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Hindenburg Survivors and Deaths

hindenburg disaster

Names of passengers and crew aboard the Hindenburg Airship (LZ 129) during its last voyage on May 6, 1937.


The Hindenburg Disaster marked the end of the airship era when it caught fire during its landing at the Naval Air Station in Lakehurst, NJ, May 6, 1937. Of the 97 people on board, there were only 35 fatalities, including 13 passengers and 22 crewmen. There was also a worker on the ground who was killed, making 36 total dead.

Most passengers were Germans and Americans traveling from Germany to the United States. American Airlines had been contracted to shuttle the passengers from Lakehurst Naval Air Station to connecting airplane flights.


Passenger data below was taken from the Passenger Manifest subnitted to the Philadelphia field office of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. Names of dead were taken from the Accident Investigation report published by the the United States Department of Commerce in the Air Commerce Bulletin of August 15, 1937 (vol. 9, no. 2):

age: Age
nat: Nationality
res: Residence
b: Place of Birth
add: Address


Adelt, Leonhard, nat: Germany, res: Berlin, Germany, b: Germany
Adelt, Gertrud, nat: Germany, res: Berlin, Germany, b: Germany
Belin, Peter Ferdinand Lammot, age 24, nat: USA, add: Washington DC
Clemens, Karl Otto, age: 27, nat: German, res: Bonn, Germany, b: Bonn, Germany
Doehner, Matilda, age: 41, nat: Mexican, res: Mexico City, b: Argentina
Doehner, Walter, age: 10. nat: Mexican, res: Mexico City, b: Mexico City
Doehner, Werner, age: 8, nat: Mexican, res: Mexico City, b: Darmstadt, Germany
Ernst, Else, age: 63, nat: Germany
Grant, George, age: 64, nat: British, res: London, England, b: London, England
Hinkelbein, Klaus, nat: German
Hirschfeld, George, age: 35, nat: German, res: Bremen, Germany, b: Bremen, Germany
Kleemann, Marie, age: 62
Leuchtenberg, William, age: 64, nat: USA, add: 2 West 86th Street, New York City
Mangone, Philip, age: 52, nat: USA, add: 145 East 58th Street, New York City
Mather, Margaret G., age: 59, nat: USA, add: c/o Mrs. Louise Turner, Princeton NJ
Morris, Nelson, age: 46, nat: USA, add: 91 Bonnie Brae, River Forest, Illinois
O'Laughlin, Herbert James, age: 28, nat: USA, add: 91 Bonnie Brae, River Forest, Illinois
Osburn, Clifford, age: 40, nat: USA, add: 400 West Madison, Chicago
Spah, Joseph, age: 32, nat: German, res: Douglaston, NY USA, b: Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorrain
Stoeckle, Emil, nat: German
Vinholt, Hans, age: 64, nat: Dutch
Heidenstamm, Rolf von, age: 52, nat: Swedish, res: Stockholm, Sweden, b: Paris, France
Witt, Hans Hugo, age: 36, nat: German, res: Barth, Pomerania, Germany, b: Rostock, Germany


Anders, Ernst Rudolf, nat: German
Brinck, Birger, nat: Swedish
Doehner, Hermann, nat: Mexican
Doehner, Irene, age: 14, nat: Mexican
Dolan, Burtis, age: 47, nat: USA
Douglas, Edouard, age: 39, nat: USA
Erdmann, Fritz, nat: German
Ernst, Otto, age: 77, nat: German
Feibusch, Moritz, age: 57, nat: USA, add: 2601 Lincoln Way, San Francisco
Knoecher, Erich, nat: German
Pannes, John, age: 60, nat: USA, add: 11 Woodland Drive, Plandome, L.I.
Pannes, Emma, age: 56, nat: USA, add: 11 Woodland Drive, Plandome, L.I.
Reichhold, Otto, nat: German


The following list of crew appeared as part of the Accident Investigation report published by the the United States Department of Commerce in the Air Commerce Bulletin of August 15, 1937 (vol. 9, no. 2):


Balla, Wilhelm, Steward
Bauer, Heinrich, Watch Officer
Bauer, Kurt, Navigator
Bentele, Eugen, Engine Mechanic
Boetius, Eduard, Elevatorman
Deeg, Fritz, Steward
Deutschle, August, Engine Mechanic
Doerflein, Jonny, Engine Mechanic
Dowe, Herbert, Radio Officer
Fischer, Adolf, Engine Mechanic
Franz, Werner, Mess Boy
Freund, Hans, Rigger
Grözinger, Alfred, Cook
Henneberg, Max, Steward
Herzog, Franz, Navigator
Klein, Severin, Steward
Kollmer, Richard, Engine Mechanic
Kubis, Heinrich, Chief Steward
Maier, Xaver, Chief Cook
Lau, Helmut, Helmsman
Leibrecht, Joseph, Electrician
Lenz, Philip, Chief Electrician
Nielsen, Christian, Navigator
Nunnenmacher, Eugen, Steward
Pruss, Max, Commanding Officer
Ritter, Theodor, Engine Mechanic
Rüdiger, Kurt, Ship's Doctor
Sammt, Albert, Watch Officer
Sauter, Rudolf, Chief Engineer
Schädler, Raphael, Engine Mechanic
Schäubel, Eugen, Engineering Officer
Schönherr, Kurt, Helmsman
Schweikart, Egon, Radio Officer
Steeb, Wilhelm, Engine Mechanic
Stöffler, Albert, Cook
Wittemann, Anton, Observer
Zabel, Max, Navigator
Zettel, German, Engine Mechanic
Ziegler, Walter, Watch Officer


Bahnholzer, Walter, Engine Mechanic
Bernhard, Alfred, Helmsman
Bialas, Rudy, Engine Mechanic
Dimmler, Wilhelm, Engineering Officer
Eichelmann, Franz, Radio Officer
Felber, Ludwig, Elevatorman
Flackus, Fritz, Cook
Holderried, Albert, Engine Mechanic
Huchel, Ernst, Elevatorman
Imhoff, Emilie, Stewardess
Knorr, Ludwig, Chief Rigger
Lehmann, Ernst, Officer
Moser, Robert, Engine Mechanic
Müller, Richard, Cook
Reisacher, Alois, Engine Mechanic
Scheef, Willy, Engine Mechanic
Schlapp, Ernst, Electrician
Schreibmüller, Josef, Engine Mechanic
Schulze, Max, Steward
Speck, Willy, Chief Radio Officer
Spehl, Erich, Rigger
Stöckle, Alfred, Engine Mechanic

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