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Peachester Cemetery
Caloundra Shire, Queensland, Australia

Lat: 26 °19'11"S, Lon: 152°52'17"E

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)
submitted: Mar 06, 2000
Total records = 82

The small cemetery is tucked away in the hills beyond Peachester.

From Beerwah, the drive is through horse stud country to the range. Look for the Maleny road. Once on the Maleny Rd, as you negotiate the gullies before the climb to the range, look for the cemetery sign on Candle Mountain Road.

The reserve is probably no more than 600 sq. metres. Probably the most widely known families are the Jones, father and son. Inigo founded Crohamhurst Long Range Weather Observatory, 1935, and his father Owen, designed the Fitzroy Bridge, in Rockhampton, and the Peachester- Beerwah road.

Transcribed in July 1996.

- Joy Byrne

Cemetery Records

Atthow, Herbert J, d. 9-4-1938, Age/Birth: ?
Bailey, K, d. 1911, Age/Birth:child
Birch, Arthur James, d. 7-11-1991, Age/Birth: ?
Birch, Eileen, d. 6-11-1984, Age/Birth:71
Breton, Robert George, d. 4-9-1997, Age/Birth:88
Buchanan, Geo Chas M.d. , d. 23-12-1922, Age/Birth:59
Butler, A, d. Oct 1906, Age/Birth: ?
Butler, B, d. May 1907, Age/Birth: ?
Butler, Charles, d. 28-2-1914, Age/Birth:62
Butler, Frank Jnr, d. ?, Age/Birth:16
Butler, Maria, d. 23-10-1911, Age/Birth:58
Calvert, D, d. 1914, Age/Birth:child
Clancy, Bernard James, d. 18-6-1939, Age/Birth:16
Collins, Maud Ethel Dean, d. 30-5-1931, Age/Birth:54
Denny, Jim, d. 7-4-1941, Age/Birth:23
Donald, S, d. 1914, Age/Birth:baby
Emblidge, Emily , d. 20-8-1964, Age/Birth:89
Emblidge, William John, d. 3-9-1947, Age/Birth:74
Fenton, Joan Maud, d. 7-4-1986, Age/Birth:13-8-1914
Francis, Walter William, d. 25-10-1924, Age/Birth:70
Giblin, E, d. 1909, Age/Birth:child
Giblin, Edward, d. 12-2-1933, Age/Birth:59
Giblin, W, d. 18-9-1918, Age/Birth: ?
Goodreid, Martin, d. 11-3-1998, Age/Birth:9-12-1954
Gray, Christopher Paul, d. 21-11-1981, Age/Birth:14-8-1980
Gregg, Betsy, d. 28-8-1930, Age/Birth:83
Gregg, William, d. 14-11-1921, Age/Birth:71
Grigor, Elizabeth Agnes, d. ?, Age/Birth:74
Grigor, Errol, d. 20-12-1936, Age/Birth:5.6yrs
Grigor, William Andrew, d. 1929, Age/Birth:62
Harden, Nelly & Baby, d. Sept 1912, Age/Birth: ?
Hume, Alexander Henry, d. 8-5-1914, Age/Birth: ?
Hume, Ellen Francis, d. 14-3-1939, Age/Birth: ?
Hume, Jess, d. Sept 1906, Age/Birth:17
Jones, Emilie Susanne, d. 12-6-1946, Age/Birth:4-5-1850
Jones, Inigo Owen, d. 14-11-1954, Age/Birth:82
Jones, Marion Emma , d. 1961, Age/Birth: ?
Jones, Meredith, d. 3-5-1914, Age/Birth: ?
Jones, Owen, d. 13-9-1931, Age/Birth:26-5-1848
Koroloff, Boris F.R.A.I.A., d. 1-1-1997, Age/Birth:1-5-1910
Koroloff, Ursula Louise Bernouilli, b. 15-04-1908 Crohamhurst, d. 21-10-1998 (nee Jones)
Larsen, Marion Campbell, d. 14-1-1994, Age/Birth:97
Leigh, Arthur Leslie, d. 14-11-1894, Age/Birth:3
Lewis, twins, d. 6-8-1954, Age/Birth: ?
Meikle, Gwendoline May Bernoulli, d. 3-5-1947, Age/Birth:37
Meikle, Malcolm Campbell, d. 24-11-1931, Age/Birth:36
Meikle, Marion, d. 28-11-1934, Age/Birth:65
Meikle, Norman J, d. 28-8-1982, Age/Birth:74
Page, Augusta, d. 12-9-1957, Age/Birth:69
Page, Charles Edward, d. 29-9-1950, Age/Birth:75
Page, Horace Edwin, d. 27-6-1985, Age/Birth:79
Page, ?, d. 1912, Age/Birth:baby
Pares, Frederick Alexander Raymond, d. 8-6-1953, Age/Birth: ?
Rogers, Martha Sidney, d. 8-9-1930, Age/Birth:68
Shuttlewood, Hannah, d. 15-7-1951, Age/Birth:16-8-1964
Shuttlewood, Hazel, d. 1995, Age/Birth:1920
Shuttlewood, Louise , d. 1926, Age/Birth:1898
Shuttlewood, Lynette, d. 19-4-1950, Age/Birth:14mths
Shuttlewood, Steve, d. 9-1-1935, Age/Birth:10-10-1854
Shuttlewood, ?, d. Sept 1906, Age/Birth:baby
Southland, ?, d. 1911, Age/Birth:baby
Stent, Lilian Beatrice, d. 22-11-1985, Age/Birth:26-7-1900
Stirling, Elizabeth, d. 18-1-1942, Age/Birth:60
Stirling, Jack, d. 24-4-1946, Age/Birth:1880
Stirling, Ronald Leslie, d. 12-5-1941, Age/Birth:20
Tomlinson, Hannah Marie, d. 25-1-1934, Age/Birth:75
Tomlinson, Samuel, d. 3-7-1906, Age/Birth:55
Ulrich, Charles, d. 10-8-1954, Age/Birth: ?
Vieritz, Agusta, d. 12-3-1952, Age/Birth:86
Vieritz, Charles, d. 3-10-1962, Age/Birth: ?
Vieritz, Chris, d. 1968, Age/Birth: ?
Vieritz, Christian Ernest, d. 13-8-1932, Age/Birth:85
Vieritz, Frederick W, d. 21-12-1930, Age/Birth:75
Vieritz, Herman, d. ?, Age/Birth:42
Vieritz, Wilhelmine A. L., d. 15-1-1940, Age/Birth:81
Vieritz, William Frederick, d. 30-11-1963, Age/Birth: ?
Way, Kate, d. 1-10-1949, Age/Birth:65
Way, William James, d. 12-12-1945, Age/Birth:62
Wellsteed, Richard Frederick, d. 19-7-1996, Age/Birth: ?
Wild, Edith Laura, d. 21-2-1950, Age/Birth:60
Wild, H.O.N. (Bert), d. 25-8-1945, Age/Birth:62
Yeo, Beryl, d. 8-2-1933, Age/Birth:8-2-1933

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