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Descendants Sought from Endangered Cemetery

September 27, 2000

The following was submitted by Cheryl who found this circulating on a mailing list. It reports that an expansion of an airport in St. Louis, MO is planned, and a nearby cemetery is scheduled for demolition. Descendants of those buried in the cemetery is sought.

Bridgeton Memorial Park
Bridgeton, St. Louis County, MO

This burying ground at 4616 Long Road was made into a memorial park in 1962. In 1959 several lawsuits were filed against the City for allowing the cemetery to deteriorate. Individual stones had already been removed "through error and misunderstanding" but members of the Bridgeton Historical Commission were able to learn the names of some who were buried there and a large monument was erected in 1963 which bears this inscription, "We honor the people buried here. They were part of this nations adventure and their vision lighted the path we follow today." At the dedication ceremonies, Mrs. Anna Wilson gave a talk about colored veterans who are buried here. Records indicate that the cemetery was integrated from its beginning in 1958. It was in use as late as 1954 and at least 100 people are buried in the two acres. On the bronze plaque of the monument are the following names:

Annie Adams
Benjamin Adams
George Adams
Lottie Adams
Ben Alexander
George Alexander
Henry Alexander
Lucy Alexander
Eugene Allen
Arthur Bassett
Dr. William Berry
Febie Bivens
George Bivens
Lizzie Bivens
Millie Bivens
Rafe Bivens
Samuel Bivens
Cosley Black
Edward Black
Hiram Black
King Black
Sam Balck
Bell Carter
Lilly Cheeks
Henry Clanton
Fred Dickson
Joe Duglas, Jr.
Auston Edwards
Auston Edwards, Jr.
Grace Edwards
Katie Edwards
The Galliger Family
Almiria Grannison
Creed Hall
Creed Hall, Jr.
Hillard Hall
Hiram Hall
Jack Haggerty
The Heidron Children
Lizzie Hodge
Steve Hodge
The Horn Family
Nasrus Jackson
Amy Johnson
George Johnson
Julia Johnson
Robert Johnson
Turner Johnson
Mr. Knight
Henry Lewis
Hal Lint
Luvenia Lint
The McClure Family
Jessie Moore
Enoch Mumps
Elio Phillips
Eliza Phillips
Ike Phillips
Tilly Phillips
Walter Phillips
Bell Pruitt
The Pueroa Family
Fred Riddle
James Robertson
Will Rush
Baron Scott
Louise Scott
Lydia Scott
Laura Smith
Roberta Stanton
Lewis Stevenson
Fred Steward
Henry Stocker
Joseph Taylor
Abe Thompson
Henry Thompson
Hiram Thompson
Jenny Thompson
Mamie Tucker
Barney Vonsray
Texas Hall Wadlington
Edward Walker
Kit Walker
Lizzie Walker
Quiller Walker
Tommy Walker
Barbara White
John White
Noah White
Shibina White
Alice Wilson
Ernest Wilson
Geroge Wilson
Theodore Woodson
Baby Woolfolk
Hadley Woolfolk
Gibson Wright
Hiram Wright
Mamie Wright
Green Young
Mary Ann Young
Skip Young

This list was provided by:
The Missouri Historical Society
P.O. Box 11940
St. Louis, MO 63112-0040
(314) 746-4599

There is a Shirley Wotawa that is seeking information about the persons buried here. If you can help with this project, please contact her at: 9512 Glen Owen, Ferguson, MO 63136. This address is from the fall of 1998.

You can also contact the St. Louis Dept. of Parks and Recreation Historical Preservation Office at (314) 615-0357.

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