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Hillcrest Cemetery
Lewiston, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.577763, -89.629881

Wolfram Road
Lewiston, WI 53965

Published: September 21, 2016
Total records: 139


Hillcrest Cemetery is located in Lewiston Township, Columbia County, WI. West from Portage on Hwy 16, South on Wolfram, over the railroad tracks, cemetery on West side. Evangelical United Brethren church was built in 1857, steeple in 1894. Church building was torn down in 1942.

Cemetery Records

Tombstone transcription by Velma Wakershauser. Updated 2005 from cemetery records by Lucille Weyh. Copied here by Anna Mae Axness.

Bell, Grandma
, Row 1---stone? Is this Mrs. Bell?
Bell, Mrs., Row 1---stone? Is this Grandma Bell?
Blank, Tina J. (William A.), b. 06-15-1834, d. 08-18-1887, Row 2---Mrs. Josephine Blank in the obit index
Blank, William A. (Tina J.), b. 08-16-1825, d. 05-24-1907, Row 2
Braue, Charles, d. 05-19-1897, Row 6---11yr 3mo old, date confirmed in obit index
Braue, Herman, b. 05-13-1822, d. 07-02-1894, Row 5---GAR, d.date 1894 in obit index
Braue, Margaret M., b. 1828, d. 03-01-1873, Row 2---d.date from obit index, aka Magdalena
Bruka, Fride, d. 04-02-1862, Stone? Maybe Gotlib Fride Bruka b.1858 & d. 1862
Bruka, Gotlib, d. 08-05-1858, Stone?
Christensen, Sofa/Sophia Kastner -Christenson on death cert. (A. Peter), b. 1852, d. 03-25-1933, Row 1---Nee Kastner/Kasner--Nee Scharf on death cert., see obit
Ebert, Dorothy R. (1st w/o Gustave W.), b. 05-31-1924, d. 02-26-1968, Row 7---see obit
Ebert, Gustave W. (#1Dorothy R., #2Ramona A. Pierce Sletten), b. 04-09-1922, d. 06-16-2009, Row 7---(m2)June 1974, 2nd wife Ramona died 2003, s/o Henry & Wilhelmina Nehls Ebert, see obit
Felgenheuer, Henriette (William), b. 12-21-1832, d. 07-05-1902, Row 3
Felgenheuer, Wilhelm, b. 1875, d. 1882, from Bob & Lucy Wright 1988 list
Felgenheuer, William (Henriette), b. 03-04-1828, d. 02-08-1891, Row 3
Gerlach, Johann George (Rebecka), b. 02-02-1824, d. 06-13-1903, Row 5---Civil War Veteran, maybe b.03-01-1822 from Betty Cook's file
Gerlach, Rebecka M. (Johann G.), b. 07-22-1822, d. 02-13-1893, Row 5---some info from obit index
Grey, Elizabeth (Kermit), b. 1912, d. 2002, Row 7
Grey, Kermit (Elizabeth), b. 02-17-1910, d. 05-28-1962, Row 6 & 7---WW II, Wisc SSgt Co A 82 Engr BN
Grossman, Charles, d. 09-11-1865, fence row---9 mo old, s/o M.L
Grossman, Christ, b. 1896, d. 1911, fence row/1---s/o ?& E.Grossman, hard to read
Grossman, Emma, b. 02-02-1872, d. 02-08-1872, Row 1---6da old?, maybe d/o Louise? Hard to read
Grossman, Gottlieb (Anna Rush), b. 1863, d. 12-00-1949, Row 5---see obit
Grossmann Family Stone,
Grossmann, Christiana (William), d. 02-11-1862, Row 3---22yr 6mo old, 1st w/o William
Grossmann, Louise (William), d. 01-04-1900, Row 3---65y 6m 26d old, 2nd w/o William
Grossmann, William (Christiana), d. 11-14-1890, Row 3---69yr old, 2nd wife is Louise
Guildner, Amelia (John C.), b. 12-21-1836, d. 11-28-1906, Row 1---Walters grandmother
Guildner, John C. (Amelia), b. 01-13-1825, d. 07-07-1907, Row 1---Walters grandfather
Guildner, Sarah (G. E.), d. 12-30-1865, fence row
Guildner, Willie, b. 03-21-1869, d. 12-16-1885, Row 1
Haglund, Lydia Guildner (Gustave), b. 1879, d. 01-02-1958, Row 6---see obit
Hoefs, August, b. 08-05-1858, d. 08-02-1867, Row 1---s/o Gottlieb & Friedericke Hoefs
Hoefs, Carl "Charlie" (Wilhelmina), b. 06-03-1861, d. 01-11-1895, Row 5
Hoefs, Friedericke (Gottlief), b. 08-27-1825, d. 08-20-1896, Row 4 or 5
Hoefs, Gottlieb (Friedericke), b. 12-10-1826, d. 03-03-1889, Row 5---GAR
Hoefs, Wilhelmina (Carl "Charlie"), b. 02-18-1831, d. 08-06-1896, Row 5
Kassner, August K. (Caroline), b. 04-12-1842, d. 03-06-1930, Row 2
Kassner, Caroline (August K.), d. 03-07-1883, Row 2---Nee Friedrich, 35yr old
Kassner, Gottlieb (Sophie), b. 05-11-1845, d. 09-03-1908, Row 1
Kassner, Gustave R., b. 1878, d. 09-00-1960, Row 2---see obit
Kassner, Hennritta, d. 06-16-1913, ?---Nee Schieffelbein, 68yr old
Kassner, Herman G., b. 1885, d. 1968, Row 2---single person
Kassner, Minnie (Gustave), b. 1864, d. 03-03-1921, Row 2---d/o Gottlieb & Marie Marquardt Kreger, see obit,
Kassner, Sophie (Gottlieb), b. 03-18-1856, d. 03-18-1896, Row 1---d.date from Wright's 1988 list
Kassner, Wilhelm, b. 01-06-1889, d. 01-06-1889, Row 2---10da old, from Wright's 1988 list
Kaufmann, Eduard, b. 02-15-1865, d. 05-09-1877, fence row
Kaufmann, Edward August, b. 08-10-1859, d. 09-21-1864, Row 3---s/o Rev. W.F. & Fridericka Kaufmann
Kaufmann, Elizabeth--baby, b. 02-13-1860, d. 04-22-1861, fence row---d/o Edward Kaufmann
Kaufmann, George--baby, b. 06-27-1857, d. 03-12-1858, fence row---s/o Edward Kaufmann or s/o A.& C.?
Kaufmann, John/Johan--baby, b. 06-20-1861, d. 01-24-1862, fence row---s/o Edward Kaufmann
Kaufmann, Otto, b. 06-02-1867, d. 09-26-1884, Row 5---s/o Christian Kaufmann
Kaufmann, W. Frederick--Rev., b. 01-02-1822, d. 07-08-1874, Row 3---middle name from obit index
Kluender, Arwin (Hester Davison), b. 1901, d. 06-00-1958, Row 7---see obit
Kluender, Julius F. (Mary Amilia Hoefs), b. 1858, d. 1920, Row 5 & 6---stones in both rows, see obit
Kluender, Mary Amilia Hoefs (Julius F, ), b. 1860, d. 1945, Row 5 & 6---stones in both rows, see obit
Konkel, Albert W. (Ingeborg M.), b. 07-08-1906, d. 03-17-1970, fence row/1---WW II, Wisc. CM3 US Navy
Konkel, Ingeborg Martina (Albert W.), b. 07-20-1907, d. 09-02-1984, fence row/1---Nee Hooverson
LaVigne, Charles L. (Paula E. Hegmann Weyh), b. 10-08-1912, d. 04-23-1986, Row 1---Cremation, see obit
LaVigne, Paula E. Hegmann Weyh (Charles L.), b. 01-19-1916, d. 12-29-2001, Row 1---Cremation
Lemke, Augusta (William), b. 10-05-1839, d. 09-11-1929, Row 5---Mother
Lemke, Eliza (William), b. 08-25-1868, d. 03-29-1929, Row 5---see obit for Lizzie Lemke
Lemke, William (Augusta), b. 04-17-1827, d. 03-08-1911, Row 5---Father
Lemke, William (Eliza), b. 08-01-1858, d. 11-09-1937, Row 5---Herman Fredrick William Lemke, see obit which says he is single
Link, Barbara (Chester L.), Row 1
Link, Chester L. (Barbara), b. 07-07-1917, d. 12-03-1993, fence row/1---WW II, ENS US Navy
Manthey, Albert (Rebecca), b. 1854, d. 11-00-1940, Row 6---see obit
Manthey, Rebecca (Albert), b. 1858, d. 11-15-1922, Row 6---see obit
Martin, Anna, b. 04-25-1877, d. 07-20-1883, Row 1---toward the North end of row 1
Martin, Anna Marie, b. 12-16-1804, d. 08-18-1871, Row 1---toward the South end of row 1
Martin, Caroline (W.), b. 01-05-1844, d. 12-29-1887, Row 2
Martin, Emma-Miss, b. 1875, d. 05-04-1960, Row 8---see obit
Martin, Frances A. -Miss, d. 11-00-1936, Row 7---no marker, see obit, 56yr old
Martin, Friederich, b. 01-09-1807, d. 12-24-1882, Row 1
Martin, Herman, d. 04-11-1924, Row 8---no marker, funeral at St.Paul's Lutheran Cemetery in Lewiston, s/o William Martin, see obit
Martin, Ida-Miss, b. 1873, d. 02-00-1953, Row 8---see obit
Martin, Joeseph A., b. 1885, d. 05-14-1966, Row 8---see obit
Martin, Maurice, infant from Wright's 1988 list
Martin, Otto, d. 03-00-1929, Row 8---no marker, see obit
Martin, William, b. 03-18-1840, d. 04-11-1915, Row 6---Civil War Veteran
Martin, William Carl, d. 07-15-1941, Row 69yr old, see obit & death cert.
McDonald, Ella M. (Pete G.), b. 1894, d. 1989, Row 7
McDonald, John--baby, b. 1923, d. 1924, Row 7---s/o Pete McDonald
McDonald, Peter G. (Ella M.), b. 1893, d. 07-02-1963, Row 7---see obit
Mellenthien, August F. (Wilhelmine), d. 12-18-1876, Row 2---Stone is a tall steeple, 64y 2m 4d old
Mellenthien, Wilhelmine (August F.), b. 03-12-1818, d. 02-29-1892, Row 2---73yr 11mo 17da old
Mellenthien, William, b. 05-01-1818, d. 02-29-1890, from Bob & Lucy Wright 1988 list
Nelson, Theta, Row 1---lot ownership, no stone
Rihn, Baby, d. no dates, Row 7
Rihn, Bertha, b. 01-01-1857, d. 07-10-1897, Row 2
Rihn, Bertha (William), b. 1859, d. 12-08-1935, Row 6---Mother, see obit
Rihn, Emma A. Manthey (Julius C.), b. 1881, d. 04-02-1932, Row 6---see obit
Rihn, Evelyn Weyh, b. 07-17-1910, d. 11-06-1999, Row 2
Rihn, J. F., b. 10-18-1816, d. 07-13-1878, Row 2
Rihn, Julius C. (Emma A.), b. 1877, d. 01-28-1961, Row 6---see obit
Rihn, Norman, b. 1896, d. 12-28-1979, Row 7---see obit
Rihn, Otto (Pauline Manthey), b. 1879, d. 10-03-1948, Row 6---see obit
Rihn, Pauline Manthey (Otto), b. 1883, d. 09-05-1960, Row 6---see obit
Rihn, William (Bertha), b. 1845, d. 1938, Row 6---Father, obit say d.1930, 84yr old
Rubee, Louisa, b. 1823, d. 1870, Row 2---Mother
Rubee, William, b. 1825, d. 1864, Row 1---Father
Ruebe, Mary-Grandma, b. 1799, d. 1885, Row 4---pillow stone, mother of Augustina Zeller
Schutz, Dorthea, b. 02-02-1823, d. 04-02-1901, fence row/row 1, North end
Schwieger, Dorothea Sophia (F. A.), b. 12-30-1831, d. 01-09-1889, Row 3---middle name from obit index
Schwieger, Friedrich A. (Dorothea), b. 08-14-1834, d. 07-24-1889, Row 3
Schwieger, Mary (Charles H.), b. 03-19-1869, d. 12-27-1914, Row 6---not a straight row
Siewart, Christian Fred (Maria H.), b. 01-04-1825, d. 01-11-1882, Row 2---father, some info from obit index
Siewart, Maria H. (Christian Fred), b. 05-29-1838, d. 11-29-1917, Row 2---Mother
Siewert, Benjamin A. L., d. 09-15-1894, Row 4--hard to read stone, s/o Henrietta, 17yr, obit index
Siewert, Wilh G. J., b. 09-03-1857, d. 01-26-1889, Row 3---31yr old
Swantz, Dana, Row 1---lot ownership, no stone
Unknown, Row 1---old worn down stone cannot be read
Unknown,, fence row--- North end, can't read
Unknown, George, fence row---, small stone, no dates, no last name
Unknown, W. E. K. or E. A. K. ?, d. no dates, Row 2---No name, small old stone, maybe Kaufmann?
Versen, Alvina, b. 08-22-1853, d. 09-16-1864, Row 1---stone is leaning
Weyh, Arlys Marjorie, b. 11-04-1944, d. 03-30-2013, Row 3---Stone? d/o Orville & Marjorie King Weyh, obit
Weyh, Babies--four of them, ?---c/o Frederick & Dorthea Weyh, no stones
Weyh, Baby--3wks old, d. 01-28-1905, ?---c/o M/Mrs. Samuel Weyh from obit index
Weyh, Carl Wilhelm "Will" (Filey), b. 1877, d. 12-00-1958, Row 6---see obit
Weyh, Dorathea (G. Friedrich), b. 09-06-1838, d. 11-15-1912, Row 3
Weyh, Earl Paul (Mary Schrab), b. 05-24-1934, d. 10-13-2015, Korea, Vietnam, US Army, (m)06-15-1961, s/o Virgil & Paula Weyh, see obit
Weyh, Emma Kliese (Samuel), b. 1877, d. 03-19-1956, Row 1---see obit
Weyh, G. Friedrich (Dorathea), b. 09-06-1827, d. 06-06-1899, Row 3---Civil War, 71yr old, b.Germany
Weyh, Marjorie J. "Marg" (Orville G.), b. 1920, Row 3---2nd husband Williams
Weyh, Maurice Samuel--baby, d. 1914, Row 6---small stone
Weyh, Norman H., b. 04-29-1917, d. 04-21-2003, Row 1---WW II, Pvt US Army, cremation, s/o Samuel & Emma Weyh, see obit
Weyh, Orville George Frederick, b. 1913, d. 12-08-1990, Row 3---h/o Marjorie J. Weyh, see obit
Weyh, Samuel "Sam" (Emma), b. 1865, d. 1920, Row 1---d.South Dakota, see obit
Weyh, Sarah Agusta "Sadie" -Miss, b. 1874, d. 11-06-1946, Row 3---see obit
Weyh, Sophia "Filey" Zeller (Will), b. 1881, d. 11-21-1968, Row 6---see obit
Weyh, Virgil W. "Bud", b. 08-28-1932, d. 12-09-2010, s/o Virgil & Paula Hageman Weyh, see obit
Weyh, Virgil W. Sr., b. 1907, d. 12-02-1972, Row 2---single, see obit
Zeller, Augustina Ruebe (George), b. 1841, d. 05-09-1923, Row 4---Tall stone with George & pillow stone, see obit
Zeller, Geroge (Augustina), b. 09-12-1821, d. 08-01-1889, Row 4---father, 67y10m18d old, tall stone & pillow stone
Zeller, Joseph, b. 1865, d. 1883, Row 4---s/o George & Augustina Zeller
Zeller, Leonhard, b. 1880, d. 10-00-1903, Row 4---Son, pillow stone
Zugge, Caroline Wilhelmine, b. 09-21-1837, d. 12-02-1890, Row 2---dates from obit index
Zugge, Minna, d. no dates, Row 2---a bottom layer stone on wrong bigger stone

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