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Lowther Cemetery
Lowther, New South Wales, Australia

Lowther Cemetery
Lowther Cemetery
Lowther Cemetery
Lowther Cemetery
Lowther Cemetery
Lowther Cemetery

GPS: -33.619150, 150.103459

Jenolan Caves Road
Lowther, NSW Australia

by John Miller, [johnjmiller@bigpond.com]
Published: Apr 10, 2006
Total records = 161

Lowther Cemetery is located beside the Jenolan Caves Road, 12.8 kms. from the turn off the Great Western Highway at Hartley.


The Catholic community had acquired land primarily for the purpose of building a church for worship and as a social venue. St. Mathew's was built from pit-sawn timber in 1877 and soon after a small cemetery developed around it. Later, two adjacent sections were laid out as a general cemetery for Wesleyan, Anglican, Presbyterian, Independent and non-sectarian burials. Hastened by improvements to Jenolan Caves Road, this more accessible and spacious Cemetery replaced the much earlier "Lowther Park". The first grave with memorial, Ida Haswell (nee Kirk), is dated 1886.

Most of the pioneer families of the Lowther, Hampton (former name 'Upper Run'), Ganbenang and Kanimbla Valley districts are represented here. These were hardworking, mountain people - loggers, farmers and graziers. Sadly today, only one or two mostly elderly descendants of these once large families still live in the district.

The Cemetery has always been very well maintained by local volunteers. It is administered by Lithgow City Council, 180 Mort Street, Lithgow NSW 2790 Telep (02) 6352 1077 email: council@lithgow.nsw.gov.au

Cemetery Records

Records published here were recorded from tombstone inscriptions by John Miller.


Cath = Catholic Section
C of E = Church of England Section
Presb = Presbyterian Section

Allen, Julie Marie (Simpson),
b. 23 Dec 1964, d. 6 Mar 2000, age 35 yrs, Cath
Anthony, John, b. 18 May 1899, d. 31 Oct 1970, age 71 yrs, Cath
Anthony, Madeline, b. 28 Jan 1905, d. 26 Apr 1967, age 62 yrs, Cath
Barker, Alfred E, d. 25 Mar 1972, age 76 yrs, Presb
Barker, James L, d. 3 Sep 1971, age 22 yrs, "Son and Brother", Presb
Barker, Kathleen P, d. 9 Oct 1968, age 17 yrs, "Daughter & Sister, accidently killed", Presb
Barker, Laura M, d. 9 Nov 1969, age 70 yrs, Presb
Barker, Margaret M, d. 18 Jun 1974, age 35 yrs, Presb
Barker, Norman Ernest, d. 31 Mar 1989, age 65 yrs, h, f, f-law, g-f, Presb
Barker, Raymond H, d. 27 Aug 1973, age 44 yrs, Cath
Beale-Gibbons, Mary Jane, b. 26 Apr 1879, d. 24 Apr 1979, m, Cath
Blacker, John Gladstone, d. 29 May 1977, bur with Nettie, Presb
Blacker, Nettie May (Luxton), d. 29 Apr 2003, bur with John, Presb
Bourke, Mary E, d. 28 Dec 1970, age 73 yrs, bur with Milo, Cath
Bourke, Milo R, d. 17 Dec 1969, age 80 yrs , bur with Mary, Cath
Boyd, Bruce, d. 8 Jul 2004, C of E
Boyd, Evelyn, d. 15 Aug 1968, age 72 yrs, bur with John, C of E
Boyd, George, d. 15 Jan 1942, age 84 yrs, h, f, C of E
Boyd, John, d. 6 Jul 1955, age 69 yrs, bur with Evelyn, C of E
Boyd, Mary, d. 21 Jun 1935, m, bur with William, C of E
Boyd, Sarah, d. 15 Oct 1963, C of E
Boyd, Thomas Francis, d. 16 Oct 1915, age 26 yrs, "Son/William and Mary", C of E
Boyd, William, d. 30 Dec 1974, C of E
Boyd, William, d. 8 Nov 1931, f, bur with Mary, C of E
Brook, Norma, d. 21 Jul 1971, C of E
Buckland, Barry Millman, b. 19 Jun 1941, d. 6 Nov 2002, "g-f, h/Aileen, f/Leah and Paul", C of E
Cale, A. R. "Roy", d. 24 May 1977, age 87 yrs, "1st & 2nd A.I.F., Son". Bur with William and Florence, C of E
Cale, Florence Annie, d. 31 Mar 1970, age 101 yrs, bur /William and Roy, C of E
Cale, James Kenneth, b. 7 Jul 1898, d. 5 Apr 1995, "h/Irene Muriel, f/John, Bruce and Alan", C of E
Cale, William, d. 30 Oct 1945, age 79 yrs, bur with Florence and Roy, C of E
Clark, Patrick Stanley, d. 16 Jul 1970, age 59 yrs, bur with Mervyn and Gertrude Cox, Cath
Clark, Sarah, d. 5 May 1949, age 77 yrs, bur with Agatha Luchetti, Cath
Cowell, Raymond, d. 12 Aug 2003, Presb
Cox, Gertrude Ellen, d. 18 Sep 1970, age 64 yrs, w, bur with Patrick Clark and Mervyn, Cath
Cox, Mervyn, d. 7 Sep 1977, "Brother-in-Law", bur with Patrick Clark and Mervyn, Cath
Cullen, Alexander J, d. 26 June 1981, age 81 yrs, "Brother and Uncle", Cath
Cullen, Anne Frances, d. 25 Aug 1962, w, Cath
Cullen, Catherine Mary, d. 15 Apr 1905, age 5y 3m, Cath
Cullen, Mary Catherine, d. 4 May 1952, age 90y 11m, bur with Patrick John, Cath
Cullen, Patrick J, d. 21 Dec 1969, age 74 yrs, Cath
Cullen, Patrick John, d. 27 Jun 1953, age 89y 7m, bur with Mary Catherine, Cath
Cullen, William, d. 23 Jun 1925, age 65 yrs, Cath
Curran, Ann Elizabeth, d. 14 Nov 1978, age 74 yrs, "Wife of Paddy", Cath
Curran, James Thomas, d. 29 May 1991, age 47 yrs, bur with Anne Richards, Cath
Curran, Patrick James, d. 23 Sep 1972, age 82 yrs, h, Cath
Curran, Rose, d. 26 Aug 1910, age58 yrs, w, bur with Thomas, Cath
Curran, Thomas M, d. 4 Jun 1948, age 55 yrs, f, Cath
Curran, Thomas, d. 5 Jan 1931, age 75 yrs, h, bur with Rose, Cath
Davis, William, d. 11 Jan 1975, age 93 yrs, Cath
Deaville, Johanna, d. 28 May 1959, age 87 yrs, Cath
Dicker, Arthur James, b. 20 Mar 1923, d. 14 Feb 1987, Cath
Dowdell, Ada May, d. 27 Jul 1966, age 74 yrs, bur with Thomas Anthony, Cath
Dowdell, Annie, d.29 Oct 1930, age 81 yrs, bur with William, Cath
Dowdell, Ellen, d. 20 Sep 1942, age 71 yrs, bur with Sarah Ryan, Cath
Dowdell, Joseph Patrick, d. 7 Nov 1937, h, "h, f/Mary", Cath
Dowdell, Margaret Valentina, d. 10 Jul 1973, m, Cath
Dowdell, Mary Catherine, b. 25 Apr 1924, d. 29 Jun 2004, age 80 yrs, "dau/Joseph and Margaret", Cath
Dowdell, Thomas Anthony, d. 17 May1946, age 62 yrs, bur with Ada, Cath
Dowdell, William, d. 18 Jun 1920, age 81 yrs, bur with Annie, Cath
Duggan Jones, Caronwen Eileen, d. 2 Feb 1992, "Stillborn at Bathurst", Cath
Duggan, John Patrick, d. 15 Aug 1959, age 83 yrs, h, f, bur with Margaret, Cath
Duggan, Margaret Emily, d. 16 Jan 1973, age 81 yrs, m, bur with John Patrick, Cath
England, John Henry, d. 28 Jul 1963, age 71 yrs, bur with Katherine, Cath
England, Katherine Philomena, d. 29 Sep 1972, age 70 yrs, bur with John, Cath
Gearon, Elena Julia, d. 18 Jul 1979, age 89 yrs, Cath
Gibbons, Doris Josephine, d. 26 Apr 1995, age 74 yrs, Cath
Gibbons, Elsie, d. 4 Mar 1978, Cath
Gibbons, Ernest, b. 1908, d. 1990, Cath
Gibbons, Herbert J, d. 7 Dec 1980, age 87 yrs, bur with Sarah, Cath
Gibbons, John, b. 26 Sep 1860, d. 16 Sep 1946, age 86 yrs, Cath
Gibbons, Rosina, b. 22 Dec 1865, d. 28 Jun 1943, age 77 yrs, Cath
Gibbons, Sarah A, d. 26 Jun 1974, age 80 yrs, bur with Herbert, Cath
Gibbons, Thomas David, b. 5 Mar 1916, d. 27 Jul 2001, bur with Valerie, Cath
Gibbons, Valerie, b. 6 Aug 1912, d. 3 Mar 2000, bur with Thomas David, Cath
Haswell, Frederick, d. 2 Sep 1892, age 39 yrs, h, "f/ Will and Zayda", stone fallen and broken, Cath
Haswell, Ida Athelia, d. 17 Jan 1886, age 27 yrs, m, w/ Frederick, stone fallen and broken, Cath
Hawken, Doris Isabel, d. 14 Jun 1929, age 28 yrs, "w/T. Hawken, m/ Leo & Daphne", Presb
Hawken, Ella Mildred, b. 1 Apr 1905, d. 7 Jul 1985, "w/Thomas, m/Hazel & Cliff", bur with Hazel Murphy, Presb
Hawken, Garry Leo, b. 6 Nov 1942, d. 28 Feb 1943, "Son of Leo and Iris", Presb
Hawken, Thomas J, d. 29 Jul 1949, age 56 yrs, h, f, Presb
Haynes, Honor Christina, d. 31 Jan 1937, age 64 yrs, bur with R.T.J. and R.T. Haynes, Presb
Haynes, Robert Thomas James, d. 8 Jan 1939, age 1 yr, bur with Honor and R.T.Haynes, Presb
Haynes, Robert Thomas, d. 9 Jan 1948, age 80 yrs, bur with Honor and R.T.J. Haynes, Presb
Hoorda, Gregory A, b. Australia 1949, d. England 2002, "h/Jill, f/Jess", Presb
Johnston, Francis William, d. 13 Jul 1935, age 67 yrs, "Died at Hampton", C of E
Johnstone, James (Bruce), b. 2 Feb 1902 Table-Rock Mtn, Hampton, d. 13 Jul 1983, age 81 yrs, C of E
Kelly, Arthur Albert, d. 2 Feb 1897, age 7 mths. "Our Dear Son", Cath
Kelly, Bridget, d. 26 Aug 1891, age 16y 1m, Cath
Kelly, Ellen, d. 29 May 1914, age 69 yrs, bur with Michael, Cath
Kelly, James, d. 15 Jan 1911, age 61 yrs, Cath
Kelly, John, d. 16 Jan 1916, age 24 yrs, "at Lewisham Hospital", Cath
Kelly, Kenneth Thomas, d. 31 Oct 1987, age 76 yrs, bur with Thelma Thompson, Presb
Kelly, Michael, d. 27 Apr 1922, age 87 yrs, bur with Ellen, Cath
Larnach, "Bobbie", d. 9 Jun 1914, bur with William, Presb
Larnach, Mary Selina, d. 15 Jan 1939, age 75 yrs, m, g-m, Presb
Larnach, Minnie Annie, d. 2 Dec 1946, age 55 yrs, "Erected by Ron", Presb
Larnach, Ronald L, d. 8 Jun 1985, age 57 yrs, Presb
Larnach, William, d. 29 Sep 1920, age 60 yrs, bur with Bobbie, Presb
Laws, George William "Bill", d. 1 Mar 1991, age 70 yrs, Presb
Lendster, Peter, d. 1893, age 61 yrs, f, g-f, Cath
Lenz, Michel Lajos, b. 5 Nov 1923, d. 20 May 1980, age 56 yrs, Cath
Littlewood, Olive, d. 12 Jan 2005, Presb
Luchetti, Agatha Eileen, d. 23 May 1950, age 38 yrs, bur with Sarah Clark, Cath
Luchetti, Alexander, d. 26 Apr 1902, age 79 yrs, f, bur with Sarah, Cath
Luchetti, Joseph I, d. 22 Jun 1961, age 51 yrs, "Erected by son Michael", Cath
Luchetti, Joseph Sylvester, b. 1867, d. 1939, h, f, Cath
Luchetti, Sarah, d. 26 Jun 1908, age 75 yrs, m, bur with Alexander, Cath
Luedke, Sarah Mary, d. 1 Apr 1968, age 76 yrs, bur with Michael Owen O'Neill, Cath
Martin, Gregory, d. 24 Oct 1946, age 18m, bur with Baby Ryans, Cath
McDonald, Emily Ann, d. 26 Jun 1976, age 85 yrs, m, g-m, "Erected by Rebecca & Mary", Presb
McDonald, John "Jock", d. 24 May 1940, age 74 yrs, "Native of Forfarshire Sco, Ex. Sergt. NSW Police", Presb
McDonald, Mathew, d. 31 Oct 1942, age 81 yrs, h, f, "Erected by Rebecca & Mary", Presb
McDonald, Neil "Jack", d. 25 Dec 2003, Presb
McDonald, Sheila, d. 23 Sep 2001, Presb
McGrath, Sarah, d. 26 Jan 1897, age 27 yrs, Cath
Medley, Celia, d. 28 Oct 1971, "m, g-m/ Dorothy, John, Ann, & Scott Luchetti", bur with William, C of E
Medley, William, d. 9 Oct 1991, f, g-f, bur with Celia, C of E
Murphy, Barry, d. 13 Jul 1999, Presb
Murphy, Hazel Doris, b. 20 Mar 1931, d. 23 Nov 1985, "w/Barry, m/Keryn Maureen, Coralie & Shayne", bur with Ella Hawken, Presb
Nash, Chelsea, d. 4 Aug 1999, Cath
Nash, Paul, d. 9 Nov 1993, Cath
Newcombe, Allan D, d. 13 Feb 1971, age 17 yrs, Cath
Newcombe, Louise, d. 5 Aug 1979, age 1 day, "Our Daughter", Cath
Newcombe, Regina C, d. 22 Jul 1963, age 3 weeks, Cath
O'Neill, Annie K, d. 9 Feb 1982, age 74 yrs, m, bur with George, Cath
O'Neill, George I, d. 19 Feb 1980, age 77 yrs, h, f, bur with Annie, Cath
O'Neill, Joseph Anthony, b. 7 Mar 1909, d. 15 Feb 2001, Cath
O'Neill, Michael Owen, d. 29 Nov 1981, age 88 yrs, "Brother", bur with Sarah Luedke, Cath
O'Neill, Michael, d. 3 Jun 1898, age 84 yrs, "Also his beloved daughter", Cath
O'Neill, Susan Mary, d. 31 Aug 1928, age 60 yrs, bur with Thomas, Cath
O'Neill, Thomas, d. 1 Mar 1943, age 7m 2 w, "Son and Brother", Cath
O'Neill, Thomas, d. 13 Oct 1941, age 75 yrs, bur with Susan, Cath
Overton, John Richard, b. 4 Sep 1950, d. 21 Sep 2002, "h/Sheridan, f/Vanessa, Rebecca and Matilda-Emily", Cath
Pardon, Leslie Arthur, b. 20 Sep 1928, d. 21 Nov 1995, C of E
Richards, Anne Maree, b. 25 Feb 1970, d. 28 Feb 1970, bur with James Curran, Cath
Ryan, Andrew, b. 20 Nov 1919, d. 9 April 1988, "f/Maryanne, f-law/Edward, g-f/Christina and Joseph", Cath
Ryan, Catherine, d. 30 Sep 1919, age 75 yrs, m, bur with Daniel, Cath
Ryan, Daniel S, d. 14 Jan 1914, age 2 yrs, bur with Baby Ryans, Cath
Ryan, Daniel, d. 1 Oct 1887, age 52 yrs, f, bur with Catherine, Cath
Ryan, Daniel, d. 4 Apr 1951, age 77 yrs, Cath
Ryan, Elizabeth, d. 6 Nov 1935, age 53 yrs, "Wife of D. Ryan", Cath
Ryan, Ellen, d. 16 Sep 1927, age 70 yrs, w, m, bur with Michael, Cath
Ryan, Helena Kathleen, d. 19 Nov 2002, age 92 yrs, Cath
Ryan, Henry, d. 7 Jun 1959, age 64 yrs, h, f, Cath
Ryan, James, d. 26 Oct 1927, age 6m, bur with Baby Ryans, Cath
Ryan, Mary, d. 22 Apr 1916, age 2 yrs, bur with Baby Ryans, Cath
Ryan, Michael Joseph, d. 28 Feb 1944, age 79 yrs, Cath
Ryan, Michael, d. 23 Feb 1935, age 83 yrs, bur with Ellen, Cath
Ryan, Phillip Joseph, d. 21 Feb 1997, age 72 yrs, Cath
Ryan, Sarah Jane, d. 14 Aug 1955, age 87 yrs, bur with Ellen Dowdell, Cath
Simpson, John R, d. 10 May 1972, age 51 yrs, Cath
Simpson, Raymond, d. 21 Dec 1961, age 8 yrs, buried with Robert, Cath
Simpson, Robert J, d. 18 Dec 1961, age 15 yrs, bur with Raymond, Cath
Thompson, Thelma Minnie, d. 6 Jun 1988, age 74 yrs, bur with Kenneth Kelly, Presb
Watts, Ernest William, d. 31 May 1942, age 56 yrs, C of E
Whiteley, Florence Mary "Chloe" (Hyland), b. Sydney 7 Dec 1913, d. Lithgow 24 Dec 1991, m, bur with "Jack", C of E
Whiteley, Flt. Lt. Aubrey "Jack", b. Sydney 8 Apr 1912, d. Sydney 12 Dec 1995, Ex RAF, " f/Peter, Anne, Bill, Jill, Judith", bur with "Chloe", C of E
Wilson, Mary V, d. 15 Oct 1958, w, "Mother of Norma", Cath
Wiseman, Keith, d. 2 Nov 2003, Presb
Wolfenden, Sara, d. 28 May 2005, Cath
Wright, Mary Christina, d. 29 Dec 1915, age 35 yrs, "w/William Wright", C of E

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