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Bayles Cemetery
Union District, Monongalia County, West Virginia

Contributed by Sarah K Holt, Jan 19, 2005 [sarahkholt@yahoo.com]. Total records = 16.

Cemetery can be found near the junction of W.V. 73 and 75 (end of Rd. 75 )

Cemetery is in very bad condition. It is not maintained and the headstones are very worn, fallen over and many are partially buried. I had to rely heavily on the transcription from the 1930s.

I first walked and read the cemetery and then compared my work with a previous transcription done for the County in the 1930s.

I visited this cemetery and transcribed it in Aug 2003 & Apr 2004.

- Sarah K Holt

s/h/w= shares headstone with

Bayles, ??, d. Nov 24, 1881. age: 75y 2m 16d, Dau. of W. & M. Bayles
Bayles, Eliza, b. Dec 23, 1820, d. Dec 21, 1909
Bayles, Jesse, d. Mar 28, 1885. age: 77y 7m 11m
Bayles, Jonah, b. May 20, 1820, d. Jun 20, 1903
Bayles, Jonathan, d. Sep 30, 1863. age: 15y 3m 7d, Son of J. & E.J. Bayles
Bayles, Mary Olive, d. Aug 27, 1894. age: 34y 6m 7d, Dau. of J. & E.J. Bayles
Bayles, Millard A., d. Oct 7, 1863. age: 5m 21d, Son of J. & E.J. Bayles
Bayles, Thornton, d. Feb 14, 1858. age: 3y 8m, Son of J. & E.J. Bayles
Bayles, William, d. Feb 2, 1851. age: 73y 7m 20d
Cole, Dinah, d. Jan 26, 1855. age: 50y 3m 20d, Wife of Thomas Cole
Cole, Thomas, d. Jun 19, 1853. age: 53y 9m 1d
Reed, D., b. Feb 3, 1827, d. Nov 9, 1907, Wife of J. Reed
Reed, D., b. Jan 1, 1852, d. Feb 14, 1861, Son of J. & D. Reed
Reed, James, b. Sep 23, 1826, d. Aug 27, 1917
Reed, M., b. Dec 17, 1852, d. Mar 5, 1861, Dau. of J. & D. Reed
Reed, Theodosia E., b. 1859, d. 1931


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