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Mogill Cemetery
Bellbowrie, Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Frank Lourigan, Aug 06, 2005 [fzl@netspace.net.au]. Total records = 69.

Mogill Cemetery is located about 19 kilometres west from the city centre of Brisbane on Moggill Road in the semi-rural suburb of Bellbowrie. A sealed track leads off Moggill Road into the cemetery and is difficult to find if a first time visitor. The track entry is about three hundred metres south of the intersection with Lather Road and further identified by the sign 'The Historic Moggill Cemetery".

Once at the cemetery parking and meeting area, there is a good rustic style shelter with seating for about eight and a tap for water, but the grounds around the cemetery are either private property or heavily wooded and not suitable for walking.

This cemetery was opened around 1865 and is now classified as an 'Historical Cemetery'. There is also a memorial to those who served in WW2 and a stone cairn with the names of some of the early settlers of the area. All original graves are in poor condition which was exacerbated by vandalism in the 1990's.

The main original section is enclosed by post and rail fencing and contains about twenty-two identifiable graves. A relatively new section which is outside the fenced area and called the 'Moggill Cemetery Memorial Gardens' was opened on the 28th of May 1995 and allows interment of new ash memorial plots in amongst a native garden. At the time of writing there were approximately ten ash memorial plots. For more information contact the Brisbane City Council on 61+7+ 34078128.

- Frank Lourigan

Cemetery Records

Marked plots in the original Moggill Cemetery opened 1865 = OS
Marked plots in the Ash Memorial Gardens opened 1995 = AMG

Anstead, Isabella Brown, b. 1 Jun 1891, d. 13 Oct 1955, s/w Joseph Thomas Anstead, OS
Anstead, Joseph Thomas, b. 31 Aug 1876, d. 9 Aug 1968, s/w Isabella Brown Anstead, OS
Anstead, Raymond John, b. 8 Dec 1947, d. 15 Feb 1979, s/w William Anstead, OS
Anstead, Violet, b. 1 Feb 1900, d. 3 Oct 1985, s/w Raymond John Anstead, OS
Anstead, William, b. 31 Mar 1904, d. 11 Aug 1989, s/w Violet Anstead, OS
Aspinall, David Alexander, b. 16 Feb 1950, d. 15 Jan 1998, AMG
Back, John Brian Douglas, b. 22 Mar 1960, d. 17 Jun 1999, AMG
Bainbridge, Janet Ann, bur. 1942 at 59 years, OS
Baker, John Modral, d. 12 Apr 1945 at 74, s/w Minnie Baker, OS
Baker, Minnie, d. 22 Sep 1956 at 74 years, s/w John Modral Baker, OS
Bankier, Neal Thomas Denholm, b. 8 Dec 1950, d. 20 Sep 1997, AMG
Bird, Annie Jane, d. 18 Oct 1928 at 81 years, s/w Graham Bird, OS
Bird, Edward, d. 28 Jul 1941 at 60, s/w Graham Bird, OS
Bird, Emily J, d. 5 Jul 1964 at 84 years, s/w Annie Bird, OS
Bird, George Edward, d. 19 Nov 1907 at 68 years, s/w Annie Jane Bird, OS
Bird, George, d. 8 Sep 1958 at 56 years, s/w John Bird, OS
Bird, Graham, d. 26 Sep 1919 at 34 years, s/w Edward Bird, OS
Bird, John, d. 7 Feb 1935 at 65 years s/w Emily Bird, OS
Bird, John, d. 8 Oct 1982 at 77 years, s/w George Bird, OS
Black, Annie, d. 21 Sep 1941 at 76 years, s/w William Black, OS
Black, Beryl Ivy, d. 1 Aug 1932 at 17 years, s/w William Black, OS
Black, William, d. 6 Dec 1960 at 76 years, s/w Annie Black, OS
Boyle, Mary Ethne, d. 19 Mar 1992 at 91 years, s/w Patrick Boyle, OS
Boyle, Patrick, d. 8 Jan 1964 at 75 years s/w Mary Ethne Boyle, OS
Bramble, Owen, d. 7 Apr 1996, AMG
Browne, Edith Selina, b. 12 Feb 1920, d. 12 Mar 2000, s/w Raymond Joseph Browne, AMG
Browne, Raymond Joseph, d. 5 Jun 1912, d. 15 Nov 1994, s/w Edith Selina Browne, AMG
Currie, Daisy, buried 1907 at 11 years, s/w John Currie, OS
Currie, Dougald, bur. 1883 at 10 months, s/w John Currie, OS
Currie, Evaline Sophia, bur. 1963 at 66 years, OS
Currie, John, bur. 1885 at 11 months, s/w Robert Currie, OS
Currie, John, bur. 1941 at 85 years, s/w Sarah Currie, OS
Currie, Robert, bur. 1889 at 8 months, s/w Daisy Currie, OS
Currie, Sarah, bur. 1941 at 86 years, s/w Dougald Currie, OS
Gillow, Tasman Noel, b. 25 Dec 1918, d. 18 Jul 2003, AMG
Luttrell, Suzanne Jane, d. 11 Jul 1998 at 28 years, AMG
Makepeace, Hannah, d. 16 Feb 1908, s/w Thomas Makepeace, OS
Makepeace, Thomas Tindale, d. 7 Sep 1911, s/w Hannah Makepeace, OS
Makepeace, Thomas, d. 12 Aug 1906, s/w Hannah Makepeace, OS
Moffitt, David, d. 23 Oct 1954 at 72 years, OS
Randall, Elizabeth, d. 23 Mar 1947, OS
Rigby, Joan Elizabeth, b. 9 Feb 1938, d. 15 Mar 2002, AMG
Shield, Albert, b. 20 Feb 1914, d. 11 Aug 2004, s/w Jessie May Shield, OS
Shield, Henry, d. 23 Jun 1988 at 80 years, s/w William Leonard Shield, OS
Shield, Isabella, d. 8 Jul 1908 at 86 years, s/w James Shield, OS
Shield, James, d. 19 Jan 1901 at 80 years, s/w Isabella Shield, OS
Shield, James, s/w Mark Shield, OS
Shield, Jessie May, d. 15 Jun 1993 at 80, s/w Albert Shield, OS
Shield, Mark, d. 7 Jan 1906 at 46 years, s/w James Shield, OS
Shield, William Leonard, d. 28 Mar 1918 at 65 years, s/w Henry Shield, OS
Stafford, Emily Olive, b. 8 Oct 1909, d. 7 Jul 1960, OS
Sugars, Elizabeth, bur. 1886 at 1 year, s/w Sophia Sugars, OS
Sugars, Ellen Elizabeth, d. 19 Mar 1937, s/w William Sugars, OS
Sugars, George, bur. 1871 at 2 years, s/w Sophia Sugars, OS
Sugars, Rose E, d. 12 Aug 1953 at 48 years, OS
Sugars, Sophia, d. 23 Sep 1914 at 83, s/w Thomas Sugars, OS
Sugars, Thomas, d. 11 May 1915 at 80, s/w Ellen Elizabeth Sugars, OS
Sugars, Walter George, bur. 1879 at 4 years, s/w Sophia Sugars, OS
Sugars, William Roderick, b. 3 Oct 1909, d. 26 Aug 1992, s/w Sophia Sugars, OS
Sugars, William, d. 13 Mar 1954, s/w Roderick William Sugars, OS
Sutherland, Maurice Davis, b. 7 Dec 1917, d. 14 Jul 2001, AMG
Westaway, Agnes May, d. 10 Jun 1994 at 94 years, s/w Edward Westaway, OS
Westaway, Alice Kate, d. 8 Jun 1946 at 77 s/w William Henry Westaway, OS
Westaway, Edward, d. 22 Apr 1959 at 56 years, s/w Agnes May Westaway, OS
Westaway, William Henry, d. 18 Nov 1949 at 86, s/w Alice Kate Westaway, OS
Westcott, Ernest, b. 22 Sep 1920, d. 25 Dec 2002, s/w Herbert Westcott, OS
Westcott, Herbert E, d. 18 Dec 1959 at 79 years, s/w Ernest Westcott, OS
Westcott, Herbert W.J, d. 14 Oct 1934 at 28 years, OS
Zsoldos, Maria, b. 7 Apr 1947, d. 26 Dec 2001, AMG

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