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Ohio Cemetery
Rio, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.447958, -89.246045

Cemetery Rd
Rio, WI 53960

Published: September 29, 2016
Total records: 1,718

Surnames A-G

Copied from a 1980's list at the Portage Public Library donated by Barb Ferguson. Updated tombstone transcription in 2006 by Portage Jr.Hi River Crossing students, Ray & Hazel Rogers, Barb Ferguson and Anna Mae Axness. A special thank you to Jim Dott for furnishing the Plat maps in 2006. Updated in 2010 from tombstone pictures by Char Sauer. Updated from the books & Sexton Bob Adams in 2011 & 2015. Project coordinated and typed by Anna Mae Axness. Some Veteran data from Betty Cook's files. Some information from Lester Ludwig research.

Aaberg, Gwendolyn M.
, b. 12-25-1899, d. 02-02-1985, Plot 3--9/16?, --Nee Letcher
Abbott, Lydia A. (Samuel), b. 08-05-1860, d. 09-21-1944, Plot 1--96
Abbott, Samuel (Lydia A.), b. 03-12-1848, d. 06-18-1904, Plot 1--96
Achterberg, Brad, Plot 3--73
Ackerman, Hattie G., b. 1852, d. 1869, Plot 1--52, --on stone with Ida E. Ackerman
Ackerman, Ida E., b. 1857, d. 1869, Plot 1--52, --on stone with Hattie G. Ackerman
Ackerman, Lester H., b. 1876, d. 1954, Plot 1--52
Adams, Edna P. (Vern W.), b. 05-11-1907, d. 06-15-2003, Plot 5--8, --(m)05-31-1931, d/o George & Edith Phelps, Eastern Star, see obit
Adams, Vern W. (Edna Phelps), b. 03-20-1906, d. 01-17-1970, Plot 5--8, --WW II, Wisc, MUS2 USNR, Mason, see obit
Akey, David K., b. 1965, d. 2012, Plot 5--4, --buried on Clarence Cowley site
Akey, Janet, b. ???1930, d. 2013, Plot 5--4, --buried on Clarence Cowley site
Aldrich, Frank (Laura Hall), b. 1859, d. 08-14-1936, Plot 1--109, --see obit
Aldrich, Laura (Frank), b. 1864, d. 04-27-1961, Plot 1--109, --see obit
Allen, Benjamin J., b. 04-02-1851, d. 04-16-1851, Plot 1--25/38
Allen, Delilah, b. 07-15-1857, d. 09-19-1857, Plot 1--25/38
Allen, Eliza J., b. 03-03-1850, d. 03-23-1850, Plot 1--25/38
Allen, Eliza J., b. 08-27-1853, d. 09-23-1853, Plot 1--25/38
Allen, Jennie H., b. 03-14-1855, d. 07-19-1879, Plot 1--25/38
Allen, Lilla May, b. 06-22-1872, d. 07-24-1954, Plot 1--25/38, --d/o Seth & Marie Allen, see obit
Allen, Marie M. Brown (Seth), b. 02-05-1832, d. 11-18-1909, Plot 1--25/38, --(m)06-1849, Mother
Allen, Mary Ann, b. 09-06-1852, d. 02-09-1876, Plot 1--25/38
Allen, Seth K., b. 08-28-1862, d. 09-14-1862, Plot 1--25/38
Allen, Seth Warren, b. 07-04-1877, d. 09-06-1912, Plot 1--38 or 39?--Appears to be near the Allens, see obit index
Allen, Seth (Maria M. Brown), b. 04-26-1824, d. 02-06-1906, Plot 1--25/38, --(m)06-1849, Father, info per L.Ludwig
Allen, William Jack (Edith 1942 & Minnie Weishoff Pulver), b. 06-13-1889, d. 03-17-1981, Plot 3--5 or 4--76, --s/o Joseph Rubas & Katharina Busakova from Bohemia, b.Nebraska, d.CA, info from Lester Ludwig
Allen, Wilhelmine "Minnie" Louise (#1Homer W. Pulver, #2 William Jack Allen), b. 1888, d. 06-14-1976, Plot 3--5, --(m)09-29-1914, Nee Genrich, info per Lester Ludwig, see obit,
Amend, Joseph Wenzel (Judith A.), b. 09-09-1936, d. 05-23-2008, Plot 3--59, Korea, US Army, (m)04-08-1961, see obit
Amend, Judith A. (Joseph W.), b. 11-14-1939, d. 05-28-2011, Plot 3--59, (m)04-08-1961, see obit
Amend, Pamela, Plot 3--59
Amend, Patrick, Plot 3--59
Amend, Wanda Marie Blankenscheim, b. 1941, d. 11-18-1987, Plot 4--89 or 1--5 area, --Nee Strauss, see obit
Anderson, Adolph W. (Ida), b. 12-20-1883, d. 06-05-1958, Plot 4--88
Anderson, Alvah, b. 11-16-1892, d. 09-09-1979, Plot 1--90 area
Anderson, Casper (Esther Huebner), b. 11-23-1912, d. 09-04-1991, Plot 3--66/67, --(m)12-20-1938, full dates from Lester Ludwig
Anderson, Esther H. (Casper), b. 06-22-1914, d. 11-07-1997, Plot 3--66/67, --(m)12-20-1938, d/o Paul & Frieda Nintzel Huebner, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Anderson, Hawkin, b. 1878, d. 06-00-1951, Plot 1--163, -- see obit
Anderson, Ida (Adolph W.), b. 06-10-1876, d. 11-21-1961, Plot 4--88
Anderson, Michelle, Plot 5--63
Anderson, Robert, Plot 5--63
Atchey, Josephine Christopher (William R.), b. 1871, d. 11-30-1955, Plot 3--30, --see obit
Atchey, William R. (Josephine C.), b. 1878, d. 1949, Plot 3--30
Austin, Amelia, b. 03-04-1881, d. 05-04-1906, Plot 1--141, --d/o E.W. & A. Austin
Austin, Amelia (Elias W.), b. 1844, d. 1926, Plot 1--141
Austin, Anna Agatha (Guy E.), b. 1885, d. 05-01-1982, Plot 2--182, --mother, see obit
Austin, Anna B. (Louis E.), b. 1880, d. 1957, Plot 1--118
Austin, Arden R., b. 1922, d. 1928, Plot 1--118
Austin, Bertha (William), b. 1874, d. 1959, Plot 3--26
Austin, Carrie, b. 01-04-1871, d. 09-24-1888, Plot 1--141, --d/o Elias W.& Amelia Austin, 17y9m6d
Austin, Elias W. (Amelia Startin), b. 1843, d. 06-24-1923, Plot 1--141, --see obit
Austin, Eugene (Matie/Mary), b. 05-22-1866, d. 06-29-1905, Plot 1--141
Austin, Frieda, b. 1904, d. 1934, Plot 1--118
Austin, Gracie, b. 01-27-1901, d. 12-12-1901, Plot 1--118, --d/o Louis E. & Anna B. Austin
Austin, Guy E. (Anna A.), b. 1879, d. 1952, Plot 2--182, --father
Austin, Kenneth L., b. 12-23-1920, d. 11-12-1944, Plot 3--28, --WW II, Cpl, US Air Force, Am.Leg, PH, KIA, on stone with Robert L.Rapa, see obit
Austin, Lila M., b. 1913, d. 1914, Plot 2--182, --d/o Guy E.& Anna A. Austin
Austin, Louis E. Jr., b. 1906, d. 1946, Plot 1--118
Austin, Louis E. (Anna B.), b. 1873, d. 1949, Plot 1--118
Austin, Matie/Mary (Eugene), d. 11-07-1891, Plot 1--141, --d/o William Spaulding, age 23y2m7d, info from Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Austin, Meta Monteufel (Roy E.), b. 1888, d. 08-30-1972, Plot 3--21/28, --see obit
Austin, Orrie W. (Zella), b. 04-22-1906, d. 09-22-1985, Plot 3--23, --full date from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Austin, Roy E. (Meta), b. 1897, d. 1976, Plot 3--21/28
Austin, William E. (Bertha Reimer), b. 1868, d. 12-31-1943, Plot 3--26, --see obit
Austin, William R., b. 11-06-1927, d. 04-18-2000, Plot 4--58/79, -- Brother, s/o Roy E.& Meta Manteufel Austin, info from Lester Ludwig
Bahr, Helen M. (William M.), b. 08-14-1895, d. 01-16-1997, Plot 4--15, --(m)1926, d/o Ambrose & Anne Olson Hendrickson, info per Lester Ludwig & obit
Bahr, William M. (Helen M. Hendrickson), b. 1901, d. 09-04-1975, Plot 4--15, --(m)1926, see obit
Ballentine, Andrew C. (Ida), b. 1858, d. 1935, Plot 1--101
Ballentine, Ida (Andrew C.), b. 1864, d. 1941, Plot 1--101
Ballweg, Judith A. (Joe), b. 04-30-1948, d. 04-24-1994, Plot 5--94, --(m)04-09-1982, d/o Fred & Ruth Keil Hookham, see obit
Bancroft, Annie E. (Arthur W.), b. 1885, d. 1934, Plot 1--61
Bancroft, Arthur W. (Annie E.), b. 1880, d. 1943, Plot 1--61
Bancroft, Elna Ann-Miss, b. 1910, d. 03-31-1941, Plot 1--61, --d/o Arthur W.& Annie E. Bancroft, see obit
Bandt, Joan E. (Myron R.), b. 02-11-1932, d. 10-31-2011, Plot 5--10, --(m)11-21-1953, d/o Clifford & Ruth Schwanz McDermott, see obit
Bandt, Myron R. (Joan E. McDermott), b. 04-25-1929, d. 01-18-1998, Plot 5--10, --Korea, AG3 US Navy, (m)11-21-1953
Bankert, Bertha Isabella (Franklin), b. 04-29-1919, d. 07-27-2014, Plot 4--14, --d/o John & Myra Grieswold Knight, see obit
Bankert, Franklin J. (Bertha I. Knight), b. 1911, d. 11-29-1989, Plot 4--14, --see obit
Bankert, John C. (Meta C.), b. 1885, d. 1936, Plot 1--90
Bankert, Meta C. (John C.), b. 1891, d. 10-24-1974, Plot 1--90, --see obit
Bankert, Michael Franklin, b. 1952, d. 01-16-1967, Plot 4--14, --s/o Franklin & Bertha Bankert, see obit
Banks, Lorraine P. Shew, b. 1922, d. 08-27-2003, Plot 2--221 or 214, --d/o Bert & Lettie Crooker Shew, see obit
Barrett, Verna L., b. 03-01-1908, d. 09-01-1970, Plot 1--141, --Nee Austin, Mother
Batty, George Th., b. 07-12-1889, d. 04-10-1891, Plot 1--100, --s/o Thomas & M.Batty, data from ob.Index, died from arsenic poinsoning
Batty, Jane Holmes (John), b. 07-04-1823, d. 05-15-1892, Plot 1--50, --Age 68yr 10mo 11da, b.Spalding Lincolnshire, England
Batty, John (Jane), b. 07-13-1824, d. 07-01-1885, Plot 1--50, --b.Morton England, 61yr 11mo 18da old
Batty, Mary Jane, d. 09-24-1870, Plot 1--50, --d/o John & Jane Batty, 14yr 10m 13da old
Batty, Sherman W. (Etta Kempton), b. 07-18-1865, d. 12-07-1892, Plot 1--50, --(m)1889, s/o John & Jane Batty, b.Rio, d.MN., info per Lester Ludwig & obit
Batty, Thomas, b. 06-26-1892, d. 11-07-1921, E1/4, --2nd Lieut, A.S.A.
Batty, Thomas (#1Frances Louise Noble, #2Martha Ann Parker Depuy), b. 01-24-1849, d. 06-01-1892, Plot 1--100, --(m1)Frances, (m2)1886, s/o John Batty & Jane Holmes, info from Lester Ludwig & obit
Beckman, Mae E. (Roy A.), b. 08-26-1900, d. 12-18-1979, Plot 5--38, --Royal Neighbor of America
Beckman, Roy A. Sr. (Mae E. Shaw), b. 01-17-1896, d. 09-05-1978, Plot 5--38, --WW I, US Army, see obit
Beier, Carl A. (Jean M. Buzzell), b. 03-19-1921, d. 04-17-1998, Plot 5--63, --WW II, US Army TEC 5, (m)03-12-1943,
Beier, Jean M. Buzzell (Carl A.), b. 10-13-1924, d. 06-20-1985, Plot 5--63, --d/o Raymond & Pearl Roundy Buzzell, (m)03-12-1943
Bell, Duane E., b. 05-02-1935, d. 04-06-1936, Plot 2--231?
Bennett, Bert Charles (Iva Brabender), b. 05-26-1889, d. 06-10-1945, Plot 3--25, --(m)09-30-1913, s/o Charles Bennett & Mary Comstock, b.Otsego, d.Milw, Father, info per L.L.
Bennett, Charles (Mary Comstock), b. 03-22-1862, d. 08-17-1927, Plot 1--137, --(m)02-02-1883, info from Lester Ludwig
Bennett, Earl R. (Ida N.), b. 1883, d. 04-07-1943, Plot 1--137, --s/o Charles & Mary Bennett, see obit index
Bennett, Ida N. Jenkins (Earl R.), b. 1884, d. 04-20-1971, Plot 1--137, --see obit
Bennett, Iva (Bert Charles), b. 1891, d. 12-25-1942, Plot 3--25, --(m)09-30-1913, Nee Brabender, Mother, info from Lester Ludwig, car accident, see obit
Bennett, Mary (Charles), b. 03-20-1862, d. 06-28-1955, Plot 1--137, --(m)02-02-1883 in Marcellon, d/o Rufus & Irene Comstock, d.Rio, info per Lester Ludwig
Bennett, Minnie, d. 01-30-1853, Plot 1--5, d/o?--old stone half buried
Bennett, Robert Cross-Rev . (Vernettie Clarissa Linquist), d. 04-27-1933, Plot 1--66, --(m)09-10-1912, see obit
Bennett, Vernettie Clarissa (Rev. Robert Cross Bennett), b. 05-06-1866, d. 04-07-1955, Plot 1--66, --(m)09-10-1912, d/o Carl Johan & Susanna Hawes Linquist, no dates on stone, see obit for dates
Benson, Carl M. (Elsie M.), b. 1892, d. 03-00-1960, Plot 4--70, --Father, see obit
Benson, Elsie M. (Carl M.), b. 1911, d. 10-08-1967, Plot 4--70, --Mother, see obit
Benway, Donald E., b. 1930, d. 10-22-2014, Plot 3--31
Benway, Elmer F. (Florence L. Gardner), b. 1893, d. 09-04-1979, Plot 3--18/31, --see obit
Benway, Florence I. (Elmer F.), b. 1893, d. 12-00-1949, Plot 3--18/31, --see obit
Benzine, Ralph J. (Shirley Anderson), b. 08-24-1934, d. 03-09-2014, (m)10-09-1954, s/o Louis & Hilda Ludwig Benzine, see obit
Bergstad, Glen A., b. 1896, d. 07-26-1953, Plot 2--199, --see obit
Bergstad, Iver A. (Susan), b. 04-04-1861, d. 12-19-1917, Plot 2--199, --Father
Bergstad, Susan (Iver A.), b. 01-19-1867, d. 08-27-1923, Plot 2--199, --Mother
Berkvam, Edna I. (James "Earl"), b. 1899, d. 05-16-1992, Plot 4--39, --Nee Cowley, see obit
Berkvam, James "Earl" (Edna I. Cowley), b. 1899, d. 02-26-1985, Plot 4--39, --see obit
Berkvam, Jens M. (Sadie Westrum), b. 04-05-1889, d. 06-18-1968, Plot 2--209 or 210, --WW I, WI Wagr Util Det QNC, obit
Berkvam, Sadie Westrum (Jens M.), b. 1896, d. 08-00-1946, Plot 2--209 or 210, --American Legion Auxiliary, see obit
Bernander, Alton D. (Dolores J.), b. 1928, Plot 5--80, (m)08-04-1951
Bernander, Anna B. (Claus E.), b. 05-13-1871, d. 12-22-1911, Plot 2--206, --1st w/o Claus E. Bernander
Bernander, Arlene E. (Carl R.), b. 1897, d. 11-03-1966, Plot 3--39, --Nee Nelson
Bernander, Carl R. (Arlene E. Nelson), b. 08-04-1893, d. 06-06-1972, Plot 3--39, --full dates from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Bernander, Clara A. (Claus E.), b. 10-01-1884, d. 04-22-1967, Plot 2--206, --2nd w/o Claus E. Bernander
Bernander, Clause E. (two wives), b. 08-14-1870, d. 02-19-1953, Plot 2--206, --wives Anna B. & Clara A.
Bernander, Dolores J. (Alton D.), b. 06-08-1930, d. 01-15-2012, Plot 5--80, (m)08-04-1951, d/o Willard J.& Lillian Stratton Johnson, see obit
Bernander, Edith E., b. 08-31-1895, d. 02-15-1921, Plot 2--206
Bernander, Lester, b. 01-15-1910, d. 01-18-1910, Plot 2--206, --s/o Anna B. & Claus E. Bernander
Blackman, Albert L., b. 10-09-1835, d. 05-19-1900, Plot 1--138? Area?--66yr old, s/o Elizer Blackman, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Blenis, Emma A., b. 1846, d. 1932, Plot 1--37
Blenis, Hannah (Henry), b. 09-06-1802, d. 10-22-1865, Plot 1--37, --wife, old hard to read stone, (m)09-02-1823, d/o William G.Rodman & Therza Palmer, b.NY, info per Lester Ludwig
Blenis, Henry G. (Carrie Phillips), b. 01-12-1840, d. 10-21-1897, Plot 1--37, --(m)1854, s/o Henry & Hannah Blenis, --per L.Ludwig, see obit
Blenis, Henry (Hannah Rodman), b. 03-12-1803, d. 12-00-1877, Plot 1--37, --obit index d.1876, name originally O'Blenis or Oblenis, b.NY, d.Otsego, (m)09-02-1823, info from Lester Ludwig
Bobholz, Hazel Lucille Myhre (Lester A.), b. 02-28-1918, d. 05-27-1994, Plot 5--18, --full dates from Lester Ludwig
Bobholz, Lester A. (Hazel Lucille Myhre), b. 05-22-1918, d. 03-25-1996, Plot 5--18, --full dates from Lester Ludwig
Borde, Charles (Grace), b. 1887, d. 1963, Plot 4--84
Borde, Elizabeth J. (Wilmer A.), b. 08-21-1926, Plot 5--102, --(m)08-14-1948, Nee Brue
Borde, Frank F. (Nettie A.), b. 1884, d. 02-23-1969, Plot 4--62, --(m)02-25-1909, see obit
Borde, Grace (Charles), b. 1892, d. 1956, Plot 4--84
Borde, Helen Sowards, b. 05-29-1913, d. 12-11-2010, maybe 2nd w/o Charles? Died in Columbus, long time resident of Rio, see obit
Borde, Nettie A. Schloesser (Frank F.), b. 1887, d. 11-10-1969, Plot 4--62, --(m)02-25-1909, see obit
Borde, Wilmer A. (Elizabeth J. Brue), b. 03-09-1923, d. 12-23-2009, Plot 5--102, --WW II, US Army, (m)08-14-1948, s/o Charles & Grace Sowards Borde, see obit
Bourret, Clyde Erwin (Evelyn H.), b. 10-09-1888, d. 10-29-1959, Plot 2--190, --WW I Vet
Bourret, Evelyn H. (Clyde Erwin), b. 1895, d. 09-17-1975, Plot 2--190, --funeral date, see obit
Brace, Louie J., b. 1815, d. 1871, Plot 1--52 or 87 area, --next to Rhoda Cole
Brace, Lucille E., d. 1922, Plot 2--200
Bradley, Arline F. Vick, b. 01-25-1928, Plot 5--5 or 6?--on stone with Martin A.Tweeten
Bradley, Hazel V. (Lloyd O.), b. 05-07-1912, d. 12-11-1987, Plot 5--41, --d/o Sjur & Ida Selje, info from L.Ludwig
Bradley, Jay O. (Joyce M. Bennett), b. 11-07-1916, d. 10-03-1994, Plot 5--48, --full b.date from Lester Ludwig
Bradley, Joyce M. Bennett (Jay O.), b. 07-26-1916, d. 08-06-2000, Plot 5--48, --full b.date from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Bradley, Lloyd O. (Hazel Selje), b. 07-25-1912, d. 08-07-1988, Plot 5--41, --full dates from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Bradley, Merlin D. -see obit, b. 11-27-1918, d. 10-01-1987, Plot 5--?--somewhere around lot 51?, date from L.L.
Brainard, Celia, b. 11-05-1873, d. 12-04-1894, Plot 1--77, --d/o George H. & Ellen M. Brainard
Brainard, Ellen M. (George H.), b. 09-22-1837, d. 04-28-1903, Plot 1--77
Brainard, George H. (Ellen M.), b. 03-10-1833, d. 05-29-1907, Plot 1--77
Breneman, Doris A. (Earl E.), b. 07-16-1908, d. 01-10-1999, Plot 5--73, --(m)06-06-1942, d/o William & Cora May Jennings Vanderhoef, see obit
Breneman, Earl E. (Doris A.), b. 1911, d. 02-03-1996, Plot 5--73, --(m)06-06-1942, s/o Jesse & Adell Wilson Breneman, see obit
Brensike, Ralph (Dathryn Cashmore), b. 03-06-1939, d. 10-03-2012, US Army, s/o Walter & Jennie Brensike, see obit
Brewer, Barbara S. (Robert Lee), Plot 5--90, --Nee Cobb, (m)03-31-1955
Brewer, Robert Lee Jr. (Barbara S. Cobb), b. 01-23-1931, d. 06-17-1987, Plot 5--90, --Korea, A1C USAF, (m)03-31-1955, s/o Robert L.Sr. & Sena A.Brewer, see obit
Briesemeister, Carl
Briesemeister, Chas.
Brown, Abby (Absalom), b. 08-27-1810, d. 06-06-1874, Plot 1--88, --Age 63yr 9mo 6da, (m)c.1824, b.Ohio, d/o Tobias Woods, info from Lester Ludwig
Brown, Absalom (Abby), b. 11-05-1803, d. 03-23-1880, Plot 1--88, --Age 77yr, (m)c.1824, b.Maryland, s/o Josiah & Margret Brown, info from Lester Ludwig
Brown, Adaline, Plot 1--88, --on stone with Elvira Brown
Brown, Anna (Joseph L.), b. 1875, d. 05-00-1951, Plot 3--4, --see obit
Brown, Charlotte Allen-Mrs., b. 1879, d. 10-04-1977, Plot 1--6, --see obit
Brown, Elvira, Plot 1--88, --on stone with Adaline Brown
Brown, Elwin H. (#1Minnie Lawton, #2Mrs. Charlotte Allen), b. 02-25-1873, d. 06-23-1944, Plot 2--221, --s/o Henry Brown, see obit
Brown, Gertrude, b. 08-10-1856, d. 06-02-1927, Plot 2--221, --Nee LeRoy, next to Henry Brown
Brown, Henry W., b. 03-20-1846, d. 12-27-1914, Plot 2--221, --next to Gertrude Brown, b.1845?
Brown, Joseph L. (Anna), b. 1876, d. 02-00-1957, Plot 3--4, --see obit
Brown, Laura A. (Sanford F.), d. 06-07-1894, Plot 1--84, --Age 41yr 1mo 14da
Brown, Minnie (Elwin H.), d. 08-10-1914, Plot 2--221, --Nee Lawton
Brown, Pheba A. Palmer (Seth W.), b. 09-00-1814, d. 01-18-1863, Plot 1--84, --Age 48yr 4mo, b.NY, d.TN, per L.Ludwig
Brown, Sanford F. (Laura A.)-obit says (m)Mary A. Hartman 6yr ago., b. 11-26-1853, d. 11-15-1903, Plot 1--84, --US Army under General Custer, b.N.Y., see obit, info from Lester Ludwig
Brown, Sarah M. or A. Vanderhoef (#1Harvey H. Finch, #2William Bennett, #3 Seth Brown), b. 07-29-1824, d. 05-11-1902, Plot 1--92 area, --(m1)08-24-1841, (m2)1856, (m3)1871(1879?), b.NY, d.Otsego, Mother, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Brown, Seth W. (Pheba A. Palmer & 3rd h/o Sarah M. Vanderhoef), b. 01-23-1819, d. 07-01-1888, Plot 1--84, --Civil War, (m)circa 1840 NY, 69yr 5mo 8da old, b.NY, d.Rio, info per Lester Ludwig, see obit, three wives
Buchanan, Daniel (Mary), b. 02-25-1820, d. 05-23-1903, Plot 1--130
Buchanan, Helen A. /Helena, d. 03-15-1879, Plot 1--131, --d/o John& Helen L. Buchanan, 3m 6d old
Buchanan, Mary (Daniel), b. 07-14-1823, d. 12-07-1901, Plot 1--130
Budd, B. F., b. 11-04-1853, d. 02-12-1922, Plot 1--near Gunderson in E1/4
Budd, Barbara F. (William), b. 1853, d. 1948, Plot 1--near Gunderson in E1/4
Budd, Margaret J. (William), b. 10-15-1876, d. 04-14-1960, Plot 3--7, --on stone with Benjamin Hurst
Budd, William (Barbara F.), b. 1858, d. 1935, Plot 1--near Gunderson in E1/4
Bundy, Alice E. (Warren), b. 03-12-1856, d. 07-30-1899, Plot 1--39
Bundy, Warren (Alice E.), d. 10-13-1870, Plot 1--39, --stone unreadable in 2006, not found 2010
Burke, Helen-spelled Doud on stone, b. 1850, d. 1928, Plot 1--79, --Nee Doud, on stone in Dowd lot
Burmeister, Eola M. (William J.), b. 1882, d. 11-13-1973, Plot 2--168, --Nee Robbins, see obit
Burmeister, Howard E. (Violet L.), b. 02-07-1924, d. 02-15-1991, Plot 2--168, --full dates from Lester Ludwig
Burmeister, Russell E., b. 10-18-1914, d. 12-15-1915, Plot 2--168, --s/o William J. & Eola M. Burmeister
Burmeister, Violet L. (Howard E.), b. 1924, Plot 2--168
Burmeister, William J. (Eola M.), b. 1875, d. 03-00-1951, Plot 2--168, --see obit
Burns, Herbert (Marjorie M. Shew)--see obit, b. 07-18-1917, d. 04-12-2009, Plot 5--72, --WW II, CPL U.S.Army, POW, PH, s/o Clarence & Bertha Woods Burns, (m)05-28-1958
Burns, Marjorie M. (Herbert), b. 04-02-1920, d. 01-03-2013, Plot 5--72, --(m)05-28-1958, d/o Gilbert & Geneva Johnson Shew, see obit
Bush, Dacie A. /Daisy, b. 1874, Plot 2--181, --d/o George C.& Helen F.Bush, per L.L.
Bush, Eslie Howard-single, see obit, b. 1871, d. 08-00-1925, Plot 2--181, --s/o George C.& Helen F.Bush, per L.L.
Bush, George C. (Helen Frances Knight Van Aernam), b. 1838, d. 05-11-1927, Plot 2--181, --Civil War, Co.B, 74th WI Inf, b.Milw, info per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Bush, Helen F. (George C.), b. 1835, d. 1919, Plot 2--181
Bushnell, Jennie (J. M.), d. 06-05-1880, Plot 1--98, --d/o Samuel & Caroline C. Scott, 26y3m19d
Buzzell, Edward D. "Eddie", b. 03-28-1920, d. 10-03-1995, Plot 4--56
Buzzell, George A. (Grace E.), b. 1886, d. 05-09-1969, Plot 4--36, --see obit
Buzzell, Grace E. Kearney (George A.), b. 07-01-1889, d. 12-02-1987, Plot 4--36, --full dates from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Buzzell, Pearl E. Roundy (Raymound), b. 01-09-1898, d. 10-02-1984, Plot 4--56, --full b.date from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Buzzell, Ray (Pearl E.)-see obit, b. 04-17-1890, d. 1962, Plot 4--56, --full b.date from Lester Ludwig, d.July or Aug.
Byrone, Unknown, E1/4, --
Caldwell, James M. (Marion T.), b. 1870, d. 1929, Plot 2--172
Caldwell, Marion Tifft (James M.), b. 1881, d. 02-18-1970, Plot 2--172, --see obit
Caldwell, Ruth E., b. 08-13-1940, d. 07-30-2007, from pictures, d.Illinois, see ssdi
Calhoun, Benjamin, Plot 1--123 area, --Civil War, WI Co E Sgt 97 Inf NY Reg
Carney, Amanda M., b. 03-11-1900, d. 10-30-1907, Plot 1--120, --d/o George D.Carney, sp.Careny on stone
Carney, Ann Dunbar (George D.), b. 12-03-1865, d. 02-29-1924, Plot 1--120, --Mother, see obit
Carney, Charles J., b. 1869, d. 1873, Plot 1--57, --s/o George & Rebecca Carney
Carney, Fred A., b. 1870, d. 1870, Plot 1--57, --s/o George & Rebecca Carney
Carney, George D. (Ann Dunbar), b. 05-20-1861, d. 10-07-1924, Plot 1--120, --Father footstone, obit
Carney, George W. (Rebecca A.), b. 1828, d. 1913, Plot 1--57
Carney, John W., b. 1868, d. 1868, Plot 1--57, --s/o George & Rebecca Carney
Carney, Mary Elizabeth, b. 1904, d. 07-29-1916, Plot 1--120, --d/o G.D.Carney, see obit
Carney, Rebecca Ann Carroll (George W.), b. 1835, d. 01-25-1927, Plot 1--57, --see obit
Carney, William--sp. Careny on stone, b. 04-12-1893, d. 09-19-1893, Plot 1--120, --s/o Mr. & Mrs. George D.Carney
Carpenter, Nellie, b. 08-16-1868, d. 12-16-1919, Plot 1--28?--Nee Robbins
Christen, Matthew Michael, b. 05-30-1977, d. 09-07-2003, Plot 5--59, --s/o Eloise Saladine & Leroy Christen, grdson/o Barbara & Earl Denure, see obit
Christensen, Anna M. (Carl C.), b. 1860, d. 1937, Plot 2--183
Christensen, Carl C. (Anna M.), b. 1858, d. 1936, Plot 2--183
Christensen, Ralph H., b. 02-27-1897, d. 10-12-1918, Plot 2--180, --WW I, US Navy
Christofferson, Erik (Josephine Nelson), b. 1850, d. 01-07-1937, Plot 1--116, --(m)01-08-1878, Father, see obit
Christofferson, Evelyn C., b. 1903, d. 1924, Plot 1--116
Christofferson, Josephine (Erik/Eirck), b. 02-04-1862, d. 02-07-1929, Plot 1--116, --(m)01-08-1878, Mother, also spelled Christopherson, Nee Nelson, stone d.1860, b.Denmark, infor per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Christofferson, Mary H., b. 05-07-1877, d. 07-17-1908, Plot 1--116
Christopher, Anna (Theodore O.), b. 1882, d. 08-07-1973, Plot 4--33?--nee Severson, see obit
Christopher, Hans, b. 04-03-1879, d. 12-24-1929, s/o Ole christopher, b.Norway, 59yr 8mo 21d old, not on burial list, no stone, info from Lester Ludwig
Christopher, Ole, Plot 1--16, --and family, is this Ole who d.01-241919, obit
Christopher, Owen, b. 1874, d. 10-00-1953, Plot 1--16, --last name assumed, see obit
Christopher, Theodore O. (Anna), b. 1884, d. 04-07-1970, Plot 4--33?--see obit
Christopherson, William, b. 09-03-1882, d. 03-30-1902, Plot 1--116, --or b. 09-08-1882?
Church, John D. (Katherine E.), b. 08-25-1912, d. 01-05-1994, Plot 5--84, --(m)1940, full dates from Lester Ludwig
Church, Katherine E. (John D.), b. 08-29-1917, d. 10-30-2008, Plot 5--84, --(m)1940, adopted d/o Zura E.& Susan F.Frith Upham, see obit
Church, Patricia A. WHite (Rodrick R.), b. 03-21-1946, Plot 5--81, --"Pat", (m)07-22-1964
Church, Rodrick R. "Rod" (Patricia A. White), b. 03-27-1944, d. 12-13-2001, Plot 5--81, --(m)07-22-1964, s/o John & Katherine Upham Church, see obit
Clifton, Kenneth Bruce (Mary J. Peiffer), b. 04-17-1928, d. 10-20-1991, Plot 5--105, --WW II, DKC US Navy, (m)04-23-1949
Clifton, Mary J. Peiffer (Kenneth Bruce), b. 07-21-1929, d. 10-14-2003, Plot 5--105, --(m)04-23-1949, adopted d/o Nickolaus & Rhea Powers Peiffer, see obit
Clow, Lucy A., d. 06-09-1895, Plot 1--158, --Age 60yr 23da
Cobbledick, Herbert, b. 04-22-1902, d. 05-10-1902, Plot 1--23, --s/o C.& L. Cobbledick
Cobbledick, Norma L., b. 05-03-1903, d. 04-19-1904, Plot 1--23, --d/o C.& L. Cobbledick
Colby, Frederick Lee, b. 1959, d. 05-00-1959, Plot 4--78, --s/o George T. & Janette E. Colby, see obit
Colby, George T. (Janette E.), b. 11-20-1921, d. 06-17-1998, Plot 4--78, --full dates from Lester Ludwig
Colby, Janette E. Sexton (George T.), b. 1930, d. 09-05-1986, Plot 4--78, --see obit
Colby, Nila/Nyla May (George), b. 1925, d. 06-00-1946, Plot 3--28, --Nee Austin, see obit
Cole, Adeline T. (Donald C.), b. 04-19-1910, d. 02-17-2002, Plot 4--12, --(m)03-17-1945, d/o Theodore O.& Anna Christopher, see ssdi
Cole, Alvin C. --s/o Clarence, see obit, b. 12-05-1908, d. 07-14-1944, Plot 3--22, --WW II, Pfc Co K 363 Reg 91 Div, KIA Italy
Cole, Bertina (Clarence), b. 1883, d. 12-00-1958, Plot 3--22/27, --see obit
Cole, Bonnie J. (Douglas), b. 10-04-1941, d. 11-20-2015, (m)12-23-1961, d/o Francis & Della Halverson Dowdell, see obit
Cole, Clarence (Bertina), b. 1873, d. 1952, Plot 3--22/27
Cole, DeWitt C. (Rhoda Brace), b. 1844, d. 07-19-1915, Plot 1--52 or 87 area, --GAR, see obit
Cole, Donald C. (Adeline Chrisopher), b. 12-20-1914, d. 05-14-2006, Plot 4--12, --WW II, US Army, (m)03-17-1945, s/o Earnest & Martha Glimme Cole, Odd Fellows, see obit
Cole, Earle A., b. 01-17-1905, d. 04-09-1979, Plot 3--22
Cole, Ernest (Martha), b. 1881, d. 09-26-1962, Plot 4--76, --see obit
Cole, Gordon W. (Onolee R.), b. 1912, d. 05-06-1982, Plot 4--61, --see obit
Cole, Grace K. (Howard E.), b. 03-19-1920, d. 02-20-1987, Plot 3--27, --full b.date from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Cole, Howard E. (Grace K.), b. 09-08-1910, d. 07-12-1990, Plot 3--27, --see obit
Cole, Martha (Ernest), b. 1885, d. 09-00-1960, Plot 4--76, --see obit
Cole, Onolee R. (Gordon W.), b. 1908, d. 12-18-1996, Plot 4--61
Cole, Rhoda (DeWitt C.), b. 1851, d. 02-25-1917, Plot 1--52 or 87 area, --d/o Louie J.Brace, WRC, see obit
Collins, Amelia Jane Salisbury (John), b. 1857, d. 05-00-1928, Plot 1--8, --Mother, see obit
Collins, Clara Mary (William W.), b. 1888, d. 07-03-1969, Plot 1--8, --Mother, see obit
Collins, Edna, d. 03-25-1902, Plot 1--8, --Age 22yr 4da
Collins, Elizabeth Mary Buzzell (Guy)-obit, b. 09-08-1892, d. 03-24-1989, Plot 3--67/54, --Mother, full dates from Lester Ludwig
Collins, Grace E. (Leslie), b. 1897, Plot 4--87 or 1--8, --Nee Robbins
Collins, Guy (Elizabeth Buzzell), b. 1888, d. 11-23-1975, Plot 3--67/54, --Father, see obit
Collins, John (Amelia Jane Salisbury), b. 1851, d. 04-26-1945, Plot 1--8, --Father, see obit
Collins, John (Margaret Dunning), b. 1900, d. 09-29-1952, Plot 3--63, --see obit
Collins, Leslie (Grace E. Robbins), b. 1890, d. 04-30-1964, Plot 4--87 or 1--8, --see obit
Collins, Margaret A. (John), b. 1901, d. 08-10-1992, Plot 3--63, --see obit
Collins, William Wilkie (Clara M.), b. 1882, d. 09-15-1947, Plot 1--8, --Father, see obit
Colwell, Audrey J. Semmens (#1Lynn G. Colwell, #2Sy Romens), b. 08-08-1915, d. 06-17-1995, Plot 4--31, --see obit for Audrey Romens
Colwell, Lynn G. (Audrey J. Semmens), b. 03-12-1917, d. 08-06-1964, Plot 4--31, --WW II, WI TEC 5 US Army
Conery, Harold P., b. 1906, d. 12-10-1977, Section 1--14 or 4--81?--see obit
Conery, Leroy F., b. 1901, d. 09-13-1974, Section 1--14 or 4--81?--see obit
Conery, William, b. 07-02-1892, d. 09-07-1959, Plot 1--14 or 4--81?--WW I, WI Farrier Vet Hosp 24
Conger, Anna M. (Benjamin S.), d. 07-06-1882, 78yr old, d/o Peter Turner, b.NY, per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Conger, Hannah, b. , d. 1882, Plot 1--28, --Nee Moore, 79yr old
Cornford, Shirley J., b. 01-07-1927, d. 04-08-2015, d/o Dewey & Pearl Waters Pulver, is she buried here, her parents are here, see obit
Corning, Charles E. (Karen A. Steele), b. 04-10-1942, d. 05-23-2006, Plot 5--95, --(m)07-21-1962, s/o Orville & Hazel Linderwell Corning, see obit
Corning, Daniel E., b. 11-18-1964, from pics
Corning, Karen A. (Charles E.), b. 06-27-1945, d. 10-20-1995, Plot 5--95, --Nee Steele, (m)07-21-1962
Cornwell, Carrie E. Thompson-Mrs., b. 1882, d. 04-13-1972, Plot 1--8, --Daughter, see obit
Cowley, Alfred, d. 04-19-1894, Plot 1--78, --s/o George& Elizabeth Cowley, 29y2m12d
Cowley, Allison L. (Emma M. Achterberg)--see obit, b. 04-30-1871, d. 11-08-1946, Plot 2--209, --(m)07-18-1901, s/o George & Elizabeth Cowley, info from Lester Ludwig
Cowley, Bertha E. Beier (Orval R.), b. 04-29-1912, d. 11-25-1987, Plot 2--209, --see obit
Cowley, Betty L. (Thomas L.), b. 05-14-1942, from pics, (m)08-04-1962, nee Cavanaugh
Cowley, Clarence Conrad (Esther Marie Amberson), b. 12-18-1898, d. 06-04-1977, Plot 5--4, --WW I, US Navy, s/o Lewis & Elizabeth Cowley, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Cowley, Elbridge Arnold, b. 12-17-1915, d. 02-04-1943, Plot 2--209, --picture on stone, s/o Allison Cowley, truck/train accident, info from Lester Ludwig
Cowley, Elizabeth J. (George), b. 03-03-1839, d. 09-27-1907, Plot 1--78, --Mother, (m)06-15-1859, d/o James George William & Eunice Lamphere, b.Canada, d.MN, info per Lester Ludwig
Cowley, Elizabeth M. (Lewis S.), b. 06-09-1867, d. 11-02-1947, Plot 2--187, --(m)04-16-1888, d/o Joseph C.Carter, Mother, info from Lester Ludwig
Cowley, Emma Magdalene (Allison L.), b. 05-16-1880 or 03-16-1880?, d. 05-14-1954, Plot 2--209, --(m)07-18-1901, d/o Christian & Ann Achterberg, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Cowley, Esther Marie (Clarence Conrad), b. 07-21-1899, d. 05-11-1987, Plot 5--4, --Nee Amberson, dates from L.Ludwig, see obit
Cowley, Franklyn/Franklin J., b. 11-04-1897, d. 04-13-1972, Plot 1--9, --d.MN, info from Lester Ludwig
Cowley, George A., b. 10-10-1884, d. 03-15-1967, Plot 1--9, --d.MN, info from Lester Ludwig
Cowley, George L., d. 05-29-1862, Plot 1--78, --s/o George & Elizabeth Cowley, 8m16da
Cowley, George (Elizabeth J.), b. 04-17-1834, d. 01-10-1916, Plot 1--78, --Father, (m)06-15-1859 in Springvale, s/o Thomas & Rebecca Cowley, infor per L.Ludwig
Cowley, George (Julia Amberson)--see obit, b. 11-26-1881, d. 06-25-1943, Plot 1--20, --(m)10-26-1910, s/o George & Elizabeth Cowley, info from Lester Ludwig
Cowley, Harvey L., b. 03-08-1889, d. 05-16-1929, Plot 2--187, --WW I, Co D 11 MG Gun BTL, 4 Div, AEF, s/o Lewis & Elizabeth Cowley, sister is Mrs. Clara Dewhurst
Cowley, Julia (George)-see obit, b. 1887, d. 08-18-1961, Plot 1--20, --(m)10-26-1910, Nee Amberson, per L.L.
Cowley, Lewis S. (Elizabeth M. Carter), b. 04-05-1863, d. 10-24-1941, Plot 2--187, --(m)04-16-1888, s/o George & Elizabeth Cowley, b.Springvale, Father, infor per L.Ludwig
Cowley, Mary McCaan (Thomas George), b. 1863, d. 03-08-1940, Plot 1--9, --see obit
Cowley, Orval Rodney (Bertha E. Beier), b. 06-18-1905, d. 08-04-1960, Plot 2--209, --see obit
Cowley, Rebecca Hill (Thomas), b. 05-16-1800, d. 12-08-1873, Plot 1--78, --Age 73yr 9mo, b.England, d.Rio, info from Lester Ludwig
Cowley, Sarah R., d. 05-21-1863, Plot 1--78, --d/o Thomas & Rebecca, 23yr 9mo old
Cowley, Thomas L. (Betty L.), b. 01-27-1940, from pics, (m)08-04-1962
Cowley, Thomas (Rebecca Hill), b. 10-08-1797, d. 07-08-1868, Plot 1--78, --(m)08-03-1819, Age 70yr 10mo, b.England, info from Lester Ludwig
Cowley, William H., d. 08-16-1860, Plot 1--78, --s/o Alfred & Hannah, 1yr 2mo 24da old
Cox, Ruth S. (J. E.), b. 09-11-1820, d. 01-11-1911, Plot 1--64, --on Warren Taylor stone
Coyne, Caroline Elizabeth Huber (Alexander), b. 04-29-1834, d. 02-27-1923, Plot 2--166, --in Taylor lot, see obit
Crary, Jennie May Noble (Julius E.), b. 03-18-1880, d. 02-24-1900, Plot 19yr old, d/o Solomon & Emma Palmer Noble, b.MI, see obit index, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records & obit
Cross, Delwin (Donna), b. 07-27-1957, d. 12-15-2013, (m)10-15-1993, s/o Henry & Mary Cross, see obit
Cross, Donna (Delwin), d. 01-23-2013, Plot 3--76
Cross, Henry W. (Mary J.), b. 12-20-1924, d. 01-30-2011, Plot 3--37, --Veteran, dates from obit
Cross, Mary J. (Henry W.), b. 1927, d. 01-23-2013, Plot 5--36, --see obit
Crowe, Bertha T. Birkholz (John Henry), b. 1879, d. 1961, Plot 2--230, --Mother, d.May or June 1961, see obit
Crowe, John Henry (Bertha T. Birkholz), b. 1865, d. 05-12-1931, Plot 2--230, --Father, see obit
Crowther, Ben W. (Nellie Thorsen), b. 1863, d. 02-00-1936, Plot 2--228, --see obit
Crowther, Nelle (B. W.), b. 1862, d. 1932, Plot 2--228
Cuff Familiy stone, Plot 1--72, --James C, J.Kennedy, A.Ruth, David E.
Cuff, A. Ruth, b. 12-17-1884, d. 06-12-1937, Plot 1--72
Cuff, Clifford E. (Geneva M. Claxton), b. 1907, d. 04-19-1987, Plot 5--5, --(m)11-14-1939, see obit
Cuff, David E., b. 08-18-1887, d. 02-24-1980, Plot 1--72
Cuff, David (Harriet Scott), b. 03-09-1841, d. 04-01-1906, Plot 1--72, --(m)07-26-1868, b.England, d.Springvale, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit index
Cuff, Geneva M. (Clifford E.), b. 01-13-1919, d. 05-20-1986, Plot 5--5, --d/o Julian & Margaret McCrary Claxton, (m)11-14-1939
Cuff, Harriet Scott (David), b. 06-06-1846, d. 02-11-1901, Plot 1--72, --(m)07-26-1868
Cuff, Ida A. Wilcox (William C.), b. 1877, d. 11-16-1970, Plot 3--12, --see obit
Cuff, J. Kennedy (Elizabeth Chandler), b. 04-09-1881, d. 11-10-1966, Plot 1--72, --obit says he is buried in Wyocena Cem.
Cuff, James C. (Sadie E.), b. 11-13-1878, d. 03-24-1956, Plot 1--72
Cuff, James Lloyd, b. 1919, d. 1926, Plot 1--72, --s/o James & Sadie Cuff
Cuff, Jennie M., b. 01-06-1871, d. 01-04-1959, Plot 1--72, --d/o D.& H.Cuff, on stone with Mattie Cuff
Cuff, Judy (Philip N.), Plot 5--5, --(m)1968, nee Bradley
Cuff, Lydia A., b. 07-10-1875, d. 08-09-1968, Plot 1--72, --d/o D.& H.Cuff, on stone with Wm.C.Cuff
Cuff, Mattie M., b. 04-12-1872, d. 09-07-1901, Plot 1--72, --d/o D.& H.Cuff, on stone with Jennie Cuff
Cuff, Orpha Lois (Oscar), b. 11-18-1889, d. 04-09-1957, Plot 3--6/19, --(m)06-26-1913, d/o Emmet & Cora Hazlett, info from Lester Ludwig
Cuff, Oscar (Orpha Lois Hazlett)--see obit, b. 07-21-1886, d. 08-27-1958, Plot 3--6/19, --(m)06-26-1913, s/o Charles & Mathilda Cuff, info from Lester Ludwig
Cuff, Philip Neil (Judith Bradley), b. 04-27-1942, d. 02-01-2013, Plot 5--5.--US Army, (m)1968, s/o Geneva & Clifford Claxton Cuff, see obit
Cuff, Sadie E. Goodman (James C.), b. 12-27-1880, d. 06-29-1967, Plot 1--72, --dates from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Cuff, Troy Allen, d. 08-13-1968, Plot 3--?, --infant Twin s/o Philip & Judith Cuff, see obit
Cuff, William, b. 11-16-1873, d. 02-25-1956, Plot 1--72, --there are two stones for William, on stone with Lydia Cuff
Cuff, William C. (Ida A. Wilcox), b. 11-16-1873, d. 02-25-1956, Plot 3--12, --there are two stones for William
Curtis, Bertha A. (Worth J.), b. 05-13-1939, d. 04-26-1981, Plot 5--61, --see obit
Curtis, Constance F. (Delbert G.), b. 03-23-1941, Plot 5--60, --Nee Gilbertson, (m)06-04-1966
Curtis, Danielle A., b. 09-06-1971, d. 04-27-1981, Plot 5--60?--d/o Worth & Bertha Curtis
Curtis, Delbert G. (Constance F.), b. 07-04-1942, Plot 5--60, --(m)06-04-1966
Curtis, Delos, b. 04-17-1833, d. 03-23-1907, Plot 1--106, --erected by Will H. Root
Curtis, James Worth (Lorraine P. Parr), b. 01-18-1906, d. 04-21-2000, Plot 5--61, --see obit
Curtis, Lavinia C., b. 11-21-1834, d. 01-13-1890, Plot 1--106, --erected by Will H. Root
Curtis, Loretta D., b. 10-19-1842, d. 10-05-1906, Plot 1--106, --erected by Will H. Root
Curtis, Lorraine P. Parr (J. Worth), b. 06-07-1917, d. 01-03-2000, Plot 5--61, --see obit & ssdi
Curtis, Penny S., b. 02-25-1968, d. 04-26-1981, Plot 5--60
Curtis, Worth J. (Bertha J.)-see obit, b. 05-14-1939, d. 04-26-1981, Plot 5--61, --Korea, US Navy, next to Penny S. Curtis
Cutsforth, Bertram Arthur (#1Mildred A. Kearney, #2Louise E. Hanson), b. 05-01-1913, d. 11-07-2002, Plot 1--49, --WW II, s/o Arthur & Alma Collins Cutsforth
Cutsforth, June (Roy), b. 06-03-1921, d. 08-29-2015, (m)06-17-1941, d/o Gilbert & Geneva Shew, see obit
Cutsforth, Louise E. (Bertram A.), b. 1911, d. 1988, Plot 1--49, --Nee Hanson, Mother, 2nd w/o Bertram
Cutsforth, Mildred A. (Bertram A.), b. 1912, d. 1934, Plot 1--49, --Nee Kearney, Mother, 1st w/o Bertram
Cutsforth, Roy T. (June Shew), b. 01-15-1921, d. 02-26-2004, Plot 5--104, --WW II, US Army, (m)06-17-1941, see obit
Dahl, Baby, b. 05-22-1905, d. 06-26-1905, section 1 or 4-maybe 1--11, --"Our Baby", on stone with Otto Dahl, s/o Carl & Christina Dahl, info from Lester Ludwig
Dahl, Charles (Christina), b. 06-24-1852, d. 07-05-1925, section 1 or 4, maybe 1--11, --, (m)06-13-1882, b.Pomerania, d.Beaver Dam, s/o johann dahl, info from Lester Ludwig
Dahl, Christina (Charles), b. 02-07-1864, d. 02-16-1951, section 1 or 4, maybe 1--11, --VFW Ladies Aux, (m)06-13-1882, dates from Lester Ludwig
Dahl, Herman Ferdinand (Ruby A.), b. 03-01-1897, d. 09-22-1987, Plot 5--95, --(m_09-30-1924, s/o Carl & Christina Dahl, info from Lester Ludwig
Dahl, John F., b. 10-17-1883, d. 10-01-1951, section 1 or 4, maybe 1--11, --s/o Carl & Christine dahl, info from Lester Ludwig
Dahl, Otto, b. 12-04-1902, d. 01-11-1910, section 1 or 4, maybe 1--11, --on stone with "Our Baby"
Dahl, Ruby A. (Herman Ferdinand), b. 10-13-1908, d. 04-11-1996, Plot 5--95, --Nee Griffen, (m)09-30-1924, info per L.L.
Dahle, Ole, b. 06-15-1860, d. 03-31-1905, Plot 1--48, --Suicide, see obit index
Dahlen, Donald G. (Doris Y.), b. 08-26-1930, (m)08-06-1955
Dahlen, Doris Y. (Donald), b. 04-02-1937, d. 11-08-2009, Plot 5--8--(m)08-06-1955, d/o Robert & Eva Estabrook McFarlane, see obit
Dahlen, Paul Andrew, b. 08-10-1965, d. 08-10-1965, Plot 4--8, --s/o Donald G.& Doris Y.Dahlen, "Our son", funeral date
Danielson, George (Vera J. Dean), b. 1894, d. 10-23-1992, Plot 5--64, --(m)1923
Danielson, Vera J. Dean (George), b. 01-28-1901, d. 03-10-1998, Plot 5--64, --(m)1923, d/o Charles & Julie Dean, info per L.Ludwig, see obit
Dann, Frank E. (Ida P.), b. 1886, d. 12-05-1969, Plot 2--230, --see obit
Dann, Gerald R., b. 04-01-1963, d. 12-26-1964, Plot 4--54, --"Our son", s/o Kenneth Dann, see obit
Dann, Ida P. (Frank E.), b. 05-27-1887, d. 08-21-1978, Plot 2--230, --Nee Douglas, American Leg.Auxiliary, full dates from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Dann, Isabelle I. (Joseph C.), b. 10-26-1906, d. 03-06-2005, Plot 5--70, --(m)06-1935, d/o Earl R. & Ida N. Jenkins Bennett, see obit
Dann, Joseph C. (Isabelle I. Bennett), b. 1911, d. 05-28-1981, Plot 5--70, --"Joe", (m)06-1935, see obit
Dann, Robert Douglas, b. 10-23-1921, d. 06-10-1938, Plot 2--230, --see obit
Daugherty, Dorothy Mae (Ronald L. -div.), b. 03-12-1923, d. 10-12-2007, Plot 4--58/79, --d/o Roy & Meta Monteuful Austin, see obit
Daugherty, Leroy George, b. 08-18-1946, d. 01-07-1959, Plot 4--79, --s/o Ronald L. & Dorothy M. Daugherty, obit
Daugherty, Nona J. Walker (George), b. 1899, d. 05-28-1985, Plot 1--132?--see obit
Daugherty, Ronald L. (Dorothy Mae-div.), b. 12-25-1917, d. 08-06-2004, Plot 4--58/79, --WW II, Pfc US Army PH, s/o George & Orpha Jones Daugherty, see obit
Davidson, Emma M., b. 12-10-1859, d. 10-19-1877, Plot 17yr old, d/o Walter L.& Emily F.Davidson, d.Rio, unmarried, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty death records
Davidson, Wallie, d. 08-20-1862, Plot 1--133, --Age 2yr 2mo
Davis, Betty Jean Hiller (Harold), b. 1924, d. 02-04-1975, Plot 1--34, --see obit
Deane, Terrence M. "Terry" (Rhonda Pulver), b. 04-23-1947, d. 02-25-1999, Plot 5--70, --see obit
Decot, Charlotte Eileen, b. 12-23-1942, d. 03-15-1943, Plot 2--216, --on stone with Georgette Jeanne, next to George & Mabel Hendrickson
Decot, Eugene T. "Ted" (Gladys M. Hendrickson), b. 08-26-1916, d. 03-03-1994, Plot 5--115, --(m)11-24-1936, see obit
Decot, Georgette Jeane, b. 12-23-1942, d. 03-10-1943, Plot 2--216, --on stone with Charlotte Eileen, next to George & Mabel Hendrickson
Decot, Gladys M. (Eugene "Ted"), b. 09-12-1911, d. 08-09-1996, Plot 5--115, --Nee Hendrickson, (m)11-24-1936
Decot, Infant son, d. 12-27-1973, Plot 5--17, --s/o Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Decot, on Edwin & Minnie Vandre stone
Dees, Carole Jean, b. 07-01-1941, d. 04-29-2002, Plot 5--105, --Nee Dahl
Delany, Esther R. (W. H.), b. 04-10-1840, d. 12-03-1908, Plot 1--80?
Delany, William H. (Esther R.), b. 03-22-1839, d. 03-18-1918, Plot 1--80?--GAR
Denure, Arnie (Fern), b. 01-16-1892, d. 07-21-1931, Plot 2--175, --WW I, 105th Gurad Co
Denure, Barbara J. (Earl Claire), b. 06-13-1928, d. 10-15-2000, Plot 5--58/59, --Nee Medrow, (m)11-13-1959
Denure, Darlene F. (Gerald A.), b. 03-17-1931, d. 09-26-2013, Plot 5--114, --(m)07-06-1953, d/o Earl & Alice Cummings Grossmann, see obit
Denure, Earl Claire (Barbara J. Medrow), b. 10-31-1930, d. 12-17-2004, Plot 5--58/59, --Korea, US Navy, (m)11-13-1959, s/o G.Raymond & Josephine Johnson Denure, see obit
Denure, Evelyn, b. 1923, d. 1923, Plot 2--175
Denure, Fern (Arnie), b. 1895, d. 1977, Plot 2--175
Denure, Frank (Ingeborg), b. 1862, d. 1949, Plot 1--149, --(m)1887
Denure, Gerald A. (Darlene F.), b. 05-22-1926, d. 09-29-2002, Plot 5--114, --Korea, CPL US Army, (m)07-06-1953
DeNure, Guy (May E.), b. 05-24-1888, d. 02-02-1961, Plot 4--60, --Father
Denure, Ingeborg Vestrem (Frank), b. 12-12-1865, d. 01-26-1941, Plot 1--149, --(m)1887, d/o Johannes Olsen & Martha Larsdatter, see obit
Denure, Jerome A., b. 05-22-1848, d. 02-20-1883, Plot 1--149, --s/o A.& J.A. Denure, Civil War
Denure, Josephine M. (Raymond G.), b. 1895, d. 1939, Plot 2--191, --Mother
Denure, May E. (Guy), b. 01-03-1894, d. 03-23-1981, Plot 4--60, --Nee Berkvam, Mother, Am.Leg.Aux.
Denure, Raymond G. (Josephine M.), b. 1894, d. 03-20-1976, Plot 2--191, --Father, see obit
Depew, Carmen Darnell, b. 1925, d. 1926, Plot 1--81?
DePuy, Charles Mitchell "Mitch", b. 1957, d. 09-00-1959, Plot 1--81 or 100, ----s/o Charles & Joy DePuy, see obit
DePuy, Charles William (Martha Ann Parker Batty), b. 10-25-1860, d. 10-16-1940, Plot 1--81 or 100, --(m)12-15-1897, b.Wyocena, d.Otsego, per Lester Ludwig, see obit
DePuy, Chauncey M. (Hattie L. Boehm), b. 12-12-1901, d. 05-26-1982, Plot 5--63, --(m)02-17-1923, "Charles", info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Depuy, Eleanor D. (#1James J. Dunlap, #2William W. Depuy), b. 01-21-1825, d. 12-29-1915, Plot 1--81, --(m1)10-24-1846, (m2)09-23-1858, info per Lester Ludwig, see obit
DePuy, Hattie L. (Chauncey M.), b. 05-07-1904, d. 10-18-1997, Plot 5--63, --(m)02-17-1923, d/o Theodore & Augusta Virchow Boehm, info per Lester Ludwig
DePuy, Jay C., b. 06-04-1953, d. 06-09-1953, Plot 1--81 or 100, --Twin s/o Charles & Joy DePuy
DePuy, Jerry G., b. 06-04-1953, d. 06-05-1953, Plot 1--81 or 100, --Twin s/o Charles & Joy DePuy
DePuy, Martha Ann Parker (#1Thomas Batty, #2Charles William DePuy), b. 02-18-1866 or 1876?, d. 01-15-1952, Plot 1--81 or 100, --(m1)1886, (m2)12-15-1897, d/o William & Elizabeth Parker, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Dewhurst, Clara M., b. 1896, d. 09-02-1921, Plot 2--187, --d/o Lewis & Elizabeth Cowley, brother is Harvey Cowley, see obit
Diehlmann, Charles E., b. 07-04-1913, d. 09-26-2003, Plot 4--54?, --s/o Mary & Theodore Diehlmann
Diehlmann, Mary (Theodore W.), b. 12-18-1905, d. 03-20-1991, Plot 4--54?, --dates from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Diehlmann, Theodore W. (Mary), b. 1882, d. 09-15-1959, Plot 4--54?, --dates from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Domes, Gustav A. (Lena), b. 1867, d. 1937, Plot 2--33, --Father
Domes, Henry O., b. 09-18-1897, d. 04-19-1966, Plot 2--233, --Mason
Domes, Lena (Gustav A.), b. 1872, d. 1952, Plot 2--233, --Mother
Dott, James R. (Lois L.), b. 09-02-1929, Plot 5--70, --(m)01-05-1952
Dott, Lois L. (James R.), b. 03-13-1931, Plot 5--70, --(m)01-05-1952
Doud, Chloe Leonard (Samuel), b. 12-17-1791, d. 12-08-1874, Plot 1--65, --Donor of Ohio Cemetery
Doud, Samuel (Chloe Leonard), b. 01-01-1793, d. 08-24-1860, Plot 1--65, --War 1812, Pvt NY Militia, donor of Ohio cemetery
Doud, Winfield/Whitfield, 19 months old, d. 08-29-1848, Plot 1--65, --s/o Charles & Mary Jane Doud, grdson/o Samuel & Chloe Leonard Doud, first burial in Ohio cemetery
Dowd, Charles S. (Mary Jane Scott) maybe spelled Doud, b. 05-15-1824 or 1823?, d. 01-06-1897, Plot 1--79, --Civil War, Co M, 1st Wis Heavy Artillery, Father, (m)12-30-1846, s/o Samuel & Chloe Dowd, b.NY, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records and obituary
Dowd, Child--1yr 1mo 10da old, , Plot 1--79, --last name assumed, in Ostin Dowd lot
Dowd, Mary Jane Scott (Charles S.)--maybe spelled Doud, b. 01-10-1829, d. 02-08-1914, Plot 1--79, --(m)12-30-1846, Mother, b.Ireland, see obit
Dowd, Mate, Plot 1--79, --on Orlin O.Dowd stone
Dowd, Melinda (Orin O.), d. 03-03-1904, Plot 1--79?, --Nee Gardener, 78yr 9mo 2da old
Dowd, Nettie, Plot 1--79, --on Orlin O.Dowd stone
Dowd, Orlin O. (Melinda), d. 01-20-1852, Plot 1--79, --Age 34yr 10mo 3da
Dowdell, Della M. Halverson (Francis J.), b. 1908, d. 07-14-1997, Plot 5--47
Dowdell, Francis J. (Della M.), b. 1899, d. 02-05-1976, Plot 5--47, --see obit
Downs, Catherine J. (I. B.), d. 05-11-1876, Plot 1--82, --Age 53yr
Doyle, Frank H., b. 07-31-1887, d. 02-18-1905, Plot 1--10, --s/o E.J. & M.H. Doyle
Drehmel, Larry A. (Nancy L. Colvin), b. 05-07-1939, d. 05-02-2014, Plot 5--74, --(m)06-17-1961, s/o Albert & Margaret Lane Drehmel, see obit
Drehmel, Nancy L. Colvin (Larry A.), b. 11-20-1941, Plot 5--74, --(m)06-17-1961
Dunkley, Louise T., b. 1850, d. 1926, Plot 2--211, --buried in Hall lot
Dunlap, Eleanor D. (#1James J. Dunlap, #2William W. Depuy), b. 01-21-1825, d. 12-29-1915, Plot 1--81, --(m1)10-24-1846, (m2)09-23-1858, info per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Dunlap, Harriet/Henrietta Doud/Dowd (Nathan Draper), b. 04-02-1832, d. 08-03-1913, Plot 1--129, --(m)12-30-1854 in Col.Cty Wis, Age 81yr 5mo 1da, b.N.Y., some info per Ludwig
Dunlap, James Henry, b. 1853, d. 12-01-1864, Plot 1--81, --s/o James J.& Eleanor Dunlap, per L.Ludwig
Dunlap, James J. (1st h/o Eleanor D.), b. 06-08-1824, d. 11-23-1852, Plot 1--81, --(m)03-24-1846, or 10-24-1846? info from Lester Ludwig
Dunlap, Josiah/Jonah C. (Mary), b. 03-05-1790, d. 10-02-1844, Plot 1--129, --Age 55, maybe b.1789, (m)05-07-1817, s/o William Dunlap & margaret Brown, info per Lester Ludwig
Dunlap, Landgrave Tremaine, b. 06-29-1903, d. 04-25-1970, Plot 2--207, --b.Rio, d.Sarasota FL, s/o Louis charles Dunlap & Millie Elise Shults, info per L.Ludwig
Dunlap, Louis Charles (Millie Elise Shults), b. 06-27-1870, d. 10-13-1952, Plot 2--207, --(m)02-11-1902, s/o Nathan Draper Dunlap & Harriet Dowd/Doud, info per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Dunlap, Mary (Josiah/Jonah), b. 02-01-1797, d. 07-11-1884, Plot 1--129, --(m)05-07-1817, Age 87, d/o Nathan R.Draper & Hannah cartright, info from obit.index & Lester Ludwig
Dunlap, Millie Elise (Louis Charles), b. 06-24-1881, d. 10-21-1964, Plot 2--207, --(m)02-11-1902, d/o Landgrave Shults & Mary Cornelia Hutchinson, info per Lester Ludwig
Dunlap, Nathan Draper (Harriet D.), b. 12-22-1826, d. 07-12-1887, Plot 1--129, --(m)12-30-1854, s/o Josiah & Mary Dunlap, Age 61yr6mo20da, some info per Ludwig
Dunlap, Sarah Etta (W. W. Wraaman), b. 09-18-1859, d. 03-17-1915, Plot 1--129, --d/o Nathan Draper & Harriet Dowd Dunlap, 55y5m29d, info per Lester Ludwig-see obit for Sarah Etta Mae Dunlap Wraaman
Dunning, Charles Ormal (Sarah Ann), b. 1877, d. 1918, Plot 2--200, --Father
Dunning, Sarah Ann (Charles Ormal), b. 1877, d. 1952, Plot 2--200, --Mother, Nee Loomis
Early Settlers Rock pile, from pics, Rock pile marks a wife and a daughter
Edwards, Edith (Ernest), b. 1890, d. 11-00-1951, Plot 3--32, --see obit
Edwards, Ernest (Edith), b. 1882, d. 1958, Plot 3--32
Einerson, Ada Williams (Syver J.), b. 05-23-1890, d. 05-12-1970, Plot 4--26, --d.Rio, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Einerson, Syver J. (Ada), b. 04-19-1878, d. 04-14-1967, Plot 4--26, --d.Rio, info from Lester Ludwig
Erdman, Angie (#1Arnold Bregi, #2Louis Erdman), b. 06-17-1918, d. 07-16-2011, Plot 5--29, --Nee Dolgner, d. Denver CO, Arnold is buried in Marcellon Cemetery, ashes, buried? info from Lester Ludwig
Erdman, Herman Otto, b. 03-11-1932, d. 03-22-2001, Plot 5--14, --Korea, Pfc US Army, s/o Otto & Verna Ludwig Erdman, info per Lester Ludwig
Erdman, Louis C. (Angie Dolgner), b. 09-22-1897, d. 08-16-1980, Plot 5--29, --s/o Emil Henry Erdman & Augusta Weishoff, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Erdman, Marie J. Warber (William F.), b. 10-04-1905, d. 08-20-1993, Plot 5--16, --see obit
Erdman, Otto G. (Verna Rosella Ludwig), b. 07-25-1904, d. 06-23-1982, Plot 5--7, --(m)12-19-1928, s/o Emil Henry Erdmannn & Augusta Weishoff, b.Springvale, d.Columbus, info from Lester Ludwig
Erdman, Timothy J., d. 07-07-1959, Plot 4--77, --Son
Erdman, Verna Rosella (Otto), b. 02-12-1909, d. 03-21-1989, Plot 5--7, --(m)12-19-1928, d/o Frank & Anna Stange Ludwig, b.Springvale, d.Rio, info per L.Ludwig
Erdman, William F. (Marie J. Warber), b. 12-12-1902, d. 09-23-1973, Plot 5--16, --see obit
Ethun, Achsah (Archie), b. 10-11-1905, d. 11-20-1977, Plot 4--73, --dates from Lester Ludwig
Ethun, Archie (Archsah), b. 02-11-1898, d. 05-15-1967, Plot 4--73, --dates from Lester Ludwig
Eubank, Lucinda (William), b. 05-26-1840, d. 12-04-1931, Plot 1--67, --Womens Relief Corp
Eubank, William (Lucinda), b. 07-31-1834, d. 10-14-1911, Plot 1--67, --Civil War
Evans, Infant, b. 06-16-1904, d. 07-10-1904, Plot 1--159, --c/o C.M.& M. Evans, info from obit index
Evans, Leona M. (Walter W.), b. 12-06-1937, from pics, (m)08-25-1956
Evans, Walter W. (Leona M.), b. 03-08-1937, from pics, (m)08-25-1956
Evenson, Joseph J., b. 01-23-1911, d. 01-23-1911, Plot 2--185, --s/o A.J. & B.J. Evenson
Fadness, Andrew C. (Elva I. Sanden), b. 06-11-1901, d. 11-24-1997, Plot 5--88, --(m)06-25-1931, s/o Lewis & Pernille Slotten Fadness, info from Lester Ludwig
Fadness, Elva I. (Andrew C.), b. 07-24-1904, d. 12-01-1998, Plot 5--88, --(m)06-25-1931, d/o Sigurd & Alice Larson Sanden, info from Lester Ludwig
Ferris, Alexander (Mary) "Alex", b. 04-28-1828, d. 03-01-1899, Plot 1--22, --Age 70yr 11mo 28da, Father, s/o Alexander & Mary Ferris, d.Wyocena, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Ferris, Edith (John D.), b. 06-22-1876, d. 01-08-1963, Plot 1--22
Ferris, John D. (Edith Serurier), b. 10-18-1865, d. 07-23-1921, Plot 1--22, --see obit
Ferris, John (Catherine/Kathleen McKenna), b. 03-13-1833, d. 05-13-1900, Plot 1--55, --Civil War, 44th Ohio Vol, 8th Ohio Cav, (m)1866, b.Ireland, d.Rio, info from Lester Ludwig
Ferris, Mary/Nancy (Alexander), b. 1841, d. 06-08-1893, Plot 1--22, --Age 52yr, Mother, d/o Samuel McKinny, b.Ireland, info per L.L. from Col.Cty Death Rec's
Fiala, James F., b. 10-24-1893, d. 03-02-1976, Plot 1--74, --WW I, Pfc US Army, see obit
Figor, Alice H. (John D.), b. 1853, d. 1935, Plot 1--27, --is this Mrs.John who d.04-00-1934? See obit
Figor, John D. (Alice H.), b. 1850, d. 01-00-1936, Plot 1--27, --see obit
Finch, Frank W. (Emma Covey), b. 03-01-1853, d. 02-17-1888, Plot 1--92 area, --(m)01-29-1877, Age 35yr11mo16da, b.NY, d.logging accident, Emma d.1886 and maybe buried in Omro, info per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Finfield, Unknown, Plot 1--79, --on Orlin & Charles Dowd stone, 1y1m10d
Finney, Fidelia, b. 1860, d. 1936, Plot 1--91 area
Fish, Alvin R. "Allie" (Julia), b. 1859, d. 05-28-1935, Plot 2--201, --see obit
Fish, Julia (Alvin R. "Allie"), b. 1862, d. 1953, Plot 2--201
Fisk, Edwin (Elizabeth), b. 03-07-1835, d. 10-11-1925, Plot 1--53, --GAR, father
Fisk, Eliza Anne, b. 10-19-1867, d. 10-25-1874, Plot 1--53, --d/o Edwin & Elizabeth Fisk
Fisk, Elizabeth (Edwin), b. 06-03-1835, d. 04-18-1905, Plot 1--53, --Mother
Fisk, Irvworth, d. 06-02-1882, Plot 1--53, --Age 64yr 3mo 7da
Fisk, Lillian May, d. 10-03-1869, Plot 1--53, --d/o H. & E. Fisk, 6mo 1da old, old stone
Fisk, Maretha/Martha?, b. 1887, d. 08-20-1906, Plot 1--53
Fleming, Donna Roma (Thomas T.), b. 01-04-1905, d. 06-02-1962, Plot 2--207, --b.Rio, Nee Donna Roma Harriet Cornelia Dunlap, d/o Louis C.Dunlap & Millie E.Shults, per L.Ludwig
Fleming, Thomas T. (#1Donna Roma, #2 Frances Lange), b. 01-12-1902, d. 11-26-1975, Plot 2--207, --WW II & Korea, Maj US Army QMC, d.Wis.Dells per Lester Ludwig, see death certificate
Folsom, Byron E., d. 06-11-1849, from pics, s/o???, hard to read
Fredricksen, Gerald Wayne "Jerry", b. 10-10-1962, d. 10-30-2001, Plot 5--31, --Father
Furseth, Arlene Mable, b. 10-24-1947, Plot 3--34
Gano, I. D., d. 09-14-1860, Plot 1--101, --Age 41yr 5mo 23da, dug up stone in 2010
Gano, James (Mary), b. 1773, d. 04-07-1852, Plot 1--101, --Veteran, age 79yr
Gano, Mary (James), d. 09-17-1860, Plot 1--101, --Age 81yr
Gardner, Isabel M. (Lloyd W.), b. 1898, d. 03-15-1979, Plot 1--109, --Nee Aldrich, see obit
Gardner, Lloyd W. (Isabel), b. 05-23-1892, d. 02-10-1960, Plot 1--109, --WW I
Garvin, Doris L. (Robert J.), b. 05-10-1921, d. 01-25-2009, Plot 5--89, --WW II, U.S.Army MP, (m)06-28-1954, d/o Leonard & Hilda Skare Johnson, see obit
Garvin, Robert J. (Doris L.), b. 08-15-1924, d. 08-10-2008, Plot 5--89, --WW II, PFC US Army, PH, (m)06-28-1954, s/o James B.& Anne Ford Garvin, see obit
Gaskill, Alta, b. 11-29-1872, d. 08-03-1873, 8mo old, d/o James & Olive S.Gaskill of Otsego, per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty death records
Gaskill, Helen F., b. 02-23-1865, d. 02-11-1867, Plot 1--62, --Age 1yr 11mo 28da, d/o William & Jane Gaskill, on stone with Stewart M.Gaskill
Gaskill, Jane A. (William H.), b. 04-13-1834, d. 03-21-1910, Plot 1--62, --(m)12-14-1859, Nee Stewart, 75yr4mo12da old, Mother, b.PA, d.Fall River, obit says she died 03-21-1910, stone says 03-25-1910, per L.Ludwig, see obit
Gaskill, Stewart M., b. 09-10-1860, d. 04-08-1864, Plot 1--62, --Age 3yr 6m 28d, s/o William & Jane Gaskill, on stone wtih Helen F.Gaskill
Gaskill, William Henry (Jane A. Stewart), b. 11-30-1829, d. 03-04-1895, Plot 1--62, --(m)12-14-1859, b.PA, Age 65yr 3mo 4da, Father, info from Lester Ludwig & obit
Gates, Caldwell Dwight, b. 11-23-1903, d. 11-23-1903, Plot 2--191, --s/o Cleve D.& Martha J. Gates
Gates, Cleve D. (Martha J. Caldwell), b. 03-30-1866, d. 05-10-1932, Plot 2--191, --(m)12-25-1901, Husband, b.NY, d.Madison, married in Arlington, info from Lester Ludwig
Gates, Martha J. Caldwell (Cleve D.), b. 1874, d. 10-03-1924, Plot 2--191, --(m)12-25-1901, Wife, dates from L.Ludwig
Geilfuss, June (#1James H. Isings, #2Richard C. Geilfuss), b. 07-10-1925, d. 11-09-2010, Plot 5--110, --(m)09-09-1944, (m2)03-10-1966, d/o Erwin T.& Erna M.Puls Leichtle, see ssdi & obit
Geilfuss, Richard C. (June Leichtle), b. 08-29-1933, d. 06-25-1994, Plot 5--110, --(m)03-10-1966
Gendrich, Deborah K. (Michael), b. 1952, d. 08-05-2015, Plot 5--39, --nee Heft, see obit
Gibson, Henrietta A., d. 02-17-1852, Plot 1--34, --40yr 5mo 29da
Gilbert, Albert E. (Regina "Gina" M.), b. 1874, d. 05-00-1953, Plot 3--62, --stone covered by two huge shrubs, see obit
Gilbert, Charles L. (Rachel Davies), b. 04-20-1859, d. 10-31-1940, Plot 1--164, --see obit
Gilbert, Johathan, d. 09-18-1884, Plot 1--126, --Age 79yr 9mo, buried stone in 2010
Gilbert, Lyle, b. 04-01-1888, d. 11-28-1897, Plot 1--164, --s/o Charles L.& Alice Gilbert, b.Pardeeville, d.Lowville from rifle shot, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Gilbert, Orrin O., b. 11-11-1885, d. 01-31-1967, Plot 1--164
Gilbert, Rachel (Charles L.), b. 03-14-1880, d. 02-05-1960, Plot 1--164
Gilbert, Regina "Gina" M. (Albert E.), b. 1877, d. 06-00-1956, Plot 3--62, --stone covered by two huge shrubs, see obit
Gilbert, Vernal, b. 08-26-1892, d. 03-25-1911, Plot 1--164
Gilbertson, Florence Edna (Harold Sanford), b. 06-17-1918, d. 02-24-2015, Plot 5--60, --(m)05-01-1940, d/o Wolfgan & Anna Whittman, see obit
Gilbertson, Harold Sanford (Florence Whittman), b. 07-30-1916, d. 09-25-1996, Plot 5--60, --(m)05-01-1940, s/o Martin J. & Amanda Mellum Gilbertson, see obit
Gilmore, Mary (W. L.), b. 03-29-1873, d. 06-02-1898, Plot 26y2mo2da, d/o Charles & Comfort Lees, b.Dodge Cty, see Mate Lees, infor per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Gleiter, Ada L. Scholesser (George J.), b. 10-14-1918, d. 02-04-2004, Plot 3--2, --(m)06-25-1936, d/o William & Ella Krinke Schloesser, see obit
Gleiter, Earl W. (Patricia "Trisha" O'Dwyer), b. 10-08-1916, d. 10-25-1999, Plot 3--1 or 24, --(m)10-10-1939, s/o Henry & Meta Kreier Gleiter, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Gleiter, George J. (Ada L. Scholesser), b. 1914, d. 04-28-1980, Plot 3--2, --(m)06-25-1936, see obit
Gleiter, Henry (Meta), b. 11-29-1887, d. 04-01-1942, Plot 2--230, --Father
Gleiter, Meta (Henry), b. 12-05-1896, d. 11-23-1937, Plot 2--230, --Mother
Gleiter, Patricia "Trisha" (Earl W.), b. 05-21-1917, d. 08-01-2006, Plot 3--1 or 24, --d/o Dr.William & Alice Collins O'Dwyer, (m)10-10-1939, "Pat", see obit
Gleiter, Sidney Allan, b. 1942, d. 02-19-1943, Plot 3--1 or 24, --s/o Earl W. & Patricia Gleiter
Goodman, Carrie R. (Price H.), b. 01-02-1878, d. 03-25-1954, Plot 2--224, --(m)1905, wife, d/o Alfred & Arvilla Thompson Jennings, b.Springvale, d.Portage, info from Lester Ludwig
Goodman, Ellen A. -Mrs., b. 1853, d. 02-21-1928, Plot 2--224, --Mother, see obit
Goodman, Price H. (Carrie R. Jennings), b. 12-28-1877, d. 06-11-1949, Plot 2--224, --(m)1905, b.Columbus, d.Portage, husband, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Gorman, Geri, Plot 3--72
Gorman, Larry, Plot 3-72
Graves, Harriet C. (Austin), b. 09-16-1818, d. 09-24-1907, (m)05-25-1851, see death cert., info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Graves, Helen J. (James W.), b. 1858, d. 1913, Plot 1--110
Graves, James W. (Helen J.), b. 1850, d. 10-21-1927, Plot 1--110, --s/o Austin & Harriet C.Graves
Graves, Lulu, b. 1889, d. 1909, Plot 1--110, --on stone with Helen & James Graves
Graves, Rhoda C., b. 04-19-1877, d. 12-14-1896, Plot 1--110, --d/o Helen & James Graves, 19yr old, b.Springvale, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Grieser, Edith E. Cowley, b. 1891, d. 02-19-1984, Plot 2--187, --see obit
Grimsby, Henry O. (Karen L.), b. 1871, d. 1956, Plot 3--42
Grimsby, Karen Lerum (Henry O.), b. 1871, d. 12-12-1952, Plot 3--42, --see obit
Griswold, Bertha J. Edmunds (Winford P.), b. 10-04-1912, d. 01-17-1988, Plot 3--10/15, --Royal Neighbor of America, see obit
Griswold, James T., b. 03-05-1934, d. 01-30-1953, Plot 3--10/15, --Korea, WI Pfc Co E 5 Mar 1 Mar Div, PH
Griswold, Winford P. (Bertha J. Edmunds), b. 03-27-1899, d. 10-17-1974, Plot 3--10/15, --WW I, Sea 2 US Navy
Gundersen, Augon (Betty), b. 1900, d. 02-14-1958, Plot 1--156--near Hans Larson in E1/4, see obit, and death certificate
Gundersen, Betty (Augon), Plot 1--156--near Hans Larson in E1/4
Gunderson, Alice I. (Thomas G.), b. 1883, d. 1941, Plot 1--9
Gunderson, Chester L, b. 07-19-1904, d. 10-27-1963, Plot 2--215, --WW II, Pvt Co C 236 Engr C Bat
Gunderson, Lewis/Louis O. (Margette G.), b. 1864, d. 11-09-1934, Plot 2--215, --see obit
Gunderson, Margette G. (Lewis O.), b. 1874, d. 06-00-1937, Plot 2--215, --see obit
Gunderson, Thomas G. (Alice I.), b. 1878, d. 1944, Plot 1--9

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