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Mineral Cemetery
Mineral, Lewis County, Washington

Mineral Cemetery

GPS: 46.715664, -122.174766

Mineral Creek Rd
Mineral, WA 98355

Date published: June 20, 2017
Total records: 648

Mineral Cemetery is owned by Mineral Cemetery District #10.


Mineral Cemetery District #10 was formed in 1979 to present. Prior to that Mineral Cemetery was under the Bethel Cemetery Association from 1908 to 1979.

Cemetery is in very good condition and well cared for. There is a road that goes into and around the cemetery. There is also a small wooden gazebo in the back corner for sitting.

The earliest noted burial was 1901. The stones listed may not be all of them, only the ones that were visible and legible.

Cemetery Records

Records below were transcribed from tombstone inscriptions by Suzanne Livingstone [livingstoneancestry@gmail.com] on August 2011, with a re-reading of tombstones in June 2017. The earliest noted burial was 1901. These may not include all burials, only those that were visible and legible.

?, Louise
?, Rose
ADAMS, Fred, Birth: 15-Nov-1905, Death: 1-Jun-1977, "RM1 US Navy WWII"
ADAMS, Jesse James, Birth: 7-Dec-1925, Death: 26-Feb-1936
ADAMS, John B, Birth: 1889, Death: 1943
ADAMS, Malissa, Birth: 1860, Death: 1937
ADAMS, Mary, Birth: 1880, Death: 1947
ADAMS, Roy J, Birth: 1907, Death: 1976, "Pvt US Army WWII"
ADAMS, Samuel, Birth: 7-Jan-1885, Death: 6-Apr-1925
ADAMS, William, Birth: 1915, Death: 1977
ADAMS, William, Birth: 9-Oct-1880, Death: 8-Nov-1925
ADAMS, Woodrow, Birth: 1879, Death: 1962
ADEN, Carter, Birth: 1887, Death: 1968
ADEN, Jane, Birth: 1892, Death: 1960
ADEN, Rex E, Birth: 1922, Death: 1926
AHLSTRAND, August, Birth: 20-sept-1858, Death: 20-Oct-1927
AHLSTRAND, Christina, Birth: 1879, Death: 1907
AHLSTRAND, Emil, Birth: 1870, Death: 1955
AHLSTRAND, Inga B, Birth: 1862, Death: 1919
AHLSTRAND, John Herman, Birth: 1861, Death: 1927
AHLSTRAND, Oscar T, Birth: 21-May-1903, Death: 9-Jun-1989
AHLSTRAND, Sofia, Birth: 6-Nov-1864, Death: 2-Feb-1930
ALLEN, Suzanne M, Birth: 6-May-1977, Death: 25-May-2011
ALLEN, Suzanne M, Birth: 6-May-1977, Death: 25-May-2011
AMBURGEY, Beuford, Birth: 1936, Death: 2010
AMBURGEY, Curtis, Birth: 16-Oct-1900, Death: 3-Dec-1941
ANDERSEN, Paul H, Birth: 23-Feb-1922, Death: 19-Jun-2006, "PFC US Army WWII"
ANDERSON, Harry M, Birth: 1914, Death: 1987, "US Army Korea"
ANDERSON, James, Death: 14-Sep-1909, Age: 24years
ANDERSON, Josephine, Birth: 2-Jul-1926, Death: 16-Jul-2011
ANDERSON, VickiSusan (Davis), Birth: 11-Jan-1961, Death: 28-Oct-2009
ANTHONY, Bert, Birth: 1876, Death: 1943
ANTHONY, Claudia, Death: 1917, infant d/o Pearl & Bert Anthony
AUSTIN, David Quinn, Age: 7months
AUVIL, Jessie M, Birth: 1885, Death: 1980
AUVIL, John R, Birth: 1882, Death: 1971
BACKES, Jewel, Birth: 18-Mar-1924, Death: 15-Nov-1995
BACKES, William, Birth: 24-Feb-1924, Death: 8-Feb-1981
BAILEY, Charles T, Birth: 2-Dec-1886, Death: 3-Sep-1945, "WA Pvt 43 Spruce SQ"
BAILEY, David Gordon, Birth: 2-Oct-1925, Death: 13-Oct-1973, "WA ETM1 US Navy WWII"
BAKER, Edith Mae Southard, Birth: 28-Sep-1913, Death: 27-Apr-2004
BARTLE, Paul Samuel, Birth: 2-Nov-1984, Death: 7-Dec-1984
BASLER, Bert A, Birth: 1881, Death: 1937
BASLER, Nora A, Birth: 1888, Death: 1973
BASSLER, Carl E, Birth: 1-Mar-1922, Death: 30-Jun-1996, "Cpl US Army WWII"
BASSLER, Roy H, Birth: 1922, Death: 1951
BENTLEY, Infant twins, Birth: 1946, Death: 1946
BENTON, Lois Virginia Timms, Birth: 1-Dec-1935, Death: 30-Jan-2014
BENTON, Robert S, Birth: 25-Aug-1930, Death: 28-Dec-2012, "PFC US Army Korea"
BERNARD, Earl, Birth: 1897, Death: 1975
BERNARD, Gertrude, Birth: 1901, Death: 1982
BERNARD, James H. C., Birth: 1936, Death: 1990, "A3C US Air Force"
BEVAN, David W, Birth: 30-Jun-1936, Death: 13-Aug-1961
BEVAN, Verna Hale, Birth: 16-Feb-1908, Death: 3-Feb-2001
BEVAN, Willie, Birth: 3-Aug-1907, Death: 6-Feb-1990
BICKFORD, Baby, Death: 1920
BICKFORD, Emil Jay, Birth: 1914, Death: 1986
BICKFORD, Jay N, Birth: 12-Apr-1900, Death: 6-Aug-1979, "Married 1-July-1922", h/o Loma
BICKFORD, Loma E, Birth: 25-Jul-1903, Death: 16-Mar-1975, "Married 1-July-1922", w/o Jay
BINNIE, Arthur A, Birth: 1930, Death: 2002, "US Marine Corps"
BISSON, Madge L, Birth: 13-May-1914, Death: 14-May-2002
BISSON, Theodore J, Birth: 1-Oct-1911, Death: 12-May-1989
BLACK, Frank, Birth: 7-Jul-1949, Death: 12-Mar-2015
BLACK, Mary, Birth: 16-Apr-1938, Death: 31-Mar-2004
BLACK, Toni, Birth: 22-Nov-1954, Death: 15-Sep-1976
BLACK, W. Wayne, Birth: 26-Dec-1960, Death: 8-Oct-1981
BLACK, William, Birth: 23-Apr-1934, Death: 20-Nov-1992
BLOCKLEY, Nancy Wilma Auvil, Birth: 1915, Death: 1982
BLOOM, Allegra, Birth: 25-Nov-1904, Death: 30-Jan-1987
BLOOM, John R, Birth: 19-Dec-1885, Death: 28-Nov-1966
BOETTCHER, Carl, Birth: 1844, Death: 1918
BOETTCHER, Willie, Birth: 1893, Death: 1914
BOLINGER, Mary J, Birth: 1881, Death: 1963
BOLINGER, Mauris, Birth: 1899, Death: 1984
BORDEN, Adolph M, Birth: 13-Oct-1905, Death: 21-Jun-1976
BORDEN, Clara E, Birth: 1896, Death: 1911
BORDEN, Dale Delos, Birth: 10-Oct-1916, Death: 27-Sep-2001
BORDEN, Fannie D, Birth: 25-Dec-1907, Death: 20-Apr-1991
BORDEN, Glenn Adolph, Birth: 22-Jul-1933, Death: 26-Sep-2007
BORDEN, Lloyd E, Birth: 1910, Death: 1919
BORDEN, Mable Frances, Birth: 5-Jun-1913, Death: 23-Jan-2007
BORDEN, Merville D, Birth: 1874, Death: 1928
BOWERMAN, Buzz, Birth: 1928, Death: 2004
BOYD, Bessie
BOYD, Ernest E, Birth: 1910, Death: 1977
BOYD, Eugene
BOYD, Major
BOYD, Ruth A, Birth: 1913, Death: 1992
BRAMANN, Walter A, Birth: 1919, Death: 2002
BRECKENRIDGE, Beaulah Seeley, Birth: 1899, Death: 1988, "Married 12-June1918", w/o Charles
BRECKENRIDGE, Charles George, Birth: 1891, Death: 1976, "Married 12-June1918", h/o Beaulah
BRECKENRIDGE, Charles George (Jr), Birth: 13-Aug-1919, Death: 8-Dec-1990, "QM2 US Navy WWII US Subvet"
BRECKENRIDGE, June O, Birth: 1921, Death: 1997
BRECKENRIDGE, Martha G, Birth: 29-Mar-1907, Death: 20-Nov-1989, "HMC US Navy WWII Korea"
BRECKENRIDGE, Richard F, Birth: 22-Jul-1921, Death: 9-Nov-2005, "QMC US Navy WWII Navy Cross"
BRILEY, Lee, Birth: 5-Aug-1925, Death: 23-Aug-1990, "Cpl US Army WWII"
BROWN, Anna, Birth: 7-Aug-1873, Death: 8-Oct-1964
BROWN, Anna M, Birth: 30-Dec-1936, Death: 26-Feb-2014
BROWN, Evelyn D Bickford Conway, Birth: 13-Jul-1923, Death: 17-Dec-2013
BROWN, Jack L, Birth: 11-Feb-1924, Death: 12-Aug-2001, "US Army WWII"
BROWN, Lars, Birth: 1885, Death: 1950
BROWN, Martin, Birth: 4-May-1881, Death: 15-Dec-1937
BROWN, Nicolas David, Birth: 21-Aug-1981, Death: 8-Oct-2006
BROWN, Robert, Birth: 7-Apr-1844, Death: 14-Feb-1915
BROWN, Thomas, Birth: 17-Oct-1883, Death: 25-Jan-1913
BROWNING, Dawn, Birth: 28-Oct-1964, Death: 28-Jul-1977
BROWNING, Dorothy M, Birth: 1926, Death: 2001
BROWNING, Robert J, Birth: 1917, Death: 1999
BUNKER, Catherine Bahl, Birth: 6-Sep-1922, Nome AK, Death: 5-Sep-2013
BUNKER, Robert D, Birth: 28-Mar-1928, Death: 9-Sep-1998, "US Navy WWII"
BURFORD, John m, Birth: 1845, Death: 1923
BURGESS, Charles L, Birth: 21-Jul-1923, Death: 31-Jan-1998
BURGESS, Charles W, Birth: 1873, Death: 1935
BURGESS, Genevieve, Birth: 22-May-1927, Death: 7-Jan-2010
BURNER, Cheryl Lee, Birth: 4-Jul-1950, Death: 17-Apr-1997
CALVIN, Ollie M, Birth: 1901, Death: 2001
CAMPBELL, Cora, Birth: 11-Oct-1905, Death: 6-Aug-1931
CANIDA, John H, Birth: 11-Jan-1873, Death: 9-Apr-1911
CANIDA, Josephine, Birth: 16-Aug-1908, Death: 31-Mar-1910
CARLSON, John, Birth: 1856, Death: 1918
CARLSON, John Emil, Birth: 1885, Death: 1918
CARLSON, Marie, Birth: 1854, Death: 1918
CAVANAUGH, Curtis Palmer, Birth: 3-Sep-1917, Death: 12-Dec-1998, "PFC US Army WWII Purple Heart"
CAVANAUGH, Dalah Mae, Birth: 1915, Death: 1993
CAVIN, Marjorie K, Birth: 1930, Death: 1995
CAVIN, Robert E, Birth: 1933, Death: 2000
CHAMBERLAIN, Winafred A, Birth: 1883, Death: 1917
CHAMBERS, Wallace K, Birth: 30-Nov-1951, Death: 8-Dec-1968
CHARLES, John, Birth: 5-Mar-1875, Death: 8-Mar-1950
CHARLES, Virgie A, Birth: 8-June-1889, Death: 17-Jun-1980
CHARLES, William, Birth: 1855, Death: 1932
CHRISTIANSON, Orvin, Birth: 20-Mar-1926, Death: 13-Oct-2015, "Married 30-June-1951", h/o Helen
CLARK, Linda Lee, Birth: 9-Jan-1941, Death: 14-Jan-2004
CLAYTON, Earl, Birth: 1910, Death: 1976
CLAYTON, Elsie, Birth: 1888, Death: 1910
CLAYTON, Lutie, Birth: 1911, Death: 1972
CLAYTON, Marvin, Birth: 1909, Death: 1909
CLEVENGER, Gary D, Birth: 26-May-1941, Death: 1-Apr-2003
CLINES, Herbert C, Birth: 1919, Death: 1995
CLINES, Marcella A, Birth: 1909, Death: 1985
CLINES, Tilda, Birth: 1893, Death: 1933
CLINES, Tina, Birth: 1892, Death: 1990
CLINES, Tom, Birth: 1887, Death: 1977
COBURN, Albert L, Birth: 1919, Death: 2008, "US Army Air Force WWII Distinguished Flying Cross"
COBURN, Jacqueline Marcia Bowerman, Birth: 18-Nov-1967, Death: 27-Dec-2014
COLEMAN, Larcenie, Birth: 11-Sept-1872, Death: 14-Dec-1948
COMBS, Adelia, Birth: 1879, Death: 1963
COMBS, Allie F, Birth: 1907, Death: 1991
COMBS, Eldon, Birth: 1914, Death: 1975
COMBS, Kelly, Birth: 1869, Death: 1955
COMBS, Noah Webster, Birth: 17-Oct-1935, Death: 29-Nov-2014
COMBS, Oscar, Birth: 16-May-1912, Death: 16-Jan-1966
COMBS, William E, Birth: 8-Apr-1941, Death: 11-Jul-2006
CORNWALL, Billie Jean, Birth: 29-Jul-1933, Death: 14-May-2012
CORNWALL, Glenn Elmer, Birth: 19-May-1938, Death: 1-Jun-2001, "FN US Navy"
COX, ?
COX, Billy, Birth: 9-Aug-1923, Death: 7-Oct-1930
COX, Clista A, Birth: 1912, Death: 1984
COX, Elora
COX, John, Birth: 1876, Death: 1947
COX, Kermit, Death: 10-Apr-1915
COX, Leo Dicie, Birth: 1884, Death: 1958
COX, Mae
COX, Orvin, Birth: 1908, Death: 1971
COX, Otis (Sr), Birth: 1904, Death: 1960
CRONKHITE, Beverly Mae, Birth: 1929, Death: 1988
CRONKHITE, Christine H, Birth: 12-May-1906, Death: 18-Sep-1907, d/o Jesse & Clara
CRONKHITE, Daniel L, Birth: 17-Mar-1956, Death: 11-Sep-1982
CRONKHITE, Douglas Lee, Birth: 1928, Death: 2004
CRONKHITE, Jesse H, Birth: 1904, Death: 1970
CRONKHITE, Jesse L, Birth: 1-Oct-1875, Death: 30-Oct-1907
CURTIS, Nilah Irene Rather, Birth: 4-May-1909, Death: 13-Oct-1984
DAVIS, Carl J, Birth: 1902, Death: 1976
DAVIS, Corrine, Birth: 1909, Death: 1979
DAVIS, Hansford S, Birth: 1905, Death: 1926
DAVIS, Minvera, Birth: 1877, Death: 1967
DAVIS, Ulysses, Birth: 1875, Death: 1929
DAVIS, VickiAnne Felt, Birth: 26-Nov-1940, Death: 17-May-2006
DAVIS, Viola R, Birth: 1926, Death: 1976
DAWKINS, Angie Lee, Birth: 7-Jan-1977, Death: 9-Jan-1977
DEVEREAUX, Louis P, Birth: 1919, Death: 1987, "AMM2 US Navy WWII"
DOLL, Ralph Thomas, Birth: 2-Sep-1926, Death: 31-Aug-1996, "S1 US Navy WWII"
DORMAN, Dorothy R, Birth: 22-Jun-1926, Death: 25-Sep-2005
DORMAN, Murray W, Birth: 1921, Death: 1995
DURNIN, Nancy J, Birth: 21-Nov-1946, Death: 6-Nov-1988
EAZOR, Samuel, Birth: 12-Dec-1926, Death: 4-May-1983, "US Army"
EKSTROM, Nancy A, Birth: 1864, Death: 1920
ENGEL, Infant Son, Death: 15-Sep-1901, s/o L.E. & P.B. Engel
ENGLISH, Minnie Charles, Birth: 14-Feb-1903, Death: 10-Sep-1984
ENGSTROM, Jonas, Death: 25-Jun-1902, Age: 75 years
ERICKSON, Alvida, Birth: 25-Mar-1892, Death: 11-Sep-1915
ERICKSON, Grace, Birth: 1897, Death: 1923
ERICKSON, Josephine, Birth: 1861, Godtland Sweden, Death: 1934
ERIKSON, Hans, Birth: 30-Aug-1859, Death: 1-Jan-1911
FELT, Barbara Susan, Birth: 26-Nov-1940, Death: 28-Nov-1940
FELT, Horace W, Birth: 1913, Death: 1997
FELT, Margaret Elley, Birth: 1917, Death: 2006
FIELDS, Baby Goldie, Birth: 1916, Death: 1916
FIELDS, Nora, Birth: 1891, Death: 1916
FLECK, Elmer L, Birth: 1896, Death: 1969
FLECK, Laura A, Birth: 13-Aug-1860, Death: 24-Feb-1929
FORD, Bettye E, Birth: 13-Jan-1923, Death: 17-Nov-1999
FORD, Edith Cole, Birth: 1858, Death: 1944
FORD, Joseph Alt, Birth: 2-Nov-1923, Death: 19-Aug-1988, "WWII"
FORDHAM, Curt J, Birth: 1950, Death: 1998, "US Navy"
FORE, B. Marie, Birth: 23-Jul-1930, Death: 10-Sep-2007
FRANCIS, Daisy, Birth: 1883, Death: 1918
FRANCIS, Mandy, Birth: 1845, Death: 1935
FRANCIS, Mandy, Birth: 1845, Death: 1935
FRANK, Eugene, Birth: 1902, Death: 1912
FRANK, James, Birth: 1905, Death: 1926
FRASER, Orville, Birth: 1898, Death: 1910
FRITZ, Christian J, Birth: 31-Oct-1897, Death: 5-Jul-1963, "NE Pvt 1134 Guard SQ AAF WWII"
FRITZ, Feronika, Birth: 20-Feb-1827, Death: 9-Mar-1906
FRITZ, Fredrich, Birth: 21-Aug-1821, Death: 31-Jan-1906
FRITZ, Friedrich, Birth: 23-Nov-1886, Death: 7-Sep-1908
FRITZ, George J, Birth: 1885, Death: 1952
FRITZ, J. Christian, Birth: 1854, Death: 1922
FRITZ, J. Frederick, Birth: 1841, Death: 1919
FRITZ, Jacob G, Birth: 16-Feb-1851, Death: 12-Feb-1913
FRITZ, JOsephine, Birth: 1858, Death: 1920
FRITZ, Magdalena, Birth: 1857, Death: 1938
GENNOW, Asaph F, Birth: 19-Oct-1859, Death: 8-Nov-1936
GIPPIE, Frank, Death: 1910, baby
GOODHART, Margaret R, Birth: 1-Sept-1898, Death: 15-Dec-1966
GOODHART, Russell C, Birth: 8-Feb-1902, Death: 15-Mar-1969
GOODRICH-FARRELL, Sandra Jean, Birth: 25-Feb-1950, Death: 24-Dec-2001
GOODWYN, Jack E, Birth: 19-Jul-1921, Death: 30-Mar-1999
GOODWYN, Mary Jane (Sutherland), Birth: 7-Oct-1922, Death: 22-Aug-1995
GREGERSEN, Douglas L, Birth: 13-Jun-1960, Death: 2-Jul-2009
GREGERSEN, Kimball G, Birth: 1955, Death: 1958
GREGERSEN, Lola M, Birth: 18-May-1918, Death: 2-Jun-1992
GREGERSEN, Mary Ella, Birth: 23-Nov-1944, Death: 15-Jul-2002
GREGERSEN, Norman A, Birth: 1917, Death: 1958
GRONZO, Gordon K, Birth: 1916, Death: 1986, "US Army Air Corps WWII"
GRONZO, Marcella Dee, Birth: 1925, Death: 2004
GROVEN, Evalyn L, Birth: 20-Oct-1921, Death: 12-Sep-1987
GULLIKSEN, Gehard C, Birth: 25-Oct-1903, Death: 29-Mar-1963, "GA Pfc Medical Dept WWII"
GUNDERSON, Anna, Birth: 1859, Death: 1926
HAGON, Jules L, Birth: 16-June-1884, Death: 19-Sep-1927
HAGON, Kate, Birth: 12-Dec-1887, Death: 26-Sep-1937
HAINES, Edith Hard, Birth: 1-Jan-1908, Death: 29-May-1971
HALE, Anna Lee, Birth: 11-Sep-1924, Death: 26-Jul-2011
HALE, Bessie, Birth: 2-Feb-1912, Death: 10-Dec-1913
HALE, Eliza J, Birth: 14-Apr-1883, Death: 21-Nov-1980
HALE, James D, Birth: 4-Aug-1876, Death: 15-Feb-1960
HALE, James R, Birth: 2-Sep-1918, Death: 10-Sep-2016, "US Navy"
HALE, Robert F, Birth: 25-Jan-1922, Death: 21-Feb-1998, "US Army WWII"
HALE, Velma V, Birth: 1919, Death: 1982
HALL, Helen L, Birth: 1924, Death: 2014
HALL, Marlys Joyce, Birth: 1931, Death: 1988
HALL, Robert A, Birth: 1925, Death: 1996
HALL, Ruby, Birth: 5-Jun-1904, Death: 10-Aug-1989
HALL, Walter E, Birth: 20-Jun-1903, Death: 10-Oct-1970
HALL, Wesley E, Birth: 24-Jul-1924, Death: 7-Jul-2002, "Cpl US Army WWII"
HANSEN, Judy, Birth: 14-Mar-1951, Death: 21-Oct-2003
HARD, Albert, Death: 1906, baby
HARD, Edison E, Birth: 1877, Death: 1971
HARD, Effie A, Birth: 1869, Death: 1921
HARD, Hattie, Death: 1905, baby
HARD, Irving M, Birth: 1872, Death: 1955
HARD, Marguerite, Death: 1908, baby
HARD, William H, Birth: 24-Dec-1909, Death: 25-Dec-1932
HARP, Infant, Death: 15-Mar-1926
HARRIS, Mildred E Tompkins, Birth: 1917, Death: 2003
HARTING, Carl W, Birth: 1907, Death: 1970
HARTING, Chris J, Birth: 1883, Death: 1927
HARTING, Emma F, Birth: 1888, Death: 1957
HARTING, Helen Marie, Birth: 1931, Death: 1941
HARTING, Jewell R, Birth: 1911, Death: 2008
HARTING, Rowland T, Birth: 1905, Death: 1984
HAZELRIGG, Adelaide, Birth: 1864, Death: 1941
HAZELRIGG, Dorothy E, Birth: 1935, Death: 1942
HAZELRIGG, John J, Birth: 1903, Death: 1985, "married 59 years", h/o Stella
HAZELRIGG, Stella M, Birth: 1904, Death: 1996, "married 59 years", w/o John
HENDRYX, Ethel M, Birth: 1913, Death: 1973, "Married 24-Sept-1929", w/o R.T.
HENDRYX, R.T., Birth: 1908, Death: 1984, "Married 24-Sept-1929", h/o Ethel
HENRY, William W, Birth: 28-Aug-1917, Death: 20-Jan-1973, "T Sgt US Army WWII"
HERSHEY, Max H, Birth: 1876, Death: 1913
HERSHEY, Peter L, Birth: 1835, Death: 1924
HILL, Cynthia Pearl, Birth: 1902, Death: 1988
HILL, J. Levant, Birth: 1855, Death: 1928
HILL, Morris G, Birth: 1848, Death: 1925
HILL, William L, Birth: 1894, Death: 1973
HILLER, Sidney E, Birth: 13-Nov-1918, Death: 20-Nov-1990, "US Army WWII"
HISLOP, John A, Birth: 1896, Death: 1971
HISLOP, Pearl Burgess, Birth: 1900, Death: 1965
HOEM, Edward, Birth: 1880, Death: 1916
HOEM, Johnie, Birth: 1890, Death: 1918
HOEM, Ole j, Birth: 1843, Death: 1917
HOEM, Regina B, Birth: 1856, Death: 1933
HOEM, Sadie Cronkhite, Birth: 25-Sep-1905, Death: 18-Sep-1993
HOFMANN, Sharon A (Suter), Birth: 1952, Death: 1994
HUBBARD, Everett, Birth: 30-Sept-1899, Death: 11-Sep-1989, "US Army"
HUNDLEY, Barbara Sue, Birth: 1939, Death: 1996
ILLINGWORTH, Joseph, Birth: 1887, Death: 1949
ILLINGWORTH, Minnie, Birth: 1884, Death: 1955
IMEL, Hazel Davis, Birth: 24-Feb-1922, Death: 10-Mar-1998, "US Army WWII"
IVERSON, Albert L, Birth: 1885, Death: 1974
IVERSON, Bud, Birth: 1918, Death: 1983, "US Army WWII"
IVERSON, Charles Edward, Birth: 6-Aug-1927, Death: 4-May-2016
IVERSON, Lela, Birth: 1926, Death: 1975
IVERSON, Roberta Jean, Birth: 19-Mar-1932, Death: 6-Dec-2016
IVERSON, Ruby, Birth: 1895, Death: 1972
JAMES, David, Birth: ?, Death: ?
JOHNSTON, Ruth M, Death: August 1921
KAMO, Baby, Death: 21-Jul-1920
KELLY, Margaret M, Birth: 1921, Death: 1937
KENNEDY, Charles W, Birth: 6-Nov-1902, Death: 27-Apr-1976
KENNEDY, Gus, Birth: 1881, Death: 1962
KENNEDY, John R, Birth: 1908, Death: 1979
KENNEDY, Violet G, Birth: 26-May-1901, Death: 25-Jun-1975
KENNEDY, Waldo Robert, Birth: 2-Nov-1930, Death: 23-Jul-1966
KINGSLEY, Lydia A, Birth: 1891, Death: 1920
KINGSLEY, Pearl Gladys, Birth: 1-Dec-1917, Death: 23-Jan-1970, d/o Lydia & Bert
KINNEY, Earl B, Birth: 12-Dec-1926, Death: 24-Aug-2002, "Bosun US Merchart Marine WWII"
KJORVESTAD, Arne E, Birth: 10-Sep-1925, Death: 15-Aug-2000
KJORVESTAD, Nathan R, Birth: 31-Jul-1974, Death: 4-Mar-2002
KNIGHT, JoAnn Beverly Wall Holmes, Birth: 14-Jul-1932, Death: 26-Jul-2010
KOLB, Clara, Birth: 1882, Death: 1966
KOLB, Rudolph, Birth: 1886, Death: 1931
KORB, Ernestena, Birth: 1848, Death: 1923
KREBS, Bridget Lea, Birth: 29-Dec-1974, Death: 17-Dec-2010
KROLCZYK, Joseph, Birth: 6-Mar-1924, Death: 16-Oct-2007
KUHL, Viola, Birth: 1913, Death: 1989
KUHL, William H, Birth: 1909, Death: 1989
LABROOK, Opal, Birth: 1917, Death: 1982
LANG, Alma, Birth: 10-Apr-1919, Death: 23-May-2004, "married 63 years", w/o Emil
LANG, Emil, Birth: 21-Oct-1913, Death: 10-May-2005, "MSgt US Air Force WWII", h/o Alma
LARSN, Hannah, Birth: 1868, Death: 1944
LARSON, Gladys M, Birth: 1898, Death: 1962
LARSON, Hilmer K, Birth: 16-May-1909, Death: 20-Nov-1948, "WA PFC 126 Fld Arty BN WWII"
LARSON, Hulda, Death: 8-Jul-1906, Age: 40 years
LEBLANC, Joseph E, Birth: 1864, Death: 1924
LEYBOLD, Bridgette Mae, Death: 17-Aug-1979
LIEST, Herman, Birth: 9-Feb-1872, Death: 19-Jul-1941
LILLOREN, Ada Combs, Birth: 9-Nov-1913, Death: 31-May-1998
LILLOREN, Helen, Birth: 1916, Death: 1967
LILLOREN, Orville I, Birth: 1911, Death: 2001
LILLOREN, Peggy Rea, Birth: 22-May-1949, Death: 7-Sep-2008, "Married 23-July-1970", w/o Arnold
LIMERY, John T, Birth: 1865, Death: 1912
LIMERY, Mary E, Birth: 1830, Death: 1912
LINDBERG, Edith J, Birth: 1868, Death: 1939
LINDBERG, Harold, Birth: 1-Apr-1885, Death: 14-Mar-1915
LINDBERG, Olof, Birth: 1848, Death: 1922
LITTLE, Cressa M, Birth: 1898, Death: 1990
LOCKHART, Baby, Birth: 18-Mar-1913, Death: ?
LOCKHART, Glen, Birth: 21-May-1928, Death: 25-Jan-1950, "WA PFC US Marine Corps WWII"
LOCKHART, Mary, Birth: 1880, Death: 1958
LOCKHART, Noria, Birth: 31-Mar-1904, Death: 4-Jan-1916
LOCKHART, Rufus D, Birth: 16-May-1902, Death: 12-Nov-1975
LOCKHART, William, Birth: 1873, Death: 1943
LODEN, Ernest, Birth: 1904, Death: 1992
LODEN, Gerhard, Birth: 1898, Death: 1983
LODEN, Magda, Birth: 1878, Death: 1967
LODEN, Richard, Birth: 1867, Death: 1942
LODEN, Vada A, Birth: 1910, Death: 1974
LOGSTON, Bonnie Jean (Stamper), Birth: 2-Jul-1938, Death: 5-Feb-2002
LOGSTON, Ricky Brian, Birth: 16-Nov-1959, Death: 15-Jun-2004
LONGMIRE, Bessie Hill, Birth: 7-Feb-1900, Death: 27-Nov-1987
LUOND, Madge E, Birth: 1902, Death: 1938
LUTKENS, Christine, Birth: 1848, Death: 1933
LUTKENS, Heinrich, Birth: 1832, Death: 1919
LUXEM, Werner F, Birth: 5-Mar-1939, Death: 9-Dec-2011
LYDAY, Cora, Birth: 21-Nov-1907, Death: 5-Jan-1992
LYDAY, Frank, Birth: 25-Mar-1904, Death: 18-Sep-1991
LYDAY, Frank M, Birth: 1927, Death: 2009
LYDAY, Grace D, Birth: 1933, Death: 1998
LYDAY, Ione, Death: 1928
LYNCH, Beatrice, Birth: 1903, Death: 1970
LYNCH, Emmet R, Birth: 1913, Death: 1963
MADDEN, Daniel H, Death: 21-Nov-1940
MADDEN, David, Birth: 1940, Death: 2002
MADDEN, Denny, Birth: 30-May-1928, Death: 27-Dec-1986
MADDEN, Denver, Birth: 12-Nov-1903, Death: 8-Aug-1976
MADDEN, Geneva, Birth: 31-May-1912, Death: 1-Oct-2006
MADDEN, George W, Birth: 1870, Death: 1938
MADDEN, James M, Birth: 15-Oct-1894, Death: 27-Oct-1960
MADDEN, L. Belle, Birth: 27-Feb-1905, Death: 21-Jul-1982
MADDEN, Margaret, Birth: 1871, Death: 1948
MADDEN, Shelby, Birth: 10-Oct-1915, Death: 19-Oct-1972
MADDEN, Shelby Rexford, Birth: 28-Apr-1952, Death: 8-Dec-1968
MADDEN, Willie, Birth: 20-Oct-1912, Death: 30-Dec-2001
MAEL, Loyd, Birth: 1897, Death: 1930
MAIN, Mary Jane, Birth: 9-Oct-1940, Death: 3-Jan-2007
MANIECE, Hazel Kathleen, Birth: 1917, Death: 1919
MAPES, Althea May, Birth: 20-Nov-1925, Death: 14-Jul-2015
MAPES, Richard, Birth: 14-Jun-1939, Death: 3-Mar-2016
MARSHALL, Harriet N, Death: 18-Feb-1903, Age: 68years
MARTIN, Carolyn Alice, Birth: 26-Apr-1948, Death: 14-Oct-1948
MARTIN, Helen Dorothy, Birth: 15-May-1916, Death: 16-Oct-1916
MARTIN, Lawrence, Birth: 10-Jun-1915, Death: 21-Jan-1919
MAYS, Baby
MCCLINN, Dorothy Lee, Birth: 11-Mar-1941, Death: 25-Mar-1976
MCGILLIVRAY, Emma Christine, Birth: 7-Nov-1880, Death: 16-Dec-1941
MCGILLIVRAY, Robert John, Birth: 19-Nov-1867, Death: 13-Mar-1954
MCINTOSH, Babe, Birth: 1918, Death: 1999
MCINTOSH, Infant, Birth: 1948, Death: 1948
MCINTOSH, Martha M, Birth: 1954, Death: 2000
MCKNIGHT, Mother, Death: 1918
MCMANIS, Kay, Birth: 5-Sep-1934, Death: 23-Nov-2013, "Married 15-Mar-1952", w/o Ed
MEAD, Bruce M, Birth: 18-Mar-1951, Death: 14-Jul-2010
METZGER, Albert, Birth: 16-Mar-1914, Death: 21-May-1917
METZGER, Freda, Birth: 31-Dec-1893, Death: 29-Sep-1917
METZGER, Gustave A, Birth: 1888, Death: 1964
MEYERS, Anna Margarete, Birth: 24-Jun-1900, Death: 23-Dec-1917
MEYERS, Edward, Birth: 8-Feb-1901, Death: 30-Jan-1919
MILLER, Albert A, Birth: 1907, Death: 1909
MILLER, Anna Theresa, Birth: 1886, Death: 1938
MILLER, Bernard A, Birth: 14-Jul-1922, Death: 1-Dec-1991, "BM1 US Navy WWII"
MILLER, Brandie Patricia, Birth: 5-Mar-1981, Death: 8-Mar-1981
MILLER, Maxine Catherine, Birth: 17-Apr-1922, Death: 22-Aug-2014
MILLER, Walter Arden, Birth: 1920, Death: 1976, "US Army WWII"
MILLS, Infant, Birth: 1926, Death: 1926
MILLS, Kenneth E, Birth: 1915, Death: 1928
MILLS, Marinda, Birth: 1872, Death: 1949
MILLS, Melvin V, Birth: 1892, Death: 1918
MILLS, Mont, Birth: 1874, Death: 1948
MILLS, Robert, Birth: 1899, Death: 1934
MILLS, Verlie, Birth: 1913, Death: 1922
MILLS, Walter, Birth: 1903, Death: 1930
MOHR, Maxine V, Birth: 1916, Death: 1973
MONAHAN, Bert, Birth: 1875, Death: 1958
MONAHAN, Emma, Birth: 1885, Death: 1974
MONTAGUE, Charles L, Birth: 1928, Death: 1997
MONTAGUE, Joseph, Birth: 1860, Death: 1909
MONTAGUE, Lorna Hill, Birth: 1928, Death: 2014
MOON, Ethel C, Birth: 1911, Death: 1985
MOON, Leslie A, Birth: 1908, Death: 1999
MOORE, John, Birth: 1852, Death: 1925
MOORE, Nell Kennedy, Birth: 22-Jan-1933, Death: 15-Apr-2011
MOORE, Pearl, Birth: 1919, Death: 1919
MYERS, Daniel A, Birth: 9-Nov-1918, Death: 18-Apr-1974, "WA FC1 US Navy WWII"
MYERS, Ella Elaine, Birth: 24-May-1920, Death: 24-Sep-2011
NANNEY, Tina Marie, Birth: 22-Feb-1965, Death: 1-Sep-2012
NASLUND, Magnus, Birth: 1887, Death: 1930
NASLUND, Nils, Birth: 1852, Death: 1920
NASLUND, Ora, Birth: 1892, Death: 1918
NAUGLE, Howard, Birth: 1900, Death: 1960
NELSON, Florence M, Birth: 2-Aug-1924, Death: 6-Mar-1994
NILSON, Dina m, Birth: 1907, Death: 1990
NILSON, Nikolaus, Birth: 1899, Death: 1970
NORDELL, Axel W, Birth: 10-Mar-1884, Death: 7-Nov-1918
NORTH, Carl M, Birth: 24-Feb-1864, Death: 28-Dec-1929
NORTH, Ida, Birth: 21-June-1869, Death: 6-Dec-1944
NUMSEN, Michael Thomas, Birth: 8-Jan-1951, Death: 30-Jan-1995, "L Cpl US Marine Corps Vietnam"
NYMAN, George C, Birth: 1920, Death: 2016
NYMAN, Mildred H, Birth: 1920, Death: 1992
OGREN, Hilding W, Birth: 25-Sept-1894, Death: 22-Jan-1915
OLSON, Ingeborg, Birth: 1837, Death: 1921
OREN, Claude L, Birth: 1878, Death: ?
OREN, Milton A, Birth: 11-Aug-1919, Death: 14-Jan-2008
OREN, Ruth D, Birth: 31-Dec-1919, Death: 18-Aug-2007
OSBORN, Lana L, Birth: 21-Feb-1940, Death: 26-Feb-2012
OSBORN, Loren R, Birth: 2-Oct-1934, Death: 17-Jul-2000, "US Army Korea"
OVERHOLTZER, Jane B, Birth: 1921, Death: 2004
OVERHOLTZER, William Clayton, Birth: 1924, Death: 2008
PAGE, Mildred M, Birth: 1927, Death: 1986
PAGE, William E, Birth: 1926, Death: 1982
PENNINGTON, Donald John, Birth: 18-Oct-1949, Death: 12-Mar-2005
PENNINGTON, Donald Owen, Birth: 1924, Death: 1984, "masonic symbol"
PENNINGTON, Laura L, Birth: 1906, Death: 1991, "Married 20-Oct-1923", w/o Walter
PENNINGTON, Walter C, Birth: 1901, Death: 1972, "Married 20-Oct-1923", h/o Laura
PERSON, Peter (Jr), Birth: 1874, Death: 1930
PETERSEN, Carl, Birth: 24-Sep-1946, Death: 11-May-2003
PETERSEN, Lois Ann Campbell, Birth: 31-Jul-1927, Death: 20-Aug-1970
PETERSON, Charles J, Birth: 1855, Death: 1929
PIERCE, Myrtle M, Birth: 1895, Death: 1918
PIGMAN, Dallie C, Birth: 1890, Death: 1950
PIGMAN, Gordon C, Birth: 1917, Death: 1917
PIGMAN, Mima, Birth: 1914, Death: 1914
PIGMAN, Walter, Birth: 1887, Death: 1965
RAGUSE, Fred A, Birth: 1896, Death: 1958
RAGUSE, Lillie C, Birth: 1898, Death: 1989
REYNOLDS, Eugene Lynn (Sr), Birth: 6-Jun-1948, Death: 24-Dec-2006
RHODES, Martha Barton, Birth: 1884, Death: 1944
RITCHIE, Alta, Birth: 26-Jan-1941, Death: 8-Jan-2016
ROBERTS, Maggie Maurine, Death: 16-Oct-2000, "d/o Kimberly Ann Weiland"
ROBERTSON, Gerald E, Birth: 6-Feb-1937, Death: 2-Sep-1985, "PFC US Army"
ROBERTSON, Lillian P, Birth: 1900, Death: 1974
ROGERS, Melvia Ray, Birth: 1919, Death: 2013
ROGERS, Wilbur G, Birth: 1915, Death: 2013
ROLFE, Charles Dean (Jr), Birth: 4-Sep-1967, Death: 28-Aug-1993
ROMERO, Vera A, Birth: 7-Sep-1931, Death: 21-Oct-2007
ROSETH, Mary Belle, Birth: 1913, Death: 1994
ROSETH, Paul, Birth: 15-Dec-1922, Death: 28-Dec-1967, "WA T Sgt USAF Ret WWII"
ROSS, Peter (Jr), Birth: 28-May-1925, Death: 30-Sep-2003, "US Navy WWII Korea"
ROWE, Harry V, Birth: 1868, Death: 1933
ROWE, Sadie C, Birth: 1868, Death: 1942
ROWE, Susan Louise, Birth: 1906, Death: 1998
ROWE, Victor Granville, Birth: 1893, Death: 1978, "US Navy WWI"
RUBIN, Michael Todd, Birth: 1951, Death: 1997
RUTLEDGE, Christina, Birth: 1887, Death: 1974
RYAN, M. Jack (Jr), Birth: 21-May-1960, Death: 10-Jun-2001
SAGE, Charles E, Birth: 3-Oct-1921, Death: 10-Jun-1993
SAGE, Mary Catherine, Death: 25-Oct-1952
SALLSTROM, Gilbert A, Birth: 8-Dec-1881, Death: 5-Apr-1918
SANDERS, Mary C, Birth: 1874, Death: 1940
SCHABEL, Armelda, Birth: 1900, Death: 1991
SCHABEL, Bert, Birth: 1899, Death: 1977
SCHALLER, Hazel I, Birth: 18-Nov-1904, Death: 4-Mar-1988
SCHALLER, John E, Birth: 19-Mar-1904, Death: 8-Jan-1996
SCHOCK, Josephine L, Birth: 1909, Death: 1985
SEYMOUR, Alexander E, Birth: 1852, Death: ?
SEYMOUR, Daniel W, Birth: 1950, Death: 1977
SEYMOUR, Henry W, Birth: 1900, Death: 1974
SEYMOUR, Joseph L, Birth: 1-Mar-1895, Death: 25-Aug-1960, "WA E3 US Navy WWI"
SEYMOUR, Lola M, Birth: 1910, Death: 1972
SEYMOUR, Mary Agnes, Birth: 4-Mar-1899, Death: 27-Nov-1972
SEYMOUR, Mary J, Birth: 1929, Death: 2006, "Married 8-May-1949", w/o Wallace
SEYMOUR, Phoebe L, Birth: 1859, Death: 1926
SEYMOUR, Wallace A, Birth: 1927, Death: 2008, "Married 8-May-1949", h/o Mary
SHERWOOD, Charles, Birth: 1913, Death: 1995
SHERWOOD, Diane Marie, Birth: 27-Apr-1937, Death: 28-Apr-1937, d/o Charles & Selma Sherwood
SHERWOOD, Selma Loden, Birth: 8-Feb-1915, Death: 24-Apr-2007
SHUFFELEN, John A, Birth: 17-Mar-1889, Death: 6-Jun-1961, "WA Pvt Co K 3 Pioneer Inf WWI"
SILVA, Michael Nels, Birth: 26-Mar-1940, Death: 13-Feb-2003, "SFM2 US Navy Vietnam"
SJOBLOM, Bonnie Jean, Birth: 23-Jul-1934, Death: 5-May-1935
SJOBLOM, Edna, Birth: 11-Nov-1900, Death: 8-Jun-1988
SJOBLOM, Elmer L, Birth: 14-July-1898, Death: 26-May-1976
SJOBLOM, Fred, Birth: 16-Aug-1886, Death: 2-Jul-1973, "Pvt US Army WWI"
SJOBLOM, Henry Allen, Birth: 12-Aug-1930, Death: 29-Aug-1989, "US Marine Corps Korea"
SJOBLOM, Henry E, Birth: 28-Mar-1896, Death: 9-Feb-1974, "Pvt US Army WWI"
SJOBLOM, Juanita, Birth: 1925, Death: 2001
SJOBLOM, Richard A, Birth: 29-Apr-1935, Death: 22-Mar-1978, "US Air Force"
SJOBLOM, Sherwood, Birth: 1923, Death: 2007
SMITH, Angus, Birth: 1891, Death: 1941
SMITH, Betty Cox Tiller, Birth: 9-Apr-1938, Death: 13-Sep-1989
SMITH, Ernest G (Rev), Birth: 1917, Death: 1986
SMITH, Harry A, Birth: 1893, Death: 1928
SMITH, James Burton, Birth: 6-Dec-1917, Death: 23-Jun-1955, "PFC USMCR WWII"
SMITH, Larry D, Birth: 15-Jul-1953, Death: 16-Oct-1994
SNODGRASS, Patsy, Birth: October 1934, Death: October 1990
SOKOL, Dorothy Irene, Birth: 12-Dec-1933, Death: 6-Nov-2002
SOKOL, Gary Lee, Birth: 2-Jul-1955, Death: 15-Mar-2013
SOKOL, George S, Birth: 1915, Death: 2007
SOKOL, Joshua David, Birth: 13-Aug-1994, Death: 8-Oct-1996
SOKOL, Lawrence, Birth: 11-Dec-1926, Death: 18-Sep-2000, "US Army"
SOKOL, Linda Marie, Birth: 5-Mar-1946, Death: 21-Sep-1984
SOKOL, Margaret L, Birth: 1919, Death: 2008
SOUTHARD, Clarence G, Birth: 19-Jan-1934, Death: 22-Nov-2009
SOUTHARD, George D, Birth: 7-Jun-1946, Death: 18-Oct-2015, "Married 1-June-1966", h/o Gloria
SOUTHARD, Gloria J, Birth: 1-May-1948, Death: 1-Nov-2008, "Married 1-June-1966", w/o George
SPARKMAN, Infant Son, Death: 30-Oct-1930
SPARKMAN, June A, Birth: 26-Apr-1924, Death: 19-Dec-2003
SPARKMAN, Mallie A, Birth: 25-Nov-1891, Death: 16-Aug-1970
SPARKMAN, Paul B, Birth: 11-Feb-1923, Death: 24-Mar-1987, "Sgt US Army WWII"
SPARKMAN, Richard I, Birth: 29-Aug-1935, Death: 26-Jan-1989, "US Navy"
SPARKMAN, Wiley J, Birth: 28-Nov-1881, Death: 18-Apr-1973
SPENCER, Ruby, Birth: 18-Jun-1914, Death: 8-Apr-1968
STAFFORD, Cora, Birth: 1885, Death: 1944
STAFFORD, William, Birth: 1885, Death: 1970
STAMPER, Lloyd, Birth: 1909, Death: 1984
STAMPER, Bern, Birth: 1901, Death: 1976
STAMPER, Hiram H, Birth: 1902, Death: 1963
STAMPER, James D, Birth: 22-Nov-1903, Death: 3-Jan-1960, "WA Pvt Co K 311 Inf WWII"
STAMPER, Lois, Birth: 1912, Death: 2001
STAMPER, PollyAnn, Birth: 1876, Death: 1952
STAMPER, William C, Birth: 1870, Death: 1950
STANLEY, Nina Lee, Birth: 21-Nov-1929, Death: 2-Jun-2000
STEVENS, Arthur E, Birth: 30-May-1930, Death: 9-Jul-1997, "Sgt US Marine Corps Korea"
STEWART, Della, Birth: 1903, Death: 1991
STEWART, Frank, Birth: 1900, Death: 1996
STEWART, Fred, Birth: 1925, Death: 1942
STONER, George W, Birth: 19-May-1861, Death: 5-Aug-1932
STONER, Nora C, Birth: 15-Mar-1873, Death: 26-Jun-1913
STRICKLAND, Doris, Birth: 1921, Death: 2006
STRICKLAND, Joan F, Birth: 15-May-1945, Death: 9-Jul-2008, "Married 5-June-1964", w/o Steven
STRICKLAND, Walter L, Birth: 1914, Death: 1991
SUTER, Albert O, Birth: 1917, Death: 1999
SUTER, Anna, Birth: 1923, Death: 2011
SUTER, Emma, Birth: 1908, Death: 1915
SUTER, Frank J, Birth: 28-Sep-1909, Death: 16-Mar-1979
SUTER, Helen P, Birth: 1917, Death: 2011, "Married 18-Nov-1937", w/o Joseph
SUTER, Joseph, Birth: 1870, Death: 1930
SUTER, Joseph w, Birth: 1910, Death: 1996, "Married 18-Nov-1937", h/o Helena
SUTER, Joseph Walter (Jr), Birth: 18-Feb-1941, Death: 16-Aug-1962
SUTER, Mary M, Birth: 2-Feb-1913, Death: 2-Dec-1990
SUTER, Paul d, Birth: 23-Jul-1962, Death: 12-May-2003
SUTER, Rosa, Birth: 1881, Death: 1920
SUTHERLAND, Donald Guy, Birth: 10-Sep-1920, Death: 31-Aug-2005
SUTHERLAND, Guy, Birth: 1890, Death: 1976
SUTHERLAND, Marie, Birth: 1896, Death: 1986
SUTHERLAND, Peggy L (Schroeder), Birth: 7-Mar-1928, Death: 17-May-2010
SUTHERLAND, Richard Dean, Birth: 9-Aug-1943, Death: 16-Jan-2007
SWEAZY, Ella C, Birth: 1930, Death: 1991, "married 1948", w/o William
SWEAZY, Otto W, Birth: 31-Aug-1905, Death: 26-Apr-1996
SWEAZY, William O, Birth: 1928, Death: 1987, "married 1948", h/o Ella
TANT, Robert B (Jr), Birth: 30-Oct-1947, Death: 14-Mar-1999, "PFC US Marine Corps Vietnam"
TAYLOR, Charles Roe, Birth: 7-Jan-1904, Death: 3-Jan-1997
TAYLOR, Ella Hard, Birth: 13-Feb-1906, Death: 24-Dec-1996
TAYLOR, Jack D, Birth: 12-Jul-1932, Death: 25-May-2015
TAYLOR, Meryl (Wixson), Birth: 5-Feb-1938, Death: 12-Nov-2009
TAYLOR, Thomas, Birth: 5-Sept-1859, Death: 12-May-1919
THIESSEN, Anita, Birth: 5-Aug-1892, Death: 14-Jun-1912
THOMAS, Richard F, Birth: 11-Sep-1927, Death: 30-Apr-2016, "Married 18-July-1969", h/o Rosie
THOMAS, Rosie, Birth: 21-Oct-1938, Death: 6-Sep-2006, "Married 18-July-1969", w/o Richard
THURSTON, Shelea Suzanne, Birth: 20-Sep-1949, Death: 8-Jul-2005
THURSTON, JR, Robert Wayne, Birth: 17-May-1942, Death: 24-Dec-2013
TICE, Leslie C, Birth: 1887, Death: 1917
TOMPKINS, Samuel W, Birth: 1907, Death: 1973
TRAVIS, Janet M (Carlson), Birth: 1938, Death: 2004, "married 23-May-1922", w/o Clifford
TREEN, Laura Beth, Birth: 22-Oct-1960, Death: 17-Oct-2015
TRUITT, Blodwen, Birth: 1911, Death: 2001
TRUITT, Louis T, Birth: 1906, Death: 1984
TVETER, Isabelle, Birth: 25-Sep-1919, Death: 15-Oct-2003
TVETER, Leif, Birth: 20-Feb-1921, Death: 29-Apr-2002
VANNING, Elizabeth Shirley, Birth: 11-Jul-1923, Death: 1-Apr-2004
VANNING, John F, Birth: 22-May-1908, Death: 16-Jun-1985
VANNING, Scott Ray, Birth: 25-Mar-1985, Death: 3-Jun-2010, "Sgt US Army"
VANNING, Valerie, Death: 13-Jan-1956, infant d/o John & Shirley
VIBBERT, Robert E, Birth: 23-Apr-1929, Death: 12-Dec-2006, "MSG US Army Korea Vietnam"
VOSS, Robert Daniel, Birth: 7-Jul-1928, Death: 16-Dec-1995, "USAF Korea"
WARD, Gaynell, Birth: 1903, Death: 1915
WARD, James Paris, Birth: 1863, Death: 1950
WARD, Lucinda, Birth: 1868, Death: 1925
WARD, Manderville, Birth: 1878, Death: 1935
WEILAND, George Martin (III), Death: 25-Oct-2003
WEILAND, George Martin (Sr), Birth: 28-Feb-1947, Death: 7-Dec-2008, "SFM2 US Navy Vietnam"
WEILAND, Gertrud A, Birth: 1917, Death: 1980
WENTZ, Baby Boy, Death: 1-Apr-1912
WESTOVER, J. T., Birth: 1863, Death: 1917
WHITNEY, Baby, Birth: 26-Apr-1920, Death: 28-Apr-1920
WHITNEY, Bertha M, Birth: 23-May-1891, Death: 17-Jul-1969
WHITNEY, Dayton E, Death: 24-Jul-1934, "MI Pvt 38 US Inf"
WHITNEY, Joseph Eugene, Birth: 30-Mar-1926, Death: 30-Dec-1931
WHITNEY, Stella Fay, Birth: 12-Jan-1911, Death: 29-Oct-1911
WHITNEY, Willard Evan, Birth: 1913, Death: 1934
WHITNEY, William G, Birth: 1874, Death: 1942
WICKLAND, Inez, Birth: 18-Dec-1911, Death: 11-Oct-1998
WICKLAND, Rudolph E, Birth: 9-Mar-1915, Death: 25-Jan-1977, "TMC US Navy WWII Korea"
WILKINSON, Amund, Birth: 5-Jun-1937, Death: 8-Feb-2011
WILLIAMS, Allen E, Birth: 7-Mar-1896, Death: 14-Oct-1967, "PA Pvt Co B 2 Development BN WWI"
WILLIAMS, Irene, Birth: 24-Nov-1894, Death: 25-Mar-1965
WILLINGHAM, Harold L, Birth: 14-Nov-1920, Death: 15-May-2005, "2nd Lt US Army WWII"
WILLINGHAM, Mary K, Birth: 1922, Death: 1987, "US Army"
WILSON, Lelah, Birth: 20-Jan-1911, Death: 23-Jan-1911, d/o Ray & Mary Wilson
WINTERS, Hester A, Birth: 1849, Death: 1922
WOOD, Jacqueline A, Birth: 6-Aug-1939, Death: 4-Aug-1954
WOOD, Jesse
WOOD, William H, Birth: 1879, Death: 1944

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