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Cemetery Preservation Workshop at Hurt Cemetery in Milano, Milam County, Texas

On Saturday, October 7, 2000, Lynna Kay Shuffield will be conducting a "Cemetery Preservation Workshop and Work Day" at the Hurt Cemetery in Milano, Milam County, Texas located on Highway 36. There is no fee to participate in the workshop.

In July, she and others began the work to complete the application to have his cemetery designated as a "Texas Historic Cemetery" by the Texas Historical Commission (THC). On that date, volunteers were able to clean and document approximately one-half of the gravemarkers in the cemetery.

The goal of the October 7 th Workshop and Work Day will be to teach others interested in preservation of historic cemeteries how to properly clean gravemarkers, inventory/index graves in the cemetery, the proper documentation necessary for the application process and how to photograph and collect measurements of the gravemarkers.

The historic Hurt Cemetery has burials for the following Milam County, Texas families: Cave, Grabener, Hurt, Graham, Bankston, and others. If you are descended from any of these families, come out to the cemetery and learn about your ancestors.

Additional work needs to be done to finish cleaning and to complete the documentation sheet for each remaining gravemarker. Once the application for Historic Cemetery has been approved, the next step will be to apply for a Texas Historical Marker from the THC.

What do you need to bring? It would be helpful if you brought: (1) a 35mm camera and rolls of BLACK & WHITE file. [The THC application process does NOT allow color film or prints from digital cameras.]; (2) yard sticks; (3) large golf size umbrellas; (4) clip boards; (5) GPS hand-held navigational devices [I use the eTrex made by Garmin and purchased at Academy]; (6) large trash bags; (7) coolers with bottle water & sodas; (8) lawn chairs; (9) bags of ready-mix concrete; (10) pry bars or other tools to level gravemarkers; (11) board for framing concrete; and, (12) whatever tools/eqpt. you can think we will need for this type of work (gas power weed-eaters, rakes, picks, hoes, buckets).

Lastly, we need strong men to help with leveling approximately a dozen gravemarkers, which are tilting, and in danger of falling over and breaking. Also, we have approximately a dozen gravemarkers that are broken and need repair. There are several gravemarkers we might consider having professional repaired versus trying to fix them ourselves.

If you would like to participate in the workshop, need driving directions, or have suggestions, please contact: Lynna Kay Shuffield, P. O. Box 16604, Houston, Texas 77222; e-mail: friday@argohouston.com; telephone: 713/692-4511 or Betty Knight Shuffield, telephone: 713/692-4148. For information on Lynna Kay's "Our Loose Ends Genealogy Column" check-out her website at: http://geocities.com/lks_friday/COLUMN-001.htm

Lynna Kay Shuffield
P. O. Box 16604
Houston, Texas 77222
telephone: 713/692-4511
e-mail: friday@argohouston.com
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