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Spokane River Presbyterian Cemetery
Wellpinit, Stevens County, Washington

Contributed by Bud Engelhardt [budengelhardt@msn.com]. Transcribed and compiled by Bud Engelhardt � 1999. Submitted by Bud Engelhardt January 8, 2000. Total records = 90+.

Spokane River Presbyterian Cemetery
Spokane Indian Reservation
Wellpinit, WA
T28N R37E Section 8

This Stevens county cemetery lies approximately 3� miles east of the village called West End, which is near McCoy Lake. To reach it turn off old Highway 22, now known as Wellpinit-McCoy Lake road, at the Cornelius Campground sign and go approximately one mile.

It is a fenced and well kept cemetery overlooking a picturesque view of the Spokane River; very tranquil and spiritually uplifting. Burial list of the Spokane River Presbyterian cemetery transcribed by Bud Engelhardt and Leona Holland in July 1999

Earliest death listed-1891
Latest death listed - 1999

ALEXANDER, Alice J, b.Nov 1900, d.17 May 1910
ALEXANDER, Elizabeth, b.1880, d.1930
ALEXANDER, Lu Lua, B.15 Feb 1913, d.29 Jan 1914
ALEXANDER, Lewis, died June 1928
ANDREW, Allen J, b.30 Jun 1945, d.5 Jul 1945
ANDREW, Joseph A, b.11 May 1945, d.13 May 1945
ANDREW, Joseph A, died 7 Aug 1971
BENJAMIN (one name only), died 4 Aug 1914
BONE, Mary Madlene, b.1882, d.1937
BONE, Charley, 1861, d.1928
BONE, infant boy, no date
BONE, Lucy, died 18 Jan 1912, dau of Charley
CONDON, Lucille L, b.2 Nov 1900, d.6 June 1956
CORNELIUS, Abigail, b.1829, d.1938, 108 years old
CORNELIUS, baby, died 20 Mar 1920
CORNELIUS, Felix, died 7 Jun 1920, son of Isadore
CORNELIUS, Messie, b.25 Dec 1890, d.2 May 1914, dau of Isadore
CORNELIUS, Isadore, died 11 Mar 1920
DICK, Alice Isabell, no date
EDSON, (only name), died 28 May 1901
EDWARDS, Fredrick, b.1912, d.1920
EDWARDS, Jason, died 20 May 1928, Pfc USArmy
EDWARDS, Lena Flett, b.1904, d.1934
EDWARDS, Lucye, b.1856, d.18 Sep 1937
EDWARDS, Robert, b.10 Jan 1845, d.25 Nov 1936
FLETT, Lena Edwards, see EDWARDS above
GARRY, Felix, no date
GARRY, Frank, no date
GARRY, Harris, no date
GARRY, Louis, no date
GARRY, Nellie, b.9 Oct 1905, d.14 Apr 1912
GARRY, Phelix, no date
GARRY, Sampson, b.18 May 1900, d.8 Mar 1916
GARRY, Thomas Smith, b.1858, d.28 May 1932
GARRY, Mrs Thomas S., died 17 Mar 1923
HAINES, Catherine, died 24 Jan 1966, age 85 years
HAINES, Edward, b.1857, d.1939
HE-YOOM-PISH-KISH, died 1921, A Nez Pierce Warrior
Grizzly Bear Door, age 18, in war of 1877 fought at Bear Paw, MT
LOUIE, Anne Pierre, b.10 Feb 1906, d.3 Oct 1955
LOUIE, Norman L, b.25 Feb 1943, d.18 Jul 1951
LOUIE, Peter, b.15 Jul 1900, d.22 Feb 1964, beloved Father
LOWLY, Mike, died 15 Dec 1914
MARTIN, Peter, died 18 Apr 1912
McCOY, Louise I, b.6 May 1902, d.21 May 1957
McCOY, Marvin A, died 1999
McCREA, Duane Allen, b.21 Dec 1960, d.30 Mar 1961
MOON, Emlie, b.6 Jan 1912, d.7 Apr 1913
OREPAKEN, Charlie, died 27 Feb 1943, over 100 yrs old
PIERRE, Anne Louie, see Louie above
PIERRE, Andrew, 5 Sep 1918, d.8 Nov 1982, US Army WWII
PIERRE, Charlie, b.1900, d.1928
PIERRE, Ida, b.1923, d.1942
PIERRE, Campground, d.1999
PIERRE, James, b.8 Oct 1916, d.10 Sep 1971, "Cactus"
PIERRE, Johnson, b.2 Jul 1920, d.11 Apr 1943
PIERRE, William, b.17 Feb 1908, d.10 Apr 1915
PIERRE, Wilson, b.1911, d.1941
REAMER, Paul, b.8 Mar 1934, d.8 Aug 1980
SAMUELS, Edward, b.Feb 1889, d.14 Aug 1943
SAMUELS, Herman, no dates, age 2 yrs
SAMUELS, Mary G, b.22 Oct 1924, d.29 Jan 1943
SAMUELS, Mary H, b.1889, d.1970, Mother
SAMUELS, and 14 Other Unidentified Indians
SIMS, Charles C, b.31 Dec 1959, d.6 Jan 1960, Brothers
SIMS, Gerald H Jr, b.3 Sep 1957, d.1957, Brothers
SMITH, Lula, b.1915, d.1939
SMITH, Thomas, died 28 May 1932, see GARRY
SMITH, Mrs. Thomas, died 17 Mar 1923, see GARRY
SOCKEMTICKEM, Elizabeth, b.20 Mar 1882, d.9 Mar 1961, Mother
SOCKEMTICKEM, Pierre, b.14 Apr 1877, d.29 Feb 1972, "Kick-Wa"
SOLAMON, name only, no date
STACKHOUSE, Eleanor K, b.12 Jul 1940, d.18 Dec 1976
THREE MOUNTAIN, C, b.1930, d.1976
THREE MOUNTAIN, John, died 2 Mar 1916, Age 15 years, son of Wm & Mattie
THREE MOUNTAIN, Joshua, b.1910, d.1934
THREE MOUNTAIN, William, b.1859, d.1937
THREE MOUNTAIN, Mattie, b.1862, d.1957, nee MANUEL
THREE MOUNTAIN, Linda, b.1907, d.1921
UNIDENTIFIED:, One headstone: "Combined grave of the remains of 16 unknown Spokane Indians, Reinterred April 19, 1972"
WARNER, Charley, died 5 Oct 1918, age 83
WHALAWITSA, Cecelia, b.1859, d.1938, Mother
WILLIAMS, Betsy, died 12 Feb 1898, age 3 yrs
WILLIAMS, Charley, died 7 Nov 1896, age 5 yrs
WILSON, Nessie, no date
WILSON, Infant, no date
WILSON, name only, no date
VARIOUS GRAVES:, One grave with wooden cross and dates 1859-1923 and no name

One grave with white marble stone, not readable
One grave marked with 1929 etched on it
Twenty-eight graves with unlegible metal markers and/or white crosses
Ten or more graves marked with flowers/shrubs.
Eight gaves marked with large stones
One grave marked with a concrete cross

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