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German Methodist Episcopal Cemetery
Washington County, Wisconsin

Lat: 43° 29' 47"N, Lon: 88° 04' 24"W
Farmington Twp, Sec 23

Contributed by Brian Zalewski, Mar 14, 2001 [brianjz@uwm.edu]. Total records = 28.

Located in Fillmore (Town of Farmington), Wisconsin

This cemetery is still a public access property on Trading Post Trail, south of Fillmore Fire Department on property that was once part of the land donated by Ferdinand Keuchenmeister for a church and cemetery. The church was sold in 1908, except the cemetery and small strip of land along the north to be kept free and clear for a driveway for teams and foot passengers to and from said highway and cemetery. The proceeds of the sale of property was to be applied toward building a suitable fence around the cemetery and making other improvements. On Jul 17, 1958, the Town of Farmington was formally petitioned by twelve descendants of relatives buried in the cemetery according to a new state law that called for perpetual upkeep of cemetery properties to be provided by the town government.

Currently, Don Zimdars takes care of grass cutting, and a newer hedge fence surrounds the cemetery. A small parking lot to the north of the cemetery is provided for visitors. Transcribed in May of 2000 by Brian Zalewski.

??, Ester M., b. 14 Jan 1882, d. 30 Oct 1883, daughter of PH and Huldah
Briebeback, William P., 1826, in "Aller von..."
Fickler, Christian, b. 4 May 1819, d. 31 Mar 1886
Gerhardt, C., d. 13 Dec 1890, age 62
Hauch, Jacob, unreadable dates
Hauch, Rosa A., b. 20 Feb 1836, d. 7 Mar 1910
Jahr, Christian, b. 1817, d. 1901
Kelling, ?, b. Feb 1797, d. Mar 1876
Kelling, Freddie no dates
Kelling, G M no dates
Kelling, Ge., b. 2 Apr 1869, d. 17 Mar 1875
Kuechenmeister, Ferdinand, b. 1825, d. 1905, **Civil War**
Kuechenmeister, Rosine, b. 1828, d. 1876
Loebe, Johanna J., b. 2 Feb 1839, d. 4 Aug 1877, "mother"
Loebe, Michael, b. 11 Jan 1831, d. 27 June 1883, "Father" **Civil War**
Loebe, Robert F., b. 9 Feb 1873, d. 10 Jan 1874, "brother"
Muhlberg, Carl, b. 24 Nov 1819, d. 30 Apr 1871
Muhlberg, W, b. 24 Oct 1827, d. 12 Jan 1877
Mund, Augusta, b. 1842, d. 1885
Mund, Charles, no dates, Aged 11 years
Seigel, George, b. 30 Dec 1823, d. 14 Sep 1885, **Civil War**
Seigel, Justina, b. 14 Aug 1827, d. 30 Dec 1901
Steuerwald, Aerenstena, d. 16 Jul 1866
Steuerwald, Daniel, b. 27 Apr 1806, d. 12 Oct 1873
Steuerwald, Magdalena, no dates, beloved wife of James
Zscheigner, A, d. 12 Sep 1892
Zscheigner, Maria R., b. 4 Sep 1812, d. 12 Sep 1890
Zscheigner, b. ? 17 ? 1859, d. 28 ? 1870

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