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God's Acre Cemetery
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Beatty Road
Archerfield, Brisbane, Qld

From the Mt Lindesey Hwy going South from Brisbane take Boundary Rd right turn and then into Beatty Rd left, the cemetery is located between, Kerry and Mortimer Rds in front of the airfield.

Contributed by Rhonda May Demarco, Sep 30, 2001 [deminc@hotmail.com].
Total records = 164.

These records represent all the known burials, although there are numerous unknown burials in the cemetery, a search has been completed, and no further records are available.

I transcribed all the headstones in the cemetery on the 29th Sep 2001. As I finished I found a plaque just under the name of the cemetery, that had a list of everyone buried there, all it said was "All known burials". I have added any I found no stone for from this list. They are those which have no dates, with a surname and only Initials for the given name/names.

This site was dedicated as a cemetery when Volney Grenier, aged 16 years, was killed in a fall from a horse, during a fox hunt on the 26th Dec 1859. His Parents Mary & Thomas Grenier buried him on this site & divided off 3/4 of an acre of land to be set aside as a family cemetery, over the years, The Grenier family gave permission to other local pioneers to bury their loved ones here also.

The last burial to be conducted here was a Miss Olive Grenier on 16 Jul 1980. Some of the decendants have been given permission to bury ashes of the decendants and to erect small plaques for them these are stated as ashes only. The cemetery is maintained by F A C, and Gods Acre restoration committee, it is in fair condition, a rememberance day is held on the grounds on the last Sunday of June each year.
- Rhonda May Demarco

Cemetery Records

Allen, Elizabeth, d. 12 Apr 1869, age 53 yrs
Allen, George H, d. 14 Mar 1935, age 65 yrs
Allen, Maisie d. 26 Sep 1940, age 29 yrs
Ansell, Alfred Erold, d. 4 Oct 1917, age 25 yrs 5mths, 42 Batt, AIF, killed in action, Zonnebeke Ridge
Ansell, Alfred, d. 16 Nov 1893, age 47 yrs
Ansell, Mary Ellen, d. 19 Aug 1925, age 72 yrs.wife of Alfred
Atherdon, George Luke, d. 14 Jun 1997, age 74 yrs, decendant of T Boyland, husband of Daphne, Ashes only
Austin, George, d. 3 Dec 1906, age 67 yrs
Banks, Archibald, d. 1 Jan 1885, age 76 yrs
Barnacle, Edith Clara, b. 1883, d. 1929,
Barnacle, Walter, b. 1906, d. 1994, Ashes only,
Barnacle, Wendy Ann, 1937, infant granddaughter of Edith
Barnes, M L, no date
Benn, Eliza, d. 17 Jun 1875, age 37 yrs, 2nd daughter of Thomas & Mary Grenier
Boyland, Agnes, d. 21 May 1937, age 64 yrs
Boyland, Albert J, d. 19 Jun 1929, age 75 yrs
Boyland, Francis Orr Leichhardt, b. 30 Jul 1873, d. 26 Oct 1958
Boyland, George Thomas, d. 8 Oct 1908, age 53 yrs
Boyland, Jessie, d. 28 Oct 1943, age 93 yrs
Boyland, Margaret, d. 31 Aug 1911, age 79 yrs
Boyland, Sylvia, d. 18 Mar 1895, age 1 yr 9 mths
Boyland, Thomas, d. 18 Jun 188?, age 71 yrs
Boyland, William H, d. 18 Nov 1950, age 89 yrs
Boyle, Patrick Owen, b. 1930, d. 1997, (Paddy) ashes only
Brisco, Kay Estelle, b. 7 Feb 1943, d. 12 Jun 2000, decendant of T Boyland, Ashes only
Calam, Elizabeth, no dates, wife of James
Calam, James, d. 23 Jul 1919, age 58 yrs
Catchpole, Alice, no dates
Catchpole, Edmond, d. 8 Jul 1910, age 78 yrs, interred 9 Jul 1910
Catchpole, Emily, d. 10 Apr 1901, age 78 yrs, interred 12 Apr 1901
Catchpole, George, d. 29 Sep 1886 age 63 yrs
Catchpole, Kevin Roy, b. 8 Aug 1929, d. 25 Oct 1993, son of William James & Ethel, Catchpole, Ashes only
Compton, Ellen, d. 19 Jul 1925, age 75 yrs
Coote, Louisa Duesbury, b. 1 Oct 1827, d. 10 Oct 1870, wife of William Coote
Coppas, Robert, d. 1 May 1994, Memorial, Lost their lives in a plane Accident, at Luskintyre Airfield, in the Hunter Valley
Crompton, Ruby Alice, d. 21 Jan 1880, age 1 yr 18days, daughter of William & Agness Crompton
Crompton, Thomas Robert, d. 11 Oct 1886, age 2 yrs 2 mths, son of Thomas & Sarah
Danielson, H, no date
Davidson, Dudley Percy, d. 31 Dec 1930, PER ARDUA AD ASTRA
Dennis, E L P, no dates
Dennis, L, no dates
Dennis, M, no dates
Dunlop, Annie Teresa Josephine, d. 16 Dec 1929, age 72 yrs.wife of Edward Dunlop
Dunlop, Edward, d. 29 Aug 1929, age 79 yrs
Edwards, A S, no dates
Edwards, William, d. 7 Jan 1918, age 63 yrs
Everdell, James Mocc, d. 24 Apr 1869, age 4 yrs
Fedrick, Charles Francis, b. 30 Apr 1905, d. 12 Jan 1994, memorial, decendant of T Boyland
Fedrick, Vera, b. 8 Nov 1911, d. 28 Jan 1996, memorial, decendant of T Boyland
Galvin, J L, no dates
Graham, A, no dates, s/w E, J, R & S
Graham, E, no dates, s/w A, J, R & S
Graham, J, no dates, s/w E, A, R & S
Graham, R, no dates, s/w E, J, A & S
Graham, S, no dates, s/w E, J, R & A
Grenier, E P, d. 26 Nov 1943
Grenier, Franklin, d. 5 Jan 1889, age 37 yrs, Husband of Ellen Henrietta, 5th son of Thomas & Mary
Grenier, George Alexander, d. 4 Mar 1915, age 73 yrs
Grenier, Isabella, d. 9 Oct 1949
Grenier, J F , d. 6 Apr 1934
Grenier, Mary Jane, d. 6 Aug 1946, age 87 yrs, wife of William Leichardt
Grenier, Mary, d. 2 Mar 1876, age 62 yrs, wife of Thomas
Grenier, Olive Vera, b. 6 Apr 1899, d. 16 Jul 1980
Grenier, R C, d. 3 Nov 1948
Grenier, Raemond Volney, b. 29 Jan 1924, d. 16 May 1992.son of Sidney& Isabella, Ashes Only
Grenier, Sarah Mary Agnes, d. 27 May 1924, age 70 yrs, wife of george Alexander
Grenier, Sidney L, d. 10 Feb 1953
Grenier, Thomas, d. 7 Oct 1877, age 69 yrs
Grenier, Volney, d. 20 Oct 1850, age 16 yrs, 3rd son of Thomas and Mary of South Brisbane
Grenier, William Leichardt, d. 16 Sep 1930, age 75 yrs
Hahm, Leopold, d. 21 Dec 1893, age 53 yrs
Hall, Frank Hubert, d. 17 Jan 1903, age 11yrs 7 mths, accidently shot at Coopers Plains
Hallett, Stanley, b. 30 Mar 1899, d. 21 Oct 1899, son of G & L Hallett
Hocking, Francis, & Emily Louise, b. 1842, d. 1935
Holberger, B, no date
Jeffers, A, no date, s/w MA Jeffers
Jeffers, MA, no date, s/w A Jeffers
Jensen, Niels Peter, b. 29 Jun 1932, d 13 Aug 1998, husband of Joy, Ashes Only
King, A, no dates, s/w T
King, T, no dates, s/w A
Larson, M A, no date
Leilzo, WM, no date, s/w HCL & C H
Leilzo, C H, no date, s/w HCL & WM
Leilzo, H C L, no date, s/w C H & WM
Marshall, Herbert, d. 26 Nov 1905, age 1yr 5 mths
Maxwell, Lace, d. 1 May 1994, Memorial, Lost their lives in a plane Accident, at Luskintyre Airfield, in the Hunter Valley
Mayes, I, no dates
Mortimer, C, no dates
Mullen, S L, no dates
Murray, M, no dates, s/w WMO
Murray, W M O, no dates, s/w M
Nielson, A C, no dates
Obrien, Joshua, b. 7 Jan 1858, d. 30 Jun 1931
Obrien, Mary Louisa, b. 3 Jun 1858, d 15 May 1936
Orr, E, no dates
Page, Quinnton Charles, d. 3 Mar 1998, age 14 yrs, son of Gary & Margaret, Ashes Only
Parker, Elizabeth Joyce, d. 12 Dec 1938, age 5 yrs
Parker, Emily Jane, d. 6 Mar 1924, age 33 yrs
Parker, Violet, born & died 1 Nov 1945
Pearson, William, d. 12 Sep 1884, age 60 yrs
Pearson, William, d. 6 Sep 1874, age 1 yr 10 mths, (Willie) son of William & Mary
Phipps, A H, d. 8 Jan 1898, age 20 yrs, son of J T Phipps
Phipps, Joseph, d. 7 Sep 1900, age 88 yrs Father of AJ, & J T Phipps
Phipps, Sarah, d. 12 Apr 1874, age 66 yrs, wife of Joseph Phipps
Pitt, Cecilia Mary, d. 13 Sep 1940, age 76 yrs, wife of Edwin
Pitt, Charles, d. 24 Feb 1903, age 75 yrs
Pitt, Edwin Samuel, d. 4 Aug 1937, age 72 yrs
Pitt, Mary Ann, d. 17 May 1919, age 87 yrs, wife of Charles
Price, H, no date, s/w WG & W
Price, W G, no dates, s/w H & W
Price, W, no date, s/w H & WG
Riley, G, no date
Robinson, Frederick W, d. 21 Nov 1924
Robinson, Margaret, d. 27 Mar 1928, wife of Frederick
Rogers, W G, no date
Roles, Augustus William, no date
Roles, Henry, no date
Roles, Sarah Ann, d. 1 Nov 1911
Rookwood, Ada Frances, d. 2 Feb 1909, age 27 yrs, wife of William Rookwood
Rookwood, Arthur, b. 1852, d. 1934, husband of Elisabeth
Rookwood, Elizabeth, d. 24 Sep 1903, age 52 yrs
Rookwood, Thirza, d. 25 Mar 1935, age 51 yrs
Rookwood, William, d. 22 Dec 1921, age 40 yrs
Sheffield, Lucy Ann, b. 31 Mar 1897, d 8 Jul 1992, Ashes only
Sheffield, William Ernest, d. 26 Apr 1935, age 46 yrs
Shute, Gael L, b. 29 Aug 1959, d 25 May 1995, nee Rosswell, Ashes only
Shuttleworth, Catherine, d. 3 Dec 1898, age 74 yrs, wife of James
Shuttleworth, James, d. 16 Mar 18??, age 76 yrs
Sidy, T, no date
Story, Ellie, b. 28 May 1857, d. 11 Jan 1916, wife of George Story
Story, George W B, b. 24 Mar 1849, d. 3 Jun 1931, age 82 yrs
Story, Thomas, b. 9 Nov 1883, d. 13 Aug 1903, eldest son of George & Ellie
Tait, C P, no dates, s/w G
Tait, G, no dates, s/w CP
Thompson, M, no dates, s/w WH
Thompson, W H, no dates, s/w M
Trevanion, no dates
Tuckett, Annie Boyland, d. 7 Jul 1945, age 76 yrs, wife of Henry Tuckett
Tuckett, Henry, d. 25 Aug 1936, age 51 yrs
Tully, Edward, b. 1912, d. 2000, ashes only,
Tully, Noel, 1927
Tully, Oliver, 1938
Unwin, J E, no dates, s/w M & T
Unwin, M , no dates, s/w J E & T
Unwin, T, no dates, s/w M & J E
Vine, F P, no dates
Wagner, M M, no dates, s/w RED
Wagner, R E D, no dates, s/w MM
Wallace, Robert, d. 2 Nov 1936, age 60 yrs
Wallace, Sarah Lily, d. 19 Sep 1928, age 54 yrs, nee Grenier
Weeks, H J T, no dates, s/w MA, RJD & H
Weeks, H, no dates, s/w MA, RJD & H J T
Weeks, M A, no dates, s/w H J T, RJD & H
Weeks, R J D, no dates, s/w MA, H J T & H
Welfare, D F, no dates, s/w EW
Welfare, E W, no dates, s/w DF
Westaway, Edwin, d. 28 Jul 1923, age 84 yrs
Westaway, Margaret, d. 16 Jan 1933, age 31 yrs, youngest daughter of Margaret & Edwin Westaway
Westaway, Margaret, d. 29 Apr 1910, age 84 yrs, wife of Edwin Westaway
Whitting, A, no dates, s/w H
Whitting, H, no dates, s/w A
Williams, P J T , no date
Young, T V, no dates
Ziegenfusz, C, no dates

Sims, in Memory of George & Kate, who were granted plots, 185, 186, 187
Mussig, no information Lyons, no information
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