. 9-3-1943, Age/Birth:2dys
McGrath, Blanche Annie, d. 10-6-1985, Age/Birth:no listing
McGrath, Francis (Frank), d. 16-8-1967, Age/Birth:no listing
McGuire, Cyril, d.?, Age/Birth:no listing
McIntosh, David George, d. 26-6-2002, Age/birth: 3-11-1915
McKillop, Cyril William (Snow), d. 25-6-1999, Age/birth: 5-1-1913
McKillop, Florence Alice, d. 1990, Age/birth: 14-3-1921
McKinnon, Darryl, d. 5-6-1955, Age/Birth:no listing
McKinnon, Graham, d. 5-6-1955, Age/Birth:no listing
McMeeken, Laurence Roy, d. 22-9-1999, Age/birth: 22-7-1944
Meager, Peter Charles, d. 11-11-1990, Age/Birth:15-10-1953
Mear, Ada Armstrong, d. 19-6-1957, Age/Birth:no listing
Mear, Arnold, d.?, Age/Birth:no listing
Mear, Harold, d. 26-5-1940, Age/Birth:46
Mear, Mary, d. 4-12-1923, Age/Birth:56
Mear, Morris Edgar, d. 12-7-1923, Age/Birth:no listing
Mear, Samuel Oscar, d. 13-11-1949, Age/Birth:80
Mear, Samuel Oscar, d. 3-12-1923, Age/Birth:57
Milady, May Ellen, d. 12-10-1967, Age/Birth:56
Milady, Thomas Martin, d. 28-4-1963, Age/Birth:59
Miller, Karolina, d. 27-12-1927, Age/Birth:62
Miller, Miss, d. 15-12-1945, Age/Birth:no listing
Minchenton, Hannah, d. 23-6-1948, Age/Birth:71
Minchenton, Job, d. 17-11-1928, Age/Birth:60
Minchenton, Ronald, d. 24-9-1971, Age/Birth:53
Mitchell, ?, d. 20-9-1919, Age/Birth:33
Mittlestadt, John Arthur, d. 12-5-1993, Age/Birth:4-11-1943
Mittlestadt, Russell William, d. 1989, Age/Birth:1975
Moffitt, George Thomas W J, d. 19-2-1934, Age/Birth:44
Moffitt, Wesley Victor, d. 4-2-1969, Age/Birth:56
Mogridge, ?, d. 23-9-1935, Age/Birth:prem
Mole, ?, d.?, Age/Birth:baby
Monaghon, Lillias Jane, d. 12-4-1985, Age/Birth:18-1-1896
Moore, John, d.?, Age/Birth:no listing
Moore, Pearl, d.?, Age/Birth:no listing
Morcombe, Simon Phillip, d. 29-3-1993, Age/Birth:7-2-1945
Moreen, Elizabeth Mabel, d. 19-12-1937, Age/Birth:stillborn
Mott, ?, d. 2-12-1940, Age/Birth:12 hrs
Mueller, Hermann H L, d. 29-6-1990, Age/Birth:25-1-1927
Muller, Karolin, d. 14-12-1945, Age/Birth:62
Muller, Peter, d. 16-2-1999, Age/Birth:no listing
Muller, Stephen Charles, d. 2-4-1974, Age/Birth:no listing
Murphy, John Maurice, d. 28-7-1909, Age/Birth:8
Murray, Francis H (Cpl), d.?, Age/Birth:no listing
Murray, Valerie Ruth, d. 16-10-2003, Age/birth: 29-7-1917
Musk, Daisy Georgina, d. 29-10-1983, Age/Birth:93
Musk, Ronald William, d. 3-2-1998, Age/Birth:13-1-1921
Musk, William M, d.?, Age/Birth:no listing
Musk, William Richard, d. 20-3-1948, Age/Birth:55
Myers, Andrew, d. 31-8-1926, Age/Birth:77
Myers, Elizabeth Jane, d. 2-8-1926, Age/Birth:52
Myers, Sarah, d. 3-10-1926, Age/Birth:77
Nagy, Nandor, d. 9-11-1993, Age/Birth:8-3-1923
Nash, Heather Margaret, d. 28-8-1997, Age/Birth:no listing
Naumann, Mary Ellen May, d. 13-6-1960, Age/Birth:41
Naumann, Spencer, d. 26-3-1996, Age/Birth:84
Neilen, Bruce Kirk, d. 30-3-1974, Age/Birth:10-5-1937
Neilen, Henry Albert, d. 9-9-1983, Age/Birth:25-4-1913
Neilen, Nellie, d. 12-9-1991, Age/Birth:2-4-1913
Neilen, Richard Leigh, d. 23-2-1997, Age/Birth:29-8-1945
Neilen, Toby Ian William, d. 7-12-1999, Age/birth: 60
Neill, ?, d. 11-6-1926, Age/Birth:stillborn
Neve, ?, d. 15-6-1965, Age/Birth:no listing
Newsham, Carol Ann, d. 25-5-1964, Age/Birth:Inf
Newsham, Raymond James L, d. 25-1-1962, Age/Birth:no listing
Newton, Frederick, d. 10-2-1994, Age/Birth:5-3-1914
Newton, John William, d. 30-9-1957, Age/Birth:84
Newton, Mabel, d. 29-5-1992, Age/Birth:22-5-1917
Newton, Nellie, d. 17-11-1969, Age/Birth:92
Newton, William Henry, d. 14-5-1997, Age/birth: 6-5-1908
Newton, William Henry, d. 14-5-1997, Age/Birth:6-5-1908
Nisbet, Samuel, d. 27-1-1914, Age/Birth:79
Nothling, Bernard Julius, d. 17-1-1965, Age/Birth:88
Nothling, Charles, d. 11-2-1939, Age/Birth:1875
Nothling, Ida Marie, d. 29-7-1979, Age/Birth:92
Nothling, Isabel Sarah, d. 1976, Age/Birth:1888
Nothling, Martin Julius, d. 30-6-1932, Age/Birth:1834
Nothling, Phillip Oscar, d. 28-9-1915, Age/Birth:13dys
Oehmichen, Ehrenfriede Hugo, d. 24-8-1942, Age/Birth:75
Oehmichen, Elizabeth Auguste Marie, d.22-4-1967, Age/Birth:88
Oehmichen, Willy, d. 20-5-1956, Age/Birth:83
O'Hehir, John George, d. 10-10-1996, Age/Birth:29-1-1927
O'Hehir, Rebecca, d. 8-4-1991, Age/Birth:25-11-1926
O'Leary, Rita, d. 5-4-1986, Age/Birth:50
Olsen, Robert, d. 15-12-1944, Age/Birth:31
Organ-Moore, Edith Rebecca, d. 20-3-1958, Age/Birth:48
Organ-Moore, Jack Leslie, d. 19-1-1966, Age/Birth:52
Parker, Kenneth, d. 10-11-1973, Age/Birth:49
Parkes, Fred, d. 15-4-1986, Age/Birth:80
Parkes, Jenny, d. 1-4-1997, Age/Birth:no listing
Parrish, Norman, d. 13-6-1968, Age/Birth:65
Pattemore, Charlotte, d. 3-12-1942, Age/Birth:59
Pattemore, Emily Craddrak, d. 10-1-1947, Age/Birth:96
Pattemore, John R, d. 8-9-1938, Age/Birth:86
Payne, ?, d. 4-3-1959, Age/Birth:baby
Payne, Paul Lawrence, d. 25-2-1963, Age/Birth:16
Peack, Karl, d. 7-3-1960, Age/Birth:no listing
Pearce, Sheaffe Alfred, d. 17-1-1944, Age/Birth:80
Pedler, Francis, d. 18-4-1934, Age/Birth:3 dys
Penney, Albert George, d. 23-7-1958, Age/Birth:69
Penney, Ann Matilda, d. 28-6-1965, Age/Birth:76
Perrett, Ernest Raymond, d. 27-12-1922, Age/Birth:5 mths
Peters, William Henry, d. 30-7-1918, Age/Birth:3 mths
Plucknett, Lucy May, d. 2-1-1919, Age/Birth:18
Plucknett, Morris Edgar, d. 13-7-1923, Age/Birth:48
Plunkett, Laura Ellen, d. 5-6-1963, Age/Birth:no listing
Pope, Lindsay Gordon, d. 7-3-2003, Age/birth: 20-4-1964
Porter, Bernard Aubrey, d. Nov 1914, Age/Birth:3mths
Porter, Charles Henry, d. 25-4-1989, Age/Birth:1-1-1912
Porter, Charles, d. 24-3-1974, Age/Birth:88
Porter, Clive Milton, d. 20-1-1980, Age/Birth:26-11-1915
Porter, Desmond Murray, d. 1982, Age/Birth:1923
Porter, Doris Eva, d. 13-4-1972, Age/Birth:75
Porter, Elizabeth Wood, d. 11-5-1971, Age/Birth:72
Porter, Esther Marion, d. 15-6-1957, Age/Birth:85
Porter, Frederick, d. 11-7-1986, Age/Birth:91
Porter, Hilda, d. 11-8-1992, Age/Birth:94
Porter, James Frederick, d. 17-12-1980, Age/Birth:53
Porter, John, d. 5-10-1962, Age/Birth:62
Porter, Lawrence Edward, d. 1-12-1970, Age/Birth:16-10-1907
Porter, Ruby Frances, d. 21-8-1934, Age/Birth:31
Porter, Stella Mabel, d. 28-12-1931, Age/Birth:35
Porter, Thomas, d. 14-4-1946, Age/Birth:71
Porter, Vincent J, d. 6-11-1975, Age/Birth:13-12-1938
Raddatz, Allan Victor, d. 15-2-1933, Age/Birth:5 hrs
Rapp, Charles, d. 1943, Age/Birth:1866
Rapp, Mary Flora, d. 1933, Age/Birth:1868
Redwood, John, d. 13-9-1959, Age/Birth:43
Rees, Edgar John, d. 24-7-1933, Age/Birth:73
Rigg, Emily Louise, d. 10-4-1929, Age/Birth:56
Rigg, Lenord, d. 5-8-1928, Age/Birth:57
Riley, Clement, d. 7-11-1935, Age/Birth:35
Riley, Mavis, d. 7-1-1960, Age/Birth:no listing
Riordan, Ellen, d. 23-9-1997, Age/Birth:no listing
Riordan, Lester Keith, d. 12-8-1989, Age/Birth:17-1-1916
Roderick, Frederick Norman, d. 25-8-1999, Age/birth: 9-8-1921
Rogers, Walter George, d. 10-2-1911, Age/Birth:8 dys
Rolandson, Kreston Christian, d. 31-10-1908, Age/Birth:57
Rose, Frederick William, d. 11-1-1934, Age/Birth:7 hrs
Rose, Henry James, d. 1-11-1919, Age/Birth:54
Rose, Leslie Albert, d. 17-3-1933, Age/Birth:12 hrs
Rose, Leslie Albert, d. 22-10-1993, Age/Birth:7-2-1912
Rose, Sarah Isobel May, d. 17-9-1987, Age/Birth:26-7-1916
Rossow, Phyllis Ann, d. 25-10-1966, Age/Birth:13-6-1915
Rossow, Stanley Roy, d. 12-5-1984, Age/Birth:29-1-1915
Rough, Arthur K, d. 11-11-1971, Age/Birth:74
Rough, Charlotte M, d. 25-9-1984, Age/Birth:86
Rough, Kathleen N, d. 1-7-1990, Age/Birth:13-10-1925
Rough, Sarah Ann, d. 12-8-1946, Age/Birth:79
Rough, William James, d. 24-7-1914, Age/Birth:56
Roy, Michael James, d. 2-11-1962, Age/Birth:2-11-1962
Ruddle, Robert Philip, d. 31-12-1999, Age/birth: 19-7-1919
Rufford, Benjamin James, d. 2-4-1985, Age/Birth:no listing
Rufus, Emily Florence, d. 28-12-1928, Age/Birth:11-9-1897
Rupert, Johann George, d. 19-3-1936, Age/Birth:72
Rupert, Marie Elizabeth, d. 23-7-1939, Age/Birth:76
Ruppert, Ivy Gladys May, d. 15-3-1918, Age/Birth:3mths
Ryan, George Edward, d. 10-6-1994, Age/Birth:58
Ryan, Peter, d. 16-10-1988, Age/Birth:no listing
Saul, Herbert Charles, d. 23-2-1915, Age/Birth:6
Saul, Herbert Jerrimah, d. 19-3-1958, Age/Birth:77
Saul, Leslie Gordon, d. 6-7-1983, Age/Birth:no listing
Saul, Mabel, d. 1-8-1973, Age/Birth:no listing
Savage, Bradley Andrew 'Butch', d. 15-4-1989, Age/Birth:10-11-1969
Schofield, Cecil Frederick, d. 20-8-1969, Age/Birth:no listing
Schofield, Harriet Louisa, d. 6-10-1954, Age/Birth:80
Schofield, Mark, d. 25-10-1941, Age/Birth:79
Schofield, Mary, d. 16-9-1941, Age/Birth:79
Schofield, William Henry, d. 7-6-1956, Age/Birth:no listing
Selke, Antonia Klara Maria, d. 5-1-1994, Age/Birth:3-1-1905
Shea, James William, d. 26-5-1922, Age/Birth:45
Shepparbottom, Francis William, d. 1-4-2000, Age/birth: 20-6-1921
Shields, George Milton, d. 7-7-1985, Age/Birth:62
Simpson, Harry, d. 22-9-1984, Age/Birth:no listing
Simpson, Margaret Cecily, d. 1-9-1996, Age/Birth:1-2-1927
Simpson, Muriel, d. 21-7-1978, Age/Birth:61
Sinclair, Archibald, d. 6-7-1995, Age/Birth:5-5-1908
Sinclair, Paul Thomas, d. 30-9-1973, Age/Birth:25-4-1953
Sippe, Frederick Arthur Charles, d. 10-10-1967, Age/Birth:no listing
Skene, George Henry, d. 1972, Age/Birth:1905
Skerman, Ernest Mervyn, d. 19-2-1920, Age/Birth:6
Skerman, Fay, d. 26-5-1942, Age/Birth:5hrs
Skerman, Melvina Clara, d. 13-9-1961, Age/Birth:73
Skinner, Yvonne, d. 28-9-1985, Age/Birth:61
Smeeton, Alan H, d. 25-6-1993, Age/Birth:70
Smith, ?, d. 28-12-1955, Age/Birth:baby
Smith, Albert, d. 15-3-1939, Age/Birth:78
Smith, Alma, d. 24-1-1937, Age/Birth:70
Smith, Benjamin, d. 23-6-1986, Age/Birth:79
Smith, Dorothy Mary Sinclair, d. 11-4-1994, Age/Birth:79
Smith, Eveline Mabel, d. 7-5-1960, Age/Birth:64
Smith, Harry, d. 22-6-1960, Age/Birth:no listing
Smith, Jane, d. 17-1-1934, Age/Birth:65
Smith, Jock Sinclair, d. 30-9-1982, Age/Birth:75
Smith, John James, d. 7-6-1952, Age/Birth:no listing
Smith, Kate Neil, d. 2-6-1967, Age/Birth:no listing
Smith, Keith, d. 7-2-1926, Age/Birth:1 hr
Smith, Robert S, d. 9-11-1982, Age/Birth:no listing
Smith, Ross, d. 27-10-1945, Age/Birth:18
Smith, Walter John, d. 26-7-1968, Age/Birth:71
Sommer, ?, d. 15-6-1954, Age/Birth:baby
Sommer, Annie, d. 20-10-1963, Age/Birth:79
Sommer, Auguste F C, d. 17-12-1993, Age/Birth:no listing
Sommer, Florence Theresa Henrietta, d. 16-12-1916, Age/Birth:29
Sommer, George William Frederick, d. 4-8-1988, Age/Birth:62
Sommer, George William, d. 4-2-2002, Age/birth: 16-11-1922
Sommer, Gladys Helena, d. 15-4-1916, Age/Birth:27-11-1911
Sommer, Helena Martha, d. 21-1-1912, Age/Birth:10-9-1885
Sommer, Hermann Frederick, d. 4-12-1956, Age/Birth:no listing
Sommer, John, d. 13-7-1953, Age/Birth:75
Spoor, Dulcie, d. 2002, Age/birth: 1931
Sproxton, John Albert, d. 21-7-1923, Age/Birth:no listing
Steeler, Loise, d. 3-6-1938, Age/Birth:no listing
Stinton, Christopher Frederick, d. 26-12-1994, Age/Birth:23-2-1949
Svenson, George, d. 20-10-1993, Age/Birth:24-1-1896
Svenson, Margaret Jane, d. 27-6-1945, Age/Birth:no listing
Swain, Christine, d. 22-11-1996, Age/Birth:no listing
Tafe, Barbara, d. 25-8-1992, Age/Birth:1934
Tafe, George, d. 14-6-1993, Age/Birth:no listing
Tanner, Arthur Charles, d. 19-8-1938, Age/Birth:no listing
Tanner, Fanny, d. 12-6-1931, Age/Birth:65
Tanner, John Anthony, d. 3-11-1937, Age/Birth:23
Taylor, Leslie Gatton, d. 13-10-1990, Age/Birth:11-12-1922
Taylor, Marion Blanche, d. 9-6-1951, Age/Birth:8y8m
Tesch, Dudley, d. 29-10-1935, Age/Birth:2mths
Tesch, Edwin Franklin, d. 6-11-1932, Age/Birth:2
Tesch, George Henry, d. 10-11-1983, Age/Birth:6-7-1896
Tesch, George Henry, d. 4-3-1995, Age/Birth:27-1-1927
Tesch, Ludwig G, d. 5-12-1946, Age/Birth:84
Tesch, Martha Maria, d. 14-4-1955, Age/Birth:90
Tesch, Mary Ann, d. 15-10-1982, Age/Birth:8-12-1897
Tesch, Stephen Carl, d. 19-2-1963, Age/Birth:no listing
Thomas, Dorothy A.N., d. 21-12-1964, Age/Birth:68
Thomas, Edna Dorothy (Betty), d. 27-12-1988, Age/Birth:6-1-1908
Thomas, Ted E.B., d. 22-3-1976, Age/Birth:77
Thomason, Alice Madeline, d. 1-12-1999, Age/birth: 83
Thomason, Arthur Gordon, d. 14-8-1926, Age/Birth:11
Thomason, Gerald Fleming, d. 26-7-2002, Age/birth: 21-10-1913
Thompson, ?, d. 23-9-1957, Age/Birth:baby
Thompson, Harold Ernest, d. 9-2-1972, Age/Birth:no listing
Thompson, Margie, d. 1998, Age/birth: 1921
Thompson, Sean Andrew, d. 27-1-1981, Age/Birth:no listing
Thorne, Jack Burton Raymond, d. 20-11-2002, Age/birth: 16-5-1913
Tilney, A.O, d. 26-4-1967, Age/Birth:67
Tilney, Christina, d. 24-12-1960, Age/Birth:66
Tilney, Edgar John Benjamin, d. 6-3-1970, Age/Birth:70
Tilney, Jane, d. 5-101965, Age/Birth:75
Toms, Julie May, d. 24-7-1996, Age/Birth:no listing
Torrens, Lynette, d. 17-9-1947, Age/Birth:4
Trail, Annie, d. 26-11-1933, Age/Birth:42
Trail, George Alfred, d. 17-7-1958, Age/Birth:68
Tytherleigh, Alfred Thomas, d. 1980, Age/birth: 1913
Tytherleigh, Myrtle Dorcas, d. 1997, Age/birth: 1917
Vale, Francis Patrick, d. 2-6-1934, Age/Birth:63
Vandreike, Bertha Amelia, d. 10-10-1944, Age/Birth:1873
Vandreike, Bertie Frederick, d. 22-4-1968, Age/Birth:no listing
Vandreike, Ernestina, d. 1912, Age/Birth:1833
Vandreike, Frederick Johan, d. 1954, Age/Birth:1863
Vandreike, Henry Edward, d. 1953, Age/Birth:1904
Vandreike, Herman, d. 3-11-1905, Age/Birth:43
Vandreike, Theodore Alfred, d. 27-8-1957, Age/Birth:no listing
Voller, David Albert, d. 3-5-1999, Age/birth: 2-4-1929
Walker, Becky Alice, d. 23-11-2002, Age/birth: 4-12-1980
Walker, David Rupert, d. 26-1-2001, Age/birth: 25-5-1912
Walker, Elizabeth, d. 1-8-1916, Age/Birth:2dys
Walker, John, d. 22-7-1908, Age/Birth:7dys
Walker, Leslie, d. 5-4-1939, Age/Birth:1 dy
Walker, Myra, d. 2001, Age/birth: 1914
Walker, Olive Rosetta, d. 10-1-1929, Age/Birth:8
Walker, Roy Charles, d. 10-2-1983, Age/Birth:23-10-1912
Walmsley, Florence Sarah, d. 11-4-194, Age/Birth:58
Walsh, Henry Oliver, d. 1979, Age/Birth:1935
Walsh, John Thomas, d. 2003, Age/birth: 1925
Walters, William, d. 20-4-1962, Age/Birth:27-12-1880
Warne, Charlotte, d. 1935, Age/Birth:1855
Warne, Frank Harry, d. 9-8-1963, Age/Birth:69
Warne, Frederick, d. 1932, Age/Birth:1855
Warne, Susanna Hester, d. 31-8-1987, Age/Birth:16-10-1896
Warne, William, d. 1896, Age/Birth:1886
Waters, John Henry Ireton, d. 7-1-1988, Age/Birth:13-9-1916
Watt, Keith William, d. 8-11-1945, Age/Birth:20-3-1930
Watt, Neal Ernest, d. 13-12-1974, Age/Birth:7-4-1952
Way, ?, d. 10-4-1925, Age/Birth:stillborn
Way, Kate Elizabeth, d. 29-11-1917, Age/Birth:stillborn
Webb, Thomas James, d. 31-10-1928, Age/Birth:45
Webster, Doreen Garcia, d. 5-6-1909, Age/Birth:2mths
Weekes, Gloria Jean, d. 19-7-1995, Age/Birth:no listing
Weekes, John, d. 19-12-1989, Age/Birth:24-4-1919
Weeks, Gilbert S, d. 27-12-1992, Age/Birth:73
Weeks, Thomas M, d. 1-10-1986, Age/Birth:71
Wendt, Ronald Frederick, d. 26-8-1930, Age/Birth:9mths
White, Kenneth Norman, d. 25-8-1988, Age/Birth:25-8-1944
White, Moreen Olive, d. 27-9-1934, Age/Birth:no listing
Whittle, ?, d. 28-2-1940, Age/Birth:7 hrs
Wilcox, Robert Oswald, d. 27-6-1989, Age/Birth:6-7-1913
Wild, Laurence Rupert, d. 10-9-1995, Age/Birth:30-12-1915
Wilkins, Arthur Clive, d. 28-6-1974, Age/Birth:52
Wilkinson, Auguste Fredericke, d. 23-11-1965, Age/Birth:no listing
Wilkinson, Joseph Henry, d. 20-7-1961, Age/Birth:no listing
Will, Geoffrey Thomas, d. 19-10-1991, Age/Birth:87
Williams, James, d. 22-12-1942, Age/Birth:no listing
Williams, Walter George, d. 5-6-1952, Age/Birth:no listing
Wilmington, Edwin Thomas, d. 16-9-1958, Age/Birth:no listing
Wilmington, Spencer, d. 7-12-1934, Age/Birth:12
Wilson, J.A., d. 24-1-1997, Age/Birth:82
Wilson, Raymond Bruce, d. 22-1-1998, Age/Birth:no listing
Winning, ?, d. 7-4-1932, Age/Birth:12hrs
Winning, Mary, d. 24-2-1931, Age/Birth: 2dys
Winning, Robert William, d. 16-5-1922, Age/Birth:1 dy
Woods, Adrein Rose, d. 8-4-1943, Age/Birth:no listing
Woon, Joseph Charles, d. 20-1-1923, Age/Birth:87
Youngblutt, Charles Norman, d. 1-7-1989, Age/Birth:99
Zillman, Bertha Alma, d. 3-1-1963, Age/Birth:63
Zillman, Ernest Carl, d. 5-9-1961, Age/Birth:63
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