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Sand Hill Cemetery
Fall City, Dunn County, Wisconsin

Lat: 44° 46' 14"N, Lon: 91° 44' 31"W
Spring Brook Twp, T26N R? Sec 32

Submitted by Devon Bell, Oct 09, 2011, last edited Oct 11, 2011 [andersondevonk@aol.com]. Total records = 24.

From Clairemont Avenue in Eau Claire, take County Road E West, turn left onto 890th Street, turn right onto 260th Avenue, then turn left onto 240th Avenue, which is a dirt road. On one side are a cluster of pine trees, on the other is a farmer's field. Drive down that dirt road (240th Avenue) then the road will curve. Once around that corner there is a small dirt driveway that leads directly to the cemetery. The small driveway and cemetery will be on the left hand side.

This cemetery is located atop of a hill and overlooks the countryside and river (which is called the bottoms) below. This cemetery holds basically family members and I have found neighbors who were all buried in the same cemetery after their deaths. The Sand Hill is quite old and forgotten as the last person to be interred there was in 1917. Due to the drastic weather and changes of seasons we have in Northern Wisconsin, it became overgrown and many of the headstones are now in rough condition, illegible and some knocked over. But in 1989 a local couple who resided in the Spring Brook township, discovered and uncovered the cemetery.

Their names were Jim and Betty Humphrey. The couple tended the cemetery for quite some time, mowing the grass and just taking care of the grounds. They also took measurements of the headstones, the size of the cemetery itself, and also wrote down the names of most of the people buried there along with dates of birth and death. However, after their care ceased, the cemetery was again left neglected. To date, the Spring Brook Township owns this ceme tery and they still have someone who comes out every now and then to mow the grass. Other than that, it's a forgotten cemetery for the most part.

The Sand Hill Cemetery has also been listed as the Caryville Cemetery, Fall City Cemetery, the Alderman Family Cemetery, and the Palmer Family Cemetery. However, for many years now it has been named the Sand Hill Cemetery.

I have also compiled a binder full of information on this area including extensive research on this cemetery. There are two copies, one is at the University of Wisconsin-Stout Archives and the other is at the Dunn County Historical Society. They are for reference use only so a person is only able to utilize the binder at these two locations, they may not check them out.

I officially compiled and complete this transcription in September of 2011. It was compiled with usage of census records, tombstone inscriptions, and a compilation from 1946, by Lois Williams and Isabelle Towne from the Eau Claire Chapter, DAR, that I located at the University of Wisconsin-Stout Archives. This listing contained (to the best of my knowledge and research) all the persons buried at this cemetery.

- Devon Bell

Alderman, Alvin W., b. 1835 New York, d. 25 Oct 1875, age: 40y 1m, Civil War Veteran, s/w Honora Alderman
Alderman, George A., d. 12 Apr 1873, Civil War Veteran
Alderman, Honora 'Nora', b. 1846 Prince Edward Island, d. 29 Mar 1877, age: 34y, s/w Alvin Alderman
Barnes, Mehitable, b. 1789 Vermont, d. 27 Mar 1877, age: 88y 7m 6d, w/o John Barnes
Finch, Mary Ann, d. 7 Aug 1865
Finch, Rachel, b. 1780 New York, d. 29 Nov 1864, age: 84y
Grant, Sarah, b. 2 Jan 1803 New York, d. 13 Nov 1881
Harrington, Marcia Grace, b. 5 Feb 1882, d. 11 Mar 1887, age: 5y 23d, Our Darling
Jerman, Sally, b. 19 Nov 1820, d. 11 Jun 1883, Mother, s/w Thomas Jerman, Mary E. Steele, Marion E. Williams
Jerman, Thomas, b. 19 Nov 1815, d. 18 Mar 1869, Father, s/w Sally Jerman, Mary E. Steele, Marion E. Williams
Mills, Annettie M., b. 16 Nov 1858 Wisconsin, d. 21 Feb 1879, age: 20y 5m, s/w Elmer F. Mills
Mills, Elmer F., b. 3 Sep 1878 Wisconsin, d. 21 May 1879, age: 9m 19d, s/w Annettie M. Mills
Palmer, Adelade Hope, b. 18 Aug 1858 Wisconsin, d. 1917
Palmer, Baby, b. Wisconsin, d. no date
Palmer, Byron W., b. 7 Aug 1833 New York, d. 1 Feb 1898, Father
Palmer, Hazel E., b. 1890 Wisconsin, d. 1895, s/w William S. Palmer and Roy Palmer
Palmer, Mabel A., b. 1865 Wisconsin, d. 1866
Palmer, Malva L., b. 1867 Wisconsin, d. 1879
Palmer, Mary Ann (Bolles), b. 1840 New York, d. 1908, Mother
Palmer, Roy, b. 29 Jan 1900 Wisconsin, d. 23 Apr 1902, age: 2y 6m, s/w Hazel E. Palmer and William Palmer
Palmer, William S., b. 1863 Wisconsin, d. 1914, s/w Hazel E. Palmer and Roy Palmer
Steele, Mary E., b. 27 Apr 1843 New York, d. 11 Nov 1883s/w Thomas & Sally Jerman and Marion E. Williams
Wetmore, George Ed, d. 25 Aug 1867, age: 1y 21m 2d
Williams, Marion E., b. 28 Aug 1870 New York, d. 31 Oct 1883, s/w Thomas & Sally Jerman and Mary E. Steele

Father, ??, no data
Mother, ??, no data

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