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Spring Prairie Lutheran Cemetery
Leeds, Columbia County, Wisconsin

spring prairie lutheran cemetery
Spring Prairie Lutheran Cemetery

GPS: 43.297413, -89.255833

County Rd C & County Rd DM
Keyeser, WI 53911

Published: September 20, 2016
Total records: 1,821


Spring Prairie Lutheran Cemetery is located in Leeds Township, Columbia County, Wisconsin, on County Road C just north of Keyeser and County Road DM.

Cemetery Records

Tombstone transcription by Karen Gullickson 1985, Joan Woodward & Pat Asmussen 2003. Some Veteran's info from Betty Cook's Veteran's file. More information from Lester Ludwig. Updated from tombstone pictures taken by Char Sauer 2011. Typed by Anna Mae Axness.

??, Britha
, b. 06-28-1862, d. 10-03-1873, Plot --9-S, --Broken stone behind Knut O. Selje stone
??, Eugene C., b. ?, d. ?, Plot --13-S, --Last stone to North on Row 13-S - Can't read
??, Ole I., b. 03-01-1861, Plot --9-S, --Broken stone behind Knut O. Selje stone
Aafedt, Gjorond, d. 1911, --See: Erickson, Gjorond
Aarebro, Andrina, d. 1923, --See: Mickelson, Andrina
Aarebro, Emily H., --See: Jordahl, Emily H.
Aarebro, Hermund T., b. 06-01-1816, d. 09-01-1880, Plot 43-S, --7-S, --
Aarebro, Mari H., b. 09-21-1849, d. 05-19-1852, Plot 43-S, --7-S, --d/o H.T. & M.
Aarebro, Maria, b. 1817, d. 1912, Plot 43-S, --S, --No stone Probably 6-S below Hermund
Aarebro, Mary, d. 1907, --See: Mickelson, Mary
Aarethun, Gjertrud, b. 1871, d. 1893, Plot 24-N, --N, --No stone, to left of Knute Hanson in Row 9-N?
Achterberg, Katlyn Leigh, d. 02-08-2008, from pictures, "Our Angel"
Adam, Bonnie L. (Mark L.), b. 01-12-1952, from pictures, (m)11-18-1972
Adam, Mark L. (Bonnie L.), b. 12-10-1952, from pictures, (m)11-18-1973
Alexander, Selma Igard "Sally" (Guy), b. 1898, d. 04-24-1988, Plot 30-N, --21-N, --Nee: Igard, see obit
Alsmo, Belle, d. 02-09-1893, Plot 18-S, --S, --d/o S. & A. Alsmo, 2yr 7mo old
Amondson, Arne, b. 12-08-1822, d. 06-11-1889, Plot 74-S, --14-S
Amondson, Frank, b. 1860, d. 1932, Plot 74-S, --14-S
Amondson, Ingeborg, d. 04-08-1892, Plot 74-S, --14-S, --d/o A. & T.Amondson, 23yr old
Amondson, Inger (A. B.), b. 05-10-1833, d. 09-02-1905, Plot 74-S, --14-S
Amondson, Martin, b. 1866, d. 1943, Plot 74-S, --14-S
Amondson, Sena, b. 1897, d. 1899, Plot 74-S, --S, --No stone Probably 13-S below Ingeborg
Amondson, Sena (F. A.), d. 03-14-1898, Plot 74-S, --14-S, --Nee: Hellie, 33 or 88 yr old
Amondson, Syneva Amondson, b. 1865, d. 1947, Plot 74-S, --15-S
Amondson, Synneva, b. 02-04-1905, d. 1931, --See: Bergum, Synneva
Anderson, Abigail Elizabeth, b. 07-25-1986, d. 09-20-1986, Plot 151-S, --18-S, --d/o K. and M. Anderson
Anderson, Albert C. (Betsy), b. 1886, d. 1948, Plot 29-N, --19-N, --Father, s/o Christian & Anna Thoe Skardrud/Anderson, per Lester Ludwig
Anderson, Alice M. (Martin A.), b. 1893, d. 04-02-1979, Plot 151-S, --19-S, --see obit
Anderson, Anna, b. 09-12-1851, d. 05-27-1934, Plot 181-S, --12-S, --Nee: Langsness, Mother
Anderson, Anna (Christian Anderson), b. 11-08-1859, d. 08-30-1913, Plot 76-S, --10-S, --Skarkrud stone
Anderson, Anna (Christian), b. 11-08-1859, d. 08-30-1913, --See: Skarkrud, Anna
Anderson, Anna B. -Miss, b. 01-08-1915, d. 04-29-2000, Plot --18-N, --d/o Albert & Betsey Gilertson Anderson, see obit
Anderson, Anna I., b. 1887, d. 1979, Plot 177-S, --13-S
Anderson, Arthur, b. 1921, d. 02-00-1956, Plot 10B-N, --21-N, --see obit
Anderson, Baby, d. 1924, Plot 18-N, --N, --No stone, to left of Lewis Anderson in Row 7-N?
Anderson, Baby, d. 1928, Plot 18-N, --N, --No stone, to right of Carrie Anderson in Row 7-N?
Anderson, Betsey/Betsy (Albert C.), b. 1885, d. 03-06-1963, Plot 29-N, --19-N, --Mother, d/o Knujte & Bertha Mickelson Gilbertson, per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Anderson, Carrie, b. 12-02-1886, d. 03-01-1938, Plot 18-N, --7-N, --Mother
Anderson, Chester Edward, b. 06-27-1919, d. 03-07-1920, Plot 151-S, --19-S
Anderson, Christian (Anna), b. 1860, --See: Skarkrud, Christian
Anderson, Dannie E., b. 1918, d. 1937, Plot 29-N, --19-N
Anderson, Danny, d. 02-00-1952, Plot 10B-N, --20-N, --Two days
Anderson, Emma, d. 1940, --See: Hagen, Emma
Anderson, Glen D., b. 11-04-1932, d. 03-12-1986, Plot 18-N, --6-N, --Korea, US Air Force
Anderson, Gunder (Ragnilda), b. 03-30-1855, d. 03-23-1946, Plot 177-S, --13-S
Anderson, Helen Z. (William F.), b. 1922, d. 1986, Plot 151-S, --18-S
Anderson, Henry, d. 1948, --See: Skarkrud, Henry
Anderson, Henry J., b. 1867, d. 1948, Plot 9A-N, --19-N
Anderson, Irene Marcella, b. 05-11-1910, d. 02-26-2015, Plot --18-N, --Daughter, see obit
Anderson, Joan, b. 1933, d. 1996, Plot 10B-N, --20-N
Anderson, Lena, b. 1861, d. 1959, Plot 177-S, --14-S
Anderson, Lewis, b. 08-16-1881, d. 03-02-1950, Plot 18-N, --7-N, --Father
Anderson, Martin A. (Alice M.), b. 1879, d. 03-23-1964, Plot 151-S, --19-S, --see obit
Anderson, Ole Hagen, b. 1846, d. 1912, Plot 150-S, --21-S, --Father Hagen
Anderson, Ragnilda (Gunder), b. 08-12-1855, d. 04-06-1907, Plot 177-S, --13-S, --Nee: Fadness
Anderson, Susan Jo, b. 1957, d. 1974, Plot 2-S, --S, --No stone Lot owned by Robert Anderson
Anderson, Wilbert E., b. 08-15-1916, d. 07-14-1995, Plot --19-N, --WW II, Pfc US Army
Anderson, William F. (Helen Z.), b. 1920, d. 1990, Plot 151-S, --18-S, --Father
Anfin F. , Anfin, b. 1862, d. 1907, Plot 107-S, --15-S, --Father
Anfinson, Bessie, d. 1959, --See: Lerum, Bessie
Anfinson, Britha (Knute), b. 04-06-1864, d. 02-18-1943, Plot 71-S, --21-S
Anfinson, Jacob, b. 12-15-1897, d. 11-08-1944, Plot 71-S, --21-S
Anfinson, Knute (Britha), b. 12-03-1868, d. 05-07-1910, Plot 71-S, --21-S
Anfinson, Ole, b. 1859, d. 1953, Plot 3-S, --6-S
Appledorn, Ellen, b. 01-01-1922, Plot --20-N, --Nee: Thompson
Appledorn, Theodore, b. 12-06-1922, d. 08-04-1998, Plot --20-N, --WW II, TM 2 US Navy
Bailey, Edwin J., d. 1915, Plot --20-S, --3da old
Bailey, Ida S., b. 1881, d. 1938, Plot 164-S, --21-S, --Mother
Bailey, Russell C., b. 08-25-1922, d. 04-06-1977, Plot 164-S, --21-S, --WW II, T Sgt. US Army
Bailey/Baley, Edling (Hansena), b. 1857, d. 1943, Plot 1B-N, --3-N
Bailey/Baley, Hansena (Edling), b. 1857, d. 1949, Plot 1B-N, --3-N
Bakke, Arthur, b. 1898, d. 1949, Plot 178-S, --17-S
Bakke, Austin (Lezzie), b. 1864, d. 1943, Plot 178-S, --17-S
Bakke, Lezzie (Austin), b. 1861, d. 1936, Plot 178-S, --17-S
Bell, Carrie, b. 1891, d. 1931, Plot 39-N, --5-N, --Mother
Bell, Doris E. (Mervin G.), b. 1921, d. 1991, Plot 58A-N, --6-N
Bell, Mervin G. (Doris E.), b. 1913, d. 1955, Plot 58A-N, --6-N
Bennett, Clara (2nd w/o Harry A.), b. 1902, d. 02-22-1983, Plot 67A-N, --14-N, --nee Schoephoester, see obit
Bennett, Harry A. (#1Ruth Stewart, #2Clara Schoephoerster), b. 1895, d. 12-13-1987, Plot 67A-N, --14-N, --see obit
Benzine, Agnes D. (Raymond W.), b. 03-25-1916, d. 04-08-2011, Plot --4-N, --(m)03-12-1936, d/o Adolph & Rhoda Johnson
Benzine, Raymond W. (Agnes D.), b. 1917, d. 1998, Plot --4-N, --(m)03-12-1936
Berg, Agnes G. (Albert), b. 1915, d. 1983, Plot 75C-N, --12-N, --Nee: Lerum, (m)12-28-1934
Berg, Albert T. (Agnes G.), b. 1912, d. 1994, Plot 75C-N, --12-N, --(m)12-28-1934
Berg, Albertina S. (Hans L.), b. 1874, d. 1856, Plot 32-S, --19-S, --Mother
Berg, Clara B. Fosmark (L. Russell), b. 1910, d. 04-16-2004, Plot 5-N, --10-N, --(m)08-03-1929, d/o Severt & Nettie Swansby Fosmark, see obit
Berg, Edward D. (Nellie), b. 1885, d. 04-18-1967, Plot 32-S, --18-S, --see obit
Berg, Hans L. (Albertina), b. 1876, d. 1917, Plot 32-S, --19-S, --Father
Berg, Helmer T., b. 1911, d. 1934, Plot 32-S, --18-S, --Father
Berg, Laurence Russell (Clara Fosmark), b. 1903, d. 03-05-1984, Plot 5-N, --10-N, --(m)08-03-1929, see obit
Berg, Nellie (Edward D.), b. 1866, d. 1961, Plot 32-S, --18-S
Bergeson, Peder Bergeson, d. 1891, --See: Vibaas, Peter Bergeson
Bergo, Andrew (Nellie), b. 04-14-1888, d. 06-02-1966, Plot 37-S, --9-S, --b.Rio, s/o John Johnson Bergo & Susan, per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Bergo, John J. (Susan), b. 06-14-1853, d. 06-02-1919, Plot 37-S, --9-S, --b.Norway, per Lester Ludwig
Bergo, John T. (Marie), b. 09-22-1885, d. 08-20-1969, Plot 37-S, --9-S
Bergo, Margaret B. (Russell J.), b. 1919, d. 1995, Plot --8-S, --(m)06-22-1941
Bergo, Marie (John T.), b. 12-23-1885, d. 10-26-1981, Plot 37-S, --9-S, --Nee: Pederson
Bergo, Nellie (Andrew), b. 1885, d. 11-00-1952, Plot 37-S, --9-S, --Nee: Davidson, see obit
Bergo, Russell J. (Margaret B.), b. 1917, d. 1981, Plot 37-S, --8-S, --(m)06-22-1941
Bergo, Susan (John J.), b. 05-11-1853, d. 08-21-1946, Plot 37-S, --9-S, --b.Dane Co., per Lester Ludwig
Bergstad, Anna, d. 1887, --See: Pederson, Anna
Bergstad, Bertha, d. 1930, --See: Larson, Bertha
Bergstad, Torbjor (Anders), b. 1820, d. 1854, Plot 114-S, --14-S
Bergum, Ada, b. 1891, d. 1968, Plot 131-S, --20-S
Bergum, Andrew T., b. 1886, d. 1973, Plot 116-S, --11-S
Bergum, Anna N., b. 1862, d. 1950, Plot 144-S, --20-S, --Mother
Bergum, Arthur, b. 1893, d. 1944, Plot 116-S, --11-S
Bergum, Arthur E., b. 1894, d. 03-00-1952, Plot 131-S, --20-S, --see obit
Bergum, Ben, b. 1880, d. 1963, Plot 116-S, --10-S
Bergum, Ben E. (Ida J.), b. 1887, d. 1941, Plot 143-S, --21-S
Bergum, Betsy (Elleck B.), b. 07-29-1855, d. 07-27-1929, Plot 131-S, --21-S, --(m)07-17-1879, d/o Knut & Anna Burke, see obit
Bergum, Botolf (Brita), b. 1816, d. 1904, Plot 80-S, --2-S
Bergum, Brita (Botolf), b. 1817, d. 1903, Plot 80-S, --2-S
Bergum, Christian S., b. 1889, d. 1921, Plot 131-S, --21-S, --s/o E.B. & B. Bergum
Bergum, Elleck B. (Betsy Burke), b. 08-11-1854, d. 1938, Plot 131-S, --21-S, --(m)07-17-1879, s/o Bottolf & Britha Bergum, see obit
Bergum, Elmer, d. 1899, --See: Burke, Elmer
Bergum, Erick B., b. 1850, d. 1916, Plot 144-S, --20-S, --Father
Bergum, Eugene L. (Thelma Hermanson), b. 1916, d. 02-23-1982, Plot 143-S, --20-S, --see obit
Bergum, George, d. 1899, Plot 144-S, --S, --No stone, row 20-S to right of Anna Bergum?
Bergum, Ida J. (Ben E.), b. 1885, d. 1958, Plot 143-S, --21-S
Bergum, Johanna, d. 1925, --See: Hagen, Johanna
Bergum, Peter B., b. 1856, d. 1941, Plot 116-S, --10-S, --Father
Bergum, Rolene A., d. 1922, Plot 144-S, --20-S, --Infant d/o E. & C. Bergum
Bergum, Seena, b. 1900, d. 1982, Plot 116-S, --10-S
Bergum, Synneva, b. 1862, d. 1931, Plot 116-S, --10-S, --Nee: Amondson Boe, Mother
Bergum, Thelma J. (Eugene L.), b. 1922, Plot --20-S, --Nee: Hermanson, 2nd husband Russell Hurd
Bergum, Twins, d. 1918, Plot 143-S, --20-S, --Twins of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bergum
Bestemor, Britha, b. 1798, d. 1889, --See: Hatleberg, Britha
Bestul, Ingeborg Brandt (John E.), b. 10-27-1826, d. 05-21-1917, Plot 152-S, --16-S, --Nee: Brandt
Bestul, John E. Johnson (Ingeborg B.), b. 07-11-1828, d. 10-21-1879, Plot 152-S, --16-S
Bjerk, Archie (Bernice Irene), b. 1902, d. 1982, Plot 74B-N, --15-N
Bjerk, Bernice Irene (Archie), b. 05-29-1910, d. 02-18-1997, Plot 74B-N, --15-N, --See Bernice Irene Bredeson, d/o Bernhard Bredeson, per Lester Ludwig, ssdi dates
Bjorgaas, Breta, --See: Fosmark, Breta
Bjorgaas, John, b. 06-10-1798, d. 05-15-1882, Plot 81-S, --2-S
Bjornson, Aase (Hans), b. 01-06-1821, d. 12-08-1883, Plot 64-S, --8-S
Bjornson, Bjorn (Guro), b. 1853, d. 1903, Plot 40-S, --S, --Lot owned by Bjorn Bjornson, "Burnson"
Bjornson, Bjorn Hans (Ingebjor), b. 05-24-1853, d. 03-07-1936, Plot 64-S, --8-S
Bjornson, Guro (Bjorn), b. 1861, d. 1942, Plot 40-S, --S, --Lot owned by Bjorn Bjornson, "Burnson"
Bjornson, Hans (Aase), b. 09-28-1821, d. 09-26-1896, Plot 64-S, --8-S
Bjornson, Ingebjor (Bjorn Hans), b. 04-30-1853, d. 08-04-1935, Plot 64-S, --8-S, --Nee: Fadness
Bjornson, Sigrid/Sigred (B. H.), b. 11-21-1854, d. 04-05-1880, Plot 64-S, --8-S, --Nee: Brugjeld
Bjornson, Unni, b. 10-27-1787, d. 03-22-1884, Plot 64-S, --8-S, --on stone with Sigred
Blanchar, Barbara J., b. 1951, d. 1953, Plot 148-S, --18-S
Blanchar, David Keith, b. 04-21-1925, d. 10-28-2008, WW II, TEC 5 US Army, Chapel Oranist & Choir Dir.
Blanchar, Heloise Y., b. 11-23-1922, d. 07-24-1962, Plot 148-S, --18-S, --WW II, S.D. 1st Lt. Army Nurse Corps
Boe, Synneva, d. 1931, --See: Bergum, Synneva
Bohn, Valborg E. Rostad (Wesley R.), b. 06-12-1917, d. 11-19-2000, Plot --20-S, --Mother, see obit
Bohn, Wesley R. (Valborg E. Rostad), b. 1921, d. 07-00-1959, Plot 130-S, --20-S, --Father, see obit
Bonnet, Christie, b. 02-10-1842, d. 01-31-1923, Plot 173-S, --21-S, --Ranvei
Bonnet, Ole, b. 04-07-1838, d. 01-26-1928, Plot 173-S, --21-S, --Ranvei
Borge, Aagot Fosmark, b. 07-24-1852, d. 04-21-1930, Plot 4-N, --9-N, --Nee: Fosmark
Borge, Michael (Rev.), b. 09-09-1846, d. 03-27-1928, Plot 4-N, --9-N
Boyum, Bert L., b. 1912, d. 1972, Plot 67-S, --15-S
Boyum, Christian, b. 1878, d. 1902, Plot 54-S, --S, --No stone, 14-S below Ole Nielson Havner?
Boyum, Earl Piernot, b. 1922, Plot 54-S, --15-S
Boyum, Edith R. (Orlin J.), b. 1911, d. 1985, Plot 67-S, --14-S
Boyum, Jennie, b. 10-03-1880, d. 12-24-1959, Plot 67-S, --14-S
Boyum, Ole J., b. 08-17-1863, d. 11-16-1936, Plot 67-S, --14-S
Boyum, Orlin J. (Edith R.), b. 1908, d. 1982, Plot 67-S, --14-S
Bradley, Rosella, b. 1922, d. 1930, Plot 71-S, --S, --d/o Byron Bradley, No stone, Probably 21-S to left of Jacob Anfinson, buried in Hampden cemetery, stone is there, see obit
Brandt, Emma, d. 1954, --See: Naeseth, Emma Brandt
Brandt, Ingeborg, d. 1917, --See: Bestul, Ingeborg
Bratvold, Alice, b. 07-29-1918, d. 02-01-2008, Plot --13-N, --Nee: Hanson
Bratvold, Curtis H., b. 03-17-1910, d. 08-25-1963, Plot 55B-N, --13-N, --WW II, WIS PFC Co G 506 Parachute Inf
Bratvold, Robert C., b. 03-09-1958, Plot --12-N
Bredesen, Kjel (#2 Matthea), b. 1817, d. 1864, Plot 118-S, --7-S, --b.Norway, married 3 times, per Lester L.
Bredesen, Matthea (2nd w/o Kjell), b. 1832, d. 1862, Plot 118-S, --7-S, --per Lester Ludwig, spelling from stone
Bredeson, Adolph Gerhard (Marie B.), b. 1887, d. 05-16-1961, Plot 23A/B-N , --7-N, --s/o Bernhard Bredeson, (m)1913, per Lester L., see obit
Bredeson, Anna (2nd w/o Bernhard), b. 1883, d. 1938, Plot 118-S, --7-S, --Nee: Hoverson, Mother, (m)1902, per Lester Ludwig
Bredeson, Arnold Melvin (Helen A. Frodel)-see obit, b. 11-01-1916, d. 02-02-1985, Plot 23A/B-N , --6-N, --WW II, Sgt US Army, (m)12-002-1953, s/o Adolph & Marie Bredeson, per L. Ludwig
Bredeson, Baby, d. 1936, Plot 23A/B-N , --N, --No stone, left of Leroy Bredeson in Row 7-N?
Bredeson, Bernhard (#2 Anna), b. 1854, d. 1942, Plot 118-S, --7-S, --Father, s/o Kjell Bredeson, per Lester L.
Bredeson, Bernice Irene (Archie Bjerk), b. 05-29-1910, d. 02-18-1997, Plot 74B-N, --15-N, --See: Bjerk, Bernice I., d/o Bernhard Bredeson, per Lester Ludwig, dates from ssdi
Bredeson, Carl (Jenny), b. 1886, d. 1955, Plot 61A-N, --3-N
Bredeson, Clara D. (Reuben William), b. 03-27-1929, d. 01-01-1992, Plot 23A/B-N , --6-N
Bredeson, Cornelia Lerum, b. 04-10-1894, d. 1984, Plot 119-S, --4-S, --Nee: Lerum
Bredeson, Helen A. (Arnold Melvin), b. 08-19-1925, d. 04-20-2009, Plot 24-N, --6-N, --(m)12-02-1953, d/o Emil & Colletta Mertz Frodel, see obit
Bredeson, Jeffrey D., b. 04-27-1960, d. 09-24-2007, s/o Ronald & Margaret Rosen Bredeson, see obit,
Bredeson, Jennie (Carl), b. 1888, d. 1963, Plot 61A-N, --3-N
Bredeson, Leona L., --See: Wolfe, Leona L.
Bredeson, Leroy Eugene, b. 1921, d. 1921, Plot 23A/B-N , --7-N, --On same stone as Marie Bredeson, s/o Adolph & Marie Bredeson, per Lester Ludwig
Bredeson, Marie Bertina (Adolph G.), b. 1891, d. 1931, Plot 23A/B-N , --7-N, --Nee: Nyhre, (m)1913, per Lester L.
Bredeson, Mary Eveland (Walter), b. 1931, Plot 90B-N, --21-N
Bredeson, Oscar, b. 02-25-1891, d. 11-24-1972, Plot 118-S, --6-S, --s/o Bernard Bredeson, per Lester Ludwig
Bredeson, Reuben William (Clara D.), b. 11-21-1924, d. 10-25-1982, Plot 23A/B-N , --6-N, --Korea, Pfc US Army, s/o Adolph & Marie Bredeson, per Lester Ludwig
Bredeson, Walter Lawrence (Mary Eveland), b. 10-07-1920, d. 08-01-1988, Plot 90B-N, --21-N, --WW II, US Army, (m)1954, s/o Adolph & Marie Bredeson, per Lester Ludwig
Brekke, Elmer, b. 1901, d. 1979, Plot 1A-N, --2-N, --Son
Brekke, Martin I. (Hilda Burgesson), b. 1866, d. 01-30-1942, Plot 1A-N, --3-N, --Father, see obit
Brekke, Melvin, b. 1897, d. 08-03-1945, Plot 1A-N, --2-N, --Son, see obit
Brekke, Ragnhilda Burgeson (Martin), b. 1867, d. 11-01-1941, Plot 1A-N, --3-N, --Mother, see obit
Brewer, Robert L. Sr. (Sena A. Lee), b. 1905, d. 10-05-1987, Plot 12A1-S , --19-S, --(m)03-23-1927, see obit
Brewer, Sena A. Lee (Robert L. Sr.), b. 03-23-1907, d. 07-22-1998, Plot 12A1-S , --19-S, --(m)03-23-1927, d/o Lewis & Lena Bergo Lee, see obit
Brown, Victor H., b. 11-22-1896, d. 08-26-1921, Plot 149-S, --21-S, --Veteran
Brugjeld, Sigrid, d. 1880, --See: Bjornson, Sigrid
Brunborg, ?, b. 1854, d. 1857, Plot 22-S, --S, --No stone Probably 2-S below Peter Hagen
Brunborg, Anna Aadsdatter, d. 1863, --See: Thoe, Anna Aadsdatter
Brunborg, Knut, Plot 22-S, --S, --No stone/dates Probably 2-S below Peter Hagen
Brunborg, Odd, b. 1826, d. 1864, Plot 22-S, --S, --No stone Probably 3-S to right of Peter Hagen
Buck, Ellen Elizabeth (Robert Creighton), b. 08-25-1919, Plot --1-W, --Nee: Fedder
Buck, Robert Creighton (Ellen Elizabeth), b. 08-30-1920, d. 02-01-1998, Plot --1-W
Burgeson, Bernard M., b. 1874, d. 07-00-1963, Plot 39-S, --3-S, --see obit
Burgeson, Carl M., b. 1879, d. 12-02-1967, Plot 55A-N, --13-N, --Brother to Martena L.Burgeson, obit
Burgeson, Christine M. (Edward M.), b. 1872, d. 1963, Plot 39-S, --3-S, --Nee: Peterson
Burgeson, Edward M. (Christine M.), b. 1871, d. 1963, Plot 39-S, --3-S
Burgeson, Helen May, b. 1906, d. 1908, Plot 39-S, --4-S, --Grandchild
Burgeson, Lewis M. -single, b. 1869, d. 04-00-1932, Plot 39-S, --4-S, --Son, see obit
Burgeson, Martena L., b. 1884, d. 1983, Plot 55A-N, --13-N, --Sister to Carl M.Burgeson
Burgeson, Martha Leeland (Mons), b. 1842, d. 1914, --See: Vibaas, Martha, Mother
Burgeson, Mons (Martha Leeland), b. 1826, d. 1903, --See: Vibaas, Mons Burgeson
Burke, Albert, b. 1885, d. 05-14-1966, Plot 82-S, --4-S, --see obit
Burke, Alma, d. 1980, --See: Lee, Alma
Burke, Andrina K., b. 05-12-1859, d. 04-18-1894, Plot 98-S, --6-S, --on Knudt Burke stone
Burke, Anna (Claus K.), b. 1862, d. 03-00-1956, Plot 99-S, --4-S, --Nee: Pederson, Mother, see obit
Burke, Anna A. (Knudt C.), b. 06-10-1819, d. 04-03-1891, Plot 98-S , --6-S, --Nee: Shelde
Burke, Betsy, d. 1929, --See: Bergum, Betsy
Burke, Carl H. (Sena C.), b. 1884, d. 1965, Plot 63-N, --6-N
Burke, Casper, b. 06-29-1895, d. 06-17-1968, Plot 99-S, --3-S, --Son
Burke, Claus K. (Anna Peterson), b. 12-08-1846, d. 12-20-1916, Plot 99-S, --4-S, --Father, see obit
Burke, Delbert Victor, b. 04-14-1916, d. 06-05-1942, Plot 63-N, --7-N, --WIS Pvt 32 AAF Air Base Sq
Burke, Elmer, b. 1899, d. 1899, Plot 80-S, --2-S, --s/o Erik Bergum
Burke, Knudt C. (Anna A.), b. 04-11-1800, d. 04-27-1884, Plot 98-S, --6-S
Burke, Lauritz B. (Gertrude Crum), b. 05-03-1902, d. 07-02-1986, Plot 99-S, --3-S, --Son, see obit
Burke, Margareth (Albert), b. 1892, d. 06-26-1975, Plot 82-S, --4-S, --see obit
Burke, Peder A. (Ranvie K.), b. 1852, d. 1934, Plot 82-S, --4-S, --Father
Burke, Ranvie K. (Peder A.), b. 1848, d. 1935, Plot 82-S, --4-S, --Mother
Burke, Raymond R., b. 01-18-1919, d. 01-14-1996, Plot --6-N
Burke, Selma, b. 1899, d. 1992, Plot 99-S, --3-S, --Daughter
Burke, Sena C. (Carl H.), b. 1899, d. 1984, Plot 63-N, --6-N
Burke, Simon C., d. 02-10-1876, Plot 98-S, --6-S, --s/o L. & S. Only "Simon C." on stone
Burke, Synneva K., d. 1888, --See: Starks, Synneva K; on Knudt Burke stone
Burke, Twins, d. no dates, Plot 82-S, --S, --No stone, Row 3-S below Peder Burke?
Burke, Willard J., b. 04-16-1921, d. 09-06-1982, Plot 63-N, --7-N, --WW II, US Army
Burkett, Henry A. (Leona A. M.), b. 10-21-1922, d. 04-11-2001, Plot --18-S, --WW II, Cpl US Marine Corps, (m)06-19-1948
Burkett, Leona A. M. (Henry A.), b. 04-15-1916, d. 07-11-1993, Plot --18-S, --WW II, PHM 3 US Navy, (m)06-19-1948
Burnson, Aagatha, --See: Gerde, Aagatha
Burnson, Andrew (Anna), b. 1862, d. 1940, Plot 50-S, --21-S
Burnson, Anna (Andrew), b. 1851, d. 1917, Plot 50-S, --21-S
Burnson, Anna D., d. 1962, --See: Hildestad, Anna D.
Burnson, Lewis, b. 1868, d. 1938, Plot 28-S, --16-S, --on stone with Severt Burnson
Burnson, Melvin, b. 1913, Plot 40-S, --S, --No stone Lot owned by Bjorn Burnson
Burnson, Netta, b. 1910, Plot 40-S, --S, --No stone Lot owned by Bjorn Burnson
Burnson, Ola, --See: Gerde, Ola
Burnson, Severt, b. 1878, d. 1908, Plot 28-S, --16-S, --on stone with Lewis Burnson
Buskager, Louis (Lucia), b. 08-14-1878, d. 03-30-1963, Plot 86A-N, --13-N
Buskager, Lucia (Louis), b. 09-24-1882, d. 07-09-1972, Plot 86A-N, --13-N
Bussian, Genevieve E. (Rodney H.), b. 1919, d. 05-15-1976, Plot 145-S, --18-S, --nee Erickson, see obit
Bussian, Karin E., b. 11-06-1988, d. 05-17-2011, from obit, d/o William & Linda Holsten Bussian, car accid.
Bussian, Rodney H. (Genevieve E. Erickson), b. 1917, d. 03-29-2002, Plot --18-S, --see obit
Caldwell, Mary Helen, --See: Sharpee, Mary Helen
Caspers, Elizabeth, b. 03-28-1901, d. 02-16-2002, Plot --16-S, --Nee: Fadness
Christianson, Ione F., --See: Quamme, Ione F.
Christopferson, Jennie Caroline, b. 05-18-1896, d. 10-21-1897, Plot 141-S, --15-S
Clark, Andrew E., b. 1897, d. 1898, Plot 75-S, --13-S, --Gilbertson?
Clauson, Dawn E., b. 1951, d. 1953, Plot 100A-N, --2-N, --d/o L & C Clauson
Cleberg, Henry (Sadie), b. 1898, d. 1994, Plot 60B-N, --3-N
Cleberg, Sadie (Henry), b. 1903, d. 1948, Plot 60B-N, --3-N
Collingsworth, Rosemary, --See: Sharpee, Rosemary
Cooper, Hazel, --See: Davidson, Hazel
Copeland, Elmyra Burdell Bergo, b. 01-27-1920, d. 05-31-2002, see ssdi, mother of Gary L.Copeland
Copeland, Gary L., b. 04-28-1949, d. 04-16-2004, s/o William F.Copeland & Elmyra Burdell Bergo, see obit & ssdi
Cornell, Bernice, b. 10-03-1928, d. 08-17-1961, Plot 97B-N, --9-N
Cottington, Adeline M. (Arlan-d. 03-18-1998), b. 03-23-1922, d. 01-28-2005, (m)10-16-1945, d/o Henry & Alice Nicholls Larsen, see obit, Mother, is Arlan buried here?
Curtis, Carrie, b. 1857, d. 1938, Plot 103-S, --7-S, --Nee: Quamme
Dagestad, Guri, d. 1896, --See: Reqve, Guri
Dahle, Caroline (Marcus C.), b. 1880, d. 1948, Plot 62A-N, --5-N, --Nee: Skutley
Dahle, Gertrude, b. 1867, d. 1961, Plot 83A-N, --7-N
Dahle, Marcus C. (Caroline), b. 1871, d. 1945, Plot 62A-N, --5-N
Dalsoner, Marlene Larson, b. 1852, d. 1864, Plot 115-S, --S, --No stone Probably Row 12-S to left of Ole H. Olson
Dalsoner, Martha Larson, d. 1893, --See: Larson, Martha Dalsoner per K. Gullickson
Dalsoner, Ole Larson, d. 1897, --
Davidson, Andrea, b. 05-17-1852, d. 03-18-1856, Plot 140-S, --1-S, --on stone with Caspara Davidson
Davidson, Andrea, b. 07-17-1857, d. 12-20-1862, Plot 140-S, --1-S, --on stone with Helena Davidson
Davidson, Bennie, b. 1883, d. 05-23-1974, Plot 156-S, --21-S, --see obit
Davidson, Brynjel, d. 1912, --See: Vestrem, Brynjel
Davidson, Caspara, b. 06-10-1861, d. 12-16-1862, Plot 140-S, --1-S, -- on stone with Adrea Davidson
Davidson, Casper, b. 09-09-1864, d. 10-22-1864, Plot 140-S, --1-S, --on stone with Knut
Davidson, Casper, b. 1894, d. 1973, Plot 89A-N, --19-N, --Veteran
Davidson, Dannie A., b. 07-12-1899, d. 07-29-1962, --WW II, WI Pvt, 377 MP Guard CO
Davidson, David, b. 10-19-1851, d. 02-11-1874, Plot 140-S, --1-S
Davidson, Hazel, b. 1902, d. 1988, Plot 79-N, --5-N, --Nee: Cooper
Davidson, Helena, --See: Mickelson, Helena
Davidson, Helena, b. 04-23-1859, d. 06-04-1863, Plot 140-S, --1-S, --on stone with Andrea Davidson
Davidson, Irving G. (Pearl O.), b. 01-22-1918, d. 03-11-1984, Plot 79-N, --4-N, --WW II, Cpl US Army
Davidson, Johanna (Norman J.), b. 1916, d. 1995, Plot 309-W, --1-W
Davidson, John (Rebecca), b. 1889, d. 1979, Plot 79-N, --5-N
Davidson, John, Sr. (Martha), b. 09-09-1855, d. 08-04-1934, Plot 156-S, --20-S
Davidson, Karen, d. 1908, --
Davidson, Knut, b. 09-09-1864, d. 10-28-1864, Plot 140-S, --1-S, --on stone with Casper Davidson
Davidson, Martha (John), b. 11-28-1862, d. 03-22-1915, Plot 156-S, --20-S, --Nee: Mickelson
Davidson, Martin, b. 1891, d. 1919, Plot 156-S, --20-S
Davidson, Nellie, d. 1952, --See: Bergo, Nellie
Davidson, Norman J. (Johanna), b. 1931, d. 1990, Plot 309-W, --1-W
Davidson, Olga, b. 1904, d. 1983, Plot 89A-N, --19-N
Davidson, Pearl O. (Irving G.), b. 03-27-1918, Plot 79-N, --4-N
Davidson, Rebecca (John), b. 1890, d. 1946, Plot 79-N, --5-N, --Nee: Gullickson
Davidson, Richard, b. 1924, d. 1986, Plot 89A-N, --18-N
Deich, Paul D. (Jean Gilbertson), b. 08-31-1954, d. 08-10-2011, (m)06-22-1974, s/o Duane & Violet Deich, see obit
DePuy, Delores A., --See: Sharpee, Delores A.
Derr, Gilbert F. Sr. (Ruth G.), b. 1893, d. 1973, Plot 53A-N, --17-N
Derr, Gilbert Jr. (Madalyn), b. 1928, d. 1968, Plot 53B-N, --17-N
Derr, Gilbert R., b. 04-23-1959, d. 10-12-1980, Plot 53B-N, --16-N, --Son
Derr, Madalyn (Gilbert Jr.), b. 1929, Plot --17-N
Derr, Ruth G. (Gilbert F. Sr.), b. 1895, d. 1988, Plot 53A-N, --17-N, --Nee: Quamme
Diammon, Louisa Lee, b. 06-29-1876, d. 06-20-1944, Plot 45-S, --10-S, --Nee: Lee, on Lee stone
Doane, Marie, b. 1868, d. 1917, Plot 58-S, --S, --Nee: Jordahl, No stone, Probably 6-S below Emily Jordalen
Edmal, Barbro Johnsdatter, --See: Gilbertson, Barbro
Edquist, Delores A., b. 1930, d. 1940, Plot 31B-N, --20-N
Edquist, Herman (Thelma), b. 1907, d. 1983, Plot 31B-N, --21-N
Edquist, Thelma (Herman), b. 1909, d. 1969, Plot 31B-N, --21-N, --Nee: Sharpee
Eggum, Arnold W., b. 1904, d. 1973, Plot 28-N, --16-N
Eggum, Clara, --See: Kvalheim, Clara
Eiken, Betsy, d. 1935, --See: Thompson, Betsy
Eiken, Britha, b. 1823, d. 1912, Plot 59-S, --S, --Nee: Feten, No stone, 4-S to right of Ole Eiken?
Eiken, Mabel, b. 1897, Plot 59-S, --S, --No stone Probably 4-S to right of Olina
Eiken, Ole Knutson, b. 01-01-1832, d. 05-19-1908, Plot 59-S, --4-S
Eiken, Olina, b. 09-25-1868, d. 01-14-1884, Plot 59-S, --4-S
Eiken, Peter, b. 1860, d. 1902, Plot 59-S, --S, --No stone Probably 3-S below Mabel Eiken
Eiken, Theodore, d. 1899, Plot 59-S, --4 - S
Eiken, Turi, d. 1936, --See: Larson, Turi
Eken, Thorald Pedersen, b. 01-01-1857, d. 10-22-1895, Plot 78-S, --7-S
Eldal, Ingvald (Mathea), b. 1891, d. 1960, Plot 96A-N, --11-N
Eldal, Mathea (Ingvald), b. 1894, d. 1985, Plot 96A-N, --11-N
Eldal, Oscar, b. 03-24-1917, d. 04-07-1987, Plot 96A-N, --10-N, --WW II, Sgt US Marine Corps
Else, Allen W. (Carrie O.), b. 1906, d. 1989, Plot 166-S, --19-S
Else, Carrie O. (Allen W.), b. 1907, d. 2000, Plot --19-S
Eri, Kristine Gullickson, d. 1909, --See: Skjerveggen, Kristine
Erickson, Alexander H. (Theodora C.), b. 1903, d. 1990, Plot 145-S, --18-S
Erickson, Ambjorn (Gjorond), b. 12-21-1818, d. 06-29-1913, Plot 146-S, --15-S
Erickson, Andreas, b. 1870, d. 1882, Plot 146-S, --16-S, --s/o Andrew and Inger
Erickson, Andreas A., b. 1865, d. 1932, Plot 146-S, --15-S
Erickson, Anna (Erick), b. 1818, d. 1895, Plot 15-S, --12-S, --Lerdahl
Erickson, Bertina (John A.), b. 1873, d. 12-00-1957, Plot 31A-N, --21-N, --see obit
Erickson, Christian A. (Johannah R.), b. 1862, d. 1945, Plot 145-S, --19-S
Erickson, Emma J., b. 09-20-1874, d. 07-27-1903, Plot 147-S, --16-S
Erickson, Erick (Anna), b. 1820, d. 1885, Plot 15-S, --12-S, --Lerdahl
Erickson, Erick A., b. 07-30-1848, d. 07-31-1918, Plot 146-S, --15-S
Erickson, Genevieve E., d. 1976, --See: Bussian, Genevieve E.
Erickson, Gjorond (Ambjorn), b. 08-06-1823, d. 09-21-1911, Plot 146-S, --15-S, --Nee: Aafedt
Erickson, Isabelle L., b. 07-08-1873, d. 07-27-1896, Plot 147-S, --16-S
Erickson, Johannah R. (Christian A.), b. 1880, d. 08-15-1970, Plot 145-S, --19-S, --nee Randahl, see obit
Erickson, John A. (Bertina), b. 1850, d. 03-31-1941, Plot 31A-N, --21-N, --see obit
Erickson, Magdeline "Malena", d. 10-14-1885, Plot 147-S, --16-S, --15yr 2mo old, d/o ? & S.Erickson
Erickson, Sarah J., b. 09-08-1848, d. 02-23-1912, Plot 147-S, --15-S, --Nee: Lee
Erickson, Theodora C. (Alexander H.), b. 1897, d. 1973, Plot 145-S, --19-S
Ethun, Jens, b. 09-29-1859, d. 08-24-1899, Plot 17-S, --9-S
Everhart, Robert C., b. 03-08-1919, d. 11-26-1999, Plot --11-N, --WW II, Sgt US Army
Fadnas, Brithe, d. 10-08-1854, Plot 93-S, --19-S, --d/o E. & Ingerborg Knudtson Fadness
Fadnas, Brithe Maria--10da old, d. 04-21-1868, Plot 93-S, --16-S, --d/o E. & Ingerborg Knudtson Fadness
Fadnas, Brithe--1mo 1da old, d. 05-28-1858, Plot 93-S, --16-S, --d/o E. & Ingerborg Knudtson Fadness
Fadnas, Gullak Knudtson, b. 08-28-1812, d. 05-12-1868, Plot 93-S, --16-S, --55yr 8mo 14da, on stone with Knud G. Fadnas
Fadnas, Ingeborg, b. 05-09-1827, d. 02-21-1907, Plot 93-S, --16-S, --His wife
Fadnas, Knud Gullakson, b. 05-04-1780, d. 10-07-1857, Plot 93-S, --16-S, --77yr 5mo 3da, on stone with Gullak K.Fadnas
Fadness, Alice, b. 1860, d. 1941, Plot 133-S, --15-S, --Nee: Fadness
Fadness, Almira H., b. 1900, d. 1979, Plot 133-S, --15-S
Fadness, Amberg, b. 1906, d. 1997, Plot 108-S, --17-S
Fadness, Andre K., b. 11-12-1828, d. 06-08-1907, Plot 93-S, --16-S
Fadness, Andreas, b. 08-18-1902, d. 01-27-1905, s/o O.E.& O.G., see pictures
Fadness, Andreas E., b. 02-06-1864, d. 02-24-1902, Plot 93-S, --16-S, --28yr 18da, on stone with Anna E.Fadnes
Fadness, Andres K., b. 10-08-1823, d. 07-23-1910, Plot 123-S, --6-S
Fadness, Andrew, b. 1859, d. 1954, Plot 123-S, --S, --No stone Probably 7-S to left of Ole H.
Fadness, Andrew E. (Belle), b. 1866, d. 1953, Plot 108-S, --16-S
Fadness, Andrias, b. 1873, d. 1875, Plot 38-S, --7-S
Fadness, Andrias, Andrina, Annette, d. 1875, Plot 38-S, --7-S, --Triplets
Fadness, Anna, b. 1861, d. 1861, Plot 38-S, --7-S, --on stone with Knute Fadness
Fadness, Anna E., b. 08-17-1863, d. 11-11-1900, Plot 93-S, --16-S, --on stone with Andreas E. Fadnes(stone spelling)
Fadness, Anna Johnson, d. 1912, --See: Gnolden, Anna Johnson
Fadness, Anna M., b. 1870, d. 1885, Plot 38-S, --7-S
Fadness, Annie J. (K. N.), d. 04-20-1877, Plot 38-S, --5-S, --Nee: Hesjedal, 23da old
Fadness, Arnold B., b. 1903, d. 1943, Plot 108-S, --17-S
Fadness, Belle (Andrew E.), b. 1872, d. 1943, Plot 108-S, --16-S, --Nee: Hatlaberg
Fadness, Bennie N., b. 1867, d. 1901, Plot 38-S, --7-S, --Father (Bryngel)
Fadness, Britha, d. 1940, --See: Pederson, Britha
Fadness, Brithe--16da old, d. 1854, Plot 93-S, --16-S, --d/o E. and Ingerborg Knudtson Fadness
Fadness, Christine A., b. 1864, d. 1934, Plot 34-N, --15-N, --Nee: Lie, Mother
Fadness, Chrystal E., b. 1896, d. 1940, Plot 108-S, --17-S
Fadness, Edwin C. (Hazel Evangeline Hamre), b. 11-23-1900, d. 03-22-1993, Plot 34-N, --14-N, --s/o Erick Fadness & Christine Lee Fadness, per Lester Ludwig
Fadness, Emery Arthur, b. 05-28-1900, d. 09-19-1963, Plot 111-S, --20-S, --s/o O.E. and O.G.
Fadness, Erick N., b. 1857, d. 1940, Plot 34-N, --15-N, --Father
Fadness, Ernest, b. 1893, d. 1894, Plot 108-S, --17-S
Fadness, Guro (Nels), b. 03-20-1832, d. 01-16-1911, Plot 38-S, --7-S, --Nee: Evanger
Fadness, Hazel Evangeline (Edwin C.), b. 02-09-1907, d. 02-18-1990, Plot 34-N, --15-N, --d/o Ed & Bertha Hamre, per L.Ludwig
Fadness, Ingebjor, d. 1935, --See: Bjornson, Ingebjor
Fadness, Ingeborg, --See: Mickelson, Ingeborg
Fadness, Ingeborg, d. 1884, --See: Rongen, Ingeborg
Fadness, Ingeborg, d. 1928, --See: Thompson, Ingeborg
Fadness, Ingeborg, d. 1976, --See: Torgerson, Ingeborg
Fadness, Ingeborg C., d. 1993, --See: Gossfeld, Ingeborg C.
Fadness, Irvin Andreas, b. 08-18-1902, d. 01-27-1905, Plot 93-S, --16-S, --s/o O.E. and O.G. Fadness
Fadness, John Edwin Knudson (Karen M. Wendt), b. 05-04-1937, d. 03-29-2013, (m)06-24-1961, s/o Edwin C. & Hazel C.Hamre Fadness, see obit
Fadness, Karen M. (John E. Knudson), b. 03-25-1939, d. 04-27-2010, (m)06-24-1961, d/o Emery & Norma Burleton Wendt, obit
Fadness, Knut, b. 1895, d. 1930, Plot 34-N, --15-N
Fadness, Knut N., d. 10-13-1886, Plot 38-S, --5-S, --85yr 8mo old
Fadness, Knute, b. 1849, d. 1850, Plot 38-S, --7-S, --on stone with Anna Fadness
Fadness, Knute H., b. 1871, d. 1935, Plot 133-S, --15-S
Fadness, Lars E., b. 11-09-1856, d. 02-06-1907, Plot 91-S, --21-S
Fadness, Lorence N., b. 07-06-1906, d. 07-09-1906, Plot 91-S, --21-S, --s/o L.E. & N.
Fadness, Nellie L. -Mrs., b. 06-27-1865, d. 03-06-1958, Plot 91-S, --21-S, --Nee: Lewis, see obit
Fadness, Nels (Guro), b. 07-26-1826, d. 11-27-1898, Plot 38-S, --7-S
Fadness, Olava Ouathum, b. 06-25-1850, d. 12-26-1878, Plot 93-S, --16-S, --28yr 6mo 1da old, Olesdatter
Fadness, Ole, b. 1862, d. 1864, Plot 38-S, --7-S
Fadness, Ole H., b. 02-23-1858, d. 01-01-1909, Plot 123-S, --7-S
Fadness, Ole Knutson (Marita Nilsdatter Berstad), b. 02-12-1814, d. 09-18-1875, --See: Rongen, Ole K., b.Norway, s/o Knut Gullickson Fadness & Ingeborg Olsdatter Rongen
Fadness, Ole N., b. 1865, d. 1951, Plot 133-S, --15-S
Fadness, Olga (Olai E.), b. 01-31-1880, d. 11-06-1915, Plot 111-S, --21-S
Fadness, Ove Herman, b. 09-27-1906, d. 09-25-1910, Plot 111-S, --20-S, --s/o O.E. and O.G. Fadness
Fadness, Ragnhilde, b. 08-10-1821, d. 01-03-1911, Plot 123-S, --6-S
Fadness, Ruby Almira, b. 08-26-1909, d. 01-23-1913, Plot 111-S, --20-S, --d/o O.E. and O.G. Fadness
Fadness, Sena, --See: Sharpee, Sena
Fadness, Susan Farness, b. 1869, d. 1936, Plot 25-S, --10-S, --Nee: Farness Mother
Faerden, Karen, d. 1908, --See: Vestrem, Karen
Fagerland, Elsie L. (Newell I.), b. 08-24-1916, d. 02-09-2002, Plot --19-S, --(m)03-09-1942
Fagerland, Newell I. (Elsie L.), b. 06-06-1919, d. 07-19-1981, Plot 166-S, --19-S, --WW II, WOJG US Army, (m) 03-09-1942
Faile, Elain M. (Thomas Hall Jr.), b. 03-19-1922, d. 05-25-2010, (m)06-23-1945, d/o Bernie & Ingeborg Fadness Mickelson, see obit
Faile, Thomas Hall Jr. (Elain M.), b. 08-17-1923, d. 12-26-2005, WW II, US Army Air Forces, (m)06-23-1945, s/o Thomas Hall & Gretchen Aldrich Faile, see obit
Falch, Bill A. (Marion R.), b. 03-06-1932, d. 08-16-1997, Plot --22-S
Falch, Marion R. (Bill A.), b. 03-08-1933, Plot --22-S
Farness, Brita D., b. 1846, d. 1924, Plot 25-S, --10-S, --Mother
Farness, Ella, b. 1876, d. 1890, Plot 25-S, --11-S, --on stone with George Farness
Farness, George H., b. 1878, d. 1919, Plot 25-S, --11-S, --on stone with Ella Farness
Farness, Lars, b. 1843, d. 1925, Plot 25-S, --11-S
Farness, Susan Farness, b. 1869, d. 1936, --See: Fadness, Susan
Fedder, Ellen Elizabeth, --See: Buck, Ellen Elizabeth
Feldhusen, Julia B. (Wilbert W.), b. 1907, d. 08-20-1991, Plot 54A-N, --14-N, --see obit
Feldhusen, Wilbert W. (Julia), b. 07-09-1915, d. 11-30-2001, Plot 54A-N, --14-N, --WW II, Sgt US Army
Feten, Britha, d. 1912, --See: Eiken, Britha
Flesche, Erik O. (Sigrid), b. 07-06-1812, d. 07-04-1901, Plot 41-S, --2-S
Flesche, Sigrid (Erik O.), b. 03-14-1824, d. 06-24-1871, Plot 41-S, --2-S, --Nee: Lie, Nee: Indrelig
Folkestad, Aase Larson, d. 1923, --See: Grove, Aase Larson
Folkestad, Guro (Halvor), b. 1828, d. 1887, Plot 101-S, --2-S
Folkestad, Halvor (Guro), b. 1826, d. 1911, Plot 101-S, --2-S
Fosmark, Aagot, --See: Borge, Aagot
Fosmark, Aagothe, b. 1857, d. 05-25-1858, Plot 84-S, --9-S, --on stone with Andrew Fosmark
Fosmark, Aagothe, b. 1866, d. 1958, Plot 84-S, --S, --No stone. Probably Row 9-S to right of Andrew
Fosmark, Andrew, b. 1872, d. 02-04-1873, Plot 84-S, --9-S, --on stone with Aagothe Fosmark
Fosmark, Breta, b. 01-29-1833, d. 11-15-1908, Plot 84-S, --9-S, --Nee: Bjorgaas, Moder, on stone with Nils
Fosmark, Cabel/Charel Johnson, b. 11-10-1867, d. 05-28-1868, Plot 81-S, --2-S
Fosmark, Carl (Margaret Rose), d. 10-10-1923, Plot 60yr, see obit & death certificate
Fosmark, Chatrine, b. 03-28-1866, d. 10-18-1866, Plot 81-S, --2-S, --Johnsdatter
Fosmark, Christian J. (Myrtle H.), b. 1903, d. 05-17-1979, Plot 4-N, --8-N, --see obit
Fosmark, George, b. 09-18-1876, d. 11-22-1905, Plot 84-S, --9-S, --s/o N. & B. Fosmark
Fosmark, George W. (Gladys C.), b. 1906, d. 2001, Plot --9-N
Fosmark, Gladys C. Jacobson (George W.), b. 1918, d. 07-01-1966, Plot 4-N, --9-N, --see obit
Fosmark, Karl N., b. 08-02-1863, d. 08-10-1923, Plot 42-N, --5-N
Fosmark, Martin, b. 1859, d. 03-27-1945, Plot 84-S, --9-S
Fosmark, Myrtle H. (Christian J.), b. 1901, d. 1991, Plot 4-N, --8-N
Fosmark, Nelvin B., b. 1901, d. 1938, Plot 5-N, --11-N
Fosmark, Nettie Swansby (Severt), b. 1877, d. 06-00-1940, Plot 5-N, --11-N, --see obit
Fosmark, Nils, b. 10-13-1816, d. 04-06-1893, Plot 84-S, --9-S, --on stone with Breta Fosmark
Fosmark, Severt (Nettie), b. 1868, d. 1948, Plot 5-N, --11-N
Fosmark, Sylvester S., b. 1905, d. 1934, Plot 5-N, --11-N
Fosmark, Synneva, b. 1853, d. 1855, Plot 81-S, --S, --No stone. Probably 2-S to right of Chatrine
Frank, Annabelle, --See: Sleezer, Annabelle
Frank, Josephine E. (Manfred E.), b. 03-27-1883, d. 02-26-1968, Plot 95B-N, --13-N, --Nee: Thue
Frank, Lois, --See: Hood, Lois Frank
Frank, Manfred E. (Josephine E.), b. 09-10-1887, d. 06-13-1973, Plot 95B-N, --13-N
Gabris, Barbara H. (Chester J.), b. 11-07-1943, pictures
Gabris, Chester J. (Barbara H.), b. 01-04-1943, pictures
Gallagher, Beulah M. (Donald L.), b. 08-11-1925, Plot --4-N
Gallagher, Donald L. (Beulah M.), b. 03-27-1920, Plot --4-N
Gallagher, Timothy D., b. 04-09-1949, d. 05-23-1966, Plot 79-N, --5-N
Geise, Alma, b. 04-08-1902, d. 02-12-1945, Plot 39-N, --4-N
Gerde, Aagatha (Ola Burnson), b. 1832, d. 1920, Plot 28-S, --6-S
Gerde, Ola Burnson (Aagatha), b. 1817, d. 1901, Plot 28-S, --16-S
Gilbertson, Alice L. (James B.), b. 1922, Plot 52A-N, --19-N
Gilbertson, Amelia H. (John K.), b. 1898, d. 05-00-1961, Plot 66A-N, --13-N, --Nee: Lerdahl, Mother, see obit
Gilbertson, Andrew, b. 1834, d. 1915, Plot 75-S, --13-S
Gilbertson, Andrew E., Plot 75-S, --See: Clark, Andrew E.
Gilbertson, Anna, b. 06-12-1873, d. 01-28-1853, Plot 179-S, --19-S, --Nee: Rannvei
Gilbertson, Anna Marie, b. 1881, d. 1919, Plot 75-S, --13-S
Gilbertson, Arthur C., b. 1914, d. 1970, Plot 179-S, --18-S
Gilbertson, Baby, b. 10-11-1945, d. 10-11-1945, Plot 17-N, --9-N
Gilbertson, Barbro Johnsdatter, b. 1798, d. 1894, Plot 75-S, --13-S, --Nee: Edmal, Vassend?
Gilbertson, Berlin Wilbert, b. 1909, d. 1925, Plot 17-N, --9-N
Gilbertson, Betsy, b. 1863, d. 1935, Plot 176-S, --14-S
Gilbertson, Betsy, b. 1853, d. 1912, Plot 75-S, --13-S, --Nee: Mickelson
Gilbertson, Betsy Gullickson, d. 1868, Plot 155-S, --See: Gilbertson, Betsy Gullickson
Gilbertson, Bryneld (Eli), b. 12-21-1829, d. 08-30-1906, Plot 176-S, --13-S
Gilbertson, Caroline (Ole B.), b. 08-19-1878, d. 08-19-1962, Plot 17-N, --8-N, --Mother
Gilbertson, Casper O., b. 01-26-1908, d. 01-18-1980, Plot 17-N, --8-N
Gilbertson, Clarence B. (Esther C. Hoverson), b. 1906, d. 02-08-1989, Plot 89B-N, --19-N, --(m)12-16-1937, see obit
Gilbertson, Clarence O., b. 06-05-1908, d. 06-28-1965, Plot 179-S, --19-S, --WW II, WI Pvt 1739 Service Unit
Gilbertson, Dina, --See: Hoverson, Dina
Gilbertson, Eli (Bryneld), b. 01-21-1830, d. 1910, Plot 176-S, --13-S
Gilbertson, Esther C. (Clarence B.), b. 04-03-1913, d. 07-26-2006, Plot 89B-N, --19-N, --(m)12-16-1937, d/o Knute & Dina Johnson Hoverson, see obit
Gilbertson, Gullick, b. 1862, d. 1934, Plot 176-S, --14-S
Gilbertson, Gullick, b. 12-18-1855, d. 07-26-1920, Plot 179-S, --19-S
Gilbertson, Gullick G. Vassend, b. 1796, d. 1882, Plot 75-S, --13-S
Gilbertson, Gullick Gullickson, d. 11-16-1888, Plot 155-S, --15-S, --63yr old
Gilbertson, Gustave O., d. 08-17-1933, Plot --19-S, --WI Pvt 331 Field Art 86 Div
Gilbertson, Haldor G., b. 1825, d. 1888, Plot 75-S, --13-S, --Vassend
Gilbertson, James B. (Alice L.), b. 1917, d. 07-02-1987, Plot 52A-N, --19-N, --see obit
Gilbertson, John K. (Amelia H.), b. 1887, d. 04-23-1965, Plot 66A-N, --13-N, --Father, see obit
Gilbertson, Knut, b. 1847, d. 1933, Plot 75-S, --13-S
Gilbertson, Louise, b. 1890, d. 1938, Plot 86-S, --12-S
Gilbertson, Lyle B., b. 1951, d. 1992, Plot --18-N
Gilbertson, Marion M. (William E.), b. 05-07-1926, d. 04-13-2007, Plot --22-S, --(m)06-17-1944, d/o Roland & Esther Guenther Schultz, see obit
Gilbertson, Martha, d. 1962, --See: Prescott, Martha
Gilbertson, Martha, b. 1870, d. 1950, Plot 176-S, --13-S
Gilbertson, Mathilda, b. 1892, d. 1911, Plot 75-S, --13-S
Gilbertson, Melvin J., b. 05-20-1912, d. 06-03-1987, Plot 179-S, --18-S, --WW II, US Army
Gilbertson, Nels, b. 1876, d. 03-00-1952, Plot 86-S, --12-S, --see obit
Gilbertson, Ole B. (Caroline), b. 04-21-1873, d. 02-26-1960, Plot 17-N, --8-N, --Father
Gilbertson, Randvei Gullickson, d. 12-08-1887, Plot 155-S, --15-S, --57yr old
Gilbertson, Rhodie C., --See: Johnson, Rhodie C.
Gilbertson, Theodore, b. 1900, d. 1964, Plot --5-N
Gilbertson, William E. (Marion M.), b. 05-26-1913, d. 04-03-2005, Plot --22-S, --(m)06-17-1944, s/o Ole & Caroline Gilbertson, see obit
Gjerde, Anna Maria Olsdatter, b. 1873, d. 1874, Plot 46-S, --S, --No stone Probably 13-S to left of Botilde
Gjerde, B. Olson, d. 1883, Plot 46-S, --S, --No stone Probably 13-S to left of Botilde
Gjerde, Betsy, d. 1909, --See: Hermanson, Betsy
Gjerde, Botilde O., d. 10-17-1876, Plot 46-S, --13-S, --Nee: Hanson, 63yr old
Gjerde, Hans Olson, d. 01-18-1894, Plot 46-S, --13-S, --56yr old
Glimme, Amund (Inger), b. 1850, d. 1910, Plot 167-S, --16-S
Glimme, Edward "Eddie" A., b. 04-27-1908, d. 07-02-1974, Plot --16-S, --WW II, Pvt. US Army, see obit
Glimme, Inger (Amund), b. 1870, d. 1963, Plot 167-S, --15-S
Glimme, Knute, b. 1880, d. 1900, Plot 167-S, --16-S
Gnolden, Agnes Anna, --See: Hamre, Agnes Anna
Gnolden, Anna Johnson (Hans J.), b. 12-07-1844, d. 03-12-1912, Plot 73-S, --16-S, --Nee: Fadness Rongo
Gnolden, Hans Johnson (Anna J.), b. 01-30-1840, d. 12-28-1923, Plot 73-S, --16-S
Gnolden, Ingeborg H., b. 03-22-1890, d. 05-25-1892, Plot 73-S, --16-S, --on stone with Oscar J.Gnolden
Gnolden, Martha, d. 1955, --See: Halverson, Martha
Gnolden, Ole I., b. 06-06-1874, d. 10-21-1880, Plot 73-S, --16-S, --on stone with Ole L.Gnolden
Gnolden, Ole L., b. 02-14-1872, d. 02-19-1872, Plot 73-S, --16-S, --on stone with Ole I.Gnolden
Gnolden, Oscar J., b. 05-24-1878, d. 11-03-1880, Plot 73-S, --16-S, --on stone with Ingeborg H.Gnolden
Googins, Esther (#1Andreas Hamre, #2Leonard Googins), b. 12-15-1918, d. 12-28-2010, Plot 95A-N, --13-N, --(m1)1943, (m2)1979, d/o Hans & Gunhild Paulson, see Esther Hamre, see obit for Esther Googins
Goskalkson, Betsy, d. 12-03-1880, Plot 18-S, --7-S, --Vestrem, 64yr 4mo old
Goskalkson, Georgine Karoline, d. 12-09-1880, Plot 18-S, --7-S, --Vestrem, 24yr 4mo old
Goskalkson, Knut, d. 02-19-1886, Plot 18-S, --7-S, --Vestrem, 46yr 2mo old
Gossfeld, Bernhardt H. (Ingeborg C.), b. 1907, d. 1981, Plot 91-S, --20-S
Gossfeld, Ingeborg C. (Bernhardt H.), b. 1900, d. 1993, Plot --20-S, --Nee: Fadness
Grinde, Harris W. (June), b. 03-02-1922, d. 10-26-1980, Plot 83B-N, --6-N, --WW II, US Army, see obit
Grinde, Nina J. (Theodore J.), b. 1903, d. 1978, Plot 83B-N, --7-N
Grinde, Theodore J. (Nina J.), b. 1904, d. 1986, Plot 83B-N, --7-N
Grove, Aase Larson, b. 1856, d. 1923, Plot 101-S, --2-S, --Nee: Folkestad
Grove, Bernard, b. 1889, d. 1978, Plot 65-N, --10-N
Grove, Bertha, b. 1848, Plot 101-S, --S, --No stone Probably 2-S to left of Aase Bertha and Lars in same grave
Grove, Britha, b. 1801, d. 1871, Plot 101-S, --S, --Nee: Lasseson. Probably 2-S below Aase
Grove, Christian C. (Helena R. Quamme), b. 1882, d. 04-01-1968, Plot 65-N, --11-N, --see obit
Grove, Clairmont W. (Martha Wukovich), b. 12-01-1925, d. 10-07-2014, (m)10-05-1985, s/o Christian & Helena Quamme Grove, see obit
Grove, Erik, b. 1803, d. 1854, Plot 101-S, --S, --No stone Probably 2-S in same grave as Henry
Grove, Gladys E. (Harlan C.), b. 03-18-1924, Plot --21-N, --Nee: Schulz, (m)09-21-1946
Grove, Harlan C. (Gladys E.), b. 11-01-1923, Plot --21-N, --(m)09-21-1946, Father
Grove, Helena R. Quamme (Christian C.), b. 1899, d. 05-04-1975, Plot 65-N, --11-N, --see obit
Grove, Henry L., b. 1879, d. 1935, Plot 101-S, --2-S, --Probably Erik in same grave
Grove, Lars, b. 1837, d. 1854, Plot 101-S, --S, --No stone Probably 2-S to left of Aase Bertha and Lars in same grave
Grove, Martha Wukovich (Clairmont W.), b. 05-31-1925, (m)10-05-1985
Grove, Ronald H., b. 09-09-1949, d. 03-28-2002, Plot --20-N, --Son
Gullakson, Knud, d. 1857, --See: Fadnas, Knud Gullakson
Gullickson, Ada, b. 1893, d. 1933, Plot 89-S, --19-S
Gullickson, Agnes Olena (Carl M.), b. 1876, d. 1936, Plot 48-N, --17-N, --Nee: Hoverson
Gullickson, Anders, d. 1874, --See: Skjerveggen, Anders
Gullickson, Andrew (Marie), b. 1863, d. 1933, Plot 34-S, --14-S
Gullickson, Anna C., --See: Mickelson, Anna C.
Gullickson, Arthur H. (Mamie T.), b. 11-04-1890, d. 04-09-1970, Plot 97A-N, --9-N, --WW II, WIS Pvt 70 Discharge Co
Gullickson, Belmont (Irene), b. 1902, d. 1987, Plot 89-S, --18-S, --(m)01-04-1947
Gullickson, Bertha, b. 1862, d. 1928, Plot 89-S, --19-S, --Nee: Quamme, Mother
Gullickson, Betsy Gullickson, d. 12-02-1868, Plot 155-S, --13-S, --11yr old, spelled Gullikson on stone
Gullickson, Brian J., b. 07-25-1964, d. 06-06-1983, Plot 26-N, --12-N, --s/o W. Rolf & Marge Gullickson
Gullickson, Carl M. (Agnes Olena), b. 1870, d. 1939, Plot 48-N, --17-N, --Father
Gullickson, Carlie I. (Marie R. Harme), b. 1905, d. 12-23-1984, Plot 49B-N, --18-N, --Nee: Skjerveggen, see obit
Gullickson, Clarence Gust (Hannah N.), b. 12-11-1896, d. 06-21-1975, Plot 12-N, --19-N, --(m)10-23-1929, see obit
Gullickson, Clayton Glenn (Delores), b. 08-27-1930, d. 09-25-2000, Plot --1-W, --(m)09-27-1952
Gullickson, Clint T., b. 05-13-1979, d. 05-13-2008, s/o Thomas K.& Janice M.Anderson Gullickson, see obit
Gullickson, Delores M. (Clayton G.), b. 05-16-1931, d. 10-08-1992, Plot --1-W, --(m)09-27-1952
Gullickson, Dorothy E. Camren Weichmann (James H.), b. 1928, (m)08-04-1967
Gullickson, Elaine L. (Paul A.), b. 1938, Plot --12-N, --(m)08-15-1969, nee Thiele
Gullickson, Emma, b. 1897, d. 1904, Plot 35-S, --S, --d/o Carl & Lena Gullickson, No stone, Probably 13-S below Maria
Gullickson, Gertrude (Glenn G.), b. 1911, d. 10-18-1965, Plot 48-N, --16-N, --Nee: Sutcliffe
Gullickson, Glenn G. (Gertrude Sutcliffe), b. 04-04-1909, d. 06-25-1998, Plot --16-N, --(m)07-20-1946, s/o Carl "C.M." & Lena Hoverson Gullickson, see obit
Gullickson, Gullick, b. 1872, d. 1936, Plot 86-S, --12-S
Gullickson, Gullick-Gullikson on st., d. 11-16-1888, -- , --See: Gilbertson, Gullick Gullickson, 63yr old
Gullickson, H. Amelia, --See: Johnson, H. Amelia
Gullickson, Hannah N. (Clarence G.), b. 07-16-1902, d. 01-10-1982, Plot 12-N, --19-N, --Nee: Skrenes, (m)23 Oct 1929
Gullickson, Harvey E. (Wilhelma J.), b. 10-30-1896, d. 07-24-1970, Plot 26-N, --13-N, --WW I, WIS Pvt 4 Co Inf REPL & Tng Trp
Gullickson, Hazel, b. 1923, d. 1930, Plot 26-N, --13-N, --d/o Harvey & Wilhelma Peterson Gullickson
Gullickson, Irene L. (Belmont), b. 1920, d. 2006, Plot --18-S, --(m)01-04-1947, d/o Ingvald B & Henrietta Matson Johnson, see obit
Gullickson, James, b. 1861, d. 1918, Plot 89-S, --19-S, --Father
Gullickson, James H. (2nd h/o Dorothy E. Camren Weichmann), b. 05-08-1925, d. 02-01-2009, (m)08-04-1967, s/o Harvey & Wilhelma Peterson Gullickson, see obit
Gullickson, Janice M. (Thomas K.), b. 10-17-1945, pictures
Gullickson, Jimmy B., b. 07-14-1952, d. 08-17-2001, Plot --18-S, --Vietnam flag holder, s/o Belmont & Irene L. Gullickson
Gullickson, Knute, b. 1866, d. 1942, Plot 12-N, --18-N, --Father
Gullickson, Kristine Gullickson, d. 1909, --See: Skjerveggen, Kristine
Gullickson, Mamie T. (Arthur H.), b. 1906, d. 1995, Plot --9-N
Gullickson, Maria (Andrew), b. 1866, d. 1940, Plot 34-S, --14-S, --Nee: Heltner, Baby, Possibly baby buried in same grave?
Gullickson, Marie R. (Carlie I.), b. 1904, d. 1994, Plot 49B-N, --18-N, --Nee: Hamre
Gullickson, Marjorie G. (Willard R.), b. 1925, d. 05-16-2008, Plot --1-W, --(m)12-06-1958
Gullickson, Melvin, b. 1899, d. 1972, Plot 89-S, --18-S
Gullickson, Olena, b. 1865, d. 1943, Plot 12-N, --18-N, --Nee: Quamme, Mother
Gullickson, Paul A. (Elaine L. Thiele), b. 10-11-1931, d. 06-16-2015, Plot --12-N, --(m)08-15-1969, s/o Harvey & Wilhelma Pederson Gullickson, see obit
Gullickson, Randvei Gullickson, d. 12-08-1887, --See: Gilbertson, Randvei Gullickson, 57yr old
Gullickson, Rebecca, --See: Davidson, Rebecca
Gullickson, Russell W., b. 06-24-1927, d. 12-24-1951, Plot 26-N, --13-N, --WW II, WIS PFC 31 AAF Air Service GP, s/o Harvey & Wilhelma Pederson Gullickson
Gullickson, Thomas K. (Janice M.), b. 05-31-1940, pictures
Gullickson, Vernon, b. 1932, d. 1936, Plot 12-N, --19-N
Gullickson, Wilhelma J. (Harvey E.), b. 11-27-1892, d. 07-05-1987, Plot 26-N, --13-N, --Nee: Pederson Hosaas
Gullickson, Willard Rolf (Marjorie G.), b. 1929, d. 11-29-2010, Plot --1-W, --Korea, US Army, (m)12-06-1958, s/o Harvey & Wilhelma Peterson Gullickson, see obit
Hagen, Andrew T., b. 1894, d. 1935, Plot 47-N, --15-N
Hagen, Ben, b. 1880, d. 1954, Plot 84A-N, --N, --No stone Probably Row 9-N by Melvin Matson
Hagen, Bessie, b. 1882, d. 1921, Plot 22-S, --3-S
Hagen, Emma---Mother, b. 1855, d. 1940, Plot 150-S, --21-S, --Buried beside Ole Hagen Anderson
Hagen, Johanna (Peter A.), b. 1852, d. 1925, Plot 22-S, --3-S, --Nee: Bergum. Mother
Hagen, John, b. 1885, d. 1957, Plot 50-N, --N, --No stone, probably 21-N below Minnie Hagen
Hagen, Marcus A., d. 11-16-1938, Plot 50-N, --21-N, --WI Pvt 120 Field Arty 32nd Div
Hagen, Minnie E., b. 1886, d. 1940, Plot 50-N, --21-N
Hagen, Ole Anderson, b. 1846, d. 1912, --See: Anderson, Ole Hagen
Hagen, Olga, b. 1888, d. 1943, Plot 84A-N, --N, --No stone Probably 9-N by Melvin Matson
Hagen, Peter A. (Johanna), b. 1844, d. 1902, Plot 22-S, --3-S, --Father
Hagen, Tina Caroline, b. 1898, d. 1899, Plot 22-S, --S, --No stone, Row 3-S to right of Bessie Hagen?
Hallburg, Anna, b. 04-20-1871, d. 03-07-1907, Plot 85-S, --11-S, --Nee: Olson
Halversen, Martha, b. 1871, d. 1955, Plot 73-S, --16-S, --Nee: Gnolden Johnson
Halverson, Aleck (Synnva/Susan), b. 05-01-1874, d. 02-04-1961, Plot 169-S, --13-S, --check spelling of names from stones
Halverson, Alvin F., b. 02-06-1911, d. 01-21-1994, Plot --6-N, --no last name on stone, see ssdi, probably s/o Gilman & Anna Wolf Halverson, sister is Elizabeth
Halverson, Andrew (Ida), b. 1865, d. 1919, Plot 175-S, --17-S
Halverson, Anna M. Wolf (Gilman), b. 03-05-1873, d. 01-20-1947, Plot 78A-N, --7-N
Halverson, Bertel Elias, b. 1835, d. 02-19-1907, Plot 55-S, --12-S
Halverson, Elizabeth Anna, b. 09-14-1917, d. 08-09-2009, Plot --6-N, --no last name on stone, see ssdi and obit, d/o Gilman & Anna Wolf Halverson, brother is Alvin
Halverson, Gilman (Anna M. Wolf), b. 04-18-1877, d. 09-21-1967, Plot 78A-N, --7-N
Halverson, Henry Johan, b. 10-15-1898, d. 12-22-1918, Plot 175-S, --13-S
Halverson, Ida (Andrew), b. 1876, d. 1950, Plot 175-S, --17-S
Halverson, Marcus, d. 11-15-1892, Plot 79-S, --3-S, --89yr old
Halverson, Martha, b. 1871, d. 1955, --See: Halverson, Martha
Halverson, Synnva/Susan (Aleck), b. 05-08-1871, d. 06-01-1959, Plot 169-S, --13-S, --check spelling of names from stones, obit
Halverson, Synnva/SusanBailey (Aleck), b. 05-08-1871, d. 06-01-1959, Plot 169-S, --13-S, --check spelling of names from stones, obit
Halverson, Thomas, b. 11-14-1872, d. 11-07-1900, Plot 73-S, --16-S
Halverson, Thrond B., b. 02-06-1869, d. 02-22-1906, Plot 169-S, --13-S, --Telemarken Norge (FODT I)
Halvorson, Anders, b. 1919, d. 1920, Plot 175-S, --S, --No stone Probably Row 17-S to right o Andrew
Halvorson, Herman, b. 1918, Plot 175-S, --S, --No stone Probably Row 17-S to left of Ida
Halvorson, Kari, b. 1829, d. 1918, Plot 79-S, --S, --Nee: Kari Nilsdatter Hildestad, No stone Probably Row 3-S to right of Marcus
Halvorson, Marcus, d. 1892, --See: Halverson, Marcus
Halvorson, Thomas, d. 1900, --See: Halverson, Thomas
Halvorson, Thrond B., d. 1906, --See: Halverson, Thrond B.
Hamre, Agnes Anna N. (Erick A.), b. 06-04-1876, d. 01-04-1938, Plot 13-N, --17-N, --(m)11-07-1900, Nee: Gnolden Johnson, Mother, per Lester Ludwig & obit
Hamre, Andreas/Andres (1st h/o Esther Paulson), b. 04-06-1910, d. 04-01-1970, Plot 95A-N, --13-N, --s/o Erick & Agnes Hamre, married with 2 sons, per Lester Ludwig
Hamre, Anna J., d. 1989, --See: Pederson, Anna J.
Hamre, Arthur R. (Elsa P.), b. 09-11-1905, d. 12-22-1999, Plot 69B-N, --19-N, --(m)04-16-1931, s/o Andrew & Randina Hamre, per Lester Ludwig
Hamre, Carl J. (Molfrid J.), b. 01-04-1901, d. 09-24-1979, Plot 158B-S, --19-S, --(m)02-01-1937, per Lester Ludwig
Hamre, Edward Allen, b. 1945, d. 1945, Plot 13-N, --17-N, --Our Infant Son, s/o Andreas & Esther Hamre
Hamre, Elsa P. (Arthur R.), b. 07-17-1908, d. 01-04-1973, Plot 69B-N, --19-N, --Nee: Hermanson
Hamre, Erick Anderson (Agnes A.), b. 08-24-1876, d. 01-08-1963, Plot 13-N, --17-N, --Father, b.Norway, per Lester Ludwig
Hamre, Esther (#1Andreas Hamre, #2Leonard Googins), b. 12-15-1918, d. 12-28-2010, Plot 95A-N, --13-N, --(m1)1943, (m2)1979, d/o Hans & Gunhild Paulson, see Esther Googins, obit for Esther Googins
Hamre, Hans T., b. 02-24-1903, d. 09-13-1970, Plot 13-N, --17-N, --WW II, WIS TEC5, 375 Field Arty BN, s/o Erick & Agnes Hamre, per Lester Ludwig
Hamre, Hazel E., --See: Fadness, Hazel E.
Hamre, Ingrid A., b. 07-12-1901, d. 01-14-1994, Plot --16-N
Hamre, Lois Marlene, d. 1948, Plot 13-N, --17-N, --Baby, d/o Andreas & Esther Hamre
Hamre, Marie R., --See: Gullickson, Marie R.
Hamre, Molfrid J. (Carl J.), b. 08-03-1914, d. 11-25-1995, Plot --19-S, --d/o Abraham & Anna Iverson Eldal, per L.L.
Hamre, Phillip A., b. 11-08-1931, d. 07-08-1994, Plot --18-N, --s/o Arthur & Elsa Hamre, per Lester Ludwig
Hamre, Ronald, d. 03-12-1944, Plot 24-N, --8-N, --Infant
Hana, Anna L. Pederson (Sigvald T.), b. 1883, d. 01-25-1977, Plot 83-S, --6-S, --see obit
Hana, Sigvald T. (Anna L. Peterson), b. 10-23-1891, d. 12-26-1969, Plot 83-S, --7-S, --WW I, Pct US Army, see obit
Haney, Jennelyn E., --See: Roisum, Jennelyn E.
Hanson, Alice, --See: Bratvold, Alice
Hanson, Anna O. Eiken (Hans Hanson Grinager), b. 1861, d. 11-01-1938, Plot 20-N, --3-N, --Mother, (m)04-16-1891, see obit
Hanson, Arthur W., b. 10-06-1908, d. 09-16-1944, Plot 24-N, --9-N
Hanson, Bertha (Lewis), b. 09-07-1891, d. 01-17-1978, Plot 173-S, --20-S
Hanson, Botilde O., d. 1876, --See: Gjerde, Botilde O.
Hanson, Carl, b. 1919, d. 1922, Plot 24-N, --N, --No stone, Row 9-N by Petra Hanson (Selje)?
Hanson, Clara S., b. 05-06-1899, d. 10-07-1994, Plot --2-N
Hanson, Delores Louise (Harold Knute), b. 12-20-1925, d. 06-14-2000, d/o John & Ollie King Cline, per Lester L., see obit
Hanson, Donald J., b. 03-27-1924, d. 09-13-1975, Plot 55B-N, --12-N, --WW II, Pvt US Army
Hanson, E. F. (Salina E.), b. 10-26-1885, d. 12-20-1920, Plot --16-S
Hanson, Frankie, b. 1885, d. 1920, Plot 170-S, --S, --No stone Probably 16-S to right of Ole H. Lerdahl
Hanson, Gertrude (Knute), b. 10-29-1845, d. 05-23-1922, Plot 141-S, --15-S
Hanson, Gladys J., b. 1917, Plot --11-N, --brother is Stanley F.Hanson
Hanson, H. Viola (Lawrence B.), b. 1915, d. 1989, Plot 173-S, --20-S
Hanson, Hans (Anna), b. 1866, d. 1944, Plot 20-N, --3-N, --Father
Hanson, Harold Knute (Delores Louise), b. 11-28-1916, d. 10-23-1993, Plot --10-N, --WW II, Cpl US Army Air Corps, s/o John Knute Hanson, married/divorced, per Lester Ludwig
Hanson, Helena, b. 07-20-1877, d. 01-05-1878, Plot 141-S, --15-S, --on stone with Theodore Oli Hanson
Hanson, Janet L., d. 1926, Plot 2-N, --5-N, --Infant Daughter
Hanson, John Knute (Olena), b. 1889, d. 1949, Plot 141-S, --15-S, --s/o Knute & Petra Hanson, per L.L.
Hanson, Knute (Gertrude), b. 06-02-1840, d. 04-23-1906, Plot 141-S, --15-S
Hanson, Knute (Petra Selje), b. 1859, d. 1929, Plot 24-N, --9-N, --Father, infor per Lester Ludwig
Hanson, Lawrence B. (H. Viola)-see obit, b. 1913, d. 05-00-1950, Plot 173-S, --20-S, --s/o Lewis & Bertha Hanson, per L.L.
Hanson, Lawrence Beerhard, b. 09-22-1947, d. 03-21-2001, Plot --22-S, --US Army
Hanson, Lewis M. (Bertha), b. 1884, d. 02-11-1958, Plot 173-S, --20-S, --s/o Knute & Petra Hanson, per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Hanson, Lyle D., d. 1924, Plot 2-N, --5-N, --Infant Son
Hanson, Maurice P. (Ruth M.), b. 08-09-1915, d. 11-27-1994, Plot --19-S, --see obit, s/o Lewis & Bertha Hanson, per L.L.
Hanson, Olaf B., b. 06-20-1891, d. 04-16-1973, Plot 20-N, --2-N
Hanson, Ole Hanson, d. 1900, --See: Jordahl, Ole Hanson
Hanson, Olena (John Knute), b. 1893, d. 1935, Plot 141-S, --15-S
Hanson, Petra Selje (Knute), b. 1873, d. 1953, Plot 24-N, --9-N, --Nee: Selje
Hanson, Robert I., b. 06-14-1936, d. 06-22-1994, Plot --22-S, --info per Lester Ludwig, funeral marker in 2011
Hanson, Ruth M. (Maurice P.), b. 1914, Plot --19-S
Hanson, Salina E. (E. F.), b. 09-18-1894, d. 10-14-1918, Plot 170-S, --17-S, --Nee: Lerdahl
Hanson, Stanley F., b. 1915, d. 03-01-1962, Plot 56-N, --11-N, --Brother to Gladys, see obit
Hanson, Theodore Oli, b. 04-03-1888, d. 01-23-1910, Plot 141-S, --15-S, --on stone with Helena Hanson
Harvey, Albert J., b. 11-01-1914, d. 10-11-1997, Plot --10-N, --WW II, SSgt US Army Air Forces
Harvey, Amanda (Jacob), b. 1889, d. 1958, Plot 76B-N, --11-N
Harvey, Bennie, b. 1889, d. 02-00-1940, Plot 41-N, --3-N, --single, see obit, fire
Harvey, Bertrice, b. 1884, Plot 94-S, --S, --No stone, 14-S above Karoline Ovathum Harvey?
Harvey, Brita O. (J. O.), d. 01-04-1897, Plot 87-S, --14-S, --Nee: Rorgo, 73yr 3mo 21da old
Harvey, Burnette M., b. 1909, d. 1996, Plot --21-S
Harvey, Carol J. Hermanson (Oscar J.), b. 06-26-1906, d. 08-06-1986, Plot 72A-N, --19-N, --see obit
Harvey, Caroline Kvattum/Ranvai (Ole J. Sr.), b. 04-20-1852, d. 09-30-1903, Plot 87-S, --14-S, --Nee: Lee
Harvey, Edward O., b. 1890, Plot 94-S, --S, --No stone, 4-S above Karoline Ovathum Harvey?
Harvey, Emma Sophia Sauer (Ole), b. 1882, d. 11-00-1929, Plot 181-S, --11-S, -- see obit
Harvey, Francis, b. 1939, d. 1990, Plot 90-S, --21-S, --Son
Harvey, Henry O. (Jean Frances Karow), b. 12-20-1920, d. 04-02-2007, Plot 72B-N, --19-N, --WW II, US Army, (m)07-24-1948, s/o Jacob & Amanda Harvey, see obit
Harvey, Jacob (Amanda Anderson), b. 1875, d. 06-26-1960, Plot 76B-N, --11-N, --see obit
Harvey, Jacob O., d. 09-17-1892, Plot 87-S, --14-S, --73yr 9mo 18da old
Harvey, Jacob Olson, d. 1872, Plot 87-S, --S, --No stone Probably 14-S to left of Jacob O.
Harvey, James Burton, d. 1936, Plot 90-S, --S, --No stone Probably21-S to left of Francis Harvey
Harvey, James R., b. 1904, d. 07-18-1964, Plot 90-S, --21-S, --see obit
Harvey, Jean Frances (Henry O.), b. 1925, d. 09-23-1998, Plot 72B-N, --19-N, --Nee Karow, (m)07-24-1948
Harvey, Julia (Lewis), b. 08-16-1881, d. 01-28-1937, Plot 90-S, --21-S
Harvey, Karoline Ovattum, b. 11-27-1847, d. 11-01-1877, Plot 94-S, --14-S, --Nee: Ovattum/Qvattum, Ole's Datter, stone is lying flat on the ground.
Harvey, Knud Larson Neilson, d. 1871, Plot 87-S, --S, --No stone Probably 14-S to right of Ole Harvey, Jr.
Harvey, Lewis (Julia), b. 12-19-1867, d. 02-26-1910, Plot 90-S, --21-S
Harvey, Mathilda, b. 1892, d. 1958, Plot 41-N, --2-N
Harvey, Niels, b. 1891, Plot 94-S, --S, --No stone, above Karoline Ovathum Harvey?
Harvey, Ole J. Sr. (Caroline Kvattum), b. 04-24-1847, d. 05-26-1924, Plot 87-S, --14-S, --see obit
Harvey, Ole O., b. 02-07-1873, d. 12-22-1946, Plot 181-S, --11-S, --(Far South side)
Harvey, Ole, Jr., b. 08-15-1859, d. 02-22-1926, Plot 87-S, --14-S
Harvey, Olga, b. 11-23-1912, d. 11-02-1920, Plot 181-S, --12-S, --d/o J.H. and A. Harvey
Harvey, Oscar J. (Carol J. Hermanson), b. 06-29-1904, d. 03-27-1974, Plot 72A-N, --19-N, --see obit
Harvey, Theodore, d. 1886, Plot 94-S, --S, --No stone, 14-S above Karoline Ovathum Harvey?
Harvey, Theodore Ole, b. 1883, Plot 87-S, --S, --No stone Probably 14-S below Ole Harvey, Jr.
Hatleberg, Alene, b. 1858, d. 1884, Plot 95-S, --S, --No stone Probably 11-S to left of Anna
Hatleberg, Anna, b. 1873, d. 1956, Plot 95-S, --12-S, --Nee: Thue
Hatleberg, Anna, b. 1869, d. 1869, Plot 95-S, --S, --No stone Probably 12-S below Anna
Hatleberg, Anna, b. 1869, d. 1869, Plot 96-S, --11-S
Hatleberg, Anna H., b. 1874, d. 1966, Plot 95-S, --12-S
Hatleberg, Belle, d. 1943, --See: Fadness, Belle
Hatleberg, Betsy, b. 1857, d. 1925, Plot 95-S, --11-S
Hatleberg, Britha, b. 1798, d. 1889, Plot 96-S, --10-S, --Bestemor
Hatleberg, Celene, b. 1858, d. 1884, Plot 96-S, --11-S
Hatleberg, Chalmer James, b. 1917, d. 1940, Plot 117-S, --8-S, --Son
Hatleberg, Christian, b. 1823, d. 1908, Plot 96-S, --10-S, --Fader
Hatleberg, Christian C., b. 1879, d. 1972, Plot 117-S, --9-S, --Father
Hatleberg, Elisabeth, b. 1893, d. 1894, Plot 96-S, --11-S
Hatleberg, Elizabeth, b. 1836, d. 1908, Plot 96-S, --10-S, --Moder
Hatleberg, Halvor, b. 1821, d. 1868, Plot 96-S, --S, --No stone Probably 10-S below Britha
Hatleberg, James, b. 1866, d. 1912, Plot 96-S, --11-S
Hatleberg, Jennie, b. 1877, d. 1928, Plot 96-S, --10-S
Hatleberg, Jorona I., d. 1975, --See: Meuer, Jorona I.
Hatleberg, Marjorie M. (Paul), b. 1928, d. 1993, Plot --8-S
Hatleberg, Nils Bugge, b. 1870, d. 1893, Plot 95-S, --11-S
Hatleberg, Ole, b. 1864, d. 1952, Plot 95-S, --12-S
Hatleberg, Paul Leroy (Marjorie M.), b. 1920, d. 1999, Plot --8-S, --Son
Hatleberg, Stella M., b. 1887, d. 1956, Plot 117-S, --9-S, --Mother
Havner, Else, b. 1809, d. 1900, Plot 54-S, --S, --No stone, 15-S to left of Niels Olson Havner?
Havner, Niels Olson, d. 1865, Plot 54-S, --See: Olson, Niels
Havner, Ole Nielson, b. 1800, d. 1867, Plot 54-S, --S, --No stone, 15-S to right of Niels Olson Havner?
Heisig, Adolph William (Ida), b. 12-02-1890, d. 03-08-1976, Plot 63-S, --7-S, --WW I, US Army
Heisig, Harold J. (Martha), b. 1896, d. 06-29-1970, Plot 61B-N, --3-N, --Father, obit says wife's name is Blanche Roisum--two wives?
Heisig, Ida J. (Adolph William), b. 01-26-1893, d. 10-08-1988, Plot --7-S
Heisig, Martha (Harold), b. 1899, d. 1958, Plot 61B-N, --3-N, --Mother
Heisig, Vernon J., b. 10-03-1926, d. 12-10-2004, WW II, S1 US Navy
Helderstad, Anna, b. 1789, d. 1877, Plot 48-S, --17-S
Helgerson, Clarence A. (1st h/o Mabel A. Stange), b. 1887, d. 03-12-1967, Plot 18-S, --5-S, --see obit
Helgerson, Mabel A. (#1Clarence Helgerson, #2A. Theodore Kvale), b. 08-25-1912, d. 08-02-2008, Plot --5-S, --(m2)1988, d/o Herman & Wilhelmina Schultz Stange, see Mabel Kvale, see obit for Mabel Kvale
Helgerson, Mary (Vernon "Bud"), b. 12-01-1931, Plot --1-W
Helgerson, Vernon "Bud" (Mary), b. 02-07-1931, d. 07-11-2008, Plot --1-W, --(m)11-04-1950, s/o Clarence & Mabel Helgerson
Helgeson, Guro (Henry), b. 1852, d. 1918, Plot 18-S, --5-S
Helgeson, Henry (Guro), b. 1858, d. 1921, Plot 18-S, --5-S
Helgeson, Julia, --See: Selje, Julia
Helgeson, Knute, d. 04-03-1889, Plot 155-S, --15-S, --On "Vibaas" stone, 28yr old
Helgeson, Zillah V., b. 06-02-1891, d. 06-19-1968, Plot 95-S, --12-S, --WW I Nurse, WI US Navy Nurse WW I Possibly same grave as Anna Hatleberg (d.1966)
Hellie, Sena, d. 1898, --See: Amondson, Sena
Heltner, Anna (Ole), b. 1821, d. 1907, Plot 34-S, --15-S
Heltner, John, b. 1869, d. 1941, Plot 34-S, --14-S
Heltner, Lars, b. 1849, d. 1917, Plot 34-S, --15-S
Heltner, Maria, d. 1940, --See: Gullickson, Maria
Heltner, Ole, b. 1862, d. 1937, Plot 34-S, --14-S
Heltner, Ole (Anna), b. 1819, d. 1874, Plot 34-S, --15-S
Henze, Gloria M. Curtis (Robert R.), b. 09-08-1932, d. 07-16-2003, Plot 300-W, --1-W, --(m)09-02-1949, d/o Bert & Evelyn Millard Curtis, see obit
Henze, Robert R. (Gloria M. Curtis), b. 1919, Plot 300-W, --1W
Herbeck, George, b. 1870, d. 1946, Plot 58B-N, --7-N, --on stone with Helga Herbeck
Herbeck, Gustav A. (Ruth V.), b. 1892, d. 1977, Plot 66B-N, --13-N
Herbeck, Helga, b. 1864, d. 1947, Plot 58B-N, --7-N, --on stone with George Herbeck
Herbeck, Ruth V. (Gustav A.), b. 1896, d. 1974, Plot 66B-N, --7-N
Hermanson, Ada M., b. 1912, d. 1997, Plot 19-N, --4-N
Hermanson, Bertha O., d. 01-22-1875, Plot 47-S, --14-S, --10yr 8mo 29da old
Hermanson, Betsy, d. 02-01-1875, Plot 47-S, --14-S, --6yr old
Hermanson, Betsy (Herman), d. 08-05-1909, Plot 47-S, --14-S, --Nee Gjerde, 73yr old
Hermanson, Carl J. (Dorothy B. Mickelson), b. 1914, d. 1988, Plot 19-N, --4-N, --(m)09-18-1943
Hermanson, Dorothy B. (Carl J.), b. 05-04-1918, d. 08-15-2006, --(m)09-18-1943, d/o Fred & Bertha Schoechert Mickelson, see obit
Hermanson, Edwin E. (Beatrice Southworth), b. 06-03-1908, d. 02-03-1968, Plot 19-N, --4-N, --WW II, WIS Tec 5 HQ Btry 919 FA BN
Hermanson, Elsa P., --See: Hamre, Elsa P.
Hermanson, Emma C. (Peter J.), b. 1885, d. 1952, Plot 70-S, --21-S, --Nee Reque, per Lester Ludwig
Hermanson, Gertrude M. (Harold T.), b. 1918, Plot --20-S, --Nee Selje, (m)10-28-1944
Hermanson, Gladys, b. 09-17-1909, d. 10-09-1909, Plot 70-S, --20-S
Hermanson, Harold T. (Gertrude M. Selje), b. 1914, d. 10-08-1988, Plot 70-S, --20-S, --(m)10-28-1944, see obit
Hermanson, Hattie, b. 03-24-1875, d. 02-22-1957, Plot 64-S, --9-S
Hermanson, Henry G. (Lena Moen), b. 1873, d. 08-14-1923, Plot 19-N, --5-N, --see obit
Hermanson, Herbert, b. 1880, d. 1881, Plot 55-S, --12-S, --on stone with Peter Hermanson
Hermanson, Herman, b. 02-11-1866, d. 04-28-1957, Plot 47-S, --15-S, --on stone with Theodore Ole Hermanson
Hermanson, Herman (Betsey), d. 07-17-1878, Plot 47-S, --14-S, --42yr old
Hermanson, Hermund, d. 1852, --See: Svaeren, Hermond Hermanson
Hermanson, John (Karen Margette), b. 09-14-1847, d. 07-24-1927, Plot 55-S, --13-S, --Father, (m)05-28-1872, per Lester Ludwig
Hermanson, Karen Margette Odegaard (John), b. 03-23-1852, d. 01-01-1938, Plot 55-S, --13-S, --(m)05-28-1872, Mother, b.Norway, per Lester Ludwig
Hermanson, Lena (Henry G.), b. 1879, d. 05-26-1946, Plot 19-N, --5-N, --see obit
Hermanson, Obert A., b. 1904, d. 1960, Plot 19-N, --5-N
Hermanson, Ole, d. 04-01-1872, Plot 47-S, --14-S, --1yr 6mo old
Hermanson, Peter, b. 1876, d. 1876, Plot 55-S, --12-S, --on stone with Herbert Hermanson
Hermanson, Peter J. (Emma C. Reque), b. 1878, d. 04-07-1949, Plot 70-S, --21-S
Hermanson, Ragnilda, d. 1889, --See: Quamme, Ragnilda
Hermanson, Richard E., b. 03-05-1937, d. 04-01-1957, Plot 19-N, --4-N, --WI PFC Co A 1 Armed Rifles BN 36th Infantry
Hermanson, Robert B., b. 1910, d. 1997, pictures
Hermanson, Selmer R., b. 1910, d. 07-00-1927, Plot 70-S, --21-S, --s/o Peter and Emma, see obit
Hermanson, Thelma J., --See: Bergum, Thelma J.
Hermanson, Theodore Ole, b. 07-08-1875, d. 06-08-1956, Plot 47-S, --15-S, --on stone with Herman Hermanson
Hermanson, Unknown, b. 1871, d. 1873, Plot 47-S, --S, --No stone Probably 15-S to left of Theodore
Herring, Anthony C. (Michelle Frydenlund), b. 04-08-1959, d. 09-12-2006, (m)1982, s/o Vern & Mildred Hamre Herring, see obit
Herring, Helen-Mrs., b. 1876, d. 06-00-1958, Plot 176-S, --13-S, --see obit
Herring, Jennie, b. 12-05-1888, d. 04-17-1952, Plot 170-S, --17-S, --Nee: Lerdahl
Herring, Michael B., b. 09-28-1957, d. 01-28-1988, Plot 307-W, --1-W, --s/o Vern & Mildred Hamre Herring, accident
Hesjedal, Annie J., d. 1887, --See: Fadness, Annie J.
Hesjedal, Ingeborg H., d. 1914, --See: Thoe, Ingeborg H.
Hesjedal, Jacob O., d. 1879, Plot 76-S, --S, --No stone, probably 10-S below Jacob Oleson
Hesjedal, Jacob Oleson, b. 04-30-1860, d. 01-24-1863, Plot 76-S, --10-S
Hesjedal, Marie Larsdatter, b. 1841, d. 1871, Plot 76-S, --S, --Nee: Larsdatter. No stone Probably 10-S to left of Marie Larsdatter Hesjedal
Hesselberg, Brian Douglas, b. 06-07-1950, d. 03-15-1968, Plot 87A-N, --14-N, --s/o Harland & Romona M.Uphoff Hesselberg
Hesselberg, Harland R. (Ramona M. Uphoff), b. 12-22-1922, d. 12-12-2009, WW II, SSGt US Army, (m)11-05-1948, s/o Harold & Ragna Kirkeeng Hesselberg, see obit
Hesselberg, Ramona M. (Harland R.), b. 08-09-1928, (m)11-05-1948, nee Uphoff
Hildestad, Anna D. (Carl), b. 1881, d. 1962, Plot 153-S, --13-S, --Nee: Burnson, (Pencil note - 2nd husband at age 70 - Tom Eroen of DeForest-Norway Grove
Hildestad, Baby-Our Baby, b. 04-28-1905, d. 04-28-1905, Plot 153-S, --13-S, --two stones, one footstone no dates
Hildestad, Carl (Anna D.), b. 1874, d. 1940, Plot 153-S, --13-S
Hildestad, Clarence I., b. 1901, d. 1941, Plot 153-S, --13-S
Hildestad, Gertie B., b. 03-09-1904, d. 03-15-1904, Plot 153-S, --13-S, --two stones, one footstone no dates
Hildestad, Kari, d. 1918, --See: Halvorson, Kari
Hildestad, Stanley Earl, b. 09-19-1911, d. 07-12-1912, Plot 153-S, --13-S, --two stones, one footstone no dates
Hildstad, Anna, d. 1881, --See: Lerdahl, Anna
Hohlstein, Alice M. (William E.), b. 08-02-1905, d. 12-31-1990, Plot 21-N, --1-N, --Nee: Meland
Hohlstein, William E. (Alice Meland), b. 12-28-1905, d. 03-26-1981, Plot 21-N, --1-N, --see obit
Hoiby, Clarence C., b. 1902, d. 1963, Plot 33-S, --15-S
Hoiby, Dorothy E. (James F.), b. 1882, d. 1966, Plot 33-S, --15-S, --Mother
Hoiby, James F. (Dorothy E.), b. 1881, d. 1942, Plot 33-S, --15-S, --Father
Hoiby, Magrethe, b. 1890, Plot 33-S, --S, --No stone Probably 15-S to left of Clarence
Hood, Kenneth-PHD (Lois Frank), b. 07-31-1907, d. 12-15-2007, Plot --12-N, --WW II, US Army, see obit
Hood, Lois Frank (Kenneth-PHD), b. 02-02-1914, d. 12-18-2005, Plot --12-N, --see obit
Hopkins, Clarice Burnette (Clifford A.), b. 1914, d. 04-27-1994, Plot --22-S, --(m)08-26-1941, d/o Clarence & Bertha Wilson, info per Lester Ludwig
Hopkins, Clifford A. (Clarice Burnette), b. 01-01-1912, d. 03-19-1998, Plot --22-S, --s/o J.Wesley & Martha Schreiber Hopkins, per Lester Ludwig
Hoppe, Mabel A., b. 1906, d. 1986, Plot 153-S, --14-S, --Mother
Hoppe, Ralph H. -Ph. D., b. 05-04-1928, d. 12-20-2002, Plot 153-S, --13-S, --Reported by Shirley Jesberger: Cremated - on mother's lot, see obit
Hosaas Family Stone, --Godshalk, Peer, Anna, Peer C.W.
Hosaas, Anna, b. 1813, d. 1887, --See: Pederson, Anna
Hosaas, Godskalk, b. 1808, d. 1890, --See: Pederson, Godskalk
Hosaas, John G., b. 1854, d. 1941, --See: Pederson, John G.
Hosaas, Peer, b. 1845, d. 1863, --See: Pederson, Peer
Hosaas, Peer C. W., b. 1888, d. 1892, --See: Pederson, Peer C. W.
Hosaas, Unknown, --See: Gullickson, Wilhelma J.
Hosely, Baltz W. (Lizabeth Margaret Larson), b. 05-29-1918, d. 01-19-2005, (m)10-14-1942, s/o Henry & Martha Hensel Hosely, see obit
Hosely, Lizabeth Margaret (Baltz W.), b. 10-09-1921, d. 12-14-2011, (m)10-14-1942, d/o Lewis & Emma Johnson Larson, obit
Hoverson, Agnes Olena, --See: Gullickson, Agnes Olena
Hoverson, Anna, d. 1938, --See: Bredeson, Anna
Hoverson, Arthur M., b. 09-02-1916, d. 05-15-1985, Plot 35-N, --12-N, --WW II, Korea, MSgt US Army, s/o Knut & Dina Hoverson
Hoverson, Birtha, d. 1869, Plot 68-S, --See: Rongen, Birtha
Hoverson, Charles, b. 1929, Plot 35-N, --N, --No stone Probably Row 12-N in same grave as Ida Hilda O'Brien
Hoverson, Dina (Knute E.), b. 1883, d. 1965, Plot 35-N, --13-N, --Nee: Johnson Gilbertson
Hoverson, Eddie, b. 05-06-1909, d. 06-03-1988, Plot 35-N, --N, --Probably to right of Arthur Hoverson in Row 12-N
Hoverson, Esther C., --See: Gilbertson, Esther C.
Hoverson, Helen Beatrice (Russell V.), b. 06-18-1920, d. 05-26-2007, Plot 94B-N, --14-N, --(m)03-01-1941, d/o Sjur & Lilly Olson Ulvestad, see obit
Hoverson, Henry, b. 04-01-1907, d. 1911, Plot 68-S, --16-S, --s/o Henry Hoverson and G. Hoverson
Hoverson, Henry H., b. 05-22-1919, d. 08-07-1980, Plot 35-N, --12-N, --WW II, US Army, s/o Knut & Dina Hoverson
Hoverson, Hoover Edward, b. 06-22-1925, d. 04-11-2006, --Korea, SFC US Army Medic, s/o Knut & Dina Hoverson
Hoverson, Ida B, --See: O'Brien, Ida B.
Hoverson, Inga H. (Iver O.), b. 1885, d. 1972, Plot 94B-N, --15-N
Hoverson, Ingeborg, d. 1884, Plot 68-S, --See: Rongen, Ingeborg
Hoverson, Iver O. (Inga H.), b. 1894, d. 1964, Plot 94B-N, --15-N
Hoverson, Knut E. (Dina), b. 1873, d. 1944, Plot 35-N, --13-N
Hoverson, Martha, b. 06-28-1862, d. 10-03-1972, Plot 68-S, --16-S
Hoverson, Martha B., d. 1959, --See: Selje, Martha B.
Hoverson, Nyre Iver, d. 1909, --See: Rongen, Nyre Iver
Hoverson, Ole, d. 1861, --See: Rongen, Ole
Hoverson, Ole, d. 1865, --See: Rongen, Ole
Hoverson, Ole, d. 1879, --See: Rongen, Ole
Hoverson, Ove, b. 09-15-1905, d. 10-03-1973, Plot 35-N, --13-N, --PFC US Army, s/o Knut & Dina Hoverson
Hoverson, Russell V. (Helen Beatrice), b. 08-19-1918, d. 03-20-1974, Plot 94B-N, --14-N, --(m)03-01-1941
Hovey, Andrew (Helena), b. 02-08-1862, d. 03-20-1925, Plot 65-S, --10-S
Hovey, Ella (Andrew), d. 06-03-1905, Plot 65-S, --10-S, --24yr old
Hovey, Groe (John Peterson), d. 09-12-1889, Plot 65-S, --11-S, --66yr old
Hovey, Helena (Andrew), d. 07-15-1901, Plot 65-S, -- 10-S, --Nee: Quamme, 31yr old
Hovey, Jens, b. 06-16-1859, d. 03-25-1933, Plot 65-S, --10-S
Hovey, John Peterson (Groe), d. 08-10-1873, Plot 65-S, --11-S, --Father, 59yr old
Hovey, Martha, d. 05-01-1864, Plot 65-S, --11-S, --d/o John Groe Hovey, 17yr old
Hovey, Peter, d. 07-18-1867, Plot 65-S, --11-S, --s/o John & Groe Hovey, 23 yr old
Igard, Herman J. (Irma A.), b. 1900, d. 1974, Plot 30-N, --20-N
Igard, Ida, b. 1897, Plot 30-N, --N, --No stone, to right of Malla Igard in Row 21-N?
Igard, Irma A. (Herman J.), b. 1907, d. 1970, Plot 30-N, --20-N
Igard, Malla S. (Samuel J.), b. 1875, d. 1951, Plot 30-N, --21-N
Igard, Samuel J. (Malla S.), b. 1874, d. 1938, Plot 30-N, --21-N
Igard, Selma, --See: Alexander, Selma Igard
Ihland, David D. (Diane K.), b. 10-09-1937, pictures
Ihland, Dean M. (Terri L.), b. 02-29-1964, d. 07-30-2000, Plot --8-S, --(m)05-04-1985 (Terri L.)
Ihland, Diane K. (David D.), b. 08-14-1938, pictures
Ihland, Hilda, b. 1881, d. 1955, Plot 80A-N, --3-N, --Nee: Lerdahl, Mother
Ihland, Jacob Christian, b. 1844, d. 1930, Plot 88-S, --17-S
Ihland, Leonard Ole, b. 1883, d. 1969, Plot 88-S, --17-S
Ihland, Lewis, b. 1879, d. 1949, Plot 80A-N, --3-N, --Father
Ihland, Marie Esther, b. 1881, d. 1885, Plot 88-S, --17-S
Ihland, Martha, b. 1843, d. 1924, Plot 88-S, --17-S
Ihland, Terri L. (Dean M.), b. 04-01-1964, d. 07-30-2000, Plot --8-S, --(m)05-04-1985, Children: Danielle, Michael
Indrelid, Sigrid, --See: Flesche, Sigrid
Jansen, Elsie (Wilbert), b. 1915, d. 1940, Plot 32-N, --19-N, --Nee: Johnson
Jensen, Johans, b. 08-06-1840, d. 01-01-1886, Plot 77-S, --4-S, --Leite
Jerde, Edward, b. 1898, d. 1901, Plot 46-S, --S, --s/o Endre No stone Probably 13-S below Botilda Hanson Gjerde
Jerde, Ole, b. 1801, d. 1901, Plot 46-S, --S, --No stone Probably 13-S below Botilda Hanson Gjerde
Jessburger, Shirley, --See: Hoppe, Ralph H.
Johnson, Adolph G. (Rhodie C.), b. 1889, d. 1979, Plot 82-N, --5-N
Johnson, Agnes Anna, --See: Hamre, Agnes Anna
Johnson, Alice Johnson, d. 1953, --See: Lee, Alice Johnson
Johnson, Alvin (Helen O.), b. 1902, d. 05-07-1971, Plot 29A-S, --19-S, --see obit
Johnson, Alvin D. (Marjorie M.), b. 09-12-1935, pictures
Johnson, Anna, b. 09-21-1854, d. 12-21-1881, Plot 57-S, --8-S, --d/o Johannes & Sigri Mickelson
Johnson, Anna Johnson, d. 1912, --See: Gnolden, Anna Johnson
Johnson, Anna L., b. 1864, d. 1936, Plot 174-S, --19-S
Johnson, Annie (John K.), b. 1875, d. 1944, Plot 63-N, --7-N
Johnson, Arthur J. (H. Amelia), b. 1889, d. 1956, Plot 32-N, --19-N
Johnson, Belle Alsuro, d. 1893, Plot 18-S, --See: Alsuro, Belle
Johnson, Daniel O., b. 12-20-1834, d. 12-22-1888, Plot 57-S, --8-S
Johnson, Dina, --See: Hoverson, Dina
Johnson, Donald T. (JoAnn Kvale), b. 04-12-1925, d. 11-09-2009, Plot --22-S, --(m)09-17-1949, s/o Theodore & Josephine Gunderson Johnson
Johnson, Eda Johnson Olson, d. 1914, --See: Larson, Eda Johnson Olson
Johnson, Elsie, --See: Jansen, Elsie
Johnson, Ervin, d. 1900, Plot 149-S, --S, --No stone Probably 20-S to right of Ida (d. 1973)
Johnson, Gladys, b. 11-26-1908, d. 03-09-1913, Plot 149-S, --20-S, --d/o O.D. and I. Johnson
Johnson, Gladys Burnette, b. 08-19-1926, d. 02-11-2002, Plot --2-N, --Nee: Wangsness
Johnson, Gorman Keith, b. 06-05-1912, d. 11-04-1974, Plot 82-N, --5-N, --Pvt US Army WW II
Johnson, H. Amelia (Arthur J.), b. 1888, d. 1951, Plot 32-N, --19-N, --Nee: Gullickson
Johnson, Hans Johnson, d. 1923, --See: Gnolden, Hans Johnson
Johnson, Hazel M. Armstrong (Willard A.), b. 1914, d. 01-19-1990, Plot 90C-N, --22-N, --(m)01-15-1934, see obit
Johnson, Helen O. (Alvin D.), b. 1906, d. 1998, Plot --19-S
Johnson, Ida, b. 1893, d. 1989, Plot 63-S, --S, --No stone, 7-S to right of Tina Langetig Johnson?
Johnson, Ida A. Schmidtke (Ole D.), b. 1878, d. 01-15-1973, Plot 149-S, --21-S, --see obit
Johnson, Infant, d. 05-21-1916, Plot 149-S, --20-S, --d/o J. & R. Johnson
Johnson, Ingeborg H., d. 1892, --See: Gnolden, Ingeborg H.
Johnson, Ingolf C. (Theresa G.), b. 01-15-1901, d. 02-17-1980, Plot 174-S, --19-S, --see obit
Johnson, James Danford--9mo 2da, d. 08-02-1880, Plot --8-S, --s/o S & A Johnson (Probably left of Sigri)
Johnson, Joan L. (Lloyd D.), b. 01-25-1936, Plot --18-S
Johnson, JoAnn (Donald T.), b. 1929, Plot --22-S, --Nee: Kvale, (m)09-17-1949
Johnson, John E., d. 1879, --See: Bestul, John E. Johnson
Johnson, John K. (Annie), b. 1873, d. 1958, Plot 63-N, --7-N
Johnson, Josie (Theodore), b. 1887, d. 10-20-1975, Plot 31-S, --21-S, --see obit
Johnson, Lewis, d. 1938, --See: Lee, Lewis Johnson
Johnson, Linka J., b. 1884, d. 1885, Plot 146-S, --16-S
Johnson, Lloyd D. (Joan L.), b. 08-25-1926, d. 11-15-1991, Plot --18-S, --Korea, Cpl US Army
Johnson, Marjorie M. (Alvin D.), b. 08-16-1934, pictures
Johnson, Martha, d. 1955, --See: Halverson, Martha
Johnson, Morton A. (Sylvia F. Lovicott), b. 07-10-1920, d. 06-08-2007, Plot --21-N, --American Legion, (m)02-07-1942, s/o Arthur & Amelia Guilickson Johnson, see obit
Johnson, Ole D. (Ida), b. 1869, d. 1943, Plot 149-S, --21-S
Johnson, Ole L., d. 1872, --See: Gnolden, Ole L.
Johnson, Ole L., d. 1880, --See: Gnolden, Ole L.
Johnson, Olive, b. 08-11-1913, d. 03-20-1914, Plot 149-S, --20-S, --d/o O.D. and I. Johnson
Johnson, Oscar J., d. 1880, --See: Gnolden, Oscar J.
Johnson, Peter K., b. 1859, d. 1933, Plot 174-S, --19-S
Johnson, Rhodie C. (Adolph G.), b. 1893, d. 1947, Plot 82-N, --5-N, --Nee: Gilbertson
Johnson, Russell A., b. 08-19-1918, d. 02-22-1999, Plot --5-N
Johnson, Sigri (Daniel), d. 02-22-1905, Plot 57-S, --8-S, --82yr 4mo 25da old
Johnson, Stacey Anne, b. 08-30-1978, d. 09-18-1978, Plot 90A-N, --20-N, --Our daughter, d/o Dennis, see obit
Johnson, Steven J., b. 11-16-1966, maybe s/o Alvind D.& Marjorie M.Johnson, pictures
Johnson, Sylvia F. (Morton A.), b. 02-06-1922, d. 08-22-2007, Plot --21-N, --(m)02-07-1942, d/o Frances & Anna Lovicott
Johnson, Theodore (Josie), b. 1884, d. 03-00-1952, Plot 31-S, --21-S, --see obit
Johnson, Theresa G. (Ingolf), b. 10-05-1903, d. 06-21-1985, Plot 174-S, --19-S, --Nee: Kvalhim
Johnson, Tina Johnson, d. 03-10-1898, Plot 63-S, --7-S, --Nee: Wangsness, 20 or 29yr 4m 11da old
Johnson, Willard A. "Bill" (Hazel M. Armstrong), b. 09-30-1911, d. 07-31-2007, Plot 90C-N, --22-N, --(m)01-15-1934, s/o Ole & Ida Schmidtke Johnson
Jordahl, Anders, b. 1807, d. 1890, Plot 58-S, --S, --No stone, 7-S below Emily Jordalen (Jordahl)?
Jordahl, Bertina, b. 1871, d. 1903, Plot 58-S, --S, --No stone, 7-S to right of Emily Jordalen (Jordahl)?
Jordahl, Emily H. (Ole Hanson), b. 1841, d. 1930, Plot 58-S, --7-S, --Nee: Aarebro
Jordahl, Henry, b. 1869, d. 1907, Plot 58-S, --S, --No stone, 7-S below Emily Jordalen (Jordahl)?
Jordahl, Julia, b. 09-27-1878, d. 10-18-1898, Plot 58-S, --S, --7-S to right of Emily Jordalen (Jordahl)?
Jordahl, Marie, d. 1917, --See: Doane, Marie
Jordahl, Ole Hanson (Emily H.), b. 12-02-1841, d. 12-15-1900, Plot --7-S
Jordalen, Emily H. (Ole Hanson), b. 1841, d. 1930, Plot 58-S, --See: Jordahl, Emily H.
Jordalen, Julia, d. 1898, --See: Jordahl, Julia
Jordalen, Ole Hanson (Emily H.), b. 12-02-1841, d. 1900, Plot 58-S, --See: Jordahl, Ole Hanson
Jorgensen, Eric H., b. 1958, d. 09-05-1976, Plot 71B-N, --21-N, --Son, see obit
Jorgensen, Howard K. (Marcella A.), b. 09-14-1930, (m)06-22-1956, "Jorgie", from pictures
Jorgensen, Marcella A. (Howard K.), b. 02-25-1937, d. 04-11-2001, (m)06-22-1956, nee Christian, from pictures
Kalland, Bernice L., b. 01-03-1922, d. 12-22-1994, Plot --1-W, --Mom
Kalland, Claire B., b. 1917, d. 1966, Plot 54B-N, --14-N, --Son
Kalland, Martha D. (Severt R.), b. 1893, d. 10-12-1978, Plot 54B-N, --15-N, --see obit
Kalland, Severt R. (Martha D.), b. 1844, d. 1964, Plot 54B-N, --15-N
Karow, Jean F., --See: Harvey, Jean F.
Kinnes, Karen Marie, b. 1860, Plot 120-S, --S, --No stone. Lot owned by Sjur Kjenes and Mrs. Dorothy Skog
Kinnes, Sjur, b. 1891, Plot 120-S, --S, --No stone. Lot owned by Sjur Kjenes and Mrs. Dorothy Skog
Kinnes, Syvert, b. 1861, d. 1862, Plot 120-S, --S, --No stone. Lot owned by Sjur Kjenes and Mrs. Dorothy Skog
Knudson, Arthur L., b. 06-14-1899, d. 03-05-1974, Plot 25-N, --11-N
Knudson, Edwin C. (Shirley M.), b. 1929, Plot --21-S
Knudson, George E., b. 08-15-1894, d. 11-13-1990, Plot 25-N, --11-N, --WW I, Cpl US Army
Knudson, Oscar, b. 03-10-1897, d. 10-14-1971, Plot 25-N, --11-N
Knudson, Raymond Jr., d. 1927, Plot 44-N, --8-N, --Baby
Knudson, Raymond S. Sr., b. 12-03-1904, d. 06-17-1954, Plot 44-N, --9-N, --WW II, WIS Pvt 680 Ord Ammo CO
Knudson, Shirley M. (Edwin C.), b. 1931, Plot --21-S
Knuteson, Betsy (George), b. 12-14-1863, d. 06-13-1930, Plot 25-N, --10-N, --Severson Ygre -Knuteson
Knuteson, George (Betsy), b. 07-24-1858, d. 11-04-1938, Plot 25-N, --10-N
Knutson, Carl F. -maybe Knudtson, b. 12-16-1889, d. 06-09-1927, Plot 25-N, --11-N, --s/o G.N.Knutson, see obit
Knutson, Clarence, b. 10-11-1886, d. 08-22-1968, Plot 25-N, --11-N, --WI Pvt Co I 30 Inf WW I
Knutson, Gerty, b. 09-28-1885, d. 01-04-1959, Plot 25-N, --10-N
Knutson, Ole, b. 01-01-1832, d. 05-19-1908, --See: Eiken, Ole Knutson, on Eiken stone
Kvale, A. Theodore (#1Viola A. Fahrenkoph, #2Mabel Helgerson), b. 1905, d. 09-12-1988, Plot 74A-N, --15-N, --see obit, or Theodore A.Kvale
Kvale, Alvin E. (Loraine A.), b. 09-13-1923, d. 03-08-2004, (m)09-15-1944, s/o Bennie & Christina Provot Kvale, see obit
Kvale, Anna M., b. 1873, d. 1938, Plot 51-S, --20-S, --Mother
Kvale, Bennie L. (Christena M.), b. 1896, d. 02-28-1962, Plot 1-S, --3-S, --see obit
Kvale, Carl M. (Sylvia M. Baerwolf), b. 1900, d. 03-17-1979, Plot 54A-N, --15-N, --see obit
Kvale, Christena M. (Bennie L.), b. 1896, d. 1977, Plot 1-S, --3-S
Kvale, Donald T. (Esther M.), b. 03-03-1931, Plot 71A-N, --21-N
Kvale, Dorothy A. (Robert J.), b. 1934, d. 04-01-1996, Plot --4-N, --(m)09-09-1957, nee Haakenson
Kvale, Ella C., b. 1909, d. 1909, Plot 51-S, --20-S, --Daughter
Kvale, Esther M. (Donald T.), b. 04-14-1938, Plot 71A-N, --21-N, --Nee: Moen
Kvale, Joann, --See: Johnson, Joann
Kvale, Loraine A. (Alvin E.), b. 09-06-1924, d. 08-20-2014, (m)09-15-1944, d/o Arlo & Hilda Schram Merritt, see obit
Kvale, Mabel Helgerson (#1Clarence Helgerson, #2Ted Kvale), b. 08-25-1912, d. 08-02-2008, (m2)1988, d/o Herman & Wilhelmina Schultz Stange
Kvale, Marilyn E. (Thomas E.), b. 03-30-1947, d. 10-06-1997, Plot --2-N, --Nee Woodward, (m)04-15-1972
Kvale, Melvin (2nd h/o Ida Monthie), b. 12-11-1910, d. 09-02-1982, Plot 51-S, --20-S, --WW II, Pfc US Army, see obit
Kvale, Richard A., b. 08-11-1935, Plot --14-N, --one date
Kvale, Robert James (Dorothy A. Haakenson), b. 08-01-1925, d. 06-15-2004, Plot --4-N, --WW II, Korea, TEC 5 US Army, (m)09-09-1957, s/o Ben & Christena Provot Kvale, see obit
Kvale, Ruby L. (Richard), b. 06-25-1920, d. 07-23-2006, (m)11-01-1966, d/o Samuel F.& Martha O.Hester Junior, see obit
Kvale, Sylvia M. Baerwolf (Carl M.), b. 1908, d. 05-29-1999, Plot 54A-N, --15-N, --see obit
Kvale, Thomas C., b. 1964, d. 1932, Plot 51-S, --20-S, --Father
Kvale, Thomas E., b. 07-10-1946, Plot --2-N, --Md. 15 Apr 1972 (Marilyn)
Kvale, Viola A. Fahrenkoph (1st w/o A. Theodore), b. 1905, d. 06-05-1984, Plot 74A-N, --15-N, --see obit
Kvalheim, Clara, b. 1895, d. 1975, Plot 28-N, --17-N, --Nee: Eggum
Kvalheim, Donald S., b. 1927, d. 1970, Plot 28-N, --16-N
Kvalheim, Hans, b. 1882, d. 1946, Plot 28-N, --17-N
Kvalheim, Helen Elizabeth, d. 1932, Plot 28-N, --17-N, --Infant daughter
Kvalheim, Jerome, b. 1929, d. 1945, Plot 28-N, --16-N, --Son
Kvalhim, Theresa G., d. 1985, --See: Johnson Theresa G.
Kvalo, Neri (Pearl), b. 1897, d. 1981, Plot 12B-S, --19-S
Kvalo, Pearl (Neri), b. 1899, d. 1996, Plot --19-S
Kvammen, Matthias, b. 1891, d. 1914, Plot 71-S, --20-S, --on stone with Olaf Kvammen
Kvammen, Olaf, b. 1883, d. 1912, Plot 71-S, --20-S, --on stone with Matthias Kvammen
Lainberger, Alice R. (Donald G.), b. 08-19-1936, (m)09-19-1953, pictures
Lainberger, Donald G. (Alice R.), b. 09-30-1930, d. 11-21-2003, Korea, PFC US Army, US Navy, (m)09-19-1953, s/o Samuel & Hazel Harrington Lainberger, see obit
Lainberger, Donna J. Quamme (Lucian L.), b. 02-23-1933, d. 05-24-2001, Plot 59-N, --4-N, --(m)07-21-1973, d/o Harold & Fern Ione Christianson Quamme, see obit
Lainberger, Lucian L. (Donna J. Quamme), b. 07-21-1926, d. 05-28-1987, Plot 59-N, --4-N, --Korea, Pfc US Army , (m)07-21-1973
Langetig, Tina Johnson, d. 1898, Plot 63-S, --See: Johnson, Tina Johnson
Langsness, Anna, d. 1934, --See: Anderson, Anna
Larsdatter, Marie, d. 1871, --See: Hesjedal, Marie Larsdatter
Larsen, Alice (Henry), b. 1893, d. 1978, Plot 163-S, --19-S
Larsen, Baby, d. 1920, Plot 163-S, --19-S, --Infant of Henry & Alice Larsen
Larsen, Henry (Alice), b. 1888, d. 1957, Plot 163-S, --19-S
Larson, Aase Larson, d. 1923, --See: Grove, Aase Larson
Larson, Bertha, b. 06-24-1846, d. 08-02-1930, Plot 114-S, --15-S, --Nee: Bergstad, Mother
Larson, Bertha, d. 1887, Plot 78-S, --S, --No stone Probably 15-S to right of Fredrick
Larson, Bertha Nelson, b. 1893, d. 1950, --See: Nelson, Bertha Larson
Larson, Carl, b. 1884, d. 1885, Plot 114-S, --S, --No stone Probably 15-S to left of Fredrick
Larson, Donald, b. 1931, Plot 33-N, --N, --No stone Probably Row 17-N to right of Emma
Larson, Eda Johnson Olson, b. 04-26-1879, d. 07-19-1914, Plot 115-S, --12-S
Larson, Emma (Lewis), b. 1888, d. 1974, Plot 33-N, --17-N
Larson, Ethel D. (Paul), b. 07-21-1914, d. 12-06-1998, Plot --18-N, --Nee: Schuster Mother
Larson, Fredrick, b. 1843, d. 1914, Plot 114-S, --15-S
Larson, Gustav (Isabella), b. 1889, d. 05-22-1976, Plot 6-N, --13-N, --see obit
Larson, Hans, b. 1882, d. 1885, Plot 114-S, --S, --No stone, Probably 14-S to left of Torbjor Bergstad
Larson, Hansena Kristine, b. 1869, d. 1870, Plot 114-S, --S, --No stone, 14-S to left of Torbjor Bergstad?
Larson, Henriette, b. 12-25-1879, d. 04-03-1919, Plot 114-S, --15-S
Larson, Isebella (Gustav), b. 1894, d. 1930, Plot 6-N, --13-N
Larson, Jerome A., b. 1946, d. 09-12-1964, Plot 6-N, --12-N, --s/o Theodore Larson, see obit
Larson, Keith Warren, d. 1964, Plot 33-N, --16-N
Larson, Knud Larson Neilson, d. 1871, --See: Harvey, Knud Larson Neilson
Larson, Lars Olson, b. 12-12-1839, d. 03-02-1913, Plot 115-S, --12-S
Larson, Lena (Paul), b. 1900, d. 1949, Plot 9B-N, --19-N
Larson, Lewis (Emma), b. 1884, d. 1944, Plot 33-N, --17-N
Larson, Martha, b. 1852, d. 1864, Plot 115-S, --12-S
Larson, Martha (Ole), b. 09-29-18??, d. 11-13-1893, Plot 115-S, --12-S, --pictures, on stone with Ole, Olson stone
Larson, Ole, b. 1861, d. 1906, Plot 115-S, --S, --No stone Probably 12-S to left of Martha Larson Dalsoner
Larson, Ole (Martha), b. 08-20-1815, d. 05-15-1897, Plot 115-S, --12-S, --Dalsoner per K. Gullickson
Larson, Paul (Lena), b. 1917, d. 1992, Plot 9B-N, --19-N
Larson, Peder, b. 02-08-1884, d. 02-10-1884, Plot 78-S, --6-S, --s/o Rognald and Dora
Larson, Peder M. (Petra Hokenstad), b. 1857, d. 06-26-1930, Plot --6-N, --see obit
Larson, Petra Hokenstad (Peder M.), b. 1860, d. 1933, Plot --6-N
Larson, Rognal (Turi), b. 05-25-1858, d. 06-05-1917, Plot 78-S, --6-S
Larson, Serene Marie Berg, b. 10-15-1941, d. 05-29-2004, d/o Lawrence & Clara Fosmark Berg, see obit
Larson, Tilda, b. 1868, d. 1869, Plot 114-S, --S, --No stone Probably 15-S below Henriette
Larson, Turi (Rognal), b. 1851, d. 1936, Plot 78-S, --6-S, --Nee: Eiken
Lasseson, Britha, d. 1871, --See: Grove, Britha
Ledin, Amelia, d. 1978, --See: Pilger, Amelia
Ledin, Carl, b. 1892, d. 1926, Plot 132-S, --19-S
Ledin, Caroline U., b. 07-30-1905, d. 07-02-1985, Plot 76A-N, --11-N
Ledin, Esther, b. 1898, Plot 132-S, --S, --No stone Probably 19S to right of Carl Possibly Meland, Esther (d. 1968)
Ledin, Gustaf, b. 1852, d. 1932, Plot 132-S, --19-S
Ledin, John, b. 1879, d. 1919, Plot 132-S, --19-S
Ledin, Mathilda, b. 1856, d. 1922, Plot 132-S, --19-S
Ledin, Paul V., b. 05-17-1896, d. 10-15-1957, Plot 76A-N, --11-N, --WW I, WIS Sgt Co E 6 Ammunition TN
Lee, Alice Johnson, b. 04-03-1864, d. 10-24-1953, Plot 148-S, --19-S, --Mother
Lee, Alma Burke (Rev. Clarence L.), b. 1897, d. 07-13-1980, Plot 99-S, --4-S, --see obit
Lee, Anders N., b. 1818, d. 1894, --GAR, See: Lie, Anders N., spelled Lee on stone
Lee, Anna, b. 1854, d. 1929, --See: Lerum, Anna, Nee Lee
Lee, Anna, d. 1902, --See: Lie, Anna
Lee, Anna (Nels S.), can't read dates in pictures
Lee, Bertha H. (1st w/o Joseph), b. 1892, d. 1930, Plot 27-N, --15-N
Lee, Blanche J., b. 02-17-1895, d. 05-20-1896, Plot 147-S, --15-S
Lee, Blanche M., b. 04-30-1901, d. 06-22-1992, Plot --19-S
Lee, Britha, b. 12-13-1819, d. 05-24-1905, Plot 147-S, --15-S
Lee, Clarence L. -Rev. (Alma Burke), b. 1894, d. 1959, Plot 99-S, --4-S, --Pastor Evang Luth Church 1920 - 1959
Lee, Donald G. (June E. Martinson), b. 04-23-1936, (m)11-17-1962, pictures
Lee, Eileen, b. 1909, Plot 45-S, --S, --No stone Probably 10-S to left of Martha (d. 1892)
Lee, Emma W. (1st w/o Leonard J.), b. 1898, d. 10-18-1975, Plot 9B2-S, --18-S, --see obit
Lee, Ernest W. (Hazel D. Ihland), b. 12-14-1910, d. 04-24-2009, (m)12-16-1935, s/o Jacob & Marie Heubner Lee, see obit
Lee, Hazel D. Ihland (Ernest W.), b. 11-06-1918, pictures
Lee, Ingeborg (Joseph L.), b. 09-20-1852, d. 12-24-1922, Plot 45-S, --10-S, --(m)09-25-1872, d/o Lars &I Brita Lee, see obit
Lee, John Olin, b. 12-08-1884, d. 10-30-1947, Plot 27-N, --14-N, --s/o Joseph & Isabel, see obit
Lee, Joseph A. (#1Bertha, #2Patricia M.), b. 1888, d. 09-19-1969, Plot 27-N, --15-N, --see obit
Lee, Joseph L. (Ingeborg), b. 10-18-1850, d. 09-13-1921, Plot 45-S, --10-S, --(m)09-25-1872
Lee, June E. Martinson (Donald G.), b. 06-12-1939, (m)11-17-1962, pictures
Lee, Keith Alan, b. 1954, d. 1954, Plot 80A-N, --2-N, --infant s/o Ernest & Hazel Lee
Lee, Lars J., b. 05-09-1821, d. 06-05-1885, Plot 45-S, --10-S
Lee, Lena A. (Lewis G.), b. 1878, d. 1962, Plot 27-N, --14-N
Lee, Leonard J. (#1Emma W. Sager, #2Gladys McLaughlin), b. 1911, d. 06-20-1988, Plot 9B2-S, --18-S, --WW II flag holder, see obit
Lee, Lewis G. (Lena A.), b. 1882, d. 03-00-1959, Plot 27-N, --14-N, --see obit
Lee, Lewis Johnson, b. 06-01-1861, d. 03-23-1938, Plot 148-S, --19-S, --Father, (m)02-08-1888, s/o Lars J.Lee & Britha Tokle, see obit
Lee, Louisa Lee Diammon, b. 06-29-1876, d. 06-20-1944, Plot --10-S, --See: Louisa Lee Diammon, on Lee Stone
Lee, Martha, d. 1875, --See: Lie, Martha
Lee, Martha, b. 09-23-1825, d. 06-10-1898, Plot 45-S, --10-S
Lee, Martha Bertina, b. 12-29-1877, d. 06-21-1892, Plot 45-S, --10-S, --on stone with Louisa Lee Diammon--Lee Stone
Lee, Nels J., --See: Mickelson, Nels J. (Lee ?)
Lee, Nels S., d. 04-07-1889, Plot 42-S, --3-S, --72yr 9da old
Lee, Ole, Plot 45-S, --S, --No stone Probably 3-S to right of Louisa Diamond
Lee, Oscar F., b. 10-24-1893, d. 04-03-1968, Plot 27-N, --14-N, --WW I, see obit
Lee, Patricia M. (2nd w/o Joseph A.), b. 1900, d. 01-20-1973, Plot 27-N, --15-N, --see obit
Lee, Ranvai, d. 1903, --See: Harvey, Ranvai
Lee, Ruth N., b. 05-27-1897, d. 09-11-1988, Plot 148-S, --19-S
Lee, Sarah J., d. 1912, --See: Erickson, Sarah J.
Lee, Walter C., d. 04-27-1892, Plot 147-S, --15-S, --s/o L.J. & A. Lee, 3yr 5mo13da old
Leeland, Martha Leeland Burgeson, d. 1914, --See: Vibaas, Martha
Leidel, Margarette Austin Lerum (#1Norman Lerum, #2Frederick Leidel), b. 07-12-1921, d. 04-07-2007, d/o Eugene & Syphrona Underwood Austin, on stone with Norman Lerum, see obit
Leikvold, Carsten D. (Olive B.), b. 1921, d. 1997, Plot --11-N, --US Marine Corps 1942-1945
Leikvold, Olive B. (Carsten D.), b. 1923, Plot --11-N, --Nee: Sharpee Children: Sena, Daniel, Mary, Laila, Jon
Leistiko, Carol J. Bradley (#1Clarence B. Lerum, #2separated from Leistiko), b. 1914, d. 03-27-1972, Plot 119-S, --4-S, --see obit
Leite, Albert, b. 1900, d. 1902, Plot 77-S, --S, --No stone Probably 8-S to right of Magrete
Leite, Jens T., b. 08-25-1804, d. 07-11-1891, Plot 77-S, --8-S
Leite, Johans Jensen, d. 1886, --See: Jensen, Johans
Leite, Magrete, b. 1815, d. 1895, Plot 77-S, --8-S
Leonard, Edward M. (Gertrude H.), b. 1882, d. 1952, Plot 125-S, --10-S
Leonard, Gertrude H. (Edward M.), b. 1893, d. 1971, Plot 125-S, --10-S, --Nee: Meland
Lerdahl, Anna, d. 1895, --See: Erickson, Anna
Lerdahl, Anna, , --See: Meland, Anna
Lerdahl, Anna, b. 1859, Plot 48-S, --S, --No stone Probably 10-S to left of Gertrude
Lerdahl, Anna (1st w/o Ole T.), b. 1818, d. 1881, Plot 48-S, --16-S, --Nee: Hildstad
Lerdahl, Carrie, b. 1856, d. 1947, Plot 172-S, --20-S, --Mother
Lerdahl, Erick (Nellie Marie), b. 1862, d. 1940, Plot 48-S, --16-S
Lerdahl, Erik, d. 1885, --See: Erickson, Erick
Lerdahl, Esther, b. 1902, d. 1927, Plot 172-S, --20-S
Lerdahl, Gertrude, b. 1857, d. 1876, Plot 48-S, --16-S, --on ole T.Lerdahl Stone
Lerdahl, Hilda, --See: Ihland, Hilda
Lerdahl, Jennie, d. 1952, --See: Herring, Jennie
Lerdahl, Johanna (Ole), b. 04-16-1855, d. 12-26-1902, Plot 170-S, --16-S
Lerdahl, Katherine (2nd w/o Ole T.), b. 1842, d. 1908, Plot 48-S, --16-S
Lerdahl, Marie J. -Miss, b. 1890, d. 06-14-1972, Plot 170-S, --17-S, --see obit
Lerdahl, Nellie Marie (Erick), b. 1892, d. 1938, Plot 48-S, --16-S
Lerdahl, Nels, b. 1860, d. 1912, Plot 172-S, --20-S, --Father
Lerdahl, Ole (Johanna), b. 08-16-1845, d. 05-09-1936, Plot 170-S, --16-S
Lerdahl, Ole H., b. 06-28-1883, d. 12-16-1937, Plot 170-S, --16-S, b.Keyeser, info per Lester Ludwig
Lerdahl, Ole T. (#1Anna, #2Katherine), b. 1828, d. 1908, Plot 48-S, --16-S
Lerdahl, Salina, d. 1918, --See: Hanson, Salina
Lerdell, Bertha, b. 12-25-1818, d. 02-02-1901, Plot 13-S, --16-S, --Mother
Lerdell, Ole I., d. 07-09-1927, Plot 13-S, --16-S, --80 yr old
Lerum, Agnes G., --See: Berg, Agnes G.
Lerum, Albert Theodore, b. 1887, d. 1888, Plot 66-S, --13-S
Lerum, Alfred B., b. 1876, d. 1931, Plot 119-S, --4-S
Lerum, Anna (E.), d. 01-28-1873, --See: Weigen, Anna, 28yr old
Lerum, Anna (Salomon Nilsson), b. 08-10-1854, d. 03-30-1929, Plot 102-S, --4-S, --d/o Anders N.Lee & Britha Knudsdatter, see obit
Lerum, Bernice E. (William C.), b. 1911, d. 1980, Plot 91B-N, --21-N, --nee Mickelson
Lerum, Bertha Andrea, b. 1882, d. 1882, Plot 66-S, --13-S
Lerum, Bessie (Chris), b. 12-11-1886, d. 10-05-1959, Plot 102-S, --4-S, --Nee: Anfinson, see obit
Lerum, Betsy, b. 1863, d. 1931, Plot 3-N, --7-N
Lerum, Carl, b. 1889, d. 1976, Plot 3-N, --6-N
Lerum, Carol J. Bradley (#1Clarence B. Lerum, #2separated from Leistiko), b. 1914, d. 03-27-1972, Plot 119-S, --4-S, --see obit
Lerum, Christian C., b. 1848, d. 1929, Plot 66-S, --13-S, --Father
Lerum, Christian S., b. 04-01-1878, d. 01-03-1954, Plot 102-S, --4-S
Lerum, Christian, Jr., Plot 66-S, --S, --No stone Probably 16-S below Albert Theodore
Lerum, Clarence B. (1st h/o Carol J. Bradley), b. 1908, d. 02-00-1950, Plot 119-S, --4-S, --see obit
Lerum, Cornelia Bredeson, d. 1984, --See: Bredeson, Cornelia, Nee Lerum
Lerum, David J., b. 02-06-1939, d. 01-06-1970, Plot 102-S, --3-S
Lerum, Edith M. (Stanford I.), b. 1911, d. 02-00-1973, Plot 75B-N, --13-N, --see obit
Lerum, Edwin L., b. 01-06-1914, d. 09-17-1969, Plot 3-N, --6-N, --WW II, WIS TEC5 CO D 599 Sig AW BN
Lerum, Harvey, b. 1901, d. 1925, Plot 3-N, --7-N
Lerum, LeRoy Russel (Marie Moreth), b. 08-09-1934, d. 12-27-2009, (m)04-15-1967, s/o William & Bernice Mickelson Lerum, see obit
Lerum, Martin, b. 03-08-1891, d. 07-23-1975, Plot 3-N, --7-N, --WW I, Pvt US Army
Lerum, Norman A. (1st h/o Margarette F. Austin Lerum Leidel), b. 03-13-1919, d. 09-27-1961, Plot 75A-N, --13-N, --WW II, WI TEC5 HQ CO 1142 Engr C GP
Lerum, Ole, b. 1860, d. 1941, Plot 3-N, --7-N
Lerum, Peter Christian, b. 1883, d. 1968, Plot 66-S, --12-S
Lerum, Rande, b. 1854, d. 1936, Plot 66-S, --13-S, --Nee: Thompson, Mother
Lerum, Sakarias (Susan), b. 1849, d. 1890, Plot 101-S, --2-S
Lerum, Salomon Nilsson (Anna Lee), b. 1847, d. 1884, Plot 102-S, --4-S
Lerum, Sanford I. (Edith M.), b. 1916, d. 1983, Plot 75B-N, --13-N
Lerum, Susan (Sakarias), b. 1831, d. 1915, Plot 101-S, --2-S
Lerum, William C. (Bernice E.), b. 1909, d. 1975, Plot 91B-N, --21-N
Lewis, Nellie L., d. 1958, --See: Fadness, Nellie L.
Lie, Anders N., b. 1818, d. 1894, Plot 119-S, --4-S, --GAR, Lee on stone
Lie, Anna (Nels S.), d. 06-20-1902, Plot 42-S, --4-S, --82yr 9mo 21da old
Lie, Britha Knudsdatter, b. 05-01-1820, d. 04-08-1863, Plot 119-S, --4-S
Lie, Christine A., --See: Fadness, Christine A.
Lie, Ingeborg, d. 1922, --See: Lee, Ingeborg
Lie, Martha, d. 05-01-1875, Plot 42-S, --3-S, --18yr 3mo 22da old
Lie, Nels J., --See: Mickelson, Nels J. (Lie ?)
Lie, Nilsdatter, b. 1857, d. 1859, Plot 42-S, --S, --No stone Probably 4-S to left of Anna
Lie, Sigrid, --See: Flesche, Sigrid
Litshem, Ingeborg Maria (J. O.), d. 01-13-1887, Plot 61-S, --2-S, --Nee: Thoe, 23yr old
Malisch, Amber E. Sutfin (Donald A.), b. 1914, d. 03-07-1978, Plot 11A-S, --21-S, --see obit
Malisch, Donald A. (Amber E. Sutfin), b. 1903, d. 12-02-1986, Plot 11A-S, --21-S, --veteran Flag holder, see obit
Mallon, Shirley Ann (Dean)-see obit, b. 01-29-1936, d. 04-01-2010, Plot --5-N, --(m)05-02-1959, d/o Sylvia Gallagher, Mother
Martinson, Anna F. (Henry), b. 1904, d. 1985, Plot 11B-S, --21-S, --(m)05-15-1924
Martinson, Darlene Mary (Lester F.), b. 08-02-1937, d. 07-16-2011, Plot --1-W, --(m)12-08-1957, d/o Milford & Alta Broome Anderson, see obit
Martinson, Harry W., b. 1929, d. 1982, Plot 11B-S, --20-S, --Korea, US Army
Martinson, Henry (Anna F.), b. 1900, d. 1989, Plot 11B-S, --21-S, --(m)05-15-1924
Martinson, Lester F. (Darlene Mary), b. 10-29-1931, d. 04-09-2013, Plot --1-W, --Veteran, s/o Henry & Anna Maltby Martinson, (m)12-08-1957, see obit
Mathison, Carl (Julia), b. 1866, d. 1935, Plot 37-N, --9-N, --Father
Mathison, Emett P., b. 1907, d. 06-10-1957, Plot 37-N, --8-N, --see obit
Mathison, Julia (Carl), b. 1866, d. 1928, Plot 37-N, --9-N, --Mother
Mathison, Julius F., b. 1885, d. 1925, Plot 37-N, --9-N, --Co B 53 Inf 6 Div
Mathison, Russell D., b. 02-08-1960, d. 07-20-1997, Plot --8-N, --Pvt/PV2 US Army
Mathison, Theodore P., b. 1907, d. 1969, Plot 37-N, --8-N
Matson, Bertha (Hans R.), b. 07-14-1871, d. 01-15-1952, Plot 160-S, --14-S, --Mother
Matson, Bertha Helena, b. 04-16-1898, d. 11-26-1918, Plot 160-S, --14-S
Matson, Hans R. (Bertha), b. 04-03-1871, d. 05-08-1937, Plot 160-S, --14-S, --Father
Matson, Harvey N., b. 1901, d. 1984, Plot 160-S, --13-S
Matson, Helma B., b. 1910, d. 1988, Plot 78B-N, --6-N
Matson, Jennie O., --See: Sharpee, Jennie O.
Matson, Mads, b. 1869, d. 1946, Plot 78B-N, --7-N
Matson, Melvin J. (Nellie M.), b. 1908, d. 1953, Plot 84B-N, --9-N
Matson, Nellie M. (Melvin J.), b. 1895, d. 1991, Plot --9-N
Matson, Olaves R., b. 05-24-1894, d. 05-25-1963, Plot 160-S, --13-S, --WW I WI Cpl 617 Co MTC
Matson, Pearl Mathilde, b. 08-15-1903, d. 01-04-1905, Plot 160-S, --14-S
Matson, Peder T., b. 01-02-1906, d. 12-31-1985, Plot 160-S, -- 13-S
Matson, Raymond C., b. 1912, d. 1993, Plot --13-S
Mayer, Anna, b. 1883, d. 1955, Plot 41-N, --3-N
McCoy, James B. (Ruby N.), b. 1913, d. 1986, Plot 166-S, --18-S
McCoy, Ruby N. (James B.), b. 1914, d. 1999, Plot --18-S
McElroy, Harry E. (Martha L.), b. 1906, d. 1963, Plot 86B-N, --13-N, --per Lester Ludwig
McElroy, Martha L. (Harry E.), b. 02-16-1907, d. 11-20-1998, Plot 86B-N, --13-N, --d/o Erick & Agnes Hamre, d.MI and buried in MI, per Lester Ludwig
Meland, Alice M., --See: Hohlstein, Alice M.
Meland, Anna Lerdahl-Mrs., b. 09-08-1885, d. 04-09-1975, Plot 21-N, --2-N, --see obit
Meland, Aurora Miller (Glen I.), b. 1916, d. 03-09-1976, Plot 60A-N, --3-N, --see obit
Meland, Berthie, b. 1884, d. 1971, Plot 8-N, --17-N, --or spelled Melland?
Meland, Christina, b. 1862, d. 1937, Plot 8-N, --17-N, --Mother
Meland, Edwin Orris, b. 01-16-1908, d. 12-01-1967, Plot 21-N, --2-N
Meland, Esther, d. 1968, Plot 132-S, --S, --Nee: Ledin* Probably 19-S to right of Carl Possible Ledin, Esther B. 1898
Meland, Gertrude H., d. 1971, --See: Leonard, Gertrude H.
Meland, Glen I. (Aurora Miller), b. 1914, d. 09-16-1968, Plot 60A-N, --3-N, --see obit
Meland, Gordon Keith, d. 02-10-1946, Plot 60A-N, --2-N, --s/o Glen and Auroa
Meland, Jerome Martin, b. 05-21-1912, d. 01-18-1971, Plot 21-N, --2-N, --s/o Anna Meland, see obit
Meland, Marcus, b. 1860, d. 03-12-1892, Plot 8-N, --17-N, --Father, Age 31 Years
Meland, Marie O. (Sjur S.), b. 1865, d. 1945, Plot 125-S, --10-S, --Mother
Meland, Martin, b. 10-26-1866, d. 01-23-1939, Plot 21-N, --2-N
Meland, Obert A., b. 1896, d. 1911, Plot 125-S, --11-S, --Brother
Meland, Olive M. (Peter C.), b. 11-27-1907, d. 12-26-2001, Plot 87B-N, --15-N, --dates from ssdi
Meland, Peter C. (Olive M.), b. 1905, d. 1970, Plot 87B-N, --15-N
Meland, Severt, b. 1892, d. 1967, Plot 125-S, --11-S
Meland, Sjur S. (Marie O.), b. 1856, d. 1928, Plot 125-S, --10-S, --Father
Merland, Arne (Esther), b. 1906, d. 1987, Plot 92-S, --18-S
Merland, Esther (Arne), b. 1912, d. 1994, Plot --18-S
Meuer, Jorona I., b. 1892, d. 1975, Plot 95-S, --12-S, --Nee: Hatleberg
Mick, Pauline I., --See: Mickelson, Pauline I.
Mickelson, Alfred R., b. 1910, d. 1934, Plot 22-N, --5-N
Mickelson, Andrina Aarebro Thompson Mickelson (2nd w/o Mickal Mickelson), b. 1854, d. 03-05-1923, Plot 43-S, --7-S, --Nee: Aarebro, see obit
Mickelson, Anna C. (David W.), b. 09-30-1901, d. 05-22-2000, Plot 73B-N, --17-N, --(m)06-26-1926, d/o Carl & Lena Hoverson Gullickson, see obit
Mickelson, Arthur, b. 02-19-1897, d. 04-08-1959, Plot 38-N, --7-N, --WI Pvt Salvage Div QMC WW I
Mickelson, Bernie N. (Ingeborg), b. 04-31-1895, d. 08-05-1971, Plot 57A-N, --9-N, --Veteran
Mickelson, Betsy, b. 1853, d. 1912, --
Mickelson, Carrie (Nels), d. 06-15-1898, Plot 100-S, --2-S, --Nee: Stanghelle, 73yr 9mo 21da old
Mickelson, Casper H., b. 1908, d. 05-08-1961, Plot 22-N, --5-N, --see obit
Mickelson, David W. (Anna C. Gullickson), b. 1900, d. 01-02-1969, Plot 73B-N, --17-N, --see obit
Mickelson, Dena C., --See: Sharpee, Dena C.
Mickelson, Donald, b. 1924, d. 1924, Plot 22-N, --4-N
Mickelson, Elmer, b. 12-24-1889, d. 05-03-1922, Plot 39-N, --5-N, --Veteran
Mickelson, Emma, b. 1901, d. 1968, Plot 38-N, --6-N
Mickelson, Harold LeRoy (Pauline I.), b. 11-06-1927, d. 01-16-1996, Plot --16-N, --Korea, CPL US Army
Mickelson, Helena, b. 1867, d. 1944, Plot 22-N, --5-N, --Nee: Davidson
Mickelson, Herman, b. 1895, d. 1941, Plot 39-N, --N, --No stone, probably row 5-N below Carrie Bell
Mickelson, Ingeborg J. (Bernie N.), b. 1897, d. 07-24-1982, Plot 57A-N, --9-N, --Nee: Fadness, see obit
Mickelson, John N. (Sophia L.), b. 1859, d. 1942, Plot 16-N, --10-N
Mickelson, June Arlene, b. 1927, d. 1935, Plot 22-N, --4-N, --is she the d/o David & Anna Mickelson
Mickelson, Luella C. (Melvin E.), b. 1905, d. 1991, Plot 57B-N, --8-N
Mickelson, Martha, d. 1915, --See: Davidson, Martha
Mickelson, Martin H. (Ruby Pauline), b. 1897, d. 03-10-1974, Plot 73A-N, --17-N, --Veteran, (m)11-26-1926
Mickelson, Marvin L. (Viola H.), b. 12-06-1908, d. 03-25-1981, Plot 8A-S, --16-S, --veteran flag holder
Mickelson, Mary/Marie (1st w/o Mickel Mickelson), b. 1859, d. 10-05-1907, Plot 43-S, --7-S, --Nee: Aarebro, see obit
Mickelson, Melvin E. (Luella C. Olson), b. 1904, d. 10-18-1972, Plot 57B-N, --8-N, --see obit
Mickelson, Merwyn Lavern "Mick" (Pearl "Nancy" Rabl), b. 11-17-1934, d. 04-17-1996, Plot --8-N, --Lt JG US Navy (m)12-09-1967, per Lester Ludwig
Mickelson, Mickel (#1Marie Aarebro, #2Andrene Aarebor Thompson), b. 1855, d. 03-08-1923, Plot 43-S, --7-S, --see obit
Mickelson, Minnie, b. 1888, d. 1910, Plot 43-S, --7-S
Mickelson, Mons, b. 1857, d. 1864, Plot 100-S, --S, --No stone Probably 2-S to left of Nels
Mickelson, Mons (Lena Davidson Vestrem), b. 1865, d. 08-00-1921, Plot 22-N, --5-N, --see obit
Mickelson, Myron, b. 1898, d. 10-00-1957, Plot 39-N, --N, --No stone, 5-N below and to left of Carrie Bell? See obit
Mickelson, Nels (Carrie), d. 04-12-1909, Plot 100-S, --2-S, --86yr 9mo 24da old
Mickelson, Nels (Tilla), b. 01-21-1875, d. 01-30-1925, Plot 38-N, --7-N, --Father
Mickelson, Nels J., b. 10-16-1888, d. 08-28-1899, Plot 42-S, --3-S, --on Lee stone
Mickelson, Nels-single, b. 1885, d. 12-00-1957, Plot 39-N, --N, --No stone, 5-N below and to left of Carrie Bell? See obit
Mickelson, Pauline I. Mick (Harold LeRoy), b. 1933, d. 03-20-1989, Plot 73A-N, --16-N, --see obit
Mickelson, Pearl "Nancy" (Merwyn L.), b. 03-28-1941, Plot --8-N, --Nee: Rabl, Children: Mark, Erik, Krsiten
Mickelson, Raymond G. (Diann D. Schwandt), b. 05-05-1929, d. 06-15-2011, (m)07-10-1965, s/o David & Anna Gullickson Mickelson, see obit
Mickelson, Rolf/Ralph Herbert, b. 1935, d. 07-18-1956, Plot 57A-N, --9-N, --s/o Barney, & Ingeborg, car accident, see obit
Mickelson, Ruby Pauline (Martin), b. 04-18-1908, d. 12-11-2005, Plot --17-N, --(m)11-26-1926, d/o Bernard & Anna Hoverson Bredeson, stone is in error with d.date 2006, see obit
Mickelson, Sophia L. (John N.), b. 1861, d. 1940, Plot 16-N, --10-N
Mickelson, Tilla (Nels), b. 04-28-1869, d. 08-31-1932, Plot 38-N, --7-N, --Mother
Mickelson, Viola H. (Marvin L.), b. 02-12-1909, d. 01-14-1979, Plot 8A-S, --16-S
Mickelson, Willie B., b. 02-19-1899, d. 04-10-1965, Plot 38-N, --7-N, --WI Pvt Quartermaster Corps WW II
Miller, Aurora, --See: Meland, Aurora
Miller, Karen L., b. 10-03-1946, Plot --18-N
Miller, Ruth M., b. 02-28-1918, d. 05-16-2000, Plot --18-N
Moe, Anna (Ole O.), b. 1850, d. 1939, Plot 33-S, --16-S, --Mother
Moe, John, b. 1885, d. 1920, Plot 33-S, --16-S
Moe, Martin A., b. 1877, d. 1942, Plot 33-S, --16-S
Moe, Ole O. (Anna), b. 1841, d. 1929, Plot 33-S, --16-S, --Father
Moen, Esther M., --See: Kvale, Esther M.
Molster, Magretta, d. 1930, --See: Nyhre, Magretta
Monson, Johannes, d. 1896, --See: Stanghelle, Johannes Monson
Monson, Lyda (Nelvin), b. 1901, d. 1986, Plot 98-N, --7-N
Monson, Nelvin (Lyda), b. 1892, d. 1962, Plot 98-N, --7-N
Monson, Vernon H., b. 10-27-1919, d. 01-16-1945, Plot 98-N, --7-N, --WW II, WI Pvt 358 Inf GO Div, KIA, s/o Melvin Monson, obit
Naeseth, C. G. (Emma Brandt), b. 1881, d. 1960, Plot 162-S, --17-S, --Pastor Spring Prairie Lutheran Church 1919-1954
Naeseth, Emma Brandt (C. G.), b. 1890, d. 1954, Plot 162-S, --17-S
Naeseth, Gerhard Brandt (Milma D.), b. 04-14-1913, d. 06-10-1994, Plot --19-S, --WW II, US Navy, (m)08-25-1940
Naeseth, Milma Delilah (Gerhard B.), b. 02-27-1914, d. 11-12-2006, Plot --19-S, --(m)08-25-1940, d/o Henry & Siiri Levander Petrell, CH: Charles, Philip, Olivia, Louise, see obit
Naeseth, Olivia Louise, b. 03-31-1954, d. 08-11-1993, Plot --19-S, --d/o Gerhard B.& Milma D.Naeseth
Neilson, Knud Larson Neilson, d. 1871, --See: Harvey, Knud Larson Neilson
Nelson, Albert N., b. 08-23-1909, d. 08-16-2005, Plot --21-S, --from obit
Nelson, Bertha J. Prescott, b. 07-12-1890, d. 10-02-1987, Plot 52-S, --18-S, --Nee: Pederson
Nelson, Bertha Larson, b. 1893, d. 1950, Plot 178-S, --14-s, --Nee: Larson
Nelson, Britha, b. 03-15-1854, d. 09-24-1922, Plot 178-S, --14-S
Nelson, Caroline Lerdahl (Knute), b. 1883, d. 05-06-1967, Plot 172-S, --21-S, --see obit
Nelson, Jennelyn C., d. 1981, --See: Sandell, Jennelyn C.
Nelson, Knute (Caroline), b. 1880, d. 1918, Plot 172-S, --21-S
Nelson, Peter, b. 1896, d. 04-11-1942, Plot 178-S, --14-S, --WW I, WI Pvt BN US Guards
Nelson, Roy J., b. 07-04-1896, d. 01-16-1972, Plot 52-S, --18-S
Nelson, Susie, b. 1875, d. 1935, Plot 178-S, --14-S
Ness, Arthur J. (Irene J.), b. 1926, d. 1955, Plot 64-N, --8-N, --Father
Ness, Harold O., b. 1922, d. 1989, Plot 64-N, --8-N
Ness, Hazel A. (Ove E.), b. 06-13-1914, d. 07-06-2002, Plot --15-N, --dates from ssdi
Ness, Irene J. (Arthur J.), b. 1925, Plot --8-N, --Mother
Ness, Jens O. (Lydia), b. 1881, d. 1974, Plot 64-N, --9-N
Ness, John D. (Sina), b. 1868, d. 1934, Plot 40-N, --3-N, --Father
Ness, Joseph D., b. 1903, d. 1936, Plot 40-N, --2-N
Ness, Lydia (Jens O.), b. 1892, d. 1971, Plot 64-N, --9-N
Ness, Ove E. (Hazel A.), b. 1909, d. 1967, Plot 67B-N, --15-N
Ness, Sina (John D.), b. 1875, d. 1957, Plot 40-N, --3-N, --Nee: Wangsness, Mother
Netland, Isak, b. 1878, d. 1937, Plot 49A-N, --19-N
Nilsdatter, Kari, d. 1918, --See: Halvorson, Kari
Nordby, Paul, b. 1896, d. 1887/1897, Plot 159-S, --16-S
Nyhre, Eddie L., b. 1882, d. 05-00-1958, Plot 110-S, --21-S, --see obit
Nyhre, Herman, b. 1885, d. 1919, Plot 110-S, -- 21-S
Nyhre, Magretta, b. 1857, d. 1930, Plot 110-S, --21-S, --Nee: Molster
Nyhre, Marie, --See: Bredeson, Marie
Nyhre, Martha, b. 1891, d. 1910, Plot 110-S, --21-S
Nyhre, Nils, b. 1853, d. 1931, Plot 110-S, --21-S
Nyhre, Thorstina, b. 1887, d. 1910, Plot 110-S, --21-S
O'Brien, Ida B., b. 1911, d. 1933, Plot 35-N, --12-N, --Nee: Hoverson
O'Brion, Della S. Lee (Robert A.), b. 03-01-1905, d. 02-24-1985, Plot 12A2-S, --18-S, --see obit
O'Brion, Robert A. (Della S. Lee), b. 08-31-1904, d. 09-24-1972, Plot 12A2-S, --18-S, --see obit
Odland, M. Lavone Iverson (Pastor Otis Kenneth), b. 1916, d. 1992, Plot --1-W
Odland, Otis Kenneth-Rev. (M. Lavone Iverson), b. 02-00-1920, d. 03-00-2006, Plot --1-W, --Pastor - Spring Prairie-Morrisonville Lutheran Churches 1954-1967
Offerdal, Emma, b. 1881, d. 1883, Plot 31-S, --21-S, --d/o Knut & Syneva Offerdal
Offerdal, Kari, b. 1871, d. 1891, Plot 31-S, --21-S
Offerdal, Knut J. (Syneva), b. 03-22-1829, d. 06-03-1917, Plot 31-S, --21-S
Offerdal, Syneva (Knut J.), b. 01-10-1842, d. 06-01-1920, Plot 31-S, --21-S, --Nee: Seim
Offerdal, Tella, b. 1877, d. 1883, Plot 31-S, --21-S, --d/o Knut & Syneva Offerdal
Oleson, Bretta Lee (Helich), b. 1841, d. 09-08-1897, Plot 19-S, --S, --Prorably 3-S above Erik Vestrem, 50yr old
Olsen Family Stone Children of H. & A., --Aleta Seline, Gunilde H, Gunilde Maria, Maline H, Marte H.
Olsen, Egbert H. (Serene M.), b. 1910, d. 1993, Plot --1-W
Olsen, Serene M. (Egbert H.), b. 1911, Plot --1-W
Olson, Aleta Seline, b. 01-01-1885, d. 10-11-1893, Plot 85-S, --11-S, --Child of Hendrick and Anna Olson
Olson, Anna, d. 1907, --See: Hallburg, Anna
Olson, Anna (Hendrick ER), b. 09-22-1845, d. 07-23-1908, Plot 85-S, --11-S
Olson, Caroline (John E.), b. 1883, d. 1926, Plot 16-N, --11-N
Olson, Eda Johanna, b. 04-26-1879, d. 07-19-1914, --See: Larson, Eda Johnson Olson
Olson, Gunilde H., b. 03-06-1877, d. 07-12-1880, Plot 85-S, --11-S, --d/o Hendrick and Anna Olson
Olson, Gunilde Maria H., b. 10-26-1880, d. 07-04-1887, Plot 85-S, --11-S, --d/oHendrick and Anna Olson
Olson, Hendrick ER (Anna), b. 06-02-1844, d. 08-28-1927, Plot 85-S, --11-S
Olson, John E. (Carolina), b. 1876, Plot --11-N
Olson, Lars Olson, b. 12-12-1889, d. 03-02-1913, --See: Larson, Lars Olson
Olson, Maline H., b. 08-24-1873, d. 01-31-1898, Plot 85-S, --11-S, --Child of Hendrick and Anna Olson
Olson, Marte H., b. 07-24-1875, d. 04-12-1893, Plot 85-S, --11-S, --Child of Hendrick and Anna Olson
Olson, Martha, b. 1867, d. 1914, Plot 173-S, --21-S, --Nee: Rannvei
Olson, Martin P., b. 1895, d. 1958, Plot 173-S, --21-S
Olson, Niels, b. 11-27-1837, d. 09-29-1865, Plot --15-S
Olson, Ole H., b. 06-26-1869, d. 11-05-1908, Plot 115-S, --12-S, --s/o H. and A. Olson
Olson, Sylvester "Ole", b. 1910, d. 2000, from pictures
Ostern, Caroline M., b. 11-14-1917, d. 01-06-2003, Plot --9-N, --dates from ssdi
Ovattum, Karoline, b. 11-27-1847, d. 11-01-1877, --See: Harvey, Karoline Ovattum, Ole's Datter
Pederson, Anna, d. 1956, --See: Burke, Anna
Pederson, Anna, b. 1813, d. 1887, Plot 83-S, --6-S, --Nee: Bergstad
Pederson, Anna J. (Wilbert E.), b. 1899, d. 1989, Plot 52-S, --19-S, --Nee: Hamre
Pederson, Anna L., d. 1977, --See: Hana, Anna L.
Pederson, Baby, Plot 52-S, --S, --No stone Probably 19-S Below Anna Pederson (d. 1989)
Pederson, Bertha J. Prescott, d. 1987, --See: Nelson, Bertha J. Prescott
Pederson, Britha (John G.), b. 1855, d. 1940, Plot 83-S, --6-S, --Nee: Fadness
Pederson, Dorothy V. (Vernon G.), b. 1922, (m)02-02-1945, nee Davisdon
Pederson, Godskalk, b. 1808, d. 1890, Plot 83-S, --6-S
Pederson, Henry (Josie Erie), b. 01-18-1884, d. 01-01-1960, Plot 85-N, --11-N, --Father, see obit
Pederson, Herbert J., b. 08-11-1921, d. 07-04-1998, Plot --11-N, --s/o Henry & Josie Erie Pederson
Pederson, John G. (Britha), b. 1854, d. 1941, Plot 83-S, --6-S, --see Hosaas, John G.
Pederson, Josie (Henry), b. 10-11-1884, d. 08-19-1963, Plot 85-N, --11-N, --Mother
Pederson, Marie, d. 1981, --See: Bergo, Marie
Pederson, Melvin B., b. 08-27-1923, d. 04-22-1997, Plot --11-N, --s/o Henry & Josie Erie Pederson
Pederson, Peer, b. 1845, d. 1863, Plot 83-S, --6-S
Pederson, Peer, C. W., b. 1888, d. 1892, Plot 83-S, --6-S
Pederson, Selma J., b. 04-29-1925, d. 05-19-2015, d/o Henry & Josie Erie Pederson, see obit
Pederson, Thorald Pedersen, b. 01-01-1857, d. 10-22-1895, --See: Eken, Thorald Pedersen
Pederson, Vernon G. (Dorothy V. Davidson), b. 03-03-1921, d. 05-30-2007, WW II, (m)02-02-1945, s/o Herman & Kathryn Albright Pederson, see obit
Pederson, Wilbert Enormal (Anna Hamre), b. 08-25-1899, d. 06-08-1989, Plot 52-S, --19-S, --see obit
Pederson, Wilhelma, --See: Gullickson, Wilhelma J.
Peterson, Christine M., d. 1963, --See: Burgeson, Christine M.
Peterson, John, d. 1873, --See: Hovey, John Peterson
Petrell, Milma Delilah, --See: Naeseth, Milma Delilah
Pfaff, Evelyn H., --See: Quamme, Evelyn H.
Piernot, Earl, d. 1922, --See: Boyum, Piernot
Pilger, Amelia, d. 1978, Plot 132-S, --S, --Nee: Ledin, No stone Probably 19-S to left of Mathilda Ledin
Pobjoy, Ethel A. (Grant L.), b. 03-07-1927, d. 01-19-2004, Plot --8-N, --(m)1946, d/o Albert & Sybil Skram, see obit
Pobjoy, Grant L. (Ethel A. Skram), b. 02-05-1924, d. 08-11-1986, Plot 97B-N, --8-N
Prescott, Abner B., b. 05-12-1891, d. 10-04-1918, Plot 52-S, --19-S, --Veteran, 71 US Inf Med. Corps
Prescott, Bertha J. Prescott, d. 1987, --See: Nelson, Bertha J. Prescott
Prescott, Martha (William), b. 1883, d. 1962, Plot 69-S, --19-S, --Nee: Gilbertson Vassend, Mother
Prescott, William (Martha), b. 1863, d. 1933, Plot 69-S, --19-S, --Father
Preus, Carl Christie, Plot 159-S, --16-S, --OG TRE SMAA SODSKERDE
Preus, Caroline Dorothea Margrethe, b. 1 Tvedt 1829, d. 09-19-1880, Plot 159-S, --16-S
Preus, Christian E., b. 1888, d. 1895, Plot 162-S, --16-S
Preus, Herman A., b. 1875, d. 1891, Plot 162-S, --16-S
Preus, Herman Amberg (Caroline D.), b. 1825, d. 07-02-1894, Plot 159-S, --16-S, --Born Christiansand
Preus, Paul L. A., b. 1867, d. 1883, Plot 159-S, --16-S
Punswick, Adeline B. (Sidney H.), b. 05-01-1915, Plot --22-S, --nee Gilbertson, (m)10-21-1942
Punswick, Sidney H. (Adeline B.), b. 02-24-1916, d. 06-29-1998, Plot --22-S, --(m)10-21-1942, Children: Dale, Phillip, Shirley
Quam, Arthur O. (Ida J.), b. 1900, d. 1990, Plot 68B-N, --17-N
Quam, Ida J. (Arthur O.), b. 1900, d. 1972, Plot 68B-N, --17-N
Quam, Joann M. (Phillip R.), b. 08-03-1938, Plot --16-N
Quam, Phillip R. (Joann M.), b. 11-19-1936, d. 05-17-1994, Plot --16-N
Quamme, Anne E. (Artman M.), b. 11-15-1905, d. 10-01-1977, Plot 15-N, --13-N, --Nee: Waagen
Quamme, Arnolda, b. 1877, d. 1926, Plot 36-S, --11-S, --Mother
Quamme, Artman Glenn Jr. (Barbara Edith Lange), b. 11-15-1928, d. 04-25-2001, Plot --1-W, --Korea, (m)08-01-1953, s/o Artman & Ann Waugen Quamme, see obit
Quamme, Artman M. Sr. (Anne E.), b. 02-24-1901, d. 07-14-1975, Plot 15-N, --13-N, --see obit
Quamme, Baatholf, b. 1860, d. 1932, Plot 36-S, --S, --Probably 11-S below William
Quamme, Barbara A. (Gerald L.), b. 1944, (m)06-04-1966, pictures
Quamme, Barbara Edith Lange (Artman Glenn Jr.), b. 01-16-1935, d. 04-12-2003, Plot --1-W, --(m)08-01-1953, d/o Roy & Dorothy Lueders Lange, see obit
Quamme, Bertha, d. 1928, --See: Gullickson, Bertha
Quamme, Bertha (Theodore), b. 1875, d. 1950, Plot 113-S, --17-S, --Nee: Rendahl
Quamme, Beverly (Baby), d. 1941, Plot 7-N, --15-N, --d/o Russell Sr. & Dorothy Johnson Quamme
Quamme, Carrie, d. 1938, --See: Curtis, Carrie
Quamme, Clement B. (Edna L. Schultz), b. 1904, d. 01-15-1981, Plot 51B-N, --21-N, --see obit
Quamme, Dorothy A., b. 1913, d. 1986, Plot 7-N, --14-N, --Mother
Quamme, Edna L. (Clement), b. 09-20-1911, d. 12-09-2006, Plot 51B-N, --21-N, --(m)10-09-1930, d/o Otto & Anna Schliewe Schultz, see obit
Quamme, Eldred, b. 1903, d. 1942, Plot 36-S, --11-S
Quamme, Elizabeth H., b. 11-21-1929, d. 05-25-1930, Plot 15-N, --13-N
Quamme, Evelyn H. (Harold W.), b. 1908, d. 1992, Plot 59-N, --5-N, --Nee: Pfaff, 2nd w/o Harold W.Quamme
Quamme, Garland "Gary" D. Gaumitz (Russell J.), b. 1935, (m)12-18-1954, pictures
Quamme, Gerald L. (Barbara A.), b. 1942, (m)06-04-1966, pictures
Quamme, Hanna Olia, b. 12-20-1877, d. 09-20-1878, Plot 50-S, --20-S, --on stone with Herman & Unnie Quamme
Quamme, Hans, b. 1824, d. 1878, Plot 36-S, --S, --Probably 11-S below Arnolda, Grandfather
Quamme, Harold W. (#1 Ione T. Christensen, #2Evelyn H. Pfaff), b. 1899, d. 1989, Plot 59-N, --5-N
Quamme, Helena, d. 1901, --See: Hovey, Helen
Quamme, Helena R. (Tilda C.), --See: Grove, Helena R.
Quamme, Herbert R., b. 1876, d. 1957, Plot 65-N, --11-N
Quamme, Herman (Unnie), b. 08-07-1852, d. 06-09-1909, Plot 50-S, --20-S
Quamme, Ione F. (1st w/o Harold W.), b. 1907, d. 1943, Plot 59-N, --5-N, --Nee: Christianson
Quamme, Julia L., b. 1906, d. 1982, Plot 65-N, --10-N
Quamme, Lyle A., b. 06-23-1955, d. 09-18-2000, Plot --15-N
Quamme, Maria, b. 1865, d. 1867, Plot 36-S, --S, --No stone Probably 11-S to right of Baatholt
Quamme, Mark "Spike" Glen, b. 04-21-1958, d. 12-19-2015, s/o Art & Barbara Lange Quamme, is he buried here, his parents are here, see obit
Quamme, Mathilda (Andrenia), d. 1946, --See: Weigen, Mathilda (Andrenia)
Quamme, Olena, --See: Gullickson, Olena
Quamme, Ragnilda, b. 1836, d. 1889, Plot 36-S, --S, --Nee: Hermanson Svaeren, Probably 11-S below Thomas, Grandmother
Quamme, Russell A., b. 1912, d. 1965, Plot 7-N, --14-N, --Father
Quamme, Russell J. Jr. (Garland "Gary" D. Gaumitz), b. 03-08-1934, d. 09-07-2008, (m)12-18-1954, s/o Russell Sr.& Dorothy Johnson Quamme, see obit
Quamme, Ruth G., --See: Derr, Ruth G.
Quamme, Theodore (Bertha), b. 1878, d. 1953, Plot 113-S, --17-S
Quamme, Thomas, b. 1867, d. 1937, Plot 36-S, --11-S, --Father
Quamme, Thomas A. (Verla M. Johnson), b. 06-11-1934, d. 09-13-2008, US Army, (m)10-11-1958, s/o Harold & Ione Christensen Quamme, see obit
Quamme, Tilda C. (Herbert R.), b. 1881, d. 1958, Plot 65-N, --11-N
Quamme, Unnie (Herman), b. 1855, d. 1937, Plot 50-S, --20-S
Quamme, Verla M. Johnson (Thomas A.), b. 1933, pictures
Quamme, William, b. 1862, d. 1932, Plot 36-S, --S, --No stone Probably 11-S to left of Eldred
Rabl, Pearl (Nancy), --See: Mickelson, Pearl
Ranvei, Anna, --See: Gilbertson, Anna
Ranvei, Christie, d. 1923, --See: Ranvei, Christie
Ranvei, Martha, d. 1914, --See: Olson, Martha
Ranvei, Ole, d. 1928, --See: Bonnet, Ole
Reinen, John, b. 1862, d. 1904, Plot 62-S, --4-S, --on stone with Nels P.Reinen
Reinen, Nels P., b. 1860, d. 1895, Plot 62-S, --4-S, --on stone with John Reinen
Reinen, Peter E., b. 05-24-1890, d. 06-24-1979, Plot 62-S, --3-S
Rendahl, Andres, b. 03-28-1878, d. 06-28-1878, Plot 60-S, --2-S, --Child of E.J. & U. on stone with Andres
Rendahl, Andres, b. 04-21-1872, d. 12-28-1872, Plot 60-S, --2-S, --Child of E.J. & U., on stone with Andres
Rendahl, Andrew, b. 1881, d. 1925, Plot 60-S, --S, --No stone Probably 2-S to right of John S.
Rendahl, Bertha, d. 1950, --See: Quamme, Bertha
Rendahl, Christi A. (John S.), b. 04-01-1797, d. 05-09-1877, Plot 60-S, --2-S
Rendahl, Elling, b. 1843, d. 1925, Plot 60-S, --S, --No stone Probably 2-S below Andrew
Rendahl, John, b. 10-18-1867, d. 05-10-1920, Plot 113-S, --17-S, --No first name/dates on stone Next to Quamme, Theodore
Rendahl, John S. (Christi A.), b. 10-16-1796, d. 07-08-1888, Plot 60-S, --2-S
Rendahl, Unne, b. 1926, Plot 60-S, --S, --No stone Probably 2-S below John S.
Reque, Agnes, b. 1905, d. 1907, Plot 107-S, --14-S
Reque, Andrew, d. 1896, --See: Reqve, Andrew, on stone with Thorsten S.
Reque, Bertha, b. 1869, d. 1935, Plot 107-S, --15-S, --Nee: Rekve, Mother
Reque, Guri, b. 01-23-1842, d. 09-21-1896, --See: Reqve, Guri
Reque, Gustave O. S., d. 1906, --See: Reqve, Gustave O.S.
Reque, Sanford, b. 1892, d. 1942, Plot 107-S, --14-S
Reque, Sara, d. 1918, --See: Waller, Sara
Reque, Sjur, b. 1839, d. 1930, --See: Reqve, Sjur, Father
Reque, Thorsten S., d. 1890, --See: Reqve, Thorsten S., on stone with Andrew
Reque, Tilla Adella, b. 1901, d. 1901, Plot 106-S, --12-S, --d/o Mr. and Mrs. Knute C.Reque
Reqve, Andrew, b. 05-09-1866, d. 07-19-1896, Plot 106-S, --12-S, --on stone with Thorsten S.
Reqve, Betha, d. 1935, --See: Reque, Bertha
Reqve, Guri (Sjur), b. 01-28-1842, d. 09-21-1906, Plot 106-S, -- 12-S, --Nee: Dagestad, Mother
Reqve, Gustave O. S., b. 06-25-1881, d. 02-04-1906, Plot 106-S, --12-S
Reqve, Sara, d. 1918, --See: Waller, Sara
Reqve, Sjur (Guri), b. 1839, d. 1930, Plot 106-S, --12-S, --Father
Reqve, Thorsten S., b. 09-26-1863, d. 05-15-1890, Plot 106-S, --12-S, --on stone with Andrew
Roate, Dale, Jr., d. 1989, Plot 8A-S, --S, --No stone. Probably 16-S below Viola Mickelson
Robb, Baby, d. 1927, Plot 38-N, --N, --No stone. Probably 6-N in same grave as Sena
Robb, Sena, b. 1894, d. 1970, Plot 38-N, --6-N, --Mother
Robinson, Betsy, b. 1873, d. 1946, Plot 62B-N, --5-N, --Nee: Wangsness, Mother
Roisum, Dean-twin to James, d. 04-07-1951, Plot 181-S, --12-S, --s/o Oliver & Jennelyn Harvey Roisum
Roisum, James-twin to Dean, d. 04-07-1951, Plot 181-S, --12-S, --s/o Oliver & Jennelyn Harvey Roisum
Roisum, Jennelyn E. (Oliver C.), b. 11-04-1927, d. 02-23-1998, Plot --12-S, --Nee: Harvey, (m)06-19-1948
Roisum, Oliver C. "Ollie" (Jennelyn E. Harvey), b. 12-09-1927, d. 01-13-2004, Plot --12-S, --US Army, (m)06-19-1948, s/o Olaus M.& Clara Tenjum Roisum, see obit
Rongen, Birtha, b. 03-12-1866, d. 03-21-1869, Plot 68-S, --16-S
Rongen, Ingeborg, b. 09-15-1841, d. 02-25-1884, Plot --16-S, --Nee: Fadness Rongo Konen AF Iver Rongen
Rongen, Nyre Iver, b. 04-12-1833, d. 05-30-1909, Plot 68-S, --16-S
Rongen, Ole, b. 07-24-1864, d. 06-03-1865, Plot 68-S, --16-S
Rongen, Ole, b. 03-04-1861, d. 06-10-1861, Plot 68-S, --16-S
Rongen, Ole, b. 09-16-1878, d. 08-01-1879, Plot 68-S, --16-S
Rongen, Ole K., b. 02-06-1814, d. 09-18-1875, Plot 68-S, --16-S, --Fadness Rongo
Rongo, Anna Johnson, d. 1912, --See: Gnolden, Anna Johnson
Rongo, Brita O., d. 1897, --See: Harvey, Brita O.
Rongo, Ingeborg, d. 1884, --See: Rongen, Ingeborg
Rongo, Ole Knutson, d. 1875, --See: Fadness Ole K.
Rostad, Adeline L. (Sylvester C.), b. 06-06-1915, d. 07-06-2003, Plot 303-W, --1-W, --(m)11-22-1934, d/o Agnes & Edward Schmidtke, per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Rostad, Anna (Gabriel), b. 03-17-1883, d. 09-27-1962, Plot 130-S, --21-S, --b. Norway, per Lester Ludwig
Rostad, Astrid, d. 1911, Plot 130-S, --S, --No stone, probably 21S below Sam Rostad
Rostad, Gabriel (Anna), b. 01-16-1883, d. 09-12-1974, Plot 130-S, --21-S, --b. Norway, per Lester Ludwig
Rostad, Henry I. (Marcella Rose Schenck), b. 05-18-1920, d. 08-12-2003, WW II, CM3 US Navy, (m)08-30-1947, s/o Gabriel & Anna Rostad, see obit
Rostad, Marcella Rose (Henry I.), b. 12-11-1924, d. 08-18-2004, (m)08-30-1947, d/o Albert & Esther Sievert Schenck, obit
Rostad, Sam, b. 01-12-1879, d. 08-30-1959, Plot 130-S, --21-S
Rostad, Sylvester C. (Adeline L. Schmidkte), b. 1912, d. 07-18-1988, Plot 303-W, --1-W, --(m)11-22-1934, see obit
Rowe, Elmer, d. 1897, Plot 79-S, --S, --Age: 3 wks, no stone, 4-S below Emma?
Rowe, Emma, b. 1872, d. 1906, Plot 79-S, --4-S
Rowe, Erick, b. 1865, d. 1957, Plot 79-S, --4-S
Rowe, Ingrid, b. 1871, d. 1907, Plot 79-S, --S, --No stone Probably 4-S to right of Erick
Rowe, Julia, d. 1907, Plot 79-S, --S, --No stone Probably 4-S to right of Ingrid
Rusken, Jens, b. 1900, d. 1930, Plot 45-N, --11-N
Sagen, Celine U. (Edward R.), b. 1888, d. 1961, Plot 8-N, --16-N
Sagen, Edward R. (Celine U.), b. 1889, d. 1972, Plot 8-N, --16-N
Sandell, Arthur H. (Jennelyn C.), b. 04-22-1909, d. 09-04-1991, Plot --18-S
Sandell, Jennelyn C. (Arthur H.), b. 07-22-1911, d. 07-21-1981, Plot 166-S, --18-S, --Nee: Nelson
Savee, Anna L. (Lewis E.), b. 1899, d. 1947, Plot 14-N, --15-N, --Mother
Savee, Lewis E. (Anna L.), b. 1898, d. 1968, Plot 14-N, --15-N, --Father
Savee, Mildred, b. 1924, d. 1931, Plot 14-N, --15-N
Schmidtke, Adeline L., --See: Rostad, Adeline L.
Schmidtke, Ida A., d. 1973, --See: Johnson, Ida A.
Schmidtke, Minnie, b. 11-01-1837, d. 10-31-1918, Plot 149-S, --20-S
Schmitt, Judith A. (Pablo), b. 03-03-1965, d. 01-13-2008, nee Schmitt, married name is Carvallo
Schmitt, Ray "Cardie" (Diane), d. 03-06-2015, US Army, 80yr old, s/o Raymond J. & Margaret Robertson Schmitt, see obit
Schmitt, Raymond J. Jr., b. 1972, d. 06-29-1972, Plot 69A-N, --18-N, --s/o Raymond J.Sr.Schmitt, see obit
Schultz, Chester R., d. 06-16-1897, Plot 24-S, --9-S, --s/o Chas. F. and Mary, 10mo 8da old
Schultz, Marion M., --See: Gilbertson, Marion M.
Schulz, Gladys E., --See: Grove, Gladys E.
Schuster, Ethel D., --See: Larson, Ethel D.
Seim, Britha, b. 1815, d. 1908, Plot 31-S, --S, --No stone Probably 21-S below Theodore Johnson Possibly same grave as Mons Thomasson Seim
Seim, Mons Thomasson, b. 1816, Plot 31-S, --S, --No stone Probably 21-S below Theodore Johnson Possibly same grave as Britha Seim
Seim, Syneva, d. 1920, --See: Offerdal, Syneva
Selje, Alice Sawyer (Olin), b. 06-21-1895, d. 04-21-1981, Plot 36-N, --11-N, --see obit
Selje, Amund O. (Josephine), b. 1867, d. 1950, Plot 72-S, --19-S
Selje, Arlowene B. (Arnold J.), b. 11-02-1908, d. 05-16-1993, Plot --19-S
Selje, Arnold J. (Arlowene B.), b. 11-24-1904, d. 07-11-1997, Plot --19-S
Selje, Bert W. (Gilma B.), b. 1898, d. 1968, Plot 72-S, --18-S, --Father
Selje, Delores J. (Vernon L.), b. 1931, Plot --10-N, --(m)04-03-1949
Selje, Ernest O., b. 02-06-1907, d. 03-06-1947, Plot 72-S, --19-S, --WW II, WI Reg 698 Coast Arty BTRY
Selje, Evelyn, b. 06-06-1921, d. 09-23-1970, Plot 36-N, --11-N, --on Olin Selje Stone
Selje, Gena (Ove), b. 1894, d. 1925, Plot 72-S, --18-S
Selje, Gertrude M., b. 1918, --See: Hermanson, Gertrude M.
Selje, Gilma B. (Bert W.), b. 1899, d. 1978, Plot 72-S, --18-S
Selje, Ingeborg, --See: Thompson, Ingeborg
Selje, Josephine (A. O.), b. 04-04-1870, d. 10-12-1924, Plot 72-S, --19-S, --Nee: Gnolden Johnson
Selje, Julia, b. 04-08-1891, d. 02-05-1926, Plot 36-N, --11-N, --Nee: Helgeson, next to Olin Selje
Selje, Knut Olson (Martha B.), b. 03-02-1867, d. 1939, Plot 124-S, --9-S, --b.Norway, per Lester Ludwig
Selje, LaVern L., b. 01-05-1950, d. 01-08-1950, Plot 36-N, --10-N
Selje, Martha B. (Knute Olson)-see obit, b. 06-13-1871, d. 05-00-1959, Plot 124-S, --9-S, --Nee: Hoverson, per Lester Ludwig
Selje, Olin (Alice Sawyer, b. 06-02-1893, d. 04-15-1961, Plot 36-N, --11-N, --s/o Knut & Martha Selje, per Lester Ludwig
Selje, Petra, --See: Hanson, Petra
Selje, Sara Ann E. Hermanson, b. 11-07-1918, pictures
Selje, Vernon L. (Delores J.), b. 1926, d. 10-12-1992, Plot --10-N, --(m)04-03-1949, see obit
Severson, Arthur S. (Jeronie M.), b. 01-03-1913, d. 03-31-2002, Plot --21-S, --(m)09-12-1953
Severson, Jeronie M. (Arthur S.), b. 07-05-1918, d. 09-03-2001, Plot --21-S, --(m)09-12-1953
Sharpee, Alexander M. (Gladys E.), b. 1916, d. 1993, Plot --18-N, --(m)05-30-1940
Sharpee, Alvin P. (Marie Linke), b. 05-04-1911, d. 05-17-1989, Plot 92A-N, --19-N, --see obit
Sharpee, Anna B. Thompson (Peder), b. 1896, d. 08-23-1980, Plot 80B-N, --3-N, --see obit
Sharpee, Arthur L. (Elaine Ruth Hamre), b. 09-18-1929, US Army, (m)03-07-1953
Sharpee, Carl A. (Sena), b. 1883, d. 10-31-1961, Plot 96B-N, --11-N, --see obit
Sharpee, Delores A. (Jerome O.), b. 09-29-1923, d. 03-16-1996, Plot --17-N, --(m)05-21-1943, d/o Chauncey & Hattie Boehm DePuy, b.Rio, per Lester Ludwig
Sharpee, Dena C. (Johannes A.), b. 1893, d. 02-13-1984, Plot 92B-N, --19-N, --Nee: Mickelson, see obit
Sharpee, Donald (Joyce), b. 1934, d. 12-00-1956, Plot 80B-N, --2-N, --s/o Alvin Sharpee, see obit
Sharpee, Earl Oliver (Rosemary Colingsworth), b. 09-24-1918, d. 01-25-1994, Plot 100B-N, --2-N, --WW II, (m)05-02-1942
Sharpee, Elaine Ruth (Arthur L.), b. 03-17-1933, d. 02-19-2010, (m)03-07-1953, d/o Arthur & Elsa Hermanson Hamre, see obit
Sharpee, Emma C. (Ole A.), b. 1893, d. 1968, Plot 100B-N, --3-N
Sharpee, Ervin C., b. 02-04-1915, d. 10-14-1993, Plot --2-N, --WW II, Korea, Vietnam, TSgt US Air Force
Sharpee, Gladys E. (Alexander M.), b. 1916, Plot --18-N, --(m)05-30-1940
Sharpee, Jennie O., b. 11-06-1895, d. 03-10-1983, Plot 78B-N, --6-N, --Nee: Matson, Mother
Sharpee, Jerome O. (Delores A. Depuy), b. 02-17-1921, d. 10-11-1997, Plot --17-N, --(m)05-21-1943, d/o Peder A.& Anna B.Thompson Sharpee, see obit
Sharpee, Johannes A. Dena C. Mickelson), b. 1887, d. 12-14-1975, Plot 92B-N, --19-N, --see obit
Sharpee, Louis Endre (Mary Helen Caldwell), b. 08-05-1926, d. 03-07-2001, Plot --17-N, --(m)03-19-1955, s/o Endre & Clara Mickelson Sharpee, see obit
Sharpee, Marie A. (Perry Carlyle), b. 03-30-1914, d. 09-06-2006, Plot 96B-N, --10-N, --d/o August & Emma Kusrow Kampen, (m)06-01-1938, see obit
Sharpee, Marie Linke (Alvin P.), b. 1914, d. 03-05-1985, Plot 92A-N, --19-N, --see obit
Sharpee, Mary Helen (Louis Endre), b. 11-01-1935, Plot --17-N, --Nee: Caldwell, (m)03-19-1955
Sharpee, Ole A. (Emma C.), b. 1892, d. 03-17-1972, Plot 100B-N, --3-N, --see obit
Sharpee, Olin, b. 06-12-1917, d. 10-25-1978, WW II, see obit & ssdi
Sharpee, Olive B., --See: Leikvold, Olive B.
Sharpee, Palmer H. (Ruth K.), b. 1915, d. 02-09-1994, Plot --17-N, --see obit
Sharpee, Peder A. (Anna Thompson), b. 1880, d. 05-00-1950, Plot 80B-N, --3-N, --see obit
Sharpee, Perry Carlyle (Marie A. Kampen), b. 12-17-1909, d. 01-15-2008, Plot 96B-N, --10-N, --(m)06-01-1938, s/o Carl A.& Guro Sena Fadness Sharpee, see obit
Sharpee, Rosemary (Earl Oliver), b. 09-07-1920, d. 01-05-2007, Plot 100B-N, --2-N, --(m)05-02-1942, Nee: Collingsworth
Sharpee, Ruth K. (Palmer H.), b. 1922, Plot --17-N
Sharpee, Sena Fadness (Carl A.), b. 1889, d. 02-24-1980, Plot 96B-N, --11-N, --see obit
Sharpee, Thelma, --See: Edquist, Thelma
Shelde, Anna A., d. 1891, --See: Burke, Anna A.
Shjelde, Johannes, b. 1844, d. 1912, Plot 21-S, --S, --No stone Probably 2-S to right of Karia
Shjelde, Karia, b. 09-03-1828, d. 06-18-1887, Plot 21-S, --2-S
Skarkrud, Anna (Christian Anderson), b. 11-08-1859, d. 08-30-1913, Plot 76-S, --10-S, --Nee: Anderson
Skarkrud, Anna Anderson, d. 1934, Plot 76-S, --S, --Nee: Anderson No stone, 10-S below Christian?
Skarkrud, Christian Anderson, b. 1860, Plot 76-S, --S, --No stone Probably 10-S to right of Marie Hesjedal
Skarkrud, Henry Anderson, b. 1867, d. 1948, Plot 76-S, --S, --No stone Probably 10-S below Marie Hesjedal
Skelly, Clara E. (George V.), b. 1903, d. 1992, Plot 30-N, --20-N
Skelly, George V. (Clara E.), b. 1901, d. 1989, Plot 30-N, --20-N
Skjerveggen, Anders Gullickson, b. 1823?, d. 08-27-1874, Plot 35-S, --13-S
Skjerveggen, Carlie L., --See: Gullickson, Carlie L.
Skjerveggen, Gullick, b. 1860, d. 1884, Plot 35-S, --S, --No stone Probably 13-S below Maria (d. 1866)
Skjerveggen, Kirstine, b. 1873, d. 09-01-1874, Plot 35-S, --13-S
Skjerveggen, Kristine Gullickson, b. 1834, d. 1909, Plot 35-S, --S, --Nee: Eri, 13-S to right of Anders?
Skjerveggen, Maria, b. 1864, d. 12-31-1866, Plot 35-S, --13-S
Skjerveggen, Maria, d. 07-03-1869, Plot 35-S, --13-S, --15da old
Skram, Anna B. I., b. 04-26-1914, d. 08-20-1915, Plot 165-S, --21-S, --d/o A.G. and B.
Skram, Annanias G. (Bertha M.), b. 1873, d. 1950, Plot 165-S, --21-S, --Father
Skram, Audrey Norma, d. 1939, Plot 165-S, --21-S, --Infant
Skram, Bertha M. (Annanias G.), b. 1869, d. 1949, Plot 165-S, --21-S, --Mother
Skram, Mabel J., b. 11-06-1906, d. 08-26-1987, Plot 165-S, --20-S
Skram, Sybil C., b. 1905, d. 1969, Plot 97B-N, --9-N
Skrenes, Hannah N., --See: Gullickson, Hannah N.
Skutle, Andrew, b. 1852, d. 1909, Plot 44-S, --S, --No stone Lot owned by Per Skutle
Skutle, Ole, b. 1858, d. 1916, Plot 44-S, --S, --No stone Lot owned by Per Skutle
Skutle, Olesdatter, d. 1863, Plot 44-S, --S, --No stone Lot owned by Per Skutle
Skutle, Peder O., b. 1827, d. 1887, Plot 44-S, --S, --No stone Lot owned by Per Skutle
Skutley, Andrew, b. 1868, d. 1954, Plot 62A-N, --4-N
Skutley, Caroline, --See: Dahle, Caroline
Skutley, Christina (Peter O.), b. 1839, d. 1927, Plot 23-S, --7-S
Skutley, Peter O. (Christina), b. 1826, d. 1888, Plot 23-S, --7-S
Sleezer, Annabelle J. (Glenn W.), b. 03-05-1916, d. 07-12-2003, Plot --12-N, --(m)1958, d/o Manfred & Josephine Thuey Frank, d.Oregon, see obit
Stanghelle, Ingeborg (Johannes), b. 01-31-1831, d. 08-18-1896, Plot 56-S, --11-S, --Thomasdatter Saeterdal
Stanghelle, Johannes Monsen, b. 03-08-1830, d. 09-10-1896, Plot 56-S, --11-S
Stanghelle, Martin, b. 1895, Plot 56-S, --S, --No stone Probably 11-S to left of Ingeborg
Starks, Anna M., b. 1882, d. 1939, Plot 161-S, --12-S
Starks, Ella Annetta, d. 1907, --See: Thoe, Ella Annetta
Starks, Ingeborg, b. 1858, d. 1961, Plot 161-S, --13-S, --Mother, on stone with Knute O.Starks
Starks, Knute O., b. 06-19-1847, d. 02-17-1906, Plot 161-S, --13-S, --on stone with Ingeborg Starks
Starks, Ole, b. 01-26-1846, d. 03-28-1906, Plot 161-S, --13-S
Starks, Susan C., b. 1887, d. 1945, Plot 161-S, --12-S
Starks, Synneva K., b. 12-23-1851, d. 02-02-1888, Plot 98-S, --6-S, --Nee: Burke
Starkson, Christina (Nels), d. 10-27-1902, Plot 113-S, --16-S, --62yr old
Steinbach, Carol Ann, b. 12-02-1940, d. 09-04-1995, Plot --12-N, --on stone with Rhonda Lynn Stenbach
Steinbach, Rhonda Lynn, b. 05-15-1966, Plot --12-N, --on stone with Carol Ann Steinbach
Strander, Elizabeth I. (Ernest E.), b. 03-03-1917, d. 07-01-2000, Plot 11-N, --20-N
Strander, Ernest E. (Elizabeth I.), b. 09-23-1913, d. 01-02-1979, Plot 11-N, --20-N
Sutcliffe, Gertrude, --See: Gullickson, Gertrude
Sutherland, Bruce Allen (Barbara Cahill), b. 11-13-1949, d. 01-31-2010, Vietnam, SP5 US Army, Bronze Star, (m)09-12-1987, s/o Elmer & Alice Thompson Sutherland, see obit
Svaeren, Bratha, b. 1809, d. 1891, Plot 55-S, --13-S, --Nee: Thoraldson
Svaeren, Hermund Hermanson, b. 1771, d. 1852, Plot 55-S, --13-S
Svaeren, Ragnilda, d. 1889, Plot --S, --See: Quamme, Ragnilda
Sykes, Charles-Mrs., d. 12-09-1958, see obit
Thoe or Thue, both spellings are on the stones
Thoe, Anna Aadsdatter Brunborg, b. 1799, d. 1863, Plot 61-S, --S, --Nee: Brunborg No stone Probably 2-S below Haldor H. Thoe
Thoe, Ella Annetta (1st w/o Martin M.), b. 06-29-1874, d. 02-17-1907, Plot 161-S, --13-S, --Nee: Starks
Thoe, Gullick H., b. 1840, d. 1888, Plot 61-S, --S, --No stone Probably 2-S below Ingeborg
Thoe, Haldor Gullickson, b. 1871, d. 1876, Plot 61-S, --S, --No stone Probably 2-S to left of Ingeborg, maybe s/o Haldor H.& Ingeborg
Thoe, Haldor H. (Ingeborg H.), b. 07-20-1836, d. 07-07-1920, Plot 61-S, --2-S, --(m)12-28-1858
Thoe, Haldor Knutson, b. 1888, Plot 61-S, --S, --No stone Probably 2-S below Ingeborg
Thoe, Ingeborg J. (Haldor H.), b. 02-14-1840, d. 11-11-1914, Plot 61-S, --2-S, --(m)12-28-1858, d/o Jacob Olson Hesjedal & Ingeborg Tarbjornsdatter Stromme, see obit
Thoe, Ingeborg Maria (J. O.), b. 04-23-1865, d. 01-13-1887, --See: Litshem, Ingeborg Maria
Thoe, Lewis Gullickson, d. 1876, Plot 61-S, --S, --No stone Probably 2-S below Ingeborg
Thoe, Martin M. (#1Ella Annetta Stark, #2Martha Marie Vangen), b. 05-18-1872, d. 07-06-1942, Plot 168-S, --13-S, --s/o Halder Thoe
Thoe, Mary M. (2nd w/o Martin M.), b. 01-29-1873, d. 03-30-1952, Plot 168-S, --13-S
Thompson, Albert, b. 1863, d. 1954, Plot 126-S, --13-S
Thompson, Albert R., b. 1900, d. 1902, Plot 126-S, --13-S
Thompson, Andrew (Anna), b. 1880, d. 08-14-1967, Plot 11-N, --21-N, --see obit
Thompson, Ann, b. 1945, d. 1961, Plot 6-N, --12-N
Thompson, Anna, --See: Sharpee, Anna
Thompson, Anna (Andrew), b. 1886, d. 1939, Plot 11-N, --21-N
Thompson, Arthur W., b. 03-20-1915, d. 02-16-1999, Plot --9-N, --WW II, PFC US Army
Thompson, Baby, --d/o M/M Peder Thompson
Thompson, Belle, b. 02-22-1875, d. 11-15-1887, d/o T.& I. Thompson, from pictures, see Ingeborg Belle
Thompson, Bert (Mathilda), b. 01-14-1906, d. 05-12-1978, Plot 52B-N, --19-N
Thompson, Betsy (A.), b. 1864, d. 1935, Plot 126-S, --13-S, --Nee: Eiken
Thompson, Edward, b. 04-08-1913, d. 02-12-1999, Plot --9-N
Thompson, Ellen, --See: Appledorn, Ellen
Thompson, Elmer Peder, b. 11-10-1902, d. 03-08-1976, Plot 126-S, --12-S, --WW II, Pvt US Army
Thompson, Ernest N., b. 1911, d. 1978, Plot 11-N, --20-N
Thompson, Gottfred, b. 12-18-1890, d. 03-18-1978, Plot 83A-N, --6-N, --WW I, US Army
Thompson, Harold N. (1st h/o Wilma Berenice Fry), b. 05-14-1919, d. 05-31-1968, Plot 94A-N, --15-N, --WW II, WIS Sgt 795 Mil Police BN, (m)10-11-1941
Thompson, Henrietta M. (#1Irvin Fuller, #2Theodore M. Thompson), b. 08-24-1907, d. 02-06-2003, Plot 10A-N, --21-N, --(m1)03-06-1928, (m2)12-12-1939, d/o John & Bertina Gilbertson Erickson, see obit
Thompson, Ingeborg (Thomas), b. 01-24-1853, d. 09-08-1928, Plot 56-S, --10-S, --Nee: Fadness
Thompson, Ingeborg A. (John), b. 1887, d. 01-00-1957, Plot 77B-N, --9-N, --Nee: Selje, see obit
Thompson, Ingeborg Belle, b. 02-22-1875, d. 11-15-1887, Plot 56-S, --10-S, --d/o T & I Thompson, see Belle Thompson
Thompson, James O., b. 1892, d. 02-10-1941, Plot 126-S, --12-S, --WI Pvt Vet Hospital 14
Thompson, Johans Jensen, d. 1886, --See: Jensen, Johans
Thompson, John T. (Ingeborg A.), b. 1882, d. 01-27-1965, Plot 77B-N, --9-N, --see obit
Thompson, Maggie, d. no dates, Plot 77-S, --9-S, --s/o Peder Thompson
Thompson, Mathilda J. "Tillie" (Bert), b. 05-30-1912, d. 05-20-2010, Plot 52B-N, --19-N, --see obit, nee Erickson
Thompson, Nels J., b. 1893, d. 1927, Plot 126-S, --13-S
Thompson, Norman, d. 1917, Plot 56-S, --S, --s/o John & Belle Thompson, No stone Probably 10-S to left of Ingeborg (d. 1928)
Thompson, Oscar R., b. 1898, d. 1981, Plot 126-S, --12-S
Thompson, Pearl H., b. 09-25-1917, d. 09-29-2000, Plot 6-N, --13-N, --dates from ssdi
Thompson, Peder (Veljer), b. 05-18-1858, d. 07-22-1932, Plot 105-S, --10-S
Thompson, Rebecca, b. 1975, d. 1975, Plot 89-S, --19-S
Thompson, Sidney J., b. 1909, d. 1981, Plot 11-N, --21-N
Thompson, Theodore M. (2nd h/o Henrietta Erickson Fuller), b. 10-23-1895, d. 11-02-1953, Plot 10A-N, --21-N, --(m)12-12-1939
Thompson, Thomas (Ingeborg), b. 04-30-1839, d. 05-28-1904, Plot 56-S, --10-S, --Civil War Co D 15 Wis Inf
Thompson, Thomas E., b. 1906, d. 1976, Plot 11-N, --21-N
Thompson, Veljer (Peder), b. 01-28-1860, d. 02-23-1922, Plot 105-S, --10-S
Thompson, Wilma Berenice Fry (#1Harold N. Thompson, #2Jerome Cherry), b. 06-05-1921, d. 09-06-2006, Plot 94A-N, --15-N, --(m1)10-11-1941, (m2)06-15-1972, d/o George & Leta Watson Fry, see obit for Wilma Berenice Thompson Cherry
Thoraldson, Bratha, d. 1891, --See: Svaeren, Bratha
Thormodseth, Bertil (Mina), b. 1872, d. 1933, Plot 46-N, --13-N
Thormodseth, Carl J., b. 11-15-1909, d. 08-16-1943, Plot 46-N, --12-N
Thormodseth, Carrie (Jens C.), b. 1880, d. 1953, Plot 49-S, --19-S, --Mother
Thormodseth, J. E., b. 1858, d. 1918, Plot 49-S, --19-S
Thormodseth, Jens C. (Carrie), b. 1867, d. 1942, Plot 49-S, --19-S, --Father
Thormodseth, Martin O., b. 01-13-1904, d. 07-31-1971, Plot 46-N, --12-N
Thormodseth, Mina (Bertil), b. 1879, d. 02-18-1972, Plot 46-N, --13-N, --see obit
Thue, Andrew J., b. 12-04-1870, d. 02-08-1937, Plot 121-S, --2-S, --Child of J.O. & I. Thue
Thue, Anna, d. 1956, --See: Hatleberg, Anna
Thue, Anna, b. 01-25-1866, d. 02-11-1871, Plot 121-S, --2-S
Thue, Ingebor (J. Thue), b. 08-10-1844, d. 12-08-1930, Plot 121-S, --2-S
Thue, John O., b. 02-09-1822, d. 11-29-1890, Plot 121-S, --2-S
Thue, Josephine E., --See: Frank, Josephine E.
Thue, Marthan J., b. 03-08-1885, d. 05-06-1886, Plot 121-S, --2-S, --Child of J.O. & I. Thue
Torgerson, Ingeborg, b. 1894, d. 1976, Plot 108-S, --16-S, --Nee Fadness
Tortine, Elmer Louis, b. 1897, d. 06-19-1919, Plot 30-S, --21-S, --WW I, WI Ship Cook School 3rd Class US Navy
Tortine, Ludwig (Selma), b. 1876, d. 1908, Plot 30-S, --21-S
Tortine, Selma (Ludwig), b. 1868, d. 1947, Plot 30-S, --21-S
Ulvestad, Marcus G., b. 01-30-1910, d. 07-31-1979, Plot 92-S, --19-S, --WW II, US Army
Ulvestead, Arlott, b. 1903, d. 1918, Plot 92-S, --S, --No stone Probably 19-S to left of Lilly
Ulvestead, Lilly (Sjur), b. 1882, d. 1965, Plot 92-S, --19-S, --Mother
Ulvestead, Myrtle, b. 1907, d. 1987, Plot 92-S, --18-S
Ulvestead, Sjur (Lilly), b. 1861, d. 1927, Plot 92-S, --19-S, --Father
Unknown, Alice, Plot 55B-N, --N, --No stone "Alice", 13-N to left of Curtis Bratvold?
Unknown, Baby, d. 1918, Plot 39-N, --N, --No stone "Baby"*, 5-N to left of Carrie Bell?
Unknown, Baby Girl, Plot 77-S, --S, --No stone, 9-S to left of Maggie Thompson
Unknown, Baby Girl, Plot 77-S, --S, --No stone, 9-S to left of Maggie Thompson?
Unknown, Baby Girl, Plot 98-S, --S, --No stone Probably 6-S Burke?
Unknown, Baby Girl, Plot 98-S, --S, --No stone Probably 6-S Burke?
Unknown, Baby Girl - Margrethe, Plot 77-S, --S, --No stone, 9-S to left of Johans Jensen (Thompson)?
Unknown, Baby Richard, b. 04-19-1945, d. 05-18-1946, Plot 60B-N, --N, --heart shaped stone, "Richard", 3-N below Henry Cleberg?
Unknown, Caroline, Plot 64-N, --N, --No stone "Caroline"* Probably 9-N to right of William Van Lyseel
Unknown, Christian, d. 1887, Plot 159-S, --S, --s/o Henrik, No stone Probably 16-S to left of Carl Preuss
Unknown, Christian, Plot 98-S, --6-S, --"Christian" only name on stone
Unknown, Gladys, Plot 56-N, --N, --No stone "Gladys", Probably 11-N to left of Stanley Hanson
Unknown, Irene, Plot --N, --No stone "Irene", 8-N to right of Arthur Ness?
Unknown, James, d. 1888, Plot 57-S, --S, --No stone Probably 8-S below Anna Mickelson
Van Lyssel, William J., b. 1909, d. 1957, Plot 64-N, --9-N
Vangen, Edward R. (Elaine P.), b. 01-30-1920, d. 08-26-1999, Plot --19-S, --WW II, Flt O. US Army Air Forces
Vangen, Elaine P. (Edward R.), b. 1926, Plot --19-S
Vassend, Barbro Johnsdatter, b. 1798, d. 1854, --See: Gilbertson, Barbro
Vassend, Gullick G., b. 1796, d. 1882, --See: Gilbertson, Gullick G. Vassend
Vassend, Haldor G., b. 1825, d. 1888, --See: Gilbertson, Haldor
Vassend, Martha, d. 1962, --See: Prescott, Martha
Vestrem, Betsy Guskalkson, d. 1880, --See: Guskalkson, Betsy
Vestrem, Bryngel (Karn), b. 08-21-1821, d. 04-08-1912, Plot 139-S, --4-S, --Davidson, Fred Vaeder Med Eders Stow
Vestrem, Dannie, b. 07-12-1899, d. 07-29-1862, Plot 156-S, --21-S, --Davidson, WW II, WIS Pvt 377 MP Guard CO
Vestrem, Erik, b. 1812, d. 1890, Plot 19-S, --3-S
Vestrem, Georgine Karoline Gulkalkson, d. 1880, --See: Guskalkson, Georgine
Vestrem, Karn (Bryngel), b. 12-11-1813, d. 12-12-1908, Plot 139-S, --4-S, --Nee: Faerden Davidson
Vestrem, Knut Guskalkson, d. 1886, --See: Guskalkson, Knut
Vibaas, Martha Leeland Burgeson, b. 1842, d. 1914, Plot 39-S, --4-S, --Nee: Leeland
Vibaas, Mons Burgeson, b. 1826, d. 1903, Plot 39-S, --4-S, --Father
Vibaas, Peder Bergeson, b. 07-23-1829, d. 09-18-1891, Plot 155-S, --15-S
Vinge, Anna C. (Severt S.), b. 12-28-1895, d. 10-10-1982, Plot 29B-S, --19-S
Vinge, Clifford A. (2nd h/o Lucille Doherty Vangen), b. 08-17-1919, d. 02-01-2000, Plot --18-S, --(m)11-22-1982
Vinge, Lucille R. Doherty Vangen (#1Donald Vangen, #2Clifford Vinge), b. 10-17-1931, d. 01-04-2008, Plot --18-S, --(m1)1951, (m2)11-22-1982, d/o John K.& B.Elizabeth Kennedy Doherty, see St.Patrick's cemetery in Doylestown for Vangen stone, on Vinge stone in Spring Prairie cemetery
Vinge, Severt S. (Anna C.), b. 01-26-1888, d. 08-06-1981, Plot 29B-S, --19-S
Vinje, Anna Murkve (Lars), b. 12-09-1895, d. 02-00-1966, Plot 67A-N, --15-N, --obit in 03-01-1966 paper, see ssdi
Vinje, Lars (Anna Murkve), b. 1895, d. 02-05-1978, Plot 67A-N, --15-N, --see obit
Vinnor, Anders T., b. 1846, d. 1873, Plot 159-S, --16-S, --Luthersk Prest
Waagin, Anne E., --See: Quamme, Anne E.
Walker, Clyde M. (Thelma I. Larson), b. 1916, d. 02-03-2000, Plot --15-S, --(m)10-12-1940
Walker, Thelma I. (Clyde M.), b. 11-28-1918, d. 10-01-2010, Plot --15-S, --(m)10-12-1940, d/o Gustav A.& Isabelle Anderson Larson, see obit
Waller, Della B., b. 08-30-1916, d. 06-01-1970, Plot 19-N, --5-N
Waller, Sara J., b. 11-30-1888, d. 01-14-1918, Plot 106-S, --12-S, --Nee: Reqve (Reque)
Wallestad, Ole A., b. 01-26-1868, d. 05-16-1930, Plot 45-N, --1`0-N
Wangsness, Betsy, --See: Robinson, Betsy
Wangsness, Clarence M., b. 07-19-1914, d. 09-10-1991, Plot --2-N, --WW II, PFC US Army
Wangsness, Gjest S., b. 1832, d. 1920, Plot 180-S, --20-S
Wangsness, Gladys Burnette, --See: Johnson, Gladys Burnette
Wangsness, Ingri, b. 1836, d. 1911, Plot 180-S, --20-S
Wangsness, Laurence P., b. 1923, d. 1989, Plot 81-N, --2-N
Wangsness, Nettie B., b. 1884, d. 1966, Plot 81-N, --3-N
Wangsness, Ole J., b. 1871, d. 1952, Plot 180-S, --20-S
Wangsness, Olin A., b. 1911, d. 03-00-1951, Plot 81-N, --3-N, --see obit
Wangsness, Peter J., b. 1878, d. 1958, Plot 81-N, --3-N
Wangsness, Severt J., b. 1867, d. 1957, Plot 180-S, --20-S
Wangsness, Sina, --See: Ness, Sina
Wangsness, Tina Johnson, d. 1898, --See: Johnson, Tina Johnson
Wasley, Julia, b. 1881, d. 1945, Plot 157-S, --21-S
Wasley, Leonard W., b. 03-14-1911, d. 12-25-1952, --See: Wesley, Leonard W.
Wasley, Nels N., b. 1866, d. 1944, Plot 157-S, --21-S
Wasley, Nelson, b. 1914, d. 1918, Plot 157-S, --21-S
Wasley, Oscar O., b. 1904, d. 1922, Plot 157-S, --21-S
Weichmann, Terry K. (Steven), b. 08-25-1956, d. 01-15-2003, Plot --1-W, --(m)10-05-1992, d/o Merlin & Gwendolyn Ludlow Plush, Wife, see obit
Weigen, Agnes H., b. 10-15-1897, d. 12-20-2002, Plot 104-S, --7-S
Weigen, Anders E. (Susana), d. 09-30-1888, Plot 97-S, --8-S, --61yr 5mo 19da old
Weigen, Andrew (Mathilda), b. 1867, d. 1949, Plot 103-S, --6-S, --Father
Weigen, Andrias, d. 05-21-1853, Plot 97-S, --8-S, --Child of A.E. & S., 1yr 14da old
Weigen, Andrias, d. 03-09-1850, Plot 97-S, --8-S, --Child of A.E. & S., 2yr 7mo 1da old
Weigen, Anna (E. E. Lerum), d. 01-25-1873, Plot 97-S, --8-S, --23yr old
Weigen, Arnold M. (Lillie F.), b. 1898, d. 1952, Plot 103-S, --6-S
Weigen, Arvilla G. (James A. M. Jr.), b. 10-20-1919, d. 04-20-1965, Plot 104-S, --7-S
Weigen, Baby, d. 1915, Plot 103-S, --6-S, --on stone with Herbert A.Weigen
Weigen, Carroll C. (Charels A.), b. 1933, Plot --7-S, --(m)06-20-1964, Mother
Weigen, Charles A. (Carroll C.), b. 1928, d. 1988, Plot --7-S, --(m)09-20-1964, Ch: Timothy, Cynthia, James H.
Weigen, Christina M. (Mons A.), b. 09-11-1868, d. 08-21-1959, Plot 104-S, --8-S, --Mother
Weigen, Herbert A., b. 1896, d. 1918, Plot 103-S, --6-S, --baby on this stone also
Weigen, Ida Susanna, b. 10-31-1888, d. 01-02-1889, Plot 104-S, --8-S, --d/o M. & C.Weigen, 2mo old on stone
Weigen, Ingeborg Susanna, b. 07-20-1895, d. 08-10-1897, Plot 104-S, --8-S, --d/o M. & C.Weigen
Weigen, Ingere (Arne), b. 1837, d. 1885, Plot 103-S, --7-S
Weigen, James A., b. 05-30-1891, d. 12-10-1982, Plot 104-S, --7-S, --WW I, Maj US Army
Weigen, James A. M. Jr. (Arvilla G.), b. 08-10-1920, d. 04-30-1984, Plot 104-S, --7-S
Weigen, Lillie F. (Arnold M.), b. 1899, d. 1947, Plot 103-S, --6-S
Weigen, Margrethe, b. 10-06-1860, d. 06-15-1897, Plot 117-S, --9-S
Weigen, Maria-on Lerum stone, d. 02-24-1873, Plot 97-S, --8-S, --d/o A.E. & S.Weigen, 11yr 3mo 18da old
Weigen, Maria-on Weigen stone, d. 07-15-1861, Plot 97-S, --8-S, --d/o A.E. & S.Weigen, 1yr 10da old
Weigen, Martin A., d. 09-26-1909, Plot 97-S, --8-S, --55yr 11mo 20da old
Weigen, Mathilda Andrenia (Andrew), b. 1874, d. 1946, Plot 103-S, --6-S, --Nee: Quamme, Mother
Weigen, Mons A. (Christina M.), b. 12-17-1855, d. 06-19-1906, Plot 117-S, --8-S, --Father
Weigen, Susana (Anders E.), d. 10-05-1911, Plot 97-S, --8-S, --87yr 11mo 23da old
Wesley, Leonard W., b. 03-14-1911, d. 12-25-1952, Plot 157-S, --20-S, --WW II, WI FI USNR, spelled Wesley
Wiesshoff, Torvey, b. 01-13-1956, d. 01-14-1956, Plot --7-N
Wilson, Clarice B., --See: Hopkins, Clarice B.
Wolfe, Arthur S. (Leona L.), b. 12-27-1897, d. 08-16-1974, Plot 9A-N, --18-N
Wolfe, Leona L. (Arthur S.), b. 02-20-1913, d. 10-21-1999, Plot --18-N, --Nee: Bredeson
Zeimet, James William, b. 12-10-1931, d. 05-14-2009, Korea, US Navy, s/o Joseph & Catherine Kessenich Zeimet, see obit
Zeimet, Rachel Marlene, d. 08-19-1993, Plot --1-W, --Our baby

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