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Kalbar Catholic Cemetery
Kalbar, Boonah Shire, Queensland, Australia

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George Street, Kalbar Qld

Contributed by Judy Dickson, Mar 28, 2009, last edited May 06, 2009 [judy_dickson@brisnet.org.au]. Total records = 70.

This cemetery is located in George Street, south from the Kalbar township.

This is a small private cemetery in the Scenic Rim Region Council area (previously the Boonah Shire before recent council amalgamations). I note from information obtained through the Council that the cemetery was established in 1888.

My family and I walked and recorded all legible headstones in Dec 2008. Some graves were unmarked and in a couple in instances headstones had been vandalized.

- Judy Dickson

Cemetery Records

Brennan, Mary Scott, d. 28 May 1935
Browne, David Joseph, b. 1869, d. 12 Feb 1937, s/w Margaret Browne, David Browne, Mary Browne, Francis James Browne and Edward Leonard Browne
Browne, David, b. 1842 at Waterford Ireland, d. 3 Dec 1904, s/w Mary Browne, David Joseph Browne, Margaret Browne, Francis James Browne and Edward Leonard Browne
Browne, Edward Leonard, b. 12 Sep 1904, d. 9 Jun 1927, s/w Francis James Browne, David Browne, Mary Browne, David Joseph Browne and Margaret Browne
Browne, Francis James, b. 30 Dec 1900, d. 1 May 1921, s/w Edward Leonard Browne, David Browne, Mary Browne, David Joseph Browne and Margaret Browne
Browne, Margaret (nee Toohill), b. 1870, d. 10 Aug 1927, s/w David Joseph Browne, David Browne, Mary Browne, Francis James Browne and Edward Leonard Browne
Browne, Mary (nee Maher), b. Tipperary Ireland, d. no date given, s/w David Browne, David Joseph Browne, Margaret Browne, Francis James Browne and Edward Leonard Browne
Dwyer, Ann, d. 19 Apr 1947, aged 38yrs
Dwyer, Bridget, d. 18 Feb 1944, aged 76yrs, s/w Timothy Dwyer (husband)
Dwyer, Timothy, d. 9 May 1939, aged 70yrs, s/w Bridget Dwyer (wife)
Giles, Monica "Molly", b. 6 Apr 1939, d. 1 Feb 2003
Grace, Johannah, d. 11 Feb 1895, aged 75yrs
Grace, Wilhelmina, d. 17 Sep 1947, aged 80yrs, s/w William Joseph Grace
Grace, William Joseph, d. 19 Mar 1927, aged 71yrs, s/w Wilhelmina Grace
Hohensee, Elizabeth, b. 13 Jun 1877, d. 4 Aug 1935, aged 58yrs
Hohensee, Johann, d. 21 Dec 1925, aged 87yrs
Hohensee, John, b. 1 Mar 1872, d. 29 Sep 1931, aged 59yrs
Hohensee, Pauline, b. 3 May 1832, d. 28 Oct 1909, aged 77yrs
Kelly, James, d. 17 Apr 1938, aged 76yrs, s/w Mary Kelly (wife)
Kelly, Mary, d. 2 Nov 1938, aged 65yrs, s/w James Kelly (husband)
Kilroy, James Laurence, b. 15 Feb 1879, d. 5 Feb 1939, s/w Marian Mackay Kilroy
Kilroy, Marian Mackay, b. 20 Jul 1888, d. 12 Jul 1860, s/w James Laurence Kilroy
Madsen, Isabella, d. 26 Feb 1944, s/w Mads Madsen
Madsen, Mads, d. 4 Jun 1950, s/w Isabella Madsen
McGrath, Charles Joseph, d. 30 May 1945, aged 79yrs, s/w Isabella McGrath
McGrath, Isabella, d. 20 Jun 1947, aged 75yrs, s/w Charles Joseph McGrath
McGrath, John, d. 9 Nov 1955, aged 87yrs, s/w Mary Ann McGrath (wife)
McGrath, Mary Ann, d. 18 Apr 1935, aged 58yrs, s/w John McGrath (husband)
McGrath, Mary Ellen, d. 22 Jul 1941, s/w Thomas McGrath
McGrath, Mary, d. 16 Nov 1909, aged 73yrs or 78yrs, s/w Thomas McGrath (husband)
McGrath, Thomas, d. 12 Jan 1916, aged 79yrs, s/w Mary McGrath (wife)
McGrath, Thomas, d. 14 Jul 1926, aged 62yrs, s/w Mary Ellen McGrath
McGrath, William, b. 10 Jun 1875, d. 8 Feb 1941
Muller, Joanne, d. aged 2 days, "our dear baby"
Neilsen, George Frederick, d. 8 Jan 1950, aged 53yrs, s/w Margaret Theresa Nielsen (wife)
Neilsen, Margaret Theresa, d. 29 Oct 1968, aged 66yrs, s/w George Frederick Neilsen (husband)
O'Callaghan, Helen, d. 12 Jun 1949
O'Callaghan, Patrick Joseph, d. 15 May 1938
Purcell, John Thomas, b. 11 Jun 1937, d. 25 Nov 2004
Purcell, Mary Josephine, d. 30 May 1969, aged 68yrs, s/w Thomas James Purcell (husband)
Purcell, Thomas James, d. 24 Jun 1990, aged 77yrs, s/w Mary Josephine Purcell (wife)
Schultz, Julianna, b. 13 Nov 1839, d. 7 Oct 1904
Smith, Alfred Glencoe, d. 7 Sep 1943, aged 73yrs, s/w Julia Smith
Smith, Julia, d. 16 Nov 1930, aged 61yrs, s/w Alfred Glencoe Smith
Stewart, Alexander, d. 11 Aug 1922, aged 76yrs, s/w Bridget Stewart (wife)
Stewart, Bridget, d. 27 Jan 1931, aged 89yrs, s/w Alexander Stewart (husband)
Surawski, Andrea Jean, b. 6 Sep 1970, d. 30 Aug 1993, "daughter, sister and friend"
Surawski, Catherine Helena, d. 15 Oct 1972, aged 91yrs, s/w Franz Joseph Surawski (husband)
Surawski, Charles Matthew, d. 4 Aug 1995, aged 93yrs
Surawski, Ernest Reinholdt, d. 30 Dec 1976, aged 73yrs
Surawski, Franz Joseph, d. 28 Jun 1972, aged 92yrs, s/w Catherine Helena Surawski (wife)
Surawski, John, d. 30 Jul 1948, aged 95yrs, s/w Mary Surawski (wife)
Surawski, Joseph, b. 4 Feb 1890, d. 15 Nov 1928
Surawski, Julia, d. 19 Sep 1956, aged 90yrs, s/w Michael Surawski (husband)
Surawski, Martin, b. 22 Dec 1988, d. 5 Oct 1896, s/w Matilde Surawski
Surawski, Mary A., d. 24 Dec 1942, aged 48yrs, s/w Paul A. Surawski (husband)
Surawski, Mary, d. 24 Jul 1950, aged 90yrs, s/w John Surawski (husband)
Surawski, Matilde, b. 25 Mar 1835 (?), d. 8 May 1914, s/w Martin Surawski
Surawski, Michael, d. 12 Oct 1925, aged 65yrs, s/w Julia Surawski (wife)
Surawski, Paul A., d. 24 Nov 1941, aged 44yrs, s/w Mary A. Surawski (wife)
Toohill, Adelaide E., d. 15 Feb 1932, aged 44yrs, s/w James P. Toohill
Toohill, Edward, d. 18 Nov 1945, aged 87yrs
Toohill, Elizabeth E., d. 31 Dec 1933, aged 52yrs, s/w John J. Toohill (husband)
Toohill, Honora, d. 2 Apr 1942, aged 69yrs
Toohill, James P., d. 9 Feb 1942, aged 69yrs, s/w Adelaide E. Toohill
Toohill, John J., d. 15 Nov 1945, aged 83yrs, s/w Elizabeth E. Toohill (wife)
Toohill, Leo E., b. 1908, d. 1941
Vellacott, Benjamin George, d. 30 Sep 2006
Vellacott, Mary Laurenn, d. 16 May 1992
Ward, Patrick, d. 14 Aug 1903, aged 59yrs

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