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Garden Bluff Cemetery
Lodi, Columbia County, Wisconsin

garden bluff cemetery
Garden Bluff Cemetery

GPS: 43.338310, -89.621057

County Rd J
Lodi, WI 53555

Published: October 5, 2016
Total records: 1,164


Garden Bluff Cemetery is located in West Point Township, Columbia County, Wisconsin, Section 14, Cty Rd J, North side of the road.

Cemetery Records

Some data from Betty Cook's file (record of Internments from 1920-1960 & Veteran info). 1984 transcription by Norma Benisch and Monna Aldrich. 2006 transcription by Debra Jensen. Typed by Anna Mae Axness. Thank you to Patti Schuknecht, Joan Ryan and sexton Scott Ness for access to the cemetery records. Joan Ryan took pictures of all the tombstones in 2009.

Abbott, Amos F. (Emily S.)
, b. 1822, d. 02-09-1897, Section 3N--12, GAR, Sarg Co E 50th Reg Wis Vol, 75yr old
Abbott, Emily S. (Amos F.), d. 05-20-1900, Section 3N--12, 78yr old
Abbott, Noel G. (Rachel), b. 1853, d. 02-00-1920, Section 3N--12, Stone hard tor read, see obit
Abbott, Rachel (Noel G.), b. 1859, d. 10-25-1939, Section 3N--12, Nee Schriner
Alexander Family Stone, Section 2N--22, Charles Gardner, Jean Gardner Alexander, Charles K. Alexander
Alexander, Charles Gardner, b. 10-05-1943, d. 10-07-1943, Section 2N--22, s/o Charles K.& Jean Alexander
Alexander, Charles K. (Jean Gardner), b. 05-05-1905, d. 01-08-1995, Section 2N--22, b.Lisbon Iowa, on Alexander Family Stone, in Gardner plot
Alexander, Jean Gardner (Charles K.), b. 03-01-1917, d. 08-28-2000, Section 2N-22, dates from ssdi, Jean G. Alexander
Andersen, Einer (Vivian), b. 1914, d. 02-21-1969, Section 3S--24A, see Vivian Andersen Day
Attoe, Ella May "Daughter", b. Stillborn, d. 01-22-1930, Section 3N--18, infant d/o Irving E. & Viola R. Attoe
Attoe, Irving E. (Viola R.), b. 1898, d. 01-29-1992, Section 3N--18
Attoe, Viola R. (Irving E.), b. 1906, d. 03-11-1985, Section 3N--18
Attoe, Wesley I. (Violet Zeman Densmore), b. 12-12-1932, d. 05-11-2013, Section 3N--18, --US Army, (m)06-18-1966, s/o Irving & Viola Elger Attoe, see obit
Austin, Elizabeth, d. no dates, Section 2S--8, gr.# 3, see obit index for Mrs. & Elizabeth, no stone
Austin, James W., b. 1835, d. 10-30-1866, Section 2S--8, GAR, from Soldiers census, gr.# 3, no stone
Baar, W. C., d. 1864, no stone
Baars, Ludwig H. (2nd h/o Rose Stephens Graf), b. 07-29-1904, d. 07-11-1977, Section 3N--11½, --see obit, maybe d.07-17-1977
Baars, Rose I. Stephens Graf (#1Lee Carl Graf, #2Ludwig Baars), b. 12-11-1912, d. 11-03-2013, Section 3N--11 1/2, --(m2)08-1951, d/o Albert & Clara Jane Carncross Stephens, see obit for Baars,
Ballweg, Kathleen M. (Roger B.), b. 06-21-1941, Section 4N--51, (m)04-11-1961
Ballweg, Roger B. (Kathleen M.), b. 06-24-1936, d. 03-17-1998, Section 4N--51, SP4 US Army, (m)04-11-1961
Barnes, Catherine (Harvey S.), b. 07-20-1838, d. 01-15-1892, Section 2N--14, d/o W.B.& E.Carncross Chrisler
Barnes, Harvey S. (Catherine), b. 08-27-1838, d. 10-08-1901, Section 2N--14, GAR, Co C, 42nd Reg.
Barnes, Ida S. -Miss, b. 01-23-1862, d. 10-06-1879, Section 2N--14, d/o H.S.& C. Barnes, abt 18y, see obit index
Barnes, James R. (Janice E.), b. 07-19-1937, Section 2N--17, "Pastor Jim", (m)06-29-1963
Barnes, Janice E. (James R.), b. 09-03-1941, Section 2N--17, (m)06-29-1963, Nee Unke
Barsch, Charles I. --Maybe d. 1863 from rec. bk., d. 07-00-1869, Section 3S--13, from cemetery records, stone is mounted with truman Piper, s/o D.W.? & M.D.? Barsch--hard to read, bottom is set in cement, info from 1984 list
Bartholomew, Elizabeth A. (R. G.), b. 1868, d. 05-08-1894, Section 2N--22, "Lizzie", 20yr 11mo 9da old, Nee Gardner, stone shows d.1894, rec.bk shows 1890
Bartholomew, James (Vera C.), b. 1908, d. 05-06-1990, Section 1S--26, no stone, maybe b.1909
Bartholomew, John G. (#1Jean Zemke, Martha Scheide), b. 07-28-1919, d. 10-22-2015, WW II, US Army, (m1)1945, (m2)1982, s/o John Barker Bartholomew & Mary Peterson Bartholomew, see obit
Bartholomew, Vera C. (James), b. 1912, d. 1996, Section 1S--26, d/o Elvin & M. Chrisler, no stone
Bass, Ada May (Dr. Edward A.), b. 08-15-1862, d. 05-12-1957, Section 3N--1, American War Mother, Nee Burlingame, obit
Bass, Edward A. -MD (Ada May), b. 1860, d. 1916, Section 3N--1
Beine, Michael David, b. 04-17-1966, d. 04-17-1966, Section 2N--9, next to Lucinda K. Davis, homemade crosses
Benish, John J. (Mary Ann), b. 1936, Section 2N--25
Benish, Mary Ann (John J.), b. 1936, d. 06-14-1985, Section 2N--25, Nee Hellenbrand
Berry, Doris M., d. 06-16-1987, Section 3N--27, from cemetery records, no stone
Bertrand, Elizabeth "Betty" (Vernon), b. 08-17-1926, d. 03-17-2012, Section 3S--4A, --(m)10-12-1946, nee Messier, see obit
Bishop, James E. "Jim" (Marjorie Lou Engen, #2Peg)--see obit, b. 06-10-1934, d. 08-05-2008, Section 2N--30, Korea, U.S.Air Force, (m1)12-17-1956 (m2)08-25-2001, s/o Harold & Esther Widner Bishop
Bishop, Marjorie Lou (James E. "Jim"), b. 1938, d. 09-29-1990, Section 2N--30, Nee Engen, (m)12-17-1956, VFW Aux.
Bissell, Rachel (Volney), b. 1849, d. 07-24-1933, Section 3N--14
Bissell, Volney (Rachel), b. 1850, d. 03-06-1923, Section 3N--14
Bitney, Ida Mae Ellis (John Wesley), b. 1871, d. 03-28-1947, Section 1S--25, Mother, see obit
Bitney, John Wesley (Ida Mae Ellis), b. 1868, d. 06-16-1930, Section 1S--25, Father, see obit
Bitney, Lester-last name not on stone, b. 1906, d. 1908, Section 1S--25, s/o John W. & Ida Mae Bitney, see cem.records
Bitney, Sarah (Warren), b. 1865, d. 10-02-1896, Section 2S--4, Nee Smith, 31y 6m 9d old
Bjornstad, Jill, d. no dates, Section 2N--18A, from cemetery records, no stone
Bjornstad, Nicholas, d. no dates, Section 2N--18A, from cemetery records, no stone
Blackman, Lorania M. --Mrs., b. 1852, d. 01-18-1937, Section 1N--3, WRC
Blackman, Malissa (William A.), b. 04-23-1850, d. 06-17-1909, Section 1N--3
Blackman, Mary A. (W.), b. 03-27-1828, d. 06-30-1902, Section 2S--6, on Wendal family stone
Blackman, William A. (Malissa), b. 1842, d. 1915, Section 1N--3, GAR, CO I, 18 Reg Wis Inf
Blackmon, Ester, Section 4N--55, no stone
Blackmon, Richard, Section 4N--55, no stone
Blakesley, Rebecca D. "Becky" Clark (Barry), b. 07-30-1952, d. 09-09-2012, Section 2N--10A, --d/o Mike & Liz Davis Clark, see obit
Bliven, Infant, d. 1904, Section 1N--24, last name assumed, lot owner A.Bliven, no stone
Bliven, Zoe Abbott (A. Bliven), d. 04-02-1892, Section 3N--12, Age 44yr old, long inscription
Blood, Percy H. (Ruth H. Roach), b. 12-21-1898, d. 03-04-1986, Section 2N--32A, (m)07-01-1933, Mason
Blood, Phyllis & W. Keith, Section 2N--29, lot owners, no stone
Blood, Ruth H. Roach (Percy H.), b. 02-28-1910, d. 06-20-2008, Section 2N--32A, (m)07-01-1933, d/o John P. & Laura E. Priedeaux Roach, Eastern Star, see obit
Blumenthal, Elizabeth (Roger), b. 1923, d. 10-29-1996, Section 3N--55, "Betty"
Blumenthal, Roger (Elizabeth), b. 09-09-1919, d. 03-12-2004, Section 3N--54, dates from ssdi
Boegel, Christie, d. 05-12-2012, Section 2N--2A, --ashes, from record book
Bokelberg, Elmer G. (Norma M. Schultz), b. 1910, d. 05-15-1978, Section 3N--35 or 36?, --see obit
Bokelberg, Norma M. Schultz (Elmer G.), b. 1912, d. 12-14-1990, Section 3N--35or 36?
Bonham, Neva M., b. 1897, d. 12-21-1986, Section 2S--15, Nee Weast, Mother, next to Benjamin & Bernice Weast
Bourdeau, Paul Joseph, b. 07-15-1965, d. 07-28-1981, Section 4N--37,
Bowman, Frances Marie Cook (Robert B.), b. 1910, d. 12-01-1996, Section 2N--31, --see obit
Bowman, Ida May Knight (Harley), d. 10-11-1890, Section 2S--26, no dates on stone, see cem.records, 20y 1m 27d, hard to read stone
Bowman, Robert B. (Frances M.), b. 05-21-1905, d. 07-18-1990, Section 2N--31, Cem.rec. say John Bliss Bowman, see ssdi
Brainerd, Patricia Estelle Birch (Robert Irwin), b. 09-15-1927, d. 03-20-2008, Section 1S--16A, --d/o Elmo & Ruth Irene Chorn Cramer Birch, can't find obit
Brainerd, Robert Irwin (Patricia B.), b. 10-03-1927, Section 1S--16A
Brereton, Harold J. Sr. (Toddy Farris), b. 04-29-1932, d. 12-08-2008, Section 2N--21, --(m)06-05-1954, s/o Sidney & Pearl Burlingame Brereton, see obit
Brereton, Joyce I. (Robert Kenneth Ham), b. 10-12-1948, d. 05-04-2011, Section 3S--01, --Joyce I.Brereton-Ham, d/o Harland & Lucille Voegeli Brereton, ashes, see obit
Brewer, Meta A. (Harry), b. 03-07-1900, d. 04-19-1986, Section 3N--24, d/o Henry & Alvina Kohlmann, other children of Henry & Alvina: Mable Buttke, Blanche Nelson, & Eddie Kohlmann, see obit
Briggs, James, b. 1791, d. 02-17-1863, Section 1S--14, 72yr old, "Our Father"
Brisky, Keith M. (Barbara Falk), b. 08-20-1962, d. 06-09-2008, Section 1S--12A, (m)06-08-1987, s/o William & Marie Lochner Brisky, no stone, see obit
Brown, Alfred I. (2nd wife Bertie Flager), b. 1854, d. 01-01-1929, Section 3S--21, d.1929 on stone, records show d.01-01 and buried 01-04-1929
Brown, Mary Alberta Flagler (2nd w/o Alfred I.), b. 1870, d. 04-19-1932, Section 3S--21, "Bertie", record book looks like d.04-09-or 19 and buried on 04-20-1932?
Buchanan, Archie R. (Rachel B.), b. 1904, d. 1979, Section 3N--8A
Buchanan, Eliza J. (James), b. 1862, d. 05-25-1950, Section 3N--14, --see obit
Buchanan, James (Eliza J.), b. 1861, d. 12-21-1946, Section 3N--14,
Buchanan, Rachel B. (Archie R.), b. 07-13-1902, d. 04-09-1990, Section 3N--8A, dates from ssdi, cem.rec. d. 04-09-1989? Stone shows 1990, ssdi says 1990
Burke, Eugene William (Shirle C.), b. 12-05-1919, d. 01-13-1997, Section 2N--27, WW II, Sgt US Marine Corps
Burke, Shirle C. (Eugene William), b. 08-18-1926, d. 01-13-2006, Section 2N--27, d/o Warren E. & Reva Finley Cumming, obit
Burlingame, Aaron (Lois A.), b. 02-05-1817, d. 02-01-1880, Section 1S--24, age 63yr old, "In Memory of", broken stone
Burlingame, Anna J. (Nelson Deleven), b. 09-16-1868, d. 05-01-1974, Section 1S--23, no last name on stone, name from ssdi and cem.record book, d/o Varanes & Alma Martin Perry
Burlingame, Arlina M. (Laroy J.), b. 1835, d. 1902, Section 2S--25, Nee Slocum, Mother
Burlingame, Cynthia S., b. 11-14-1855, d. 01-29-1874, Section 1S--23, age 18yr old, d/o Nelson G. & H.M. Burlingame
Burlingame, Edgar J., b. 01-16-1854, d. 01-24-1855, Section 1S--23, s/o N.G. & Helen M. Burlingame, 1yr 8da old, see cem. rec. book
Burlingame, Emery S., d. 04-08-1865, Section 1S--24, s/o A.& L. Burlingame, 8yr 7mo old
Burlingame, Everett Hiram (Flora Black), b. 1859, d. 11-11-1936, Section 2S--25, --b.in this township, section 27, see obit
Burlingame, Flora Black (Everett H.), b. 1863, d. 1952, Section 2S--25, b. Caledonia Columbia County WI
Burlingame, Helen M. (Nelson G.), b. 1831, d. 08-31-1901, Section 1S--23, age 70yr old, Nee Weatherby
Burlingame, Hiram D., d. 10-11-1851, Section 1S--21, s/o Phillip & Mary Burlingame, see record Book, 17mo 12da old
Burlingame, Ira H., b. 1868, d. 1870, Section 2S--25, s/o Laroy & Arlina M. Burlingame
Burlingame, Ivan Nelson (Pearle E.), b. 06-28-1915, d. 09-29-1991, Section 1S--23, WW II, 1st Lt US Marine Corps, (m)07-06-1940
Burlingame, James Ludlow (Sophia), b. 07-18-1803, d. 05-10-1895, Section 3N--1, h/o Sophia Dexter
Burlingame, Laroy J. (Arlina M.), b. 10-22-1833, d. 01-26-1896, Section 2S--25, GAR, CoC 42nd Reg W.V, Veteran from Betty Cook's files, see obit index
Burlingame, Leonard Noll, b. 11-30-1864, d. 07-28-1865, Section 1S--23, s/o N.G. & Helen M, old broken stone
Burlingame, Leroy J. (Mary J.), b. 1896, d. 08-21-1961, Section 2S--25, WW I, b.Portage WI, buried April 24?
Burlingame, Leroy James (Mary Lou), b. 01-13-1929, d. 05-07-1999, Section 3N--1, b.Milwaukee WI, d.Madison WI
Burlingame, Lois A. (Aaron), b. 08-26-1820, d. 11-04-1884, Section 1S--24, age 64yr 10mo 9da old, middle initial is not on stone
Burlingame, Lois S., d. 10-17-1851, Section 1S--21, d/o Phillip & Mary Burlingame, 2yr 10mo 23da old
Burlingame, Mary J. (Leroy J.), b. 1902, d. 12-22-1983, Section 2S--25, Nee Burchard, b. Ft. Atkinson WI
Burlingame, Mary Lou (Leroy James), b. 08-31-1945, Section 3N--1, b. Chicago IL, Nee McBroom, inscription
Burlingame, Nelson Deleven (Anna J.), b. 05-30-1869, d. 06-07-1944, Section 1S--23, no last name on stone, s/o N.G.& S.Dexter Burlingame, see cem.rec. book
Burlingame, Nelson G. (Helen M.), b. 10-06-1829, d. 08-28-1887, Section 1S--23, age 58yr old, Nelson George Burlingame
Burlingame, Pearle E. (Ivan N.), b. 10-26-1914, d. 04-26-2008, Section 1S--23, (m)07-06-1940, Nee Floyd, see obit
Burlingame, Phillip, Section 1S--21, owner, no stone
Burlingame, Sanford, b. no stone, d. 1859, Section 1S--23, in Phillip Burlingame lot, s/o Phillip & Mary
Burlingame, Theresa A., b. 10-06-1859, d. 04-05-1862, Section 1S--23, d/o Nelson G.& Helen M.Burlingame, 2yr 6mo old
Buth, Frank, b. 06-22-1891, d. 03-13-1976, Section 3N--28A, see ssdi
Buttolph, Ellihue G., b. 1847, d. 1917, Section 3S--18, from cemetery records, hard to read
Buttolph, Orpha, b. 1807, d. 1879, Section 3S--18, from cem. records, hard to read, Mother
Campbell, Cynthia Amanda-see obit, b. 10-02-1946, d. 03-07-2005, Section 1S--23-, d/o Ivan N. & Pearle E. Burlingame, ashes
Campbell, Dean Andrew, b. 06-25-1924, d. 08-31-1969, Section 2N--24, WW II, HDQ Co 2nd BN 424 Inf, Dad
Campbell, Ida G. (Norman A.), b. 1901, d. 10-05-1984, Section 2N--24, Mother
Campbell, Norman A. (Ida G.), b. 1899, d. 1963, Section 2N--24, Father
Carncross, Alice A., b. 1876, d. 03-10-1935, Section 3N--21, d.date confirmed by Patti Schuknecht
Carncross, Baby, Section 2N- No dates, single small stone "Baby" located near John E. & Mary J. Carncross, same type of stone coloring. Grave can be seen on John & Mary's picture. Assumed the Carncross surname
Carncross, Chloe Salisbury (Enias), b. 10-18-1815, d. 03-19-1895, Section 2N--18, hard to read stone
Carncross, Della Smith (#1Harry L. Carncross, #2William Fred Gastrow), b. 09-02-1882, d. 07-28-1967, Section 2N--13, Ardella Lucinda Smith Carncross, (m)11-27-1901, divorced, d/o Eli Elmer & Emma Carr Smith, Della is a sister to Oscar Harry Smith, Located along side of Oscar's footstone "Father"
Carncross, Donald E. (1st wife Mae Belle), b. 06-05-1916, d. 04-06-1999, Section 3N--19, dates from ssdi, Second wife W. Elaine is buried at the foot of this grave site
Carncross, Elmer A. (Pearl), b. 1885, d. 07-09-1966, Section 3N--21
Carncross, Emily V. (1st w/o John E.), b. 1865, d. 1903, Section 2N--17, Nee Smith, footstone says Emily S, Mother, see obit index
Carncross, Enias (Chloe Salisbury), b. 04-15-1817, d. 03-31-1888, Section 2N--18, s/o J.& Margaret Putman Carncross
Carncross, Eva C., b. 07-07-1872, d. 03-11-1875, Section 2N--18, d/o Lysander W. & Harriet E. Carncross
Carncross, Flora May, b. 1878, d. 1925, Section 5-, Missionary at rest in Nanking China, no stone
Carncross, George Irving (Josephine Brown), b. 07-29-1880, d. 08-24-1966, Section 3N--21, s/o W.I.& S.J. Carncross, see obit
Carncross, Gilbert S., b. 1892, d. 1918, Section 2N--17, last name assumed, same stone as Carncross, see cemetery record book
Carncross, H. Lenora (Robert F.), b. 1921, d. 08-16-1978, Section 3N--19A, first name hard to read
Carncross, Harriet E. (Lysander W.), b. 11-02-1843, d. 09-23-1897, Section 2N--18, Nee Miller, maybe b.1842?
Carncross, James Irving, b. 1914, d. 07-04-1929, Section 3N--20A, -s/o George Carncross, see obit
Carncross, John Alvin (Verna L.), b. 1910, d. 04-07-1994, Section 2N--17, (m)06-18-1937
Carncross, John E. (Mary J.), b. 02-14-1845, d. 11-04-1910, Section 2N--20,
Carncross, John Enias (Emily V.), b. 1864, d. 12-12-1944, Section 2N--17, is Margaret H. his 2nd wife? Father, see obit
Carncross, Josephine B. (George I.), b. 1881, d. 09-04-1974, Section 3N--21, Josephine Brown Carncross, RNA
Carncross, Lysander Warren (Harriet E.), b. 11-29-1842, d. 09-28-1911, Section 2N--18, --see obit
Carncross, Mae Belle (1st w/o Donald E.), b. 1916, d. 01-27-1965, Section 3N--19, Nee Goodwin
Carncross, Margaret H (2nd w/o John E.), b. 11-27-1876, d. 07-07-1947, Section 2N--17, Nee Hamilton, Mother, see obit
Carncross, Marvel A. (Warren R.), b. 05-27-1916, d. 07-15-2008, Section 2N--17A, (m)03-03-1939, d/o August & Ella Enge Unke, see obit
Carncross, Mary J. (John E.), b. 07-04-1853, d. 04-18-1930, Section 2N--20, Nee Henry
Carncross, Oscar H., b. 1893, d. 1926, Section 2N--WW II, Father
Carncross, Pearl (Elmer A.), b. 10-05-1886, d. 03-17-1987, Section 3N--21, Mother, Nee Morter
Carncross, Robert F. (Lenora), b. 09-25-1918, d. 01-29-2001, Section 3N--19A, WW II, Lt JG US Navy, dates from ssdi
Carncross, Robert Hamilton, b. 09-22-1908, d. 08-24-1993, Section 2N--17
Carncross, Sarah Jane (W. Irving), b. 1845, d. 06-12-1926, Section 3N--21, Mother, Nee Smith
Carncross, Scott Alan, b. 1950, d. 04-06-1976, Section 3N--19A,
Carncross, Verna L. (John Alvin), b. 10-18-1914, d. 07-24-2003, Section 2N--17, (m)06-18-1937, d/o Charles & Adeline Uptgraw Storzbach, from obit
Carncross, Warren R. (Marvel A. Unke), b. 06-08-1912, d. 05-15-1989, Section 2N--17A, (m)03-03-1939, see obit
Carncross, Washington Irving, b. 1847, d. 03-09-1931, Section 3N--21, from cemetery records, h/o Sarah Jane Smith, s/o E.& C.Salisbury Carncross, Father
Carncross, Wilma Elaine M. (2nd w/o Donald), b. 08-21-1922, d. 01-17-2008, Section 3N--19, Wilma Elaine Matthews Carncross, d.Salt Lake City Utah
Carr, Infant, b. no stone, d. 1913, Section 1N--24, last name assumed, lot owner R.E.Carr
Carr, Othniel (Rebbecca A. Howe), d. 07-30-1900, Section 2N--4, age 82yr old, Father
Carr, Rebbecca A. Howe (Othniel), d. 01-08-1893, Section 2N--4, age 73yr old, mother
Carrell, Loretta A. (Michael Dennis), b. 02-12-1930, d. 06-30-2008, Section 2N--25A, (m)06-13-1953, d/o Leonard & Hazel Baily O'Rourke, ashes, see obit
Carrell, Michael Dennis (Loretta A.), b. 11-01-1931, d. 04-20-2004, Section 2N--25A, Korea, USAF, (m)06-13-1953, s/o David & Hazel Liddell Carrell
Carrell, Mary H., b. 1958, d. 1995, Section 2N-25A, d/o Michael D. & Loretta A.
Casper, Perry, b. no stone, d. 00-28-1863, Section 1S--1, s/o William Casper, 5yr 7da old, not sure of d.date, d.1863 rec.bk.
Casper, Walter, b. no stone, d. 05-28-1863, Section 1S--1, s/o William & ?. Casper, 12yr old
Casper, William, b. no stone, Section 1S--1, owner
Ceglarski, Raymond James, b. 01-27-1936, d. 01-07-1994, Section 2N--25A , --
Chrisler, Adeline C., b. 1864, d. 03-31-1865, Section 2S--7, d/o Jacob & Mary Hannah Chrisler, 8m 1d old
Chrisler, Albert Judson (Iva Bemis), b. 1873, d. 05-27-1941, Section 2N--11, Father
Chrisler, Alice L. (Howard Albert), b. 1906, d. 05-21-1995, Section 2S--2, Nee Alice Lisle Hoppe
Chrisler, Anna C., b. 1864, d. 01-13-1865, Section 2S--7, d/o Jacob & Mary Hannah Chrisler, 3m 12d old, d.01-10-1868, 5yr 8mo 12da, hard to read
Chrisler, Betty J. (LaDell Norman) & infant, b. 07-13-1925, d. 11-29-1954, Section 2N--13, Mother, Nee Betty Jane Berg, see obit
Chrisler, Billy Judson (Violet E.), b. 02-03-1923, d. 02-12-1983, Section 2N--13A, WW II, Msgt US Army, (m)03-23-1946, Mason
Chrisler, Celia M., b. 1861, d. 06-14-1865, Section 2S--7, d/o Jacob & Mary Hannah Chrisler, 3y8m16d old, old stone in 2009 showing it's age
Chrisler, Charles W., b. 1864, d. 02-21-1949, Section 2S--24, s/o John & Julie Chrisler
Chrisler, Clara Catharine (Harley E.), b. 02-10-1894, d. 05-28-1985, Section 3N--11, d/o Fred & Amelia Neitzel, (m)06-21-1916, RNA, hard to read stone--needs cleaning
Chrisler, Clara E. -Miss, b. 1895, d. 02-25-1971, Section 2S--24, --see obit
Chrisler, Clarence F., b. 1874, d. 07-19-1882, Section 2N--11, s/o T.E & M.E. Chrisler, 7yr 8mo old, on stone with Claude G. Chrisler, hard to read
Chrisler, Claude G., b. 1880, d. 07-09-1882, Section 2N--11, from the cemetery books, 2yr 2mo 4da old, s/o T.E.& M.E. Chrisler, on stone with Clarence F. Chrisler, Hard to read stone
Chrisler, Claude W., b. 1899, d. 1977, Section 1S--6, son next to Walter & Nettie Chrisler
Chrisler, Edith M., b. 1872, d. 09-17-1873, Section 2N--11, d/o T.E & M.E. Chrisler, Hard to read, 10mo 27da---brother-infant son 2mo 12da on same stone
Chrisler, Elizabeth (William B.), b. 11-20-1813, d. 09-14-1885, Section 2N--14, Mother, d/o John & Margaret Putman Carncross, stone hard to read dates
Chrisler, Elmer A. (Minnie E. Bennett), b. 03-05-1875, d. 02-01-1971, Section 3N--11, --see obit
Chrisler, Elvin A. (Mabel Farr), b. 1877, d. 06-28-1954, Section 2S--2
Chrisler, Emma J. (James A.), b. 03-21-1852, d. 01-29-1934, Section 2S--2, Nee Emma Jane Cummings
Chrisler, Frances "Fannie" (George), b. 1868, d. 03-00-1951, Section 2S--24, --nee Wartner, see obit
Chrisler, Frank M. (Helen B.), b. 1868, d. 10-28-1953, Section 3N--27½, Father, see obit for dates
Chrisler, George Elmer ("Fannie"), b. 1867, d. 10-31-1932, Section 2S--24
Chrisler, Harley Eldred (Clara C.), b. 05-24-1884, d. 12-24-1965, Section 3N--11,
Chrisler, Helen B. (Frank M.), b. 1871, d. 06-12-1957, Section 3N--27½, Mother
Chrisler, Howard Albert (Alice L. Hoppe), b. 02-20-1904, d. 03-04-1967, Section 2S--2, --see obit
Chrisler, Ida, b. 1893, d. 01-09-1992, Section 2S--24, d/o John & Julia Chrisler
Chrisler, Infant Daughter, d. 05-29-1921, Section 3N--11, infant d/o Elmer A.& Minnie E. Chrisler
Chrisler, Infant son, d. 08-11-1870, Section 2N--11, s/o T.E.& M.E. Chrisler, Hard to read, 2m 12da, on stone with Edith M.-sister
Chrisler, Infant Son, d. 06-25-1917, Section 3N--11, infant s/o Harley E. & Clara N. Chrisler
Chrisler, Iva Bemis (Albert J.), b. 1872, d. 01-04-1953, Section 2N--11, Mother
Chrisler, Jacob (Mary Hannah), b. 1836, d. 1912, Section 2S--7
Chrisler, James A. (Emma J.), b. 01-22-1847, d. 07-29-1916, Section 2S--2
Chrisler, Jesse J. (Ragna), b. 1877, d. 01-06-1941, Section 2S--7,
Chrisler, John William (Julia E.), b. 1840, d. 03-19-1907, Section 2S--24, GAR, CoC 42th Reg WI Vol Inf, Father, 69yr 9mo 20da old, old stones and newer stones
Chrisler, Julia E. (John William), b. 1842, d. 02-07-1888, Section 2S--24, Nee Passage, Mother, 45yr 5mo 15da old, old stones and newer stones
Chrisler, Kevin David, b. 1987, d. 01-30-1987, Section 2S--2, infant s/o Jeffrey & Kathleen Chrisler
Chrisler, L. J., Section 2N--16, lot owner, no stone
Chrisler, LaDell Norman (Betty J.), b. 1924, d. 06-25-1988, Section 2N--13, Father, also h/o Joyce Sharpee & Patricia Palmer
Chrisler, Leo Delbert (Norma Brackin), b. 11-18-1900, d. 01-28-1973, Section 2N--13A, WW II, Pvt US Army, Father, see obit
Chrisler, Mabel Farr (Elvin A.), b. 1878, d. 10-12-1948, Section 2S--2, d/o A.& M.Farr, see records
Chrisler, Marie E., b. 1896, d. 10-22-1995, Section 3N--27½, daughter on Frank M. & Helen B. Chrisler stone, cousin Eva P. Jones on same stone
Chrisler, Mary Hannah (Jacob), b. 1836, d. 08-15-1924, Section 2S--7, Nee Leigh
Chrisler, Minnie E. (Elmer A.), b. 01-03-1878, d. 05-09-1957, Section 3N--11, WRC, Nee Bennett
Chrisler, Nettie Frances (Walter D.), b. 07-11-1871, d. 03-11-1936, Section 1S--6-, Nee Schriner
Chrisler, Norma Brackin (Leo Delbert), b. 1901, d. 1983, Section 2N--13A, American Legion Auxiliary, Wife
Chrisler, Olive E., b. 1880, d. 12-00-1902, Section 2S--24, d/o John & Julia Passage Chrisler, see ob.index
Chrisler, Ragna (Jesse), b. 1889, d. 12-25-1957, Section 2S--7
Chrisler, Scott Alan, b. 11-02-1967, d. 10-04-1983, Section 2N--13
Chrisler, Verna, b. 1895, d. 1988, Section 1S--6, daughter next to Walter & Nettie Chrisler
Chrisler, Violet E. (Billy Judson), b. 04-28-1927, d. 07-19-1991, Section 2N--13A, (m)03-23-1946, Nee Peterson, Eastern Star
Chrisler, W. B., Section 2S--7, owner, no stone
Chrisler, Walter D. (Nettie F.), b. 06-18-1870, d. 09-19-1943, Section 1S--6,
Chrisler, William B. (Elizabeth), b. 07-05-1812, d. 08-21-1895, Section 2N--14, see obit. index, Father, William Bellinger Chrisler
Church, Annie Ione (William Henry), b. 08-14-1885, d. 11-09-1961, Section 3S--15, Nee Gottschall
Church, Hial (R. Eva), b. 1841, d. 02-25-1932, Section 3S--15, from cemetery records
Church, LeRoy Everett--s/o William Henry, b. 08-15-1915, d. 12-07-1941, Section 3S--15, WW II, Pvt 23rd Material, USAAC, "In Loving Memory of", SQD Hickam Field Honolulu Hawaii, buried 03-04-1948, stone first, burial later
Church, Phoebe A., b. 04-02-1831, d. 09-27-1906, Section 1N or S, from Patti Schukneckt's files, no stone, there was a stone at one time but in 2009 we can't find it.
Church, R. Eva Odell (Hial), b. 1859, d. 1911, Section 3S--15, from cemetery records, hard to read, obit says Eva Rozilla Odell Church
Church, William Henry (Annie Ione), b. 04-15-1880, d. 01-11-1973, Section 3S--15
Clark, Elizabeth F. (Glen F. "Mike"), b. 1926, d. 07-04-1997, Section 3N--16A, Nee Davis
Clark, Glen F. "Mike" (Elizabeth F.), b. 05-26-1924, d. 05-08-1994, Section 3N--16A, WW II, Korea, SMsgt WI Air Nat'l Guard
Colby, Nathan, b. 03-03-1855, d. 01-10-1891, Section 2N--6, hard to read stone
Cole Family Stone, Section 3N--16, Joseph N, Louise D, Frank H, Louisa H, Arthur W, Lizzie G, Arthur R, Pearl G, Arthur S.
Cole, Arthur Alex, Section 3N--13, no stone
Cole, Arthur David (Nancy Boll), b. 05-31-1935, Section 3N--alley, (m)10-30-1955
Cole, Arthur Russell (Pearl Marie), b. 03-18-1913, d. 05-28-1964, Section 3N--16, (m)06-19-1934, see Pearl Marie Cole Lang
Cole, Arthur Steven (Joan Bruenig), b. 05-27-1956, d. 10-10-1990, Section 3N--13, (m)03-03-1984
Cole, Arthur W., b. 08-05-1871, d. 08-31-1956, Section 3N--16,
Cole, Frank H. (Louisa H.), b. 01-08-1860, d. 03-02-1940, Section 3N--13
Cole, Joan Bruenig (Arthur Steven), b. 02-13-1956, Section 3N--13, (m)03-03-1984
Cole, John P., Section 3N--13, no stone
Cole, Joseph N. (Louise D.), b. 05-30-1821, d. 09-27-1904, Section 3N--16
Cole, Lizzie G., b. 02-12-1875, d. 06-30-1944, Section 2N--16, record book says Louisa Mathilda Cole, d.06-29-1944, no middle initial on stone, see obit for Louisa Cole
Cole, Louisa Hacker (Frank H.), b. 10-11-1869, d. 06-18-1946, Section 3N--13, another small stone shows 1867-1964, record book d.date is 06-20-1946--buried 06-22-1946
Cole, Louisa Mathilda, d. 06-29-1944, Section 3N-16 buried July 1, 1944- I don't have a picture of stone for this one
Cole, Louise D. (Joseph N.), b. 06-11-1830, d. 09-26-1903, Section 3N--16
Cole, Mary Wood (Scott S.), b. 1960, Section 3N--13, (m)09-20-1980
Cole, Nancy Lou Boll (Arthur David), b. 08-03-1935, d. 12-20-2014, Section 3N--alley, (m)10-30-1955, d/o Gus & Thelma Boll, obit
Cole, Pearl Marie Gallus (#1Arthur R. Cole, #2 Clarence Lang), b. 09-27-1912, d. 01-30-2007, Section 3N-16--d/oWilliam R. & Adelia Kunz Gallus, (m1)06-19-1934, (m2)12-18-1970, buried with first husband, see obituary for Pearl Marie Cole Lang
Cole, Phil & Nancy, Section 3N--16, lot owners, no stone
Cole, Scott S. (Mary Wood), b. 1960, Section 3N--13, (m)09-20-1980
Cook, Albert H., d. 09-10-1880, Section 2N--31, age 17yr old, s/o W.H.& Mary Cook
Cook, Bertha A. Squires (Martin J.), b. 05-05-1872, d. 04-08-1954, Section 2N--30A,
Cook, Harriet (John Madison), b. 1879, d. 06-14-1953, Section 2N--31, Mother, "Hattie"
Cook, John Madison (Harriet), b. 1859, d. 05-24-1944, Section 2N--31, Father
Cook, Maria M. (William H.), b. 01-05-1831, d. 08-30-1908, Section 2N--31
Cook, Martin J. (Bertha A. Squires), b. 1870, d. 04-03-1950, Section 2N--30A,
Cook, Sidney C., b. 1871, d. 10-02-1880, Section 2N--31, s/o W.H.& Mary Cook, 8yr 9mo old
Cook, William Henry (Maria M.), b. 03-17-1827, d. 12-23-1916, Section 2N--31, --see obit
Cope, Ruby (Sterling H.), b. 1911, d. 02-15-1985, Section 3N--28A, Nee McClure, ashes, hard to read
Cope, Sterling H. (Ruby McClure)-obit, b. 01-28-1915, d. 01-13-1978, Section 3N--28A, WW II, Pfc US Army, ashes, hard to read
Coppernoll, Ronald E., b. 02-13-1960, d. 06-23-2009, Section 1S--12A, gr.1 west, --can't find obit
Cross, William, Section 3S--12, lot ownership, no stone
Crowley, Mildred "Lin" Vesely (#1Edward J. Vesely, #2Kenneth Crowley), b. 02-11-1918, d. 05-26-2010, Section 2N--10A, --d/o John & Anna Foltin Gavlas
Cummings, Dora Marion, b. 06-24-1860, d. 06-19-1924, Section 2S--2, d/o John Lovejoy Cummings
Cummings, Eilzabeth Mary (John L.), b. 11-09-1819, d. 02-02-1860, Section 2S--2, Nee Kimball
Cummings, John L. (Elizabeth Mary), b. 1816, d. 02-09-1867, Section 2S--2, John Lovejoy Cummings & Elizabeth Kimball
Curran, Nellie, d. 09-29-1880, Section 3N--2, d/o M.E.& C.E. Curran, 1yr 3mo old, no stone
Curran, Tommy, d. 11-17-1880, Section 3N--2, s/o M.E.& C.E. Curran, 4yr old, no stone
Custer, Clara A. (Eneal Edward), b. 1889, d. 06-20-1980, Section 2N--9, Nee Smith
Custer, Eneal Edward (Clara A.), b. 1891, d. 07-17-1920, Section 2N--9, no stone? See obit for Eneal Edmund
Daehling, Lois A. Mallen (Robert J.), b. 03-12-1935, Section 3N--49, (m)06-09-1956
Daehling, Robert J. (Lois A. Mallen), b. 11-29-1932, d. 03-21-1999, Section 3N--49, Korean, US Army, m)06-09-1956, see obit
Davis, G., Section 3N--3, lot owner, no stone
Davis, Iola E. (Kenneth E.), b. 05-06-1928, d. 10-17-1999, Section 3N--48, dates from ssdi, Nee Elver, (m)08-03-1946
Davis, Kenneth E. (Iola E.), b. 02-03-1922, d. 03-12-2003, Section 3N--48, WW II, U.S.Army, PH, (m)08-03-1946, s/o Martin & Emma Keuhl Davis
Davis, Lucinda K., b. 08-07-1957, d. 03-03-1958, Section 2N--9, next to Michael D. Beine, homemade crosses
Day, Clarence A. (Vivian J.), b. 02-20-1917, d. 09-02-2003, Section 3S--24A, s/o Gilbert & Dottie White Day
Day, Vivian J. (Clarence A.), b. 1918, d. 03-07-1985, Section 3S--24A, Vivian Anderson Day next to Einer Andersen, 1st husband is Einer, 2nd husband is Clarence
Delaney, Adeline L. (Harold L.), b. 10-26-1920, d. 12-22-2012, Section 1S--12, --(m)10-28-1939, d/o John & Lucy Sorenson Redmond, "together forever", see obit
Delaney, Edna R. (Leslie), b. 1892, d. 04-24-1966, Section 1S--12, d/o E.& Lizzie Ostrander Weast
Delaney, Harold, Section 1S--17, lot owner, no stone
Delaney, Harold L. (Adeline L.), b. 1916, d. 02-03-1993, Section 1S--12, --(m)10-28-1939, "together forever"
Delaney, Leslie (Edna R.), b. 1887, d. 10-28-1972, Section 1S--12
Delaney, Margaret A., Section 1S--17
Delaney, Mary Catherine, b. 1936, d. 09-18-1957, Section 1S--12, d/o Leslie & Edna Delaney
Delaney, Ronald L., Section 1S--17, no stone
Dempsey, Mary A. (George A. Richmond)-on stone with George, b. 1827, d. 1900, Section 3S-1, b.New Lebanon Ny, maybe (m1)Richmond and (m2) Dempsey--only one picture for her as Mary Dempsey Richmond, see obit index, Nee Anderson?
Densmore, Bertha M. (Ralph H.), b. 07-18-1907, d. 03-10-2007, Section 1S--12, (m)05-31-1924, d/o Edward & Lizzie Ostrander Weast, donated body to UW, see obit
Densmore, Ralph H. (Bertha M.), b. 1902, d. 12-31-1971, Section 1S--12, (m)05-31-1924
Dettmann, Mary, d. 08-20-2014, Section 1S--26, --ashes, cannot find obit
Dittberner, Della Adele Schueler (Frank E.), b. 1897, d. 11-03-1991, Section 2N--21A, date from ssdi
Dittberner, Frank E. (Della Adele Schueler), b. 1889, d. 02-05-1973, Section 2N--21A, see obit
Dittberner, Gordon F., b. 05-21-1921, d. 07-11-1998, Section 2N--21A, WW II, Cpl US Army
Dobratz, Lori Ann Wartner, b. 04-10-1966, d. 10-12-2000, Section 3N--56, nee Wartner
Dodge, C. G., Section 3S--11A, lot owner, no stone
Dodge, Curtis G. (Maxine Stewart), b. 1909, d. 10-25-1998, Section 3S--12A,
Dodge, Maxine Stewart (Curtis G.), b. 1910, d. 04-18-1994, Section 3S--12A,
Dodineau, Nell Vanderpool, Section 1N--2, from cemetery records, no stone
Drew Family Plot, Section 3S--16, Iva R, Leander S, Baby Harrison, Grandmother, Mother, Aunt Emily, Dr. Leander, John A. Riddle, Elizabeth Drew Martin
Drew, Almira (Dr.), b. 1811, d. 1843, Section 3S--16, Nee Shattuck, "In Memory of", mother on stone
Drew, Arletta "Lettie", b. abt 1857, d. 02-05-1870, Section 3N--28, d/o Philemon S. & Elvira Drew, 13yr 7mo old
Drew, Daniel (Sarah Tabor), Section 3S--16, no stone
Drew, Elvira (Philemon S.), d. 06-17-1882, Section 3N--28, age 46yr old
Drew, Emily-Aunt, b. 1832, d. 1865, Section 3S--16
Drew, Harrison--infant, d. no dates, Section 3S--16, maybe d.1867?
Drew, Leander Shattuck (Mary Iva), b. 08-23-1841, d. 05-10-1920, Section 3S--16, h/o Hattie Riddle & Mary Iva Ringsdorf
Drew, Leander-Dr. (Almira Shattuck), b. 06-13-1816, d. 1858, Section 3S--16
Drew, Mary Iva R. (Leander Shattuck), b. 05-06-1857, d. 11-02-1936, Section 3S--16, Nee Ringsdorf, on stone with Mary Elizabeth Drew Martin
Drew, Philemon S. (Elvira), b. abt 1916, d. 12-28-1882, Section 3N--28, GAR, Co K 5th Reg, 66yr old, obit index says Dec. 1881 not 1882, stone says 1882
Drew, Sarah Tabor (Daniel), b. 1791, d. 1888, Section 3S--16, "Grandmother" on stone, name from rec.book
Eberdt, Patricia A. Moore (Theodore F.), b. 1935, Section 2N--32A
Eberdt, Theodore F. (Patricia A. Moore), b. 12-28-1931, d. 07-13-1982, Section 2N--32A, --see obit
Elger, Gustave A. (Ida O.), b. 1875, d. 12-13-1940, Section 3N--18, Father
Elger, Ida O. (Gustave A.), b. 1881, d. 09-22-1977, Section 3N--18, Mother
Elison, Aaron B., d. 11-15-1864, Section 2S--8, s/o D.F.& C. Elison, hard to read, 4mo 10da
Erickson, Glenna Jean Fisher, b. 04-16-1937, d. 02-16-1987, Section 2N--28, ashes
Escher, Barbara Ann (William F.), b. 07-12-1942, d. 04-11-2006, Section 1S--25, --(m)07-07-1962, d/o Leo & Anna Luethy Gempler, info from obituary
Escher, William F. (Barbara A.), b. 05-31-1940, Section 1S--25
Falkenstein, Bert, d. 07-08-1957, Section 2S--20, from cem. rec, no stone, buried 07-11-1957
Falkenstein, Catherine (Lewis), d. 09-26-1864, Section 2S--20, broken stone in 3 pieces, 27yr 9mo old
Falkenstein, Harvey, b. 1869, d. 1870, Section 2S--20
Falkenstein, Lewis (Catherine), b. 1827, d. 1911, Section 2S--20
Falkenstein, Lottie, b. 1874, d. 1880, Section 2S--20
Falkenstein, Lydia (Bert), b. 1835, d. 1916, Section 2S--20 "His wife"
Farr, Albert L. (Mary E.), b. 10-12-1850, d. 11-11-1898, Section 1S--26, Father, s/o J.L.& S.J.Farr
Farr, Henry O. --from rec. book, b. 09-01-1852, d. 03-03-1910, Section 1S--26, small stone with "Henry" no last name, see ob.In, on Family Stone with J.L.Farr, hard to read
Farr, Jonathan L. (Sophrona Jane), b. 07-23-1817, d. 12-30-1903, Section 1S--26, on Family stone with Henry O, hard to read
Farr, Mary Ellen (Albert L.), b. 10-09-1857, d. 11-16-1886, Section 1S--26, d/o N.G.& H.Weatherby Burlingame, 29y 1m 7d old, Mother
Farr, Sophrona Jane (Jonathan L.), b. 09-23-1816, d. 06-16-1902, Section 1S--26, Nee Parker, see obit index, on same stone as Albert L.Farr
Farris, Herbert H. (Mary E. Beaver), b. 10-06-1896, d. 09-24-1972, Section 2N--21, WW I, Wis Pvt US Army, Am. Leg, see obit
Farris, Mary E. Beaver (Herbert H.), b. 06-08-1901, d. 03-17-1982, Section 2N--21, inscription
Fellows Family Stone, Section 3N--10, Harvey L, Dorothy M, Lucille S, Frank C, Sidney L, Nellie M, Amanda A, G.Claire
Fellows, Amanda A., b. 1903, d. 01-22-1928, Section 3N--10, d/o Sidney L. & Nellie M. Fellows, record show 2N-23 but stone is in 3N, hard to read
Fellows, Amanda M. (David H.), b. 07-04-1823, d. 11-19-1887, Section 2N--23, Nee Gardner, maybe b.1829? Hard to read
Fellows, Baby Boy & George N., b. 08-06-1869, d. 08-07-1869, Section 2N--23, on same stone with George N.Fellows, hard to read
Fellows, Clayton, Section 3N--7, lot owner, no stone
Fellows, David H. (Amanda M.), b. 02-15-1827, d. 08-23-1903, Section 2N--23, maybe d.1902? Hard to read
Fellows, Dorothy Margaret, b. 07-28-1917, d. 11-10-1918, Section 3N--10
Fellows, Elbert Gardner (Matilda S.), b. 1859, d. 10-01-1946, Section 3N--15, Elbert Gardner Fellows, hard to read, see obit, maybe b.1858
Fellows, Elizabeth M. (Frank C. Jr.)?, b. 1934, Section 3N--10, nee Mouser, new stone 2009
Fellows, Emma F., b. 1862, d. 10-23-1866, Section 2S--14, d/o J.N.& Frances H. Fellows, 4yr 7m 9d old, hard to read
Fellows, Forrest G., b. 01-06-1921, d. 09-26-1995, Section 3N--10, WW II, also in 3N--15, two stones? found only one stone
Fellows, Frances Helen (Jonathan N.), b. 04-28-1831, d. 09-13-1905, Section 2S--14, age 74yr 4mo 15da old
Fellows, Frank C. Jr. (Elizabeth M.), b. 1930, Section 3N- New stone in 2009
Fellows, Frank C. (Lucille S.), b. 1895, d. 04-14-1964, Section 3N--10, WW I, buried 06-26-1964
Fellows, Frank E., b. 1860, d. 02-14-1925, Section 2N--23, s/o D.H. & A.M. Fellows, records show buried 02-17-1926, stone is engraved 1925, Mason
Fellows, G. Claire, b. 1900, d. 08-11-1967, Section 3N--10
Fellows, George N. -& Baby Boy, b. 06-25-1864, d. 02-24-1866, Section 2N--23, 2nd stone says d.02-21-1866, s/o D.H. & A.M. Fellows, hard to read, old stone & newer one
Fellows, Harvey Leith, b. 1893, d. 05-03-1974, Section 3N--10, --see obit
Fellows, John H., b. 07-20-1862, d. 09-28-1891, Section 2N--23, on stone with William P.Fellows
Fellows, Jonathan Niles (Frances H.), b. 1825, d. 11-26-1887, Section 2S--14, 62yr 9mo 13da old, hard to read
Fellows, Kenneth E. "Buck" (Orpha G.), b. 11-11-1888, d. 02-07-1943, Section 3N--15, WW I, Veteran, American Legion, Obit.Ind.
Fellows, Lucille S. (Frank C.), b. 1903, d. 05-03-1986, Section 3N--10, not sure of d.date, Nee Scheidecker
Fellows, Marcelle Bosc (Robert F.), b. 01-08-1928, d. 08-23-2006, Section 3N--10, (m)10-02-1950, burial date maybe 06-14-2007
Fellows, Matilda Alfrada S. (Elbert G.), b. 1865, d. 01-07-1949, Section 3N--15, Matilda Sanderson Fellows, Amer.Leg. Aux, buried 01-11-1949, moss covered, hard to read
Fellows, Nellie Maude (Sidney Lorenzo), b. 10-30-1868, d. 01-29-1967, Section 3N--10, Nee Bartholomew, 98yr old, (m)1892
Fellows, Orpha G. (Kenneth E.), b. 08-03-1896, d. 04-00-1980, Section 3N--15, Nee Gardner, dates from ssdi, hard to read
Fellows, Robert F. (Marcelle B.), b. 04-12-1924, Section 3N--10, (m)10-02-1950, "Bob"
Fellows, Sidney Lorenzo (Nellie Maude), b. 10-13-1866, d. 09-26-1911, Section 3N--10, hard to read, see obit
Fellows, Unknown, Section 2N--, broken hard to read stone, no stone in 2009
Fellows, William P., b. 09-06-1870, d. 12-03-1890, Section 2N--23, on stone with John H. Fellows
Fellows/Gottschall Family Stone, Section 3N--15, Elbert G, Matilda S, Avis A, Forrest C, Kenneth E, Orpha G.
Fisher, Barb & Tom, Section 2N--27, lot owners, no stone
Fisher, Eleanor Marie Zabran (Glenn), b. 08-31-1917, d. 08-29-1969, Section 2N--28, Bill Morton's mother-in-law
Fisher, Glenn Marquis (Eleanor Marie), b. 06-13-1898, d. 10-17-1969, Section 2N--28
Fisher, J. W., Section 1S--3, owner, no stone
Fisher, Randolph Thomas, b. no stone, d. 05-22-1995, Section 2N--27, in Tom & Barb Fisher lot, from cem.rec. list
Fisher, Randolph Thomas, b. 10-28-1970, d. 11-29-1970, Section 2N--27, third s/o Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fisher
Flagler, Edwin, b. no stone, d. 1903, Section 3S--21, from cemetery records, Flager or Flagler?
Flagler, Eliza Elizabeth, d. 1884, Section 3S--21, from cemetery records, hard to read
Fort, Pauline O. (Philip), b. 1911, Section 3N--27,
Fort, Philip (Pauline O.), b. 1916, Section 3N--27,
Franks, Cynthia Fellows, b. 12-27-1935, d. 03-22-2009, Section 3N--10, gr#6 East, --ashes, d/o David C.& Margaret Carlson Fellows, see obit
Franzl, Lillian G. (Milton M.), b. 05-21-1921, d. 09-12-2015, Section 3N--16A, (m)06-01-1940, d/o John & Anna Gavlas, see obit
Franzl, Milton M. (Lillian G. Gavlas), b. 08-23-1918, d. 07-25-2003, Section 3N--16A, WW II, U.S.Navy, Mason, s/o Milton & Marie Kutzendorfer Franzl, (m)06-01-1940
French, Edna Abbott (Rufus), b. 1845, d. 03-00-1909, Section 3N--9, hard to read
French, Rufus (Edna Abbott), d. 12-26-1923, Section 3N--9, from cem. rec, buried Dec. 28, no stone
Ganley, Gail, Section 3N--49, no stone
Ganley, James P., b. 06-23-1938, d. 06-15-1999, Section 3N--49, A2C US Air Force
Gapski, Betty K. (Richard A.), b. 03-10-1935, d. 06-28-2004, Section 3N--41, (m)02-11-1959
Gapski, Richard A. (Betty K.), b. 10-18-1929, d. 10-28-2003, Section 3N--40, Korea, A1C US Air Force, (m)02-11-1959
Gardner, Albert, b. 1869, d. 1886, Section 3S--24, from cemetery records, Martha A, Albert, Eugene, Elmer & Charles on one side of stone
Gardner, Alma Berklund (Leslie O.), b. 07-22-1889, d. 02-28-1976, Section 2N--22,
Gardner, Charles, b. 1854, d. 1865, Section 3S--24, from cemetery records, Martha A, Albert, Eugene, Elmer & Charles on one side of stone
Gardner, Charles E., b. 07-28-187?, d. 1879, Section 2N--22, hard to read
Gardner, Elizabeth (John), b. 1806, d. 1879, Section 3S--24, Nee Smith
Gardner, Elmer, b. 1862, d. 1862, Section 3S--24, from cemetery records, Martha A, Albert, Eugene, Elmer & Charles on one side of stone
Gardner, Eugene, b. 1864, d. 05-00-1879, Section 3S--24, from cemetery records, 14yr, obit index, Martha A, Albert, Eugene, Elmer & Charles on one side of stone
Gardner, Florence Ann (George B.), b. 11-17-1860, d. 04-30-1883, Section 2S--23, age 22yr 5mo 13da old, Nee Chrisler
Gardner, Frank Ernest, b. 08-04-1876, d. 01-31-1936, Section 2N--22,
Gardner, George B. (Florence Ann), b. no stone, d. 11-06-1887, Section 2S--23, from cemetery records, see obit index
Gardner, Gilbert H., b. 12-21-1879, d. 06-01-1919, Section 2N--22, s/o W.D.S. & J.A. Gardner
Gardner, Harold H., b. 06-26-1898, d. 05-04-1982, Section 3N--9, next to Lilliane Gardner
Gardner, Ida, d. 09-06-1897, Section 2S--23, see obit index for Ida, 16yr old, maybe d/o George B.& Florence Ann
Gardner, Infant, from Patti Schukneckt's files, no stone
Gardner, Job (Sarah Sluyter), b. 03-27-1827, d. 06-25-1906, Section 3S--24
Gardner, John (Elizabeth Smith), b. 02-22-1791, d. 08-28-1879, Section 3S--24, War of 1812
Gardner, John*, b. 1833, d. 1896, GAR, 42nd Reg, Veteran from Betty Cook's files, no stone
Gardner, Julia A. Martin (Wm. D. S.), b. 08-13-1846, d. 12-31-1918, Section 2N--22
Gardner, Leslie O. (Alma Berklund), b. 11-11-1887, d. 04-17-1974, Section 2N--22,
Gardner, Lillian E., b. 1871, d. 09-07-1938, Section 3N--9, next to Harold H. Gardner, Mother, very hard to read
Gardner, Martha A., b. 1886, d. 1889, Section 3S--24, Martha A, Albert, Eugene, Elmer & Charles on one side of stone
Gardner, Sarah Sluyter (Job), b. 06-11-1833, d. 03-06-1910, Section 3S--24
Gardner, Wesley H., b. 1866, d. 10-07-1867, Section 2N--22, s/o Wm. D.S.& Julia Gardner, 1yr 26da old, hard to read
Gardner, William D. S. (Julia A. Martin), b. 10-13-1839, d. 06-05-1932, Section 2N--22, GAR, Co C 42nd Reg Wis Vol Inf
Gasser, Don & Jeanne, Section 3S--26, lot owners, no stone
Gastrow, August Wilbert (Marie LaBelle), b. 1907, d. 04-19-1965, Section 3S--25, hard to read, buried 04-22-1965, stone says 1964, see obit in 1965
Gastrow, Infant, b. no stone, d. 07-02-1898, Section 1N--24, last name assumed, lot owner C.Gastrow
Gastrow, Marie M. Labelle (August Wilbert), b. 1912, d. 07-30-1981, Section 3S--25, ashes on top of Wilbert, see obit
Gastrow, Mary (William Fred), b. 1868, d. 05-01-1936, Section 3S--25, Mother, nee Kindschi, info from Joan Ryan
Gastrow, William Fred (#1Mary Kindschi, #2Ardella Lucinda Smith Carncross), b. 1877, d. 10-25-1968, Section 3S--25, Father, see obit, some info from Joan Ryan's research
Georgiles, Lenita G. (William J.), b. 1934, Section 2N--25, (m)01-27-1957
Georgiles, William J. (Lenita Giampa), b. 1928, d. 12-01-1980, Section 2N--25, (m)01-27-1957, see obit
Gerlarski, Raymond James, b. 01-27-1936, d. 01-07-1994, Section 2N--28, no stone
Ghering, Harriet (Ronald), Section 4N--51, no stone
Ghering, Ronald (Harriet), Section 4N--51, no stone
Gilchrist, Lottie Jane Scott (Marion), b. 05-19-1870, d. 04-04-1953, Section 3N--29
Glover, Frank, Section 1N--21, no stone
Godfrey, L. W., Section 1S--7, owner, no stone
Godfrey, Theodoshia A., d. 01-24-1863, Section 1S--7, d/o S.W. & E.B. Godfrey, broken stone hard to read
Goeres, Jill Lynn (Bob), b. 03-06-1959, d. 11-21-2012, see obit
Goff, Rachel Z. (Stephen D.), d. 09-02-1856, Section 3S--4, from cemetery records, D.S. Goff owner
Gottschall, Avis Amanda (Herbert H.), b. 07-08-1887, d. 05-02-1924, Section 3N--15, d/o E.G.& M.A. Fellows
Gottschall, Herbert Harvey (Avis A.), Section 3N--15, no stone
Gottschall-Fellows Family Stone, Section 3N--15
Graf, Lee Carl (1st h/o Rose I. Stephens), b. 1912, d. 12-01-1947, Section 3N--11½, Father
Graf, Rose I. Stephens Baars (#1Lee Carl Graf, #2Ludwig Baars), b. 12-11-1912, d. 11-03-2013, Section 3N--11 1/2, --(m2)08-1951, d/o Albert & Clara Jane Carncross Stephens, see obit for Baars,
Gray Family Stone, Section 3N--22, E.C, Lillian C. Gray, Billy Vincent, Frances Alice Gray, John Gray
Gray, Ellsworth C. (Lillian C.), b. 1875, d. 08-22-1933, Section 3N--22, Father
Gray, Frances Alice, b. 09-15-1904, d. 06-27-1916, Section 3N--22, d/o E.C. & Lillian C. Gray
Gray, John, b. 02-14-1835, d. 07-07-1906, Section 3N--22
Gray, John Irving (Sylvia Premo), b. 1909, d. 08-15-1973, Section 3N--22, (m)07-03-1937
Gray, Lillian C. Carncross (E. C.), b. 1875, d. 05-04-1929, Section 3N--22, Mother
Gray, Sylvia I. Premo (John Irving), b. 09-08-1913, d. 06-13-2007, Section 3N--22, (m)07-03-1937, d/o Kenneth & Dora Hill Premo, see obit
Greimel, John Joseph (#1Marilyn Jones Hoelzlhammer, #2Susan L. Wortington, ), b. 09-06-1928, d. 06-21-2000, Section 3N--47, Korea, Air Nat'l Guard, s/o Joseph &I Ursula Greimel, (m1) 06-28-1953, (m2)12-30-1992, husband, father, grandfather, friend, see obit
Greimel, Mark B. --twin to Michael, b. 03-07-1954, d. 05-08-2013, Section 3N--47, --Desert Storm, X-Ray tech, s/o John & Marilyn Jones Greimel
Greimel, Michael "Mike" A. (Shelley A.), b. 1954, Section 3N--47, (m)08-16-1996
Greimel, Shelley A. (Michael "Mike" A.), b. 07-26-1961, d. 01-01-2000, Section 3N--48, (m)08-16-1996, inscription, Nee Rolstad
Greimel, Susan L. (2nd w/o John Joseph), b. 04-08-1955, Section 3N--47, --(m)12-30-1992, Susan Lorraine Worthington Greimel
Griffiths, Sherrill Lee, d. 10-13-1946, Section 2N--11, infant
Grob, Daniel William, b. 05-30-1948, d. 05-30-1948, Section 2S--8A, "In Memory of", s/o George & Jorene Grob
Grob, Deborah Jorene--twin, b. 08-09-1952, d. 08-13-1952, Section 2S--8A, "In Memory of", d/o George & Jorene Grob
Grob, Donna Susan--twin, b. 08-09-1952, d. 08-09-1952, Section 2A--8A, "In Memory of", d/o George & Jorene Grob
Grob, George H. (Jorene E.), b. 07-27-1923, d. 04-04-2000, Section 2S--8A, WW II, Pfc US Army, ashes
Grob, Jorene E. (George H.), b. 04-30-1925, d. 06-02-1997, Section 2S--8A, Nee Van Ness
Gruendemann, Alan, b. 1928, d. 05-14-1945, Section 3N--19½, Next to Fred & Pearl Gruendermann
Gruendemann, Fred H. (Pearl I.), b. 1902, d. 12-17-1964, Section 3N--19½, Father, Frederick
Gruendemann, Infant Sons, b. 1933, d. 10-19-1936, Section 3N--19½, sons/o Fred H. & Pearl I. Gruendemann
Gruendemann, Pearl Irene (Fred H.), b. 1908, d. 08-28-1953, Section 3N--19½, Mother, Nee Carncross
Gruendemann, Richard, d. 01-27-1932, Section 3N--19½, from cem.rec, buried 01-29-1932, no stone
Guhl, Iva R. (Louis H, Guhl, Martin, Gnu), b. 1857, d. 1936, Section 3S--16, Nee Drew, three husbands? Iva R. on one side of stone 1857-1936, Elizabeth Drew Martin on other side
Hadley, Sherrie Kay Pike, b. 11-29-1962, d. 03-18-2006, Section 3S--20A, --see obit
Ham, Robert Kenneth (Joyce Brereton), b. 09-29-1937, d. 02-24-2012, Section 3S--01-gr#1 east, ashes, s/o Kenneth & Doris Ham, obit says d.02-24-2012
Hansen, Morton J. Sr., b. 04-03-1928, d. 04-07-2001, Section 2N--30, Korea, US Army
Hanson, Howard H. (Lorna M.), b. 11-12-1927, Section 3N--12A, (m)09-02-1950
Hanson, Lorna M. Meyer (Howard H.), b. 09-21-1928, d. 03-27-1998, Section 3N--12A, (m)09-02-1950, see obit
Harder, Christina M. (Dennis G.), b. 1958, Section 4N--52, (m)10-17-1980
Harder, Dennis G. (Christina M.), b. 1956, d. 03-28-1998, Section 4N--52, (m)10-17-1980
Harder, Irma M. (kenneth H.), b. 08-25-1930, Section 3N--46, (m)06-16-1952, nee Hemberger
Harder, Kenneth H. (Irma M.), b. 06-03-1927, d. 08-13-2012, Section 3N--46, Korea, US Army(m)06-16-1952, see obit
Harman, Alfred, b. 1859, d. 1862, Section 3N--4, from cemetery records, hard to read
Harman, Alice Clara, b. 1876, d. 05-13-1960, Section 3N--4, from cemetery records, or Clara Alice, hard to read, obit says Clara Alice
Harman, Elizabeth "Lizzie" L., b. 1869, d. 12-27-1950, Section 3N--4, from cem. record book, buried 01-01-1951
Harman, Fanny, b. 1833, d. 1899, Section 3N--4, from cemetery records
Harman, George B., b. 1863, d. 1867, Section 3N--4, hard to read
Harman, Harvey J. -next to Elizabeth, b. 1866, d. 02-26-1950, Section 3N--4, from the cem. records, buried 03-01-1950
Harman, Ida Belle, b. 1865, d. 1865, Section 3N--4, hard to read
Harman, Samuel, b. 1826, d. 1910, Section 3N--4, hard to read
Hartson, Sarah, b. 1794, d. 1859, Section 2S--16, gr.# 5, "Our Mothers grave", w/o? 65yr old, hard to read stone, info from Cem.Rec.&1984 list
Hathaway, Amasa (Mary Ann), b. 10-10-1800, d. 02-16-1890, Section 2S--10, on stone with Marcia Hathaway Smith
Hathaway, Elmer C., b. 03-01-1865, d. 10-14-1869, Section 2S--10, maybe this location
Hathaway, Mary Ann (Amasa), d. 01-28-1861, Section 2S--10, age 45y 7mo old
Hebel, Dea L. (Marvin E.), b. 12-29-1937, Section 2N--17, (m)07-20-1957, Nee Unke
Hebel, Marvin E. (Dea L.), b. 08-24-1937, Section 2N--17, (m)07-20-1957
Hedberg, Geri, Section 3N--49, no stone
Hedberg, John E., b. 01-22-1945, d. 12-22-1998, Section 3N--49
Hegerfeld, Richard Charles "Dick" (Virginia M.), b. 03-24-1916, d. 11-18-2007, Section 2N--25A, (m)06-07-1938, s/o William & Anna Berning Hegerfeld, also owns lot in Sect.3S lot 12
Hegerfeld, Virginia M. (Richard C.), b. 11-10-1916, d. 04-23-2001, Section 2N--25A, (m)06-07-1938, Nee Neukam, also owns lot in Sect.3S lot 12
Henry, Albert (Mary Etta), b. 1858, d. 03-09-1925, Section 3N--17, Next to Mary Etta Henry
Henry, Emma, b. 1855, d. 12-09-1934, Section 3N--17
Henry, Jacob (Theresa), d. 06-23-1914, Section 3N--17, Father, 87yr 10mo old
Henry, Mary Etta Kennedy (Albert), b. 1877, d. 06-25-1962, Section 3N--17, Next to Albert Henry,
Henry, Theresa (Jacob), d. 02-20-1892, Section 3N--17, Mother, 65yr old
Hernin, George, d. no dates, Veteran from Betty Cook's files
Herwig, Gregory Stuart, b. 03-23-1952, d. 01-05-2013, s/o Roger & Joyce Mahlke Herwig, see obit
Herwig, Joan E., Section 1N--3, no stone
Herwig, Joyce I. Hillestad (Roger M.), b. 1923, Section 2N--18A, Nee Mahlke, Eastern Star
Herwig, Roger M. (Joyce I. Mahlke Herwig Hillestad), b. 03-01-1919, d. 05-04-1989, Section 2N--18A, WW II, Cpl US Army Air Corps, Mason
Herwin, Brian & Karen, Section 3N--25, lot owners, no stone
Hibner, Ida Mae Bitney (Sidney), b. 1910, d. 05-17-1986, Section 1S--25, Planz Funeral home marker, see obit
Hibner, Sidney M. (Ida Mae), b. 1902, d. 03-14-1960, Section 1S--25, --see obit
Hill Family stone, Section 2S--9, William Henry, Mary A., Cyrus E, Arthur L.MD
Hill, Amasa Pride, d. no dates, Section 2N--1, GAR, Co E 1 Wisc HV ARTY, maybe d.04-14-1880, see obit index
Hill, Arthur L. -MD, b. 12-10-1870, d. 03-27-1916, Section 2S--9, hard to read
Hill, Betsey (2nd w/o Cyrus), b. 1814, d. 01-08-1876, Section 2S--12, age 61yr 4mo old, hard to read-single stone
Hill, Cyrus E., b. 06-03-1874, d. 08-12-1876, Section 2S--9
Hill, Cyrus (Rhoda M. & Betsey), b. 1813, d. 12-04-1883, Section 2S--12, age 70yr 14da old, hard to read-single stone
Hill, Harlo, d. no dates, Section 2S--9, gr.#1, no stone
Hill, Lyman, d. 05-05-1882, Section 2N- 1883? age 79? hard to read date & years top broken off buried next to Amasa P. Hill-cemetery records show Lyman
Hill, Mary A. (William Henry), b. 02-02-1849, d. 04-07-1886, Section 2S--9, Nee Carncross
Hill, Rhoda M. (1st w/o Cyrus), d. 07-02-1848, Section 2S--12, age 21yr old
Hill, William Henry (Mary A.), b. 05-26-1848, d. 03-13-1922, Section 2S--9, hard to read, buried March 15
Hogan, Hazel E. Rigeman (John A.), b. 10-21-1909, d. 06-02-2000, Section 3N--36, dates from ssdi
Hogan, John "Jack" A. (Hazel E. Rigeman), b. 1909, d. 06-16-1975, Section 3N--36, --see obit
Holgate, Thomas D., d. 04-27-1866, Section 1S--15, age 57yr old, hard to read
Hook, Mable H. (Asa), b. 01-24-1904, d. 11-13-2001, Section 1S--23, Nee Burlingame
Hopkins, Effie E. (Rev. Thomas), b. 1883, d. 1952, Section 3N--19½, buried Feb, stone?
Hopkins, Thomas Cleveland (Effie E.), b. 1888, d. 05-15-1939, Section 3N--19½, Reverend, maybe Thomas Clifford Hopkins
Hoppe, Clara A. (John Julius), b. 1879, d. 02-25-1966, Section 3S--8, Nee Bernhard, hard to read burial record
Hoppe, John Julius (Clara A.), b. 1873, d. 06-12-1954, Section 3S--8, --see obit
Horton, Afton, d. 08-25-1936, Section 3N--8, from cem. rec, no stone, buried 08-28-1936
Horton, Annie L. O'Dell (Gilbert Jr.), b. 12-25-1933, Section 3N--06, --(m)12-19-1950
Horton, Annie Summers (Elijah W.), b. 11-02-1840, d. 11-07-1932, Section 3N--8, Mother
Horton, Carl, d. 11-03-1907, Section 3N--8, infant from cemetery records, no stone
Horton, Dean Franklin, b. 07-15-1931, d. 02-13-1955, Section 3N--6, Korea, Wis Cpl Co A 74 Engr Combat BN, buried 03-06-1955, s/o Ida & Gilbert Horton, see obit
Horton, Elijah W. (Annie), b. 06-07-1825, d. 01-17-1908, Section 3N--8, Father
Horton, Frank, b. 1867, d. 03-07-1940, Section 3S--4, --see obit
Horton, Gilbert Jr. (Annie L. O'Dell), b. 01-08-1923, d. 02-24-2006, Section 3N--6, --(m)12-19-1950, s/o Gilbert & Ida Abott Horton Sr., see obit
Horton, Gilbert Sr., b. 1878, d. 04-03-1963, Section 3N--8, from Cem.Rec, buried April 5, no stone
Horton, Glen, d. 07-16-1919, Section 3N--8, infant from cemetery records, no stone
Horton, Grace, d. 12-24-1938, Section 3S--4, from cemetery records, no stone
Horton, Helen FrancesWartner (Milton), b. 1914, d. 04-22-1967, Section 3S--4, maybe Frances Helen Horton
Horton, Ida Millie, b. 11-08-1887, d. 10-25-1960, Section 3N--3A, Nee Abbott, also listed in 3N--6
Horton, John, b. 1870, d. 1940, see obit
Horton, Milton (Helen Frances), b. 1909, d. 03-24-1991, Section 3S--4
Huseby, Lillian E. (Rev. Walter R.), b. 05-07-1917, d. 10-22-2002, Section 3N--48, (m)05-30-1945
Huseby, Walter R. -Rev. (Lillian E.), b. 1919, d. 07-17-1999, Section 3N--48, (m)05-30-1945, burial date
Hutchinson, D., Section 1S--5, owner, no stone
Jacobson, Anne, d. 03-23-2008, Section 2S--3A, gr.4East, --ashes date
Jellison, Nellie E., d. 1871, Section 2N--7, from cemetery records, hard to read stone
Johnsen, Linda L. (Lynn C.), b. 09-19-1948, Section 3N--48
Johnsen, Lynn C. (Linda L.), b. 09-01-1947, Section 3N--48
Johnson, Amy Jorene Gutweiler, b. 04-03-1969, d. 01-29-1985, Section 2N--14A, d/o Keith & Dorthea Johnson
Johnson, Elizabeth M. "Betty" Mahlke, b. 05-07-1913, d. 01-14-1969, Section 2N--19, --see obit
Johnson, Ellen Martha (Samuel B.), b. 03-24-1834, d. 12-01-1898, Section 3S--17, Nee Tirrill, 64yr 9mo old
Johnson, Gabriel David (Nichole Short), d. 07-04-2011, from obit, s/o Keith & Dorthea Johnson, not sure of cemetery, his sister is here.
Johnson, Hannah S. (Merril), d. 08-07-1922, Section 2N--3, from cemetery records, Nee Colby, no stone
Johnson, Henry, d. 1857, Section 3S--17, lot owner S.B. Johnson, no stone, see Irvin
Johnson, Henry W., d. 01-09-1864, Section 2N-, s/o S.B.& Ellen M. Johnson, 8y 4m 25d old
Johnson, Irvin, d. 02-11-1857, Section 2N--, s/o S.B.& Ellen M. Johnson, 2mo 4da old, on stone with Henry W. Johnson
Johnson, Irving, b. no stone, d. 05-04-1948, Section 2N--3, s/o S.B.& Ellen M.Johnson, buried May 7
Johnson, Mary Ann, d. 09-06-1867, Section 2N--3, d/o Merril & Hannah S. Johnson, 4yr 8mo old
Johnson, Merril (Hannah S.), b. 09-13-1817, d. 10-12-1886, Section 2N--3, GAR, Co N 28th Reg WI Vol, or Co. K, 23rd Reg, 69yr 1mo old
Johnson, Samuel B. (Ellen Martha), b. 03-29-1829, d. 09-26-1908, Section 3S--17, GAR, Co K 14 WI Vol Inf
Jones, Eva P., b. 1876, d. 1954, Section 3N--27½, cousin on Frank M. Chrisler stone along with Marie E.Chrisler
Jones, Hartsel O. (Rose Ellen), b. 06-24-1920, d. 03-07-2010, Section 2N--6A, --WW II, Pvt US Army, (m)11-03-1962,
Jones, Rose Ellen (Hartsel O.), b. 03-04-1941, d. 10-29-2012, Section 2N--6A, --(m)11-03-1962, d/o Earl R & Violet Rice Stack, see obit
Joyner, Alvin Lee Sr. (Claire Lasher), b. 08-15-1929, d. 02-26-2010, Korea, US Navy, (m)04-11-1954, s/o Clarence Alvin & Betty Mae Staught Joyner, see obit
Kazmierczak, Kerry Scott, b. 09-07-1961, d. 02-01-2002, Section 3N--46, inscription, spelling from ssdi
Kjorlie, Gerald B. "Jerry", b. 10-31-1932, d. 04-24-2003, Section 1S--15A, --s/o Melvin & Tharsilla Ruhrman Kjorlie
Kjorlie, Thomas J. "Tom", b. 06-27-1938, d. 04-14-2009, Section 1S--16A, --s/o Melvin & Tharsilla Ruhrman Kjorlie, stone? See obit
Klamer, David Lee, b. 04-23-1949, d. 11-25-2005, Section 3S--15A, s/o Jacob & Edith Herchenbach Klamer
Klamer, Edith R. "Edie" (Jacob Jr.), b. 09-27-1925, d. 03-26-2012, Section 3S--16A, --d/o Henry & Clara Weidner Herchenbach, (m)09-18-1945, see obit
Kleeman, John J., b. 1841, d. 04-08-1933, Section 3S--8, Father, hard to read
Klotz, Carolyn M. (Glen R.), b. 04-17-1941, Section 3S--2, Nee Lang, (m)08-17-1963
Klotz, Glen R. (Carolyn M.), b. 03-18-1941, Section 3S--2, (m)08-17-1963, "The Music Man"
Knight, Anna M., b. 1881, d. 07-06-1920, Section 2S--26, no stone
Knight, Anna (Charles), d. 05-29-1902, Section 2S--26, age 64yr 10mo old, hard to read
Knight, Charles H. (Anna), b. 02-06-1839, d. 03-07-1904, Section 2S--26, GAR, Co G, 47th Reg, from Soldiers census & Cem.rec., 64yr 10mo old, hard to read
Knight, Geoffrey (Sarah), b. 10-23-1974, d. 04-20-2002, Section 1S-23A, (m)10-13-2001, children:Harper & Amber
Knight, Issac S., d. 1880, Section 3S--14, from cemetery records, broken stone
Knight, Lizzie L., d. 01-22-1877, Section 2S--26, d/o C.H.& A.A. Knight, 4mo old, hard to read
Knight, Sarah (Geoffrey), b. 02-24-1981, Section 1S-23A, (m)10-13-2001, children:Harper & Amber
Kobelinski, Mark F., d. 01-04-2015, Section 3S--16A, --s/o Raymond & Ann Kobelinski, see obit
Kohlmann, Henry H., b. 07-11-1870, d. 06-10-1906, Section 3N--24, Father, hard to read
Kraus, Henry J., b. 11-01-1913, d. 06-18-1978, Section 3N--37, "Brother"
Kuehni, Arthur J. (Margaret J.), b. 03-08-1915, d. 05-16-2000, Section 1S--23, (m)05-22-1943
Kuehni, Margaret J. (Arthur J.), b. 12-27-1923, Section 1S--23, (m)05-22-1943, d/o S.& P.Brereton
Kuehni, Pearl, Section 1S--23, gr.# 2, no stone
Lamoine, Unknown, Section 3S--23, lot ownership, no stone
Lang Family Stone, Section 3S--2, Charles, Esther, Robert, RoseAnn, RobertH. + single stone for RobertH & Rose Ann
Lang, Cassie Mae (Walter C.), b. 1884, d. 06-03-1959, Section 3S--2, Nee Scott, Woman's Relief Corp
Lang, Charles Carroll, b. 1904, d. 1917, Section 3S--2, s/o Walter C. & Cassie M. Lang, see obit
Lang, Charles H. (Esther J.), b. 07-12-1845, d. 09-19-1933, Section 3S--2, GAR, Co E 49 WIS Inf, maybe Co C, 42nd Reg also,
Lang, Christine, b. 1828, d. 1900, Section 3N--2, no stone
Lang, Esther J. (Charles H.), b. 1849, d. 1916, Section 3S--2,
Lang, Fred, d. 05-26-1869, Section 3S--"Our Lillte", age 8 mos. Stone very old hard to read assumed last name
Lang, Harold Wayne Jr., b. 05-17-1936, d. 05-17-1936, Section 3S--2,
Lang, Joseph (Susan Meiller), b. 1852, d. 05-26-1932, Section 3S--3, Father
Lang, Pearl Marie Cole (#2 Clarence), b. 09-27-1912, d. 01-30-2007, Section 3N-16--d/oWilliam R. & Adelia Kunz Gallus, (m)Arthur R.Cole 06-19-1934, (m)Clarence Lang 12-18-1970, buried with first husband, see obit for Pearl Lang
Lang, Robert H., b. 1870, d. 1906, Section 3S--2, s/o Charles H.& Esther J. Lang,
Lang, Robert (Rose Ann), b. 1825, d. 1872, Section 3S--2,
Lang, Rose Ann (Robert), b. 1826, d. 1861, Section 3S--2,
Lang, Susan Meiller (Joseph), b. 1858, d. 11-20-1941, Section 3S--3, Mother
Lang, Walter C. (Cassie M. Scott), b. 1872, d. 07-17-1952, Section 3S--2, --see obit
Lang, William, b. 03-15-1845, d. 08-15-1934, Section 3S--2, GAR, Co C 42 Wisc Inf, d.date from cem.rec.
Lantz, Frank George (Mary Ivah), b. 1877, d. 03-27-1943, Section 1N--3
Lantz, Mary Ivah Mahlke (Frank George), b. 1874, d. 12-01-1968, Section 1N--3, Nee Montross, see obit
Lanzendorf, Earl Jr. (#1Lois A. Klebesadel & #2Karen R. Shaw), b. 06-30-1934, d. 08-12-2005, Section 2N--27, (m1)12-18-1954, (m)02-08-2003, s/o Earl & Emma Clark Lanzendorf Sr.
Lanzendorf, Lois A. (1st w/o Earl Jr.), b. 02-15-1935, d. 07-11-2001, Section 2N--27, (m)12-18-1954, Nee Klebesadel
Larrabee, Thomas Gary (Paula Kjorlie), b. 06-17-1957, d. 10-18-2014, Section 1S--15A, --(m)06-28-1980, s/o Norman & May Hanson Larrabee, see obit
Latham, James E. Jr., d. 12-28-1889, Section 3N--25, s/o James F. & Susan M. Latham, 16yr old, hard to read
Latham, James F. Sr. (Susan M.), b. 06-22-1841, d. 05-06-1925, Section 3N--25, GAR, Co E, 14th Reg, Father, hard to read
Latham, Susan M. (James F.), b. 11-06-1847, d. 06-07-1938, Section 3N--25, Mother, hard to read, see obit
Lawton, Clifford Coily Sr. (Selma B.), b. 1903, d. 07-29-1974, Section 2N--29, (m)10-24-1937, Mason, Shriner, T.I.M 1954, see obit
Lawton, Selma Augusta "Sally" (Clifford C.), b. 02-18-1908, d. 10-13-2004, Section 2N--29, (m)10-24-1937, d/o John & Cora Gungol Buescher, Eastern Star
Leitzke, Thomas W., b. 06-16-1956, d. 10-20-1993, Section 2S--12
Lieber, Fayette "Fay" Lovelace (Fred), b. 03-16-1902, d. 10-20-1975, Section 3N--34, --see obit
Lieber, Fred (Fay), b. 09-23-1900, d. 04-08-1977, Section 3N--34
Lieber, Howard "Red" F., b. 04-16-1922, d. 09-22-1973, Section 3N--34, WW II, F1 US Navy
Lieber, Shon, b. 04-02-1931, d. 05-20-2010, Section 3N--34, --can't find obit
Longo, Bethel F. (Rosario Joseph), b. 12-08-1937, Section 3S--8A, Nee Pullen, (m)03-30-1957
Longo, Rosario Joseph (Bethel F.), b. 10-09-1937, d. 10-22-1998, Section 3S--8A, Korea & Vietnam, Msgt US Air Force
Loos, Fay--Miss, b. no stone, Section 3S--3, from cemetery records, maybe owner
Loper, Infant Son, d. 1896, Section 2N--5, infant s/o William A. & Isabelle E. Loper
Loper, Ira A., d. 12-13-1886, Section 2N--5, age 1yr 5da, s/o William A. & Isabelle E. Loper
Loper, Isabelle Emma (William A.), b. 1856, d. 11-11-1922, Section 2N--5, Nee Smith, Mother
Loper, Lyle Linwood, b. 1891, d. 03-15-1945, Section 2N--5, last name from cemetery record book, s/o Wm.Loper, hard to read
Loper, Theron, b. 1892, d. 02-04-1967, Section 2N--5, s/o William Loper
Loper, William A. (Isabelle Emma), b. 1852, d. 1917, Section 2N--5, Father
Loy, Albert Frederick (Jahnine Anne Harmer), b. 08-14-1934, d. 08-02-2012, Section 2N--2A, --(m)12-13-1963, see obit
Luchtenburg, Beverly (John), Section 2N--30, no stone
Luchtenburg, John (Beverly), Section 2N--30, no stone
Ludke, Lynn A. (Virginia Dulaney), b. 01-05-1953, d. 02-11-2006, Section 2N--14A, Korea, US Air Force, funeral home marker, (m)03-18-1989, s/o Richard & Eleanor Anderson Ludke, see obit
Luekenga, Judith Amanda Fisher, b. 04-23-1949, d. 05-09-1985, Section 2N--28, ashes
Lysenko, Michael G. -Dr. (Rita V. Treble), b. 11-20-1917, d. 06-20-1981, Section 3N--36, (m)12-27-1945, see obit
Lysenko, Reta V. (Dr. Michael G.), b. 04-07-1915, d. 02-27-2007, Section 3N--36, --d/o John & Ada Treble, (m)12-27-1945, obit
Madison, Bonnie R. (Daniel F.), b. 05-15-1946, Section 2N--30, (m)09-07-1968, Eastern Star
Madison, Daniel F. (Bonnie R.), b. 05-15-1944, d. 12-29-1991, Section 2N--30, Vietnam, US Air Force, (m)09-07-1968, Mason
Madison, Margaret C., Section 3N--19A, lot owner, no stone
Mahaney or Mahoney, spelled both ways
Mahaney, Jane E. Foreman (John H.), b. 1870, d. 03-13-1963, Section 2S--21, "MaMa", from cemetery records
Mahaney, John Henry "Harry", b. 1869, d. 11-08-1899, Section 2S--21, see obit index, 30yr old
Mahaney, Wilbert T., b. 1881, d. 03-09-1900, Section 1S--7, see obit index, 19yr old, Mahaney in rec.bk.
Mahlke, Alice Madaline (1st w/o Donald C.), b. 12-30-1925, d. 05-29-1993, Section 3N--24A, (m)12-31-1944, Nee Fahlgren, Eastern Star
Mahlke, Bertha A. (John Frederick), b. 1879, d. 04-07-1962, Section 2N--19, Nee Montross
Mahlke, Donald C. "Don" (#1Alice M, #2Arlene), b. 04-01-1921, d. 10-24-2006, Section 3N--24A, WW II, Pfc U.S. Army, (m1)12-31-1944, Mason, s/o John & Bertha Mahlke
Mahlke, Helen (Montross V.), b. 1907, d. 12-05-1976, Section 3N--24A, Eastern Star
Mahlke, Infant, Section 2N--19, from cemetery record book, no stone
Mahlke, John Frederick (Bertha A.), b. 1881, d. 00-12-1943, Section 2N--19
Mahlke, John Winston "Bud", b. 1916, d. 10-30-1944, Section 2N--19
Mahlke, Montross V. (Helen), b. 10-07-1906, d. 08-21-1999, Section 3N--24A, dates from ssdi, Mason
Mahoney, John Ellsworth, b. 03-08-1899, d. 05-20-1966, Section 2S--21, WW I, ILL Y3 US Navy, see ssdi
Mahoney, Mary Josephine, b. 09-04-1897, d. 03-17-1996, Section 2S--21, from Cemetery records, spelling from ssdi, no stone
Maier, Betty Jean Anhalt (LaVerne), b. 09-02-1931, d. 06-30-2012, Section 3N--54, (m)01-28-1950, d/o Marcellus & Mayme Shepherd Anhalt, no stone, see obit
Maier, LaVerne (Betty Jean Anhalt), b. 03-20-1932, d. 06-08-2012, Section 3N--54, --(m)01-28-1950, s/o Adam & Elizabeth Kruchten Maier, see obit
Maier, Michael J. (Marcia Manning), b. 04-22-1952, d. 09-23-1984, Section 3N--31, b.date from SSDI, see obit
Maier, Rochelle A., Section 4N--54, lot owner, also 3N--30, also 4N--54
Markgraf, Florence (Kenneth Edison), b. 1919, Section 2N--32, (m)08-30-1938, Nee Dittberner
Markgraf, Kenneth Edison (Florence), b. 05-05-1914, d. 07-03-1994, Section 2N--32, WW II, Cpl US Marines Corps, Kenneth Edison Markgraf, (m)08-30-1938
Markgraf, Kenneth R. "Randy", b. 10-11-1939, d. 12-28-2009, Section 2N--21A, --s/o Kenneth E & Florence Dittberner Markgraf, grdson/Frank Dittberner, ashes, see obit
Markwardt, Francis C. or Frances?, d. 12-19-1996, Section 2S--12, next to William Markwardt, no stone
Markwardt, William J., b. 05-17-1948, d. 04-27-1991, Section 2S--12, "Bill", "Willie"
Marsh, Helen, Section 3N--56, last name? Marsh family member, no stone
Marsh, Helene, Section 3N--56, no stone
Marsh, Richard F., d. 03-23-1997, Section 3N--56, no stone
Martin, Catherine E. (Wilson Nowell), b. 09-12-1925, d. 08-23-2014, Section 2N--29, (m)02-26-1946, d/o James & Mayme Nowak Zifke, see obit
Martin, Mary Elizabeth Drew, d. 07-21-1936, Section 3S--16, from cemetery records, cremation, on Drew family stone, also on Iva R.Drew's stone, buried 08-21-1936
Martin, Wilson Nowell (Catherine E. Zifke), b. 05-30-1921, d. 06-14-2004, Section 2N--29, WW II, CM2 US Navy, (m)02-26-1946, Mason, s/o Henry Wilson & Jimmie Nowell Martin
Matteson, Audrey E. (Ronald D.), b. 1927, Section 2N--16
Matteson, Barbara Jean, b. 1953, d. 10-06-1964, Section 2N--16, Also Jeffrey Scott-infant on stone
Matteson, George W. (Mildred C.), b. 1904, d. 09-09-1963, Section 2N--16
Matteson, Jeffrey Scott, b. 1966, d. 10-06-1966, Section 2N--16, infant on stone with Barbara J.Matteson
Matteson, Mildred C. (George W.), b. 1907, d. 1985, Section 2N--16
Matteson, Ronald D. (Audrey E.), b. 1929, d. 08-30-1997, Section 2N--16
Mauerman, Judith McClain (#1Dave McClain, #2Bill Mauerman), b. 11-27-1940, d. 02-05-2015, (m1)1962, (m2)05-28-2004, d/o Doyt L. & Loretta Zeroll Perry, buried next to 1st husband, see Obit
McCaughn, Emily Maude (Rolla), b. 07-17-1879, d. 11-11-1920, Section 3N--12, d/o Noel G.Abbott
McCaw, James E. (Jane Anne Hunt), b. 1834, d. 1862/1863, Section 1S--8, b. Ireland
McCaw, Jane Anne Hunt (James E.), b. 1843, d. 1864, Section 1S--8, b.New York
McClain, David (1st h/o Judith Perry McClain Mauerman), b. 1938, d. 04-28-1986, Section 3N--31, (m)1962, Head football coach UW Wisconsin 1976-1986
McCubbin, Dorothea (Frank Lee), b. 10-10-1900, d. 08-00-1983, Section 3N--34, dates from ssdi
McCubbin, Eugene Lee (Margaret J.), b. 03-20-1923, d. 03-09-2001, Section 3N--34, WW II, MM3 US Navy
McCubbin, Frank Lee (Dorothea), b. 1901, d. 09-24-1994, Section 3N--34
McCubbin, Margaret J. (Eugene Lee), b. 1925, Section 3N--34
McFaul, Cora Bitney, b. 1927, d. 1928, see obit
McFaul, David Earl, b. no stone, d. 06-11-1928, Section 1S--25, from cemetery records, next to Harold & Ira
McFaul, Harold Ira--infant, b. no stone, d. 09-28-1922, Section 1S--25, from cemetery records, next to Ira Daniel Jr.
McFaul, Ira Daniel Jr., d. 10-09-1926, Section 1S--25, from cemetery records, burial date, next to Harold Ira
McGregor, Unknown, Section 2S--8, owner, no stone
McNeill, Arthur (Ruth B.), b. 04-18-1903, d. 12-21-1983, Section 2N--17A, (m)10-16-1937, dates from ssdi, ashes, Mason
McNeill, Baby, d. no dates, c/o Ruth & Arthur McNeill? No stone
McNeill, Ruth B. (Arthur), b. 1917, Section 2N--17A, (m)10-16-1937, Eastern Star
McPherson, Robert, Section 3S--13, lot owner, no stone
McPherson, Stephen, b. no stone, Section 3S--13, no last name, in Robert McPherson lot
Mearns, William Ramsay, b. no stone, d. 09-27-1986, Section 3N--36, from cem. rec, buried with Marie Van Ness
Meloney, Abbie, b. 1848, d. 1865, Section 3S--21, d/o Edmund & Mary Meloney
Meloney, Edmund (Mary), b. 1813, d. 1880, Section 3S--21
Meloney, Mary (Edmund), b. 1814, d. 1905, Section 3S--21
Meloney, William--Mrs., b. 1782, d. 10-25-1865, Section 2S--16, broken hard to read stone, 81y2m old
Meyer, Craig, b. 02-09-1969, d. 10-12-2004, Section 3N--43, on stone with Harold W. & Sherill Meyer
Meyer, Harold W. (Sherill E.), b. 09-14-1940, Section 3N--43, (m)12-29-1962
Meyer, Sherill E. (Harold W.), b. 01-14-1940, d. 07-23-2007, Section 3N--43, (m)12-29-1962, d/o Reuben C.& Anita Attoe Unke, see obit
Mick, Peter E. (Judi J. Price), b. 01-19-1962, d. 01-10-2008, Section 3S--20A, --s/o Ed & Eileen Mick, see obit
Miller, Gabriel (Joanne), Section 4N--50, no stone
Miller, Joanne (Gabriel), Section 4N--50, no stone
Miller, Joe, b. 04-13-1954, d. 11-07-2008, Section 2N--10A, --No stone
Miller, John H. (Mary), b. 03-24-1819, d. 01-28-1886, Section 2N--27, hard to read stone, 66yr 10mo 4da old
Miller, Johney, d. 09-11-1870, Section 3S--22, from cem.rec, lot owner is David Miller, hard to read stone
Miller, Martha (John H.), Section 2N--27, next to John Miller, hard to read
Moll, Etta Schriner, b. 1879, d. 01-11-1959, Section 2S--18, from cemetery records, see Etta Schriner, no stone
Molyneaux, Infant, Section 3S--3, from cemetery records, no stone
Molyneaux, Thomas, b. 179?, d. 1861, Section 3S--3, from cemetery records, no stone
Monahan, George Michael (Shirley), b. 11-11-1913, d. 01-09-1982, Section 2N--16, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, CM Sgt US Air Force
Monahan, Shirley (George Michael), b. 05-20-1926, Section 2N--16
Montross Family Stone, Section 2N--19, Minetta E, Amy Ardella, Mary E, Father
Montross, Amy Ardella, b. 1872, d. 09-13-1872, Section 2N--19, d/o S.& M.E. Montross, 8mo 11da old, hard to read stone
Montross, Flora J., b. 04-25-1870, d. 04-03-1888, Section 2N--19
Montross, Mary E. (Samuel), b. 1839, d. 1914, Section 2N--19, Mother, Nee Smith
Montross, Minetta E. "Miss Minnie", b. 04-25-1877, d. 10-27-1893, Section 2N--19, see obituary index
Montross, Samuel (Mary E.), b. 05-22-1837, d. 12-08-1911, Section 2N--19, father
Moore, Amy, b. 01-02-1868, d. 08-27-1895, Section 2S--1, obit index has a Mrs. Amy Moore d.1896
Moore, Frank H., b. 1899, d. 05-21-1975, Section 2N--10, son next to Nellie E. Moore
Moore, John, d. 12-05-1877, Section 2S--1, age 77yr 9mo 23da old, hard to read
Moore, Nellie E., b. 1876, d. 1960, Section 2N--10, next to Frank H. Moore, mother, see rec. bk
Morey, Erma E. . (Harry D.)-see obit, b. 09-16-1926, d. 05-27-2005, Section 1S--4A, (m)11-22-1945, d/o John & Anna Eiler Baltes
Morey, Harry D. (Erma E. Baltes), b. 08-06-1925, d. 11-24-2006, Section 1S--4A, "Dunrovin", (m)11-22-1945, s/o Ira B.& Amanda Ladd Morey, see obit
Morschhauser, Susan A., Section 1N---3, no stone
Morter, Charles, Section 1S--10, owner, no stone
Morter, Clarence J. "C.J." (Julia L.), b. 07-20-1952, d. 09-17-2002, Section 3N--50, (m)12-06-1997
Morter, Delores C. (Russell E.), b. 09-01-1926, d. 01-24-2003, Section 4N--51, (m)04-27-1948, d/o DeVillo & Eleanor Boehnen Foye
Morter, Eliza S. (John), b. 09-20-1819, d. 11-00-1852, Section 1S--9, age 33yr 2mo old
Morter, Hannah, b. 02-21-1854, d. 08-00-1865, Section 1S--9, d/o John & Hannah Morter, on stone with infant
Morter, Infant daughter, b. 01-19-1863, d. 06-00-1863, Section 1S--9, d/o John & Hannah Morter? Both on stone with Eliza?
Morter, John, Section 1S--9, owner, no stone
Morter, Julia L. (Clarence J. "C.J."), b. 06-13-1961, Section 3N--50, (m)12-06-1997
Morter, Russell E. (Delores C.), b. 05-28-1926, d. 09-11-2010, Section 4N--51, --WW II, US Navy, (m)04-27-1948, s/o Clarence & Vera Brownrigg Morter
Morter, William, d. 07-26-1865, Section 1S--10, s/o Charles & Ann Morter, 6yr 10mo 12da old
Morton, Earl Roger (Emily Viola), b. 06-14-1903, d. 01-07-1987, Section 2N--28
Morton, Emily Viola Smith (Earl R.), b. 05-21-1909, d. 10-02-1970, Section 2N--28, year of death hard to read
Murphy, Robert, Section 1N--2, from cem.rec., gr.# 5, no stone
Murphy, Willie, Section 1N--2, from cem.rec. gr.# 4, no stone
Nelson, Cory Nicholas, b. 12-24-1978, d. 04-23-1982, Section 3N--35, s/o Bonnie Nelson
Nelson, Darlene R. (Robert S.), b. 10-10-1922, d. 05-02-2010, Section 3N--37, --(m)07-05-1945, d/o William & Ramona Thomas Eberle
Nelson, Lillian A., b. 12-02-1927, d. 08-18-2012, Section 3N--35, --d/o Jake & Dora Miller Benish, see obit
Nelson, Robert S. (Darlene R.), b. 09-11-1923, Section 3N-, WW II, (m)07-05-1945
Neubauer, Edward H. (Joan C.), b. 08-07-1925, d. 12-01-1998, Section 2N--, WW II, Father, (m)10-22-1977
Neubauer, Joan C. Wolfgram (Edward), b. 02-17-1940, Section 2N--, (m)10-22-1977
Neubauer, Robert, d. 2001, Section 2N--26A, no stone
Neukam, Magaret E., b. 1897, d. 07-26-1965, Section 2N--25A, Mother
Neuman, Mary Kathryn Engel (Richard L.), Section 3N--30, (m)1963, lot owner, no stone
Neuman, Richard L. (Mary Kathryn Engel), d. 05-18-2012, Section 3N--30, --(m)1963, s/o Richard Leo & Agnes Sterr Neuman, see obit
Newcomb, Hannah C., d. no dates, Section 2N--30, gr.# 5, broken stone, hard to read, no last name on stone, see cemetery records
Nickels, Anthony J. (Stella S.), b. 1901, d. 09-25-1987, Section 3N--4A, WW II
Nickels, Stella S. (Anthony J.), b. 1906, d. 02-26-1978, Section 3N--4A
Niles, Frances Helen (Jonathan), b. 04-28-1831, d. 09-13-1905, Section 2S--14, Nee Gardner, no stone
Northup Family Stone, Eight family members on one stone, Eldridge Sr./Sarah, Eldridge Jr./Anna, Jennett, Permelia, Samuel, Daniel
Northup, Anna (Eldridge Jr.), b. 1814, d. 07-00-1880, Section 2S--3, see obit index
Northup, Daniel S., b. 1848, d. 1874, Section 2S--3, GAR
Northup, Eldridge Jr. (Anna), b. 1813, d. 01-24-1874, Section 2S--3, see obit index
Northup, Eldridge Sr. (Sarah), b. 1765, d. 1860, Section 2S--3
Northup, Jennett, b. 1850, d. 1873, Section 2S--3
Northup, Permelia A., b. 1853, d. 1875, Section 2S--3
Northup, Samuel W., b. 1841, d. 02-21-1863, Section 2S--3, GAR
Northup, Sarah (Eldridge Sr.), b. 1791, d. 1866, Section 2S--3
Nott, Albert Alonzo "Bertie", b. 02-03-1864, d. 08-28-1865, Section 1S--14, s/o James & H.Shears Nott, in 2009 stone is almost unreadable, broken & reset so bottom is no longer visible, "Our Little Bertie"
Nott, Emma A. J., b. 01-20-1864, d. 11-20-1865, Section 2S--5, d/o G.W.& M.E. Nutting Nott, 1yr 10mo old
Nott, G., Section 3S--10, owner, no stone
Nott, George W., Section 2S--5, owner, no stone
Nott, John H., b. 07-14-1853, d. 09-30-1861, Section 2S--5, s/o G.W.& M.E. Nutting Nott, 8yr 2mo 15da old
Nott, Willie Shears, b. 11-25-1862, d. 09-07-1865, Section 1S--14, from cem.record book, s/o James & H.Shears Nott, 2yr 9mo 13da old, "our little Willie"
Nutting, Edmund, b. 08-06-1828, d. 02-12-1908, Section 3S--11,
Nutting, Eleanor Marie (Luther H.), b. 1800, d. 1890, Section 3S--11, Nee O'Brian, very hard to read, see obit
Nutting, Luther H. (Eleanor Maria/Marie), b. 04-21-1796, d. 10-29-1866, Section 3S--11, War of 1812, Pvt 4 Regt US Inf, military stone, 71yr 7mo 8da old
Ostrander, Burl Wendel (Sandra G.), b. 04-23-1932, Section 1S--5, US Air Force, (m)06-21-1958
Ostrander, Carol Joyce (Charles G.), b. 10-01-1933, d. 11-13-2000, Section 3N--26, Nee Scheels, (m)07-03-1958
Ostrander, Charles Gordon (Carol J.), b. 04-12-1929, Section 3N--26, US Army A.S.A., (m)07-03-1958
Ostrander, Dollie A. (William J.), b. 10-26-1895, d. 04-05-1985, Section 3N--24, d/o William & Isabell Smith Loper, (m)04-07-1924, some info from obituary
Ostrander, Garret Henry (Mary H.), b. 1808, d. 08-20-1883, Section 1S--7, age 75yr 11mo 24da old, hard to read old stone and newer stone
Ostrander, Guy W., b. 01-25-1928, d. 05-28-1948, Section 1S--7, WW II, North Dakota S 2 C USNR, s/o William J. & Dollie A. Ostrander records show dod as May 29, but stone shows May 28 buried June 1-hard to read
Ostrander, James Keith, b. 11-02-1990, d. 11-27-1990, Section 1S--7
Ostrander, Mary Horning (Garret H.), b. 1811, d. 05-11-1884, Section 1S--7, age 73yr 7mo 6da old, hard to read older stone, newer stone also
Ostrander, Robert Keith (Susan Ann Schumacher), b. 04-11-1938, Section 3N--, (m)04-18-1981, child Keith William b.&d. 1991
Ostrander, Sandra Gayle (Burl W.), b. 12-03-1935, Section 1S--5, Nee Pollatz, (m)06-21-1958
Ostrander, William J. (Dollie A.), b. 11-15-1881, d. 06-21-1964, Section 3N--24, (m)04-07-1924
Paepke, Cliford C. "Cliff" (Helen Benish), b. 04-05-1927, d. 11-20-2012, Section 2S--20A, --Korea, US Army, (m)11-20-1952, s/o Conrad & Elizabeth Henn Paepke, see obit
Parks, Frances G. (Norman L. Sr.), b. 10-31-1908, d. 09-16-1975, Section 3N--32 or 29?
Parks, Jacqueline L. "Jackie" (Raymond G.), b. 09-12-1938, d. 03-04-2011, Section 3N--33, (m)06-27-1959, d/o Martin & Marie Peter, see obit
Parks, Judith R. Soucy (Norman Jr.), b. 07-25-1937, d. 10-17-2010, Section 3N--32, (m)06-01-1957, d/o Floyd & Valborg Ramsli Soucy,
Parks, Michael Norman, b. 02-09-1974, d. 02-10-1974, Section 3N--32, infant s/o Ray & Jackie Parks
Parks, Norman Jr. (Judith R. Soucy), b. 05-24-1931, d. 03-08-2011, Section 3N--33, Korea, US Army, lots of medals, (m)06-01-1957, s/o Norman & Frances Gilchrist Parks, see obit
Parks, Norman L. Sr. (Frances G.), b. 02-05-1910, d. 06-10-1995, Section 3N--32
Parks, Raymond G. (Jacqueline L.), b. 06-04-1938, d. 10-11-2005, Section 3N--32, s/o Norman & Francis Scott Parks Sr., (m)06-27-1959, see obit
Passage, Charles J., b. 03-04-1848, d. 04-22-1863, Section 1S--6, Civil War, Co H 23 Brig Reg WI Vol, 24y 1m 10d, maybe b.1837? 1839? Broken stone-2nd stone with Little Elsie is readable
Passage, David (Selina J.), b. 01-01-1809, d. 04-22-1892, Section 1S--6
Passage, Elsie "Little Elsie", d. 10-13-1862, Section 1S--6, d/o David & Selina J. Passage, 7mo 17da old, on with Charles J.& old stone, hard to read
Passage, Selina J. (David), b. 05-13-1814, d. 01-07-1902, Section 1S--6, Nee Harris
Pierick, Eugene "Gene"-O. R. (Sally J.), b. 12-04-1944, d. 11-22-1998, Section 4N--50,
Pierick, Sally J. (Gene-O. R.), b. 08-12-1951, Section 4N--50,
Piper, Truman, b. 01-00-1822, d. 03-29-1868, Section 3S--13, GAR, Co E, 50th Reg, from Civil War list-46 yrs. 3 mos., 22 days-stone is mounted with Charles I. Barsch
Pollatz, Frederick, b. 01-21-1904, d. 04-21-1985, Section 1S--5, US Marine Corps, next to Maxine V. Pollatz
Pollatz, Maxine Violet, b. 06-18-1909, d. 09-13-1979, Section 1S--5, next to Frederick Pollatz
Polley Family Stone Sec. 1S, Stone contains 7 names-Ira, Catherine M., Royal, Herbert, John H., Inez E., and Ira E.
Polley, Catherine M., b. 1822, d. 1902, Section 1S--19
Polley, Clara D., b. 03-26-1862, d. 01-30-1945, Section 1S--19, RNA, next to Hiram Polley
Polley, Grace I., b. 08-06-1887, d. 12-12-1965, Section 1S--19
Polley, Herbert, b. 1853, d. 1859, Section 1S--19
Polley, Hiram E., b. 03-11-1855, d. 12-12-1922, Section 1S--19, next to Clara Polley, hard to read stone
Polley, Inez E., b. 1861, d. 1874, Section 1S--19
Polley, Ira, b. 1817, d. 12-14-1862, Section 1S--19, see obit index
Polley, Ira E., b. 1861, d. 1864, Section 1S--19
Polley, John H., b. 1859, d. 1873, Section 1S--19
Polley, Royal, b. 1850, d. 1852, Section 1S--19
Pratt, Harriet S. (Arnold), d. 03-15-1854, Section 1S--20, age 49yr 3mo old
Pratt, Thomas B., d. 06-22-1851, Section 1S--20, first burial in this cemetery, 19yr 2mo old
Price, Anna L. (William H.), b. 1866, d. 09-25-1933, Section 3S--12, Mother
Price, William H. (Anna L.), b. 1864, d. 06-15-1946, Section 3S--12, Father
Prucha, Esther Pawlak (Louis R.), b. 1918, d. 09-16-1995, Section 3N--31
Prucha, Henry John, b. 12-06-1950, d. 09-21-1997, Section 3N--31, Vietnam, SP4 US Army
Prucha, Louis R. (Esther Pawlak), b. 11-11-1906, d. 09-07-1979, Section 3N--31, Veteran flag holder, dates from ssdi, see obit
Prucha, Rudolph L. Jr., b. 06-05-1939, d. 11-27-2000, Section 3N--46
Pullen, B. A. (Maria), b. 1838, d. 1885, Section 2S--6
Pullen, Beryl and Kathie, Section 3S--7A, owners, no stone
Pullen, Earl J. (Marjorie L.), b. 1903, d. 03-25-1984, Section 2S--6
Pullen, Maria Theresa (B. A.), b. 1842, d. 09-03-1925, Section 2S--6, maybe spelled Thresia
Pullen, Marjorie L. (Earl J.), b. 1907, d. 12-19-1978, Section 2S--6, Nee Smith
Quam, Carl A. (Mary I. Smith), b. 1904, d. 01-20-1972, Section 3S--1, hard to read stone, see obit
Quam, Mary I. (Carl A.), b. 1918, d. 11-13-1970, Section 3S--1, Nee Smith, hard to read stone, see obit
Quilty, Martin E. (Esther Garver), b. 1922, d. 09-14-1971, Section 3N--28A, Dad, see obit
Rake, Lewis, Section 3N--9, lot owner, no stone
Ramaker, Jason Terry (Sherri Oglesby), b. 06-27-1972, d. 04-04-2011, (m)10-31-1998, s/o Terry & Sandy Nodorff Ramaker, see obit
Rasmussen, Harvey John (Jean M.), b. 05-15-1929, d. 10-01-1992, Section 1S--3A, "Bud", (m)09-20-1947
Rasmussen, Jean M. (Harvey John), b. 03-18-1928, d. 03-10-1998, Section 1S--3A, Nee Kolze, (m)09-20-1947
Rea, Kyle G. (Jodie), b. 08-12-1958, d. 12-28-2010, Section 2S--23A, --(m)06-27-1981, s/o George & Sue Cates Rea, see obit
Reed, Hannah (Ira), d. 01-01-1858, Section 1S--11, age 71yr 11mo 14da old, hard to read
Reed, Ira (Hannah), d. 01-10-1866, Section 1S--11, age 83yr 7mo 13da old
Reigstad, LaVona, Section 3S--25, no stone
Reigstad, Neal Elmer, b. 08-05-1941, d. 12-31-1992, Section 3S--25, US Army
Reschke, Timothy Paul, b. 04-26-1952, d. 06-19-1987, Section 2N--25
Reusch, Florence Mary, b. 1912, d. 03-25-1919, Section 2N--12, d/o Fred C. & Mary Richards Reusch, see death certificate
Reusch, Fred C. (Mary Jane Richards), b. 10-07-1873, d. 06-28-1970, Section 2N--12, next to Florence Mary & Mother (two stones), s/o Jacob & Mellisa, see death cert.
Reusch, Mary Jane Richards (Fred), b. 1881, d. 03-15-1920, Section 2N--12, Mother, next to Fred C. Reusch & Florence Mary Reusch, last name from cem.record book, see death certificate: Mary Jane Richards Reusch, d/o Samuel & Mary Alfred Richards
Reuter, Amelia M. "Amie" (Robert J.), b. 09-24-1944, Section 2N--13, next to Robert J. Reuter & Doris E. Reuter, (m)07-30-1965
Reuter, Doris E., b. 11-30-1913, d. 11-09-2001, Section 2N--13, next to Robert J. Reuter & Amelia M.Reuter
Reuter, Robert J. (Amelia M. "Amie"), b. 03-27-1937, d. 11-21-2004, Section 2N--13, next to Amelia M. Reuter & Doris E. Reuter, (m)07-30-1965, s/o Robert G.& Doris Carncross Reuter, Elk
Riblet, Alsonn--"Our Babe", d. 06-26-1854, Section 1S--22, c/o C.& S.A. Riblet, 7da old infant son-on with LeRoy and "Our Babe" on smaller broken stone piece next to Myron
Riblet, Christian (Sophia A.), b. 05-07-1811, d. 02-15-1879, Section 1S--22, "In Memory of", b. Erie Penn, d.Osage Iowa, 67y 9m 8d old-hard to read stone
Riblet, LeRoy Eugene, d. 09-20-1852, Section 1S--22, s/o C.& S.A. Riblet, 2yr 5mo old, Alsonn on same stone
Riblet, Myron Z., d. 03-24-1863, Section 1S--22, GAR, Sargt CoE 2WI Vol Cav, died in the general hospital at Jefferson Barracks near St. Louis MO, s/o C. & S.A. Riblet, 24yr 1mo 21da old
Riblet, Penellie Adelia, d. 10-01-1863, Section 1S--22, d/o C.& S.A. Riblet, 15yr 2mo 26da old, broken reset stone hard to read
Riblet, Sophia A. (Christian), b. 11-19-1816, d. 03-07-1896, Section 1S--22, age 79yr 3mo 16da old, hard to read
Richmond Family Plot, Section 2N--25/26, James/Emma Van Ness/Van Ness/Gilbert/Ruth
Richmond, Albert Edgar (Minnie E. Palmer), b. 04-17-1875, d. 06-07-1952, Section 2S--22, from cemetery record book, "Bert", see obit
Richmond, Anson (Mary S. "Polly"), b. 06-02-1798, d. 08-25-1856, Section 3S--1, b.Grafton VT, 57yr 2mo 23da old, on old stone, hard to read, and family stone
Richmond, Charleen Chrisler (Vernon Ervin), b. 08-01-1927, d. 03-26-2011, Section 1S--26, --(m)12-20-1947, d/o Howard & Alice Hoppe Chrisler, ashes, see obit
Richmond, David L., Section 3S--1, GAR, Co C, 42nd Reg, from Civil War list, no date record, hard to read
Richmond, Dorothy Mae (Laurence P.), b. 02-05-1905, d. 01-17-1938, Section 2S--22, (m)06-17-1927, Nee Anderson, 1st w/o Laurence Palmer Richmond
Richmond, Emma F. (James), b. 1846, d. 10-08-1923, Section 2N--26, Nee Van Ness
Richmond, Family Stone Sec. 2S, Stone contains 3 names, Laurence, Dorothy A., and Minnie Belle P.
Richmond, Family Stone Sec. 3S, Stone contains 4 names, Mary A., George A., Mary S., and Anson
Richmond, George A. (Mary A.), b. 1832, d. 1867, Section 3S--1, b.New Lebanon NY
Richmond, Gilbert (Ruth P.), b. 1878, d. 06-09-1960, Section 2N--25,
Richmond, James (Emma F.), b. 1841, d. 1904, Section 2N--26
Richmond, Laurence Palmer (Dorothy), b. 1900, d. 01-30-1988, Section 2S--22, WW II, Pfc US Army, (m)Dorothy 06-17-1927, (m)2nd wife Minnie Belle 02-18-1939
Richmond, Maria Louisa (David), b. no stone, d. 04-05-1905, Section 3S--1, buried vet.cem.King WI, (m2) Waterman
Richmond, Mary A. Dempsey (George A.), b. 1827, d. 1900, Section 3S--1, b.New Lebanon NY, Nee Anderson? See Mary Dempsey & obit index, on stone with Geo.A.Richmond
Richmond, Mary S. "Polly" (Anson), b. 1806, d. 1896, Section 3S--1, b.New London CT, Nee Stoddard
Richmond, Minnie Belle P. (Laurence), b. 1901, d. 1985, Section 2S--22, (m)02-18-1939, 2nd w/o Laurence Richmond
Richmond, Minnie Etta (Albert E.)-see obit, b. 11-24-1873, d. 08-02-1960, Section 2S--22, from cemetery records, WRC, Nee Palmer
Richmond, Ruth P. (Gilbert), b. 1886, d. 12-01-1976, Section 2N--25, d/o William & M.A. Whitelaw Pate
Richmond, Van Ness, b. 1876, d. 1885, Section 2N--26
Richmond, Vernon Ervin (Charleen Chrisler), b. 10-12-1922, d. 09-10-2011, Section 1S--26, --WW II, (m)12-20-1947, s/o Elmer & Marie Guth Richmond, see obit
Riddle, John A. Riddle, b. 1814, d. 1886, Section 3S--16, Located in Drew family plot-single stone-hard to read
Riechman, Joan M. (Michael Patrick), b. 03-13-1939, Section 4N--53, (m)10-08-1960
Riechman, Michael Patrick (Joan M.), b. 03-16-1938, d. 05-19-1994, Section 4N--53, (m)10-08-1960
Robinson Family Plot-2N-10, Section 2N--10, Emma D, Ida M., small white stone maybe Grant "Billy" Mother (Betsy), Father (William J.)
Robinson Family Plot-2N-15, Section 2N-15, 2 missing stones ( Georgie S. & Willie G. &) both sons/o JW & MM-1984 transcriptions-- Ida M., Eugene W., May S., & Lee E.
Robinson, Betsy (William J.), b. 1836, d. 12-08-1925, Section 2N--10, first name from cemetery records, Mother
Robinson, Emma D., b. 1858, d. 1879, Section 2N--10, see obit. Index, no last name on stone
Robinson, Eugene W. (Ida M.), b. 1855, d. 03-14-1929, Section 2N--15, from cemetery records
Robinson, Georgie S., b. 186?, d. no dates, Section 2N--15, from cemetery records, stone missing
Robinson, Grant "Billy", d. 04-07-1942, Section 2N--10, from cem.rec.Bk, old stone, can't read
Robinson, Ida M., b. 1855, d. 1856, Section 2N--10
Robinson, Ida M. (Eugene W.), b. 1857, d. 1910, Section 2N--15, Mother
Robinson, Lee E., b. 1863, d. 04-06-1926, Section 2N--15, from cemetery records, maybe h/o May?
Robinson, May S. -see obit, b. 1866, d. 05-25-1936, Section 2N--15, from cemetery records, maybe w/o Lee?
Robinson, William J. (Betsy), b. 1826, d. 1902, Section 2N--10, Father, see Obit index
Robinson, Willie G. -baby, d. 09-00-1865, Section 2N--15, from cemetery records-stone missing
Rogers Family Stone-Plot, Section 3N--2, W.Earl, Winnefred J, Neil G, Harry C.
Rogers, Alwilda (Thomas), b. 1905, d. 05-13-1953, Section 2S--23
Rogers, Baby son, b. 1895, d. 1895, Section 2S--19, s/o George & Elizabeth Rogers
Rogers, Duke William (Ellen), d. no dates, Section 2S--19, GAR, Co E 50th Wis Inf
Rogers, Edgar C. (Lena), b. 1856, d. 02-08-1942, Section 2S--23, Father
Rogers, Elizabeth Moul (George W.), b. 1872, d. 04-05-1958, Section 2S--19, Nee Moul, dod not on stone, buried April 8
Rogers, Ellen Castlebury (Duke W.), Section 2S--19, no stone
Rogers, George W. (Elizabeth Moul), b. 1867, d. 12-04-1942, Section 2S--19
Rogers, Grace Ethel, d. no dates, Section 2S--19, last name assumed, no stone
Rogers, Hannah (Joseph), d. 05-11-1861, Section 3S--9, gr.# 1, from cem. records, in Samuel Stahl lot
Rogers, Harlan I. (Kathe I. Nielsen), b. 11-23-1920, d. 07-25-2008, Section 2S--24A, WW II, Army Air Corps, (m)06-10-1970, s/o Lloyd & Mazie Sturtevant Rogers, see obit
Rogers, Harry C. (Winifred J.), b. 09-20-1854, d. 04-05-1929, Section 3N--2
Rogers, Ida, Section 2S--19, d/o Edgar C.& Lena Rogers, no stone
Rogers, Ida Bell, b. 1862, d. 09-01-1863, Section 2S--19, d/o Duke W.& Ellen C.Rogers, 1yr 9mo old
Rogers, Infant Son, b. 1895, d. 1895, Section 2S-- s/o Mr. & Mrs. Geo Rogers
Rogers, Kathe I. (Harlan L.), b. 01-02-1935, d. 09-30-2013, Section 2S--24A, --(m)06-10-1970, d/o Lauritz & Hildur Nielsen, b.Copenhagen Denmark, ashes, see obit
Rogers, Lena (Edgar C.), b. 1874, d. 11-11-1951, Section 2S--23, Mother
Rogers, Neil C., b. 02-12-1889, d. 03-17-1911, Section 3N--2, no stone
Rogers, Thomas (Alwilda), b. 1899, d. 01-27-1984, Section 2S--23, ssdi says b.08-09-1899 & d.01-1984, dod no engraved on stone
Rogers, W. Earl, b. 01-21-1887, d. 07-02-1964, Section 3N--2
Rogers, Winnefred/Winifred J. (Harry), b. 07-11-1852, d. 05-24-1915, Section 3N--2, Nee Curran, no stone
Rosenthal, Belle Johnson (Louis), b. 04-04-1873, d. 12-22-1939, Section 3S--17, in Samuel B.Johnson lot, see obit
Ryder, Armina Ann "Mina" (William), b. 1842, d. 01-29-1929, Section 1S--18, from cem. records, d/o Wm. B.& Elizabeth Chrisler, no stone
Ryder, Marinda A. (Simeon), d. 10-09-1880, Section 1S--18, Nee Babbitt, 78yr 8mo old, hard to read
Ryder, Mary Jane, d. 1920, Section 1S--18, no stone
Ryder, Simeon (Marinda A.), d. 1871, Section 1S--18, broken stone by tree, hard to read
Ryder, Sylvester, d. 1890, Section 1S--18, no stone
Ryder, William (Armina Ann), d. 1917, Section 1S--18, GAR, Corp Co C 42 Wis Inf, s/o Simeon & Marinda Babbitt Ryder
Savagian, Janice (John), d. 08-13-2011, Section 3N--40, --no stone, ashes, see obit
Savagian, John (Janice), Section 3N--40, no stone
Sawyer, Harold/Harry E. (M. Lorraine Anderson), b. 05-06-1918, d. 05-23-2008, Section 3N--53, --(m)08-20-1938, s/o William & Mary Dean Sawyer, see obit
Sawyer, M. Lorraine (Harold/Harry E.), b. 08-10-1918, d. 02-12-2010, Section 3N--53, (m)08-20-1938, d/o Alfred & Jenny Lindberg Anderson, see obit
Schmiedlin, Gordon C. (Roselyn M.), b. 1913, d. 11-28-1971, Section 2N--32
Schmiedlin, James P., Section 4N--55, no stone
Schmiedlin, Penny A., Section 4N--55, no stone
Schmiedlin, Roselyn M. (Gordon C.), b. 1922, d. 09-11-1996, Section 2N--32
Schoepp, Jeffrey Daniel, b. 01-11-1987, d. 01-11-1987, Section 3N--35, infant s/o Dan & Chris Schoepp
Schriner Family Stone-Plot, Section 2S--18, Samuel, Wm, Helen, John W, Samuel, Malinda Woodley, George W, Etta L, GAR flag for someone
Schriner, Etta L. (George W.), b. 1879, d. 01-11-1959, Section 2S--18, see Etta Shriner Moll from record book, on Samuel & Malinda Schriner stone, NWRC, no last name on the stone
Schriner, George W. (Etta L.), b. 1874, d. 07-12-1939, Section 2S--18, on Samuel & Mailinda Schriner stone, d.1934?
Schriner, Helen, b. 06-05-1861, d. 12-30-1863, Section 2S--18, on Samuel & Mailinda Schriner stone
Schriner, John W., b. 11-20-1879, d. 02-04-1881, Section 2S--18, on Samuel & Mailinda Schriner stone
Schriner, Malinda Woodley (Samuel), b. 08-02-1839, d. 06-06-1914, Section 2S--18
Schriner, Samuel, b. 06-07-1860, d. 10-30-1915, Section 2S--18, on Samuel & Mailinda Schriner stone
Schriner, Samuel Winton (#1Vanna Vannie, #2Sarah Thayer), b. 01-25-1922, d. 03-15-2010, Section 2S--18, --WW II, US Army Air Corps, ashes, see obit
Schriner, Samuel (Malinda Woodley), b. 03-28-1834, d. 06-13-1889, Section 2S--18
Schriner, William, b. 07-26-1862, d. 06-13-1863, Section 2S--18, on Samuel & Mailinda Schriner stone, old hard to read stone
Schuknecht, Bob, Section 3N--15, lot owner, no stone
Schuknecht, Pat, Section 3N--15, lot owner, no stone
Schultz, B., Section 1S--13, owner, no stone
Scott, Charlotte Rogers (John), b. 01-16-1823, d. 01-11-1899, Section 3N--29, w/o John Leonard Scott, see obit index
Scott, Cora (J. M.), b. no stone, d. 09-11-1958, from cemetery record book, see Mt.Pleasant Cem.
Scott, Emma L. Tice (Winfield S.), b. 1872, d. 03-12-1951, Section 3N--29, from cemetery record book, Nee Tice
Scott, John R. (Rebecca M.), b. 09-14-1843, d. 02-21-1900, Section 3N--29, GAR, Cos H23 & C42 Wis Vols, d.date from Obit index, dod not readable on stone
Scott, Rebecca Morter (John R.), b. 02-06-1848, d. 01-05-1937, Section 3N--29, --see obit
Scott, Winfield S. (Emma L. Tice), d. 04-06-1942, Section 3N--29, from cemetery records, burial date
Sembach, Edward J. Jr. (Irene R.), b. 05-19-1926, d. 02-06-1994, Section 3N--19½, WW II & Korea, HN US Navy, (m)03-09-1947
Sembach, Irene R. (Edward J. Jr.), b. 07-26-1926, d. 09-26-2011, Section 3N--19½, (m)03-09-1947, d/o Frederick & Pearl Gruendemann, see obit
Shackle, Harriet Barbara Downer (Lyle LeRoy), b. 08-28-1912, d. 10-15-1995, Section 2N--22A, --ashes buried 04-02-2010
Shackle, Lyle LeRoy (Harriet Barbara Downer), b. 07-11-1908, d. 08-31-2005, Section 2N--22A, --ashes buried 04-02-2010, s/o Bert Leroy & Ida Louise Shackle, see obit
Shaw, Eleanor M. Letzring (Stanley N.), b. 1910, d. 2004, Section 3N--31
Shaw, Stanley N. (Eleanor M. Letzring), b. 1907, d. 01-20-1974, Section 3N--31, --see obit
Shears, Parmelia Julia (William S.), b. 10-18-1818, d. 03-08-1873, Section 1S--14, Nee Briggs, 54yr 4mo 21da old, stone is broken and unreadable in 2001
Shears, William, b. no stone, Section 1S--14, Owner, James Briggs, Parmelia Briggs Shears, Albert Nott & Willie Shears Nott-in this lot
Sherman, Charlotte (William H.), b. 1807, d. 09-18-1876, Section 2N--26, broken stone, 69y 3m old
Sherman, William H. (Charlotte), d. 05-08-1874, Section 2N--26, age 62yr 10mo old
Shumway, Flora A., d. 1872, Section 3S--5, from cemetery records, top broken off stone
Shumway, Heneretta (Jeremiah D.), d. 04-15-1871, Section 3S-5, stone broken and hard to read
Shumway, Infant, d. maybe, Section 3S--5, from cem.rec.Bk, can't read broken stone
Shumway, Jabez T., b. 1829, d. 1911, Section 3S--5, two stone-old and newer
Shumway, Jeremiah D., d. 05-06-1857, Section 3S--5-, Age 64yr
Shumway, Jeremiah D., d. 1958, Section 3S--5, from cemetery records, no stone
Shumway, Jeremiah D. -Mrs., d. 04-15-1871, Section 3S-5, stone broken and hard to read, is this Lucretia?
Shumway, Lucretia, d. 1871, Section 3S--5, from cemetery records
Shurtleff Family Stone, Section 1S--2, Wm. A., Matilda, Wm. T., Harriet E.
Shurtleff, Charles A., d. 01-03-1855, Section 1S--2, gr.# 5 & #3, three stones, same person
Shurtleff, Harriet E., d. 11-05-1855, Section 1S--2, age 16yr 10mo 29da old
Shurtleff, Matilda, d. 01-07-1900, Section 1S--2, stone shows 1900, hard to read, obit index d.01-05-1900, 90 yr old
Shurtleff, Mother, d. 1863, Section 1S--2, gr.# 6, no stone
Shurtleff, William A., d. 11-28-1863, Section 1S--2, next to Matilda Shurtleff, 60y 2m 9da old
Shurtleff, William T., d. 06-02-1863, Section 1S--2, GAR, Co H, 23 Reg, died at Vicksburg, Co H 23 Reg Wis Vol, 27yr 23da old
Shurtleff, Willie T., b. 10-04-1871, d. 09-02-1872, Section 1S--2, age 11mo 29da old, s/o G.A. & J.D. Shurtleff
Slack, Cecil E. (Ethel V.), b. 1924, d. 07-08-1984, Section 3N--18, WW II, TEC 4 US Army
Slack, Ethel V. (Cecil E.), b. 1926, Section 3N--18, Nee Attoe
Slack, Mark, b. 01-11-1954, d. 01-11-2011, Section 3N--18, --s/o Cecil & Ethel Attoe Slack, see obit
Slocum, Amos H. (Nancy A.), d. 01-18-1886, Section 3N--1, age 79yr old
Slocum, Nancy A. (Amos H.), d. 06-04-1893, Section 3N--1, age 82yr old, VFW Auxiliary
Smith Family stone--B. M., Section 3S-20 B. M., Phebe, & Mattie-one side unreadable
Smith Family stone--W. B., Section 3N--20, William B, Martha M., Chester E.
Smith Family stone-W. E., Section 2S--1, Wm Elwood, C.Amelia, Dolly Ann, Josephine E.
Smith Family stone--Walter E., Section 3S--1, Walter E, Alice M, Elwood H, Elizabeth, Frank A, Reuben, Jane, Richard, Ada
Smith, Ada Fowler (Richard), b. 1878, d. 02-24-1931, Section 3S--20, Mother
Smith, Alice M. (Walter E.), b. 1881, d. 11-05-1975, Section 3S--1, Mother, Nee Stephens
Smith, Ardella Lucinda "Della" Carncross (#1Harry Lysander Carncross, #2William Fred Gastrow), b. 09-02-1882, d. 07-28-1967, Section 2N--13, from cem.record book, see Della Carncross, maiden name is Smith. 2nd w/o Wm.Fred Gastrow, info from Joan Ryan
Smith, Barnabus Mosher (Phebe A. & Emily Jane), b. 09-22-1822, d. 09-27-1901, Section 3S--20, from cem.rec.book, h/o Phebe Ann Primmer & Emily Jane Strait
Smith, C. Amelia, b. 09-03-1837, d. 04-12-1870, Section 2S--1, on Wm.E. family stone
Smith, Chester Elwood (Lulu M. Huebner)-obit, b. 07-01-1884, d. 07-24-1922, Section 3N--20, on stone with William B. & Martha M. Smith
Smith, Clarence, d. 1884, Section 2N--4, from cemetery records
Smith, D. W. --Mrs., Section 2S--7A, owner, no stone
Smith, Dolly Ann Moore (William E.), b. 08-28-1831, d. 02-10-1923, Section 2S--1, footstone & on W.E.Smith Family stone, obit
Smith, Dora J. Chrisler (Maurice W.), b. 1876, d. 05-12-1945, Section 3N--20
Smith, Eli Elmer (Emma Carr), b. 1861, d. 02-27-1951, Section 2N--4, --s/o Ira & Lucinda Smith, see obit
Smith, Elizabeth, b. 1840, d. 1919, Section 3S--1, maybe Nee Richmond
Smith, Elwood H. (Bernice), b. 1904, d. 07-14-1952, Section 3S--1, Father, see obit
Smith, Emma (Eli E.), b. 1861, d. 02-13-1937, Section 2N--4, d/o Othniel Carr
Smith, Flora Ophelia, d. 08-22-1865, Section 3S--20, hard to read stone
Smith, Frank A., b. 12-25-1875, d. 10-22-1955, Section 3S--20
Smith, Gladys C. (Lester O.), b. 1896, d. 09-14-1986, Section 2S--24, (m)05-17-1921, Nee Chrisler
Smith, Glenna C., b. 1915, d. 01-07-1997, Section 2N--9,
Smith, Ida Alice, d. 08-29-1865, Section 3S--20, d/o B.M.& P.A Smith, hard to read
Smith, Ida C., b. 1859, d. 05-10-1876, Section 2S--4, on back of Ira & Lucinda Smith stone, 18yr old
Smith, Ira (Lucinda Moore & Elizabeth Ryder), b. 07-04-1831, d. 11-15-1899, Section 2S--4, age 68yr old
Smith, Jane (Reuben), b. 1828, d. 1907, Section 3S--10
Smith, Jennie Vickers (Maurice W.), b. 12-21-1874, d. 03-01-1905, Section 3N--20
Smith, Josephine E. /Eva Josephine, b. 04-09-1863, d. 08-25-1865, Section 2S--1, d/o William E.& C.A. Smith, 2yr 4mo old
Smith, Kenneth George, b. 08-16-1923, d. 05-31-1993, Section 2S--24, WW II, Msgt US Army Air Corps
Smith, Lester O. (Gladys Chrisler), b. 1899, d. 07-01-1973, Section 2S--24, (m)05-17-1921, see obit
Smith, Lola C., b. 1888, d. 09-27-1968, Section 2S--2, dates from ssdi, Nee Chrisler
Smith, Lucinda Moore (Ira), b. 1834, d. 03-01-1876, Section 2S--4, age 42yr old
Smith, Marcia Forille, b. 05-14-1838, d. 12-30-1922, Section 2S--10, Marcia Hathaway Smith, on stone with Amasa Hathaway
Smith, Marlene Kay, b. 1938/1939, d. 04-29-1939, Section 2N--9,
Smith, Martha M. (William B.), b. 07-11-1851, d. 11-17-1932, Section 3N--20, Nee Carncross
Smith, Mattie L., b. 01-01-1872, d. 09-17-1909, Section 3S--20, s/o B.M.& P.A.Smith
Smith, Maurice W. (Jennie Vickers), b. 1871, d. 03-07-1925, Section 3N--20, spelled Murice in Cem.Rec.Bk, spelled Mourice on one stone, Maurice on another stone
Smith, Michael Lester (Sandra J. Commings), b. 04-02-1946, d. 06-01-2014, Vietnam, US Marine Corps, (m)06-10-1973, s/o Patrick J.& Anna Mae Anderson Smith, see obit
Smith, Oscar H. (Ardella), b. 04-23-1893, d. 05-25-1926, Section 2N--13, WW I, Veteran, s/o W.& M. Smith
Smith, Phebe Ann (Barnabus M.), d. 01-29-1892, Section 3S--20, Nee Primmer, 55yr 3mo 11da old
Smith, Reuben (Jane), b. 1822, d. 1873, Section 3S--10
Smith, Richard (Ada), b. 1868, d. 09-26-1939, Section 3S--20, Father, Richard on stone, maybe Joseph Richard
Smith, Robert, b. 1886, d. 1887, Section 2N--4, no last name on stone
Smith, Theron M., d. 08-31-1891, Section 2S--4, on back of Ira & Lucinda Smith stone, 20y old
Smith, Walter E. (Alice M.), b. 1872, d. 04-29-1942, Section 3S--1, Father, d.date from cemetery records
Smith, William B. (Martha M.), b. 12-15-1847, d. 04-05-1904, Section 3N--20
Smith, William Elwood, b. 03-02-1829, d. 01-14-1903, Section 2S--1
Soderquist, Catherine, Section 1S--19A, no stone
Soderquist, Earl C., b. 08-03-1912, d. 09-07-2001, Section 1S--19A
Soule, F. Robert (Mildred Gray), b. 1902, d. 09-26-1988, Section 3N--23
Soule, Mildred Gray (F. Robert), b. 1900, d. 09-13-1985, Section 3N--23, Mildred Rosana Gray Soule
Sprecher, Albert R. (Elaine F. Graf), b. 10-19-1936, d. 03-12-2003, Section 3N--25, Korea, US Army, (m)12-09-1955, s/o Albert & Alma Pletzer Sprecher
Sprecher, Elaine F. Graf (Albert R.), b. 04-21-1938, Section 3N--25, (m)12-09-1955
St. Clair, J., Section 1S--4, Owner, no stone
Stahl, Infant, d. no dates, Section 3S--19, William Stahl is lot owner, no stone
Stahl, Louisa (Samuel), d. 1883, Section 3S--9, hard to read stone
Stahl, Samuel (Louisa), d. 02-08-1904, Section 3S--9, see obit index, 93yr old, hard to read
Statz, Vince & Kathy, Section 3N--16, lot owners, no stone
Stephens, Albert H. (Clara J.), b. 1879, d. 09-14-1963, Section 3N--11½, Father
Stephens, Clara Jane (Albert H.), b. 1887, d. 05-09-1922, Section 3N--11½, Mother, Nee Carncross
Stephens, Henry Carncross (Ruth Struebing), b. 09-13-1915, d. 01-23-1997, Section 3N--11½, from cemetery books
Stephens, Ruth Struebing (Henry Carncross), b. 05-13-1920, d. 09-25-2002, Section 3N--11½, dates & spelling from ssdi,
Sterling, Mary Elizabeth, b. 01-11-1927, d. 09-25-2003, Section 2N--22A, b.St. Clair MI, d.Ames Iowa
Stone, Carolus, b. 1822, d. 06-12-1901, Section 2S--17, see obit index, 79yr old
Stone, Virgil H., b. 1864, d. 10-01-1865, Section 2S--17, s/o Carilus & Glorvina Stone, 1yr 9mo 10da old
Stowell, Charles, d. 08-21-1865, Section 2S--13, "In Memory of", 29yr old
Stowell, Ida Hortense, d. 01-15-1864, Section 2S--13, d/o Chas & Maria Stowell, 2mo 10da old, hard to read stone
Stowell, Myrtie M., d. 08-12-1865, Section 2S--13, age 3yr 11mo 9da, d/o Charles & Marie Stowell
Summers, Robert, d. 10-10-1907, Section 1N--2, from cem.rec, see obit index, 6yr old s/o Robert Summers, no stone
Talcott, Lucius (Magaret), b. 01-06-1805, d. 01-11-1894, Section 1S--15, see obit index
Talcott, Magaret (Lucius), b. 03-15-1815, d. 05-24-1902, Section 1S--15, Nee Haines
Tasker, Ann (Robert), b. 1828, d. 1917, Section 2S--10
Tasker, Guy H., d. 09-05-1863, Section 2S--10, s/o Robert & Ann Tasker
Tasker, Joe F., d. 01-07-1860, Section 2S--10, s/o Robert & Ann Tasker, 4yr old, no dates on stone
Tasker, Robert (Ann), b. 1813, d. 1867, Section 2S--10, Mason
Teeters, Clarence Lorin (Violet M.), b. 06-07-1914, d. 11-13-1992, Section 1S--11A, (m)08-12-1940
Teeters, Florence Violet, b. 08-08-1941, d. 09-12-2001, Section 1S--11A, d/o Clarence Lorin & Violet Martha Teeters
Teeters, Violet Martha (Clarence L.), b. 11-22-1919, d. 01-04-1990, Section 1S--11A, (m)08-12-1940, Nee Schmelling
Tegner, Axel W. (Della V.), b. 1903, d. 03-23-1993, Section 3N--3A, ashes
Tegner, Bernice (Ray), b. 01-17-1925, d. 02-09-2014, d/o George & Margaret Altman, see obit
Tegner, Della V. (Axel W.), b. 05-09-1909, d. 01-31-1998, Section 3N--3A, ashes, dates from ssdi
Tegner, Raymond J. (Bernice), b. 1920, d. 09-14-2015, 95yr, (m)1968, see obit
Thistle, Delores M. Eckstein (#1George Buckley, #2Delos J. "Toby" Thistle), b. 02-11-1935, d. 08-18-2004, Section 3N--45, (m1)07-1953, (m2)09-30-1972, d/o Matt & Edna Zins Eckstein
Thistle, Delos J. "Toby" (Delores M.), b. 09-15-1929, d. 11-02-2004, Section 3N--45, Korea, US Army, 2nd inf div Sgt 1cl, (m)09-30-1972, s/o Fred & Mildred Ensley Thistle
Thomiser, Carol (John), b. 1916, Section 2N--26A
Thomiser, John (Carol), b. 1908, d. 02-19-1977, Section 2N--26A
Thompson, Bessie Inez (Fred F.), b. 1883, d. 04-21-1965, Section 3N--2, WRC, Nee Rogers, no stone
Thompson, Fred F. (Bessie Inez), b. 1881, d. 08-02-1951, Section 3N--2, Frederick Francis, no stone
Tiedeman, Dorothy A. (Stanley H.), b. 04-27-1918, d. 12-11-2015, Section 2N--27, (m)06-14-1947, d/o Albin & Anna LIndberg Anderson, see obit
Tiedeman, Stanley H. "Sid" (Dorothy A. Anderson), b. 01-05-1916, d. 02-14-2005, Section 2N--27, WW II, Sgt US Army Air Force, (m)06-14-1947, s/o Oliver & Nora Davis Tiedeman, see obit
Treinen, Zachary James, d. 07-05-2001, Section 3N--38, infant
Tucker, Jim, d. 05-22-1999, Section 1S--20A, burial date, ashes, no stone
Tucker, Samuel Cleo Jr., b. 08-06-1941, d. 11-22-1997, Section 1S--20A, Vietnam, Sgt US Army, called Jim in Cem.rec.
Uedaer, Anita, d. 11-20-2011, I question the spelling
Unknown, Baby, Section 4-, hard to read stone
Unknown, Baby Boy, d. 1897, Section 3N--24, near Mahlke, Brewer, Kohlman, Ostrander
Unknown, Baby Boy, d. 12-25-1932, from cemetery records
Unknown, Hanna C., Section 4-, maybe last name Fisher?
Unknown, Harry, Section 2-
Unknown, Unknown, d. 05-05-1883, 59yr old
Unknown, Unknown, Section 1-, two plain white stones, no data, War of 1812 flag holder
Unknown, Unknown, Section 2-, unable to read anything on ten stones, GAR
Unknown, Unknown, d. 05-05-1882, Section 4-, age 79yr old, old broken, hard to read stone
Unknown, Unknown, Section 4-, four broken/unreadable stones
Unknown, Unknown, Section 5-, two unreadable stones
Van Horn, Janice Helene (Douglas), b. 08-21-1953, d. 03-29-2011, (m)07-21-1973, d/o Russell S.& Helen Soper, ashes, see obit
Van Ness, Adaline R. (Isaac), b. 02-06-1830, d. 04-06-1892, Section 2N--8, Nee Richmond
Van Ness, Barbara A. (Jan R.), b. 07-08-1933, d. 04-05-2010, Section 2N--13, --(m)07-31-1954, d/o Burrell & Clara Eveland, see obit
Van Ness, Clara (Walter), b. 08-17-1840, d. 02-24-1931, Section 1S--11, Nee Shurtleff
Van Ness, Cornelius, b. 11mo old, d. 08-12-1865, Section 2S--22, Little Nealie, s/o Martin & Ann Van Ness, hard to read stone
Van Ness, Debrah, d. 1952, Section 2N--8, from cemetery records, stillborn, no stone
Van Ness, Donna, d. 1952, Section 2N--8, from cemetery records, stillborn, no stone
Van Ness, Emma (Peter), b. 01-11-1807, d. 01-10-1891, Section 1S--11, Nee Reed, 84yr old
Van Ness, Esther Lione (William I.), b. 08-30-1897, d. 03-02-1927, Section 2N--8, Mother, Nee Esther Jorene Lione, 1st w/o Wm.
Van Ness, Howard L. (Marie M.), b. 1902, d. 04-23-1983, Section 3N--36, (m)06-07-1934
Van Ness, Infant, d. 07-26-1941, Section 2N--8, from cemetery records, stillborn, no stone
Van Ness, Isaac (Adaline R.), b. 05-23-1835, d. 02-07-1907, Section 2N--8,
Van Ness, Jan R. (Barbara A. Eveland), b. 07-24-1931, d. 09-18-2004, Section 2N--13, Korea, Naval Reserves, (m)07-31-1954, s/o William & Margaret Van Ness
Van Ness, Jessie (Rachel Bigelow), b. 12-07-1802, d. 11-29-1882, Section 2N--26, b.Chatham NY
Van Ness, Leonard George (Ida M.), b. 04-01-1869, d. 09-24-1932, Section 1S--11, h/o Ida Margaret Moran
Van Ness, Lincoln Reed, b. 06-08-1934, d. 01-08-1937, Section 2N--8, s/o William Isaac Van Ness
Van Ness, Margaret C. (William I.), b. 03-19-1908, d. 03-24-1985, Section 2N--8A, Am. Leg. Aux, Nee Colvell, 2nd w/o William
Van Ness, Marie C. Mollen (Howard L.), b. 1908, d. 03-20-1993, Section 3N--36, (m)06-07-1934, from cem.rec. William Ramsay Mearns buried with Marie
Van Ness, Martha, b. 1839, d. 1919, Section 1S--11, d/o P.& E. Van Ness
Van Ness, Peter Howard-Capt. (Brenda), b. 10-10-1945, d. 02-23-2015, US Naval Reserve, Air Force, (m)2008, s/o Howard Lincoln & Marie Claire Mollen Van Ness, see obit
Van Ness, Peter (Emma), b. 02-19-1801, d. 08-11-1888, Section 1S--11, age 87yr 5mo 23da old
Van Ness, Rachel H. Bigelow (Jessie), b. 06-26-1805, d. 06-19-1902, Section 2N--26, b. New Lebanon NY
Van Ness, Richmond (Sarah L.), b. 10-05-1867, d. 10-18-1956, Section 2N--8, hard to read stone
Van Ness, Sarah L. (Richmond), b. 06-13-1866, d. 11-15-1932, Section 2N--8, WRC, "Sadie", nee Sarah Adella Ann Lincoln
Van Ness, Walter P., b. 1859, d. 1884, Section 2N--8, s/o Isaac & Adaline R. Van Ness
Van Ness, Walter (Clara), b. 1837, d. 01-27-1934, Section 1S--11,
Van Ness, William Allan, b. 09-02-1937, d. 04-06-1938, Section 2N--8, on stone with L.Reed Van Ness, s/o William Isaac & M.
Van Ness, William Isaac (#1Esther Jorene Lione, #2Rosella Elena Margaret Covell), b. 07-21-1898, d. 01-03-1967, Section 2N--8, WW I, see obit
Van Ness, Zandria Mueller (Randy), d. 07-12-2014, Section 2S--13, --ashes, 54yr old, d/o Tom & Clarice Mueller, see obit
Vanderpool, Edgar, d. 02-18-1924, Section 1N--2, from cemetery records
Vanderpool, Mabel G., d. 05-07-1898, Section 1N--2, age 18yr 8mo 27da old, d/o E.D. & S.J.
Vanderpool, Sarah Jane, d. 10-04-1942, Section 1N--2, from cemetery records, next to Edgar Vanderpool, no stone
Vincent, Amy Elizabeth, b. 12-12-1968, d. 12-14-1968, Section 3N--23, infant d/o Robert & Mary Ann Vincent
Vincent, Artleain Gray "Billy", b. 1935, d. 05-18-1936, Section 3N--22, next to E.C. & Lillian C. Gray and Wm.J.& Myrtle Vincent
Vincent, Myrtle Gray (William J.), b. 1906, d. 02-14-1992, Section 3N--23, (m)10-26-1929
Vincent, William J. (Myrtle Gray), b. 1902, d. 10-26-1974, Section 3N--23, (m)10-26-1929
Voros, Julia S., b. 07-31-1904, d. 09-03-1982, Section 2N--22, d/o Frank & Rose Gardner
Wait, Unknown, Section 1S--20, owner, no stone
Walker, Betsey A., d. 09-15-1854, Section 1S--16, d/o S.W.& S.B. Walker hard to read stone age 2 yr, 7 mos. 15 days-both Betsey & Jay died on same day-both on same stone
Walker, Ida Ann, d. 10-25-1858, Section 1S--16, d/o S.W.& S.B. Walker, hard to read, on stone by herself
Walker, Jay M., d. 09-15-1854, Section 1S--16, s/o S.W.& S.B. Walker, on stone with Betsey, 1yr 1m 20da old
Walker, S., Section 1S--16, owner, no stone
Warner, Clarnice, d. 1866, Section 1S--8
Warner, Leroy, d. 1860, Section 1S--8
Warner, Lucy, d. 1885, Section 1S--8, aunt of Jane McCaw, on stone with Mathias
Warner, Mathias, d. 1859, Section 1S--8, on stone with Lucy Warner
Wartner, David Richard Sr., b. 1939, d. 12-16-1996, Section 3N--56,
Wartner, Lori, b. 04-10-1966, d. 10-12-2000, Section 3N--56, see Lori Dobratz-double listing
Waters, Beatrice M. (Robert D.), b. 08-08-1929, d. 07-03-2012, Section 1S--23A, --(m)10-15-1949, d/o Flen F. & Henrietta M.Stumpf Hornbeck; "Bea/Beatz", see obit
Waters, Robert D. (Beatrice M.), b. 03-15-1927, d. 03-29-2003, Section 1S--23A, WW II, F1 US Navy SeaBees, "Windy", s/o Dan & Louise Kruse Waters, (m)10-15-1949
Waugh, Dale H. (Kathryn K.), b. 04-28-1944, Section 2N--17, Vietnam, (m)06-24-1967
Waugh, Kathryn K. (Dale H.), b. 11-24-1944, Section 2N--17, (m)06-24-1967
Weast, Benjamin G. (Berniece), b. 1914, d. 10-20-1966, Section 2S--15A, Father, "Dad"
Weast, Berniece (Benjamin G.), b. 1913, d. 12-12-1998, Section 2S--15, Mother, "Mom"
Weast, Edward L. (Lizzie), b. 03-12-1869, d. 06-24-1958, Section 2S--15, Father
Weast, George W. (Julia A.), b. 12-19-1873, d. 04-16-1959, Section 2S--15, Father
Weast, James H. (Mary Lucinda)*, b. 05-15-1827, d. 05-19-1898, Section 2S--15, GAR, Co I 10 Reg NY Vol Inf, 71yr 4da old
Weast, John M. (Mary A. Pullen), b. 07-11-1867, d. 12-16-1938, Section 2S--15A,
Weast, Julia A. (George W.), b. 02-10-1874, d. 08-11-1926, Section 2S--15, Mother, Nee Pullen
Weast, Lizzie Lonasa (Edward L.), b. 03-29-1869, d. 08-14-1938, Section 2S--15, Mother, Nee Ostrander
Weast, Mary Alice (John M.), b. 1868, d. 03-22-1921, Section 2S--15A, Nee Pullen
Weast, Mary Lucinda (James H.), b. 03-14-1840, d. 02-05-1924, Section 2S--15, Nee Nutting, 83yr 10mo 21da old
Weast, Willie A. "Little Willie", b. 1864, d. 08-13-1864, Section 2S--14 or 15, s/o James H.& Mary L. Weast, b.Princeton NY, inscription, age 3mo 1da
Weidemann, Baby son, d. 07-15-1945, Section 1N--3A, s/o O.W.& V.A. Weidemann, stillborn, burial date
Weidemann, Lloyd William, b. 05-12-1943, d. 09-21-2011, Section 1N--3A, --Vietnam, Sgt US Army, s/o Oscar & Vivian Guethlein Weidemann, ashes
Wells, Deborah Ann, d. 06-27-1949, Section 3N--5, from cemetery records, no stone
Wells, Ellura O. (William E.), b. 1876, d. 11-10-1949, Section 3N--5, Mother
Wells, Ethel, d. no dates, Section 3N--5, "Our Darling Baby"
Wells, James G. Johnson, b. 1926, d. 09-16-1986, Section 3N---5
Wells, Opal Carrol, d. 11-16-1929, Section 3N--5, from cem. rec., buried 11-18, no stone
Wells, William E. (Ellura O.), b. 1877, d. 1948, Section 3N--5, Father, buried 01-09-1948
Wendal Family Stone--spelling from Cemetery records, Section 2S--6, J., Phebe A, Mary A. Blackman(not on stone), and H., spelled Wendell on stone
Wendell, H., d. 09-10-1864, Section 2S--6, hard to read
Wendell, J., d. 02-20-1852, Section 2S--6, age 17yr old, no W. on tone
Wendell, Phebe A., d. 02-15-1852, Section 2S--6, d/o J.L.& A.Wendal, 7yr old, can't read age, maybe w/o J.L.?
Westfall, Marilyn J. (Merlin K.), b. 05-15-1929, d. 11-04-2013, Section 3S--4A, --(m)02-22-1948, d/o William & Mabel Dennis Fletcher, see obit
Westfall, Merlin K. (Marilyn Fletcher), b. 10-21-1925, d. 09-17-2010, Section 3S--4A, --(m)02-22-1948, s/o Gordon & Ethel Cox Westfall, see obit
Wheeler, Harriet N. (W. W.), b. 1811, d. 10-29-1905, Section 2N--2, age 84yr 2mo 1da old
Wheeler, Hattie, b. 1808, d. 03-31-1894, Section 2N--2, age 86yr 1mo 3da old, hard to read stone
Wheeler, Ida M. (William L.)-see obit, b. 1870, d. 04-17-1940, Section 2N--2, Mother, no surname but next to Wheeler
Wheeler, Lizzie S. (W. L.), b. 1869, d. 11-11-1899, Section 2N--2, age 30yr 8mo 25da, hard to read
Wheeler, Louese A., b. 1867, d. 10-15-1889, Section 2N--2, age 42yr 4mo old, also spelled Louisa
Wheeler, W. W. (Harriet N.), b. 1819, d. 02-05-1877, Section 2N--2, age 58yr 11mo 2da old
Wheeler, William L. (Ida M.), b. 1858, d. 02-24-1946, Section 2N--2, Father
Wideen, Bernadine A. (Robert A.), b. 07-12-1937, Section 1S--16A, "Bernie", (m)06-09-1956
Wideen, Robert A. "Bob" (Bernadine A. Baker), b. 10-22-1930, d. 05-10-2008, Section 1S--16A, Korea, US Army, (m)06-09-1956, s/o Edwin & Anna Beckner Wideen, see obit
Wilkinson, Donald W. (Vila Mae), b. 09-13-1923, d. 12-12-2004, Section 3N--, WW II, Tsgt US Army Air Force, (m)09-06-1943, s/o William T.& Gladys Robson Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Vila Mae (Donald W.), b. 08-06-1920, d. 01-25-2012, Section 3N--(m)09-06-1943, d/o Gilbert & Ida Abbott Horton, see obit, ashes
Williams, Arlene M. (Richared R.), b. 1931, Section 3S--3A, (m)02-14-1953
Williams, David Donald (Eileen C.), b. 08-03-1914, d. 09-08-1992, Section 3N--1, --(m)02-10-1940, s/o D.D.& Daisy Chrislaw Williams
Williams, Eileen A. Chrisler (David D.), b. 09-09-1918, d. 02-14-2009, Section 3N--11, (m)02-10-1940, d/o Harley & Clara Neitzel Chrisler, see obit
Williams, Nancy Eileen, b. 08-04-1943, d. 02-28-2012, Section 3N--11, d/o David D. & Eileen Chrisler Williams
Williams, Richard R. "Sarge" (Arlene Schwartz), b. 03-21-1932, d. 03-14-2007, Section 3S--3A, --Korea, U.S.Army Sgt 1cl Ret, s/o William & Helen Olson Williams, (m)02-14-1953, see obit
Wilson, Delores Jean (J. Bruce), b. 06-17-1930, d. 09-03-2015, (m)01-13-1951, d/o Ezra Richard & Lillian Nora Braun Smith, see obit
Wilson, Jeremy, b. 01-25-1990, d. 08-26-2014, Section 2S--20, --s/o Randall Wilson & Joan Heyroth, ashes, see obit
Wittwer, Alice (Ernest Sr.), b. 12-10-1897, d. 12-09-1983, Section 3N--36
Wittwer, Clifford James (Margaret R.), b. 04-12-1926, d. 07-13-2005, Section 3N--36, WW II, Ssgt US Army, s/o Ernest & Alice Jennings Wittwer, (m)12-29-1952, from obit
Wittwer, Ernest Sr. (Alice), b. 03-23-1895, d. 12-12-1995, Section 3N--36, WW I, Pvt US Army
Wittwer, Margaret R. (Clifford James), b. 07-11-1927, d. 04-07-2011, Section 3N--36, (m)12-29-1952, d/o Albert & Anna Niemann, see obit
Woodley, Clara, d. 1865, Section 3S--6, Richard Woodley lot owner, no stone
Woodley, John (Mary), d. 01-02-1860, Section 3S--8, age 61yr 10mo 5da old, hard to read
Woodley, Katie V., d. 1863, Section 3S--7, Samuel Woodley lot owner, no stone
Woodley, Mary (John), d. 02-23-1872, Section 3S--8, age 60yr 9mo 5da old
Woodward, Elmer E., b. 1864, d. 1941, Section 2S--11, s/o Stephen E. & Lucy M. Woodward? Old stone and newer stone
Woodward, Hiram N., b. 1867, d. 1914, Section 2S--11, s/o Stephen E. & Lucy M. Woodward? Hiram, Homer & Walter on same stone
Woodward, Homer S., b. 1861, d. 1862, Section 2S--11, s/o Stephen E. & Lucy M. Woodward? Hiram, Homer & Walter on same stone
Woodward, Lena M., b. 1874, d. 10-21-1957, Section 2S--11, next to Elmer E.Woodward
Woodward, Lucy M. (Stephen E.), b. 1834, d. 1917, Section 2S--11, Nee Gardner
Woodward, Stephen E., d. 08-03-1941, Section 2S--11, from cemetery records, no stone
Woodward, Stephen E. (Lucy M.), b. 1833, d. 1919, Section 2S--11
Woodward, Walter E., b. 1870, d. 1878, Section 2S--11, s/o Stephen E. & Lucy M. Woodward? Hiram, Homer & Walter on same stone
Worthley, Susan K. (William H.), d. 02-11-1872, Section 2N--7, hard to read stone in 2006
Zeman, Joseph Wayne, b. 05-06-1944, d. 01-30-1998, Section 3N--46, Vietnam, EN 3 US Navy

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