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St. Michael's Lutheran Cemetery
Lewiston, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.558603, -89.570032

Church Rd
Lewiston, WI 53901

Published: September 22, 2016
Total records: 62


St. Michael's Lutheran Cemetery, is located in Lewiston Township, Columbia County, WI, west of Portage on County highway O, 6 miles to Church Road, right 1/2 mile, on left side of road.

St. Michaels Lutheran Church had its first pastor in 1859. It was called the Mother church of St. Johns Lutheran Church-Missouri synod on West Wisconsin in Portage. St. Michaels stopped having services by 1927. The building was sold to Hugo Meyer who moved it to Dekorra. This information was provided by Mrs. Rollie Schultz, at this time in October of 2005, she is probably the only living person who still remembers going to church there. Anna Mae.

Cemetery Records

Copied here 2005 by Anna Mae Axness from Velma Wakershauser transcription. The township takes care of the cemetery now. No more burials allowed. Some information from other sources. Stones are very hard to read.


Anacker, Eberlein, b. 09-26-1816, d. 12-06-1869
Anacker, Geber, b. 12-15-1817, d. 09-11-1880
Crawford, W. Grant
Dreyer, Arnold, b. 1919, d. 1919
Fisher, Carl, b. 07-01-1824, d. 10-24-1907
Heitke, Frederich R., b. 01-17-1906, d. 04-05-1907, s/o E.& H.F. Heitke
Klappstein, Augusta Koepp (Herman), b. 05-24-1857, d. 03-21-1939, see obit
Klappstein, Augustine (William), b. 03-20-1848, d. 03-14-1901, Mother, maybe b.1843?
Klappstein, H. J., d. no dates, Children? Three stone rectangle outlines
Klappstein, Herman (Augusta Koepp), b. 06-19-1850, d. 09-20-1904
Klappstein, William (Augustine), b. 01-23-1840, d. 11-25-1926, Father, broken stone, obit says wife is Lena Kaplize
Koch, Albert, d. no dates, 1yr 2 mo old?, s/o T.& A. Koch
Koch, Fredrick, b. 04-14-1821, d. 07-20-1879, GAR, 55yr 3mo 17da old
Koenig, Emil (Wilhelmine), b. 08-16-1827, d. no date, Buried in Germany
Koenig, Wilhelmine (Emil), b. 06-07-1827, d. 02-03-1907
Koepp, A., d. no dates, small stone
Koepp, Gottlieb, b. 05-05-1814, d. 04-18-1880, Broken stone
Maas, Anna Maria Dickow (William F.), b. 01-19-1875, d. 01-26-1939, Mother, see obit, spelled Maass in obit
Maas, Frederick (Henriette F.), b. 01-30-1824, d. 01-06-1906, Father
Maas, G. H., d. no dates, Concrete rectangle outline
Maas, Henriette F. (Frederick), b. 10-28-1828, d. 11-10-1890, Mother
Maas, Verna, b. 02-15-1917, d. 02-20-1917, d/o William & Anna M. Maas, see obit
Maas, William F. (Anna Marie Dickow), b. 07-13-1866, d. 11-10-1919, Father
Malisch, Augusta (Friedrich), b. 10-28-1819, d. 08-18-1900
Malisch, Friedrich (Augusta), b. 05-10-1818, d. 01-01-1870, Veteran
Manthey, Dorothea F., b. 09-15-1812, d. 06-28-1897, Nee Fenner, 84yr old
Nehrlich, Ernest G. (Helene), b. 11-13-1885, d. 05-17-1914
Nehrlich, Helene Magdalene Oeftger (Ernest G.), b. 03-16-1889, d. 02-21-1922, see obit
Oeftger, Annie (Gustav), b. 04-13-1859, d. 10-13-1909
Oeftger, Arthur, b. 01-12-1879, d. 08-23-1902, I think d.bef 8-23-1902, maybe 8-21-1902?
Oeftger, EvenPline A., b. 12-09-1911, d. 07-15-1912, Stone is hidden in a large shrub, maybe a child of Gustav & Annie?
Oeftger, Gustav (Annie), b. 02-09-1850, d. no date, Stone is hidden in a large shrub, WW I
Pfuhler, Ernst A. G., b. 02-19-1862, d. 06-22-1893, s/o C.& W. Pfuhler, maybe d. 04-22-1893?
Radke, Otto, b. 03-01-1904, d. 06-12-1904
Roeder, Albert (Wilhelmine), b. 12-31-1834, d. 10-24-1909, Father
Roeder, Emma, b. 09-12-1877, d. 02-26-1881, d/o Albert Roeder
Roeder, Frank-single, d. 10-24-1938, 72yr, see obit & death certificate, maybe St.Paul's Lutheran Cem. In Lewiston
Roeder, Pauline, b. 05-01-1876, d. 02-26-1881, d/o Albert Roeder
Roeder, Wilhelmine (Albert), b. 03-26-1834, d. 04-13-1909, Mother
Schlueter, Walter R., b. 10-08-1877, d. 03-18-1959, Our Beloved Father--Last burial
Schultz, Bertha Mael (William), b. 12-15-1856, d. 06-17-1922, Mother, see obit
Schultz, Carl F. (Charlotte Louise), b. 11-13-1830, d. 11-24-1906, Father
Schultz, Charlotte Louise (Carl F.), b. 09-12-1836, d. 02-18-1903, Mother
Schultz, William (Bertha), b. 09-11-1843, d. 12-17-1923, Father
Schutz, Karl, b. 1821, d. 1898
Unknown, stone flat on ground broken into 8 pieces
Unknown, Dad, d. 06-02-1904, Broken stone cannot read more
Unknown, Emma, Joseph, Karl, d. no dates, Concrete rectangle outline
Wagner, Albert Salin Von Ludwig W., b. 03-06-1873, d. 07-06-1873, Stone broken in 5 pieces. Maybe d.1878
Wagner, Catherine, b. 10-29-1798, d. 03-27-1893, b. Riethnord Hausen Sachsen Weimar, Broken stone in 2005
Wagner, Conrad W., b. 11-30-1794, d. 07-05-1879, Broken stone in 2005
Wakershauser, Augusta Koenig (John), b. 08-24-1862, d. 01-10-1930, Mother, see obit
Wakershauser, John F., b. 1893, d. 04-00-1954, see obit
Wakershauser, John (Augusta Koenig), b. 10-24-1842, d. 01-15-1907, GAR, Wis Inf Co A 9, Father
Wakershauser, William, d. 03-02-1934, WW I, Wis Pvt I Cl 57th Inf 15 Div
Westphal, Otto Robert, d. dates are very hard to read
Windus, Albert L., d. 04-23-1879, 1yr 2mo old, s/o Gottlieb & Dora Windus, in 2005 stone is broken into 4 pieces
Windus, Dorothy (Gottlieb), b. 10-10-1851, d. 03-05-1920, Mother
Windus, George (Mary), b. 04-26-1804, d. 03-12-1871, in 2005 this stone is smashed
Windus, Gottlieb (Dorothy), b. 01-01-1843, d. 11-11-1906, GAR, Co H 11th Regt Wis Vol Inf, father
Windus, Mary (George), b. 01-20-1818, d. 04-30-1887

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