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Holocaust Remembrance Day : April 18

by Robin Nobles, April 16, 2004

April 18 is Holocaust Remembrance Day

On April 18, we must stop to remember and mourn one of the most horrific times in our world's history: the Holocaust.

According to the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, the total figure for the Jewish annihilation in World War II, including shootings and the death camps, was between 5.2 and 5.8 million, roughly half of Europe's Jewish population, the highest percentage of loss of any people in the war.

The atrocity of this is unfathomable.

Remember.org is a site that's devoted to remembering the Holocaust in a very personal way through witnesses, survivor accounts, paintings and books by survivors, and even a discussion forum.

Are you looking for family members who were lost in the Holocaust? Be sure to visit their Tracing Families section. Take a virtual tour of Auschwitz, complete with essays and pictures, or view paintings by survivor Tamara Deuel who says, "The war ended in 1945. For me, the Holocaust will never end."

Teachers will appreciate A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust, which offers thousands of resources for teachers and students. View a timeline of the Holocaust, or access the student activities. Read detailed information about the rise of the Nazi party; the concentration camps; medical experiments conducted on prisoners; and rescue and liberation. http://fcit.coedu.usf.edu/holocaust/

As painful as it may be, and as ashamed as it makes us, we must never forget the Holocaust, and we must always remember and mourn those innocent people who suffered so greatly.

- Robin Nobles

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