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Facebook, Twitter, and our RSS Feed

by Steve Johnson
July 28, 2010

The Facebook page for Interment.netPublishing updates on what's new seems to be an ever-changing technology.

Recently, I set up accounts on Facebook and Twitter for Interment.net. So now, I'll be posting announcements of new cemetery transcriptions there. If you happen to spend a lot of time on either Facebook or Twitter, here's yet another way to keep track of us...

Our Facebook Page

Our Twitter Page

Interestingly, Facebook is now one of the largest referrers of traffic to Interment.net. Much of it comes from users posting links to us on their pages. So it seems to make good sense for me to get a Facebook page started.

Our RSS Feed has changed by the way. We used to have it tied into Blogger.com. But a couple months ago Blogger.com ceased their FTP service, which we relied on. So basically, the RSS Feed we were maintaining is now dead.

But I set up another RSS Feed, this one is tied into Twitter. It's actually the RSS Feed for our Twitter account. Here's the RSS Feed...

 Our RSS Feed

If you were getting updates sent to you via e-mail, that's dead too because Blogger.com owns that e-mail service.

So for at least now and perhaps the next few years, you can keep track of what's new here on Interment.net using either Facebook, Twitter, or our Twitter RSS Feed. And after a few years, who knows what's going to take over as the next best thing...

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