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Jim's Grave
Ilwaco, Pacific County, Washington

Contributed by T Sheldon, Aug 23, 2000 [tsheldon@tss.net]. Total records = 1.

Jim's Grave,
Compiled by T Sheldon this 30th day of May, 2000.

Ilwaco, Washington was a tiny town way back then, the day a negro man, "Jim, by name" wandered into town. "A kinder soul never lived." Jim was an industrious sort who had a good nature to him and was temperate of nature. The settlers and their children took to him easily. One day Jim was boating with a white couple when an ocean storm suddenly capsized the boat they were in. Jim kept them all together and when help finally arrived, Jim insisted that the rescuer take the couple and come back for him the next trip. Jim couldn't make it through the cold water and drowned. The town assembled to pay Jim tribute of respect. His body was buried in the old Whealdon Cemetery, near the present day reservoir. A question remains as to whether Jim was ever moved to the new Ilwaco Cemetery, or if it occupies a lonely, neglected grave at Whealdon Hill.

Jim, d. 16 Jul 1860


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