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Calvary Pioneer Cemetery
Tumwater, Thurston County, Washington

5725 Littlerock Rd SW, Tumwater, WA

Lat: 46° 59' 46"N, Lon: 122° 55' 17"W
T18N R2W Section 34

Contributed by Suzanne Livingstone, Nov 17, 2009, last edited Nov 18, 2009 [slivings@clearwire.net]. Total records = 54.

From Interstate 5 (north or south), take exit 102 and head West onto Trosper Rd SW. Turn Left at first light (Littlerock Rd SW). Cemetery is on the right hand side 0.4 miles down the road, just after Mills and Mills Funeral Home and Memorial Park.

Calvary Cemetery was established in 1873. It is adjacent to the Union Cemetery and shares the same grounds and fence. Cemetery is fenced in and has a lock on the main gate, but there is a place to park a car and walk in. You can also access the cemetery from the open side of the fence via the Memorial Park next to it. Be careful for mole holes in the ground. If entering the cemetery from the Memorial Park, these stones are against the back fence and to the right hand side of the cemetery.

The oldest marked burial was 1861. The cemetery is listed as a Pioneer Cemetery on the National, State and Tumwater Registry of Historical Places. Confirmed burial markers with Olympic Genealogical Society. For more information one may contact the city of Tumwater.

I walked and read the cemetery in October 2009. This listing includes only those visible stones/markers. It does appear that there are other burial plots with either missing or broken stones.
- Suzanne Livingstone

Adrian, Adrien W, no dates
Anderson, Annie M, d. 08 Sep 1895, age: 58years
Barker, Catherine, d. 11 Aug 1873, w/o Henry Barker
Bomer, Edward James, d. 05 Sep 1879, s/o Jas & Annie Bomer
Bomer, Louise, d. 29 Jan 1885, s/o Jas & Annie Bomer
Bomer, Mary, d. 31 Oct 1874, d/o Jas & Annie Bomer
Bomer, Otto L, d. 12 Mar 1898, age: 21years
Bordeaux, Domina, no dates, age: 4years
Bordeaux, Francois, no dates, age: 6years
Bordeaux, Joseph Jr, no dates, age: 12years
Bordeaux, Joseph, d. 07 Feb 1889, age: 36years
Bordeaux, Zenon, no dates, age: 10years
Brassfield, Elinor, b. 25 Dec 1875, d. 8 Nov 1906
Brophy, Michael, d. 09 Jan 1890, age: 30years
Brotherson, Bridget D, b. 1860 Ireland, d. 31 Jan 1903
Chable, Amelia, d. 25 Apr 1897, age: 86years
Conboy, Thomas, d. 31 Mar 1907, age: 60years
Darcy, Michael, d. 16 Apr 1886
Draham, John A, d. 05 Jun 1888, age: 25years 2days
Fountain, Frances, d. 23 Oct 1901, age: 20years 5months 5days
Gendron, Frank, b. 19 May 1849 Beauharnois, PQ Canada, d. 15 Dec 1894
Guislar, Willey, b. 25 Apr 1888, d. 26 Oct 1888, s/o A&W Guislab
Harris, Margarett, b. 28 Feb 1901, d. no date
Holland, Katharine L, b. 08 Mar 1895, d. 29 Jul 1898
Kearney, Jane, b. 1859, d. 1885
Kearney, John, b. 1852, d. 1885
Kelly, Thomas, b. 22 Dec 1830, d. 29 Dec 1883
Kratz, Edward, b. 04 Feb 1839 Baden Germany, d. 25 Feb 1911
Kratz, Konrad (Conrad), d. 22 Feb 1871, age: 69years 5months 3days, (2) stones in cemetery
Kratz, Louie Oscar, b. 22 Nov 1879, d. 11 Nov 1896, s/o A&L Kratz
Kratz, Stephan, d. 28 Jan 1861, age: 16years 5months 27days
Kratz, Teresa, d. 04 Jan 1890, age: 76years 1month 12days, w/o C. Kratz
Kuhn, Jacob, d. 1871, age: 67years
Lange, Sarah C Denton, b. 29 Jun 1851 Brooklyn NY, d. 12 Sep 1897, w/o Edward Lance
Larkin, Johanna, d. 20 Sep 1894, age: 44years
Madden, Dennis, d. 16 Aug 1889, age: 26years 3months
Marier, Peter, d. 04 Apr 1896, age: 25years
McDonald, Angus, b. 10 Jul 1858 Glengarry Ontario, d. 30 Sep 1890, age: 32years 2months 20days
McDonald, Barbara, b. 18 Jan 1897, d. 15 Apr 1897
McDonald, Donald A, b. 15 Nov 1839 Glengarry Ontario, d. 10 Dec 1882, age: 43years
McDonald, Lizzie C, b. 18 Jan 1897, d. 10 Sep 1898
McDonald, Maggie A , b. 20 May 1867, d. 19 Jan 1883, age: 15years 8months, d/o Angus L&T McDonald
McDonald, Thomas W, no dates, age: , Infant Son, buried w/ Donald A.
McReavy, Abigal J, d. 13 Dec 1884, age: 26years 2months, w/o E.F. McReavy
Pinger, Elizabeth, b. 31 Aug 1845, d. 5 May 1919
Pinger, John, b. 23 Sep 1843, d. 21 Dec 1904
Pinger, Louisa F, b. 25 Jun 1869, d. 26 Jun 1894, d/o John & Elizabeth Pinger
Pinger, Louisa, b. 25 Apr 1807, d. 09 Aug 1895, w/o William Pinger
Remond, Amelia, d. 08 Feb 1883, age: 13months, d/o G&M Remond
Remond, Eugene, d. 08 Jun 1881, s/o G&M Remond
Spellessy, Mary, d. 05 Jun 1883, age: 9years
Tricklo, Alice May, b. 09 Feb 1863, d. 29 Feb 1888, w/o George Tricklo
VanQuaethem, Charles, b. 09 Sep 1889, d. 24 Apr 1909
VanQuaethem, Felix, b. 17 Aug 1861, d. 23 Aug 1902

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