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Pate Cemetery (Priestley Cemetery)
Lincoln County, West Virginia

Lat: 38° 14' 45"N, Lon: 81° 50' 04"W

Submitted by Lisa L. Luther, Feb 22, 2005 [charleywest@hotmail.com] Total records = 53.

From the Alum Creek/Yawkey/Hamlin exit on Corridor G (119 South), turn right. Take the very first left, which should be Priestley Ridge. On Priestley Ridge take the 5th road on the left. There aren't any signs indicating a cemetery

Park as soon as you get off the Priestley Ridge road and walk up the hill. It is a very short walk and the cemetery is small.

This cemetery was originally named the "Pate Cemetery" and it began in the early 1900s. The oldest legible stone now is Johnson Pate, d. 1932. The cemetery is also known as the "Priestley Cemetery", probably due to the number of the Priestley family interred here and the location.

The inscriptions listed here are abbreviated versions of the actual text on the headstones. All military markers will be noted with � at end of entry.

I walked and read this cemetery in October of 2004.

- Lisa L. Luther
Biermesser, Audrey, b. 12/15/1914, d. 10/30/2000
Curtiss, Glen R, b. 3/19/1918, d. 10/15/1978�
Dolin, Clyde, b. 9/2/1920, d. 05/22/1984�
Dolin, Ernest, b. 05/01/1896, d. 9/12/1977
Fry, Levi Jr, b. 11/13/1926, d. 01/13/1995�
Fry, Thelmore Daniel, b. 1/14/1930, d. 05/05/1986�
Gillispie, Alma R, b. 6/26/1915, d. 4/12/1976
Gillispie, Elvy, b. 10/21/1910, d. 5/1/1993
Hickey, William Lee , b. 1917, d. 1985�
Holstein, Cleo E, b. 9/12/1920, d. 8/4/1980
Holstein, Elmer L, b. 1899, d. 1978
Holstein, Homer Lendel, b. 1924, d. 1977�
Holstein, Mary Jane, b. 1902, d. 1981
Holstein, Nellie, b. 11/27/1923, d. 10/10/1982
Kidd, Billy Ray, b. 1949, d. 1964
Kidd, Lilly, b. 6/21/1924, d. -
Kidd, Marion Edward, b. 11/26/1876, d. 7/22/1966
Kidd, Woody, b. 8/22/1914, d. 8/24/2001
Kline, Edward Alan, b. 1/21/1936, d. -
Kline, Patricia L, b. 9/9/1923, d. -
Myers, June, b. 1932, d. 1993
Myers, Rodney, b. 1950, d. -
Owen, Benny F, b. 10/15/1930, d. 7/14/1989
Owen, Della L, b. 2/28/1912, d. 9/1/1976
Owen, Joseph M, b. 1933, d. 1971
Owen, Joseph Truman, b. 12/13/1918, d. 12/01/1995�
Owen, O. Frank, b. 3/25/1910, d. 4/14/1987
Owen, Ruth M, b. 8/16/1922, d. -
Pate, Bernard L, b. 5/7/1934, d. 3/2/1944
Pate, Billy R, b. 10/12/1931, d. 2/24/1972
Pate, Hicks C, b. 8/20/1903, d. 10/9/1988
Pate, Johnson, b. 04/01/1865, d. 10/13/1932, oldest legible headstone
Pate, Laura, b. 05/14/1883, d. 3/24/1950
Priestley, Anna L, b. 10/10/1906, d. 3/8/1992
Priestley, Bradie Carl, b. 10/30/1911, d. 11/21/2002�
Priestley, Brenda K, b. 5/1/1950, d. -
Priestley, Carl L, b. 6/3/1928, d. 09/04/1993�
Priestley, Donald "Boots", b. 2/4/1918, d. 12/22/1990
Priestley, Eva, b. 1901, d. 1971
Priestley, Flora E. Dolin, b. 12/18/1898, d. 1/12/1979
Priestley, Gary Lendel, b. 5/2/1949, d. 06/12/1992�
Priestley, Len F, b. 1/3/1972, d. 3/16/1972
Priestley, Lenvil, b. 9/14/1936, d. 10/17/2002�
Priestley, Lou Venie McClure, b. 02/12/1881, d. 7/15/1964
Priestley, Marshall, b. 10/16/1884, d. 10/6/1959
Priestley, Mary Kathryn, b. 12/3/1921, d. 4/1/1998
Priestley, Raymond F, b. 1908, d. 1957
Priestley, Tunsil E, b. 07/12/1878, d. 11/30/1959
Priestley, Virgie Lee, b. 05/08/1891, d. 2/24/1980
Priestley, Zack Edward, b. 9/19/1974, d. 2/25/1991
Priestley, Zack, b. 1/13/1927, d. 3/23/1995
Rhodes, Oral B, b. 5/18/1928, d. 10/03/1994�
Rhodes, Thelma M, b. 8/16/1920, d. -
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