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Rolleston Cemetery
Rolleston, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Alan Wagener, July 2000 [myra@mackay.net.au ]. Total records = 51.

Cemetery Records

Rolleston is about 70 km south of Springsure, well inland from Rockhampton. Both a pioneer and current cemetery.

Best, Frederick James, d. 10 Sep 1886, Drowned crossing Brown River, b. 28 May 1847, 39yr, 'Drowned crossing the Brown River, Rolleston. Brothers and sisters in other lands have placed this stone to mark his grave.'
Bock, Mola, d. 7 Jul 1956, b. 1877, 79yr, 'our dear Dad'
Burnett, Henry, d. 30 May 1954, b. 1861, 93yr, h/o Ruth Elizabeth Burnett
Burnett, Ruth Elizabeth, d. 22 Nov 1955, b. 1874, 81yr, w/o Henry Burnett
Dallas, Bradley John, no dates
Davies, Thomas, d. 30 Mar 1902, b. 1849, 53yr, Overseer of Planet Downs Station for 20 years
Dolgner, Cecil George, d. 14 Feb 1968, b. 1908, 60yr, 's/o Louis and Eliza Dolgner, brother of Walter.'
Dolgner, Charles Loues, d. 29 Feb 1852, b. 1833, 19yr
Dolgner, Eliza, d. 3 Jul 1946, b. 1868, 78yr, w/o Louis Charles Dolgner. Mother of Cecil George and Walter Dolgner
Dolgner, Louis Charles, d. 9 Jul 1942, b. 1864, 78yr, h/o Eliza Dolgner. Fathher of Cecil George and Walter Dolgner
Dolgner, Walter, d. 1 Jul 1958, b. 1902, 56yr, 'Our dear brother'
Donovan, Joseph George, d. 22 Feb 1940, b. 1886, 54yr
Eyles, Elizabeth Ann, d. 16 Sep 1964, b. 1879, 85yr, w/o George John Eyles
Eyles, George John, d. 3 Aug 1937, b. 1869, 68yr, h/o Elizabeth Ann Eyles
Eyles, Lawrence Joseph, d. 8 May 1963, b. 1901, 62yr, 'beloved husband and father'
Eyles, Pearlie, d. 11 Oct 1984, b. 1910, 74yr, 'my dear mother'
Eyles, Ruth E, d. 26 Mar 1873, b. 1858, 28yr, w/o Thomas Eyles
Eyles, Thomas, d. 29 Dec 1881, b. 1838, 43yr, h/o Ruth E. Eyles
Eyles, Thomas George, d. 13 Jan 1965, b. 1899, 66yr, 'our dear father'
Fisher, Margaret J, d. 14 May 1873, b. Mar 1868, Age 5 yrs 2 months
Highfield, B.R, no dates
Hodgson, Mary Augusta, d. 14 Jan 1941, w/o William Hodgson
Hodgson, William, d. 21 Aug 1937, b. 1867, 70yr, h/o Mary Augusta Hodgson
Jackson, Clarence William, d. 1 Jun 1989, b. 3 Oct 1931, 58yr, h/o Shirley Del Jackson
Jackson, Shirley Del, d. 25 Nov 1989, b. 23 Feb 1937, 52yr, w/o Clarence William Jackson
Johnson, A.E, d. 7 Feb 1931, In plane crash in adjacent airstrip, Pilot of the aircraft that crashed at end of airstrip adjacent to cemetery
Lincoln, Bryan Vernan, d. 11 Feb 1954, Accidentally drowned at Planet Downs, b. 1936, 18yr
Lothian, Reginald John, d. 17 Dec 1992, b. 1912, 80yr, 'h/o Thelma, father of Zelda, John.'
McKinlay, Charles John, d. 6 Aug 1974, b. 1905, 69yr, 'dear husband and father'
Meek, Daphne, d. 13 Mar 1984, b. 1934, 50yr, 'dear wife, our mother'
Meek, Stephen Lawrence (Steve), d. 20 Mar 1976, b. 1968, 8yr, 'our darling son and brother'
Mills, Robert Keith (Bob), d. 16 Jun 1981, 'Warremba', b. 1918, 63yr, 'Lived Ballimore. Missed by Joy Tremain and families, son Michael and families.'
O'Connor, Michael J, d. 5 May 1880, Accidentally killed, b. 1854, 26yr, 'erected by young men and residents of Rolleston'
Oram, Dora F, d. 7 Feb 1931, Plane crash next to cemetery, b. 1912, 19yr, Killed in plane crash joy ride from airstrip adjacent to cemetery
Penhallurick, Ruby Margaret, d. 16 Mar 1949, b. 1900, 49yr, 'dear wife and mother'
Powell, Margaret Jane, d. 18 Oct 1912, b. Feb 1867, 45yr, Age 45 yrs 8 mnths
Powell, Roderick Henry, d. 2 Jun 1945, b. 1866, 79yr
Priddle, Edward Samuel, d. 10 Oct 1958, b. 1894, 64yr, 'our dear father'
Priddle, Joseph, d. 4 Sep 1927, b. 1841, 86yr, h/o Matilda Charlotte Louisa Priddle
Priddle, Joseph John, d. 29 Oct 1967, b. 1880, 87yr, 'dear husband, our father', h/o Mary Ellen Priddle.'
Priddle, Mary Ellen, d. 31 May 1978, b. 1891, 87yr, w/o Joseph John Priddle. 'dear mother'
Priddle, Matilda Charlotte Louisa, d. 13 Aug 1941, b. 1854, 87yr, w/o Joseph Priddle
Priddle, Neville John, d. 8 Mar 1947, b. Feb 1946, 'Age 11 mnths. Brother to Pamela Jane Priddle, s/o Phyllis May Priddle. 'dear son and brother'.'
Priddle, Pamela Jane, d. 2 Jun 1949, b. 1942, 7yr, 'd/o Phyllis May Priddle, sister of Neville John Priddle.'
Priddle, Phyllis May, d. 22 May 1980, b. 1918, 62yr, 'my dear wife, our mother'. Mother of Neville John Priddle. 'mother, mother-in-law and g'mother'.'
Roache, John William, d. 21 Feb 1913, Accidentally drowned, b. Jul 1892, 20yr, Age 20 yrs 11 mnths. 'erected by schoolmates'
Roache, Margaret, d. 5 Feb 1886, Rolleston, b. 1857, 29yr, w/o Patrick Roache
Ryan, John, d. 20 Dec 1879, b. 1842, 37yr, h/o Mary Anne Ryan
Ryan, John Patrick, d. 22 Nov 1927, b. 1858, 69yr, h/o Kezia Jane Ryan
Ryan, Kezia Jane, d. 26 Jun 1959, b. 1871, 88yr, w/o John Patrick Ryan
Smith, Alex W, d. 7 Feb 1931, b. 1905, 26yr, Died in air crash at end of airstrip adjacent to cemetery
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