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Reedy Creek Cemetery
Singleton, Hunter & Central Coast Region, New South Wales, Australia

Reedy Creek Cemetery

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Reedy Creek Cemetery

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Reedy Creek Cemetery

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Contact: All Saints Anglican Church
40 High St, Singleton NSW 2330

Contributed by Judy Dickson, Apr 15, 2006 [judy_dickson@brisnet.org.au]. Total records = 72.

The Reedy Creek Cemetery is around 15 to 20 klm from Singleton on the Mirannie Road. Around 500 meteres from the Reedy Creek sign you will see the cemetery high on the crest of a hill to the right. (If you reach Saint John the Baptist Anglican Church you have gone too far!). To access the cemetery you need to enter a paddock via a gate from the road and take the track to the top of the hill.

While I am advised that visitors to the cemetery have right of access by the track, care is required. The paddock itself is private property. There are generally stock in the paddock so close the gates both to the road and cemetery, coming and going. The track can traversed in fine weather only. Access in wet weather is not recommended.

The Cemetery is owned and managed by Singleton All Saints Anglican Parish and maintained by working bees by local parishioners and family members on a voluntary basis. While still in use by the local community, this is a bush cemetery. Visitors should exercise care on the uneven ground and wear suitable clothing and protective shoes. Watch out for snakes!

For information one may contact the Rector at All Saints Church given above or by phone, within Australia: 02 65711414, Overseas: +61 2 65711414, or email: singletonanglicanparish@hunterlink.net.au

My family and I walked and photographed the majority of headstones in the cemetery in January 2005. This has been supplemented by information provided by the Parish (entries marked *). The original church, burial records and some of the original markers were destroyed in a bush fire. So there are an unknown number of unmarked graves.

- Judy Dickson

Cemetery Records

Bailey, Edith Lorne, d. 22 Jul 1923, aged 2 ½ yrs
Benger, Florence Selina, d. 6 Oct 1964, s/w Richard James Benger (husband)
Benger, Richard James, d. 29 Feb 1920, aged 50 yrs, s/w Florence Selina Benger (wife)
Brooker, Helen Lindley, d. 1 Oct 1938, aged 86 yrs, s/w John Brooker (husband)
Brooker, John, d. 16 Feb 1924, aged 74 yrs, s/w Helen Lindley Brooker (wife)
Burgmann, Alice Louisa, d. 26 Oct 1936, aged 75 yrs, s/w John Burgmann (husband)
Burgmann, Florence May, d. 28 Sep 1890, aged 11 mths 15 days, "third daughter of J. and A.L. Burgmann", adjacent to John and Alice Louisa Burgmann
Burgmann, John, d. 16 Aug 1922, aged 60 yrs, s/w Alice Louisa Burgmann (wife), adjacent to Florence May Burgmann
Burgmann, John, d. 31 Mar 1881, aged 3 ½ yrs, s/w Anna Margaret Meissner (grandmother)*
Burley, Esther Violet, d. 7 Aug 1963, aged 68 yrs, s/w Sidney Burley (wife)
Burley, Laura May, d. 29 Jan 1932, aged 11 yrs, d/o Sidney and Esther Violet Burley
Burley, Sidney, d. 31 May 1953, aged 68 yrs, s/w Esther Violet Burley (wife)
Butler, Cecil, b. 10 May 1893, d. 20 Jul 1968, s/w Dorothy Annie Butler
Butler, Dorothy Annie, b. 18 Oct 1901, d. 24 Nov 1983, s/w Cecil Butler
Croucher, Robyn, b. 2 Jun 1944, d. 30 Apr 1997, aged 53 yrs, "Loving Wife, Mother, Grandmother"
Fitton, Bertha, d. 4 Apr 1954 in England, aged 69 yrs, s/w Louis Samuel Fitton (husband)
Fitton, Louis Samuel, d. 15 Mar 1952, aged 73 yrs, s/w Bertha Fitton (wife)
Fitz Roy, A. H.(Algernon Henry), d. 18 Feb 1927, aged 93 yrs, s/w Edith Jessie Fitz Roy (wife)
Fitz Roy, Edith Jessie, b. 28 Apr 1839, d. 20 Nov 1909, s/w A. H. Fitz Roy (husband)
Hardinge, R. J. B., d. 27 Jul 1991, aged 68 yrs, "40th Infantry Battalion, TX8524, Private, A.I.F."
Harris, Ivy Irene, d. 21 Nov 1940, aged 41 yrs, s/w William Leslie Harris (husband)*
Harris, William Leslie, d. 24 Aug 1981, aged 87 yrs, s/w Ivy Irene Harris (wife)*
Hedges, John, d. 28 Nov 1882, aged 25 yrs, h/o Elizabeth Hedges*
Holmwood, Mabel Alice, d. 1 Feb 1925, aged 37 yrs, w/o Arthur Percy Holmwood
Homewood, Eliza, d. 24 Sep 1928, aged 85 yrs, George Homewood (husband)
Homewood, George, d. 23 May 1919, aged 74 yrs, s/w Eliza Homewood (wife)
Jobson, Edward W., d. 3 Aug 1930, aged 71 yrs, s/w Ruth Jobson (wife), plaque to Bertha (Sue) Standing*
Jobson, Ruth, d. 28 Jun 1905, aged 43 yrs, s/w Edward W. Jobson and plaque to Bertha (Sue) Standing*
Lawerence, Edwin W., d. 16 Jan 1918, aged 51 yrs, "our dear brother"
Lawrence, George, d. 16 Aug 1917, aged 80 yrs, s/w Harriett Lawrence (wife)
Lawrence, Harriet, d. 30 Dec 1898, aged 63 yrs, s/w George Lawrence (husband)
Meissner, Anna Margaret, d. 17 Mar 1875, aged 37 yrs, s/w John Burgmann (grandson)
Montgomery, Edward, d. 25th Jan 1877, aged 13 mths, s/o Henry and Jane Moore *
Moore, Ada, d. 18 Jan 1985, aged 93 yrs, "our dear sister", s/w Edith Jane Moore
Moore, Albert, d. 21 Nov 1945, aged 63 yrs, s/w Elsie Moore (wife)
Moore, Alfred, d. 8 Jun 1917, aged 25 yrs, "killed in action in Messine, France", s/w Cecel Moore, May Moore, Catherine Louisa Somers, Sarah Elizabeth Moore and Edward Moore
Moore, Alice May, d. 23 Nov 1960, aged 79 yrs, s/w Eva Moore and Walter Moore
Moore, Cecel, d. 17 Sep 1916, aged 14 yrs, s/o E. and S. Moore, s/w Alfred Moore (brother), May Moore, Catherine Louisa Somers, Sarah Elizabeth Mooreand Edward Moore
Moore, Daphne, d. 19 Aug 1998, aged 70 yrs, s/w Geoffrey Hilton Moore (husband)
Moore, Edith Jane, d. 30 Aug 1976, aged 91 yrs, "our dear sister", s/w Ada Moore
Moore, Edna, d. 26 Nov 1988, aged 92 yrs, s/w William Edward Moore (husband)
Moore, Edward Montgomery, d. 25 Jan 1877, aged 13 mths, "infant son of Henry and Jane Moore"
Moore, Edward Paul, d. 28 Mar 1928, aged 1 yr 7 mths, s/o W.E and E. Moore
Moore, Edward, d. 25 Jun 1928, aged 78 yrs, s/w Sarah Elizabeth Moore (wife), Cecel Moore, Alfred Moore, May Moore and Catherine Louisa Somers
Moore, Elsie, d. 29 Nov 1993, aged 90 yrs, s/w Albert Moore (husband)
Moore, Emma, d. 6 Dec 1941, aged 82 yrs, s/w William Moore (husband)
Moore, Eva, d. 19 Jul 1893, aged 7 yrs, d/o W. and E. Moore, s/w Alice May Moore and Walter Moore
Moore, Geoffrey Hilton (Peter), d. 4 Nov 1996, aged 74 yrs, "of Oakvale", s/w Daphne Moore (wife)
Moore, Jim, d. 1 Dec 1933, aged 4 yrs, s/o P.R. and M. Moore
Moore, John, d. 1 Jul 1908, aged 84 yrs
Moore, Mary Alice, d. 26 Sep 1984, aged 74 yrs, s/w Percy Roy (Pat) Moore
Moore, Mary Ann (Montgomery), d. 22 Jan 1866, s/w William Henry Moore (husband), "In Memory" "Erected by their descendants 1988" See NB
Moore, May, d. 11 Aug 1921, aged 22 yrs, d/o E. and S. Moore, s/w Catherine Louisa Somers (sister), Cecel Moore, Alfred Moore, Sarah Elizabeth and Edward Moore
Moore, Percy Roy (Pat), d. 24 Jun 1990, aged 85 yrs, s/w Mary Alice Moore
Moore, Ruth Lorraine, d. 14 Aug 1972, aged 14 yrs
Moore, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 7 Jul 1927, aged 70 yrs, s/w Edward Moore (husband), Cecel Moore, Alfred Moore, May Moore and Catherine Louisa Somers
Moore, Walter, d. 20 Nov 1912, aged 20 yrs, s/o W. and E. Moore, s/w Alice May Moore and Eva Moore
Moore, William Edward, d. 19 Dec 1941, aged 52 yrs, "35 Batt", s/w Edna Moore (wife)
Moore, William Henry, b. 1798, "born County Monaghan Ireland", d. 22 Oct 1879, "a pioneer of this district" s/w wife Mary Ann Moore (Montgomery), "Erected by their descendants 1988"
Moore, William, d. 27 Oct 1933, aged 86 yrs, s/w Emma Moore (wife)
Roberts, Arthur Charles, d. 4 Feb 1921, aged 39 yrs, s/w Florence Roberts (wife)
Roberts, Elizabeth May, d. 9 May 1953, aged 39 yrs
Roberts, Florence, d. 23 Jun 1966, aged 84 yrs, s/w Arthur Charles Roberts (husband)
Somers, Catherine Louisa, d. 23 Nov 1922, aged 42 yrs, d/o E. and S. Moore, s/w May Moore (sister), Cecel Moore, Alfred Moore, Sarah Elizabeth Moore and Edward Moore
Standing, Bertha (Sue), d. 21 Mar 1997, aged 88 yrs, "Our dear Sister and Aunty", plaque on the grave of Ruth and Edward W. Jobson*
Thomson, Ian Stuart, d. 11 Jul 1971, aged 8 yrs 9 mths, "Our dear son and brother"
Wake, Harriet, d. 21 Jun 1895, aged 28 yrs, w/o William Wake*
Weierter, Mabel Alice, d. 3 Aug 1934, d/o A.H. and E.J. Fitz Roy, w/o F.M. Weierter
Wood, Hannah, d. 26 Jan 1905, aged 30 yrs, s/w Robert Markwell Wood (husband)
Wood, Louisa, d. 7 Jun 1917, aged 79 yrs, s/w Robert Markwell Wood (husband)
Wood, Robert Markwell, d. 17 Jul 1916, aged 43 yrs, s/w Hannah Wood (wife)
Wood, Robert Markwell, d. 21 Aug 1885, aged 48 yrs, s/w Louisa Wood (wife)

NB: Mary Ann Moore's remains are buried at Whittingham Cemetery, Singleton

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