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Fall River Cemetery
Fall River, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.393610, -89.034550

N. Main St. & Lienke Rd
Fall River, WI 53932

Published: September 15, 2016
Total records: 1,714

Fall River Cemetery is managed by the Fall River Cemetery Association.


Fall River Cemetery was established in 1853.

Cemetery Records

Earlier transcription by Ruth Evans and Sally Adam & Ron Adam. Updated 2006 by Anna Mae Axness & Betty Wright using the cemetery records. Some death dates may be burial dates. Information is from obituaries, Social Security Death Index & Portage newspaper Obituary Index. A special Thank You to Sexton Dave & Betty Wright for maps and access to the records 2006. Updated 2007 from pictures taken by Char Sauer & Gert Ingersoll. Thanks for digging up the old stones. Some Veteran information from Betty Cook's files. Thank you to Lester Ludwig for sharing his research.

Abegglen, Clara E. (Henry)
, b. 05-16-1906, d. 06-07-1998, Plot B10, L3, #1A, --(m)01-11-1924, d/o Henry & Emma Hemling Schilling--see obit from Lester Ludwig
Abegglen, Daniel, Plot B10, L3, #1A
Abegglen, Henry H. (Clara E.), b. 11-03-1903, d. 07-08-1975, Plot B10, L3, #1A, --(m)01-11-1924, full dates per L.Ludwig, see obit
Abegglen, Joyce (Ronald D.), Plot B16, L1, #26, --(m)05-09-1959, d/o Elmer & Helen Warren Greiger
Abegglen, Lloyd H. (Darlene), b. 11-19-1925, d. 12-04-2006, Plot B13, L60, #2, --WW II, US Army, American Legion, s/o Henry & Clara Schilling Abegglen
Abegglen, Marie L. (Reggie Dean), b. 11-04-1950, (m)06-16-1979
Abegglen, Mary Jane (Reuben M.), b. 05-29-1930, d. 04-12-2002, Plot B16, L1, #17, --Nee Green, (m)09-02-1948
Abegglen, Reggie Dean (Marie L.), b. 06-15-1952, d. 05-25-1989, Plot B14, L2, #14, --Vietnam, Cpl US Marine Corps, (m)06-16-1979, s/o Reuben & Mary Green Abegglen, grandson of Henry & Clara E. Abegglen
Abegglen, Reuben M. (Mary Jane), b. 05-27-1924, d. 04-21-2005, Plot B16, L1, #16, --WW II, US Navy, (m)09-02-1948. s/o Henry & Clara E. Abegglen, see obit
Abegglen, Ronald D. (Joyce Grieger), b. 08-14-1938, d. 10-04-2010, Plot B16, L1, #27, --(m)05-09-1959, s/o Henry & Clara Schilling Abegglen, see obit
Abegglen, William J., b. 1945, d. 1945, Plot B10, L3, #2, --s/o Henry H.& Clara E. Abegglen
Abraham, Arthur, d. 12-10-18??, Plot B?, L?, #?, --Mason, buried on Julius Engleke lot
Abraham, Emma A., b. 1885, d. 1937, Plot B3, L2, #1, --buried on Julius Engleke lot
Adam, Amelia (William), b. 1869, d. 1952, Plot B8, L8, #2, --Nee Kunst
Adam, Elizabeth R. "Betsy" (Eugene J.), b. 07-08-1947, Plot B15, L1, #18 &19, --Nee Huggett, (m)08-20-1966
Adam, Eugene J. "Gene" (Elizabeth R.), b. 07-28-1947, Plot B15, L1, #18 & 19, --(m)08-20-1966
Adam, William (Amelia), b. 1848, d. 04-20-1933, Plot B8, L8, #3, --burial date
Adams, Mathias, b. 02-22-1852, d. 04-13-1916, Plot B?, L?, #?
Allen, Augusta M. (DeWitt C. Sr.), b. 1875, d. 1961, Plot B2. L8, #?, --Nee Lange, Mother
Allen, Carrie, b. 1850, d. 1875, Plot B1, L65, #?, --Daughter
Allen, Charles (Mary), b. 1809, d. 1881, Plot B1, L65, #?, --Father
Allen, Chuyler, b. 1869, d. 1881, Plot B1, L65, #?, --Daughter
Allen, Cicero, b. 1860, d. 1911, Plot B1, L65, #?, --Son
Allen, Clayton "Clay" C., b. 05-22-1895, d. 12-10-1987, Plot B2, L8, #?, --Son
Allen, Dewitt C. Sr. (Augusta M.), b. 1857, d. 1937, Plot B2, L8, #?, --Father
Allen, Hamilton, b. 1908, d. 1922, Plot B?, L?, #?, --Son
Allen, Inez, b. 01-06-1923, d. 01-06-1923, Plot B2, L8, #?, --Daughter
Allen, James, b. 1847, d. 1908, Plot B1, L65, #?, --Son
Allen, Mary (Charles), b. 1829, d. 1872, Plot B1, L65, #?, --Mother
Allen, Merlin, d. 03-22-1926, Plot B?, L?, #?
Allen, Ulyssis, b. 1866, d. 1881, Plot B1, L65, #?, --s/o Charles & Mary Ulyssis
Allsage, Eva Mae Crossman (Frank P.), b. 1902, d. 06-11-1984, Plot B13, L1, #2, --see obit
Allsage, Frank P. (Eva Mae Crossman), b. 01-29-1890, d. 04-22-1980, Plot B13, L1, #1, --WW I, US Army, see obit
Allsage, James F. (Maryon), b. 02-09-1923, d. 08-03-1965, Plot B13, L3, #1, --WW II, MOMM1 US Navy
Allsage, Maryon Iris (James F.), b. 04-25-1923, d. 06-21-1994, Plot B13, L3, #2, --2nd husband is Archambeau
Archambeau, Maryon Iris, b. 04-25-1923, d. 06-21-1994, Plot B13, L3, #2, --buried with 1st husband James Allsage
Armstrong, Hannah (Matthew), b. 08-15-1824, d. 12-16-1897, Plot B4, L18, #?, --Wife, burial on Phineas Baxandall lot
Armstrong, Matthew (Hannah), b. 04-10-1831, d. 12-08-1913, Plot B4, L18, #?, --burial on Phineas Baxandall Lot
Ashley, Donald J. (Marie K. Kohls), b. 04-03-1915, d. 02-21-1978, Plot B13, L13, #4, --Veteran, see obit
Ashley, Marie K. (Donald J.), b. 02-23-1913, d. 08-05-2013, Plot B13, L13, #5, --(m)05-23-1943, d/o Albert & Minna Wegner Kohls, see obit
Atwood, Montgomery James, d. 04-11-1937, Plot B3, L12, #6, --s/o Phoebe Atwood, in Cornelius Welker lot, this name also shows up as James Montgomery in the Atwood lot
Baaske, Linda (Terry), Plot B15, L1, #9
Baaske, Terry (Linda), Plot B15, L1, #8
Babcock, Adeline W. (2nd w/o John D.), b. 1902, d. 1953, Plot B2, L12, #3
Babcock, Benjamin (Prudence), d. 12-15-1879, Plot B4, L7, #3, --age 70yr 9mo old
Babcock, Denver W. (Mollie T.), b. 1870, d. 1950, Plot B4, L13, #?, --Mason
Babcock, James Shadrack (Maria A.) see obit, b. 09-02-1840, d. 06-10-1921, Plot B4, L19, #?, --GAR, CO K 32nd Reg Wis Vol, Lieut CO H 49th Infantry, burial on Thomas Tasker Lot
Babcock, John D. (Mabel & Adeline W.), b. 1876, d. 1964, Plot B2, L12, #4
Babcock, John Miller (Kathleen Claire), b. 07-13-1906, d. 02-12-1993, Plot B2, L2, #?, --Mason
Babcock, Kathleen Claire (John Miller), b. 08-25-1909, d. 10-11-1989, Plot B2, L2, #7, --Nee Ainsworth, Eastern Star, on Miller lot
Babcock, Mabel (1st w/o John D.), b. 1875, d. 08-00-1928, Plot B2, L12, #5, --Nee Miller, see obit
Babcock, Maria A. (James S.), b. 02-22-1845, d. 08-05-1936, Plot B4, L19, #?, --burial on Thomas Tasker lot
Babcock, Mollie T. (Denver W.), b. 1875, d. 1961, Plot B4, L13, #?, --Eastern Star
Babcock, Prudence (Benjamin), d. 08-05-1892, Plot B?, L?, #?, --age 78yr 6mo old
Babcock, Rachel Miller, d. 10-11-1938, Plot B2, L2, #1, --on Miller Lot, see Rachel Decker Miller
Babcock, Ruth C. (William H.), b. 1850, d. 1936, Plot B4, L13, #?, --Nee Smith
Babcock, William H. (Ruth C.), b. 1848, d. 1932, Plot B4, L13, #?, --s/o Benjamin & Prudence Waterbury Babcock
Bahr, Abbie T. (Roy E.), b. 1890, d. 05-15-1979, Plot B10, L17, #2, --see obit
Bahr, Jean (Wayne), Plot B13, L92, #?
Bahr, Roy E. (Abbie T.), b. 1888, d. 08-00-1963, Plot B10, L17, #1, --see obit
Bahr, Wayne (Jean), Plot B13, l92, #?
Baldwin, John P. (Nettie E.), b. 1878, d. 1946, Plot B4, L13, #?
Baldwin, Nettie E. (John P.), b. 1904, d. 1957, Plot B4, L13, #?, --Nee Petrich
Balliot, Augusta M., d. 01-30-1902, Plot B6, L16, #6, --age 3yr 8mo 4da old
Banetzke, Anna I. A. (Leonard J.), b. 03-31-1904, d. 02-06-1996, Plot B13, L23, #4, --(m)01-16-1928, d/o Julius & Pauline Lubenau Petrich, see obit
Banetzke, Leonard J. (Anna I. A. Petrich), b. 08-26-1898, d. 08-02-1973, Plot B13, L23, #3, --(m)01-16-1928
Banfe, Margaret Dreske (Steven), b. 1910, d. 11-14-1960, Plot B9, L17, #2, --see obit
Banfe, Steven (Margaret Dreske), b. 1905, d. 06-04-1960, Plot B9, L17, #1, --see obit
Bartell, Gerhardt W., b. 1910, d. 1998, Plot B7, L15, #?, --s/o William & Helena Bartell
Bartell, Helena (William), b. 1878, d. 1950, Plot B7, L15, #?, --Mother
Bartell, William (Helena), b. 1865, d. 1910, Plot B7, L15, #?, --Father
Batchelder, Dolly (Sanford L.), d. 08-01-1907, Plot B1, L38, #?, --age 79yr 10mo 17da old
Batchelder, Edgar Willis, b. 1852, d. 1924, Plot B1, L38, #?
Batchelder, Frank Charles, b. 1857, d. 1931, Plot B1, L38, #?
Batchelder, Sanford L. (Dolly), d. 12-13-1897, Plot B1, L38, #?, --GAR, Co K 32 Reg WI Vol, 75yr 2mo 23da old, see obit index
Batchelder, William, d. no dates, Plot B1, L38, #?
Battles, Alfred M. (Maria), b. 01-26-1822, d. 02-15-1892, Plot B1, L61, #?
Battles, Maria (Alfred M.), b. 10-28-1838, d. 04-19-1861, Plot B1, L61, #?, --Maybe b.1833, hard to read
Battles, Winslow, b. 01-18-1859, d. 07-05-1881, Plot B1, L61, #?, --s/o Alfred M.& Maria Battles, on stone with Esther Keeler
Bauman, George W. (Olga Hinz), b. 1884, d. 02-11-1971, Plot B11, L11, #2, --see obit
Bauman, Olga (George), b. 05-10-1893, d. 12-24-1985, Plot B11, L11, #1, --see obit in Beaver Dam paper, d/o William & Anna Schwartz Hinz
Baumann, Adella "Delle" M. (Albert H.), b. 1892, d. 1946, Plot B1, L10, #?
Baumann, Albert Henry Ferdubabd (#1Emma Lentz, #2Adella "Della" M. Barfknecht), b. 1879, d. 04-05-1940, Plot B1, L10, #?, --see obit
Baxandall, Bessie A. (William H.), b. 03-09-1864, d. 06-21-1931, Plot B4, L18, #?, --Nee Armstrong
Baxandall, Jannet (Phineas P.), b. 01-26-1815, d. 06-23-1896, Plot B4, L18, #?
Baxandall, Phineas P. (Jannet), b. 11-09-1819, d. 10-12-1890, Plot B4, L18, #?
Baxandall, William H. (Bessie A.), b. 08-24-1856, d. 11-21-1936, Plot B4, L18, #?, --Spanish American War, s/o Phineas P. & Jannet Baxandall
Beers, Dennis R. "Denny" (Karen Oliver), b. 04-21-1940, d. 04-11-2009, Plot B13, L25, #2, --(m)12-29-1962, s/o Leonard & Leona Zoellner Beers, see obit
Beers, Karen Oliver (Dennis R.), Plot B13, L25, #3
Behling, Martin Rudolph (Rosa A.), b. 1869, d. 1946, Plot B3, L14, #7, --in Lange lot
Bell, Mr/Mrs., d. no dates, Plot B2, L8, #?, --burial on Dewitt Allen lot, no stone
Benck, Carl M. (Louise A.), b. 08-04-1901, d. 10-14-1987, Plot B13, L58, #2, --(m)06-23-1925
Benck, Chester R. (Lois J.), b. 09-07-1926, Plot B13, L58, #?, --(m)01-25-1948
Benck, Lois J. (Chester R.), b. 03-24-1929, Plot B13, L58, #?, --Nee Clark, (m)01-25-1948
Benck, Louise A. (Carl M.), b. 02-06-1902, d. 05-21-1990, Plot B13, L58, #1, --Nee Gebert, (m)06-23-1925
Bender, Celesta, d. date?, Plot B3, L14, #?, --d/o Fanny & Thomas Bender
Bender, Fanny (Thomas), d. 11-18-1851, Plot B3, L14, #?, --age 42yr 5mo 4da old, spelled Bendure on stone
Bender, Lydia C. (M. H.), b. 1830, d. 1900, Plot B3, L14, #?, --Nee Osborn
Bender, M. H. (Lydia C.), b. 1820, d. 1909, Plot B3, L14, #?
Benedict, Bernice L., b. 1898, d. 1936, burial on Julius Engleke lot, Nee Engleke
Bengsch, Darwin E. Sr., b. 1928, d. 09-15-1989, Plot B9, L20, #2, --WW II, Beloved father
Bengsch, Darwin Jr., b. 1951, d. 08-00-1960, Plot B9, L20, #1, --drowned, "Beloved Son", s/o Darwin Sr. see obit
Bennett, Allen
Bennett, Emma (Frank), b. 1930, Plot B14, L1, #1, --Nee Hall
Bennett, Frank (Emma), b. 09-18-1917, d. 02-05-1998, Plot B14, L1, #?
Bennett, William (Sarah Vanderhoef Brown), d. 02-19-1871, 52yr old, (m)1856
Benson, Maynard, d. 1943
Benson, Theodore & Lloyd-twins, d. 1944
Berger, Duane, d. no dates, infant s/o William & Thelma Berger, no stone
Berger, Thelma E. (William R.), b. 04-11-1905, d. 02-22-2002, Plot B13, L71, #2, --Nee Hendrickson, SSDI for dates
Berger, William R. "Bill" (Thelma E. Hendrickson), b. 06-06-1905, d. 10-14-1988, Plot B13, L71, #1, --see obit
Biddle, Howard W. (Norma H.), b. 1932, Plot B13, L59, #?, --Father, Husband
Biddle, Norma H. (Howard W.), b. 01-25-1933, d. 10-12-1988, Plot B13, L59, #1, --d/o William & Elsie Miller Lange, Wife, Mother
Bierman/Beerman, Elizabeth (Friedrich), b. 11-09-1829, d. 10-25-1893, Plot B1, L74, #?, --Elizabeth Louise Wedel, Ettegahim is German for "legitamate wife or spouse of"--per Lester Ludwig
Bierman/Beerman, Friedrich (Elizabeth), b. 12-30-1827, d. 02-25-1907, Plot B1, L74, #?, --info from Lester Ludwig
Biermann, Ida-Miss, b. 05-18-1862, d. 05-10-1880, Plot B1, L71, #?, --d/o Friedrich & Elizabeth Biermann, "Tochter Von" means d/o, burried in Bierman lot next to bro-in-law Gottfried Riege--per Lester Ludwig
Birkenstock, Alma Louise (Arthur E.), b. 11-19-1891, d. 11-06-1947, Plot B4, L32, #?, --d/o Friedrick & Emilie Henrietta Louise Hinz Hemling--per Lester Ludwig
Birkenstock, Anna Maria (Lewis C.), b. 08-12-1872, d. 01-04-1938, Plot B4, L31, #?, --d/o Gottfried & Maria Brose Linde, Mother--per L.Ludwig, see obit
Birkenstock, Arthur E. (Alma Louise), b. 03-18-1893, d. 1948, Plot B4, L32, #?, --(m)05-11-1916, s/o Ludwig "Louis" & Anna Maria Linde Birkenstock--per Lester Ludwig
Birkenstock, Crystal (Tim), Plot B17, L5, #1&2
Birkenstock, Harold L. (Virginia D. Hemling), b. 11-30-1922, d. 05-02-1974, Plot B13, L28, #1, --WW II, Cpl US Army, (m)01-23-1947, see obit
Birkenstock, Lawrence A., b. 01-19-1898, d. 03-24-1987, Plot B4, L31, #?, --Son
Birkenstock, Lewis C. (Anna Maria), b. 05-23-1870, d. 10-24-1927, Plot B4, L31, #?, --Father, spelled Louis C.on stone, birth name is Ludwig, (m)1892--per Lester Ludwig
Birkenstock, Raymond Louis, b. 1932, d. 1935, Plot B4, L31, #?, --s/o Oscar M.& Pearl Bradley Birkenstock, drowned
Birkenstock, Ruth A., b. 02-07-1928, d. 02-09-1928, Plot B4, l32, #?, --d/o A.E.& A. Birkenstock
Birkenstock, Tim (Crystal), Plot B17, L5, #1&2
Birkenstock, Virgina D. (Harold L.), b. 04-06-1924, d. 02-16-2014, Plot B13, L28, #2, --(m)01-23-1947, d/o Emil Arthur & Dora Sumnicht Hemling--per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Bisset, Delilah G., d. 08-05-1854, Plot B2, L28, #?, --age 1y 8m 11d old, on Burgess lot, d/o A.& J.Bisset
Blunt, Ambrose, d. 09-11-1849, 52yr 5mo 13da old
Bolster, LeRoy R., b. 1938, d. 1952
Bolte, William, d. ????, burial on Zuelsdorf lot, old laying down stone can't read
Bothwell, Eleonore A. (Donon)- Her ashes are buried in Iowa per obit, b. 03-22-1922, d. 03-13-2012, Plot B17, L7, #5, --(m)1954, d/o Alfred & Johanna Marie Luisse Bohm Von Pronzynski, mother of Barbara U.Montag Hanousek
Brace, Alice L. (Marshall), b. 1862, d. 1925, Plot B9, L12, #?
Brace, Alice L. (Marshall), b. 1862, d. 1925, Plot B9, L12, #?
Brace, Amanda R. (Henry C.), b. 03-09-1823, d. 08-28-1895, Nee Bender, b.Manilus NY, d. Harvey ILL
Brace, Clarence L. (Edna B. Williams), b. 02-20-1889, d. 03-14-1963, Plot B9, L19, #1, --WW I, Wis 4 Engr Service CO, obit
Brace, Cora (Ambrose), d. 1943, Plot B4, L4, #2, --no date on stone
Brace, Edna B. (Clarence L.), b. 12-02-1888, d. 08-04-1960, Plot B9, L19, #2, --d/o John & Sarah Martin Williams
Brace, Henry C. (Amanda R. & Mathilda), b. 03-23-1823, d. 08-25-1895, Plot B1, L21, #?, --b. Stockbridge MA, d. Harvey ILL
Brace, Infant son, d. no dates, Plot B1, L21, #?, --s/o D.H.& M.A. Brace, on stone with Mary A.Brace
Brace, Marshall (Alice L.), b. 1860, d. 1943
Brace, Mary A., b. 05-25-1862, d. 03-16-1890, Plot B1, L21, #?, --maybe d. 05-16-1890
Brace, Mathilda (Henry C.), d. 1928, Plot B1, L21, #?
Bradley, Clarence M., b. 07-29-1868, d. 01-22-1892, Plot B1, L77, #?
Bradley, David R. (Dora Dolphine Green), b. 1891, d. 08-14-1972, Plot B6, L7, #1, --see obit
Bradley, Dora Dolphine (David R.), b. 1891, d. 05-13-1970, Plot B6, L7, #2, --Nee Green, grdtr/oCharles & Mary S. Bliss Green
Bradley, Duaine R. "Dewey" (3 wives), b. 08-23-1936, d. 08-23-2006, Plot B14, L3, #21, --s/o David & Dora Green Bradley, wives: Judith, 3rd wife Elaine d. 2001, see obit
Bradley, Fernando, d. no dates, Plot B1, L77, #?, --see obit index, d. bef 1906
Bradley, George C., b. 07-22-1856, d. 03-07-1904, Plot B1, L77, #?
Bradley, Mary Lou Mattson, b. 12-17-1929, Plot B13, L84, #5, --Nee Lischka
Bradley, Robert F., b. 07-31-1927, Plot B14, L3, #22
Braker, Earl, d. 1926, Plot B9, L2, #?, --s/o Arno & E. Braker
Braker, Henry W. (Lydia M.), b. 1866, d. 1942, Plot B3, L13, #2
Braker, Laura, b. 1891, d. 1903, Plot B3, L13, #4, --d/o Henry & Lydia Braker
Braker, Lydia M. (Henry W.), b. 1870, d. 1952, Plot B3, L13, #1
Braker, Melvin, d. 1924, Plot B9, L2, #?, --s/o Arno & E. Braker
Braker, Unknowns, Plot B3, L13, #?, --four open graves on Lydia & Henry Braker lot
Brayton, Alfred A. (Elizabeth C.), b. 1812, d. 1861, Plot B2, L57, #?, --founder of Village of Fall River 1846
Brayton, Elizabeth C. (Alfred A.), b. 1813, d. 1901, Plot B2, L57, #?
Brayton, George H., b. 08-17-1840, d. 08-28-1862, Plot B2, L57, #1, --Civil War, Capt. Co B 7th Wis Inf, Iron Brigade, Alfred's half brother, buried in Arlington Cemetery
Brayton, Unknown, Plot B2, L57, #?, --on Brayton lot
Brewer, Baby, Plot B9, L13, #1, --c/o Harold & Lauretta Brewer, on either the Kerwin lot or the George Colwell lot
Brewer, Dennis H., b. 12-23-1957, d. 10-23-1991, Plot B13, L28, #3, --s/o Roger I.& June A.Hemling Brewer
Brewer, Harold B. (Lauretta M.), b. 1898, d. 1952, Plot B9, L13, #2, --husband
Brewer, Harriet L. (Frederick Farnham), b. 10-24-1873, d. 01-03-1922, Plot B6, L8, #?, --d/o Milo & Mary Copeland Martin
Brewer, June Arletta (Roger Irwin), b. 06-01-1930, Plot B13, L27, #?, --c/o William Friedrich & Lillian Birkenstock Hemling--Per Lester Ludwig
Brewer, Lauretta M. (Harold B.), b. 1898, d. 02-20-1985, Plot B9, L13, #3, --Wife, Nee Brossard, see obit
Brewer, Nellie Mae Yule (William C.), b. 1886, d. 07-08-1940, Plot B1, L11, #?, --Hard to read dates, see obit
Brewer, Roger Irwin "Squeak" (June Arletta Hemling)--see obit, b. 09-06-1932, d. 05-05-2012, Plot B13, L27, #1, --Korea, US Army, (m)06-25-1955, s/o Harold & Loretta Brossard Brewer--per L.Ludwig
Brewer, William C. (Nellie M.), b. 1889, d. 07-00-1956, Plot B1, L11, #?, --Hard to read dates
Bronson, Lorin G., d. 09-16-1862, Plot B2, L32, #?, --Civil War, CO I, 18th Wis Inf, s/o Rev.Major & Mathilda
Bronson, Major T. -Rev. (Mathilda), b. 09-23-1802, d. 06-08-1880, Plot B2, L58, #?
Bronson, Manly T. --maybe d. 1863, d. 03-26-1869, Plot B2, L58, #?, --Civil War, Sgt Co B, 7th Reg Wis Inf, 24yr old, s/o Rev.Major & Mathilda, d. Belle Plains MO.
Bronson, Mathilda (Rev. Major T.), d. 08-03-1872, Plot B2, L58, #?, --59yr old
Bronson, Unknowns, Plot B2, L58, #?, --four unknowns on Bronson lot
Brossard, Addie, d. 09-13-1970, she is the sister of Alice
Brossard, Adeline (Francis), d. 01-21-1848, Plot B1, L42, #?--age 25yr 3mo 11da old, old stone laying flat in ground
Brossard, Alice Clara-Miss--see obit, b. 1883, d. 05-22-1972, Plot B6, L2, #2, --next to Harvey Brossard, sister to Addie
Brossard, Anna Fiske Saunders, b. 1875, d. 1945, burial on Wyman F. Fiske lot, d/o Wyman & Cora Fiske
Brossard, Anthony E. (Ella E.), b. 1869, d. 10-00-1941, Plot B1, L42, #?, --see obit
Brossard, Augustus (Frances A.), b. 10-06-1824, d. 04-07-1908, Plot B2, L38, #?
Brossard, Carrie N. (Julius C.), b. 1860, d. 1916, Plot B6, L2, #?
Brossard, Charles, d. 05-29-1862, s/o Francis & Adeline Brossard
Brossard, Constant-Mr., b. 05-22-1829, d. 02-10-1905, Plot B1, L80, #?
Brossard, Constant-Mrs., d. no dates
Brossard, Edward J. (Elsa L. Yohn), b. 05-17-1907, d. 04-28-1986, Plot B5, L13, #?, --Father, see obit
Brossard, Ella E. Groh (Anthony E.), b. 1878, d. 08-05-1968, Plot B1, L42, #?, --Nee Groh
Brossard, Elmer A. (Ruth A.), b. 1881, d. 1942, Plot B12, L13, #3
Brossard, Elsa L. (Edward J.), b. 1917, d. 1957, Plot B5, L13, #2, --d/o Edward & Bertha Braun Yohn, Mother
Brossard, Ethel A., b. 09-29-1887, d. 03-11-1917, Plot B1, L51, #?, --d/o Slyvester & Mary Brossard
Brossard, Frances A. (Augustus), b. 09-04-1829, d. 05-23-1911, Plot B6, L2, #4
Brossard, Frances Adeline-Miss, b. 1885, d. 09-13-1970, Plot B6, L38, #?, --see obit
Brossard, Francis (Adeline), b. 1814, d. 1876, Plot B1, L42, #?, --couldn't find stone for him
Brossard, Franklin, b. 04-07-1853, d. 08-12-1855, Plot B2, L38, #?, --s/o Augustus & Frances Brossard
Brossard, Frederick, b. 07-28-1870, d. 11-07-1870, Plot B2, L38, #?, --s/o Augustus & Frances Brossard
Brossard, Glen A. -single, b. 09-28-1907, d. 04-29-1995, Plot B12, L14, #1, --WW II, 1st LT US Army Air Corps, s/o Elmer & Ruth Brossard
Brossard, Harvey, d. 189?, Plot B6, L2, #?
Brossard, Harvey N., b. 06-04-1924, d. 12-20-1995, Plot B13, L15, #2, --WW II, Ssgt US Army, next to Alice Clara Brossard
Brossard, Heman H. (Lillian M. Brewer), b. 1888, d. 09-06-1960, Plot B10, L5, #3, --Father, see obit
Brossard, Heman J. (Patricia M.), b. 12-01-1927, Plot B13, L15, #3, --(m)01-31-1947
Brossard, Infant son, b. ??-14-1888, d. 12-27-1895, s/o C.& G.Brossard, old hard to read stone
Brossard, John B., d. 08-27-1871, Plot B2, L38, #?, --age 83yr 9mo old, In Memory of
Brossard, John Calvin, b. 04-13-1933, d. 07-26-1952, Plot B10, L5, #2, --Korea, Wis Pfc 5 Marines 1 Marine Div PH, KIA, s/o Heman H. & Lillian M. Brossard
Brossard, Julius C. (Carrie N.), b. 1857, d. 1931, Plot B6, L2, #?
Brossard, Lillian M. Brewer (Heman H.), b. 1891, d. 05-00-1959, Plot B10, L5, #1, --see obit
Brossard, Mary (Slyvester), b. 12-08-1856, d. 10-31-1941, Plot B1, L51, #?
Brossard, Patricia M. (Heman J.), b. 06-23-1927, d. 11-05-2011, Plot B13, L15, # 4, --(m)01-31-1947, d/o John & Euphie Kennedy Schroeder, see obit
Brossard, Ruth A. Robbins (Elmer A.), b. 1878, d. 08-00-1959, Plot B12, L13, #2, --see obit
Brossard, Slyvester (Mary), b. 08-31-1855, d. 04-06-1908, Plot B1, L51, #?
Brossard, Sylvania/Sylvia Ann, b. 1946, d. 1947, Plot B5, L13, #3, --d/o Edward & Elsa L. Brossard
Brossard, Victor, b. 03-24-1820, d. 05-29-1879, Plot B2, L38, #?, --age 59yr 5da old
Brossard, Victor C. Jr., b. 09-26-1892, d. 04-05-1894, Plot B1, L80, #?, --s/o Victor C.Sr. Brossard
Brossard, Victor C. Sr. (wife), b. 02-11-1863, d. 06-02-1892, Plot B1, L80, #?, --(m)5months ago, see obit
Brossard, Zana A., b. 1910, d. 11-29-1990, Plot B12, L13, #1A, --d/o Elmer & Ruth Brossard
Brown, Abagail (James Senica), d. no dates, Plot B2, L21, #?
Brown, Ann A. (William Madison), b. 05-17-1852, d. 11-30-1914, Plot B2, L21, #?, --d/o Haus Hanson, 1st w/o William
Brown, Clara, d. 08-20-1863, Plot B2, L41, #?, --age 2yr 8mo old, d/o J.& E. Brown
Brown, DeWilton, d. 08-24-1863, Plot B2, L41, #?, --10mo 15da old, s/o J.& E. Brown
Brown, Edgar--infant s/o William & Anna Brown, stone says s/o O. & A., d. 08-01-1852, Plot B2, L21, #?, --first burial in cemetery, inscription on back of sleeping child marker in front of cemetery, Errected by the Ladies Cemetery Association as a Memorial
Brown, Ellen, d. no dates, Plot B2, L41, #?, --d/o J.& E. Brown
Brown, James E. (Mary E.), b. 1826, d. 1879, Plot B2, L20, #?
Brown, James Senica (Abagail), d. no dates, Plot B2, L21, #?
Brown, Julia Ann (George), d. 06-15-1863, Plot B2, L11, #?, --age 41yr 2mo 26da old, Nee Mann
Brown, Mary E. (James E.), b. 1825, d. 1916, Plot B2, L20, #?
Brown, Unknown, On Brown Lot
Brown, William Madison (Ann A.), b. 10-14-1854, d. 12-26-1930, Plot B2, L21, #?, --s/o James E.& Mary E.Brown
Brunk, Augusta M. (Julius A.), b. 10-25-1867, d. 09-06-1949, Plot B2, L45, #?, --Nee Lange, (m1)Wodill, (m2)08-26-1906 to Julius Brunk--per Lester Ludwig
Brunk, Julius Albert Theodore (#1Augusta Dehnert 12-11-1877, #2Mrs. Augusta Wodill 08-26-1906), b. 08-03-1857, d. 04-28-1935, Plot B2, L45, #?, --Stone & Obit say b.1857, but he was baptized 1856 maybe he was b.1856, s/o Johann & Regina pahl Brunk, --per Lester Ludwig
Bubolz, Henry A. (Marian H.), b. 03-02-1902, d. 09-14-1987, Plot B13, L76, #1
Bubolz, Marian H. (Henry A.), b. 03-06-1905, d. 06-02-1993, Plot B13, L76, #2, --Nee Hershle
Buck, Henry, Plot B1, L15, #?
Buck, Susanna (George), d. 07-21-1877, Plot B1, L15, #?, --age 90yr 11mo old
Buck, William, d. 02-11-1900, Plot B1, L15, #?, --age 62yr 5mo 11da old, looks like d.1890 on the stone
Bunn, Hilda C. (Melvin M.), b. 12-12-1912, d. 08-11-1993, Plot B13, L66, #2
Bunn, Melvin M. (Hilda C. Heintz), b. 10-25-1910, d. 12-04-1980, Plot B13, L66, #1, --see obit
Burgess, "Mother" Emily (Leander), d. no dates, Plot B2, L28&29, #?, --Nee Bissett, WRC, Emily name does not appear on stone, only "mother", see obit
Burgess, Amelia-Miss, d. 1888, Plot B2, L28, #?
Burgess, Infant son, d. 06-10-1855, Plot B2, L28, #?, --s/o Leander & Emily Burgess?
Burgess, Leander Sr. (Emily), b. 09-06-1812, d. 02-16-1901, Plot B2, L28, #?
Burns, Anna-Mrs., b. 1878, d. 1900, Nee Miller, mother of George Burns
Burns, George, b. 1900, d. 1952
Burtnett, Harvey (Ardella), b. 06-02-1926, d. 12-05-1977, Plot B13, L56, #3, --see obit
Buttke, Arthur O. (Jennie W. Drury), b. 1896, d. 09-08-1981, Plot B13, L14, #1, --see obit
Buttke, Jennie W. (Arthur O.), b. 1901, d. 08-19-1976, Plot B13, L14, #2, --see obit
Cady, Annette V., d. 10-12-1856, Plot B3, L7, #?, --age 6m15d old, d/o W.& S.A. Cady, in Amos Taylor lot
Cain, Emeline (William), b. 06-04-1831, d. 05-15-1915, Plot B1, L44, #?
Cain, William (Emeline), b. 11-11-1825, d. 04-19-1905, Plot B1, L44, #?
Carpenter, George A., b. 1881, d. 04-14-1960, Plot B7, L4, #?, --d.date is not on stone, see obit
Carr, James, d. 1852, Plot B3, L3, #?, --Infant
Carr, Mary Ann, d. 1845, Plot B3, L3, #?
Cass, Charlie D. (Elaine), b. 03-27-1915, d. 09-06-2004, Plot B13, L77, #2, --(m)11-07-1942, metal marker in 2007
Cass, Curtis Lee, b. 06-27-1946, d. 02-19-1994, Plot B13, L77, #3, --Vietnam, Sgt US Army, s/o Charles & Elaine Cass
Cass, Donald L. (#1Sarah Matson, #2Elizabeth Murplhy), b. 1890, d. 01-14-1991, Plot B4, L2, #5, --see obit
Cass, Elaine E. (Charles D.), b. 01-17-1924, d. 01-27-2015, (m)11-07-1942, d/o Robert & Viola Ziemendorf Schreiber, see obit
Cass, Sarah Matson (1st w/o Donald L.), b. 1890, d. 1954, Plot B4, L2, #4, --from Donald's obit
Cass-Hicks, Lewis, d. 1852, Plot B?, L?, #?
Ceithamer, Harold Jerome (Ruth Isabel), b. 04-28-1922, d. 12-16-2004, Plot B13, L85, #5, --WW II, US AAA, (m)05-31-1945
Ceithamer, Ruth Isabel (Harold Jerome), b. 03-02-1919, d. 09-15-2005, Plot B13, L85, #5, --(m)05-31-1945, d/o John Sr.& Lillian Schnitger Snell, see obit
Chamberlain, Frank E., d. 1895, Plot B5, L1, #?
Chase, Salley A. (Jonathan), d. 05-22-1855, Plot B3, L11, #?, --age 58yr 5mo 11da old
Chattelle, Alfred P. --see obit, b. 1858, d. 05-31-1938, Brother to Alice, next to his parents, is this Fred?
Chattelle, Alice M., b. 1864, d. 1956, Plot B1, L28, #?, --sister to Alfred
Chattelle, Eugene E. (Lora J.), b. 09-05-1867, d. 07-22-1922, Plot B2, L13, #?
Chattelle, Fred, b. 04-05-1858, d. 06-01-1938, is this Alfred?
Chattelle, Lora J. (Eugene E.), b. 04-15-1870, d. 12-15-1939
Chattelle, Peter, d. 06-18-1861, 8mo old, son
Chattelle, Peter (Sarah), b. 10-15-1830, d. 12-25-1912, spelled Chattell on stone
Chattelle, Sarah (Peter), b. 03-17-1838, d. 01-26-1917, spelled Chattell on stone
Chivers, Alonzo (Louise), b. 1852, d. 02-00-1929, see obit
Chivers, Hazel, b. 1899, d. 1900, on stone with Alonzo & Louise Chivers
Chivers, Louise (Alonzo), b. 1859, d. 1905
Christianson, Irvin R. (LaVern E.), b. 01-28-1914, d. 10-24-1981, WW II, Cpl US Army, POW, (m)1951
Christianson, LaVern E. (#1Albert E. Meyer, #2 Irvin R. Christianson), b. 04-26-1921, d. 03-16-2010, (m1)1939, (m2)1951, d/o Felix E & Lydia Falkenthal Bremer, see obit
Clinton, Clemence (William H.), b. 08-02-1857, d. 04-08-1917, Burial on Prevost lot
Clinton, George (Mabel), b. 01-04-1886, d. 12-05-1956
Clinton, Lucy R, b. 09-09-1903, d. 09-12-1964, burial on Chattelle Lot, Nee Chattelle
Clinton, Mabel (George), b. 07-01-1889, d. 05-01-1949
Clinton, Nelson---Infant, b. 04-03-1918, d. 04-03-1918, s/o George & Mabel Clinton
Clinton, William H. (Clemence), b. 11-03-1854, d. 12-09-1934, Burial on Prevost lot
Close, Helen, b. 1919, d. 1944, d/o Charles & Hazel Kaschub
Colville, Alexander, d. 08-15-1891, 35yr 5 mo old
Colville, Ann (2nd w/o William), d. 02-05-1869, 46yr 1mo 29da old
Colville, David (Mary), b. 05-29-1832, d. 02-05-1912, GAR, hard to read
Colville, Mary (1st w/o William), d. 01-02-1874, 33yr 2mo old
Colville, Mary (David), b. 08-09-1837, d. 09-25-1878, maybe spelled Cowille, hard to read
Colville, William (Mary & Ann), b. 1821, d. 02-11-1911, GAR, 90yr 5mo 17da old
Colwell, Belle E. (1st w/o George), b. 1891, d. 1920, Nee Wright, Burial on William Colwell lot
Colwell, Caroline (William H.), b. 1864, d. 1949, Nee Mathews
Colwell, Charles, b. 1867, d. 1945
Colwell, Edna, d. 01-29-1874, 5mo 10da old
Colwell, five more graves next to David & Mary Colwell, d. no dates, Freddy, Edward, Clara, Agnes & Grandma
Colwell, George E. (#1Belle E. Wright, #2Gertrude Robbins), b. 1892, d. 01-18-1985, see obit
Colwell, Gertrude (2nd w/o George), b. 1886, d. 01-27-1972, d/o Jessie & Gertrude Miller Robbins
Colwell, James, d. 05-22-1853, 10mo old, or d.1863?
Colwell, Kenneth Robbins, b. 1922, d. 1991, WW II, s/o George & Gertrude Colwell
Colwell, Russell E. (Ruth E. Bergum), b. 10-17-1929, d. 10-18-2005, US Army, (m)04-03-1953, s/o Gertrude & George Colwell, Mason, see obit
Colwell, Ruth E. Bergum (Russell E.), b. 1932
Colwell, William H. (Caroline), b. 1854, d. 1928
Congar, four names, d. no dates, Grandpa, Grandma, Henry & Viola, no stone
Conger, A. L. (Ethel May), b. 04-31-1842, d. 01-31-1875, GAR, Co E 3rd Wis, 32yr 9mo old
Conger, Ethel May (A. L.), d. 08-31-1873, ?yr 9mo 24da old
Cook, Henry, in Thomas Stout lot
Cook, Jane (Willard P.), d. 01-28-1876, 59yr old, on Norton lot
Cook, Margaret Stout, d. no dates, Maybe Mary S. in Thomas Stout lot
Cook, Willard P. (Jane), b. 06-20-1823, d. 03-07-1903, on Norton lot
Coon, Cordelia M. (Franklin H.), d. 12-28-1892, 62yr old, Nee Russell
Coon, Franklin H. (Cordelia M.), b. 1822, d. 02-15-1897, GAR, CO K 32 Reg Wis Vol, 75yr old
Coon, Ida Jane, d. 06-30-1862, 4yr 11mo old, d/o Franklin H.& Cordelia M.Coon
Coon, Lulu A., d. 03-21-1867, 1y 6m 5d old, d/o Franklin H.& Cordelia M.Coon
Copeland, Charles (Maria), on Mauer lot
Copeland, Maria (Charles), on Mauer lot, Nee Mauer
Cornford, Celia E. (George), b. 08-22-1847, d. 03-05-1899
Cornford, Elizabeth (John), b. 09-16-1786, d. 10-09-1879
Cornford, George (Celia E.), b. 1822, d. 11-02-1882
Cornford, John (Elizabeth), b. 09-24-1779, d. 10-02-1853
Cornford, John (Mary Ann), b. 12-25-1812, d. 09-24-1857
Cornford, Mary Ann (John), b. 10-31-1814, d. 06-14-1903
Corning, Barbara J. (Jason M.), b. 09-22-1970, (m)10-02-1993, Nee Bahr
Corning, Jason M. (Barbara J. Bahr), b. 11-20-1973, d. 04-22-2001, Veteran, US Army (m)10-02-1993, s/o Roger & Patricia Corning, see obit
Cottet, Constant W. (Martha), b. 1859, d. 1961, Father
Cottet, Martha (Constant W.), b. 1861, d. 1946, Mother
Cotton, Truman/Thurman A., In Memory of our brother, 25yr old, old stone can't read
Councilman, Baby, d. no dates, in Fernando Councilman lot
Councilman, Elmer E., b. 1869, d. 1951, on stone with Juel Councilman
Councilman, Fernando C. (Laura J.), b. 04-22-1845, d. 11-08-1901, GAR, also spelled Ferdinand in record book
Councilman, Howard, b. 06-10-1873, d. 03-25-1906, s/o Fernando & Laura J. Councilman
Councilman, Juel, b. 1878, d. 1933, on stone with Elmer Councilman
Councilman, Laura J. (Fernando C.), b. 06-07-1845, d. 02-23-1933
Councilman, Laura-Miss, b. 1884, d. 11-15-1965, d/o Fernando & Laura J. Councilman, see obit dates
Councilman, Mary, b. 05-25-1879, d. 04-30-1911, d/o Fernando & Laura J. Councilman
Crady, Clifford A., b. 1927, d. 1933, burial on Ira Farmsworth lot
Crady, Elsie E. Kluschke (#1Ira C. Farnsworth, #2Frank Crady), b. 1894, d. 06-18-1973, see obit, for Elsie Crady
Crady, Frank Charles (Elsie Farnsworth), b. 1880, d. 12-11-1952, Father, see obit
Craig, Esther Irene Brossard (Nicholas "Richard"), b. 06-10-1912, d. 02-02-2011, Plot B12, L14, #2, --buried in Ruth Brossard Lot
Craig, Nicholas "Richard" (Esther Irene Brossard), d. 02-22-2011, Plot B12, L14, #2, --buried in Ruth Brossard Lot
Crossman, Betsey, d. 10-23-1881, 76y 11m 19d old, on stone with Eliakim Crossman
Crossman, Eliakim, d. 01-27-1890, 86y 4m 13d old, on stone with Betsey Crossman
Crossman, John R. (Mary Ann), b. 05-15-1841, d. 11-12-1919, GAR, Battery M 1st Wis Heavy Artillery
Crossman, Kenneth O. (Ruby E. Freck), b. 08-30-1922, d. 01-26-2007, WW II, TEC5 US Army Bronze Star, (m)11-10-1945, s/o William & Mildred Howe Crossman, see obit
Crossman, Mary Ann (John R.), b. 10-02-1846, d. 09-26-1924, WRC
Crossman, Raymond, b. 1893, d. 11-19-1973, never married, sister to Anna Tasker, s/o John & Mary Ann Crossman? See obit
Crossman, Ruby E. (Kenneth O.), b. 05-22-1925, d. 06-05-2009, (m)11-10-1945, d/o Max & Hannah Comar Freck, obit
Cutsforth, Randy Preston, b. 06-27-1972, d. 09-20-1994, on Carl & Carol Kreyer lot
Daniels, O. B., d. 08-21-1889, 64yr 5mo 26da old, burial on Jessie L.Fiske lot, on stone with Stella Fiske
Daniels, Persis (Noble), d. 05-10-1863, 63yr 5mo 21da old, burial on Jessie L. Fiske lot, on stone with O.B.Daniels & Stella Fiske
Dean, Charles S. (Julie R.), b. 1866, d. 1944
Dean, Eileen A. (Harold A.), b. 11-30-1924, d. 02-01-1990, Nee Burmeister, (m)02-24-1946
Dean, Harold A. (Eileen A.), b. 08-29-1922, d. 05-24-1995, "Diz", (m)02-24-1946
Dean, Julie Reed McConnell (Charles S.), b. 1867, d. 10-13-1941, spelled Julia on stone, see obit
Deglow, Augusta (Charles), b. 04-07-1877, d. 03-17-1955, Mother, (m)01-06-1898, full dates from Lester L.
Deglow, Charles (Augusta), b. 06-29-1875, d. 1946, Father, s/o William Friedrick Carl Deglow & Johanna Schmeckel, (m)01-06-1898--per Lester Ludwig
Deglow, Esther, b. 1903, d. 1914, d/o Charles & Augusta Deglow
Dehnert, Albert (Jennie Anna Thompson), b. 09-19-1865, d. 12-24-1947, in Franklin Thompson lot, (m)08-24-1894, s/o Christian & Emma Ottilia Burow Dehnert--Per Lester Ludwig
Dehnert, Jennie Anna Thompson (Albert), b. 07-11-1860, d. 02-17-1910, Nee Thompson, burial on Franklin Thompson lot
DeNure, Eric Anthony & Matthew, d. 1966, Plot B13, L17, #1, --sons/o Gary & JoAnn DeNure
DeNure, Gary L. (JoAnn Steel), b. 02-27-1941, d. 07-23-2009, Plot B13, L17, #2, --(m)06-15-1963, s/o Donald & Merva "Sally" Prieve DeNure, see obit
DeNure, JoAnn R. (Gary L.), b. 09-22-1942, d. 11-19-2012, Plot B13, L17, #2, --(m)06-15-1963, d/o Joseph & Dorothy Kohls Steel, see obit
Denuyl, Helen, b. 1881, d. 04-22-1963, Nee Raaths, mother of Carol Denuyl Firary, Boerger name is on stone too.
Derr, Leona Kreyer-Mrs., b. 1915, d. 11-16-1967, Nee Kreyer, on Otto Kreyer lot, see obit
Derry, Marjorie W. (Robert Otis), b. 1918, d. 02-21-1998, Nee Kirkbride
Derry, Michael (Lynn Marie Dickinson)--see obit, b. 12-01-1949, d. 05-26-2014, (m)06-30-1995, s/o Robert & Marjorie Kirkbride Derry, is he buried here? His parents are here.
Derry, Robert Otis (Marjorie W.), b. 06-26-1915, d. 06-20-1989
Devore, C., d. 1871, no stone
DeWitt, Henrietta T. Whitefield, b. 07-16-1851, d. 02-25-1883, d/o William E. & Elinore Whitfield
Dieckhoff, Augusta (Herman), b. 1860, d. 1943, Nee Leisman--per Lester Ludwig
Dieckhoff, Frieda L. (Walter), b. 10-16-1909, d. 01-08-2001, Plot B3, L13, #3, --d/o Henrick & Lydia Braker, Mother
Dieckhoff, Herman (Augusta Leisman), b. 02-27-1856, d. 07-09-1927, b. August Herman, s/o Johann Gottfried Dieckhoff & Marie Christine Wolter, (m)1876--per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Dieckhoff, Walter (Frieda L.), b. 09-21-1902, d. 01-14-1988, s/o A.Gustav Dieckhoff & Mathilda Madaus, he is not buried in this cemetery, see Dodge Cty--L.Ludwig
Dillman, A. --Mary & a Child, d. no dates, burial on P.Kerwin lot, no stone
Dougherty, Electa D., b. 1847, d. 1899, in Clarence Bradley lot, sister of Mrs. Bradley
Douma, Larry Allen (Tamara), b. 07-18-1949, d. 11-25-2014, s/o Auke & Evelyn Voortman Douma, see obit
Drury, Kenneth C., b. 1905, d. 1975
Duborg, Pamela "Pam" R. (Richard N.), b. 07-24-1945, Nee Evans
Duborg, Richard N. "Dick" (Pamela R. Evans), b. 10-11-1944, d. 03-07-2005, (m)07-24-1965, s/o Carl & Eleanor Price Duborg, see obit
Duborg, Warren Charles "Duke" (Virginia Peterson), b. 01-10-1943, d. 03-29-2011, Plot B18, L01, #5, --(m)06-24-1978, s/o Carl & Eleanor Price Duborg, ashes, see obit
Dudley, Nancy A. (J. M.), d. 02-04-1870, Nee Rumsey, buried on Ira Rumsey lot
Duerr, Albert C. (Emma A. Shaw), b. 1887, d. 06-09-1966, no d.date on stone, see obit
Duerr, Emma A. Shaw (Albert C.), b. 1884, d. 09-21-1950
Dunn Family Stone, Emmett, Sophia, Charles Otis, Herbert Whitfield, Emmett Jr., Ellen Thompson, Grace Anna
Dunn, Andelia C., b. 1844, d. 1941
Dunn, Charles Otis, 2yr old, s/o Emmett & Sophia F.Whitefield Dunn
Dunn, Ellen Thompson, 11mo old, d/o Emmett & Sophia F.Whitefield Dunn
Dunn, Emmet Jr., 2wk old, s/o Emmet & Sophia F. Whitefield Dunn
Dunn, Emmet (Sophia Frances), b. 1842, d. 1898, GAR
Dunn, Fernie, d. 10-20-1881, d/o Thomas V.& A. Dunn
Dunn, Grace Anna, 5yr old, d/o Emmet & Sophia F. Whitefield Dunn
Dunn, Helen (Henry "Harry" C.), b. 04-23-1878, d. 12-31-1920, Nee Fiske
Dunn, Henry "Harry" C. (Helen), b. 07-09-1871, d. 07-16-1951, stone says Henry G.
Dunn, Herbert Whitefield, b. 05-08-1872, d. 09-04-1872, 4 mo old, s/o Emmet & Sophia F.Whitefield Dunn
Dunn, Otis, b. 08-11-1850, d. 04-10-1872
Dunn, P. V., b. 1807, d. 1903
Dunn, Sophia, b. 1829, d. 1897, Nee Brown
Dunn, Sophia Frances Whitefield, b. 1849, d. 1922, w/o Emmet Dunn
Dunn, Thomas V. (Andelia Monroe), b. 1841, d. 09-00-1930, GAR, 3rd WI Cav, see obit
Dunn, Zana, d. 08-30-1869, d/o Thomas V.& A. Dunn, hard to read date
Dunning, Carmie A. (Forest C.), b. 09-06-1914, d. 10-31-2004
Dunning, Forest C. (Carmie A.), b. 1913, d. 12-27-1995
Dunning, Leral "Pete" A. (Ruth E.), b. 1915, d. 04-11-2004
Dunning, Mary E. (Myron J.), b. 08-23-1917, d. 12-09-1990, Nee Voth
Dunning, Myron J. (Mary E. Voth), b. 1909, d. 04-19-1982, see obit
Dunning, Ruth E. (Leral "Pete" A.), b. 1913, d. 03-09-1997
Durst, Ethel Marie"Pat" (Roy), b. 12-10-1922, d. 01-14-2012, Plot B13, L69, #1, --(m)01-20-1945, d/o Wilbert & Clara Blair Pomeroy, see obit
Durst, Roy (Pat), b. 06-20-1924, d. 08-01-1999, Plot B13, L69, #1, --WW II, CDR US Navy, (m)01-20-1945
Durtschi, Duanne Alan "Dewey" (Linda Wirth), b. 10-27-1946, d. 09-17-2013, Plot B13, L75, #3, --(m)09-25-1965, s/o Walter & Marion Mueller Durtschi, see obit
Dyer, Clarence D., b. 06-15-1904, d. 07-08-1906
Dyer, H. -Mrs., d. 06-00-1915, died Tenn., see obit
Dyer, Herbert David, b. 04-09-1843, d. 11-16-1903, GAR, 1st Lt. Co B 7th Wisc Inf
Dyer, Irving W., b. 5wk old, d. 04-10-1854, s/o W.D.& U.B. Dyer, burial on M.C. Hobart lot
Dykstra, Claude E. (Muriel Hemling), b. 10-30-1912, d. 03-01-1969, (m)11-20-1936/37, s/o Sjoukd Jans Dijkstra & Mause Grace Westover--Per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Dykstra, Gary L. (Joyce Roedl), b. 01-11-1945, d. 05-14-2014, (m)10-30-1965, s/o Claude & Muriel Hemling Dykstra, is he buried here? His parents are buried here. Obit
Dykstra, Michael S. "Mike Dyk", b. 10-13-1962, d. 03-22-2014, Plot B13, L84, #1, --s/o Eugene & Sandra Soldner Dykstra, see obit
Dykstra, Muriel Hemling (Claude E.), b. 05-21-1913, d. 08-07-2000, (m)11-20-1936/37, d/o Emil Arthur Hemling & Dora M. Sumnicht--per Lester Ludwig
Dykstra, Susan Kay, b. 1955, d. 04-27-1975, s/o Claude & Muriel Dykstra, see obit
Dykstra, William R., b. 08-19-1981, d. 12-23-2004, s/o Roger & Pat Ebert Dykstra, Buried next to Jerome Ebert
Earle, Frank E., b. 1885, d. 1957
Earle, John Enoch, b. 1858, d. 1901, In Earle lot
Earle, Martha-Mrs., b. 1862, d. 1895, Mother
Earle, Martin Armstrong, d. 1917, In Earle lot, no stone
Earle, Mary E, In Earle lot, no stone
Earls, Esther M. (Grover C.), b. 1912, d. 07-28-2003
Earls, Grover C. (Esther M.), b. 1911, d. 1963
Ebert, Jerome J. "Jerry" (Darlene Dawson Jones), b. 10-09-1928, d. 01-07-1998, Buried next to William Dykstra, on stone with Darlene Jones, see obit
Eckel, John Michael, b. 11-30-1929, d. 05-07-2003, WW II & Korea, Pfc US Army, Pfc US Air Force, buried in Oliver Jones Lot
Edson, Daniel C. /G., b. 07-25-1852, d. 1917, Hard to read dates, see obit for d.08-06-1917
Edson, Mary E. (Samuel S.), b. 05-18-1823, d. 08-02-1887
Edson, Samuel S. (Mary E.), b. 10-01-1816, d. 03-05-1895
Edwards, Alvina E., d. 05-18-1855, 2yr 6mo 16da old, d/o J.J.& E. Edwards
Ehlenfeldt, Donald A. (Rachel B.), b. 1917, d. 10-18-1991, "Beaver", see obit
Ehlenfeldt, Lynn Wiese (Richard E.), b. 10-06-1943, d. 01-08-1993, from pictures
Ehlenfeldt, Rachel B. (Donald A.), b. 1921, d. 08-22-1993, see obit
Ehlenfeldt, Richard E. (Lynn Wiese), b. 11-10-1942, d. 01-08-1993, from pictures
Elliot, Nancy, d. 05-23-1857, 57yr old
Engleke, Edith Prudence (Julius L.), b. 1869, d. 1956
Engleke, Julius L. (Edith Prudence), b. 1871, d. 1956
Ereth, Trarries (Adam), d. 02-06-1864, 47yr old, Nee Freck, buried on Oscar Freck lot
Erickson, Phillip R. (Susan Marie), b. 06-20-1942, d. 05-06-2003, Veteran Flag holder
Erickson, Susan Marie (Phillip R.), b. 05-01-1946, d. 03-12-1990, d/o Oswald J. & Evelyn Kreyer, d. Richmond CA
Errthum, Brian K. "Bean" (LeAnn), b. 03-29-1967, d. 08-07-2004, s/o Gary & Dee Errthum, Fall River VFD
Evans, Ann--Mrs., b. 06-04-1830, d. 06-28-1900, Buried on Hubbard lot
Evans, Delia (William J.), b. 09-20-1828, d. 02-27-1880, WRC, Nee Simons
Evans, Genevieve (Wallace W.), b. 07-10-1896, d. 04-30-1982, Nee Dunn
Evans, Mabel (Robert Delos), b. 1868, d. 1935, Nee O'Brion
Evans, Robert Delos (Mabel), b. 1864, d. 1949
Evans, Robert J. (Ruth K. Kohls), b. 06-30-1922, d. 05-29-1995, WW II, Cpl US Marine Corps
Evans, Ruth K. (Robert J.)-see obit, b. 03-29-1916, d. 12-16-2013, (m)01-25-1944, d/o Albert & Minna Wegner Kohls
Evans, Wallace W. (Genevieve Dunn), b. 02-01-1899, d. 10-04-1979, see obit
Evans, William J. (Delia), b. 12-15-1820, d. 02-18-1909, GAR
Evenson, Christopher, d. 04-29-1980, Metal marker, s/o Laura Evenson & M.Torkilson, see Chris Torkilson, 6 weeks old
Everson, Lina, b. 04-19-1871, d. 07-08-1928, Nee North, burial on North lot
Exley, Opal A. (Virgil L.), b. 1920, d. 02-08-1996, (m)05-15-1937
Exley, Virgil L. (Opal A.), d. 04-25-1997, ashes, (m)05-15-1937
Farnham, Adell--Mrs., d. no dates, no stone, in the Brossard lot
Farnham, Mr. Sr., d. no dates, no stone, in the Brossard lot
Farnham, Vivian, d. no dates, no stone, in the Brossard lot
Farnsworth, Elsie E. Kluschke (#1Ira C. Farnsworth, #2Frank Crady), b. 1894, d. 06-18-1973, see obit for Elsie Crady
Farnsworth, Ira C. (Elsie E. Kluschke), b. 1888, d. 05-31-1921, see obit
Farrand, Charles F., d. 12-16-1871, Civil War, 42yr 3mo 7da old
Farrand, George C. (Hannah), b. 01-05-1833, d. 03-27-1865, Civil War, CO C 51 Regt Wis Inf
Farrand, Hannah (George C.), b. 06-03-1825, d. 07-08-1916, Nee Macher
Field Family Stone, Mary E, Caroline, William H, William E, Josephine
Field, Caroline (William H.), b. 1863, d. 1944
Field, Cecelia J. (Gilbert O.), b. 1909, d. 1957
Field, Charles Earl, d. 02-06-1939, WW I, Wis Corp 457 Motor Truck CO MTC, s/o George & Nellie Field
Field, Diana (Lewis Oliver), b. 1863, d. 1962, Nee Smith
Field, Edward (Emeline), d. 1955
Field, Emeline Boughton (Edward), d. 12-25-1959, see obit
Field, George S. (Nellie), b. 1868, d. 1921
Field, Gilbert O. (Cecelia J.), b. 1911, d. 10-02-1975, see obit
Field, Herbert, b. 04-18-1898, d. 04-18-1918, in the Edward Field lot
Field, John H., d. 05-16-1857, 1yr 11mo 5da old , in M.C. Hobart lot
Field, Josephine (William), d. 06-06-1892, 61yr 11mo 7da old
Field, Lewis Oliver (Deana), b. 09-23-1854, d. 10-09-1936, s/o Henry & Teresa Field
Field, Louis M., b. 07-10-1885, d. 11-08-1944, WW I, Cpl US Army, maybe spelled Fields, foster s/o Lewis & Diana Field
Field, Mary E. (William H.), d. 08-03-1875, 20yr 11mo old
Field, Mettie, d. no dates, infant d/o William & Mary Field
Field, Nellie (George S.), b. 1871, d. 1927
Field, Unknown, In M.C. Hobart lot
Field, William E., d. 01-31-1890, 64y 10m 27d old, stone hard to read
Field, William H. (Mary E. & Caroline), b. 1857, d. 1945
Fiske, Carlotta, b. 1871, d. 1950, d/o Wyman & Cora B. Fiske
Fiske, Cora B. (Wyman Parker), b. 1850, d. 1936
Fiske, Gertrude, b. 1869, d. 1957, on stone with Jessie L.Fiske on the Daniels Stone
Fiske, Harmon J. (Lucy), b. 08-01-1839, d. 04-05-1912, Plot B1, L16, #?, --spelled Fisk on stone
Fiske, Jessie L. -Miss, b. 07-31-1863, d. 11-16-1890, this name in obituary index, not Daniels, spelled Fisk on stone, on Daniels stone
Fiske, Lucy (Harmon J.), b. 03-05-1841, d. 01-10-1920, Plot B1, L16, #?, --Nee Daniels
Fiske, Stella, b. 1872, d. 1957, on stone with O.B.Daniels
Fiske, Wyman Parker (Cora B.), b. 02-21-1842, d. 02-22-1917, Civil War
Fortnum, Alice, b. 1874, d. 1957, In William Field lot
Foster, Annie Laurie, b. 03-30-1864, d. 01-30-1902
Foster, Baby of John, d. no dates, c/o John Foster
Foster, Catherine (1st w/o John Sr.), b. 12-19-1830, d. 07-20-1886
Foster, Elizabeth (2nd w/o John Sr.), b. 08-31-1850, d. 01-01-1934
Foster, John Sr. (Catherine & Elizabeth), b. 08-15-1832, d. 04-08-1924
Fowler, Archibald, b. 1871, d. 03-12-1962
Fowler, Blanche E., d. 10-05-1900, 3yr old, d/o M/Mrs. A.E. Fowler
Fowler, Catherine (E. A.), b. 1836, d. 1916
Fowler, E. A. (Catherine), b. 1830, d. 1911
Fowler, Mary G., b. 1868, d. 1953
Franklin, Adrian D., b. 1851, d. 1852, s/o John & Elizabeth Franklin
Franklin, Clarence H., b. 03-09-1892, d. 08-22-1909, s/o William & Mary Ann "Anna" Franklin, burial on Henry Brace lot
Franklin, Elizabeth R. (John A.), b. 1816, d. 1909, 2nd husband L.S. Pratt
Franklin, John A. (Elizabeth R.), b. 1813, d. 1868
Franklin, Luther B., b. 1853, d. 1903, s/o J.& E. Franklin, burial on Samuel Lashier Lot
Franklin, Mary Ann "Anna" (William A.), b. 04-10-1847, d. 12-27-1934, Nee Brace, Annie Brace Franklin on stone
Franklin, Unknown, d. no dates, on John & Elizabeth Franklin Lot
Franklin, William A. (Mary Ann "Anna"), b. 07-30-1849, d. 07-06-1916, M.D, on Henry Brace lot
Franz, Baby, d. no dates, c/o William & Nellie Franz, no stone
Franz, Nellie M. Sumnicht (William R.), b. 1889, d. 02-16-1977, see obit
Franz, William R. (Nellie M.), b. 1894, d. 1954
Freck lot, d. 1944, Baby of Winnie in Freck lot
Freck, Albert E. (Eva Kallas), b. 06-21-1891, d. 11-15-1975, WW I, US Army, see obit
Freck, Arthur A. (Bertha E.), b. 12-26-1877, d. 02-11-1949
Freck, Bertha E. Kietzke (Arthur A.), b. 06-26-1884, d. 08-18-1971, see obit
Freck, Bruce W., b. 05-24-1914, d. 03-15-1983, WW II, US Army, s/o Oscar & Stella Freck
Freck, Donald F., b. 1918, d. 1924, s/o Oscar & Stella Freck?
Freck, Eva Kallas/Callas (Albert E.), b. 1885, d. 12-20-1969, see obit
Freck, Hannah M. (Max A.), b. 1888, d. 1952
Freck, Irene L. (1st w/o Vernon E.), b. 02-20-1918, d. 12-07-1980, (m)1943, Nee Schreiber
Freck, Max August (Hannah M.), b. 1880, d. 08-21-1968, see obit
Freck, Oscar A. (Stella V.), b. 1884, d. 1949
Freck, Son, d. 1924, s/o Max & Hannah Freck
Freck, Stella V. (Oscar A.), b. 1888, d. 09-08-1969, WRC, d/o Willard & Ida May Hubbard Martin, obit
Freck, Vernon E. (#1Irene L. Schreiber, #2Margaret Wiencek, #3Betty J. Roberts), b. 01-10-1922, d. 01-26-2014, WW II, SSGT 94th Field Artillery div., (m1)1943, (m2)1983, (m3)1996, s/o Arthur A.& Bertha Kietske Freck, see obit
Frederick, Carl C. (Dorothy A. Hancock), b. 1889, d. 06-06-1983, Veteran Flag holder, see obit
Frederick, Dorothy A. Hancock (Carl C.), b. 1901, d. 02-02-1968, see obit
Fredrick, Edward W., b. 08-14-1868, d. 05-18-1898
Fredrick, Emma L. (Julius H.), b. 1875, d. 1949, Mother
Fredrick, Julius Henry (Emma L.), b. 1873, d. 12-00-1958, Father, see obit
Frey, Ada B. (Daniel B.), b. 05-24-1903, d. 11-28-1988, Nee Heideman
Frey, Cora B. (John F.), b. 1873, d. 1927
Frey, Daniel B. (Ada B.), b. 1901, d. 05-03-1984, see obit
Frey, John F. (Cora B.), b. 1869, d. 1956
Fritz, Anna E. Gadow (Eli H.), b. 1901, d. 03-15-1996, Mother
Fritz, Eli H. (Anna E.), b. 1893, d. 04-21-1970, Father, see obit
Fritz, Kenneth W., b. 1924, d. 06-00-1925, 16mo, s/o Eli H.& Anna E. Fritz, car accident, obit
Fuerstenau, Carl A. (Helen Marjorie), b. 01-02-1902, d. 12-00-1982, dates per Lester Ludwig
Fuerstenau, Helen Marjorie (Carl A.), b. 1900, d. 1965, DAR, Regent
Funnel, A. E. D., d. no dates, no stone
Gabbard, John M., b. 04-06-1925, d. 06-23-1979, WW II
Gates, Esther T., b. 1899, d. 1991, Eastern Star, maybe Esther M., maybe w/o Ralph B. Gates
Gates, Eugene P. (Mattie Bean), b. 1874, d. 02-00-1939, Mason, see obit
Gates, Mattie Bean (Eugene P.), b. 1875, d. 12-00-1938, see obit
Gates, Ralph B., b. 1900, d. 1931, WW I, Mason, s/o Eugene P.& Mattie Gates
Gehrke, David Walter (#1Harriet A, #2Sandra Lee Achterberg 1983), b. 07-16-1936, d. 04-09-1989, Korea, SP4 US Army, thanks to Ann Kemnitz for info
Gehrke, Harriet A. (David Walter), b. 08-15-1941, d. 10-05-1982, Nee Patchin
Gerber, Lucille F. --see obit, b. 08-11-1924, d. 06-25-2011, Plot B13, L32, 2, --d/o Leo & Helen Marshall Pommering
Gleason, Grace H. (Walter Ernest), b. 1883, d. 01-00-1953, Nee Hastings, see obit, 2nd w/o Walter
Gleason, Walter Ernest (#1Mabel White, #2Grace E. Hastings), b. 1872, d. 03-25-1936, see obit
Goodman, Belle (James), d. 08-29-1876, 25yr 4mo old, burial on John Stout lot
Goodman, Bertha, d. no dates
Goodman, Elizabeth A., d. 11-29-1870
Grebe, Alice B. (Ferdinand C.), b. 03-10-1916, d. 03-17-2004, Nee Adams
Grebe, Ferdinand C. (Alice B.), b. 06-03-1906, d. 07-02-1998, WW II flag holder
Grebe, Gregory L., b. 03-10-1956, d. 11-23-1995, s/o Ferdinand & Alice Grebe
Green, Arthur J. Sr. (Reta M.), b. 03-25-1936, (m)06-09-1962
Green, Benjamin F. (Golda L. Schultz), b. 1906, d. 11-22-1977, see obit
Green, Charles H. (Mary S.), b. 04-03-1829, d. 03-24-1903, GAR, 3rd Calvary Wisc Vol Co E
Green, Golda L. (Benjamin F.), b. 11-04-1906, d. 01-11-1993, Nee Schultz
Green, Mary S. (Charles H.), b. 10-08-1835, d. 06-25-1916, Nee Bliss
Green, Reta M. (Arthur J. Jr.), b. 09-18-1943, d. 11-27-2000, (m)06-09-1962, d/o James & Lucille Hatzinger Klipstein, see obit
Griffey, Daniel M. (Eliza), b. 03-04-1833, d. 12-12-1926
Griffey, Delilah M. (Denver M.), b. 1879, d. 1954
Griffey, Denver M. (Delilah M.), b. 1878, d. 06-18-1966, see obit
Griffey, Eliza (Daniel M.), d. 01-18-1894, spelled Griffey on stone, 52y 6mo old
Griffey, Flora J., d. 09-08-1868, 2yr 6mo old, d/o Daniel & Eliza Griffey
Griffey, Harvey D., d. 02-16-1887, 11yr 10 mo old, s/o Daniel & Eliza Griffey
Griffey, Jasper A., d. 06-06-1872, 2mo old, s/o Daniel & Eliza Griffey
Griffin, George W. (Gladys M. Williams), b. 1896, d. 05-06-1966, see obit
Griffin, George W. Jr. (Patsy L.), b. 1936, d. 11-29-1990, s/o George & Gladys Griffin, (m)11-27-1960
Griffin, Gladys M. (George W.), b. 03-27-1904, d. 11-12-1990, d/o John & Sarah Martin Williams
Griffin, Patsy L. (George W. Jr.), b. 1940, (m)11-27-1960, Nee Weinberger
Grout, Ambrose A. ---20yr 6mo old, b. 1843, d. 03-12-1862, GAR, Co B 11th Wis, d.Sulphur Spring MO, maybe d.04-06-1863?
Grout, Eleanor (Elijah L.), b. 02-21-1808, d. 09-20-1870, Mother
Grout, Elijah, d. 10-17-1854, 87yr 5mo 24da old
Grout, Elijah L. (Eleanor), b. 05-15-1804, d. 02-21-1860, Father
Grout, Fanny, d. 1862
Grout, John E. (Mary C.), b. 09-28-1838, d. 09-09-1900, GAR, Capt CO K 32 CO D 46 Regt Wis Vol, Father
Grout, Mary C. (John E.), b. 1841, d. 1937, Mother
Grout, Mary U., b. 1880, d. 1882, d/o John E. & Mary C. Grout?
Grout, Sarah (Enos.), d. 02-01-1875, 71y 5m 4da old, see Sarah Spencer, old stone laying down flat in ground
Gruetzmacher, Clayton & Dayton--twins, b. 1924, d. 1924, sons/o Erich & Lotta Ann Gruetzmacher
Gruetzmacher, Erich (Lotta Ann), b. 1892, d. no dates, Father
Gruetzmacher, Lota Ann Bunn (Erich), b. 1898, d. 08-10-1941, Mother, see obit
Gurr, Recka Wrege (William F.), b. 1861, d. 1929, on Wrege lot
Gurr, William F. (Recka Wrege), b. 1861, d. 1934, on Wrege lot
Haefner, Theodore W. "Ted" (#1Doris Dehnert, #2Dorothy McCauley), b. 08-17-1934, d. 06-06-2014, (m2)11-24-1962, s/o John & Laura Kelly Haefner, see obit
Haemling, Amelia/Emilie (Friedrich), b. 01-24-1865, d. 03-08-1941, d/o Christian Hinz & Regina Ernestine Wilhelmine Deglow--per Lester Ludwig
Haemling, Christ (Mary/Marie)-see obit for Christ Hemling, b. 03-08-1856, d. 10-16-1946, (m)02-16-1882, s/o Gottfried Haemling & Anna Sophia Ebelt--Per Lester Ludwig
Haemling, Christian (Regina), b. 08-20-1824, d. 02-18-1910, (m)01-06-1853, s/o Christian Friedrich Haemling & Maria Stange-per Lester Ludwig
Haemling, Clara, b. 08-29-1893, d. 01-17-1914, d/o Christ & Mary Haemling
Haemling, Friedrich (Amelia/Emilie Hinz), b. 08-04-1864, d. 08-30-1923, (m)10-23-1890, s/o Christian Friedrich & Regina Rautenberg Haemling--per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Haemling, Hugo, b. 10-19-1891, d. 09-28-1892, s/o Christ & Mary Haemling
Haemling, Ida, b. 10-03-1884, d. 08-19-1903, d/o Christ & Mary Haemling
Haemling, Mary/Marie (Christ)-see obit for Mrs. Christ Hemling, b. 03-22-1856, d. 05-02-1928, (m)02-16-1882, d/o Christian Haemling & Regina Bolzins--per Lester Ludwig
Haemling, Mata/Meta E., b. 05-11-1895, d. 07-11-1917, d/o Christ & Mary Haemling
Haemling, Regina (Christian), b. 02-09-1825, d. 04-31-1893, (m)01-06-1853, spelled Regine on stone, b.1824 on stone, d/o Philipp Bolzins & Christina Dieckhoff--L.L
Hall, Joesph C., d. 08-26-1856, 9y 2mo14d old, on Sally Chase lot, s/o L.J.& ?.B.
Hallet, Elvira D. (William), d. 10-19-1872, Plot B1, L11, #?, --"Our Mother"
Hallet, Emily, Charles and ???, d/o Wm.& Elvira D.Hallet, old buried stone half gone
Hallet, Euphelia (John W.), old broken stone can't read
Hallet, Jefferson G., d. 08-19-1850, 11mo 5da old, s/o Elvira & William Hallet, on stone with Mortimer, old buried stone hard to read
Hallet, Mortimer, d. 05-07-1848, 27da old, s/o Elvira & William Hallet, on stone with Jefferson G, old buried stone hard to read
Hallet, Sarah (William), d. 01-23-1866, Plot B2, L5, #?, --age 20yr 2mo 27da old, old buried stone hard to read
Hanaman, Carl, d. 1945, baby son, buried on William Hinz lot
Hancock, Edwin R. --MD, died for his country, b. 1839, d. 09-20-1862, Civil War, Corp Co B 7th Reg Wis Vol Inf, d.South Mountain, burial at Antietam, known as Bloody River in Civil War, on Isaac & Sally Hancock stone
Hancock, Adeline (Edwin E.), b. 1862, d. 1947
Hancock, Edwin Eugene (Adeline), b. 1862, d. 10-28-1918, see obit
Hancock, Eugene H., b. 11-09-1891, d. 04-04-1918, WW I, Battery T 331 Regt Field Artillary
Hancock, Harmon R. (Mary), d. 01-28-1885, 51yr 6mo old
Hancock, Isaac B. (Sally S.), b. 1807, d. 1883, Edwin R.Hancock on same stone
Hancock, James, b. 1835, d. 1850
Hancock, Lyman, b. 1846, d. 1893
Hancock, Mary (Harmon R.), b. 09-13-1837, d. 10-02-1924
Hancock, Sally S. (Isaac B.), b. 1811, d. 1873, Nee Robbins, Edwin R.Hancock on same stone
Hanneman, Carl A. (#1Margaret C, #2Regina Knueppel), b. 1915, d. 1995, WW II, (m2)04-08-1967
Hanneman, Margaret C. (Carl A.), b. 1914, d. 1965, Nee Sumnicht, 1st w/o Carl A.Hanneman
Hanneman, Regina (2nd w/o Carl A.), b. 05-18-1930, d. 10-18-2010, (m)04-08-1967, d/o Emil and Elsie Leichtenberg Knueppel, see obit
Hansen, Barbara (David), b. 1931
Hansen, David (Barbara), b. 1930
Hansen, Marcus (Mattie), b. 1876, d. 1960
Hansen, Mattie (Marcus), b. 1869, d. 1935, Nee Russell
Hansen, Scott Frederick, b. 1955, d. 11-15-1975, s/o David & Barbara Hansen, see obit
Hanson, Clara O. (John E.), b. 07-14-1872, d. 12-02-1905
Hanson, Eron J., b. 09-27-1896, d. 02-06-1918, WW I, Sergt, s/o John E.& Clara O.Hanson?
Hanson, Ervin M. (Lucille S.), b. 1903, d. 04-28-1987
Hanson, Iris, d. 09-12-1998, d/o Leslie & Jessie Wright
Hanson, John E. (Clara O.), Plot B4, L20, #?, --can't read stone
Hanson, Lucille Sophie Brooks (#1Ervin M. Hanson, #2LeRoy Schanke), b. 05-20-1914, d. 06-23-1996, 2nd marriage to Schanke--see Lucille Schanke, see obit for Lucille Schanke
Harmes, Douglas Lee, b. 1930, d. 10-20-2012, Plot B13, L31, #2, --s/o James C.& Nellie Harmes, obit
Harmes, Fern L. (Richard "Dick" C.), b. 04-21-1935, d. 11-24-1999, Nee Ward, (m)09-12-1953
Harmes, James C. (Nellie K. Jenkins), b. 01-23-1888, d. 01-02-1977, Veteran, see obit
Harmes, Nellie K. Jenkins (James C.), b. 1894, d. 02-27-1973, see obit
Harmes, Richard J. "Rick" (Deborah Benck), b. 10-30-1960, d. 08-14-2005, (m)03-06-1992, s/o Richard & Fern Ward Harmes, see obit
Harmes, Richard "Dick" C. (Fern L.), b. 11-08-1932, (m)09-12-1953
Harmes, Robert J., b. 11-05-1922, d. 06-24-2002, WW II, AMM3 US Navy, s/o James & Nellie Harmes
Harriman, Amy B. (Harry W.), b. 1883, d. 1976, Nee Oliver, burial on Oliver lot
Harriman, Harry W. (Amy B.), b. 1874, d. 1958, on Oliver lot
Haskins, Child, d. 09-10-1861, 10mo old, c/o J. & H. Haskins
Haskins, Dan W., d. 02-11-1877, 67yr old
Haskins, Lucinda H. (Stephen S.), d. 11-14-1871, Plot B2, L1, #6, --age 56yr 11 mo 6da old
Haskins, Stephen S. (Lucinda H.), d. 03-03-1872, Plot B2, L1, #5, --age 61yr 4mo 3da old
Haskins, Walter, Willie & 2 unknowns, d. no dates, no stones
Hastings, Albert M., b. 10-23-1871, d. 02-07-1890, s/o Alvin M.& Josephine A. Hasting/Hastings
Hastings, Albert S., b. 05-25-1840, d. 06-04-1874, Civil War, 44th Wis., Son
Hastings, Alvin M. (Josephine A.), b. 1843, d. 02-00-1920, Father, spelled Hastings on stone, see obit
Hastings, Cynthia M. (H. S.), d. 11-07-1886, 74yr old, wife, spelled Hastings on stone
Hastings, Elmira G., b. 05-02-1838, d. 06-16-1850, s/o H.S. & Cynthia M. Hastings
Hastings, H. S. (Cynthia M.), d. 1921, Father
Hastings, Infant son, b. 12-19-1886, d. 12-21-1886, s/o Alvin M.& Josephine A. Hasting/Hastings
Hastings, Josephine A. (Alvin M.), b. 1843, d. 11-04-1923, Nee Bessette, spelled Hastings on stone, see obit
Hastings, Sarah A., b. 1846, d. 1915, daughter, spelled Hastings on stone
Heath, Caleb (Hannah), d. 01-13-1903, 85yr 2mo old
Heath, Elizabeth "Libby" J. (Moses A.), b. 02-20-1855, d. 09-12-1935, (m)11-00-1877
Heath, Hannah (Caleb), d. 06-20-1901, 80yr 8mo 25da old
Heath, Herbert E., b. 1884, d. 02-17-1973, see obit
Heath, Moses A. (Elizabeth "Libby" J.), b. 04-16-1875, d. 02-14-1937, (m)11-00-1877
Heintz, August O. (Clara M. Smith), b. 04-29-1907, d. 08-12-1977, see obit
Heintz, Clara M. Smith (August O.), b. 08-27-1905, d. 10-12-2002
Hemling, Ada Mae, b. 07-16-1925, d. 06-12-1944, d/o Paul E. & Elsie L.Deglow Hemling--per L.Ludwig
Hemling, Bernard "Bernie" Emil (Evelyn Dorothy Borke-divorced), b. 02-17-1926, d. 11-08-1999, s/o William & Lillian Birkenstock Hemling--per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Hemling, Carl/Charles (Meta S. Dieckhoff), b. 06-12-1889, d. 11-10-1922, (m)11-21-1918, Meta remarried--per Lester Ludwig
Hemling, Dora M. (Emil A. "Spike"), b. 1886, d. 01-12-1969, (m)10-13-1910, Nee Sumnicht--per L.Ludwig, obit
Hemling, Elsie Laura Amalie (Paul Ernest), b. 09-07-1900, d. 04-09-1936, (m)11-06-1919, Nee Deglow
Hemling, Emil A. "Spike" (Dora M. Sumnicht), b. 05-20-1882, d. 09-10-1943, (m)10-13-1910, s/o Christian & Maria Hemling--per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Hemling, Florence L. (Lester F.), b. 03-30-1914, d. 07-01-1996, (m)11-26-1942, d/o Herman & Mamie Kranz, see obit
Hemling, Harley, b. 07-03-1911, d. 01-21-1912, s/o Emil & Dora Sumnicht.Hemling--per L.Ludwig
Hemling, Lester F. (Florence L.), b. 08-30-1920, d. 09-22-1995, (m)11-26-1942, s/o Paul & Elsie Deglow Hemling--per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Hemling, Louis Myron (Ruth Effie Wakeman), b. 09-29-1924, d. 02-20-2013, Plot B13, L26, #4, --WW II, US Army, (m)06-24-1948, s/o William & Lillian Birkenstock Hemling, per Lester Ludwig & obit
Hemling, Marvin Howard, b. 08-26-1923, d. 11-27-1923, s/o Paul E.& Elsie L.Deglow Hemling--per L.Ludwig
Hemling, Matthew, b. 04-10-1831, d. 12-08-1913
Hemling, Orin E., b. 12-17-1927, d. 09-09-2004, s/o Paul & Elsie Hemling, brother to Ada
Hemling, Paul Ernest (Elsie Laura Amalie), b. 04-24-1888, d. 11-11-1984, (m)11-06-1919, s/o Christian Friedrich & Marie Hemling--per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Hemling, Roy, b. 01-17-1913, d. 12-30-1926, s/o Emil Dora Sumnicht Hemling--per Lester Ludwig
Hemling, Ruth Effie (Louis Myron), b. 12-29-1928, d. 07-04-2012, Plot B13, L69, #5, --(m)06-24-1948, d/o Thad & Anna Zimbrick Wakeman--per Lester Ludwig & Obit
Henderson, George M., b. 07-04-1854, d. 09-27-1855, s/o G.W.& L.A. Henderson, burial on Griffey lot
Hendrickson, Armilla M. (Earl W.), b. 1909, d. 06-27-1997, Nee Lange
Hendrickson, Earl W. (Armilla M. Lange), b. 07-29-1910, d. 07-13-1988, see obit
Hendrickson, Eileen C. (Herman T.), b. 03-08-1927, d. 01-18-1995, d/o Harold & Lauretta Brossard Brewer, "My Sweet Pea"
Hendrickson, Herman T. (Eileen C.), b. 1914, d. 06-27-2002, "Valla", see obit
Henry, Pahl--his lot, d. no dates, Pahl Henry or Henry Pahl? lot, burial, no name
Hewins, George W., b. 1832, d. 09-18-1878, Plot B1, L67, #2, --GAR, CO E 3 Wis Inf, burial on Charles Smith lot
Hicks, Asa Dallas-In Memory of, b. 08-03-1845, d. 03-27-1865, Plot B4, L4, #?, --Civil War, 51st Co C, s/o John & Eliza Hicks, died for his country
Hicks, Eliza (John), b. 06-13-1821, d. 09-15-1894, Plot B4, L4, #?, --age 73yr 3mo 2da old
Hicks, Frances Helen, b. 04-28-1841, d. 10-19-1845, Plot B4, L4, #?, --d/o John & Eliza Hicks
Hicks, John (Eliza), b. 11-27-1817, d. 07-08-1900, Plot B4, L4, #?, --Co B 11th Wis.Vol, b.Dreston NY, d.Fall River WI
Hicks, Lewis Cass, b. 05-13-1848, d. 12-08-1852, Plot B4, L4, #?, --s/o John & Eliza Hicks
Hicks, Stephen LeRoy, b. 03-11-1843, d. 11-08-1844, Plot B4, L4, #?--s/o John & Eliza Hicks
Higbie, Helen G. (Schuyler C.), d. 02-04-1895, 80yr 8mo 26da old
Higbie, Schuyler C. (Helen G.), d. 11-01-1866, hard to read stone, Mason
Hilker, Elza, d. no dates, Is she buried here?
Hill, Vera Lange Tramburg, b. 05-27-1912, d. 02-10-1994, on John H. Tramburg lot
Hillecker, Ella, d. 1859, On Cain Lot
Hiller, Elmer A. (Olive M. Huggett), b. 1911, d. 03-06-1980, in Huggett lot, see obit
Hiller, Olive M. (Elmer A.), b. 1914, d. 04-03-1997, Nee Huggett, d/o Tom & Hattie Huggett
Hinz Family Plot, William, Anna, Rudolf, Walter, Sarah
Hinz, Anna Regina (William), b. 08-29-1864, d. 07-21-1945, (m)12-04-1890, d/o Johann Wilhelm Schwartz & Anna Regina Wolfgram, Mother of Olga Bauman--per Lester Ludwig
Hinz, Christian (Wilhelmine), b. 11-23-1831, d. 12-28-1912, (m)04-22-1858, s/o Gottfried Hinz & Regina Wiese, also spelled Hintz--per Lester Ludwig
Hinz, Maria Elizabeth (J. F. or J. L.), b. 01-04-1854, d. 02-05-1926, Mother, (m)1878, see obit
Hinz, Rudolf, b. 1891, d. 1937, s/o W.& A.Hinz
Hinz, Sarah, b. 1900, d. 1900, d/o W.& A.Hinz
Hinz, Unknown, stones for A.J.A., F.P., S.H. and 2 unknowns
Hinz, Walter Karl Otto, b. 11-01-1901, d. 03-08-1971, s/o August William & Anna Regina schwartz Hinz, see obit
Hinz, Wilhelmine (Christian), b. 10-03-1834, d. 03-14-1913, (m)04-22-1858, d/o Johan Friedrich Deglow & Maria Luck--per Lester Ludwig
Hinz, William (Anna Schwartz), b. 02-15-1862, d. 10-03-1939, Father, (m)12-04-1890, s/o Christian & Wilhelmina Deglow Hinz, born August William Friedrich Hinz--per Lester Ludwig
Hinzman, Augusta/Augusty (Otto), b. 1887, d. 1942, (m)1904
Hinzman, Frederick (Minnie Miller), b. 08-14-1852, d. 05-01-1935, (m)10-18-1877--per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Hinzman, Laura T. (Theodore E.), b. 10-13-1881, d. 01-26-1940, Mother, on the Dearborn Taylor lot, d/o Julius Brunk & Augusta Dehnert--per Lester Ludwig
Hinzman, Minnie (Frederick), b. 1855, d. 1941, (m)10-18-1877, d/o Carl & Caroline Miller/Muller--per Lester Ludwig
Hinzman, Otto (Augusta/Augusty), b. 06-13-1878, d. 09-20-1954, (m)1904, s/o Frederick & Minnie Hinzman--Per L.L.
Hinzman, Theodore E. (Laura T.), b. 07-29-1881, d. 06-10-1961, Father, buried 06-13-1961, s/o Frederick & Minnie Hinzman--per L.Ludwig, see obit
Hobart, Burr Eugene, b. 03-16-1875, d. 10-01-1899, s/o Martin C. & Sarah C. Hobart
Hobart, Frances M., b. 03-00-1868, d. 10-00-1896
Hobart, John G. (Sarah A.), b. 01-18-1805, d. 01-18-1891, spelled Hobert on stone
Hobart, Martin C. -Captain (Sarah Dyra), b. 08-01-1835, d. 03-20-1919, GAR, CO B 7th Wis Vol Inf, see obit
Hobart, Marvel C., b. 1898, d. 1972, d/o Pearl Holloway Hobart
Hobart, Mary V., b. 03-14-1871, d. 05-26-1935, d/o Martin C. & Sarah C. Hobart
Hobart, Pearl, b. 1878, d. 1965, Nee Holloway, on stone with Marvel C.Hobart
Hobart, Sarah A. (John G.), d. 09-16-1872, 56yr 16da old
Hobart, Sarah D. (Captain Martin C.), b. 09-20-1845, d. 11-01-1921
Hobart, Susan R., b. 01-18-1838, d. 03-12-1922
Hodgkins, Clarence A. (Janet Lange), b. 1948
Hodgkins, Janet Lange (Clarence A.), b. 1950, d. 09-30-1995, see obit
Hoffman, Larry L. (Mary A.), b. 11-18-1942, d. 01-05-2002, Vietnam, Lt JG US Navy, (m)07-10-1998
Hoffman, Mary A. (Larry L.), b. 03-05-1950, Nee Miller, (m)07-10-1998
Hollnagel, Albert M. (Florence L.), b. 10-31-1910, d. 04-30-1989, "Milt"
Hollnagel, Florence L. (Albert M.), b. 04-14-1916, d. 04-27-1994, d/o John & Blanche Brossard Huggett
Holloway, John, b. 1851, d. 1898, burial on M.C. Hobart lot, on stone with Inez Holloway Jones
Homburg, Cheryl Ann, d. 08-18-1944, Infant, buried on Oscar Freck lot
Howard, John, d. 03-08-1858, 41yr old
Howard, Julia Ann, d. 06-16-1868, 11yr 2mo 25da old
Hubbard, Blanche, b. 1890, d. 1893
Hubbard, Mable, b. 1888, d. 1896
Hubbard, William, b. 1862, d. 1918, Father
Hubbard, William-Mrs., b. 1856, d. 1904, Mother
Huggett, Blanche (John), b. 1887, d. 1947, Nee Brossard
Huggett, Chester H. (Ruth I.), b. 1910, d. 11-21-1987
Huggett, Earl L. (Ivah E. Raether), b. 1907, d. 11-15-1977, see obit
Huggett, Genevieve M. (Lawrence T.), b. 1917, d. 08-08-2000, Nee Waas, "Gen"
Huggett, Gordon J. (Mildred A. Howe Crossman), b. 1906, d. 11-08-1968, see obit
Huggett, Hattie Austin (Thomas), b. 1875, d. 03-04-1971, see obit
Huggett, Ivah E. Raether (Earl L.), b. 1908, d. 07-11-1982, see obit
Huggett, John (Blanche), b. 1882, d. 1954
Huggett, LaVern E. (Patricia C. Roche), b. 01-29-1930, d. 05-13-1989, Korea, see obit
Huggett, Lawrence T. (Genevieve M.), b. 06-07-1913, d. 10-14-1994, "Spud"
Huggett, Mildred A. (Gordon J.), b. 1900, d. 02-00-1994
Huggett, Patricia C. Roche (LaVern E.), b. 11-12-1934, d. 12-16-1995, see ssdi for dates
Huggett, Robert W., b. 1927, d. 06-27-1979, s/o John & Blanche Huggett, see obit
Huggett, Royal Ray (Winona C. Zimmerman), b. 05-14-1922, d. 06-05-1972, WW II , Wis Pfc Army Air Forces, (m)09-04-1948
Huggett, Ruth I. (Chester H.), b. 1912, d. 04-30-2005
Huggett, Thomas Jr. (Hattie Austin), b. 1880, d. 08-15-1949, s/o Thomas, see obit
Huggett, Winona C. (Royal Ray), b. 01-25-1928, d. 09-09-2012, Plot B13, L61, #2, --(m)09-04-1948, d/o William & Ella Bleich Zimmerman, see obit
Hughes, Abram, d. 08-12-1851, son
Hughes, C. James, d. no dates
Hughes, Catherine, d. no dates
Hughes, Christopher (Frances), d. 12-10-1871, 84yr, old flat stone in ground, hard to read
Hughes, Frances (Christopher), d. 11-13-1872, 74yr, old flat stone in ground, hard to read
Hughes, Hugh T., b. 07-00-1813, d. 09-30-1899, b. Angelse N Wales, d. Columbus WI
Hughes, Justin, d. 1851
Hughes, Margaret, d. no dates
Hughes, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 03-29-1982, Infant d/o Robert & Nancy Steele Hughes, ashes
Hughes, Thomas T., b. 1819, d. 1904
Hunt, Frank E. (Maria A.), b. 1880, d. 1946, Father
Hunt, Frank O. -Dr. (Minnie), b. 1867, d. 02-00-1946, Mason, see obit
Hunt, Maria A. (Frank E.), b. 1878, d. 1949, Mother
Hunt, Minnie (Dr. Frank O.), b. 1867, d. 1944, Nee O'Brion, Eastern Star
Hunting, Alice T. (H. M.), d. 12-12-1865, Nee Taylor, 25yr old, in the Dearborn Taylor lot
Hurd, Anna Banks (Samuel), b. 1855, d. 07-12-1936, see obit
Hurd, Bert J., b. 1874, d. 1935
Hurd, Charles N., b. 1861, d. 1945
Hurd, Elizabeth, d. 1879, 1879 could be a birth date if this Elizabeth is married to Bert John Hurd according to Penny Chatfield, old laying down stone cannot read dates
Hurd, Frank B., b. 1866, d. 1941
Hurd, Joesph J., b. 1863/1868, d. 1942, Hard to read date, s/o P.& L.Hurd
Hurd, John, d. 11-11-1872, Plot B1, L13, #?, --age 52yr old
Hurd, Lucy (Peter), b. 03-29-1836, d. 01-12-1920, Mother
Hurd, Peter (Lucy), b. 08-29-1828, d. 04-11-1906, Father
Hurd, Samuel (Anna), b. 1857, d. 1920
Hurd, Walter L., b. 1879, d. 1954
Hurst, Inez, d. 1957, burial on Alonzo Russell lot, ashes only
Ibisch, Alfred M. (Elsie A. Iwert), b. 05-14-1903, d. 06-22-1995, see obit
Ibisch, Elsie A. Iwert (Alfred M.), b. 01-15-1903, d. 08-01-1993, In Iwerts Lot
Ingalls, Franklin, d. 02-16-1856, 28yr 7mo 9da old, in the J.A. Smith lot
Iwert, Alvin, b. 12-31-1871, d. 04-27-1909, s/o Rev. C.& W. Iwert
Iwert, Anna/Annie (Edwin H.), b. 09-14-1872, d. 05-15-1912
Iwert, Carl (W.), b. 1846, d. 1911, Father
Iwert, Caroline (Ernst), d. 02-08-1877, 61yr old
Iwert, Charles H., b. 03-23-1873, d. 01-23-1949
Iwert, Clara, b. 06-11-1878, d. 03-25-1899, d/o Rev. C.& W. Iwert
Iwert, Edwin H. (Anna/Annie), b. 1872, d. 1931
Iwert, Emma M., b. 07-12-1869, d. 03-06-1886, d/o Rev. C.& W. Iwert
Iwert, Ernst (Caroline), d. 03-20-1894, 79yr old
Iwert, Freddie, d. 04-18-1880, 5mo old, s/o F.& M. Iwert
Iwert, Frederick W. (Mathilda), b. 01-23-1850, d. 10-07-1911
Iwert, Frederick (Rosine), b. 05-22-1817, d. 12-22-1876, grdpa of Willie, Emma, Clara & Alvin
Iwert, Henry, d. no dates, son
Iwert, Louisa A. (William), b. 09-02-1850, d. 09-06-1919
Iwert, Mathilda (Frederick W.), b. 01-03-1850, d. 01-08-1928
Iwert, Minnie L., b. 09-09-1875, d. 10-28-1950
Iwert, Rosine (Frederick), b. 03-22-1820, d. 03-16-1898, grdma/o Willie, Emma, Clara & Alvin, see ob.Index
Iwert, Unknown
Iwert, W. (Carl), b. 1847, d. 1930, Mother
Iwert, William (Louisa A.), b. 09-16-1845, d. 10-12-1927
Iwert, Willie P., b. 12-16-1876, d. 06-01-1896, s/o Rev. C.& W. Iwert, small stone says 1875-1896
James, Ellen, d. 09-28-1855, burial on Milo Martin lot, 1yr 2mo 22da old
Janke, Harriette L., b. 10-24-1920, d. 02-15-1995, Nee Kaschub, on stone with Susan & Rudolph G.Janke
Janke, Mildred Elaine, b. 1922, d. 1955, d/o Charles & Hazel Kaschub
Janke, Rudolph G., b. 01-03-1912, d. 10-08-1955, on stone with Susan H.& Harriette L. Janke, he is buried in Union Cemetery, Milwaukee Wis.
Janke, Susan H., b. 12-20-1944, on stone with Harriette L. & Rudolph G.Janke
Janke, Victoria Lee, b. 09-23-1947, d. 09-24-1947, d/o Mildred Janke, burial on Kaschub lot, grdd/o Hazel & Charles Kaschub
Janny, Lance Clemons, b. 08-05-1962, d. 08-11-1962, s/o Clemens & Lois Janny, grds/ Dorothy & Floyd Sauer
Jenkins, Susan A. -Miss, b. 07-22-1887, d. 04-19-1973, see obit
Johnson, Doretta-Miss, d. 01-16-1969, see obit
Johnson, Emil Alfred (Sonia M. Kuetsar), b. 1876, d. 02-21-1967, see obit for Alfred Emil Johnson
Johnson, Sonia M. Kuetfer (Emil A.), b. 1879, d. 04-28-1966, see obit
Jones, Darlene (Jerome J. Ebert), b. 10-22-1934, Nee Dawson, on stone with Jerome J.Ebert, maybe Darlene Ebert, see J.J.Ebert's obit
Jones, Inez, b. 1857, d. 1957, Nee Holloway, burial on M.C. Hobart lot, on stone with John Holloway
Jones, Mary Ellen (Oliver W. "Bud" Jr.), b. 01-02-1940, d. 10-08-2013, Plot B16, L01, #13, --(m)08-14-1965, d/o John & Ellen O'Connor Hartt, see obit
Jones, Oliver W. "Bud" Jr. (Mary Ellen Hartt), b. 05-09-1937, d. 09-14-2014, Plot B16, L01, #??, US Air Force, (m)08-14-1965, s/o Oliver & Marjorie Earle Jones Sr., see obit
Judd, Mary Sophia, in Starr Taylor lot
Kapp, Balthasar, d. 02-28-1895, Civil War, Co H 2nd Wis Vol Calvary, burial on Gates lot, very hard to read stone
Kaschub, Charles E. (Dolores M.), b. 11-02-1932, d. 10-11-1990, Korea, Cpl US Army, s/o Charles & Hazel Kaschub, (m)01-22-1955
Kaschub, Charles Sr. (Hazel), b. 1895, d. 1942
Kaschub, Dolores M. (Charles E.), b. 08-03-1933, (m)01-22-1955
Kaschub, George M. (Mary A.), b. 01-19-1930, d. 12-21-2003, Korea, Sgt US Army
Kaschub, Hazel (Charles Sr.), b. 1894, d. 02-23-1974, see obit
Kaschub, Infant son & daughter, d. stillborns, c/o Charles & Hazel Kaschub
Kaschub, Mary A. (George M.), b. 09-17-1931, d. 04-19-2005, (m)01-06-1951, d/o Assad & Charolotte Gardinski Ogoley, see obit
Keefer, Elsie (Frank E.), b. 09-08-1886, d. 04-11-1913
Keefer, Frank E. (Elsie), b. 1876, d. 1959
Keeler, Esther, b. 03-31-1820, d. 07-06-1895, Plot B1, L61, #?, --sister buried in Alfred & Maria Battles lot, Nee Battles? On stone with Winslow Battles
Kellogg, Albun, d. can't read, s/o H.S. & F.A. Kellogg, hard to read, on stone with Ella E.Kellogg
Kellogg, Ella E., d. 10-15-1859, d/o L.T.& E.S. Kellogg, hard to read, on stone with Album Kellogg
Kellogg, Orrison, d. 01-19-1868, Civil War, 49yr 10mo 10da old, in the Miller lot
Kemp, Ann--d/o W. & M. Kemp, d. 08-02-1857, 21yr 8mo old, d/o W.& M.Kemp, buried on John Cornford lot
Kemp, Jacob J. --s/o W. & M. Kemp, d. 07-28-1857, 13yr 9mo old, s/o W.& M.Kemp, buried on John Cornford lot
Kemp, Mary (Walter), d. 02-06-1851, 39y 9mo old, d/o John & Elizabeth Cornford, buried on John Cornford lot
Kennedy, Brandon R. "B. K.", b. 02-06-1985, d. 04-21-2003, s/o Ronald & Arlene Selje Kennedy, cousin of Justin J. Selje, Crystal's brother, Auto accident, see obit
Kerwin, George, b. 1832, d. 1878, GAR
Kerwin, Olive, d. no dates, d/o Patrick & Sarah Kerwin, see obit index
Kerwin, Patrick (Sarah), b. 1864, d. 02-00-1919, see obit
Kerwin, Sarah (Patrick), b. 1871, d. 03-00-1951, see obit
Kietzke, Amalia (Wilhelm F.), b. 02-20-1823, d. 02-18-1899, grdma of Tillie, Herman & Louise
Kietzke, Herman, b. 1882, d. 03-00-1941, s/o Karl & Ouralia Kietzke, see obit
Kietzke, Karl William (Ouralia), b. 1848, d. 02-22-1925, Father, see death certificate
Kietzke, Louise, b. 1877, d. 1916, d/o Karl & Ouralia Kietzke
Kietzke, Matilda "Tillie", b. 1879, d. 1957, d/o Karl & Ouralia Kietzke
Kietzke, Ouralia (Karl William), b. 1858, d. 04-26-1939, Mother, obit says Mathilda Tramberg Kietzke
Kietzke, Wilhelm F. (Amalia), b. 08-07-1819, d. 02-03-1897, grdpa of Tillie, Herman & Louise
King, Beryl Ethelyn (David Lee), b. 01-03-1939, d. 10-01-1996, Nee Shattuck, (m)01-10-1961
King, David Lee (Beryl Ethelyn), b. 09-08-1939, (m)01-10-1961
Kinney, Alice, b. 07-12-1888, d. 08-00-1929, d/o William & Carrie Kinney
Kinney, Carrie (William), b. 1859, d. 1953, Nee Swarthout, in the Swarthout lot
Kinney, William (Carrie), b. 08-03-1855, d. 09-16-1901, in the Swarthout lot
Kirchberg, Elaine L. -Miss, b. 1946, d. 05-28-1968, d/o Herbert & Ruth Kirchberg, see obit
Kirchberg, Herbert "Herb" (Ruth), b. 1921, d. 03-21-1986
Kirchberg, Louise M. (William H.), b. 08-18-1888, d. 01-10-1958, Mother
Kirchberg, Melvin E., b. 09-05-1956, d. 09-29-2005, s/o Herbert & Ruth Sauer Kirchberg, see obit
Kirchberg, Ruth A. (#1Herbert Kirchberg, #2Sylvester Wallintin)), b. 06-05-1927, d. 08-19-2012, Plot B13, L22, P3, --(m1)06-12-1945, (m2)1997, d/o Christopher & Amanda Yohn Sauer, see obit
Kirchberg, William H. (Louise M.), b. 12-17-1878, d. 07-27-1961, Father
Kirk, George, d. 08-25-1877, 2yr 2mo 9da old, s/o George & Mary Kirk
Kirk, George (Mary), b. 03-19-1836, d. 12-30-1916, GAR, CO A 32or 82? Reg Wis Vol
Kirk, Mary (George), b. 06-06-1840, d. 01-11-1897
Kirley, Ruby C. (William J. "Bill"), b. 03-07-1931, (m)09-01-1956, d/o Emil A. & Dora Sumnicht Hemling--per Lester Ludwig
Kirley, William J. "Bill" (Ruby C.), b. 05-24-1931, (m)09-01-1956, s/o Joseph Kirley
Klatt, Elsie W., b. 1896, d. 1932
Klatt, Emil W. (Louise), b. 1894, d. 12-10-1966, see obit
Klatt, Theresa (William), b. 12-12-1863, d. 1950, Nee Linde, (m)10-02-1888--per Lester Ludwig
Klatt, William (Theresa), b. 05-26-1862, d. 05-28-1941, (m)10-02-1888--per Lester Ludwig
Klinger, Caroline M. Peetz (Simon W.), b. 1874, d. 11-12-1973, see obit
Klinger, Simon W. (Caroline M. Peetz), b. 1870, d. 04-00-1959, see obit
Klipstein, Christoph (Ottelia), b. 05-12-1835, d. 01-04-1911
Klipstein, James (Lucille H.), b. 1906, d. 11-00-1993, see SSDI
Klipstein, John (Katherine), b. 1866, d. 1944, Husband
Klipstein, Katherine (John), b. 1874, d. 1959, Wife
Klipstein, Lucille H. (James), b. 1922, d. 07-14-1984, see obit
Klipstein, Ottelia (Christoph), b. 1849, d. 1937, Mother
Klopotek, Betty Ann (Gerald M.), b. 05-17-1937
Klopotek, Dora M. Leisemann (Martin S.), b. 04-12-1903, d. 12-31-1972, (m)06-15-1927, d/o August Leisemann & Emma Boltzins, see obit
Klopotek, Gerald M. (Betty Ann), b. 02-23-1933
Klopotek, Martin S. (Dora M. Leisemann), b. 1895, d. 10-10-1964, (m)06-15-1927, see obit
Klug, Paul L. (2nd h/o Susan D. Klug), b. 08-08-1946, (m)10-16-1999
Klug, Susan D. Benck (#1Mark Sauer-divorced, #2Paul L. Klug), b. 11-29-1948, d. 10-06-2003, (m)10-16-1999, see obit
Knaak, Arnold E. (Edna N.), b. 1882, d. 1972
Knaak, Edna N. (Arnold E.), b. 1884, d. 08-18-1969, see obit
Knutson, Richard L., b. 07-07-1957, d. 10-13-1974, s/o Robert Knutson, see obit
Kohls, Albert F. (Minna C. Wegner), b. 1891, d. 04-11-1969, see obit
Kohls, Minna C. Wegner (Albert F.), b. 1888, d. 07-08-1966, see obit
Kohrt, Elsie A. (Irvin E.), b. 1906, d. 1988
Kohrt, Irvin E. (Elsie A.), b. 1909, d. 08-23-1983, see obit
Kohrt, Mabel (Melvin), b. 1908, d. 1943, Nee Schilling, mother
Kohrt, Melvin "Mike" (Mabel Schilling), b. 1905, d. 03-06-1988, Father, see obit
Kopplin, Caroline (Herman L.), b. 04-06-1847, d. 12-02-1920, hard to read stone
Kopplin, Charles (Maria), b. 1856, d. 1932
Kopplin, Herman L. (Caroline), b. 12-10-1846, d. 11-11-1934
Kopplin, Maria (Charles), b. 1862, d. 1910
Krakow, Arden A., b. 01-25-1929, d. 05-23-2003, Plot B13, L38, #4, --Sgt US Air Force, s/o Art & Lydia Krakow, ashes
Krakow, Arthur E. (Lydia I. Klawes), b. 01-04-1893, d. 11-14-1983, Plot B13, L38, #5, --see obit
Krakow, Beatrice (Russell H.), b. 03-01-1933, Nee Homan
Krakow, Henry Ross, b. 06-30-1957, d. 07-02-1957, s/o G.M. & A.A.Krakow
Krakow, LaVerne L. (Mary Schwark), b. 07-09-1924, d. 01-11-1991, WW II, TEC4 US Army, divorced, see obit
Krakow, Lydia I. (Arthur E.), b. 06-18-1889, d. 03-11-1978, Plot B13, L38, #4
Krakow, Marvin L., b. 06-04-1937, Father, on stone with Marvin Scott Krakow
Krakow, Marwin Scott, b. 10-23-1968, d. 03-17-1993, s/o Marvin & Connie Halverson Krakow
Krakow, Mary (LaVerne L.), b. 07-02-1929, d. 03-07-1998, Nee Shwark, see SSDI, divorced, not buried here
Krakow, Russell H. (Beatrice), b. 11-20-1933
Krause, Herbert August (Viola A.), b. 1905, d. 05-01-1970, see obit
Krause, Viola A. Peters (Herbert A.), b. 1923, d. 01-14-1977, see obit
Kreier, Belle M. (Milo C.), b. 1912, d. 2003, d.date from SSDI
Kreier, Milo C. F. (Belle M. Oehlert), b. 1905, d. 05-18-1981, see obit
Kreier, Russell E. Jr., b. 1940, d. 06-04-1977, Veteran flag holder, s/o Russell W.& Ruth V.Kreier
Kreier, Russell W. Sr. (Ruth V. Tetzlaff), b. 1915, d. 06-00-1970, (m)11-20-1936, father, see obit
Kreier, Ruth V. (Russell W. Sr.), b. 10-20-1918, d. 10-16-2005, (m)11-20-1936, d/o Adolph & Leona Marquardt Telzlaff, mother, see obit.
Kreyer, Carl F. (Carol M.), b. 01-31-1910, d. 02-17-1992, s/o Otto & Joesphine Kreyer
Kreyer, Carol M. (Carl F.), b. 1923, d. 08-23-1997, d/o Russell & Josephine Hancock Moore
Kreyer, Delores, b. 07-29-1921, one date
Kreyer, Evelyn Maria (Oswald J.), b. 07-14-1915, d. 09-05-2006, (m)05-08-1937 to 1966, d/o Wilhelm & Ida Retzlaff Weidemann, see obit
Kreyer, Joesphine W. Gregor (Otto F.), b. 1890, d. 07-22-1967, see obit
Kreyer, Oswald J. E. "Ozzie" (Evelyn & Delores S.), b. 02-28-1909, d. 04-03-1986, s/o Otto & Josephine Gregar Kreyer, (m)Delores Stofflet 11-11-1967
Kreyer, Otto F. (Joesphine W. Gregor), b. 1887, d. 12-25-1965, see obit
Krueger, Gladys E. (Lawrence A. "Larry"), b. 03-07-1915, d. 05-07-2001, Nee Tesch, (m)10-07-1942
Krueger, Lawrence A. "Larry" (Gladys E.), b. 04-24-1918, d. 03-21-2004, WW II, (m)10-07-1942
Krueger, Leona A. Ludwig (Paul W.), b. 1920, d. 06-18-1969, not buried on same lot with husband, mother, see obit
Krueger, Patricia Ann, b. 1949, d. 12-24-1979, in the Ruth Timm Lot, Daughter
Krueger, Paul W. (Leona A.), b. 10-29-1912, d. 07-26-1985, not buried on same lot with wife, father
Kuipers, Gladys Mae (Maynard R. "Bud"), b. 07-13-1927, d. 06-12-2007, (m)05-06-1950, do William & Elsie Miller Lange, obit
Kuipers, Maynard R. "Bud" (Gladys Mae), b. 08-18-1925, d. 06-13-2005, WW II, US Navy, VFW, (m)05-06-1950 s/o Richard & Grace Dontuma Kuipers, see obit
Kumm, Ida (1st w/o William Herman), b. 1870, d. 1927, (m)02-26-1903, Nee Etscheid--per Lester Ludwig
Kumm, William Herman (#1Ida Etscheid, #2Amelia Kuck), b. 02-02-1868, d. 09-13-1946, (m1)02-26-1903, (m2)08-11-1928, s/o William & Louise Kumm--L. Ludwig, see obit
Kusrow, Ella H. (William C.), b. 10-06--1898, d. 08-14-1993, Nee Manthe, see obit
Kusrow, William C. (Ella H.), b. 1900, d. 1970
Ladwig, Donald M. (Lorena L.), b. 1923, d. 04-18-1984, (m)08-17-1946, see obit
Ladwig, Glenn W. (Lillian Rates), b. 05-23-1911, d. 09-14-1985, (m)06-17-1939, see obit
Ladwig, Lillian Rates (Glenn W.), b. 1913, d. 11-16-2003, (m)06-17-1939, see obit & ssdi
Ladwig, Lorena L. (Donald M.), b. 07-04-1920, d. 05-19-2015, (m)08-17-1946, d/o Fred & Tillie Zinke Marks, see obit
Ladwig, Randall J., b. 05-08-1952, d. 03-20-1976, Vietnam, Pvt US Army, s/o Donald M.& Lorena Ladwig
Lampson, Andelia (H.), d. 1941, d/o Harry & Helen Dunn, burial on Harry Dunn lot
Lamson, Hannah P. (Harrison), d. 05-05-1859, 33yr 9mo 14da old
Lange, Agnes E. (Edward T.), b. 1908, d. 01-26-1977, see obit
Lange, Agnes M. (Charles J.), b. 1866, d. 1933, Nee Shaw
Lange, Charles J. (Agnes M.), b. 1858, d. 1935, adopted, born Warning
Lange, Edward T. (Agnes E.), b. 1901, d. 03-26-1979, see obit
Lange, Gottlieb M. (Henriette), b. 11-22-1844, d. 08-06-1915, burial on Edward W. Frederick lot
Lange, Henriette (Gottlieb M.), b. 01-29-1848, d. 02-06-1907, burial on Edward W. Frederick lot
Lange, Rosa E. (Theodore G.)--maybe buried in the Lange lot, b. 1879, d. 1963, 1st husband Theodore Lange, 2nd husband Martin Behling, Martin Behling is buried in Lange lot too
Lange, Theodore G. (Rosa E.), b. 1873, d. 1929
Langetieg, Alvin B. (#1Beverly M. Millard, #2Dorothy Miller), b. 11-10-1923, d. 08-14-2011, Plot B13, L44, #5, --"Allie", s/o Andrew M.& Bertha Lovick Langeteig, Alvin changed the spelling to Langetieg--information from Char Sauer, see obit
Langetieg, Beverly Millard (Alvin B.), b. 1927, d. 03-25-1982, Nee Millard, "Bev", see obit
Langetieg, Dennis K. "Denny" (Rhonda), b. 12-05-1945, d. 07-18-2011, Plot B18, L1, #4, -- US Army, s/o Alvin & Beverly Millard Langetieg, see obit
Langetieg, Rhonda (Dennis K. "Denny")
Lashier, Aaron (Diane), d. no dates
Lashier, Diane (Aaron), d. 05-21-1898, Nee Silsbee, 72yr old, info from Obituary index
Lashier, George Samuel (Sarah C. Field), b. 1849, d. 1918, see obit, s/o Sam & Mary Lashier
Lashier, Helen, d. 07-24-1966, Next to George & Sarah Lashier
Lashier, Isadora "Dora", d. 01-01-1899, 41yr old, see obituary index
Lashier, Mary A. (Samuel), d. 11-04-1880, 71yr old, d/o John & Mary Peck Durfee, John Durfee is a Revolutionary soldier.
Lashier, Samuel (Mary A.), d. 03-09-1881, 71yr old
Lashier, Sarah C. (George S.), b. 1851, d. 1928, Nee Field
Learned, Robert A. (Vera T.), d. 10-01-1998, Ashes
Learned, Vera T. (Robert A.), b. 1894, d. 05-15-1961, burial on Tongen lot, Nee Tongen
Leavitt, Sarah (T. S.), d. 10-16-1858, 46yr 8mo 28da old, Nee Weston
Lees, Fred A., b. 1855, d. 1927
Lees, George, b. 1887, d. 10-25-1974, see obit
Lees, Mary (William), b. 08-26-1824, d. 05-28-1913
Lees, Sarah L., b. 1852, d. 1921
Lees, William (Mary), b. 02-05-1821, d. 07-14-1908
Leisemann, Arnold, d. no dates
Leisemann, August Julius (Marie Elizabeth), b. 1864, d. 06-21-1945, Father, s/o Ludwig & Caroline Leisemann, see Death certificate
Leisemann, Clara A., b. 01-05-1896, d. 03-16-1916, d/o A.E.
Leisemann, Eugene W. (Betty Larson), b. 02-01-1935, d. 07-11-1974, s/o Walter & Luella Schrab Leisemann, see obit
Leisemann, Luella A. (Walter A.), b. 01-09-1907, d. 12-22-1986, Nee Schrab, d/o Reinhold & Lillie Schrab
Leisemann, Marie Elizabeth (August Julius), b. 09-17-1877, d. 03-28-1937, Nee Boltzuis/Balzius, see Death certificate
Leisemann, Walter A. (Luella A. Schrab), b. 05-15-1905, d. 03-08-1989, see obit
Leisemann, Willie H., b. 1896, d. 1920
Leismann, Bessie A. (Frank A.), b. 06-26-1914, d. 02-14-2004, Nee Friese
Leismann, Frank A. (Bessie A.), b. 03-21-1905, d. 04-15-1988
Leismann, Sandra L., b. 11-01-1943, full b.date from Lester Ludwig
Lenz, Alvina (1st w/o Otto), b. 1889, d. 1951, Mother
Lenz, Arthur L., b. 09-10-1918, d. 06-22-1973, s/o Herman & Martha Lenz
Lenz, Augusta (William F.), b. 06-29-1864, d. 04-04-1957
Lenz, Herman A. (Martha C.), b. 1884, d. 1955, Father
Lenz, Infant A. D., c/o William & Augusta Lenz
Lenz, Martha C. Bungert (Herman A.), b. 1892, d. 05-30-1973, Mother, see obit
Lenz, Otto (#1Alvina Bungert, #2Charlotte I. Otterness), b. 1893, d. 09-28-1965, Father, (m2)03-26-1953, see obit
Lenz, Raymond H. "Ray", d. 07-20-2015, US Air Force, 86yr old, s/o Herman & Martha Lenz
Lenz, Robert, b. 1931, d. 1946, s/o Otto & Alvina Lenz
Lenz, Walter A., b. 08-18-1903, d. 04-11-1929, s/o William & Augusta Lenz
Lenz, William F. (Augusta), b. 04-17-1861, d. 02-07-1910
Lenz, William W., b. 11-10-1916, d. 10-25-1999
Leonard, Laura (Moses), d. 08-06-1874, 75yr 5mo 6da old, stone laying flat in ground
Leonard, Moses (Laura), d. 01-26-1879, 85yr 8mo 25da old, buried in Heath Lot
Levisee, Mary (William), b. 12-23-1818, d. 03-07-1900, Nee Wandell
Levisee, Sarah-Miss, b. 11-05-1850, d. 12-30-1919, d/o William & Mary Levisee?
Levisee, William (Mary), b. 08-28-1809, d. 12-12-1888
Liebenthal, Beverly Ann (Loren Charles), b. 07-09-1936, Nee Cox
Liebenthal, Loren Charles (Beverly Ann), b. 05-15-1932, d. 11-24-1999, "Tuffy"
Linevitch, George F. (Sylvia C.), b. 10-17-1918, d. 01-12-1996, Plot B13, L78, #1, --WW II, Pfc US Army, (m)04-12-1947
Linevitch, Sylvia C. (George F.), b. 05-11-1924, d. 06-23-2012, Plot B13, L78, #2, -- (m)04-12-1947, d/o George & Albina Kezis Samulionis, see obit
Link, Amelia M. (Charles), b. 1879, d. 08-04-1963, see obit
Link, Betty (Robert O.), b. 1937, Nee Podall
Link, Carl (Dollie), b. 1900, d. 07-00-1958, see obit
Link, Charles (Amelia M.), b. 02-06-1862, d. 05-19-1918
Link, Dollie (Carl), b. 1897, d. 1959
Link, Germaine S. (Lloyd E.), b. 1943, Nee Gilbertson, (m)08-02-1969
Link, Harvey H. Sr. "Peg" (Laura L. Kirchberg), b. 07-25-1909, d. 07-09-1978, (m)11-26-1931, Dad, see obit
Link, Harvey L. (Luella D.), b. 1932, d. 01-12-1995, (m)03-02-1957
Link, Laura L. (Harvey H. Sr. "Peg"), b. 09-10-1912, d. 08-28-1997, Nee Kirchberg, Mom, (m)11-26-1931
Link, Lloyd E. (Germaine S. Gilbertson), b. 08-19-1936, d. 12-21-2000, (m)08-02-1969, s/o Carl & Jennie Dehnert Link, on Franklin Thompson lot, see obit for d.date
Link, Luella D. (Harvey L.), b. 1932, d. 03-28-1989, (m)03-02-1957
Link, Robert O. (Betty), b. 07-16-1934, d. 06-25-1979
Lippert, George, d. no dates, Plot B1, L67, P1
Lockwood, Charles D, (Nellie M.), d. 09-07-1879, GAR, 37yr old
Lockwood, Fannie M. (George V.), d. 04-09-1892, 69yr old
Lockwood, George V. (Fannie M.), b. 1818, d. 04-10-1890, 72yr old, Veteran
Lockwood, George W., d. 02-06-1872, 26yr old
Lockwood, Nellie M. (Charles D.), d. 01-22-1876, 34yr old
Loken, Bernace (John Charles), b. 05-22-1895, d. 08-30-1956, Nee Hurd, d/o Samuel & Anna Hurd, thanks Penny
Loken, John Charles (Bernace), b. 03-31-1884, d. 07-22-1952
Loomis, Asher/Ishub, d. 11-13-1872, s/o W.& L.L.Loomis
Loomis, Bonnie, d. 1941, d/o Clarence & Ella Loomis
Loomis, Clarence (Ella), b. 1903, d. 11-28-1990
Loomis, Ella (Clarence), b. 1912, d. 03-11-1984, see obit
Loomis, Eva (Omar), b. 1878, d. 1954
Loomis, Imogene L. Plummer (Washington), b. 1840, d. 1927
Loomis, Omar (Eva), b. 1875, d. 1917
Loomis, Washington (Imogene L. Plummer), b. 01-25-1845, d. 11-30-1938, GAR, Corp Co K 44th Wis Inf, see obit
Loomis, Yvonne, d. 12-04-1938, d/o C.& E.Loomis
Lubenau, Elenora E. Hackbarth (Otto E.), b. 1906, d. 08-12-1983, Wife, see obit
Lubenau, Gustave (Olga), b. 1863, d. 1947
Lubenau, John G. (Marie A. Sagadin), b. 1901, d. 08-13-1982, see obit
Lubenau, Marie A. Sagadin. (John G.), b. 1905, d. 03-08-1977, see obit
Lubenau, Olga (Gustave), b. 1876, d. 1936, Nee Wruck
Lubenau, Otto E. (Elenora E. Hackbarth), b. 1899, d. 09-30-1967, Husband, see obit
Ludwig, Annie (William), b. 1890, d. 1939
Ludwig, William (Annie), b. 1890, d. 12-28-1939, see obit
Lueck, Gary L. Sr. (#1Jeanette, #2Judith Cass), b. 08-28-1944, d. 10-24-2010, (m2)02-04-1971, s/o Martin & Agnes Kubalsky Lueck, see obit
Machen, Charles F., b. 04-09-1845, d. 12-16-1887, Veteran, dates from Betty Cook's files
Machen, Charles F. (Hannah M.), d. 12-16-1871, 40yr 6mo 7da old, in the Ole Watson Tower lot
Machen, Hannah M. (Charles F.), b. 06-03-1829, d. 07-09-1916, Nee Watson, in the Ole Watson Tower lot
Madaus, Alvin E. (Erma E. Schaefer), b. 1899, d. 11-04-1976, see obit
Madaus, Erma E. Schaefer (Alvin E.), b. 07-13-1904, d. 04-05-1986, see obit
Mann, Alvina, d. 04-12-1859, See Marsh, on the Brown lot and/or the Mann lot
Mann, Angelica--see Maurer stone, d. 09-24-1855, 3yr 4mo 16da old, d/o J.& A.Mann, see Angeline Maurer
Mann, August, d. no dates, buried but no information
Mann, Charles F. (Cora L.), b. 03-15-1870, d. 04-09-1920, burial on Prevey lot, Father
Mann, Christian F., b. 01-26-1834, d. 05-07-1916, Wife????no info on her
Mann, Christian--Mrs., buried but no information
Mann, Cora L. (Charles F.), b. 12-25-1870, d. 07-01-1945, burial on Prevey lot, Mother
Mann, Eugene R. "Pete" (Florence A.), b. 11-17-1911, d. 01-08-2000, WW II, 1st LT US Army
Mann, Florence A. (Eugene R. "Pete"), b. 04-24-1910, d. 02-04-1989, Nee Hansen
Mann, Henry F. (Lila A. "Lily"), b. 05-23-1876, d. 04-28-1957
Mann, Lila A. "Lily" (Henry F.), b. 02-16-1882, d. 05-10-1964
Manville, Julia, d. no dates, buried on Sally Chase lot, no stone
Manville, N., d. no dates, buried on Sally Chase lot, no stone
Marsh, Elvina/Alvina E., d. 11-12-1850, Plot B2, L16, #?, --on Brown lot or Mann lot, hard to read old stone
Marsh, Emily, d. 09-02-1856, 1yr 6mo 12da old, d/o G.L.& L.P. Marsh
Marsh, Hiram B., d. 06-19-186?, 59yr old
Marshall, Evelyn G. (Robert B.), b. 02-10-1911, d. 06-29-2004, Nee Gaumitz, 2nd husband Wilbur F. Freck
Marshall, Robert B. (Evelyn G.), b. 10-18-1898, d. 01-24-1959, WW I, Wis 2nd LT 129 Inf 33 Div
Martin, Calvin, b. 06-16-1834, d. 07-22-1852, Veteran, 56yr 1mo 5da old, See obituary index
Martin, Ida May (Milo Willard), b. 1855, d. 1918, Nee Hubbard, 2nd w/o Milo Martin
Martin, Ira, Soldier
Martin, Jay M. (Lala E.), b. 1891, d. 1954
Martin, Lala E. Jenkins (Jay M.), b. 1892, d. 07-06-1977, funeral date, see obit
Martin, Mary, stone unreadable
Martin, Mary Copeland (Milo Willard), 1st w/o Milo Martin
Martin, Milo Willard (Mary & Ida May), b. 02-25-1830, d. 09-15-1903, Veteran, Mary Copeland 1st w/o Milo Martin, see ob.index
Martin, Oramel Milo, b. 06-16-1894, d. 10-12-1918, Veteran, hard to read, back side of Milo & Ida Martin stone, see obit
Martin, Unknowns--, Seven unknown burials on Calvin Martin lot
Maurer, Angeline--see stone, d. 09-24-1855, 3yr 4mo 16da old, d/o J.& A.Maurer, see Angelica Mann
Maurer, Elizabeth (John), d. 04-13-1857, 65yr 3mo 9da old, Nee Bowen, maybe d. 1854?
Maurer, Isaac (Polly), b. 04-08-1822, d. 07-17-1901
Maurer, Malinda, b. 04-03-1855, d. 12-14-1857, d/o Isaac & Polly Maurer
Maurer, Polly (Isaac), b. 05-05-1822, d. 02-16-1907
Maurer, Unknowns, three unknown burials, Baby Angeline
McFarlane, Esther Ione (Lester R.), b. 09-20-1915, d. 03-29-2006, (m)08-22-1934, d/o Arthur & Elma Collins Cutsforth, see obit
McFarlane, Lester R. (Esther Cutsforth), b. 05-01-1911, d. 10-20-1986, see obit
McKay, George E. (Thelma I. Norton), b. 1895, d. 08-04-1975, see obit
McKay, Harold G., b. 11-11-1924, d. 02-18-1927, s/o George & Thelma McKay
McKay, Thelma I. Norton (George E.), b. 1898, d. 11-15-1959, see obit
Mears, Henrietta Dunn, b. 1877, d. no date , d/o Emmett & Sophia Frances Whitefield Dunn, on stone with Sophia Frances Whitefield Dunn
Miergort, J. Henry--buried on North Lot, d. 07-18-1865, 5yr 1mo 25da old, s/o G.F.& D. Miergort
Miles, Maurice J. (Leona Levenhagen), b. 1934, d. 09-04-1984, see obit
Miller, Alvina T. (Carl F.), b. 1899, d. 09-24-1968, see obit
Miller, Anna (George), b. 1857, d. 1947
Miller, Anna L. Wright (William Theodor), b. 1889, d. 02-13-1982, see obit
Miller, Arnold O. (Ethellyn Lange), b. 1913, d. 1940
Miller, Carl F. (Alvina T. Lubenau), b. 1905, d. 12-13-1965, see obit
Miller, Carl Junior (Florence J. Kaschub), b. 01-25-1929, d. 06-19-2006, (m)03-19-1949, s/o Carl O.& Elsie Affeldt Miller, obit
Miller, Carl O. Sr. (Elsie Alfeldt), b. 1887, d. 07-22-1965, (m)10-12-1910, see obit
Miller, Corwin R. "Corey" (June Neuman), b. 01-13-1926, d. 12-02-2014, (m)11-18-1947, s/o Carl & Elsie Affeldt Miller, obit
Miller, Edith-Miss, b. 1880, d. 02-01-1964, see obit
Miller, Elsie Affeldt (Carl O.), b. 1891, d. 02-18-1964, (m)10-12-1910, see obit
Miller, Emma E. (Theodore H.), b. 01-11-1869, d. 1936, burial on C.Klipstein lot, 67yr 1mo 12da old
Miller, Emma Ruth Zuelsdorf (John H.), b. 1925, d. 04-13-2004, (m)08-31-1966, see obit
Miller, Ethellyn Lange (Arnold O.), b. 1912, d. 1950
Miller, Florence J. (Carl J. Jr.), b. 08-07-1931, d. 01-04-1987, (m)03-19-1949, d/o Charles & Hazel Kaschub
Miller, George (Anna), b. 1853, d. 1911
Miller, Grant A., d. no dates, On Carl O. Lot
Miller, Hattie M. Oehlert (Otto J.), b. 1884, d. 08-09-1970, Mother, see obit
Miller, Ida, on Carl O. Miller lot
Miller, Infant grandson, d. 08-12-1972, s/o Carl Jr.& Florence Miller, on Carl O. Miller lot, infant s/o Carl Miller, see obit
Miller, Infant unknown
Miller, John H. (Emma Ruth Zuelsdorf), b. 08-11-1907, d. 09-30-1986, WW II & Korea, Cpl US Army, (m)08-31-1966
Miller, Judith Lee (Virgil C.), b. 12-20-1945, d. 05-21-2005, (m)08-09-1969, d/o Edward & Leona Mask Czajkowski, see obit
Miller, Kathleen J., b. 1937, d. 1940, Plot B1, L8, #3, --d/o Carl O. & Elsie A. Miller
Miller, Otto J. (Hattie M. Oehlert), b. 1873, d. 11-12-1971, Father, see obit
Miller, Phyllis J., b. 1930
Miller, Rachel Edwina Decker (William A.), b. 1851, d. 10-08-1938, see Rachel Miller Babcock, see obit
Miller, Theodore H. (Emma E.), b. 1869, d. 1949, burial on C.Klipstein lot
Miller, Virgil C. (Judith L.), b. 06-15-1938, (m)08-09-1969
Miller, William G., b. 1883, d. 04-00-1948, see obit
Miller, William Theodor (Anna L.), b. 1877, d. 1935
Moll, Maria J., b. 01-11-1871, d. 04-26-1913, Mother, on Beerman lot
Monroe, James M. (Louisa), b. 1810, d. 1904, Maybe spelled Munroe
Monroe, Louisa (James M.), b. 1821, d. 1894, Nee Dunn, maybe spelled Munroe
Montgomery, James, d. 04-11-1937, burial on Atwood Lot, no stone, this name also shows up as Montgomery James Atwood in the Welker lot
Moore, Frank Lee (Olivia "Ann"), b. 07-07-1914, d. 02-24-2000, (m)10-25-1938
Moore, Irene (Wayne W.), Nee Hasey
Moore, Olivia "Ann" (Frank Lee), b. 05-24-1918, d. 10-14-2005, (m)10-25-1938, d/o Carl & Amanda Huebner Schliewe, see obit
Moore, Robert, b. 11-16-1944, d. 11-19-2012, Plot B13, L18, #2, --Vietnam, US Army, s/o Frank & Ann Schleiwe Moore, see obit
Moore, Wayne W. (Irene), b. 12-19-1916, d. 12-29-1991, no stone here, see Hampden cemetery
Morauske, Marjorie G. (Paul), b. 03-09-1925, d. 10-26-2006, (m)11-01-1944, d/o Cecil & Marie Kaschinske Tomlinson, see obit
Morauske, Paul (Marjorie G.), b. 12-19-1916, d. 05-15-2001, (m)11-01-1944
Nemitz, Joyce L. Field (Richard C.), b. 01-29-1934
Nemitz, Richard C. (Joyce L. Field), b. 02-09-1932, d. 06-01-1975, s/o Richard & Winnifred Nemitz, see obit
Nemitz, Richard D. Sr. (Winifred Clark), b. 1899, d. 01-22-1965
Nemitz, Winifred Clark (Richard D. Sr.), b. 1896, d. 03-26-1981, see obit
Nickelson or Nickolson, spelled Nickelson in Obituary Index
Nickolson, Henry (Mary A.), b. 07-13-1816, d. 12-01-1875
Nickolson, Joesph--old stone, d. 08-09-1857, Plot B1, L10, #?, --age 10yr 3mo 13da old, s/o S.& R. Nickolson, drowned
Nickolson, Mary A. (Henry), b. 07-05-1819, d. 11-21-1872, Nee Halson, on Anna Staddard lot
Niehoff, Grace Tramberg (Louis A.), b. 1901, d. 09-01-1997, d.date from SSDI, Eastern Star
Niehoff, Louis A. (Grace Tramberg), b. 1901, d. 01-18-1972, Mason, see obit
Niehus, Anna (Carl), b. 1890, d. 1945
Niehus, Carl (Anna), b. 1881, d. 06-22-1932, see obit
North, Joesph A., b. 12-31-1852, d. 07-17-1906
North, Kenneth J., b. 11-08-1872, d. 05-23-1908
North, Margaret E., b. 03-05-1853, d. 06-02-1937
North, Vivian B., b. 01-09-1899, d. 02-28-1899, Infant d/o K.J.& L.E.North
Norton, Daniel Wilson (Ellen), b. 1843, d. 1924, In Hastings lot
Norton, Ellen Alvira (Daniel Wilson), b. 1849, d. 12-00-1926, Nee Hastings, in Hastings lot, see obit
Norton, T. H., b. 1808, d. 1872
Oakley, Lewis (Lucy), d. ????, buried in Lyman Hancock lot
Oakley, Lucy (Lewis), d. 1903, Nee Hancock, buried in Lyman Hancock lot
O'Brion Family Stone, Angelia, H.S., John, Jane, Ida, Ernest L, Myron
O'Brion, Alice, b. 1863, d. 1881, in Alfred O'Brion lot
O'Brion, Angelia (H. S.), b. 1842, d. 1932, Nee Fiero
O'Brion, Anna E., b. 1850, d. 1856, in Alfred O'Brion lot
O'Brion, Eliza (Horace), b. 1825, d. 1905, in Alfred O'Brion lot
O'Brion, Ernest Longfellow, b. 1881, d. 1905
O'Brion, Harmon, b. 1866, d. 1867, in Alfred O'Brion lot
O'Brion, Horace S. (Angelia), b. 1841, d. 1919, GAR, CO K 32nd Reg Wis Vol
O'Brion, Horace (Eliza), b. 1820, d. 1893, in Alfred O'Brion lot
O'Brion, Ida, d. 04-26-1862, 6yr 1mo 16da old, d/o John & Jane M. O'Brion
O'Brion, JaneM. (John), d. 08-19-1884, 67yr old
O'Brion, John (Jane M.), d. 11-02-1856, 44yr 9mo 28da old
O'Brion, Manerva, b. 1858, d. 1861, in Alfred O'Brion lot
O'Brion, Myron, d. 11-19-1883, 46yr old, on stone with Jane & John O'Brion
Oehlert, Albertina Louise Dorothea (Traugott Frederick), b. 12-12-1859, d. 09-01-1942, Nee Wolter, maybe spelled Albertine, hard to read in the record book
Oehlert, Brace G. (Margaret A.), b. 02-04-1914, d. 07-30-1990, "Heinie", (m)05-09-1942, see obit
Oehlert, Daniel G. (Hattie B.), b. 1887, d. 01-22-1960, see obit
Oehlert, Hattie B. (Daniel G.), b. 1891, d. 11-07-1969, see obit
Oehlert, Larry Allen, b. 1949, d. 1950
Oehlert, Laurence D., b. 1915, d. 1930
Oehlert, Margaret A. (Brace G.), b. 01-24-1920, d. 01-21-2006, (m)05-09-1942, d/o Leo & Eda Lueders Dynes, obit
Oehlert, Ronald A., b. 1927, d. 10-08-1965, Korea, s/o Daniel & Hattie Oehlert, see obit
Oehlert, Ross W., b. 1953, d. 10-20-1973, s/o Brace & Margaret Oehlert, see obit
Oehlert, Traugott Frederick (Albertina), b. 12-07-1857, d. 02-25-1916, hard to read first name on stone, correct information from Lori Oehlert
Oehlert, Traugott Frederick (Albertina), b. 12-07-1857, d. 02-25-1916, hard to read first name on stone, correct information from Lori Oehlert
Oliver, Almina A. (Edwin), b. 1845, d. 1911
Oliver, Edwin (Almina A.), b. 1838, d. 09-23-1920, GAR, Co G 1st Wisc Vol., see obit
Oliver, Fanny, d. no dates, from the record book, buried?
Oliver, Jane, b. 1868, d. 1953, d/o Edwin & Almina Oliver
Oliver, Jennie, d. no dates, from the record book, buried?
Osborn, L. E., d. 08-25-1866, 44yr old, brother of Lydia Bender
Page, John--can't read stone, d. no dates, 2yr old, burial on Clarence Dyer Lot
Parshen, George Ben, b. 1884, d. 1953, Plot B4, L29, #?, --on stone with William J.Parshen
Parshen, Infant, d. 01-09-1898, Plot B4, L29, #?, --on stone with Luella M. Parshen
Parshen, John W. (Mary), b. 02-19-1855, d. 01-28-1910, Plot B4, L29, #?
Parshen, Luella M., b. 12-18-1891, d. 02-22-1892, Plot B4, L29, #?, --Infant on this stone too
Parshen, Mary (John W.), b. 05-04-1857, d. 12-17-1945, Plot B4, L29, #?
Parshen, William J., b. 03-07-1886, d. 10-28-1913, Plot B4, L29, #?, --s/o J.W.& Mary, on stone with George Ben Parshen
Parsneau, Judith (Moses D.), b. 02-25-1825, d. 07-28-1907, 82yr 5mo 3da old, Nee Warner, b.NY
Parsneau, Moses D. (Judith), d. 02-11-1895, 66yr 6mo old
Patton, Maggie S. (1st w/o Willard H.), b. 01-22-1856, d. 10-17-1919
Patton, Willard Harvey (#1Maggie S, #2Nora Schultz), b. 09-17-1856, d. 12-12-1941, see obit & death certicate
Pavloski, Brenda L. (Robert J.), b. 02-28-1966, d. 12-30-1990, Nee Durtschi, Murdered, (m)12-23-1989
Pavloski, Robert J. (Brenda L.), b. 07-24-1961, d. 08-17-1998, (m)12-23-1989
Pearson, Edwin (Emily), b. 03-26-1847, d. 02-05-1930
Pearson, Emily (Edwin), b. 11-26-1847, d. 05-16-1925
Peck, Cora, b. 07-14-1858, d. 12-13-1927, Nee Levisee, burial on William Levisee lot
Perrin, Rebecca, d. 04-20-1893, 69yr old, on stone with William Perrin
Perrin, William, d. 05-14-1880, 59yr old, on stone with Rebecca Perrin
Peters, Arnold E., b. 1933, d. 1951, s/o George & Sarrila Peters
Peters, George J. (Savilla Slinger), b. 1885, d. 06-01-1965, Father, see obit
Peters, Savilla (George J.), b. 1892, d. 11-22-1968, Mother, see obit
Peterson, Leroy E. "Pete" (Naomi Krakow), b. 10-14-1930, d. 09-16-2014, US Navy, (m)06-07-1952, s/o George & Teoline Koll Peterson, see obit
Petrich, August E., b. 1869, d. 1928
Petrich, Reinhard C., b. 04-16-1883, d. 11-17-1970, see ssdi
Pfeil, Julie Ann Cass, b. 03-28-1958, d. 07-12-2014, d/o Charles & Elaine Schreiber Cass, see obit
Pfuehler, Charles F. (Ida A.), b. 1860, d. 10-22-1945, funeral date, see obit
Pfuehler, Ida A. (Charles F.), b. 1870, d. 1931
Pigeon, Anthony, d. 11-02-1964, Burial on Daniel Wilcox lot, no stone, see obit
Pigeon, Clara M. Brossard (Harold E.), b. 1902, d. 10-22-1995, see obit
Pigeon, Harold E. (Clara M. Brossard), b. 1900, d. 03-18-1982, see obit
Pigeon, Ina, b. 188?, d. 1919, Mother, Nee Wilcox, in Daniel Wilcox lot
Plummer, Charles E., b. 1841, d. 09-14-1862, Plot B1, L5, #?, --Civil War, Corp Co B 7th Wis Inf, d. South Mountain MD, also known as Turners Gap
Plummer, George (Rachel E.), d. 12-09-1889, Plot B1, L5, #1, --age 74yr 3mo
Plummer, Rachel E. (George), d. 03-10-1899, Plot B1, L5, #2, --80yr 2mo 10da old
Pomering, Helen G. Marshall (Leo A.), b. 1902, d. 05-03-1975, Plot B13, L32, #2, --see obit
Pomering, Leo A. (Helen G. Marshall), b. 1900, d. 05-16-1983, Plot B13, L32, #1, --see obit
Porter, Horace S. (Viola A.), b. 08-21-1915, d. 02-15-2002, (m)01-21-1950, see obit
Porter, Lawrence Sidney "Larry" (Linda Sue), b. 06-13-1956, d. 06-27-2002, (m)07-05-1975, s/o Horace & Viola Porter, see obit
Porter, Linda Sue (Lawrence Sidney), b. 06-20-1957, (m)07-05-1975
Porter, Viola A. (Horace S.), b. 04-07-1920, d. 10-04-1998, Nee Lange, (m)01-21-1950
Prevey, Infant daughter, d. 03-12-1856, 4wk old, d/o F.S.& M. Prevey
Prevey, Luke, d. 03-15-1858, 4yr 10mo old, s/o F.S. & M. Prevey, ols hard to read stone
Prevot, Charles, b. 1847, d. 1919
Prevot, Dennis, b. 07-20-1843, d. 10-20-1862, Civil War, Co K. 7th Wisc Vol Inf, 19yr 5mo old, maybe Co D 32nd Wis Vol-two different sources
Prevot, Frances, no information
Prevot, Unknown, d. no dates
Priebe, Virginia Nichols (Walter G.), b. 1920, Nee Hinzmann
Priebe, Walter G. (Virginia Nichols), b. 1914, d. 1948
Prietz, Durward Eugene (Leanna E.), b. 1911, d. 11-12-1963, see obit and death certificate
Prietz, Larry E. Sr. (Sharon C.), b. 12-14-1942, d. 12-14-2006, (m)04-18-1964, see obit
Prietz, Leanna E. (Durward E.), b. 08-29-1921, d. 11-28-1992, Nee Squires
Prietz, Sharon C. (Larry E. Sr.), b. 02-20-1944, (m)04-18-1964
Proctor, Angeline E. (William Henry), b. 02-06-1838, d. 10-29-1929, spelled Angelnie on stone
Proctor, Asa--Capt. (Lorena), d. 08-30-1848, War of 1812, 50yr 4mo 25da old
Proctor, Harriet, d. 12-28-1845, 5mo 10da old, d/o A.& L.Proctor
Proctor, Lorena (Capt Asa), d. 10-13-1855, 55yr 7mo 17da old
Proctor, Nettie, d. 03-28-1876, 17yr old, d/o William Henry & A.E. Proctor
Proctor, William Henry (Angelnie E.), b. 10-19-1827, d. 03-10-1902
Pulver, Lydia F. (Enoch L.), b. 03-21-1861, d. 08-09-1896, in the Hancock lot
Quimby, Ethel L. (Herbert W.), b. 1882, d. 1943, Mother
Quimby, Herbert W. (Ethel L.), b. 1877, d. 1945, Father
Rabl, Elizabeth (John), b. 1903, d. 08-23-1978, see obit
Rabl, John (Elizabeth), b. 1892, d. 1973
Raith, Frieda F. (Michael A.), b. 04-05-1913, d. 07-31-1999, d/o William & Minnie Feldhausen, Mother
Raith, Michael A. (Frieda Feldhusen), b. 02-18-1906, d. 12-12-1976, (m)08-28-1932, Father, see obit
Randall, Celia (Israel), d. 10-18-1899, 88yr 6mo 4da old
Randall, Georgia, infant
Randall, Israel (Celia), d. 04-11-1890, 84yr old
Randall, James, d. 07-30-1871, 11mo 6da old, from record book
Randall, Jas. on stone, says Charles in record book, d. 10-09-1886, 44yr 3mo old, hard to read laying down flat stone, also a newer stone that can be read.
Randall, Mary E., b. 11-14-1831, d. 06-30-1863, 32yr 7mo 16da, d/o I.& C.Randall, olld hard to read stone laying in ground, two stones
Rast, Thelma Jane (Thomas R.), b. 09-06-1916, d. 07-11-1987, buried on Cass lot as Mrs. Thomas R. Rast, d/o Donald & Sarah Cass
Raynor, Harriet (Henry), b. 03-08-1839, d. 09-02-1877, d/o I.& C.Randall, 38yr 5mo 24da old, on Randall lot, two stones
Read, Alice "Little Alice", d. can't read, old hard to read stone, d/o L.B.& C.H.Read
Read, Calvin (Mary), d. 08-23-1861, 70yr 2mo 19da old
Read, Children-- two Unknown, d. no dates
Read, Drayton C., d. 11-26-1859, 22mo 4da old, s/o L.B.& C.H.Read
Read, Mary (Calvin), d. 08-19-1858, 70yr 2mo 19da old
Richards, Persis L., b. 05-10-1860, d. 12-15-1934
Riege, Gottfried Friedrich [Wilhelmina Biermann- (m)12-31-1873], b. 05-05-1851, d. 06-16-1881, on Beerman/Bierman or Kumm Lot, b.Pomerania, some information from Lester Ludwig
Riege, Ida, b. 05-18-1862, d. 05-16-1880, Nee Beerman, on Beermann or Kumm lot?sister-in-law to Gottfried Riege. Also spelled Biermann
Robbins, Bernard W. "Pat" (Loviala B. Armga), b. 10-02-1907, d. 05-09-1973, (m)01-05-1932, s/o Charles Robbins & Lena Zumm, see obit
Robbins, Burr, b. 1889, d. 11-20-1962, s/o Jessie & Gertrude Robbins, see obit
Robbins, Charles B. (Helena T. "Lena"), b. 1876, d. 1935
Robbins, Clarence E. (Esther G. Heintz), b. 1899, d. 06-03-1982, s/o Lewis & Cora M. Keefer Robbins, see obit
Robbins, Cora Maye (Lewis H.), b. 1879, d. 1969, Nee Keefer
Robbins, Dorothy E. (Robert James), b. 10-26-1921, d. 05-31-2010, (m)06-23-1943, d/o Martin & Julia Anderson Melby, see obit
Robbins, Esther G. (Clarence E.), b. 1911, d. 05-08-1988, Nee Heintz, d.date from SSDI
Robbins, Florence, b. 06-14-1905, d. 05-03-1993, d/o Lewis & Cora Robbins
Robbins, Geneva O., b. 07-10-1901, d. 09-21-1993, d/o Lewis & Cora Robbins
Robbins, George, b. 1874, d. 1936, s/o Jessie & Gertrude Robbins
Robbins, Gertrude (Jessie V. .), b. 03-16-1846, d. 04-08-1934, Nee Miller
Robbins, Guy, b. 1882, d. 1956, s/o Jessie & Gertrude Robbins
Robbins, Helena T. "Lena" (Charles B.), b. 06-30-1883, d. 04-01-1975, d/o William Zumm, see obit
Robbins, Ira, b. 1884, d. 1951, s/o Jessie & Gertrude Robbins
Robbins, Jessie V. (Gertrude), b. 11-03-1833, d. 08-09-1904
Robbins, Judith A. (Larry Gene), b. 09-20-1943, Nee Gove
Robbins, Larry Gene (Judith A.), b. 12-23-1940, d. 10-24-1996, SP4 US Army, s/o Lawrence & Miriam Robbins
Robbins, Lewis H. (Cora Maye), b. 1869, d. 1952, s/o Jessie & Gertrude Robbins
Robbins, Loviala Blanche "Vi" (Bernard W.), b. 05-24-1908, d. 09-16-2009, (m)01-05-1932, d/o John & Minnie VanHierdan Armga, Eastern Star, see obit
Robbins, Nelson, b. 1872, d. 1934, s/o Jessie & Gertrude Robbins
Robbins, Oral Maye-Miss, b. 03-07-1909, d. 12-19-1984, d/o Lewis & Cora Robbins, 75yr old, see obit
Robbins, Robert James (Dorothy E.), b. 08-31-1921, d. 07-06-1987, WW II, TEC3 US Army 101st Airborne Div
Robbins, Viola, d. 03-04-1860, 3mo 15da old, d/o W.H.& J.A. Robbins
Roberts, Adelia F., d. 06-06-1855, 2yr 1mo 6da old, d/o L.& M. Roberts
Roberts, William E., d. 06-12-1855, 5y 4m 26d old, s/o L.& M. Roberts, hard to read
Robinson, Harriet (Samuel P.), d. 05-21-1892, 77yr 1mo old, maybe spelled Mariett
Robinson, Samuel P. (Harriet), d. 12-08-1870, 60yr 4mo old
Rockafellow, David (Lydia), b. 1808, d. 1892, Plot B4, L16, #?
Rockafellow, Lydia (David), b. 1811, d. 1885, Plot B4, L16, #?
Rockafellow, Margaret (C. T.), b. 1831, d. 1909, Nee Stout
Rohde, Steven J., b. 08-08-1947, d. 04-19-1958, s/o William V. Rohde
Rohde, William V. (Ione), b. 02-14-1920, d. 06-09-2009, s/o John & Katie M.Bole Rohde, see obit
Rothe, Unknown, 2 unknown burials in Rothe lot
Rounds, Kate A. (Lewis P.), b. 1869, d. 1949, Nee Degroff, buried under name of Lucy, Kate is on stone
Rounds, Lewis P. (Kate A.), b. 10-04-1864, d. 09-07-1913, maybe d.1918
Rudloff, Daisy, b. 1885, d. 1954
Rudloff, Eugene W. (Nellie A.), b. 1863, d. 1944, Father
Rudloff, Nellie A. (Eugene W.), b. 1863, d. 1935
Rueter, Arlene Taylor, b. 08-28-1922, d. 09-22-1996, USN, Nee Taylor, d/o Starr & Grace Taylor
Rumsey, Dora M., d. 03-17-1880, 18yr 5mo 26da old, d/o I.S.& P.A. Rumsey
Rumsey, George R., d. 02-14-1860, 7mo 27da old, s/o I.S.& P.A.Rumsey
Rumsey, Ira S. (Prudence A.), d. 03-20-1880, 65yr 6mo 12da old
Rumsey, Miles E., d. 11-01-1855, 8yr 10mo 20da old, s/o I.S.& P.A.Rumsey
Rumsey, Prudence A. (Ira S.), d. 03-22-1880, 59yr 1mo 22da old
Rumsey, William, b. 01-29-1802, d. 04-29-1849, Veteran, 47yr 3mo old
Rundle, Bertha Mae (James O.), b. 02-21-1923, d. 10-06-2006, (m)03-02-1941, d/o John & Annie Gray, see obit
Rundle, James O. (Bertha Mae Gray), b. 08-12-1914, d. 10-08-1995, see obit
Russell, A. H., d. 1910
Russell, Alonzo H. (Mary E. & Anna C.), b. 05-06-1834, d. 01-12-1906, Civil War, Co C 19th Reg Wisc Vol
Russell, Anna C. (2nd w/o Alonzo H.), b. 03-18-1864, d. 04-27-1917, WRC, on stone with Jay B.Russell
Russell, Elizabeth "Eliza" A. (Zebulon B.), b. 1842, d. 1923, WRC, on the Russell/Simpson stone
Russell, Franklin (Sylvia), b. 08-28-1805, d. 10-02-1884
Russell, Infant Daughter, d. no dates, 5da old, d/o AlonzoH.& Mary E. Russell
Russell, Jay B., b. 10-23-1874, d. 05-06-1895, on stone with Anna C.--w/o Alonzo H.--Russell
Russell, Mary E. (1st w/o Alonzo H.), b. 09-02-1849, d. 04-12-1883, Nee Brayton
Russell, Priscilla A., d. 09-28-1864, 16yr 2mo 19da old, d/o Franklin & Sylvia Russell
Russell, Sylvia (Franklin), d. 09-11-1891, 78yr 7mo 5da old
Russell, Zebulon B. (Elizabeth "Eliza" A.), b. 12-26-1839, d. 10-15-1912, GAR, Serg Co B 7th Wisc inf, military stone and on the Russell/Simpson stone
Russell/Simpson Family Stone, Russell, Robert, Mathilda, Hattie Simpson and Zebulon B.& Elizabeth Russell
Ryan, Donna, b. 06-08-1926, d. 05-29-1991, Nee Brossard
Saewert, Carl/Karl (Emma Augusta), b. 10-03-1845, d. 06-20-1943, Father, (m)01-04-1876--per Lester Ludwig
Saewert, Emma Augusta Marie (Carl/Karl), b. 05-13-1858, d. 05-11-1939, Mother, (m)01-04-1876, d/o Christian Hinz & Regina Ernestine Wilhelmina Deglow--per Lester Ludwig
Saewert, Emma L., b. 09-23-1876, d. 09-02-1896, d/o Carl & Emma Saewert
Saewert, Ida A. M., b. 07-29-1891, d. 06-17-1895, d/o Carl & Emma Saewert
Sage, Addie C. (Solomon B.), b. 1846, d. 1928
Sage, Benjamin (Margaret), d. 08-21-1871, 65yr 8mo old, broken stone laying flat in ground
Sage, Charles W., b. 09-08-1828, d. 04-16-1911, GAR, 44th Wis.
Sage, Clara B. (Solomon B.), b. 1877, d. 1941, Clara Bell Weston Sage
Sage, Edgar--dates from record book, b. 08-20-1872, d. 10-20-1881, on Charles W. Sage lot, old stone laying in ground hard to read, on stone with Mary Sage
Sage, James M., d. 09-12-1847, 6wk old, s/o Benjamin & Margaret Sage, on stone with Savanna Sage
Sage, Leonard B., b. 1867, d. 1930, Veteran, s/o Solomon B.& Clara Bell Weston Sage
Sage, Margaret "Maggie", b. 1873, d. 1882, d/o S.B.& A.C.Sage
Sage, Margaret (Benjamin), d. 09-07-1872, 68yr 6mo old, Nee Conger, broken stone laying flat in ground
Sage, Mary L., b. 09-12-1872, d. 09-12-1873, on stone with Edgar Sage, old stone laying flat in ground, very hard to read
Sage, Savanna F., d. 05-05-1845, 9yr 2mo old, d/o Benjamin & Margaret Sage, on stone with James Sage
Sage, Solomon B. (Addie C.), b. 1840, d. 1873, Veteran
Sage, Solomon B. (Clara B.), b. 05-29-1869, d. 08-15-1936, s/o Solomon B. & Catherine A. Sage
Sanders, Annie (William), b. 07-20-1857, d. 09-19-1885
Sanders, William (Annie), b. 03-01-1850, d. 05-10-1927
Sanderson, Kathryn Ann, b. 04-06-1925, d. 01-22-1995, Nee Evans, buried on Wallace Evans lot
Sauer, Amanda M. (Christian J.), b. 1897, d. 06-23-1971, see obit
Sauer, Blanche Loomis (Edwin J.), b. 1900, d. 11-07-1939, Mother, see obit
Sauer, Christian J. (Amanda M.), b. 1883, d. 01-28-1970, see obit
Sauer, Donald G. (Ila "Dolly" M. Brace), b. 09-13-1923, d. 03-16-2005, WW II, Pfc US Marine Corp PH, Iwo Jima, s/o Chris & Amanda Yohn Sauer, (m)07-21-1946, see obit
Sauer, Dorothy M. (#1Floyd E, #2Alvin Langetieg), b. 10-21-1924
Sauer, Edwin Julius (Blanche Loomis), b. 1884, d. 12-00-1958, Father, see obit
Sauer, Floyd E. "Mike" (Dorothy Miller), b. 12-02-1920, d. 08-02-1983, s/o Edwin & Blanche Sauer, see obit
Sauer, Ila "Dollie" M. Brace (Donald G.), b. 02-16-1928, (m)07-21-1946
Sauer, Lawrence J., b. 1897, d. 1967, "The Badger"
Sauer, Lu Wayne (Roy L.), Nee Biel
Sauer, Roy L. (Lu Wayne), b. 04-17-1927, d. 02-10-1990, WW II, US Army, s/o Edwin T.& Blanche Sauer
Saxton, Courtney M. (Esther B.), b. 09-13-1900, d. 03-20-1969, funeral date, see obit
Saxton, Esther B. (Courtney M.), b. 1902, d. 04-05-1993, d/o Eugene & Mattie Gates, d.date from SSDI, obit
Schade, Elsie L. (Reuben V.), b. 1919, d. 11-05-2008, (m)01-01-1936, d/o Melvin & Paulina Bundt Bartlett, Elsie E.in the obit, see obit
Schade, Joseph A. (Teresa A.), b. 11-07-1954
Schade, Reuben V. (Elsie L.), b. 1911, d. 11-22-1979, see obit
Schade, Teresa A. (Joseph A.), b. 06-11-1956, d. 06-07-1994
Schaeffer, Agnes Pieper (William M.), b. 1881, d. 07-03-1965, see obit, maybe spelled Schaefer
Schaeffer, William M. (Agnes Pieper), b. 1875, d. 1969
Schafer, Doris (Ervin H.), b. 02-23-1904, d. 02-11-1997, Nee Godfrey
Schafer, Ervin H. (Doris), b. 03-24-1895, d. 08-07-1991, WW I, Cpl US Army
Schafer, Sheldon E. (Alma Skinner)-see obit, b. 08-02-1928, d. 09-07-1975, Korea, US Army, s/o Ervin & Doris Godfrey Schafer
Schanke, Lucille Sophie Brooks (#1Ervin M. Hanson, #2LeRoy Schanke), b. 05-20-1914, d. 06-23-1996, 2nd marriage to Schanke--see Lucille Hanson, see obit for Lucille Schanke
Schilling, Bonnie Kay, b. 07-04-1947, d. 07-14-1989, d/o Herbert & Margaret Pigeon Shilling
Schilling, Herbert C. (Margaret C. Pigeon), b. 06-29-1909, d. 07-20-1975, s/o William Schilling & Emma S.Hemling--per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Schilling, Margaret C. Pigeon (Herbert C.), b. 01-26-1920, d. 08-15-2010, no immediate survivors, see obit
Schmidt, Faye K. (George), b. 09-27-1948, d. 04-16-2001, d/o Carl & Carol Kreyer, "Sunshine"
Schmitz, Corrine "Teena" (John "Jack" H.), b. 08-18-1930, Nee Stofflet
Schmitz, John "Jack" H. (Corrine "Teena"), b. 08-07-1926, d. 05-21-1990, WW II
Schneider, James E. (Virginia L.), b. 11-29-1919, d. 04-29-2000, (m)03-07-1942
Schneider, Virginia L. (James E.), b. 09-09-1922, (m)03-07-1942, Nee Sommi
Schoenrock, Robert A. "Bob" (Vivian Florence "Fritz" Cheney), b. 04-03-1927, d. 08-29-2007, WW II, US Army, (m)04-22-1977, s/o Albert & Irene Thiede Schoenrock, see obit
Schrab, Elsie Emma (Reinhold A.), b. 02-23-1912, d. 05-19-2007, (m)12-07-1935, d/o Gustav & Louise Nuehoff Braun, Mother, see obit
Schrab, Kerry Reinhold, b. 08-02-1946, d. 04-28-1954, s/o Reinhold & Elsie Braun Schrab
Schrab, Lillie (Reinhold), b. 1883, d. 11-00-1963, Mother, Nee Bosin, see obit
Schrab, Reinhold A. (Elsie Emma Braun), b. 01-14-1911, d. 07-09-2006, (m)12-07-1935, s/o Reinhold & Lillie Bosin Schrab, Father, see obit
Schrab, Reinhold (Lillie), b. 1883, d. 1943, Father
Schrab, Wayne Reinhold, b. 02-07-1942, d. 03-01-1945, s/o Reinhold & Elsie Braun Schrab
Schreiber, Anita (Ralph C.), b. 05-04-1909, d. 05-26-1985, Nee Klawes, d/o William & Hannah Klawes
Schreiber, Eugene E. "Gene" (Helen J. Nolden), b. 12-26-1920, d. 04-19-1998, WW II, Ssgt US Army POW, s/o Robert & Viola Ziemendorf Schreiber
Schreiber, Helen J. (Eugene E.), b. 07-30-1920, d. 08-23-2007, (m)09-26-1946, d/o Peter & Margaret Battagalia Nolden, see obit
Schreiber, Norman E., b. 06-03-1913, d. 05-19-1959, WW II, Wisc Captain QMC BSM, s/o Robert C. & Viola M. Schreiber
Schreiber, Ralph C. (Anita), b. 01-25-1911, d. 03-03-2004, Fall River VFD
Schreiber, Robert C. (Viola M. Ziemendorf), b. 1879, d. 05-24-1966, see obit
Schreiber, Viola M. (Robert C.), b. 1895, d. 1944, Nee Ziemendorf
Schroeder, Jennifer S. (Bryant)-obit, b. 11-30-1982, d. 09-09-2014, (m)10-20-2007, d/o Timothy & Brenda Berlin Ryan
Schroeder, Michael Louis, d. 05-04-1969, infant s/o Ellen Schroeder
Schultz, Agnes Marie "Jo" (Herbert Marvin), b. 02-03-1933, d. 01-07-2014, Plot B13, L82, #4, --(m)06-14-1955, d/o Henry & Rose Maerz Johanning, see obit
Schultz, Emil F. (Irene Brossard), b. 1891, d. 06-00-1959, see obit, Irene is buried in Beaver Dam
Schultz, Herbert Marvin (Agnes Marie Johanning), b. 1928, d. 04-10-1997, Plot B13, L82, #3, --Korea, Sgt US Army & WW II flag holde ( wrong flag holder), (m)06-14-1955
Schultz, Theresa Lillie Yohn (Walter F.), b. 11-14-1904, d. 01-08-2008, (m)11-23-1922, d/o Gus & Bertha Braun Yohn, obit
Schultz, Walter Fredrick (Theresa Lillie Yohn), b. 02-18-1895, d. 04-06-1991, WW I, Pvt US Army, s/o Michael & Mary Ganz Schultz
Schulz, Arthur H. -see obit, b. 11-08-1911, d. 09-09-1975, WW II, Veteran, s/o Ferdinand L. & Ida E.Schulz
Schulz, Emma E., b. 09-01-1877, d. 03-01-1882, d/o F.& A. Schulz
Schulz, Ferdinand L. (Ida E.), b. 1881, d. 1926, Father
Schulz, Helen D. (Willard E.), b. 1916, d. 07-05-2003, Nee Dykstra
Schulz, Ida E. Koch (Ferdinand L.), b. 1885, d. 05-08-1976, Mother, see obit
Schulz, Williard E. (Helen D.), b. 1921, d. 02-14-2000, s/o Ferdinand L. & Ida E. Schulz
Schumann, Arlene Marie (Jack G.), b. 12-30-1935, Nee Hanson, (m)01-29-1955, see picture, sons Mark, Daniel, Eric
Schumann, Jack G. (Arlene Marie/Mae), b. 01-11-1936, (m)01-29-1955, "Printer"
Schumann, Kristin R. (Eric), b. 08-10-1976, d. 08-18-2014, (m)06-17-2000, d/o Terry & Ruth Kohlwey, see obit
Schwark, Edward J. (Lauriene), b. 03-21-1926, d. 11-21-1999, (m)02-07-1945
Schwark, Lauriene (Edward J.), b. 08-26-1926, Nee Smith, (m)02-07-1945
Schwoch, Beverly Freck (LaVerne "Bud"), b. 1926, d. 02-13-1977, see obit
Seaman, Joseph, d. 1865, Veteran, on Ida Martin lot, Seaman/Seeman?
Seaton, Gwendolyn R. (Thomas A.), b. 1905, d. 11-07-1999, Nee Babcock, in the John D. Babcock lot
Seaton, Jane Ann, b. 1941, d. 02-00-1947, d/o Thomas A.& G.R. Seaton, see obit
Seaton, Thomas A. (Gwendolyn R.), b. 1908, d. 1990, in the John D. Babcock lot
Secor, Etta, d. no dates, old stone
Secor, Sarah, d. no dates, stone?
Selje, Justin J., b. 02-03-1983, d. 12-30-2002, 19yr old cousin of Brandon R. Kennedy
Shaw, George W., b. 1876, d. 1927, on Lange lot
Shaw, Mary, d. 10-12-1886, on Lange lot, 54yr old, on stone with Wm.J.Shaw
Shaw, William, b. 1875, d. 1923, on Lange lot
Shaw, William J. --on stone with Mary, d. 01-12-1901, 64yr 9mo 12da old, burial on Charles Lange Lot
Shepard, Harriet Carr, b. 1845, d. 1924, In Klatt plot
Sickles, Elizabeth (George), b. 08-14-1857, 38yr 2da old, no stone
Sickles, George (Elizabeth), b. 1852, d. 1873, hard to read dates
Sickles, Saloma Stiles, b. 1843, d. 1872, Nee Stiles, In Fred Stiles Lot
Siekert, Herbert C. (Pearl A. Darlington), b. 06-16-1917, d. 10-06-1975, WW II, Pfc US Army, (m)03-17-1942, see obit
Siekert, Pearl A. (Herbert C.), b. 03-17-1922, d. 02-14-1988, WW II, Womens Army Air Corps, (m)03-17-1942, Nee Homitton
Simpson, Baby, d. no dates, on Simpson/Russell stone
Simpson, Hattie, b. 1860, d. ??, d/o H.E.& Ann Simpson
Simpson, Mathilda/Matilda, b. 1808, d. 1873
Simpson, Robert C., b. 1803, d. 1884
Simpson, Russell, b. 1803, d. 1884, Civil War, CO B 7th Wis
Simpson/Russell family lot, Russell, Robert, Mathilda, Hattie Simpson and Zebulon B.& Elizabeth Russell
Simpson/Russell Family Stone, Simpson baby
Sizer, Adam S. (Mary Etta), b. 06-08-1829, d. 12-31-1895, Plot B2, L29, #?, --GAR, CO K 32nd Wis Inf, see obit
Sizer, Mary Etta (Adam S.), d. no dates, Plot B2, L29, #?, --d/o S.C. Higbie, stone?
Slawson, Ellen (Walter), b. 1834, d. 1917, WRC, d/o Samuel & Mary Durfee Lashier
Slawson, Walter (Ellen), b. 1833, d. 1904
Sloan, Dolores G. Owens, b. 02-05-1931, d. 08-30-2006, Metal marker in 2007, d.Belgrade MN. see obit
Smith, Charles H. (Dinah/Dadah E.), b. 1881, d. 1957
Smith, Charles Henry, d. 05-30-1857, 11yr 10mo 15da old, s/o S.M.& Mary Ann Smith
Smith, Cora Geraldine, d. no dates, infant, in the S.M. Smith lot
Smith, Cynthia--Mrs. S. M., b. 03-25-1825, d. 06-16-1876, b. Owego NY, d. Portage, in the S.M. Smith lot
Smith, Dinah/Dadah E. (Charles H.), b. 1880, d. 1949, Nee Comer
Smith, Elbert G. (Katie E.), b. 03-16-1840, d. 12-20-1898, GAR, CO F 1st N.H. Cav & CO A 8th N.H. Inf
Smith, Eugene, d. 11-09-1974, infant, in Larry & Jill Smith lot
Smith, Francis A., b. 09-27-1839, d. 05-22-1873, GAR, 2nd LT Co D 43rd Wis Inf
Smith, Fred L. (Sarah), b. 1859, d. 1930
Smith, Frieda Augusta (Jefferson Henry), b. 1906, d. 06-16-1998, on Charles Smith lot
Smith, Genevieve, b. 1904, d. 1905, d/o Charles & Dinah Smith
Smith, Gertrude H., b. 1897, d. 1936, in lot with Helena Smith
Smith, Harriet (Jonathan A.), d. 02-25-1903, 68yr old
Smith, Helena, b. 1870, d. 1949, Nee Schmidt, in lot with Gertrude Smith, Mother
Smith, Jefferson Henry (Frieda Agusta), b. 10-16-1902, d. 10-31-1988, s/o Charles & Dinah Smith
Smith, John J. (Margaretha A. Schmidt), b. 1866, d. 11-18-1940, in Lewis Smith lot, see obit
Smith, Jonathan A. (Harriet), d. 02-05-1897, 69yr 2mo 25da old
Smith, Katie E. (Elbert G.), b. 12-06-1866, d. 09-29-1895, 28yr 9mo 23da old
Smith, Leonard S. (Lessie M. Evans), b. 1895, d. 06-08-1972, see obit
Smith, Lessie M. (Leonard S.), b. 1893, d. 1973
Smith, Lewestera--5mo old, d. 09-27-1849, infant s/o S.M.& C.M.Smith, hard to read
Smith, Lewis (Sylvinia), b. 1820, d. 1906
Smith, Margaretha A. (John J.), b. 1892, d. 1918, in Lewis Smith lot
Smith, Mary Ann (Silas Melvin), d. 08-05-1845, 29y 11m 22d old, old buried flat stone hard to read
Smith, Myron/Myran, d. 07-19-1893, Son, s/o E.G.& Katie E. Smith
Smith, Ruby Leila, d. 09-27-1893, 27da old, d/o Fred L. & Sarah Smith
Smith, Sarah (Fred L.), b. 1859, d. 1938, Nee Heath
Smith, Silas Melvin (Mary & Cynthia), b. 1815, d. 1909, S.M. Smith is not buried in this cemetery but has a stone here
Smith, Stuart L. (Virginia E.), b. 1933
Smith, Sylvinia (Lewis), b. 1823, d. 1893, Nee Webb
Smith, Thomas, no information, in Lewis Smith lot
Smith, Tommie, d. 08-29-1911, 47yr old, s/o Jonathan & Harriet Smith
Smith, Unknown, in Lewis Smith lot
Smith, Virginia E. (Stuart L.), b. 1937, d. 1994, Nee Huggett
Soubke, Mrs., burial on John Tramburg Lot, his aunt
Spencer, Ernest (Sarah), d. 1863
Spencer, Eunice (A. B.), b. 06-11-1840, d. 11-01-1882, d/o Enos Grout, buried on John Grout Lot
Spencer, Sarah (Ernest), d. 1875, buried on John Grout Lot, "Aunt Sally", Her stone says Sarah, wife of Jos.Grout, 71yr 5m 4d old
Stamm, D. Henry, d. 07-31-1863, Civil War, s/o George & B. Stamm, 21yr old
Stamm, Unknowns, Two unknown burials
Standke, Ryan Kurtis, b. 09-26-1990, d. 11-07-1990, s/o Kurtis & Janel Powers Standke
Stanton, Adelia F. (George Perry), d. 07-26-1886, 33yr old
Stanton, George Perry (Adelia F.), b. 1843, d. 02-10-1907, GAR, Co B 7th Reg Wis Vol Inf, 64yr old
Stanton, Henry, d. 07-31-1863, 21yr old
Stanton, Lavina Laura (Leonard S.), d. 08-12-1899, 87yr 7mo 15da old
Stanton, Leonard S. (Lavina Laura), d. 06-19-1871, 71yr 23da old, Lanyard on stone
Stanton, Mary A., d. 05-07-1912, Plot B1, L15, #?, --67y7mo3d old, Nee Buck, in Buck lot
Stanton, William H., b. 07-08-1844, d. 04-25-1914, son
Steel, Dorothy H. (Joseph W.), b. 04-10-1919, d. 03-03-2001, Nee Kohls, see obit
Steel, Hugh J. (Mary E.), b. 10-08-1944, d. 12-17-1997, Vietnam, Cpl US Marine Corps, s/o Joe & Dorothy Steel
Steel, Joseph W. (Dorothy H.), b. 11-11-1918, d. 12-21-1994
Steel, Mary E. (Hugh J.), b. 1945, Nee Richardson
Steinbach, Anna (Waldo), b. 12-20-1888, d. 03-07-1967, Nee Saewert
Steinbach, Waldo (Anna Saewert), b. 09-02-1888, d. 12-25-1961, see obit
Stiles, Fred W. (Lydia R.), not buried in this cemetery, has a stone here
Stiles, Freddie, d. 05-02-1862, infant s/o F.W.& L.R.Stiles, old hard to read stone
Stiles, George, d. 1873
Stiles, Katie Belinda "Kate", b. 1831, d. 1891
Stiles, Lydia R. (Fred W.), d. 09-29-1865, Plot B2, L34, #?, --age 44yr 9mo 11da old
Stofflet, Della (Orrin W. Sr.), b. 1902, d. 12-21-1999, (m)10-20-1920
Stofflet, Orrin J. Jr., b. 10-26-1924, d. 12-07-1991, WW II, Pvt US Army
Stofflet, Orrin W. Sr. (Della), b. 1899, d. 12-15-1984, (m)10-20-1920
Stout Family Stone, Charles W, Thomas, Margaret Rockafellow
Stout, Charles W., b. 1857, d. 1897
Stout, Etta E. (Thomas D. Jr.), b. 1870, d. 1954, spelled Etto on stone
Stout, John S., b. 01-11-1816, d. 08-06-1875
Stout, Martin T., d. 05-04-1972
Stout, Thomas, b. 1827, d. 1869
Stout, Thomas D. Jr. (Etta E.), b. 1869, d. 1923
Stroud, Ella, d. no dates, burial on William Kumm lot
Subke, Unknown, on John H. Tramburg Lot, Aunt of John H.
Sumnicht, Bertha, b. 02-08-1861, d. 02-06-1925
Sumnicht, Earl F. O. (Florina L.), b. 02-07-1902, d. 07-18-1965, Father
Sumnicht, Florina L. (Earl F. O.), b. 05-05-1910, d. 02-12-1998, Mother
Sumnicht, Oscar J., b. 01-22-1892, d. 10-23-1953, Veteran flag holder
Swarthout, Bertha A. Brossard (George N.), b. 1886, d. 04-13-1987, see obit
Swarthout, Caroline A. (Jacob), d. 02-14-1900, 73yr 10mo 13da old
Swarthout, Donald N., b. 04-22-1950, d. 12-17-1978, s/o Nelson & Ruth Swarthout
Swarthout, Eddie M., d. 02-20-1880, 19yr old, s/o ?&C., old hard to read stone
Swarthout, George & Arthur--twins, d. 08-30-1947, s/o Nelson & Ruth Swarthout, died at birth
Swarthout, George N. (Bertha A. Brossard), b. 1888, d. 09-08-1981, see obit
Swarthout, Harold E., b. 1890, d. 10-30-1973, in Fowler lot, see obit
Swarthout, Jacob (Caroline A.), d. no dates, See Obituary Index
Swarthout, John Jacob (Sarah Louise), b. 06-30-1862, d. 03-05-1946, in Fowler lot
Swarthout, Mary, d. 10-10-1886, 54yr old, mother
Swarthout, Mary C. "Mollie", b. 1905, d. 09-11-1999, d/o John J. & Sarah Swarthout
Swarthout, Nelson R. (Ruth M.), b. 10-26-1913, d. 03-22-1998, WW II
Swarthout, Ruth M. (Nelson R.), b. 10-10-1916, d. 10-10-2004, Nee Luebke, d.date from SSDI
Swarthout, Sarah Louise (John Jacob), b. 01-10-1866, d. 02-25-1957, in Fowler lot
Tasker, Anna M. (T. W.), b. 02-16-1837, d. 02-09-1910, Nee Babcock
Tasker, Annie W. Crossman (Charles E.), b. 1880, d. 01-19-1968, Annie in the SSDI, see obit
Tasker, Charles E. (Annie W.), b. 11-18-1874, d. 05-04-1905
Tasker, Clarence W., b. 1899, d. 1957, WW I
Tasker, Mary (Thomas), b. 08-18-1815, d. 11-21-1900, b. Bradford, England
Tasker, Robert L., b. 08-16-1877, d. 08-06-1881, s/o T.W. & A.M. Tasker
Tasker, Thomas (Mary), b. 06-29-1818, d. 02-06-1898, b.Haliflax, England
Taylor, Adolph, d. 05-22-1860, 1yr old, s/o J.G.& A. Taylor, old hard to read stone
Taylor, Charles J., in Amos Taylor lot
Taylor, Claude F. (Margaret H. Schultz), b. 1903, d. 10-02-1963, s/o Starr Eugene & Grace E.Taylor, see obit
Taylor, Dirborn--hard to read, d. 10-12-1854, 11mo 10da old, d/o George W.& Susan C.Taylor
Taylor, Eudora--2or21yr 6mo 2da old, d. 1898, d/o G.W.& M.Taylor, see obit index for Dora Taylor
Taylor, Eunice G., b. 1913, d. 12-27-1969, d/o Starr Eugene & Grace E. Taylor, see obit
Taylor, George W. (Susan C. & Maria), d. 02-28-1908, 81yr 10mo 25da old
Taylor, Grace E. (Starr Eugene), b. 1884, d. 1947, Mother
Taylor, Henrietta, d. 08-09-1847, 2yr 4mo 6da old, d/o J.G. & A. Taylor, old hard to read stone
Taylor, Isadora, in Amos Taylor lot
Taylor, Margaret H. (Claude F.), b. 1905, d. 1983, Nee Schulz
Taylor, Maria (2nd w/o George W.), d. 12-09-1887, 50yr 1mo 28da old
Taylor, Nathaniel, d. 10-03-1855, 35yr old, old stone in ground
Taylor, Nathaniel, 84y old, in Dearborn Taylor lot
Taylor, Nathaniel C., d. 05-26-1871, Veteran from Betty Cook's list
Taylor, Starr Eugene (Grace E.), b. 03-26-1878, d. 02-15-1937, Father, s/o Charles & Ada Taylor
Taylor, Susan, in George Taylor lot, d/o George & Susan?
Taylor, Susan C. (1st w/o George W.), d. 10-15-1854, 20yr 6mo 23da old
Taylor, Unknowns, Two unknown burials in Dearborn Taylor lot
Tebbets, Frances R. or H. (F. R.), d. 12-08-1856, 41yr 8da old
Thomas, Chester (Olive), b. 06-22-1805, d. 03-28-1880
Thomas, Daughter, d. no dates, d/o Chester & Olive Thomas, no stone
Thomas, Emma (F. C.), b. 07-08-1830, d. 05-18-1897, old hard to read stone
Thomas, F. C. (Emma), b. 03-04-1838, d. 04-23-1912
Thomas, Olive (Chester), b. 09-01-1813, d. 07-13-1895, Nee Ingalls
Thompson, Dorothy, b. 01-08-1910, d. 03-27-2000, Nee Compton, mother of Bonnie Ostrander
Thompson, Franklin (Jessie), b. 08-25-1812, d. 04-02-1896
Thompson, Jessie (Franklin), b. 12-05-1817, d. 12-31-1905
Thornton, Harry, d. 06-07-1892, 7yr 4mo 10da old, s/o Thomas & Lucy Thornton
Thornton, Henry (Wife), d. no dates, on Henry Thorton lot
Thornton, Lucy M. (Thomas H.), b. 1861, d. 1902, Nee Blair
Thornton, Samuel, b. 05-01-1816, d. 04-30-1899
Thornton, Thomas, d. no dates, s/o Henry Thornton, on H.Thornton lot
Thornton, Thomas H. (Lucy M.), b. 1856, d. 1922, Father
Thornton, Wife (Henry), d. no dates, See Obituary Index, on Henry Thornton lot
Thurston, Robert, d. 08-22-1865, on Thurston lot
Thurston, Samuel (Sarah A.), b. 05-01-1816, d. 04-30-1899, on Thurston lot
Thurston, Sarah A. (Samuel), b. 08-16-1818, d. 06-07-1884, on Thurston lot
Timm, Susan Ray, b. 01-08-1976, d. 04-14-1976, d/o Duaine Bradley & Judith Timm, on Mary Green lot
Tobey, Sophia--on Starr Taylor lot, b. 05-12-1795, d. 01-26-1873, b. Washington N.H., d.date from obituary index, old hard to read stone buried in ground
Tongen, Arne H. (Julia L.), b. 1862, d. 1910
Tongen, Julia L. (Arne H.), b. 1866, d. 1951
Torkilson, Chrisopher S., d. 03-29-1980, Metal marker, 6wk old, see Christoper Evenson, s/o Marvin Torkilson, see obit
Tower, Benjamin, d. no dates
Tower, Clayton, d. no dates
Tower, Freddy, d. no dates
Tower, Mary S. (William S.), d. no dates
Tower, Owen, d. no dates
Tower, William S. (Mary S.), b. 1850, d. 1923, lot owned by Mrs. Towne, two stones
Tramburg, Charles F., b. 09-12-1862, d. 07-18-1916, s/o John Sr. & Louisa Tramburg
Tramburg, Earl Winfield (Shirley E. Sauer), b. 09-28-1926, d. 01-02-2005, WW II, US Army, (m)May 1960, d/o Louis Frank & Irene A.Huggett Tramburg, see obit
Tramburg, Frank J., b. 05-02-1863, d. 11-17-1895, s/o John Sr. & Louisa Tramburg
Tramburg, Helena B. Iwert (John H.), b. 11-21-1872, d. 06-05-1955
Tramburg, Hildred M. Hendricks (John H.), b. 03-12-1926, d. 05-26-2013, Plot B16, L1, 37, --(m)09-17-1949, d/o Henry & Martha Filps Hendricks, see obit
Tramburg, Irene A. Huggett (Louis A.), b. 1896, d. 01-12-1987, see obit
Tramburg, John Henry (Helena B. Iwert), b. 11-08-1869, d. 09-26-1938, see obit
Tramburg, John Jr., d. no dates, s/o John Sr. & Louisa Tramburg, infant
Tramburg, John Sr. (Louisa), b. 10-23-1823, d. 03-29-1901
Tramburg, John W. (Vera Lange), b. 02-28-1913, d. 01-14-1963, WW II, LT USNR District of Columbia, s/o John H. & Helena Tramburg, see obit
Tramburg, Louis A. (Irene A. Huggett), b. 1898, d. 08-08-1978, see obit
Tramburg, Louisa (John Sr.), b. 06-16-1834, d. 01-18-1895
Tramburg, Shirley E. (Earl W.), b. 08-01-1926, d. 05-29-2001, Nee Sauer
Turk, Mary, d. years ago, Plot B3, L13, #9, --on the Babcock lot
Turner, Mary, d. 1867, Buried on Henry Braker lot
Udell, Jessie M. Foster (Roy G.), b. 1894, d. 06-05-1971, see obit
Udell, Roy Grant (Jessie M. Foster), b. 1892, d. 03-21-1983, WW I, see obit
Unknown, Almira, d. 09-14-1853, d/o M.& D, 2mo 7da old, same kind of stone as Frederick & Caroline Unknowns
Unknown, Betty Ann, b. 11-28-1932, Nee Drost, maybe this is a death date?
Unknown, Caroline, d. 05-18-1854, d/o H.& H, 3 mo15da old, same kind of stone as Frederick & Almira Unknowns
Unknown, Elizabeth, old buried stone can't read
Unknown, Ethel, in John O'Brion lot
Unknown, Frederick, d. 12-17-1856, 1or 7yr 9mo 12da, s/o P.& D.(Berger or Brown?) same kind of stone as Caroline and Almira unknowns
Unknown, Soldier, CO M US N.G. 29 Reg ILL Inf
Unknown, Unknown, Three unknown burials on the Ambrose Blunt lot
Van Ness, Perry, d. no dates, no stone
Verges, Bertha E. (Gustave T.), b. 1913, d. 03-28-1965, Nee Miller
Verges, Gustave T. (Bertha E. Miller), b. 09-21-1910, d. 07-25-1963, WW II, Wisc Cpl 1318 Service Unit, see obit
Virgil, Elizabeth (F.), d. 06-19-1872, 43yr old, d/o George & Sarah Lashier, old hard to read stone in ground
Volks, Unknowns, two burials, stone???
Walker, George W., d. 12-12-1884, 2mo 8da old, buried on Clarence Dyer lot
Walker, Jason, d. 04-04-1981, g.grds/o Erich Gritzmacher
Walkup, Unknowns, two burials, stone??? Lot bought by Willard Walkup 11-24-1869
Walton, Eleanor, d. 10-26-1857, 4mo 9da old, d/o Mark & Susan W.Walton
Walton, Henry, d. 04-23-1856, 1yr 2mo 9da old, s/o Mark & Susan W.Walton
Walton, Isaac H., b. 03-28-1854, d. 09-02-1878, 24yr 5mo 5da old, s/o John & Julia A. Walton
Walton, John (Julia A.), b. 02-28-1824, d. 03-26-1895, GAR, b. England, 71yr 28da old
Walton, Julia A. (John), b. 02-29-1838, d. 09-30-1881
Walton, Marcus, d. no dates, s/o John & Julia A. Walton
Walton, Susan (Mark), d. 10-19-1857, 30yr 10mo 23da old, Nee Watkins
Walton, Wallace, d. no dates, s/o John & Julia A. Walton
Walton, William B., d. 04-21-1856, 4yr 22da old, s/o John & Julia A. Walton
Warner, Abigail (Seneca), d. 01-15-1872, Nee Brown, 81yr old
Warner, Charles, d. no dates
Warner, Seneca (Abigail), d. 08-16-1871, War of 1812, 79yr old, old hard to read stone
Waterworth, Annie E. (George W.), b. 03-23-1889, d. 09-06-1988, Nee Siebert
Waterworth, George W. (Annie E.), b. 1882, d. 1946
Waterworth, Joan M., b. 1937, d/o William & Loretta Waterworth, on stone with Loretta Waterworth
Waterworth, Loretta H. (William), b. 1915, d. 01-08-2000, Nee Schreiber, divorced, on stone with Joan M. Waterworth
Watson, Benjamin F. (Mary Ann), b. 08-14-1833, d. 02-07-1901, GAR
Watson, Clayton E., b. 10-17-1867, d. 02-22-1900, s/o Benjamin & Mary Ann Watson
Watson, Elias, d. 12-16-1876, 61yr 6mo old, in Ole Watson Tower lot, old hard to read stone in ground
Watson, Freddy?, old hard to read stone in ground
Watson, Mary Ann (Benjamin F.), b. 07-03-1843, d. 09-01-1907
Watson, Worden S., d. 03-09-1868, stone reads Orren S. Watson & no dates, old hard to read stone broken in ground
Weber, Adolph C. (Nellie M.), b. 1853, d. 1935, on George Taylor lot
Weber, Nellie M. (Adolph C.), b. 1860, d. 1928, Nee Taylor, on George Taylor lot
Weihert, Ruth M. (husband), b. 08-18-1925, d. 08-18-2008, d/o William & Mamie Wagoner Pranke, see obit
Weinberger, Harry D. (Lucy L.), b. 1898, d. 03-03-1984, see obit
Weinberger, Lucy L. (Harry D.), b. 1903, d. 01-19-1984, see obit
Welker, Cornelius (Eliza), b. 05-08-1812, d. 06-03-1894
Welker, Eliza (Cornelius), d. 12-03-1913, see obit, 96yr old, maybe no stone
Welker, George, d. 12-12-1881, 2mo 8da old
Welker, Sarah Jane (George), d. 05-24-1848, 30yr old
Welker, Violletta A., d. 09-10-1853, 6mo 25da old, d/o George & C.Welker
Wellnitz, William J., b. 12-03-1968, d. 08-25-1984, see obit
White, Lucy, d. 01-08-1859, 12yr 5mo old, d/o J.& F.White, on the Ida Martin lot, old hard to read stone, see Obituary Index
Whitfield or Dunn, See both Whitfield and Dunn
Whitfield, Elinore (William), b. 03-14-1815, d. 03-18-1883, 68yr 4da old, hard to read, nee Thompson, some Whitfield info from a relative
Whitfield, Thomas Thompson, b. 1847, d. 12-10-1883, 36y 6m 12d old, s/o William& Elinore Whitfield
Whitfield, William (Elinore), b. 06-26-1809, d. 11-07-1886, hard to read
Whittingmore, Unknowns, three burials
Wilcox, Daniel A. (Lucretia J.), b. 09-09-1851, d. 10-22-1918
Wilcox, Lucretia J. (Danial A.), b. 01-15-1852, d. 10-14-1928
Willard, A. T., d. 10-10-1869, Plot B1, L8, #1, --45yr 7mo 10da old
Willard, Grant A., d. 08-15-1868, Plot B1, L8, #2, --2yr old, on stone with Ida E. Willard
Willard, Ida E., d. 09-05-1866, Plot B1, L8, #2, --1yr 11mo old, on stone with Grant A.Willard
Williams, Daisy J. (Richard O.), b. 06-06-1952, (m)07-22-1973
Williams, John (Sarah), b. 1864, d. 1946
Williams, Nettie (Richard R.), b. 1864, d. 1941, Nee Burgess, burial on Burgess lot
Williams, Richard O. (Daisy J. Desjarlais), b. 11-20-1941, d. 04-04-2013, Plot B16, L1, #12, --(m)07-22-1973, s/o Roger & Evelyn Krueger Williams, see obit
Williams, Sarah (John), b. 1864, d. 1954, Nee Martin
Williamson, Edwina M. Banfe-see obit, b. 11-18-1931, d. 12-23-2013, Plot B9, L17, #3, --d/o Steve & Margaret Dreiski Banfe
Wodill, Amelia O. (G.), b. 10-17-1845, d. 12-10-1893, on Gottlieb Wodill Lot
Wodill, Andrea M. (Robert L.), b. 08-29-1942, Wife, (m)11-13-1971, Nee Sonnenburg, remarried
Wodill, Emma L., b. 03-14-1871, d. 11-08-1892, on Gottlieb Wodill Lot, d/o G.& A.O.Wodill
Wodill, Evelyn W. (#1Elmer Baaske, #2Lester Wodill), b. 04-24-1915, d. 01-30-2011, Plot B7, L17, #3, -- (m1)12-27-1933, (m2)12-06-1950, d/o John & Ella Ubel warber, see obit
Wodill, Gary L. --on Lester & Lucille Wodill stone, b. 1948, d. 1948, Memorial stone, buried at Hampden Cemetery in Hampden twshp Columbia cty Wi.
Wodill, Gottlieb (Martha C.), b. 1881, d. 11-06-1964, on Gottlieb Wodill Lot, see obit
Wodill, Henwig, d. no dates, childs stone, on Gottlieb Wodill lot
Wodill, Lester A. (#1Lucille A. Gunnelson, #2Evelyn Warber Baaske), b. 1915, d. 12-11-1993, see obit
Wodill, Lucille A. (1st w/o Lester A.), b. 1916, d. 05-00-1949, Nee Gunnelson, see obit
Wodill, Martha C. (Gottlieb), b. 1884, d. 08-05-1973, on Gottlieb Wodill Lot, see obit
Wodill, Reinholt, b. 11-05-1879, d. 11-29-1901, on Gottlieb Wodill Lot
Wodill, Richard Leopold, b. 12-22-1888, d. 11-23-1904, on Gottlieb Wodill Lot, s/o G.& A.O.Wodill
Wodill, Robert L. (Andrea M. Sonnenburg), b. 12-12-1938, d. 03-06-1990, (m)11-13-1971, see obit
Wohlers, Bertha Rathbun (William H.), b. 1886, d. 07-01-1980, d.WA, ahses, see obit
Wohlers, William H. (Bertha Rathbun), b. 1887, d. 1955
Wolf, Donna M. (Everett), b. 1939, d. 04-13-1993, Mother
Wolf, Everett (Donna M.)
Wolf, Patty Lou, b. 04-02-1963, d. 10-23-1964, grdd/o Everett & Donna Wolf, "Our Angel"
Wood, Dorothy M., b. 07-15-1920, d. 10-22-1920, d/o Frederick & Frances Wood
Wood, Frances J. (Fredrick), b. 06-08-1897, d. 05-30-1986, Nee McKay
Wood, Fredrick (Frances J.), b. 12-07-1889, d. 12-04-1970, WW I, Ind 1st LT Field Arty
Wood, John N., d. no dates, Civil War, Co I, 18th Wisc Inf
Woolever, Helen L. (Norman O.), b. 07-01-1917, d. 01-26-1988, Mother
Woolever, Norman O. (Helen L), b. 1915, d. 11-22-1998, Father
Wrege, Albert, b. 03-19-1873, d. 10-05-1890, Plot B1, L11, ?
Wrege, Mother & Father, in the Wrege lot
Wright, Betty Ann (David Charles), b. 11-28-1932, (m)08-23-1953, Nee Drost
Wright, Caroline R. "Carrie" (Walter K.), b. 03-19-1893, d. 07-08-1981, Nee Robbins
Wright, Charles A. (#1Martha E. "Mattie" Keller, #2Sarah Ann Davidson), b. 03-29-1857, d. 02-11-1938, s/o Lemuel C.Wright, see obit
Wright, Cornelius, b. 05-08-1812, d. 06-03-1894
Wright, Crowley C. (Mary E.), b. 01-01-1854, d. 11-17-1921
Wright, David Charles (Betty Ann Drost), b. 07-23-1932, d. 01-13-2010, US Air Force, (m)08-23-1953, s/o Walter & Carrie Robbins Wright, see obit
Wright, Edgar Elwin (#1Josephine L, #2Harriet Contell Ramsey), b. 04-25-1882, d. 10-20-1953, Harriet is buried in Mason City Iowa, info from Char Sauer
Wright, Jessie A. Robbins (Leslie A.), b. 1880, d. 02-20-1969, wife, see obit
Wright, Joesphine L. (Edgar Elwin), b. 1879, d. 02-07-1923
Wright, John Leslie, d. 06-27-1925, d.at birth, s/o Walter & Carrie Wright
Wright, Lemuel S. (Sarah Ann), b. 11-07-1825, d. 02-17-1914
Wright, Leslie A. (Jessie A. Robbins), b. 1879, d. 07-26-1965, husband, see obit
Wright, Lottie E., b. 09-23-1859, d. 05-02-1911, d/o Lemuel S. & Sarah Ann Wright
Wright, Martha E. "Mattie" (Charles A.), b. 02-09-1860, d. 03-09-1901, 1st w/o Charles, Nee Keller
Wright, Mary E. (Crowley C.), b. 03-29-1860, d. 07-17-1937
Wright, Sarah Ann (Lemuel S.), b. 06-08-1825, d. 01-22-1903, Nee Waterbury
Wright, Sidney, b. 12-03-1891, d. 10-03-1918, Veteran, s/o Charles & Martha "Mattie" Wright, on stone with Willie S. Wright
Wright, Walter K. (Caroline R. "Carrie"), b. 02-10-1901, d. 06-05-1979
Wright, William "Willie" P., d. 03-15-1886, 1yr 2mo 7da old, s/o Crowley C.& Mary E. Wright
Wright, William "Willie" S., b. 10-07-1865, d. 11-17-1878, s/o Lemuel & Sarah Wright, About 12years old, on stone with Sidney Wright
Yerges, Harold C. (Margaret I.), b. 1921, d. 12-30-2003, WW II
Yerges, Linda L., d. 08-02-1950, infant d/o Harold & Margaret Yerges
Yerges, Margaret I. McKay (Harold C.), b. 1922, d. 01-05-1968, see obit
Young, Richard Albert/Alen (Janice), b. 10-07-1939, d. 10-08-2011, Plot B18, L8, #2, --s/o Arthur & Alice Nelson Young, obit
Zarwell, Bernard H. --infant, d. 12-01-1924, s/o O.E.& R.V. Zarwell, burial on Dewitt Allen lot
Zeeman Joseph, GAR PVT CO B, 7 WIS INF
Zuelsdorf Lot, Three children, two of them in one grave
Zuelsdorf, Fred (Mable Mishler), b. 1890, d. 02-14-1957, see obit
Zuelsdorf, Genevieve, b. 1921, d. 1922, d/o Fred & Mable Zuelsdorf
Zuelsdorf, Mable (Fred), b. 1892, d. 1960, is this Florence w/o Fred who died 05-17-1960? Obit
Zunker, Royal D. (Thelma I.), b. 1910, d. 10-05-1998, (m)08-22-1940
Zunker, Thelma I. (Royal D.), b. 01-16-1915, d. 11-11-2007, (m)08-22-1940, d/o David R.& Dora D.Green Bradley, see obit

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