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Wallula Cemetery
Walla Walla County, Washington

Lat: 46° 05' 04"N, Lon: 118° 53' 59"W
T7N R31E Sec 14

Contributed by Rella Gleaton Dec 02, 2002, last edited Jun 13, 2005 [rella@ultraplix.com]. Total records = 181.

Go through the town of Wallula turning onto 2nd Street and going to the end. The cemetery is on the far East side of town. It is fenced, grassed and kept mowed.

Wallula is in it's third location. It was first platted in 1862 around Fort Walla Walla which was first known as Fort Nez Perce. Wallula was the head of steam shipping on this section of the Columbia River, although sometimes ships went on upriver to Priest Rapids or up the Snake River. During the 1860s and 1870s a lot of freight and passengers passed through Wallula with rumours of gold being found in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

The original Fort at Old Wallula, called Old Town, was destroyed in 1843 by fire but rebuilt of adobe about in the center of Old Wallula. When the railroad came through in 1883 the second Wallula, which was some distance from Old Town, was laid out by Lewis McMorris.

In 1949 the Corps of Engineers was going to build a dam below Wallula Gap on the Columbia River and a new townsite was needed. On Aug 0 4, 1952 the town was certified by Walla Walla County Auditor, Walter Kimberly. The lake behind the new McNary Dam was named Lake Wallula. The first two locations of the town were covered by the lake. The third location is to the East and high on the hill.

The last burial in the old one was about 1934. Graves that were moved are marked below. A big thank you to Garland Wilson, a local area historian, for providing the information and a previous reading. At the gate the large sign states that the new cemetery was established in 1953.

Walked and read by Jim and Rella Gleaton, Jun 30, 2002.

- Rella Gleaton

**Moved from second cemetery to the Third
++Moved from the cemetery near the Walla Walla River Bridge to the Third
NM = No Headstone found on Jun 30, 2002
N/I=No information
s/o=son of
d/o=daughter of
w/o=wife of

Oquist, Daniel, b. 1961, d. 1991, h/o Lori
Adams, Albert, b. 1833, d. 1916**
Anderson, Louie, b. 1896, d. 1974
Anderson, Wm Newton, N/I, NM **
Asher, William A., b. Apr 29, 1922, d. Dec 21, 1997, US Navy WWII
Bains, Mr, N/I, NM **
Bains, Mrs, N/I, NM **
Bauer, Albert Richard, b. Nov 30, 1911, d. Jan 24, 1962, S1 USNR WWII
Bauer, Infant, N/I, NM
Bauer, Peter J., b. 1868, d. 1934, s/w Rebecca**
Bauer, Rebecca M., b. 1872, d. 1962 s/w Peter J.
Beckstrom, Ernest Howard, b. Jun 9, 1912, d. Sep 13, 1991 US Navy Korea
Belles, Simon K, Co B. 124th N. Y. Inf only**
Berry, Marjorie, N/I, NM
Berry, Maude, N/I, NM
Burdett, Benjamin H., b. 1892, d. 1971, Father of Benjamin Sr
Burdett, Benjamin Sr, b. 1926, d. 1988, s/w Dorothy
Burdett, Darrell F., b. 1920, d. 1991, Beloved s/o Thomas & Lena, Father of Ronald & Larry
Burdett, Dorothy, b. 1920, d. no date, d/o Benjamin H
Burdett, Infant, d. Aug 12, 1941, s/o Roy & Lewrene
Burdett, Infants, 4, ++, NM
Burdett, Leona, b. Apr 13, 1920, d. Dec 7, 1941++"Our loved one"
Burdett, Margaret G., b. 1888, d. 1947, "Mother", w/o Benjamin H, ++
Burdett, Nellie C., b. 1865, d. 1938, "Mother"++
Burdett, Ralph T., b. Sep 26, 1922, d. Oct 28, 2000, Bro & Uncle, "In mem. of a special man"
Burdett, Robert B. "Bobbie", b. Apr 25, 1917, d. Sep 7, 1926++
Burdett, Robert, b. Feb 21, 1853, d. Dec 27, 1882**,
Burdett, Roy R., b. Jun 17, 1898, d. Jul 22, 1962, s/o Thomas R
Burdett, Thomas R., b. 1855, d. 1936, "Father", h/o Nellie C++
Burns, Viola Adaline, N/I++, NM
Claire, Eva, N/I, NM
Claire, Infant, N/I, NM
Crow, Robert Dale, b. 1921, d. 1992, US Navy WWII/ 2nd stone: Oct 16, 1921-Apr 18, 1992
Cummings, Almira, b. Jan 6, 1833, d. May 4, 1913**, s/w George
Cummings, Amos, b. Jan 9, 1832, d. Jul 23, 1909**
Cummings, Bernice E., b. 1911, d. 1992, "Secretary", s/w Harold R.
Cummings, Cecil G., b. 1897, d. 1981, "Dad"
Cummings, Dean Grant, d. 1939, s/o Bernice E. Cummings, NM
Cummings, Ellis, b. May 25, 1834, d. Jun 18, 1914**, s/w Mary TEMPLE
Cummings, Ervin, b. Feb 28, 1839, d. Jan 1, 1874**
Cummings, Eva Roselta, b. 1896**
Cummings, George, b. Feb 22, 1827, d. Nov 29, 1914** s/w Almira
Cummings, Gideon Grant, b. Sep 7, 1939, d. Sep 8, 1939, s/w Michael Ray
Cummings, Gideon, b. Jun 12, 1839, d. May 16, 1917, "Father"**
Cummings, Harold R., b. 1900, d. 1995, Sexton, m/Jan 25, 1934
Cummings, Josiah S., d. Feb 29, 1878, age: 13y 11m 27d, s/o Gideon & Lucy A. **
Cummings, Josiah, b. Jun 27, 1804, d. May 24, 1874, "Father"**
Cummings, Lester Neil, b. 1893, d. 1894, s/o Amos & Louisa A. **
Cummings, Lucy A., b. Jun 28, 1842, d. Feb 23, 1913, "Mother"**
Cummings, Mary, d. Feb 6, 1870, age: 6y 9m 6d, d/o Amos & Susan E. **
Cummings, Michael Ray, b. Jan 30, 1945, d. Jan 31, 1945, s/o Harold & Bernice, s/w Gideon G. ++
Cummings, Phoebe, b. Sep 1, 1814, d. 1878, "Mother", w/o Josiah
Cummings, Thomas W., b. Dec 31, 1932, d. Oct 31, 1984
Davis, Addie N., N/I Other side of stone says McClurken, Lena**, NM
Denler, Myrtle Ann Burdett, b. Sep 12, 1924, d. Jan 13, 1990
Doak, Eliza Geneva, N/I**, NM
Doak, Harvey, s/w Lela McClurken, N/I**
Doak, Infant, N/I**, NM
Doak, John, N/I**, NM
Doak, Maria, N/I**, NM
Doak, Sarah Cordel, N/I**, NM
Doak, Timmie Madeline, N/I**, NM
Douglas, Infant, d. Aug 9, 1895, d/o J. H. & Mary C.
Douglas, John H., b. May 21, 1866, d. Sep 27, 1933
Emerson, Donald L., N/I++, NM
Emerson, H. Raymond, N/I, NM
Emerson, Infant, b. Jun 30, _____, d. Jul 10, 1934, NM
Emerson, Jennie, N/I, NM
Emerson, Konnie, N/I**, NM
Emerson, Melvin Ray, N/I++, NM
Ferguson, Florence, Niece of R. L. Foster**
Ferguson, Mandy, Niece of R. L. Foster**
Ferguson, Mary, Niece of R. L. Foster**
Foster, Robert L., b. 1871, d. 1961 (see Green)
Fry, Elizabeth Ann, b. 1893, d. 1977, INF WWI (Headstone installed by Steven TYSON)
Fry, George Henry, b. Aug 22, 1892, d. Dec 27, 1971, WA Pvt HQ 62
Fry, George W., b. Jun 12, 1858, d. Mar 24, 1911**
Fulkerson, Joe Ivy, b. Jan 12, 1907, d. Apr 25, 1912, s/o R. C. & M. E.
Fulkerson, Mary M., d/o R. C. & M. E. **, NM
Fulkerson, Myrtle Ivy, b. Nov 22, 1912, d. Mar 31, 1913, d/o R. C. & M. E. **
German, Claire, Baby, N/I**
Giddings, Sharon Oquist, b. Jan 14, 1944, d. May 3, 1996
Glenn, Baby, N/I**, NM
Graber, Paul, b. 1907, d. 1994, s/w Ruth E.
Graber, Ruth E., b. 1908, d. 1994, m/Apr 2, 1946
Grady, Thrasher, N/I, NM
Green, C. H., No dates, Stepfather of R. L. Foster, **
Green, M. J., No dates, Mother of R. L. Foster **(see Foster)
Gross, Elsie E., b. 1899, d. 1977, s/w George F.
Gross, George F., b. 1902, d. 1972, m/Sep 29, 1918
Hamburg, Margaret, N/I++, NM
Hamburg, Mary Kathleen, b. Dec 5, 1913, d. Mar 31, 2002, "Loving mother, grandmother"
Hatch, William, d. Oct 26, 1890, age: 68y**, "He was an honest man"
Hibbs, Lizzie, N/I, NM
Hibbs, Samuel E., Co H 107th Ill Inf**
Hibbs, ____, d/o Samuel Hibbs**, NM
Hill, Lizzie, N/I**, NM
Hill, Orville, b. Sep 9, 1895, d. Feb 1, 1899, s/o M. R. & Rose **
Howe, D. Barnette, b. Jan 16, 1859, d. Jul 16, 1888**
Johnson, Twin infants, N/I**, NM
Jones, Ethel B. and sons Dick & Rodney, d. 1981, "Dearest Mom"
Keillenkamp, Infant, N/I, NM
Keillenkamp, Rosina Christine (Aschbaker), N/I, NM
Kukkenkamp, Baby, N/I**, NM
Lambdin, Infant, N/I, NM
Lambdin, Samuel, b. Jul 14, 1836, d. Apr 19, 1908
Lambdin, Viva, N/I, NM
Leeper, Albert R., d. Apr 13, 1890, age: 36y**
Leitzman, Dora B., N/I, NM
Letterkan, Infant, N/I, NM
Lien, Mable B., b. 1911, d. 1913**, NM
Lindley, Frances Elizabeth, b. Oct 19, 1859, d. Jul 8, 1938**, NM
Lindley, Grover, b. Sep 5, 1891, d. Jun 17, 1911**
Lindley, John W., b. Jun 20, 1833, d. Nov 30, 1917 @84y**
Lindley, Nancy J., d. Jul 16, 1891, @49y**
Lindley, Russell, b. 1898, d. 1966
Lindley, Willis Milton, b. Aug 26, 1860, Jan 18, 1925**
Lockhart, Gilbert D., b. Dec 10, 1909, d. Mar 16, 1997
Lockhart, Myrna M., b. Jun 29, 1914, d. Mar 13, 1997, w/o Gilbert D.
Mann, Allie, b. 1877, d. 1913 (This could be the same as below)
Mann, Mrs. Phillip D., N/I**, NM
Martin, Walter, b. Jul 25, 1874, d. Dec 14, 1874
Martin, William Edward, b. Nov 15, 1870, d. Feb 2, 1889
McCarty, Clara Sophia, b. 1878, d. 1956, "The Lord is my Shepherd"
McCauliff, Baby, d. 1883, s/w J. J.
McCauliff, J. J., b. 1850, d. 1890**, Father, s/w Baby
McClurken, Lela, N/I, Other side of stone says Doak, Harvey**
McComb, Charles, N/I**, NM
McEvoy, Eva, N/I**, NM
McGibbon, William, d. 1907**, NM
McLaughlin, Dwight, N/I, NM
Mills, Aurora L., b. Feb 4, 1916, d. Apr 24, 2000, w/o V. H.
Mills, Thomas, b. May 8, 1899, d. Aug 10, 1971, WA Cpl US Marine Corps WWI
Mills, Victor H., b. Jul 25, 1901, d. Feb 12, 1990, s/w Aurora L.
Mills, William J., b. 1868, d. 1907
Moll, Lynden, N/I, NM
Moran, Patrick "Pat", N/I, NM
Nine, James E., b. May 26, 1965, d. Mar 8, 1990, 2nd Lt USAF "Beloved son & grandson"
Ogden, Alonzo, b. 1856, d. 1916, "Grandfather"
Percifield, Malichai Sterling, d. Jul 3, 1999, "Beloved son and brother"
Peterson, Joan Shepard, b. 1929, d. 1988, m/Nov 19, 1950
Peterson, Robert James, b. 1929,
Pitman, Harriett, b. Jul 9, 1853, d. Aug 26, 1914, w/o Robert**
Pitman, Robert, b. May 24, 1850, d. Dec 14, 1915**
Purvis, Billy, N/I, NM
Richards, Joyce, N/I, NM
Richardson, JoAnn M., b. May 30, 1935, m/Aug 24, 1957
Richardson, K. Karl, b. Sep 20, 1935, s/w JoAnn
Ross, Infant, N/I**, NM
Rucker, Ambrose, N/I**, NM
Schneider, Infant, N/I++, NM
Shuffenberger, J., Co B. 11th Pa Cav**
Stafford(F), John, b. Dec 24, 1834, d. Feb 13, 1910**, "May his soul rest in peace"
Temple, Caroline, N/I, NM
Temple, Frank, N/I**, NM
Temple, James, N/I**, NM
Temple, Mary, b. Aug 29, 1825, d. Dec 24, 1904**, s/w Ellis Cummings
Temple, Minnie, N/I** (Was School teacher at Wallula), NM
Tyson, C. A., M.A. Co F 72nd Ill Inf**
Tyson, Charles R., b. 1883, d. 1970
Tyson, Charles, b. May 15, 1818, d. Sep 2, 1901, age: 83y**
Tyson, Charlotte, N/I**, NM
Tyson, Jim, N/I**, NM
Tyson, Matilda Ann, N/I**, NM
Tyson, Robert Alfred, b. 1916, d. 1963, NM
Tyson, Robert, b. Jan 11, 1881, d. Aug 26, 1903**, "Beloved son"
Uhling, Raymond Herman, b. 1912, d. 1982, Tec 3 US Army WWII
Vails, Robert A., b. 1916, d. 1963, "Grandson", s/w Walter
Vails, Walter Laurence, b. Jul 6, 1923, d. Feb 11, 1995, "You gave me such beautiful memories, beloved husband, father & grandfather", s/w Robert A.
Vannatten, Infant, N/I, NM
Warden, Vivian Roberta, b. Jan 22, 1922, d. Oct 9, 1986, SC2 US Coast Guard WWII
Warner, George, d. Mar 22, 1877, age: 51y 11m 18d**"He was a kind husband & loving Father"
Warner, Infant Twins, N/I**, NM
Waters, James Alan, b. Mar 10, 1949, d. May 15, 1999/ 2nd stone: SP5 US Army Vietnam
Watkins, Brad B. J., b. 1953, d. 1996, "Father"
Watkins, Mike, b. 1973, d. 1996, "Son"
Weagant, William H., b. 1869, d. 1914**
Weatherston, Charlotte (McNett), b. May 30, 1869, d Mar 28, 1898**
Weatherston, Vera, b. Jul 5, 1890, d. Jan 21, 1900, d/o Wm H. & Charlotte
Whipple, Joe, N/I++, NM
Wolfe, Raeann, d. Dec 2, 2000, "Our Little Angel"

??, Baby Glen, "At rest"
Howard, H. Raymond, N/I, ++ (Moved to Pasco), NM
Kinney, Nellie (Temple), N/I (moved to Mtn View Cem, Walla Walla), NM Perkins, ___, Three bodies in this grave, NM
Ross, ___, N/I**, NM
Stalls, ___, N/I, NM
Taylor, ___, N/I**, NM

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