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Glenmore Cemetery
Rothbury, Hunter & Central Coast Region, New South Wales, Australia

Glenmore Cemetery

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Contributed by Judith Dickson, Oct 03, 2008, last edited Aug 21, 2009 [judy_dickson@brisnet.org.au]. Total records = 59.

This cemetery is located on Branxton Road, Rothbury in Hunter Central Coast Region of NSW.

A sign on site indicates that it was established around 1870 and is classified by the National Trust. The cemetery contains graves of members of some of the pioneering families of the Pokolbin area, now famous for its wineries.

Two parts of the cemetery were found. One section is adjacent to the road and a separate section is located further back down an access track. Some graves were unmarked and some had inscriptions that were now illegible as a result of weathering or broken headstones.

I walked and transcribed this cemetery in September of 2008. This contains all existing and legible stones and markers up to that time.

- Judith Dickson

Cemetery Records

Blick, Sarah Jane, d. 18 Aug 1934, aged 87yrs
Butler, Elizabeth Mary, d. 2 Aug 1927, aged 77yrs, s/w John Windzor Butler (husband)
Butler, John Windzor, d. 28 Jul 1893, aged 50yrs, s/w Elizabeth Mary Butler (wife)
Carroll, Edith Ann, d. 9 Nov 1956, aged 80yrs, s/w Truman Hall
Chick, Anderson, d. 18 Nov 1895, aged 41yrs
Chick, Annie, d. 6 Apr 1934, aged 58yrs, s/w David James Chick
Chick, Charlotte, d. 29 Jun 1913, aged 87yrs, s/w George Chick (husband)
Chick, David James, d. 19 Mar 1954, aged 81yrs, s/w Annie Chick
Chick, George, d. 4 Mar 1902, aged 74yrs, s/w Charlotte Chick (wife)
Chick, William Thomas, d. 12 Mar 1950, aged 80yrs
Drayton, Muriel Lever, d.15 Nov 1955, aged 62yrs
Elliott, Ane, d. 8 May 1907, aged 82yrs, s/w William Elliott and Mary Elliott
Elliott, Anne, d. 15 Jan 1903, aged 64yrs, s/w George Elliott, Lydia Elliott, George Elliott and Sarah Anne Elliott
Elliott, George, d. 18 Jun 1908, aged 45yrs, s/w Anne Elliott, Lydia Elliott, George Elliott and Sarah Anne Elliott
Elliott, George, d. 2 Aug 1878, aged 61yrs, s/w George Elliott, Anne Elliott, Lydia Elliott and Sarah Anne Elliott
Elliott, Gladys Maud, d. 17 Sep 1995, aged 101yrs, s/w Robert Elliott
Elliott, Lydia, d. aged 10yrs, s/w George Elliott, Anne Elliott, George Elliott and Sarah Anne Elliott
Elliott, Mary, d. 5 Dec 1930, aged 77yrs, s/w Ane Elliott and William Elliott
Elliott, Robert, d. 15 Dec 1956, aged 62yrs, s/w Gladys Maud Elliott
Elliott, Sarah Anne, d. 17 Mar 1930, aged 65yrs, d/o George and Anne Elliott, s/w George Elliott, Anne Elliott, Lydia Elliott and George Elliott, "in memory of"
Elliott, William, d. 27 Feb 1920, aged 72yrs, s/w Ane Elliott and Mary Elliott
Gillard, Edward Harold, d. 7 Mar 1896, aged 2 ┬Żyrs, s/w Edward Walter and Martha Gillard (parents) and Lydia Martha Gillard
Gillard, Edward Walter, d. 4 Dec 1926, aged 65yrs, s/w Martha Gillard (wife), Edward Harold Gillard and Lydia Martha Gillard (children)
Gillard, Lydia Martha, d. 10 Nov 1896, aged 5weeks, s/w Edward Walter and Martha Gillard (parents) and Edward Harold Gillard
Gillard, Martha, d. 2 Aug 1948, aged 83yrs, s/w Edward Walter Gillard (husband), Edward Harold Gillard and Lydia Martha Gillard (children)
Hall, Adella Mabel, d. 23 Jan 1975, aged 83yrs
Hall, Alexander, d. 27 Aug 1922, aged 91yrs, s/w Elizabeth Hall
Hall, Elizabeth, d. 15 Feb 1921, aged 95yrs, w/o George Hall, s/w Alexander Hall
Hall, Susan, d. 5 May 1950, aged 82yrs, s/w Sydney John Hall (husband)
Hall, Sydney John, d. 13 Aug 1940, aged 79yrs, s/w Susan Hall (wife)
Hall, Truman, d. 22 May 1939, aged 69yrs, s/w Edith Ann Carroll
Hungerford, Arthur H., d. 12 Dec 1925, aged 79yrs, s/w Elizabeth G. Hungerford
Hungerford, Edward Windeyer, d. 21 Jan 1975, aged 82yrs
Hungerford, Elizabeth G., d. 13 Aug 1931, aged 73yrs, s/w Arthur H. Hungerford
Irving, Annie Marie, d. 30 Mar 1932, aged 67yrs
Joass, Alfred, d. 20 Oct 1900, aged 70yrs
Kohler, John George, d. 23 Apr 1914, aged 85yrs, s/w Robina Catherine Kohler
Kohler, Robina Catherine, d. 5 Jun 1929, aged 83yrs, s/w John George Kohler
MacDonald, Lydia Griffin, d. 8 Aug 1939, aged 74yrs
McDonald, Betty Thorburn, b. 1910, d. 1987, s/w Hector Donald McDonald
McDonald, Elizabeth Hutheson, d. Jul 1877, aged 17yrs
McDonald, Ethel Ruby, b. 22 Nov 1903, d. 17 Aug 1996
McDonald, George Alister, d. 11 Jul 1989, aged 95yrs, s/w Ruth Mac Kay McDonald
McDonald, George Frederick, d. 30 Aug 1979, aged 57yrs, s/w Susanna Smith McDonald
McDonald, Harriot Mary, d. 31 Mar 1933, aged 73yrs, s/w John Murray McDonald (husband)
McDonald, Hector Donald, b. 1900, d. 1974, s/w Betty Thorburn McDonald
McDonald, John Edward, b. 29 Nov 1903, d. 5 Apr 1985
McDonald, John Murray, d. 26 Dec 1957, aged 94yrs, s/w Harriot Mary McDonald (wife)
McDonald, John Thomas, d. 7 Aug 1874, aged 32yrs
McDonald, Malcolm Thorburn, d. 13 Dec 1958, aged 17yrs, s/o Betty and Hector, b/o Ian
McDonald, Ruth Mac Kay, d. 7 Nov 1979, aged 73yrs, s/w George Alister McDonald
McDonald, Susan Mary, d. 29 Dec 1940, aged 70yrs, s/w William James McDonald
McDonald, Susanna Macfie, d. 26 Jul 1896, aged 29yrs
McDonald, Susanna Smith, d. 20 Feb 1930, aged 96yrs, s/w George Frederick McDonald
McDonald, William James, d. 13 Jul 1938, aged 76yrs, s/w Susan Mary McDonald
Sharp, Margaret, d. 19 Sep 1901, aged 49yrs, s/w Robert Sharp
Sharp, Robert, d. 4 Jan 1900, aged 49yrs, s/w Margaret Sharp, erected by his sons and daughters
Stewart, Hector McDonald, b. 17 Jun 1842 at Goulburn, d. 2 Apr 1923 at Mascot Hospital Cessnock, formerly of "Yarrows" Upper Hastings, 3rd s/o James Stewart of "Wallaby Hill" Rollands Plains, stone erected by his widow
Stuckey, Robert, d. 5 Oct 1884, aged 71yrs


??,??, d. 15 May 1902, d/o Joseph and Ellen, child's grave

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