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Greenwood Cemetery
Lewiston, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.627352, -89.587564

County Road AA
Lewiston, WI 53965

Published: September 21, 2016
Total records: 253


Greenwood Cemetery is located in Lewiston Township, Columbia County, WI, west of Portage on Hwy 127 then Hwy AA North of Cimaroli's Superclub. Cemetery on West side of AA. Platted in 1855.

Cemetery Records

Recorded by Robert & Lucy Wright 06-22-1988. Updated July 2005 by Tesh D. Ferstl-Hoffman. Some information from Betty Cook's files. Thank you to sexton Jon Steinhaus for a copy of the map. Typed by Anna Mae Axness, 2005

Arendsee, Gradon L. Sr. "Babe" (Janet)
, b. 08-26-1931, d. 04-19-2015, Korea, US Navy, (m)07-21-1956, s/o Leon & Adaline Brown Arendsee, obit
Baker Dennis L. (Barbara Jean McGinnis), b. 12-09-1955, d. 09-20-2011, (m)06-14-1980, s/o Leo & Lillian Orlando Baker, see obit
Barton, Adeline Ann (1st w/o Lloyd-divorced), b. 05-09-1916, d. 08-20-1975, Mother, divorced, d/o Teofil & Anna Regina Kamowski Gavinski, see death cert.
Barton, Brian J., b. 07-05-1961, d. 04-19-1981, s/o Daniel Barton, see obit
Barton, Bruce O., b. 11-09-1931, d. 09-21-1950, Korea, Wis Pfc 24 Recon Co 24 Inf Div N, PH
Barton, Daniel J. (Joanne E.), b. 1937
Barton, Floyd F. (Mary E. Stanton), b. 07-24-1912, d. 10-10-1985, WW II, US Army
Barton, George W. (Gertie Corning), b. 1885, d. 09-00-1936, see obit
Barton, Gertrude Laura Corning (#1George William Barton, #2Jorgen K. Schydt), b. 1889, d. 11-00-1947, 2nd husband is buried in Silver Lake Cemetery, see obit for Gertrude Schydt
Barton, Harold Guy (Nancy), b. 1942, d. 04-14-1972, on stone with Lloyd & Rose Barton, s/o Lloyd & Rose Barton, see obit
Barton, Infant C.
Barton, Infant M.
Barton, Joanne E. (Daniel J.), b. 1937
Barton, John H. (Leone), b. 1913, d. 10-06-1962, see obit
Barton, Lloyd L. (#1Adeline, #2Rose), b. 07-24-1912, d. 08-06-1990, dates from ssdi
Barton, Mary Eleanor Stanton (Floyd), b. 1916, d. 07-21-2001, see obit
Barton, Rose Arlene (2nd w/o Lloyd L.), b. 05-23-1929, d. 03-11-2011, (m)06-13-14947, d/o Leo & Lillian Wagner Gavinski, see obit
Barton, Ted (Sandy), d. 07-30-2015, Korea, s/o Lloyd & Adeline Barton, see obit
Bendixen Family stone, Ole M., Julia, Josephine T., Tollage B.L.
Bendixen, Josephine T., b. 12-30-1872, d. 07-15-1899
Bendixen, Julia (Ole M.), b. 05-07-1841, d. 03-03-1907
Bendixen, Ole M. (Julia), b. 04-14-1833, d. 02-04-1904, Civil War, Co D Wis Vol Inf
Bendixen, Tollage B. L., b. 02-28-1878, d. 04-26-1902
Birkhen, Jos R. A.
Brickwell, Boler, b. 1898, d. 08-15-1958, Son, see obit
Brickwell, Joseph, b. 05-28-1868, d. 02-18-1909, Civil War, Co F 1st MO Cav.
Brickwell, R. Irine, d. 07-26-1887, d/o Jos & R.A. Brickwell
Brickwell, Ruth Annie Lea (Joseph), b. 10-12-1864, d. 02-11-1932, see obit
Briggs, Harvey, d. 05-29-1884, 65yr old
Brown, Asahel L., Veteran, no date record
Brown, Elizabeth R., d. 07-28-1857, 23yr 7mo 23da old, d/o B.B.& Lydia Utter
Brown, James (Leona W. Stowe), b. 1884, d. 07-00-1973, Father, see obit
Brown, Leona W. Benedict (James), b. 1891, d. 12-23-1984, Mother, see obit
Brown, Mary M., d. 1895, 2 da old, d/o A.L. & S.C. Brown
Burdick, Millicent/Millisant (E. F.), d. 12-22-1854, 28yr old
Carey, Fidelia (G. M. N.), d. 10-09-1877, 49yr old, wife
Carey, G. M. N. (Fidelia), d. 04-29-1882, 51yr old, date from obit index
Carey, Lee, d. 11-00-1944, d.North Dakota, obit says he is buried here, s/o G.M.W. Carey
Cary, Augustus, d. 09-11-1854, 26yr old
Christensen, Bert F., b. 1900, d. 02-11-1919, s/o Fred & Nellie Christensen, see obit
Christensen, Charlotte M. (George A.), b. 1896, d. 03-12-1984, "Lottie", nee Simon, see obit
Christensen, Fred (Nellie), b. 1866, d. 09-00-1952, Father, see obit
Christensen, George A. (Charlotte M.), b. 1898, d. 04-17-1984, see obit
Christensen, George S., b. 12-10-1882, d. 09-18-1911, s/o Seivert& Maria S. Christensen
Christensen, Maria S. (Sievert), b. 12-22-1837, d. 02-28-1913
Christensen, Nellie Paulson (Fred), b. 1866, d. 03-21-1949, Mother, see obit
Christensen, Sievert (Maria S.), b. 11-17-1837, d. 01-12-1916
Cimaroli, Ronald A. (Melody Ingraham), b. 02-28-1946, d. 05-08-2015, US Army, (m)06-28-1968, s/o John A.& Ann Almasi Cimaroli, see obit
Clark, Ann Bain (James), d. 12-05-1888, 80yr old, on stone with James
Clark, Ann (James Sr.), b. 1809, d. 1889, Mother, small stone
Clark, Edwin W., b. 1877, d. 01-14-1944, s/o John Clark, see obit
Clark, Elizabeth, b. 06-26-1855, d. 09-21-1856, on stone with Robert, Issbella, & William M.
Clark, Ella, d. 12-07-1856, 1yr old, d/o S.& D. Clark
Clark, Emily E. -Miss, b. 1887, d. 11-19-1972, see obit
Clark, Emily J. (John H.), b. 1848, d. 05-26-1916, Nee McGwin
Clark, George R., b. 11-28-1926, d. 11-06-1995, WW II, TEC 4 US Army
Clark, Georgianna-Miss, b. 1881, d. 11-05-1966, see obit
Clark, Harold Wifred (Phoebe-former wife), b. 04-06-1922, d. 11-01-1996, WW II, US Army
Clark, Helen M., d. 08-12-1850, 1yr old, d/o S.& D. Clark
Clark, Ines B. (Robert T.), b. 1890, d. 09-10-1982, see obit
Clark, Irene I. -Miss, b. 1917, d. 08-25-1982, see obit
Clark, Isabella Henry (Robert), b. 03-22-1814, d. 09-05-1864
Clark, James Jr., b. 1837, d. 1911, GAR
Clark, James Sr. (Ann), b. 1803, d. 1873, Father, 70yrs old
Clark, James (Anna Bain), d. 09-20-1873, 70yr old
Clark, John H. (Emily J. McGwin), b. 1843, d. 1893, 48th Wis Vol Inf
Clark, Leona L. -Miss, b. 1889, d. 09-08-1961, see obit
Clark, Mary A. -Miss, b. 1852, d. 06-00-1920, d/o James Clark, see obit
Clark, Mary Isabella-Miss, b. 1871, d. 06-00-1921, on stone with John H.& Emily Clark, see obit
Clark, Olive E. -Miss, b. 1875, d. 06-21-1959, see obit
Clark, Robert T. (Ines), b. 1884, d. 11-00-1960, see obit
Clark, Robert (Isabella Henry), b. 01-08-1812, d. 08-18-1882
Clark, Susan-Miss, b. 1844, d. 09-00-1927, see obit
Clark, William, b. 1814, d. 1862, Uncle
Clark, William B., b. 1842, d. 1920, Veteran
Clark, William M., b. 02-24-1842, d. 03-16-1867, on stone with Robert, Issbella, & Elizabeth
Colburn, Lester J., b. 05-04-1875, d. 07-13-1893
Colburn, Lester O., from pics, s/o J.P. & L.E.Colburn
Corning, Cassius, b. 1896, d. 04-00-1954, see obit
Corning, Ebenezer (Mary A.), b. 11-14-1828, d. 11-07-1899, Veteran
Corning, George, b. 01-25-1796, d. 09-05-1874, on stone with Ebenezer & Mary A.
Corning, Gordon W., b. 1906, d. 1907
Corning, H., b. 06-21-1888, d. 03-11-1889, d/o Herbert L.& M. Corning
Corning, Hazel (Orville C.), b. 1913, d. 07-19-1966, Mother, see obit
Corning, Herbert L., b. 1867, d. 1918
Corning, Hugh E. (#1Iris Morgan, #2Ruth M. Ziegler), b. 1908, d. 03-09-1970, see obit
Corning, Iris Morgan (1st w/o Hugh E.), b. 1906, d. 03-11-1935, see obit
Corning, James Herbert "Herbie" (Colleen), b. 02-24-1934, d. 09-03-1977, Korea, SP3 US Army, obit says d.10-03-1977
Corning, John, d. 02-23-1955, 57yr, see obit & death certificate
Corning, Joseph W. (Lily/Lillie Hay), d. 05-29-1928, GAR, Co E 2 Wis Cav
Corning, Kirk/Keith A., b. 10-07-1953, d. 12-28-1968, see obit
Corning, Lily/Lillie Hay (Joseph W.), b. 1862, d. 01-03-1934, no stone, see death cert, & Obit
Corning, Lucy Eunice, b. 07-03-1863, d. 09-02-1864, 1yr old, d/o Ebenezer & Mary A. Corning
Corning, Mary A. (Ebenezer), b. 01-01-1826, d. 01-27-1905
Corning, Mary Lida, b. 03-28-1865, d. 05-25-1900, on stone with Ebenezer & Mary A.
Corning, Orville C. (#1Hazel, #2Ramona Phillips), b. 08-14-1910, d. 02-03-1977, Father, see obit & death certificate, Orville & Hazel on stone
Corning, Ruth M. Ziegler (2nd w/o Hugh E.), b. 1909, d. 07-14-2001, see obit
Dailey, Arvilla M. (Robert A.), b. 1932, d. 1995
Dailey, Robert A. (Arvilla M. Corning), b. 10-07-1930, d. 01-30-1981, Korea, US Navy, see obit
Dane, Frances "Fannie" M. Utter (Frank S.), b. 1869, d. 02-20-1936, see obit
Dane, Francis (Sarah), b. 08-12-1817, d. 12-31-1892
Dane, Frank S. (Fannie M. Utter), b. 1862, d. 07-04-1942, d.CA
Dane, Mayme WIndus (William S.), b. 1877, d. 04-00-1926, see obit
Dane, Sarah (Francis), b. 07-26-1828, d. 05-04-1895
Dane, William S. (Mayme), b. 1866, d. 07-11-1957, see obit
Dreysse, Dora, b. 1874, d. 1931, on James Simonson stone
Dreysse, Henry R., b. 1914, d. 12-04-1972, In loving Memory, see obit
Emil, Emily E., b. 1887, d. 1972
Fellows, Eliza (O.), b. 1817, d. 1905
Fellows, John O., d. 09-08-1853, 6mo old, s/o C.& L. Fellows
Fellows, Oliver (Ruth), b. 05-13-1812, d. 12-06-1887, WW II, CAP MCRay--this is an error?
Fellows, Ruth (Oliver), d. 1860
Fellows, Warren P., d. 11-04-1853, 15yr old, s/o Oliver & Ruth Fellows
Fitch, George, d. 1851
Fitch, Gertrude (John B.), d. 10-05-1854, 44yr old
Fitch, John B. (Gertrude), d. 04-04-1866, 61yr old, hard to read date, maybe 1887?
Fitch, Lydia A., d. 08-13-1871, 13yr old, d/o John B.& Gertrude Fitch
Gannon, Evelyn J. German (Howard M.), b. 1918, d. 08-30-2000, see obit
Gannon, Howard M. (Evelyn J. German), b. 1917, d. 06-16-1991, see obit
Ganser, Esther H. (Lewis), b. 04-03-1923, d. 03-23-2006, d/o Max & Violet Van Alstine Heitke, see obit
Ganser, Lewis (Esther H. Heitke), b. 1922, d. 07-00-1981, WW II, or Louis Ganzer? See obit for Louis
Gerstad, James, b. 09-01-1947, d. 06-07-2012, Foster c/o Esther I. House, see obit
Gibbons, Charles S. (Emma Dane), b. 1857, d. 01-05-1928, see obit
Gibbons, Emma Dane, b. 1856, d. illegible, wife of D.N. Hatfield & C.S.Gibbons
Grossman, Christian "Christ", b. 10-23-1868, d. 05-14-1925, see obit
Grossman, Infant, d. 05-14-1925
Grossman, Marvin R. "Stub" (Mary L. Barton), b. 04-04-1932, d. 01-17-2014, Korea, US Army, (m)04-11-1953, s/o Reuben & Margaret Messer Grossman
Grossman, Mary L. "Lou" (Marvin R.), b. 1932
Harris, John C., d. 01-26-1861, 43yr old
Harvey, Jo Anna (William K.), b. 04-08-1836, d. 02-25-1898, Mother
Harvey, Lena B. (Lewis), b. 1874, d. 1942, Mother
Harvey, Lewis A. (Lena), b. 1859, d. 07-17-1935, Father, see obit
Harvey, Raymond, b. 1901, d. 08-02-1981, s/o Lena & Lewis Harvey, see obit
Harvey, Robert, b. 12-20-1909, d. 06-11-1993, son, see obit
Harvey, William K. (Jo Anna), b. 09-08-1825, d. 03-12-1876, Father
Hatfield, D. N. (Emma Dane), b. 1839, d. 1905
Hatfield, Emma Dane, b. 1856, d. illegible, wife of D.N. Hatfield & C.S.Gibbons
Heinze, Carl August, b. 1860, d. 07-13-1921, Transient, see obit & death certificate
Heinze, Karoline, b. 12-19-1838, d. 02-08-1918
Heinze, Ottile M., b. 10-17-1864, d. 12-21-1909
Heitke Family Stone, Dorean, infant dtr, Clara, William
Heitke, Bonita Rae, d. 01-04-1975
Heitke, Clara C. Kingsley (#1William Heitke, #2Darwin McClyman), b. 1906, d. 10-19-1997, Mother, 91yr, see obit for Clara McClyman
Heitke, Dorean Laura, b. 1932, d. 06-30-1933, 6mo, daughter, d/o William & Clara Heitke, see obit
Heitke, Emmilena (Henry F.), b. 1869, d. 1942, Mother, Nee Gehler
Heitke, Gene Leon, b. 08-31-1944, d. 11-14-1989
Heitke, Henry Frederick (Emmilena Gehler), b. 1870, d. 05-03-1950, Father, Heinrich Friedrich Rudolph Heitke, see obit
Heitke, Infant daughter, d. 1941, d/o William & Clara Heitke
Heitke, Max H. (Violet A.), b. 1897, d. 1970
Heitke, Violet A. (Max H.), b. 1903, d. 1968
Heitke, William (Clara), b. 1901, d. 08-01-1972, Father, see obit
Henry, Henry, b. 03-22-1814, d. 09-05-1865
Hensleigh, Mabelle A. -Dr. (Walter), b. 1894, d. 11-18-1985, d.Iowa, d/o Joseph & Ruth Anne Lea Brickwell, (m)08-21-1930
Hensleigh, Walter (Dr. Mabelle A.), d. 01-06-1946, from Mabelle's obit, is he buried here too?
Higgins, Anna B., d. 02-18-1889, 88yr old
Hoffman, Joseph J., b. 08-04-1957, h/o Tesha Ferstl-Hoffman--nee Cox
House, Esther I., b. 10-25-1911, d. 03-02-2004, d/o James & Mabel Whitfield House, Sister to Roy House, see obit
House, Mabel Grace Whitfield (James), b. 1887, d. 02-00-1950, Mother, see obit
House, Roy Louis, b. 1912, d. 10-18-1999, Brother to Esther House, see obit
Hudson, Charles, b. 08-13-1858, d. 05-29-1879
Jacobs, Lester C., b. 1817, d. 1864, Corp Co H 36th Reg Wis Vol Inf
Johnson, Dale W. ---infant, d. 1936
Johnson, Deanna J. Schehr (Dale W.), b. 1939, d. 01-03-1991, see obit
Keech, Alfonzo, d. 03-28-1855, s/o F.& L. Keech
Keech, James Clark, d. 11-08-1886, 1yr 18mo old, s/o J.S.& L.A. Keech
Keech, James S. (Lodema A.), b. 05-06-1848, d. 01-24-1920, s/o Josiah & Sally Keech
Keech, Josiah (Sally), b. 08-25-1805, d. 11-19-1895
Keech, Lodema A. (James S.), b. 09-23-1851, d. 11-06-1905
Keech, Sally (Josiah), b. 05-28-1811, d. 03-18-1896
Ladgustus, Gary, d. 09-11-1851, 26yr 8mo old
Langley, Clyde (Lola), b. 1891, d. 06-03-1959, see obit
Langley, Lola (Clyde), b. 1889, d. 03-00-1961, see obit
Lichtenberg, Catherine J. (H. Robert), b. 1923, Nee Clark
Lichtenberg, H. Robert (Catherine J.), b. 1922, d. 1988, WW II, Pfc US Army
Magee, Henry, b. 06-01-1822, d. 02-14-1890
Marble, Lucy A. (Nathan J.), d. 02-04-1903, 77yr 5mo 4da old
Marble, Nathan J. (Lucy A.), d. 10-18-1907, Civil War
McClyman, Clara C. Kingsley (#1William Heitke, #2Darwin McClyman), d. 10-19-1997, 91yr, see obit for Clara McClyman
McDonald, Alice, d. 1918, 1 yr old, d/o Wm. H & A.M. McDonald
Nelson, Mary J. (Alfred), b. 1880, d. 03-10-1972, see obit
Paulsen, Annabelle C., d. 09-18-1935, d/o Nels C.& Ruth A.Paulsen
Paulsen, Carl C. (Sandra Schmidt), b. 02-01-1939, d. 07-02-2014, US Army, (m)07-30-1966, s/o Nels & Ruth Ann Brickwell Paulsen, see obit
Paulsen, Ruth A. (Nels C.), b. 1902, d. 06-25-1968, see obit
Paulson, Arve (Helen A.), d. 09-25-1900, 74yr 11mo 11da old
Paulson, Bernt, b. 1864, d. 1927
Paulson, Helen A. (Arve), d. 09-13-1897, 72yr 2mo 7da old
Paulson, Walter, b. 1888, d. 06-11-1972, see obit
Pund, Rosemarie Jane Corning (Edwin), b. 1937, d. 05-00-1966, see obit
Rapa, Mary E. Thompson (William T.), b. 1916, d. 12-06-2000, (m)09-13-1947, see obit
Rapa, William T. "Bill" (Mary E. Thompson), b. 1916, d. 10-08-2003, (m)09-13-1947, s/o Chester L. & Mae I.Jenkins Rapa, see obit
Reick, John Robert (Alice Clark), b. 1965, d. 02-23-1997, see obit
Robbins, Ann Clark, b. 1840, d. 1828
Rundle, Alice (O. M.), b. ??-26-1859, d. 01-28-1913
Rundle, O. M. (Alice), b. 09-26-1859, d. 01-28-1913, whoops, same dates for Alice??
Rygiewicz, Raymond Sr. (Sadie Barton), b. 10-15-1916, d. 01-03-1983, Father, see obit
Rygiewicz, Sadie (Ray), b. 11-20-1918, d. 06-05-1967, Mother
Schehr, Helen Minnie Kluge, b. 1916, d. 06-06-1997, see obit
Schutz, Helen V. Heitke (Kenneth H.), b. 11-02-1921, d. 01-05-2002, see obit & ssdi
Schutz, Kenneth H. (Helen V. Heitke), b. 1915, d. 03-27-1982, see obit
Schydt, Gertrude Laura Corning (#1George William Barton, #2Jorgen K. Schydt), b. 1889, d. 11-00-1947, see Gertrude Barton, see obit for Gertrude Schydt
Shepard, Colleen "Connie" F. (#1Vilo Bessac, #2Herbie Corning, #3William H. Shepard), b. 01-31-1940, d. 11-02-2011, d/o William F.& Evelyn Fox Atkinson, see obit
Shepard, William H. (3rd h/o Colleen F. Atkinson), b. 04-28-1937, d. 07-13-2003, see obit
Simonson Family Stone, James, Dora Dreysse, Johnnie
Simonson, Ernest O. (Louise A.), b. 1894, d. 02-08-1940, WW I, Wis Pvt 1Cl 137 Inf 35 Div, (m)07-09-1919
Simonson, Henry R., b. 1914, d. 1972
Simonson, James, b. 1864, d. 1912
Simonson, John Edward "Johnnie", b. 1906, d. 03-02-1951, s/o James Simonson, see obit
Simonson, Louise A. Nelson (Ernest O.), b. 1901, d. 05-24-2003, (m)07-09-1919, d/o Ole & Helen Nelson, see obit
Simonson, Patrina/Petrina Dyrud (Simon), b. 1851, d. 07-14-1938, Mother, see obit
Simonson, Simon (Petrina Dyrud), b. 1854, d. 06-20-1937, Father, s/o Ollie Simonson, see obit
Sloggy, Jacob, GAR, Co K 18 Wis Inf
Smith, Georgiana, b. 1849, d. 1913, Nee Whiting
Soules, Almira (William M.), d. 02-05-1863, d/o Eld. James Snow & Nancy Dale/Dole Spooner, 37yr 2mo 13da old, data from Thomas Aker
Spooner, Caroline C., d. 03-04-1855, 24yr old, d/o James Snow & Nancy Dale/Dole Spooner, 24yr 7mo old, data from Thomas Aker
Steinhaus, Jon "Jack" (Judy), b. 1938
Steinhaus, Judy (Jon "Jack"), b. 1939
Steinhaus, Lisa Marie (Thomas Jon), b. 11-02-1963, d. 02-09-1988, Nee Deakins
Steinhaus, Thomas Jon (Lisa Marie), b. 01-16-1961
Utter, B. B. (Lydia), d. 09-01-1895, 86yr old
Utter, Beatrice Ada (#1Maurice Rademacher, #2Howard J. Utter), b. 05-31-1911, d. 09-10-2011, (m1)1932, (m2)Dec.1956, d/o Wesley & Olga Griffith Dawson
Utter, Cameron J. (Emma H.), b. 1872/1878, d. 1942, Father
Utter, Clarence R. (Eleonora A.), b. 1908, d. 1990, WW II, Chief Petty Officer, son
Utter, Earl A., b. 08-17-1909, d. 05-27-1973, WW II, SSgt, son, dates from ssdi, see obit
Utter, Eleonora A. (Clarence R.), b. 1910, d. 1996, wife, mother
Utter, Emma A. or H. (Cameron J.), b. 1885, d. 02-06-1961, Mother, see obit
Utter, Franklin E., b. 09-16-1917, d. 09-10-1956, WW II, Sgt, son
Utter, Howard J. (Beatrice Ada), b. 09-01-1925, d. 07-17-2001, WW II, S1 US Navy, (m)Dec. 1956
Utter, Lloyd, b. 04-22-1923, d. 04-20-1945, WW II, Cpl, son
Utter, Lydia (B. B.), d. 12-28-1882, 71yr old
Utter, Mary Ione, b. 1930, d. 05-19-1946, Daughter, see obit
Utter, Wilfred S., b. 03-16-1911, d. 06-29-1955, WW II, Pfc, son
Weeden, Louisa (George), d. 01-22-1861, 46yr 7mo old
West, Alfred (Jane), b. 1818, d. 1870, Father
West, Charles, b. 1854, d. 1886, s/o Alfred & Jane West
West, George, b. 1858, d. 1874, s/o Alfred & Jane West
West, Jane (Alfred), b. 1827, d. 1915, Mother
West, Quincy, b. 1845, d. 1861, s/o Alfred & Jane West
Weyh, Frederick E., b. 1868, d. 1911
Wheeler, Louisa (George), d. 01-22-1861, 46yr old
Wheeler, Sarah (Joe), d. 1878, 22yr old, nee Whiting
Whiting, Berttie F., d. 09-??-1878, 1 yr old
Whiting, Georgianna Smith, b. 1849, d. 1913
Whiting, J. H. (Mary A.), b. 11-22-1822
Whiting, Mary A. (J. H.)
Whiting, Sarah, d/o John & Mary Whiting
Whiting, Susan Alice, b. 09-04-1875, d. 09-04-1875, d/o John & Mary Whiting
Wills, Jonathan Paul, b. 1964, d. 10-26-1964, see obit
Wilson, Dewey B., b. 1919, d. 08-20-1941, s/o Nellie Wilson, see obit
Woodford, Eunice (Riley), b. 08-20-1800, d. 03-28-1869
Woodford, Laura, b. 11-20-1830, d. 06-04-1856, d/o Riley & Eunice Woodford
Woodford, Riley (Eunice), b. 08-07-1800, d. 03-17-1886
Yates, A., d. 07-02-1851, 10yr old, s/o D.V.P. & V.M. West
Yorde, Albert, b. 03-31-1848, d. 12-20-1931

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