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Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Ingle, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.625921, -89.127714

Inglehart Rd & Schmidt Rd
Ingle, WI 53923

Published: October 4, 2016
Total records: 375


Pleasant Hill Cemetery, also known as "Pleasant Hill / Inglehart Cemetery", was established in 1863. It is located in Scott Township, Columbia County, Wisconsin. Take State Road 33 to Inglehart Road, north on Inglehart, next to St. Paul Evangelical Church.

Cemetery Records

Transcribed 2006 & typed by Anna Mae Axness, Some date from Betty Cook's files. Updated from Cemetery/Church Record in 2011. Thanks to Sexton Richard Oliver for opening the books.

Arch, Helena
, b. 07-10-1863, d. 11-12-1874, died and buried at sea, On stone with William C. & Susana C. Arch
Arch, Susana C. (William/Wilhelm Carl), b. 05-09-1819, d. 04-11-1874, Nee Schanderlein, Mother
Arch, William/Wilhelm Carl (Susana C.), b. 01-28-1803, d. 01-23-1892, Father
Bagrowski, Alois Paul, b. 02-09-1924, d. 10-13-1991, WW II, S1 US Navy
Beahm, Annie M., d. 08-12-1880, d/o C.& H. Beahm, 5yr 2mo old
Beahm, Barbara (John), b. 12-16-1812, d. 11-30-1890, 76yr 11mo 14da old
Beahm, John (Barbara), b. 05-20-1810, d. 10-04-1871, 61yr 5mo 16da old, Father
Beier Family Stone, Esther, Anna M., Gottfred C., Rose Margaret
Beier, Anna M. (Gottfred C.), b. 1891, d. 1930
Beier, Caroline/Karoline (Martin), b. 10-31-1838, d. 11-03-1926
Beier, Clarence H., b. 1911, d. 03-11-1993, see obit
Beier, Emilie Wendt (Julius Herman), b. 1869, d. 06-22-1947, Mother, see obit
Beier, Esther, b. 01-07-1908, d. 11-26-1921, d/o G.& E.Beier, maybe should be G.& A.Beier
Beier, Gottfred C. (Anna M.), b. 1867, d. 1934
Beier, Julius H. (Emilie Wendt), b. 1862, d. 12-05-1936, Father, see obit
Beier, Martin (Caroline/Karoline), b. 10-21-1829, d. 06-05-1921
Beier, Rose Margaret, b. 1917, d. 2005, d/o Anna M.& Gottfred C. Beier
Bender, Andrew/Andreas (Henrietta), b. 11-06-1835, d. 09-17-1894, Father
Bender, Elizabeth, b. 06-24-1805, d. 11-05-1878, Nee Kuhl
Bender, Henrietta, b. 1888, d. 1965, maybe d/o Andrew & Henrietta Bender
Bender, Henrietta (Andrew), b. 1842, d. 1930, Mother
Bender, Johannes, b. 06-18-1871, d. 06-22-1871, baby of Andrew & Henrietta Bender, 1876?
Bender, Karl Anton, b. 09-19-1864, d. 10-17-1880, s/o Andrew & Henrietta Bender, 16yr old
Bender, Martin, b. 08-05-1810, d. 12-06-1876, 66yr 4mo 1da old
Bickelhaupt, Georg, b. 06-13-1869, d. 07-16-1870, old stone can't read in 2006, s/o Fritz & Margaretha Schaefer Bickelhaup, see record book
Bickelhaupt, Margaretha (Fritz), b. 10-02-1838, d. 10-07-1875, nee Schaefer, see record book
Blochwitz, Peter (Sophia Sauer), b. 1869, d. 11-16-1938, see obit
Blochwitz, Sophia Sauer (Peter), b. 1872, d. 05-00-1944, see obit
Brumley, Barbara J. (LeRoy Jessie), b. 10-19-1944, Nee Scharf, (m)07-08-1972
Brumley, Joshua Allen, b. 10-14-1990, d. 11-06-1990, infant s/o Terry & Becky Brumley
Brumley, LeRoy Jessie (Barbara J.), b. 05-29-1917, d. 09-27-1999, WW II, AMM3 US Navy, (m)07-08-1972
Bubrman, Adam-Mrs., d. 02-00-1940, d.Milwaukee, buried here, see obit, spelling?
Burbach, Ludwig, b. 10-15-1797, d. 08-25-1869, s/o Jakob, 71yr 10m 10da old
Chapman, Baby Eda--6mo old, d. 11-01-1870, old stone, hard to read in 2006, d/o James P.& Cornelia Chapman
Chapman, Cornelia E. (James P.), b. 11-06-1833, d. 07-07-1906
Chapman, Hugh J., s/o James P.& Cornelia Chapman, could not read stone in 2006
Correll, Bertha E. Hardwick Krueger (John F.), b. 06-15-1948, d. 12-23-2004, (m)10-19-1991, d/o Clarence & Esther Kohrt Hardwick, see obit
Correll, John F. (Bertha E. Hardwick Krueger), b. 11-24-1941, d. 05-11-2001, (m)10-19-1991, see obit
Craig, Charlotte Hansen (Edward), b. 11-06-1858, d. 02-17-1934, see obit
Dettert, Baby, d. 01-02-1885, 3da, d/o Ferdinand & Pauline Dettert
Dettert, Paulina Mae, d. 08-25-1898, d/o F.& P.Dettert, 11yr 8mo 13da old
Dettmann Family Plot, Emma, Fred, John F, John, Minnie
Dettmann, Emma, b. 10-17-1857, d. 10-31-1940
Dettmann, Fred, b. 02-16-1863, d. 06-24-1942
Dettmann, John Frank (Agnes Mary Kuhn), b. 02-11-1868, d. 03-23-1939, see obit
Dettmann, John (Minnie), b. 12-31-1828, d. 06-18-1913
Dettmann, Minnie (John), b. 02-12-1829, d. 06-12-1917
Durr, Jacob, d. 03-27-1864, s/o John & Philipina Durr, 1y 5m 3d old, old stone
Durr, John, d. 09-22-1865, s/o John & P.Durr, hard to read, 2yr 3mo 5da old
Durr, Philipina, old small stone hard to read, initials only P.D.
Durr, Philizzine (John), b. 10-31-1836, d. 11-22-1875, 39yr 22da old
Evans, Orpha M. (Joseph B.), d. 01-26-1870, 55yr 11mo 13da old
Forcy, George, d. 08-11-1875, 26yr 7mo 15da old, husband, maybe 27yr old
Frey/Frei, Heinrich Ludwig, d. 03-06-1876, 11mo 28da old, hard to read stone, see record book
Froehlich, Emilie, b. 1843, d. 02-19-1881, Next to Frank Froehlich, Mother
Froehlich, Frank, b. 1825, d. 07-13-1877, Next to Emilie Froehlich, Father, burial date
Froehlich, Mary/Marie Wilhelmine, b. 1874, d. 04-12-1882, daughter next to Emilie & Frank Froehlich
Geisler, Henry/Heinrich C., b. 11-13-1870, d. 02-19-1892, on stone whith Henry & Susane Geisler, d.01-16-1892 in Record book
Geisler, Henry/Heinrich (Susane), b. 03-06-1833, d. 12-30-1915, Father
Geisler, Susane (Henry/Heinrich), b. 01-13-1836, d. 02-09-1914, Mother
Genke, Louise, d. 10-08-1888, 98yr old, maybe d.1898?
Hardwick, Clarence W. (Esther R.), b. 1904, d. 06-13-1970, see obit
Hardwick, Esther R. (#1Clarence W. Hardwick, #2Amwel Williams), b. 1915, d. 1988, Nee Kohrt, see Amwel Williams obit
Harhen, John J., b. 08-27-1940, d. 10-26-2000, on stone with Wayne C. Nagel, see obit
Hass, Therese, b. 06-07-1842, d. 08-08-1875, old broken stone, hard to read, maybe Mass?
Hedrig/Hedrich, Louie, d. 12-12-1874, old stone can't read, 38yr old, see record book
Hein, Henrietta Bobholtz (William F.), b. 06-16-1844, d. 10-01-1907, Mother, hard to read dates
Hein, Otto H., b. 1888, d. 12-0-1971, on stone with William H. Hein, brothers, see obit
Hein, William F. (#1Augusta Bubholz, #2Henrietta Bobholz), b. 06-08-1839, d. 11-08-1932, Father, see obit
Hein, William Henry, b. 1885, d. 06-25-1968, on stone with Otto H. Hein, brothers, see obit
Heinz, Anna or Ernestine, b. 08-20-1877, d. 02-10-1878, d/o Jacob & Helina Heinz, stone not readable 2006
Heinz, Caroline "Lena" Jorns (William Sr.), b. 1853, d. 04-29-1937, see obit
Heinz, Christian (Louisa), b. 05-23-1826, d. 02-26-1904, Father
Heinz, Henry/Heinrich Friedrich--old hard to read stone, b. 10-27-1889, d. 05-31-1892, s/o William & Lena/Carol Heinz, see record book, maybe 2yr 4mo 28da old, stone hard to read
Heinz, Laura/Dora, b. 09-28-1891, d. 07-08-1892, 9mo old d/o William & Lena/Carol Heinz
Heinz, Louisa (Christian), b. 11-20-1823, d. 06-01-1909, Mother, nee Burbach
Heinz, William Sr, (Caroline "Lena" Jorns), b. 1852, d. 02-22-1933, see obit
Hensel, Franciska, b. 04-10-1863, d. 07-30-1864, d/o Henry & Philipine Hensel, older stone
Hensel, Henry/Heinrich L. (Philipine), b. 06-26-1824, d. 11-04-1910, GAR, emigrated 1848, Mason
Hensel, Philipine (Henry/Heinrich L.), b. 06-12-1826, d. 04-07-1907, Nee Hedrig
Higgs, Nancy (George), d. 08-29-1862, 40yr old, can't read in 2006, maybe Higgs
Hoffmann, August, b. 12-21-1853, d. 09-20-1876, s/o Georg & Catharine Hoffmann-stone spelling
Hoffmann, George (Katharina), old broken stone can't read
Hoffmann, Katharina (George), b. 11-26-1833, d. 03-03-1895, broken stone, part upside down
Horton, Cody, b. 08-10-1981, d. 12-02-1981, 3mo, s/o Edward A.& Debra; see death Cert.& obit
Hoth, Daughter-infant, d. 07-20-1911, d/o Ernst & Erna Sauer Hoth
Hoth, Erna/Ernestine Sauer (Ernest F.), b. 11-12-1880, d. 12-18-1971, (m)10-12-1910, see record book
Hoth, Ernest F. (Erna/Ernestine Sauer), b. 09-07-1883, d. 09-26-1955, (m)10-12-1910, see record book
Inglehart Family stone, Deborah, John, Elmina, Mary, James, Rosina, William, Elliott
Inglehart, Almon S. (Mary Elizabeth), b. 1848, d. 1910, s/o James Rosina Inglehart, Memorial Stone, buried in Pardeeville
Inglehart, Deborah (Henry), d. 06-17-1855, 80yr old, broken stone can't read dates in 2006, also on an Inglehart family stone
Inglehart, Elliot, d. 04-14-1857, s/o James & Rosina Inglehart, 1yr 1mo 3da old
Inglehart, Elmina-Miss, b. 1851, d. 01-01-1935, d/o James & R. Inglehart, 83yr 6mo 15da old, see obit
Inglehart, Gerald Almon (Helen), d. 03-15-1988, (m)1931, "To the Memory of", Memorial stone, 79yr 6mo 12da old
Inglehart, Gordon W. --Memorial stone, b. 1904, d. 1912, Gr.s/o Almon & Mary E. Inglehart, s/o William & Theresa, buried in Pardeeville
Inglehart, Helen (Gerald Almon), b. 07-01-1911, d. 01-31-2002, (m)1931, Nee Krippene, Memorial stone, 90yr 6mo 30da old
Inglehart, Henry, b. abt. 1767, d. between 1834-1850, "In Memory of", Memorial stone, His burial place in unknown
Inglehart, James (Rosina), d. 01-13-1896, 80yr 2mo 27da old
Inglehart, Jane Kase-memorial stone, b. 02-05-1947, d/o Gerald Almon & Helen Krippene Inglehart
Inglehart, John, d. 11-16-1863, 49yr 9mo old, small stone, s/o H.& D. Inglehart, also on Inglehart family stone
Inglehart, Mary Elizabeth (Almon S.), b. 1853, d. 1927, Nee Lovell, Memorial Stone, buried in Pardeeville
Inglehart, Mary-Miss, b. 1846, d. 12-10-1938, d/o James & Rosina Inglehart, 92yr 5mo 12da old, also on stone with Mina Inglehart, see obit
Inglehart, Mina, b. 1851, d. 1935, on stone with Mary Inglehart
Inglehart, Ronald Franklin, b. 09-05-1934, Memorial, s/o Gerald Almon & Helen Inglehart, buried in Forest Hill Cem. Ann Arbor Michigan
Inglehart, Rosina (James), d. 03-01-1901, 82yr 1mo 18da old
Inglehart, Tressa Jane (William Almon), b. 1883, d. 1969, Nee Hartley, buried at Lakeview Cemetery in Oshkosh WI
Inglehart, William, d. 08-26-1852, s/o James & Rosina Inglehart, 15yr4mo22da old
Inglehart, William Almon II--In memory of, b. 12-01-1931, d. 04-24-2011, s/o Gerald Almon & Helen Krippene Inglehart, ashes scattered, d.AZ, see obit
Inglehart, William Almon (Tressa Jane), b. 1881, d. 1950, s/o Almon S.& Mary E. Inglehart, buried at Lakeview Cemetery in Oshkosh WI.
Kahl, Ludwig (Wilhelmine A.), b. 08-12-1827, d. 07-24-1868, old stone, hard to read, not sure of last name
Kahl, Margaretha, b. 02-18-1862, d. 06-18-1862, can't read rest of stone, hard to read
Kahl, Wilhelmine A. (Ludwig), b. 08-16-1841, d. 06-24-1862, c.1867? d/o E.& E.Wendt
Keel, Matilda (Theodore), b. 1853, d. 05-30-1916, Mother, 62yr 6mo 23da old
Keel/Kiell, Fredrick/Friedrich William, b. 1880, d. 08-25-1881, s/o Theodore & Matilda Keel, see record book
Keel/Kiell, Theodore (Matilda), b. 1856, d. 03-30-1893, Father, 36yr
Koepke, Carrie, b. 12-29-1864, d. 12-29-1943
Kopf, Martin (Susanna), b. 02-08-1802, d. 12-01-1887
Kopf, Mary, d. no dates, maybe last name Reuhl
Kopf, Susanna (Martin), b. 1806, d. 07-09-1879, 73yr, see record book
Krastetter, Louise, d. 03-27-1908, d/o P.& Pauline Krastetter, 21yr 7mo old
Krastetter, Paulina (Peter), d. 05-08-1901, 41yr 2mo old
Krastetter, Peter (Paulina), d. 04-04-1915, 59yr old
Kuhl, Margaretha (Michael), b. 08-23-1809, d. 05-15-1878, 68yr 8mo 21/29da old, Nee Stark
Kuhl, Margarethe, b. 02-18-1842, d. 06-18-1862, tochter of Michael & Margaretha Kuhl, d/o
Langsdorf, Katharina, b. 04-15-1833, d. 10-18-1870
LaShell, Harry J. (Sophia E.), b. 1885, d. 07-03-1975, see obit
LaShell, Sophia E. Schmidt (Harry J.), b. 1889, d. 07-31-1969, see obit
Luhde, Catherine (William), d. 09-17-1870, 22y 4m 4d old, d/o Nicholas & Elizabeth Rausch
Mass, Theresia, b. 06-07-1842, d. 08-08-1875, old broken stone, hard to read, see Hass
McLean, Robert C. (Doris Smith), b. 06-13-1955, d. 09-08-1990, see obit
Merchant, Henry (Margaret Schmidt), b. 1862, d. 11-14-1939, see obit, spelling maybe Marchand?
Merchant, Margaret Schmidt (Henry), b. 1864, d. 03-13-1947, see obit
Messerschim/Messerschmidt, Johannes (Katharina), b. 05-10-1797, d. 09-20-1878, maybe d.1873? Old stone can't read in 2006, see record book
Messerschim/Messerschmidt, Katharina (Johannes), b. 09-20-1809, d. 01-11-1883, old stone can't read in 2006, see record book
Mohr, Aaron W. (#1Margaret, #2Catherine Dimpsl), b. 1890, d. 10-30-1977, see obit
Mohr, Aaron (Donna Curtis), b. 08-29-1922, d. 01-22-2008, see obit
Mohr, Carl Eberhard (Martha K.), b. 04-22-1833, d. 02-13-1911
Mohr, Carl M., on stone with Henriette, can't read
Mohr, Catherine (2nd w/o Aaron), b. 1906, d. 1998/1999, maybe died under another name
Mohr, Charles William (Mary Bender), b. 1864, d. 01-16-1939, Father, see obit
Mohr, Christiana (William/Wilhelm), b. 10-02-1829, d. 03-17-1908, Nee Dell, Mutter
Mohr, Edwin George (Helen Sobie), b. 10-27-1891, d. 02-15-1940, WW I, American Legion, see obit
Mohr, Fred C., b. 02-21-1893, d. 03-11-1977, WW I, US Army
Mohr, Hazel Tillie (Herbert), b. 1896, d. 05-24-1991, (m)02-14-1917, see obit
Mohr, Henriette Kath, b. 03-22-1863, d. 10-14-1864, d/o Carl E.& Martha K.Mohr, hard to read in 2006
Mohr, Henry & Ida, In Memory of our Parents 1949
Mohr, Herbert (Hazel Tillie), b. 03-25-1889, d. 01-00-1951, (m)02-14-1917, see obit
Mohr, Margaret Elizabeth Wiese (1st w/o Aaron), b. 1897, d. 01-28-1934, see obit
Mohr, Maria E., b. 01-11-1880, d. 04-24-1891, on stone with Carl, d/o Carl E.& Martha K.Mohr
Mohr, Marie H., b. 07-19-1898, d. 03-21-1979
Mohr, Martha K. (Carl Eberhard), b. 01-06-1841, d. 06-15-1917
Mohr, Mary Bender (Charles W.), b. 1868, d. 07-21-1932, Mother
Mohr, Merton (Marion Kopff), b. 09-22-1920, d. 02-13-2002, (m)1953, s/o Herbert & Hazel Hinz Mohr, Metal funeral home marker, see obit
Mohr, Norbert H., b. 1919, d. 05-05-1991, s/o Herbert & Hazel Mohr, see obit
Mohr, Ralph Henry (Ruth Mae Rossow), b. 03-13-1923, d. 06-04-2006, WW II, (m)08-17-1947, s/o Ludwig Heinrick & Lydia Helene Mohr
Mohr, Ricky Michael, b. 10-09-1948, d. 11-06-2010, s/o Ralph & Ruth Rossow Mohr, see obit
Mohr, Ruth Mae Rossow (Ralph Henry), b. 03-22-1926, d. 06-12-2008, (m)08-17-1947, d/o Avolt & Olga Rossow, d.AZ, see obit
Mohr, Shirley V., b. 02-02-1923, d. 10-21-1997
Mohr, Sue (William Conrad), b. 1868, d. 1932, Mother
Mohr, William Conrad (Susan Schliesman), b. 1865, d. 01-01-1949, see obit
Mohr, William H., b. 08-16-1890, d. 09-16-1953
Mohr, William Henry (Gertrude Verner), b. 02-29-1860, d. 12-10-1935, see obit
Mohr, William/Wilhelm (Christiana), b. 03-09-1830, d. 05-30-1878, Vater
Nagel, Wayne C., b. 02-24-1947, d. 2013, On stone with John J. Harhen, s/o Vera & William Nagel, see obit
Ohly, Eliza Marie (Hartman H.), b. 1856, d. 1946, Eastern Star, Mother
Ohly, Hartman H. (Eliza Marie), b. 1855, d. 1944, Mason, Father
Oliver, Henry (Jessie), b. 09-07-1918, d. 01-25-2005
Oliver, Jessie (Henry), b. 10-02-1922, d. 09-05-1992, Nee Boomsma
Orth, Conrad, d. 01-10-1864, 82yr old
Petermann, Elizabeth (John/Johann), d. 07-21-1884, 59yr 6mo 19da old, also spelled Peterman
Petermann, Henry A., d. 01-23-1864, s/o John & Elizabeth Peterman, 8y or3y 7m14d old
Petermann, John/Johann (Elizabeth), d. 08-19-1879, 59yr 3mo 23da old, also spelled Peterman
Pollesch, Mildred E., b. 1912, d. 1989, see ssdi & stone
Preston, E. B., b. 04-23-1864, d. 05-05-1932
Purdy, Alford P. /Alfred P., d. 10-05-1852, s/o J. & E. Purdy, 3yr old
Radka Family Stone, Frank A, William, Albert, Ferdinand Jr, Wilhelmine, Ferdindand, Emilie
Radka, Albert, b. 05-21-1869, d. 02-27-1942, see record book, s/o Ferdinand & Wilhelmine
Radka, Emilie, b. 08-04-1864, d. 06-15-1882
Radka, Frank A. -single, b. 06-06-1866, d. 10-12-1951, see obit, s/o Ferdinand & Wilhelmine Radka
Radka, Wilhelmine (Ferdinand), b. 09-08-1840, d. 12-14-1930, last name assumed, see obit index, spelled Radke in obit
Radka, William, b. 05-22-1875, d. 01-29-1945, last name assumed, s/o Ferdinand & Wilhelmine
Radka/Radtke, Ferdinand Jr., b. 12-21-1871, d. 04-06-1892, see record book, s/o Ferdinand & Wilhelmine
Radka/Radtke, Ferdinand (Wilhelmine), b. 01-16-1836, d. 02-23-1892
Rahn, Lydia M. (Robert H.), b. 08-09-1923, d. 09-07-1986, (m)08-17-1946
Rahn, Robert H. (Lydia M.), b. 05-05-1920, d. 12-15-1985, (m)08-17-1946
Raschig, Ronald Eugene (Sandra K.), b. 09-21-1941, d. 08-10-2001, Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, EM2 US Navy, (m)06-25-1966, s/o Ralph & Dorothy Piepkorn Raschig, seeobit
Raschig, Sandra K. (Ronald Eugene), b. 1946, nee Reek, (m)06-25-1966
Rausch, Elizabeth Blockwitz (Nicholas), b. 03-15-1821, d. 12-09-1895, Mother, d.Chicago
Rausch, Nicholas (Elizabeth Blockwitz), b. 06-24-1810, d. 08-23-1892, Father
Rausch, Son, b. 05-06-1901, d. 05-10-1901, old stone
Reuhl, Casper/Kasper (Susanna), d. 08-28-1901, 80yr 7mo old, Father
Reuhl, Conrad (Lizzie), b. 1866, d. 08-00-1936, see obit
Reuhl, John P., b. 1895, d. 1913, next to Lucy Reuhl, s/o John Reuhl, see obit
Reuhl, John Sr. (Mary M.), b. 1847, d. 1917, next to Mary M. Reuhl
Reuhl, Lizzie (Conrad), b. 1866, d. 1915
Reuhl, Lucy, b. 04-28-1880, d. 01-29-1891, d/o Johann & Marie, next to John P.
Reuhl, Lydia C. -Miss, b. 1876, d. 04-16-1956, funeral date, d/o John Reuhl, see obit
Reuhl, Margaret M. -Miss, b. 1887, d. 02-25-1960, see obit
Reuhl, Mary, d. no dates, maybe last name Kopf
Reuhl, Mary M. (John Sr.), b. 1853, d. 06-00-1929, next to John Reuhl Sr., see obit
Reuhl, Susanna (Casper/Kasper), b. 12-18-1827, d. 02-06-1897, 69yr 1mo 19da old, Mother
Rhode, Sophia (William/Wilhelm M.), b. 1824, d. 04-08-1922, Mother, see obit
Rhode, Victor, b. 1860, d. 1944, s/o Sophia & William Rhode
Rhode, William Sr. (Johanna Wendt), d. 09-17-1929, from obit, 72yr old, same as William & Hannah
Rhode, William/Wilhelm M. (Sophia), b. 1813, d. 11-16-1889, Civil War, Father, burial date, 75yr
Rhode/Rode/Rohde, Watch the spelling
Rode, Elden Roy (#1Marjorie M. Welk, #2 Mary Baillies Welk, #3 Catherine Pasewald)--see obit, b. 08-11-1925, d. 11-19-2010, WW II, AEM3 US Navy, (m1)09-1950, (m2)05-1994, (m3)07-30-2005, s/o Roy & Selma Sauer Rode
Rode, Hubert Eldon (Geneva Nigbor), b. 04-10-1923, d. 11-27-2004, s/o Roy & Selma Sauer Rode, see obit
Rode, Marjorie M. (1st w/o Elden R.), b. 08-15-1928, d. 04-28-1993, Nee Welk, (m)09-1950
Rode, Roy Irvin (Selma M.), b. 08-10-1892, d. 02-11-1975, (m)09-27-1916, obit says wife's name is Elfreda Luckow
Rode, Selma M. (Roy Irvin), b. 08-02-1895, d. 01-13-1963, (m)09-27-1916, see obit
Rohde, Eddie, b. 06-20-1895, d. 03-19-1897, next to William & Hannah Rohde
Rohde, Emery D., b. 09-23-1932, d. 09-24-1932, s/o William F. & Augusta Rohde
Rohde, Hannah (William), b. 1857, d. 1933, Mother
Rohde, William (Hannah), b. 1856, d. 1929, Father
Root, Albert E., d. 10-12-1852, s/o E.& F. Root. 3yr 11mo old
Root, Anson (Sally), d. 12-25-1861, 67yr old
Root, Edward (Emily M. -maybe), d. 10-24-1879, 59yr 12da old, broken stone
Root, Emily M. (Edward-maybe), d. 1899, dates hard to read
Root, Fidelia, b. 1819, d. 1904
Root, Russell, b. 1803, d. 1887
Root, Sally (Anson), d. 08-19-1865, 81yr old
Sauer Family Plot, Irvin, Rose, Clara A, Harry E, Mildred E, Almer P.
Sauer, Almer P. (Mildred Brunning), b. 1904, d. 07-21-1967, see obit
Sauer, Charles Karl (Klara), b. 1841, d. 09-00-1923, GAR, Father, (m)07-15-1868, see obit
Sauer, Christian Peter Adam (Margaret Scharf), b. 1871, d. 02-24-1934, Father, see obit
Sauer, Christian (Margaretha), b. 10-08-1803, d. 11-26-1889, Can't read dates in 2006, see record book
Sauer, Clara A., b. 07-00-1912, d. 10-17-1968
Sauer, Edmund P. (Ruth B.), b. 1899, d. 1993
Sauer, Ernestine Elizabeth Heinz (Henry C.), b. 09-17-1858, d. 02-03-1941, see obit
Sauer, Harry E. (Mildred), b. 06-06-1909, d. 02-00-1979, ssdi
Sauer, Henrietta Umbreit (William), b. 09-24-1837, d. 05-16-1922, see obit
Sauer, Henry C. (Ernestine E.), b. 11-18-1858, d. 10-03-1944
Sauer, Irvin (Rose Koeller Treptow), b. 1901, d. 12-12-1967, d.date from obit
Sauer, Jakob, b. 02-03-1885, d. 04-28-1885, old stone next to Charles & Klara Sauer, cannot read dates in 2006, see record book
Sauer, Klara Reuhl (Charles), b. 1849, d. 1902, Mother, (m)07-15-1858
Sauer, Margaret Scharf (Christian), b. 1870, d. 06-28-1933, Mother, see obit
Sauer, Margaretha Ruebsen (Christian), b. 04-19-1806, d. 06-23-1868, Can't read dates in 2006, age 62y 2m 4d, listed as Anna Margaret in record book
Sauer, Margarethe/Margaret, b. 12-06-1903, d. 12-20-1903, d/o Christian & Margaret Sauer
Sauer, Norma M., b. 07-22-1908, d. 10-16-1976, d/o Phebe & William F. Sauer, see obit
Sauer, Phebe Scharf (William Frederick), b. 1868, d. 12-05-1945, see obit
Sauer, Rose K. (Irvin), b. 1901, d. 1991
Sauer, Ruth B. (Edmund P.), b. 1907, d. 1997, Nee Fischer
Sauer, Tillie Fergie (William J.), b. 1870, d. 06-11-1926, Mother, see obit
Sauer, William Frederick (Phebe Scharf), b. 04-24-1870, d. 11-19-1947, (m)04-14-1904, see obit
Sauer, William J. (Tillie Fergie), b. 1869, d. 1943, Father
Sauer, William (Henrietta), b. 08-07-1831, d. 04-10-1912
Schaefer, Emma (H.), b. 07-15-1880, d. 02-01-1905
Scharf, Dolores A. (Gordon W.), b. 1923, d. 1989
Scharf, Earl Edward (Esther M. Heinz), b. 05-21-1897, d. 03-23-1970, see obit
Scharf, Esther, b. 1896, d. 08-02-1908, d/o William & Louise Scharf
Scharf, Esther M. Heinz (Earl Edward), b. 1896, d. 05-20-1967, see obit
Scharf, Eve/Eva (Jacob), d. 01-20-1874, Age 36yr 10m 6da, Mutter
Scharf, Gordon W. (Dolores A. Murray), b. 1921, d. 12-02-1977, see obit
Scharf, Jacob (Eve/Eva), b. 01-24-1825, d. 02-14-1895, Age 70yr 21da, Vater
Scharf, Louise (William), b. 1877, d. 1952, Mother
Scharf, Maria C., b. 11-29-1789, d. 06-26-1855, hard to read in 2006, born in Germania
Scharf, Son, b. 07-22-1899, d. 07-22-1899, s/o G.& B. Scharf
Scharf, William, b. 1793, d. 09-22-1868, b. Beskorgen Prussia Germany
Scharf, William (Louise Sauer), b. 1865, d. 07-28-1937, Father, see obit
Schimmel, Marie/Margarethe M. (H. J.), b. 1893, d. 1919
Schmidt, Anna M., b. 02-06-1871, d. 03-28-1872, Could not read in 2006, see record book
Schmidt, Anna Maria (J. Wilhelm), b. 03-10-1813, d. 03-16-1887, old stone can't read in 2006, see record book
Schmidt, Henry/Heinrich (Maria), b. 12-22-1834, d. 12-28-1909, Father
Schmidt, John W., d. 10-03-1865, 57yr 7mo 11da old
Schmidt, Katharina M., d. 12-03-1865, d/o John W.& Anna M. Schmidt, 18y 2m 11d old
Schmidt, Maria (Henry/Heinrich), b. 11-22-1834, d. 07-25-1915, Mother
Schmidt, Unknown-73yr old, d. 04-11-188?, old stone by Anna Maria & Katharina Schmidt
Schmidt, Wilhelmina "Minnie" Hensel (William), b. 1856, d. 04-26-1936, funeral date, see obit
Schmidt, William J., b. 1883, d. 05-25-1972, see obit
Schmidt, William/Wilhelm (Wilhelmina), b. 1837, d. 01-06-1928
Schreiber Family Plot, Marvin, Edwin, William H, Louisa, John, Bertha
Schreiber, Bertha Emilie (1st w/o John), b. 09-10-1880, d. 12-12-1898, Next to John Schreiber, Mother, nee Ratke
Schreiber, Dale A. (Georgia M. Hannah), b. 12-17-1946, (m)01-31-1970
Schreiber, Edwin, b. 1903, d. 1931, Son , s/o John & Louisa T. Schreiber
Schreiber, Georgia M. Hannah (Dale A.), b. 07-31-1950, (m)01-31-1970
Schreiber, Harold G. (Lorraine J.), b. 11-06-1914, d. 08-12-1998, (m)12-03-1944
Schreiber, John (Bertha & Louisa), b. 1865, d. 1949, Next to Louisa Schreiber, Father
Schreiber, Lorraine J. (Harold G.), b. 02-26-1920, d. 12-09-1995, Nee Karau, (m)12-03-1944
Schreiber, Louisa (2nd w/o John), b. 1881, d. 1957, Next to John Schreiber, Mother
Schreiber, Marvin, b. 1908, d. 1908, s/o John & Louisa T. Schreiber
Schreiber, William H., b. 02-01-1901, d. 03-28-1989, WW II, Pvt US Army
Schwarze, Alfred F. (Gertrude B.), b. 1905, d. 2000
Schwarze, Erwin J., b. 10-07-1914, d. 10-13-2001, WW II, TEC 3 US Army
Schwarze, Gertrude B. (Alfred F.), b. 1915, d. 1967, Nee Skeen
Schwoch, Alfred Herman (Viola M. Blockwitz), b. 04-25-1893, d. 05-24-1946, (m)11-27-1919, see obit
Schwoch, Carl W. (Joanne Faye), b. 1924, d. 09-08-1979, see obit
Schwoch, Darlene McDowall, b. 1905, d. 2002
Schwoch, Gilbert C. (#1Vera M, #2Darlene), b. 1898, d. 08-23-1989, (m)09-28-1921, see obit
Schwoch, Infant son, d. 1921, next to Alfred H.& Viola M. Schwoch, their son
Schwoch, Joanne Faye (Carl W.), b. 12-14-1935, d. 05-19-2011, d/o Robert & Gertrude Hibner Nehrlick. See obit
Schwoch, Vera M. (1st w/o Gilbert C.), b. 04-03-1900, d. 09-01-1979, (m)09-28-1921, see obit
Schwoch, Viola M. (Alfred H.), b. 1896, d. 01-04-1975, see obit
Slinger, Robert Riley, Baereuth Emma, & Robert Carl, Cambria Wisconsin, Rosedale Cemetery
Smith, George H. (Martha M.), b. 1886, d. 10-27-1973, see obit
Smith, Martha M. (George H.), b. 1896, d. 1986
Sommer Family Plot, Charles, William R, Anna, Henry, August, Bertha
Sommer, Amelia M. -Miss, b. 1884, d. 04-29-1938, see obit, or Summers?
Sommer, Anna Justine (William F.), b. 1857, d. 02-01-1922, Mother, 64yr, see obit
Sommer, August Ferdinand, b. 1897, d. 04-18-1916, Son, see record book, s/o William F.& Anna Sommer, see obit
Sommer, August (Christina), b. 02-16-1827, d. 05-04-1909, Father, maybe d.03-04-1909, hard to read
Sommer, Bertha Augusta, b. 1893, d. 04-15-1916, Daughter, d/o William F.& Anna Sommer, see obit
Sommer, Charles, b. 1903, d. 1928, s/o William F. & Anna Sommer
Sommer, Christina (August), b. 12-15-1829, d. 05-03-1904, Mother, Nee Klall, maybe b.1822?
Sommer, Henry/Heinrich Edward, b. 1900, d. 04-26-1916, Son, see record book, s/o William F.& Anna Sommer, see obit
Sommer, William F. (Anna), b. 1855, d. 1917, Father
Sommers, George/Georg Martin, b. 05-02-1885, d. 07-03-1888, s/o Friedrich & Margarethe Sommers
Stelter, Mina Ida Wilhelmine, b. 07-06-1886, d. 09-17-1887, d/o Julius & Wilhelmine Stelter
Stenstrup, Gordon (Redona), b. 10-24-1924
Stenstrup, Redona (Gordon), b. 04-29-1923
Steul family stone, Gabriel, Johann H, Maria, Mary E, hard to read
Steul, Gabriel Grossvater, b. 11-11-1802, d. 07-17-1873, small & large old stones can't read in 2006
Steul, Johann H., b. 10-07-1825, d. 05-07-1909, Could not read in 2006
Steul, John L., b. 1864, d. 1937
Steul, Maria, b. 01-25-1869, d. 03-17-1869, small & large old stones can't read in 2006, d/o Heinrich & Elizabeth, see record book
Steul, Mary E., d. 12-07-1911, Mother, could not read this stone in 2006
Steul, Mutter, next to Maria, small old stone can't read in 2006, maybe Mary E.
Steul, Vater, next to Gabriel Grossvaler, small old stone can't read in 2006, maybe Johann H.
Streeter, Almon, d. 10-04-1854, 27yr 9mo old
Streeter, Nancy (Truman), d. 04-24-1870, Wife, 76yr 17da old, maybe d.1876?
Streeter, Truman (Nancy), b. 01-20-1793, d. 08-13-1844, In Memory of, burial place unknown
Summers, Amelia-Miss, d. 04-29-1938, see obit, or Sommers
Tessman, Emma, b. 1909, d. 1909, d/o W.& Emma Tessman
Tessman, Frank, b. 11-24-1884, d. 12-03-1955
Tessmann, Louisa (William), b. 07-04-1838, d. 01-06-1907
Tessmann, Mary/Marie Ottilie (August), b. 02-10-1877, d. 03-30-1900
Tessmann, William (Louisa), b. 03-17-1838
Thomas, Donna M. (Tom), b. 09-14-1943, d. 10-28-1984, Nee Scharf
Ullrich, Bertha P. (Gustave A.), b. 02-11-1883, d. 05-15-1911, Nee Wendt, Mother
Ullrich, Gustave Emil (Bertha P.), b. 02-19-1881, d. 10-25-1959, see obit
Unknown, August, b. 03-18-1869, d. 03-20-1883, cracked/repaired stone can't read
Unknown, Elizabeth, Old stone can't read
Unknown, Nancy (George), d. 08-29-1862, 40yr old, can't read in 2006, maybe Higbe
Unknown, Unknown, Old broken stone can't read
Unknown, Unknown, Old stone can't read
Unknown, Unknown, Old stone can't read
Wagner, Andrew, d. 04-08-1862, 28yr old
Wagner, August, b. 05-30-1861, d. 04-10-1863, s/o Andrew & M. Wagner
Wagner, Henry/Heinrich Andreas, b. 03-02-1859, d. 07-26-1896, s/o Anton & Marie Wagner, maybe b.1853?
Weisel, Albert Konrad, d. 05-17-1872, old stone can't read last name or dates in 2006, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth Weisel, 1yr 5mo 7da, see Rec.Bk
Weisel, Anna Margaret (Conrad), b. 1842, d. 1909
Weisel, Catharina Grieb (John George), b. 12-21-1818, d. 02-19-1891, Mother
Weisel, Conrad (Anna Margaret), b. 1827, d. 1903
Weisel, John/Johann George/Georg (Catharina Grieb), b. 11-27-1805, d. 12-16-1893, Father
Weisel, Phillipp Karl, b. 02-14-1869, d. 01-29-1870, s/o Jacob/Jakob & Elizabeth, old stone can't read in 2006
Weisel, Wilhelm, d. 11-29-1875, s/o Konrad & Anna M. Weisel, 13yr 1mo 13da old, old stone can't read in 2006, see record book
Wendt family information, info from Lester Ludwig, most of these stones were very hard to read in 2006
Wendt, Albertena (Fredrick)--on stone, Ernestine Albertine Wilhelmine Wendt, b. 08-16-1821, d. 12-14-1899, Mother, d/o John & Christina Seft Gehrke/Jehrke, d.Randolph WI, see record book
Wendt, August Wilhelm Ferdinand (Wilhelmine), b. 06-22-1848, d. 05-06-1888, 39yr 10mo 11da old, hard to read dates in 2006, s/o Johann Fridrich Herman & Ernestine Albertine Wilhelmine Gehrke Wendt, (m)09-26-1871
Wendt, Bertha Luise Frederike (Ludwig Carl Friedrich), b. 08-23-1829, d. 01-03-1929, Mutter, two stones, German inscription, nine children, Nee Gehrke
Wendt, Emma (Henry), b. 05-05-1870, d. 11-25-1961, (m)09-11-1890, d/o Martin & Caroline Huth Beier
Wendt, Fredrick (Albertena)--on stone, Johann Fredrick Herman Wendt, b. 06-25-1820, d. 05-07-1903, Father, six children
Wendt, Henry (Emma)--Albert Heinrich, b. 09-12-1862, d. 1930, s/o Carl Friedrich Ludwig & Bertha Luise Frederike Gehrke Wendt, (m)09-11-1890
Wendt, Ludwig Carl Friedrich (Bertha L. W.), b. 12-25-1824, d. 10-01-1904, Vater, two stones, German inscription, (m) c.1850 in Germany
Wendt, Pauline (William), b. 03-02-1860, d. 06-24-1935, Mother, d/o Martin & Caroline Huth Beier
Wendt, Victor, hard to read, in the Wendt lot
Wendt, Wilhelmine (August Wilhelm Ferdinand), b. 09-25-1849, d. 04-09-1929, Old stone hard to read in 2006, All data is from Lester Ludwig: d/o Christian & Maria Priem, (m)09-26-1871
Wendt, William (Pauline)---William Ludwig Ferdinand Wendt, b. 11-16-1860, d. 04-19-1923, Father, s/o Carl Friedrich Ludwig & Bertha Luise Frederike Gehrke Wendt, (m)10-29-1882
Wescher Family Stone, George, Elizabeth, Heinrich, Philipine, Maria
Wescher, Elizabeth Parry, b. 1866, d. 02-16-1896, Nee Parry, on stone with Mary Katheryn Wescher
Wescher, Elizabeth (George), b. 03-14-1833, d. 02-06-1892, Mother
Wescher, George (Elizabeth), b. 1833, d. 1916, Father
Wescher, Heinrich, b. 01-15-1865, d. 07-09-1892, d.Chicago, s/o George & Elizabeth Wescher, rec.book says s/o Johann
Wescher, Juliane Philipine, b. 1873, d. 12-14-1874, d/o George & Elizabeth Wescher, 1yr 3mo old
Wescher, Maria Katherine, b. 1792, d. 12-02-1877, Grandma/o Heinrich & Philipine Wescher
Wescher, Mary Katheryn, b. 1862, d. 1950, on stone with Elizabeth Wescher
Will, Conrad, d. 12-13-1888, 73yr old, could not read in 2006, see record book
Williams, Esther R. (#1Clarence W. Hardwick, #2Amwel Williams), b. 1915, d. 05-24-1988, Nee Kohrt, see Amwel Williams obit, see Esther Harwick, see obit
Winchell, Artie Georg--Arleigh Ora Winchell, b. 10-07-1901, d. 12-20-1901, s/o B.A.& A.L.Winchell, 2mo 13da old, hard to read stone in 2006, some info from Lester Ludwig
Winchell, Lawrence Herman, b. 12-04-1908, d. 12-16-1908, s/o B.A.& A.L.Winchell, 12da old, heart shaped stone, first name hard to read, from Lester Ludwig--he is s/o Benjamin Albert & Anna Louise Gabbert Winchell
Wolslegel, Heinrich J., b. 01-03-1883, d. 01-11-1883, s/o E.& K. Wolslegel, hard to read
Young, John C., d. 07-04-1868, s/o G.A.& H, 18yr 17da old, broken/repaired stone
Youngs, Harold D. (Myrtle M. Scharf), b. 08-11-1924, d. 03-07-2013, (m)06-27-1945, s/o Orla & Dora Youngs, see obit
Youngs, Myrtle M. (Harold D.), b. 03-25-1923, d. 10-18-2009, (m)06-27-1945, d/o Earl & Esther Hein Scharf, obit
Youngs, Wallace "Wally" (Mary Krupp), b. 08-08-1957, d. 09-25-2014, (m)08-11-1991, s/o Harold & Myrtle Scharf Youngs, see obit

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