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Lowther Park Cemetery
Lowther, Central Tablelands Region, New South Wales, Australia

Lowther Park Cemetery

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Jenolan Caves Road, Lowther, NSW Australia

Contributed by John Miller, Apr 10, 2006 [johnjmiller@bigpond.com]. Total records = 20.

Lowther Park Cemetery is located on a private property, 3 kms. down a track into the valley behind the Lowther Cemetery, which is beside the Jenolan Caves Road, 12.8 kms. from the turn off the Great Western Highway at Hartley.

Lowther Park was the first cemetery for the pioneers of the Hampton (former name 'Upper Run') and Lowther district. Access was originally from the opposite Old Bathurst Road/ Rydal side. With improvements to the Jenolan Caves Road along the escarpment between Hampton and Hartley, burials began at the Lowther Cemetery.

The small cemetery is fascinating for its peaceful, undisturbed setting on a hill overlooking the valley of Sawpit Creek and the fine examples of the monumental work of the period. The earliest graves are dated from 1839, with the last at 1910. Undoubtedly there are a number of unmarked graves. Although there is heavy undergrowth about the graves, in this instance it seemed to enhance the overall character of the place. There are the usual wombat holes and although no snakes were sighted on this visit, one should tread carefully. A large, curious Hereford bull arrived and stood nearby.

Visitors will need to seek permission and directions to the cemetery from the property owner. And as always in the country, please be sure to re-shut all gates. The Cemetery comes under the auspices of Lithgow City Council, 180 Mort Street, Lithgow NSW 2790, telep: (02) 6352 1077 email: council@lithgow.nsw.gov.au

I walked and read this cemetery on Mar 28, 2006.

- John Miller

Cemetery Records

Boyd, George, d. 13 May 1909, age 25 yrs, "Our Son"
Boyd, John, d. 30 Jun 1864, age 49 yrs, "Died at Upper Run", spelt Boyde on stone
Boyd, Mary, d. 21 Mar1903, age 45 yrs, "Wife of George"
Garnsey, Josiah Bridge Heliad, d. 29 Oct 1853, age 53yrs, "Erected by his children"
Johnston, Duncan John, d. 12 Mar 1904, age 33 yrs
Johnston, James, d. 27 Oct 1896, "Died at Hampton"
Luxton, Brenda Elsie, d. 11 May 1903, "Children of JH & EC Luxton", bur with Elsie
Luxton, Elsie Susanna, d. 13 Jul 1898, age 13 yrs, bur with Brenda
MacDonald, Henry, d. 2 Apr 1910, age 52 yrs
MacDonald, Jane, d. 30 May 1904, age 73 yrs, "Born County Donegal Ire", w/Neil
MacDonald, Neil, d. 11 Jan 1895, age 83 yrs, "Born Isle of Mull Sco", bur with Jane
Martin, Thomas, d. 15 Dec 1839, age 40 yrs
McDonald, Ann, d. 1839, age 59 yrs, bur with Duncan
McDonald, Duncan, d. 3 Sep 1855, age 84 yrs, "Born Scotland", bur with Ann
McDonald, Rebecca, d. 29 Oct 1906, age 36 yrs
McKillop, Archibald, d. 8 Aug 1894, age 54 yrs
McKillop, Mary, d. 2 Apr 1845, age 39 yrs, spelt McKillip on stone, stone broken
O'Neill, Mary, d. 2 Aug 1882, age 52 yrs, "Our Mother", stone fallen and broken
Rowe, Joseph, d. 31 Dec 1902, age 51 yrs
Saxelby, Henry, d. 27 Dec 1888, age 50 yrs, "Native of Yorkshire Eng"
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