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Below is an actual copy of a WPA cemetery recording, transcribed to HTML in the same format as appearing on paper. 



The Old Cemetery". (PW-294) 

    A. River Cemetery


To the east of Route #9, .5 miles from Occoquan, Virginia, taking Route #9 at Occoquan and going one fourth mile, thence east towards the river about two hundred feet from any cleared spot to the left of the river's edge. 

3. DATE: 

Said to be over a hundred years old. 


This appears to have been a part of the Champe grant from the Proprietor's Office, later sold to John Ballandine, and then coming into the hands of Henry Selecman. There is a record in Deed Book 37, folio 245, recording the sale of a tract of land here by William Selecman; the estate of Henry Selecman was sold to Corintha S. Giles; this was In 1887 and the graveyard was reserved. It appears to have been private property. 


It covers a large area, and there are several lots enclosed by iron fences, now rusted, and the gates are impossible to open. One lot is surrounded by a brick wall, but there is not a stone within that has any inscription. The honeysuckle and periwinkle are so thick that many of the stones are completely hidden, and it is only by stumbling over them that they are found. The thick growth and almost semidarkness make it very difficult to decipher the inscriptions that remain. It is located on a bluff by the side of the river, and directly opposite the Lorton Reformatory across the river. 


The following are the inscriptions that it was possible to read: 

    1. Bohannon~ (one large granite stone with nothing but that name.
    2. Charles L. Swann, born February 1st, 1862, died January 8th, 1887. uFrom the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, where my heart is,that is higher than I.
    In loving remembrance of my beloved Father and Mother.
    3. John Wallace Greg, born 1810, died 1900.
        -----born 1808, died 1900.
    4. In Memory of Rachael, eife of Andrew Woolchiser born March 21st, 1819, died February 17th, 18--
    5. Viola Carter, born May 1st, 1855, died June 28th, 1887.
    '~Gone but not forgotten, we hope you are at rest as a prayer from her
    surviving children".
    6. Minnie G. Posey, died 1878, aged 11 years.
    7. In loving remembrance of John Thomas Turner, Oct. 16th, 1850, May 1911
    uDearest loved one we have laid thee in the peaceful grave's embrace, But thy memory will be cherished till we see thy Heavenly face"
    8. In loving remembrance of Mary E. --- Wife of Wm., born Feb. 8th, 1828, died March 18th, 1889.
    Name chipped off--- Gone home!
    "Farewell to thee our darling Mother dear, life is sad without thee here, May we meet in Heaven above where all is peace and love".
    (The above were three were taken from stones enclosed by a high iron fence, as one name was Turner it is probable that they were all of the same family.)

7. ART: 


Mrs. William Lynn, Occoquan, Virginia.
Mrs. G. S. Eelecman, Occoquan, Virginia.
Mrs. F. W. Barnes, Occoquan, Virginia. 

Bohannon I Posey, Minnie G. 6 
Carter, Viola 5 Swann, Charlie 2 
Greg, John William 3 Turner, John Thomas 7 
Mary E., Wife of Wm. 8 Woolchiser, Rachael 4 

Research made by 

Susan Rogers Morton, 
Haymarket, Virginia July 22, 1937. 

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