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Kayuga Village Cemetery
Kayuga, Hunter & Central Coast Region, New South Wales, Australia

Kayuga Village Cemetery

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Contributed by Judy Dickson, Dec 10, 2008, last edited Mar 28, 2009 [judy_dickson@brisnet.org.au]. Total records = 64.

To reach this cemetery, follow the New England Highway north from Muswellbrook. Take the signs to the Anglo Coal Dartbrook Mine along the privately owned mine access road. The cemetery occupies an area of around 1500 square metres and is located on crown land, however, is surrounded by a statutory mine area owned by the Company and is adjacent to the administration area of Dartbrook Mine.

Dartbrook Mine undertook an extensive restoration program in 2003 and continues to manage and maintain the site in accordance with the Kayuga Cemetery Conservation Plan. For permission and an appointment to access this cemetery, contact the Dartbrook Mine on (02) 65408888.

The Kayuga Cemetery is the oldest recorded cemetery in the Upper Hunter Valley. The cemetery was first gazetted as a burial ground in 1828 and the first recorded burial was 1831. The cemetery is believed to have been the site of the first recorded convict burial in the region. The last burial was in 1956.

There are twenty surviving monuments and rocks that are thought to be the sign of other burial plots. There are three recorded burial periods:

* 1831-1834 Convicts from local properties (at least twelve burials with eight surviving headstones)
* 1840-1876 Scottish settlers (approximately thirty five burials with six surviving headstones)
* 1877-1956 Conditional purchase settlers (approximately thirty seven burials with six surviving headstones)

The following is a transcription of all existing headstones and known burials for which no headstone survives. The latter are listed on an information sign on site. My family and I walked and transcribed this cemetery in September 2008.

- Judy Dickson

Cemetery Records

Arnold, Patrick, d. 1831, aged 45yrs, (convict, first known burial)
Bellenger, James, d. 1833, (convict, no headstone)
Bergin, Bridget, no dates,
Bowles, James, d. 3 Apr 1896, aged 79yrs, s/w Mary Bowles (wife) and Ruth Bowles
Bowles, Mary, d. 25 Sep 1903, aged 83yrs, s/w James Bowles (husband) and Ruth Bowles
Bowles, Robert Thomas, d. 1870, aged 6mths (child of settler, no headstone)
Bowles, Ruth, d. 21 or 24 Jul 1894, aged 29yrs, s/w James and Mary Bowles
Brown, Joseph Henry, d. 1889, (settler, no headstone)
Cameron, Archibald, b. in Argyleshire Scotland, d. 16 Apr 1876, aged ??yrs (indistinct dates may not be correct)
Cameron, John, no dates,
Conway, David, d. 1834, (convict, on headstone shown by initials only)
Cowles, Amos, d. 17 Nov 1833, aged 27yrs (ticket of leave man)
Cox, Frances Alice, d. 1875, aged 5mths, (child of settler, no headstone)
Cracknell, Edward, d. 1874, aged 39yrs, (settler, no headstone)
Cracknell, Margaret, d. 1912, aged 84yrs, (settler, no headstone)
Cumming, Duncan, d. 1875, aged 70yrs, (settler, no headstone)
Cummings, Ann, d. 1864, aged 48yrs, (settler, no headstone)
Devine, George, d. 1890, aged 5mths, (child of settler, no headstone)
Edgar, Mary, d. 1877, aged 61yrs, (settler, no headstone)
Foot, Harold Alexander, d. 1883, aged 3mths, (child of settler, no headstone)
Goodchild, Elizabeth, d. 1883, aged 6yrs, (child of settler, no headstone)
Hain, Alice, d. 1876, aged 48yrs, (settler, no headstone)
Harrison, Eliza, d. 18??, aged 69yrs, (settler, no headstone)
Harrison, Samuel, d. 1877, aged 85yrs, (settler, no headstone)
Harrison, Sarah Jane, d. 1891, aged 2yrs, (child of settler, no headstone)
Harrison, Thomas Frederick, d. 1880, aged 12yrs, (child of settler, no headstone)
Johnson, Elizabeth, d. 1877, aged 9mths, (child of settler, no headstone)
Lodd, William, d. 1857, (settler, no headstone)
MacDonald, Mary, no dates
Major, Ada Olivene, d. 3 May 1956, aged 86yrs, w/o John Alexander Major
Major, Anna, b. 18 Mar 1886, d. 21 ?? 1887, s/w Macnaghten William Major and Dorathea Anne Major
Major, Catherine, d. 19 Jul 1931, aged 88yrs, s/w John Major (husband)
Major, Dorathea Anne, b. 1871, d. 1887, aged 16yrs 3mths, s/w Anna Major and Macnaughten William Major
Major, Emma, d. 26 Mar 1908, aged 41yrs, w/o Thomas, s/w Thomas John Major
Major, John, d. 6 Nov 1910, aged 78yrs, s/w Catherine Major (wife)
Major, John Alexander, d. 11 May 1936, aged 70yrs, h/o Ada Olivene Major
Major, Macnaughten William, b. 28 or 29 Apr 1876, d. 30 Jul 1887, aged 16yrs 10mths, s/w Anna Major and Dorathea Anne Major
Major, Thomas John, d. 19 Nov 1926, aged 53yrs, s/w Emma Major
McCallum, Hugh, d. 31 Dec 1840, aged 52yrs
McCann, Mary Ann, d. 1860, aged 1yr, (child of settler, no headstone)
McCoy, James, d. 1894, (settler, no headstone)
McCoy, Mrs., d. 1875, (settler, no headstone)
McDonald, Alexander, d. 1883, aged 92yrs, (settler, no headstone)
McDonald, Dougald, d. 1861, aged 54yrs, (settler, no headstone)
McDonald, Mary, d. 1874, aged 88yrs, (settler, no headstone)
McDonald, Neal, d. 1861, aged 2yrs, (child of settler, no headstone)
McIntyre, Archibald, d. 19 Aug 1861, aged 5?yrs
McIntyre, Jessie Dewer, d. 1867, aged 78yrs, (settler, no headstone)
Navil, Jas, no dates, (convict)
Page, Eliza, d. 1895, aged 62yrs, (settler, no headstone)
Page, Herekiel, d. 1870, aged 3wks, (child of settler, no headstone)
Page, Thomas Mell, d. 1870, aged 2yrs, (child of settler, no headstone)
Perey, Mary, no dates, aged 1890, (settler, no headstone)
Perry, Anne, d. 1889, aged 1mth, (child of settler, no headstone)
Reilly, Ruth, d. 1874, aged 2yrs, (child of settler, no headstone)
Reynolds, James, d. 1834, aged 23yrs, (convict, no headstone)
Shea, Jeremiah, d. 2? Nov 1833, possibly aged 36yrs
Shields, William, d. 1833, (convict, on headstone shown by initials only)
Shoulder, Henry, d. 1865, aged 79yrs, (settler, no headstone)
Smith, William, d. 1832, aged 26yrs, (convict, no headstone)
Stewart, William, d. 1861, aged 4yrs, (child of settler, no headstone)
Swan, James, d. 1834, aged 34yrs, (convict, no headstone)
Till, William, no dates, (convict)
Williams, Thomas, no dates, assigned servant of Colonel Dunbar Esq.

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