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Rosehill (Buroker) Cemetery
Walla Walla County, Washington

Contributed by Rella Gleaton Mar 19, 2001 [rella@ultraplix.com]. Total records = 26.

Rosehill Cemetery, also known as Buroker Cemetery, is located 5 miles N. E. of Walla Walla near Dry Creek near the intersection of Middle Waitsburg Road and Smith Road at the top of a hill in the middle of a wheat field North of Smith Road in Sec35 T8N R36E.

Many of the stones are laying down in the weeds. There is no fence and there appears to be some vandalizing. There is still one wooden marker that is fairly readable of Mary Crawford. There are several wrought iron fences around individual graves. Twenty seven headstones were found with evidence of other burials. The first burials were 1869 and the last was 1902. Walked and read by Rella and Jim Gleaton Aug 4, 1999. Transcribed and submitted by Rella Faris Gleaton, Mar 19, 2001.

Key: w/o-wife of, s/o-son of, d/o-daughter of, m/married

Abbott, Emmeline(Hargrove), Oct 20, 1826, d. Feb 27, 1869, w/o Lorenzo Abbott
Abbott, Infant son, b. Jan 30, 1869, d. Jun 15, 1869, s/o Emmeline & Lorenzo
Buff, Mary E., b. Aug 25, 1879, d. May 18, 1903, w/o Forest B. Buff, "Erected by women of woodcraft" "A loving friend, a mother dear is buried here"
Buroker, David, d. Nov 17, 1902, 83y llm
Buroker, Sarah, d. Sep 07, 1896, 69y 8m 20d, "Mother", w/o David
Buroker, William H., b. Feb 04, 1856, d. Nov 02, 1902
Cooper, Orval L., b. Jun 22, 1885, d. Jun 22, 1885, "Our darling is at rest"
Courtnay, Clarance W., b. Dec 13, 1872, d. Dec 30, 1872, s/o W. F. & L. Courtnay, "Happy infant, early blest. Rest in peaceful slumber, rest"
Courtnay, Emma K., b. Oct 25, 1864, d. Dec 04, 1882 d/o W. F. & L., "Amiable, she won all,intelligent, she charmed all, fervent she loved all, and dead she saddened all"
Courtnay, Joseph A., b. Mar 03, 1862, d. Dec 02, 1882, s/o W. F. & L., "Gone before us,O' our son to the spirit land. Vainly look we for another, in they place to stand"
Coyle, James, b. Oct 30, 1850, d. Feb 07, 1882
Crawford, Mary A., b. 1845, d. 1927, Wooden headstone
Dewitt, Simon, b. Aug 03, 1838, d. Jul 24, 1898
Ellis, Sarah J., b. Feb 10, 1805, Apr 08, 1873, "Mother"
Evans, Charles W., d. Sep 29, 1871, 24y 8m 27d, "Death has been here and borne away a brother from our side. Just in the morning of his day in youth and love he died"
Evans, Edmond, d. Mar 07, 1873, 32y 8m 3d, "Dearest brother thou has left us, here thy loss we deeply feel, but is God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal"
Evans, Wesley, d. Feb 13, 1873, 1m 5d, s/o A. J. & A. J. Evans
Fuller, J. W.,, d. Feb 25, 1887, 43y 5m 14d, "Thy toils are now ended, thy suffering o'er. Thy spirit is at rest, on that far distant shore"
Gallaher, Lydia C., b. Oct 02, 1815, d. Mar 03, 1895, w/o Wm. C. Gallaher
Gallaher, Mary E. Maley, b. Jan 05, 1840, d. Mar 23, 1880, w/o O. C. Gallaher, "Meet me in heaven"
Gallaher, William C., b. Dec 22, 1803, d. Jun 27, 1877
Harbert, Emma T., b. Apr 07, 1851, d. Jan 05, 1878, w/o J. W. Harbert
Kennedy, Rhoda A., d. Oct 05, 1877, 27y 10m 21d, "Born in Marion Co, Ogn., w/o Robert M. Kennedy, m/Jun 11, 1868, d/o Sidney & Barbara Smith
Kirk, Maria, b. Jun 11, 1822, d. Mar 02, 1885, 62y 18m 19d, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith", Inside a wrought iron fence with stone missing on the grave next to hers. Base intact
Sullivan, Melissa, d. May 28, 1882, 31y 8m 23d, w/o Joshua Sullivan
Townsen, Levi, d. Aug 19,1877, 12y 7m 20d, s/o Isaac & S. C. Lile, "Not lost, blest thought, but gone before. Where we shall meet to part no more"

G??, L., no dates, illegible writing, "Mother"

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