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Cole-Fuller Cemetery
Portage, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.605946, -89.364487

Monthey Rd
Portage, WI 53901

Published: September 29, 2016
Total records: 77


Cole-Fuller Cemetery is located in Marcellon Township, Section 18, Columbia County, Wisconsin. Take State Hiway 33 east of Portage to Cty Rd EE, northwest on EE to Monthey Rd, North on Monthey to cemetery. Cemetery is on the east side of Monthey Rd. In 2006 someone is mowing the grass. Lots of broken stones. Last burial seems to be Sarah Gibson 1963.

Cemetery Records

This list was copied by Monna Aldrich in 1982, retyped by Anna Mae Axness in 2006. Some information from other sources.

Berry, Dewitt Clinton (1Nancy, 2Maria)
, b. 10-18-1827, d. 09-21-1886, b.Groton NY
Berry, Lemuel, d. 08-31-1879, GAR, 56yrs 4mo 26ds old
Berry, Maria J. (Dewitt Clinton), b. 08-11-1828, d. 01-21-1903
Berry, Nancy M. (Dewitt Clinton), d. 08--27-1855, 26yr 6mo old
Birdsall, Jeanette Kibby (Alfred), d. 12-03-1876
Bush, Diana, lot owner in 2015
Clark, Olive N. (L.), d. 07-26-1892, 71yrs 6mo old
Cobb, Leila A., d. 03-15-1888, 8mo 20da old, d/o L.C. & F.J. Cobb
Cripps, Lyman H., d. 02-19-1857, 3yrs 3mo old, s/o H.& M.A. Cripps
Crowell, Earl, d. 09-01-1876, 1yr 2mo 16da old, s/o J.& O. Crowell
Cuff, Lulu, d. 09-18-1870, 1yr 8mo old, d/o Wm. & Bell A. Cuff
Cuff, Mary (William), b. 08-18-1821, d. 12-02-1899, b. England
Cuff, William (Mary), b. 02-22-1820, d. 11-27-1860
Emerton, Idella H., d. 10-13-1875, 17yr 6mo 8da old
Forrest, Ellison, b. 08-11-1808, d. 11-29-1877, 69 yrs old, s/o Wil Forrest
Forrest, James M. (Laura, Susan, Matilda), b. 06-10-1812, d. 06-04-1884, Three wives
Forrest, Laura F. (James M., d. 04-21-1851, 30yr old
Forrest, Matilda (James M.), d. 12-22-1855, 41yr old
Forrest, Susan S. (James M.), b. 1827, d. 1921
Fuller, Amor C., d. 08-09-1854, 1yr 1mo 19da old, s/o I.? & M. Fuller
Fuller, Edgar, d. 03-10-1867, 6wks 2da old, s/o E.R.& H.J. Fuller
Fuller, Emer (Judith H.), b. 1835, d. 11-27-1869, Civil War, Pvt 44 Wis Inf.
Fuller, Eunice (Mathew), d. 04-12-1858, 44yr 11mo 22da old
Fuller, Judith H. (Emer), d. 02-28-1862, 16y 11m 12d old, d/o G.W.&A.C. Prescott
Fuller, Melissa, d. 08-02-1858, 21yr 2mo 18da old, d/o Mathew & Eunice
Fuller, Robert, d. 04-02-1852, 67yr 11da old
Gamble, David, Civil War, Pvt 37 Wis Inf
Gamble, Eliza (George Purvis), b. 12-25-1843, d. 12-25-1893
Gamble, James (Margaret O'Donnell), d. 04-06-1881, 65yrs old, native of Co Antrim Ireland
Gamble, Margaret O'Donnell (James), d. 09-28-1879, 64 yrs old, native of Co Donegal Ireland
Gamble, Peter, d. 11-16-1867, 16yr 2mo 24da old, s/o J.& M. Gamble
Gibson, Charles, b. 1828, d. 1894
Gibson, Leonard, b. 1870, d. 08-06-1950, see obit
Gibson, Malissa, b. 1873, d. 10-10-1938, d/o Charles Gibson, see obit
Gibson, Mary, b. 1838, d. 1917
Gibson, Rodney, b. 09-08-1800, d. 12-04-1886
Gibson, Sarah A. -Miss, b. 1876, d. 09-11-1963, see obit
Goodman, Eliza Carter (Wm.), d. 03-18-1897, 81 yrs old
Goodman, Ellen, d. 11-25-1876, 28y 11m 18d old, d/o Wm. & Eliza
Goodman, Wm. (Eliza Carter), d. 10-30-1910, 91yrs old
Goodwin, Ach--- (wife of James), d. 01-01-1877, 60?yr old, stone broken
Goodwin, James, d. 05-20-1884, 71yr 11mo 5da old, broken stone
Hall, Almira (Quincy), d. 01-16-1854, 55yrs 7mo 20da old, d. Buffalo WI
Hall, Henry O., d. 07-12-1865, 3yrs old, s/o C.M. & Olive Hall
Harrison, George M., b. 03-03-1824, d. 01-31-1896, Errected by his brother -In-law, R.Cole
Larstein, Abigail Zeva, b. 10-08-1943, stone here but she will not be buried here.
Leeds, Alice, d. 07-30-1863, 3yr 8mo 2da old, d/o M.L.&G.F. Leeds
Leeds, George, d. 07-02-1863, 2yrs old, s/o M.L.&G.F. Leeds
Marsh, Darius, b. 1798, d. 05-08-1871, War of 1812, Pvt 36 N.Y. Militia
McColley, Alvin J., d. 09-13-1854, s/o C.A. & P. McColley
Morrison,, Stone buried
Morrison, George J., d. 09-12-1862, 8mo 20da old, s/o J.G. & L.P. Morrison
Morrison, George T., d. 10-14-1878, *Newspaper Obit Index
Morrison, Harriet (George T.), d. 06-10-1861, 61yr old, *Newspaper obit index
Morrison, Hiram, d. 03-12-1859, 38yr old
Morrison, Mary F., d. 10-05-1854, 24yr old, d/o George T. & H.T. Morrison
Morrison, Mary J. --broken stone, d. 05-22-1858, 10yr old, adopted d/o G. & H.T.
Needham, George (Patience), b. 03-29-1819, d. 01-30-1903
Needham, Patience (George), b. 01-24-1815, d. 03-07-1876
Oviatt, Susan S. (Dr. J. C.), b. 07-09-1847, d. 03-15-1876
Oviatt, Wilson F., b. 03-09-1876, d. 08-30-1876, s/o J.C. & S.S. Oviatt
Peck, David B. (Sarah E.), b. 09-22-1828, d. 05-08-1901
Peck, Jessie J., d. 04-01-1897, 21yr 5mo old, d. Dixon IL
Peck, Mary E., d. 09-09-1856, d/o David B. & Sarah E. Peck
Peck, Sarah E. (David B.), b. 12-02-1829, d. 01-15-1905
Stockwell, Angeline (William H.), d. 12-05-1873, 61yr 9mo 10d old
Stockwell, William H. (Angeline), d. 02-13-1868, 70yrs old
Stone buried
Vance, Jane Goodman (Hamilton), b. 10-21-1842, d. 03-07-1895, 52yr 4m 11or14da old, *paper obit index
Walrath, Mary Lurana, d. 05-19-1867, 24yr old, d/o Jacob & Mary A. Walrath
Wright, Adelbert, d. 10-21-1851, 9yr 1mo 2da old
Wright, Eben (Julia A.), d. 03-19-1874, 60 yrs old
Wright, Ellen L., d. 09-19-185?
Wright, Julia A. (Eben), d. 03-13-188?, 1882 or 1887?, 68 yr old
Wright, Julia E., d. 08-01-1855, 2yr 7mo old, d/o E. & J.A. Wright
Wright, Sally J., d. 10-16-1850, 3yr 12da old
Wright, William J., d. 09-19-1854, 4yr 12da old

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