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Issaquah Hillside Cemetery
Issaquah, King County, Washington

GPS: 47.529672, -122.045883

555 W Sunset Way
Issaquah, WA 98027

Date published: September 2, 2017
Total records: 3,603

Surnames O-Z

Records published here were compiled by Suzanne Livingstone [livingstoneancestry@gmail.com] based on inscriptions of all visible tombstones during visits in July 2012 and again in July 2017. It is possible there may be other stones, some of which are no longer visible, either under grass or very weathered to where they are non-legible

OBERG, George Erick, birth: 18-Oct-1910, death: 8-Oct-1970, WA Tec5 US Army WWII
OBERG, Gladys E, birth: 5-Aug-1921, death: 18-Nov-1981
OBERT, Albert D, birth: 1908, death: 1987
OBERT, Douglas Sr., birth: 1931, death: 2010, Married February 14, 1953; h/o Donna
OBERT, Ruth N, birth: 1912, death: 1991
O'BRIAN, George Thomas, birth: 11-Jan-1902, death: 10-Feb-1968
O'BRIAN, Grace Clark, birth: 6-Jun-1907, death: 19-Aug-2002
ODELL, Colleen V, birth: 1926, death: 1965
OEHRLE, Herman, birth: 1883, death: 1959
OELRICH, Lillian Steinhardt, birth: 1931, death: 1976
OELRICH, Marie G, birth: 1901, death: 1977
OELRICH, Merritt G, birth: 2-Mar-1930, death: 17-Oct-1999, US Air Force Korea
OELRICH, Mitchell, birth: 1899, death: 1975
OJALA, Lempi Maria, birth: 29-Sep-1891, death: 19-Nov-1932
OLES, Fred J, birth: 1910, death: 1994
OLES, Hermine, birth: 1921, death: 2001
OLSEN, Clarence, birth: 28-Nov-1914, death: 1-Jul-1974
OLSEN, Delmer, birth: 1907, death: 1970
OLSEN, George C, birth: 1924, death: 1987, US Navy
OLSEN, James, birth: 17-Dec-1925, death: 25-Nov-2009, h/o Rosemarie; married April 1969
OLSEN, Linnea H, birth: 1908, death: 1996
OLSEN, Rosemarie, birth: 24-Oct-1936, death: 6-Nov-2011, w/o James; married April 1969
OLSEN, Solberg O, birth: 1908, death: 1978
OLSON, Anna L, birth: 21-Jan-1898, death: 2-Nov-1986
OLSON, Augusta, birth: 1856, death: 1910
OLSON, Carl Amos, birth: 7-Jan-1908, death: 10-Mar-2003
OLSON, Carmen Ek, birth: 1917, death: 1996
OLSON, Charles, birth: 1872, death: 1934
OLSON, Charles A, birth: 1852, death: 1912
OLSON, Charles E, birth: 1922, death: 2004
OLSON, Charles J, birth: 1883, death: 1910
OLSON, Charles L, birth: 1866, death: 1939
OLSON, Clifford Wm., birth: 1912, death: 1989
OLSON, Eric O, birth: 2-nov-1896, death: 19-May-1984
OLSON, Eugene C, birth: 1895, death: 1988
OLSON, Helga, birth: 1885, death: 1975
OLSON, Mabel, birth: 1910, death: 1935
OLSON, Nettie E, birth: 1867, death: 1946
OLSON, Opal Bernice, birth: 1910, death: 2015
OLVEN, Marie J, birth: 1906, death: 1981
O'NEAIL, Julie, birth: 1964, death: 2007
O'NEAIL, Julie Standiford, birth: 1964, death: 2007
O'NEIL, Jack R, birth: 25-Jan-1962, death: 18-Nov-1962
ORTIZ, Dale L, birth: 1957, death: 1994
ORZECHOWSKI, Florence, birth: 1915, death: 2001
ORZECHOWSKI, Henry E, birth: 1910, death: 2000
OSTBY, Gary Lee, birth: 9-Mar-1943, death: 21-Jun-1980
OTONICAR, Wilfred, birth: 1932, death: 2000
O'TOOLE, Melissa Lynn, death: 10-Feb-1971
OTT, Rose C, birth: 25-Dec-1917, death: 24-Aug-2005
OWEN, Marie J, birth: 1906, death: 1981
OWENS, Nettie, birth: 1879, death: 1949
OWENS, William T, birth: 1875, death: 1952
OWLEY, Robbie John, birth: 1970, death: 1970
PACE-ALO, Maria, birth: 15-Sep-1957, death: 21-Jul-2015
PAINTER, Ralph J, birth: 1961, death: 1980
PALABRICA, Clarita Solis, birth: 23-Aug-1920, death: 6-Aug-2010
PALMER, Eleanor R, birth: 1882, death: 1912
PALMER, John T, birth: 10-Jul-1894, death: 13-Nov-1953, SD Pvt Co c 348 Mg Bn 91 Div WWI
PALMER, Monroe J, birth: 1870, death: 1912
PALMER, Robert L Jr., death: 1973
PALMIERO, Louis J, birth: 1906, death: 1978
PAPPAS, Ann Nicklas, birth: 1931, death: 1996
PARISE, Barbara, birth: 1935, death: 1976
PARKER, Elwin Columbus, birth: 22-Feb-1929, death: 10-Sep-1976
PARKER, Mitzi Rae, birth: 6-Mar-1955, death: 7-Mar-1955
PARKER, Ruth E, birth: 1918, death: 1975
PARKER, Wilma Martha, birth: 28-Sep-1922, death: 17-Dec-2002
PARKER, Zachriah T (Dr), birth: 1887, death: 1958
PARKS, George Earl, birth: 12-Aug-1923, death: 9-Aug-1985, US Army
PARKS, Gladys Mildred, birth: 19-Nov-1927, death: 5-Jan-2004
PARKS, Nancy, birth: 3-Aug-1942, death: 16-Aug-2002
PAROLINI, Albert C, birth: 1904, death: 1990
PAROLINI, Josephine, birth: 1912, death: 1975
PAROLINI, Kathryn D, birth: 1941, death: 1990
PARRISH, Elvin W, birth: 1936, death: 1981
PARSONS, Millie Jean, birth: 6-Jun-1927, death: 20-Sep-2014
PARSONS, William David, birth: 25-Jul-1925, death: 8-Mar-1994, US Navy WWII
PARTRIDGE, Lorene M, birth: 28-Nov-1946, death: 11-Oct-1946
PASCOE, Agnes J, birth: 1917, death: 2007, w/o Edgar; married January 4, 1936
PASCOE, Edgar K, birth: 1915, death: 1994, h/o Agnes; married January 4, 1936
PASCOE, Pearl D, birth: 1885, death: 1971
PASIELKO, James S, birth: Dec 1988, death: 1-Sep-2016
PATTERSON, Michael K, birth: 25-Dec-1900, death: 27-Oct-1957, MI Cpl US Army WWII
PATTIE, Leonard William, birth: 1930, death: 2006
PATTIE, Lila Jean, birth: 1930, death: 1973
PATTIE, Robert Carl, birth: 1964, death: 2006
PATTIE, Sara M, birth: 1942, death: 1993
PATTIE, William Bruce, birth: 1958, death: 2015
PATTON, Benjamin A, birth: 1907, death: 1990
PATTON, Goldia R, birth: 1909, death: 1997
PAULSEN, Earl, birth: 1904, death: 1979
PAULSEN, Midlred, birth: 1903, death: 1979
PAULSEN, Ronald, birth: 1931, death: 2001
PAULSON, Arthur, birth: 1900, death: 1958
PAULSON, Lorien, birth: 1896, death: 1966
PAULY, Harry, birth: 25-Sep-1903, death: 8-Jan-1976, EM3 US Navy
PAULY, Merle J, birth: 19-Oct-1907, death: 11-Aug-2003
PAUTZ, Gary H, birth: 7-Nov-1945, death: 23-Jul-2008
PAWLACZYK, Helen v, birth: 1919, death: 2004
PAWLACZYK, John, birth: 1916, death: 1975
PEABODY, Cyrille M Jr., birth: 1931, death: 2015
PEAK, William, birth: 1875, death: 1965
PEARCE, Alton, birth: 1924, death: 1982
PEARCE, Bethany L, birth: 1925, death: 1974
PEARCE, Lutilda, birth: 16-Jul-1920, death: 19-Feb-2002
PEARSON, Carl, birth: 1884, death: 1964
PEARSON, Doyle F, birth: 1912, death: 2000
PEARSON, Erland, birth: 1913, death: 1996
PEARSON, Esther, birth: 1921, death: 2003
PEARSON, Ida, birth: 1885, death: 1975
PEASE, Kenneth J, birth: 11-Aug-1915, death: 24-Feb-1987
PEASE, Ruth J, birth: 11-Mar-1917, death: 5-Dec-1996
PECK, Dale J, birth: 10-Apr-1939, death: 19-Nov-1967, WA A2C US Air Force
PECK, George F, birth: 1862, death: 1940
PECK, Mary Jane, birth: 1867, death: 1950
PEDEGANA, Joseph J, birth: 1889, death: 1963
PEDEGANA, Mary, birth: 1865, death: 1935
PEDEGANA, Peter, birth: 1860, death: 1928
PEDEGANA, Ruth, birth: 1900, death: 1943
PEDERSEN, Jennie Olbu, birth: 1892, death: 1984
PEDERSON, Seval, birth: 1882, death: 1964
PEDRO, Anna Mary, birth: 1871, death: 1963
PEDRO, George Paul, birth: 1865, death: 1948
PEDRO, John j, birth: 28-Oct-1903, death: 25-Oct-1994
PEET, Robert Lyle, birth: 24-May-1929, death: 30-Apr-1955, WA Cpl US Army Korea
PELAAR, Carolyn Dimmick, birth: 1935, death: 1989
PELAAR, Gerald Arthur, birth: 1938, death: 1990
PELTOLA, Herman, birth: 1876, death: 1934
PELTOLA, Sera Fija, birth: 1875, death: 1958
PENNINGTON, Gerald H, birth: 1914, death: 1972
PENNINGTON, J. Michael, birth: 1937, death: 1956
PERKINS, Homer L, birth: 11-May-1918, death: 14-Feb-2008
PERKINS, Lucille B, birth: 21-Nov-1920, death: 30-Mar-2015
PERO, Jessie, birth: 1878, death: 1958
PERRSON-BARRY, Joan Elizabeth, birth: 1933, death: 2011
PERSON, Delores, birth: 1926, death: 1987
PERSON, Gale, birth: 1922, death: 1991
PERUCCA, Bette L, birth: 1922, death: 2000
PERUCCA, John, birth: 1922, death: 2012
PERUCCA, John D, birth: 1947, death: 1990
PERUSHEK, Helen G, birth: 1913, death: 2004
PETERS, Alfred, birth: 1894, death: 1990
PETERS, Barbara Ann, birth: 29-Jun-1928, death: 10-Nov-1991
PETERS, Colin, birth: 1948, death: 1976
PETERS, Irene, birth: 1921, death: 2010
PETERS, John, birth: 1921, death: 2011
PETERS, Julia, birth: 1895, death: 1977
PETERS, Laverne, birth: 1939, death: 1956
PETERS, Mamie, birth: 1862, death: 1953
PETERSEN, Andrew D, death: 9-Jun-1981
PETERSEN, Carl W Jr., birth: 30-Apr-1927, death: 20-Sep-1992, US Army WWII
PETERSEN, Dorothy, birth: 1891, death: 1989
PETERSON, Albin, birth: 1918, death: 1919
PETERSON, Allan C, birth: 1906, death: 1995
PETERSON, Boyd Leroy, birth: 18-Feb-1930, death: 3-Jul-2014
PETERSON, Charles J, birth: 27-Feb-1868, death: 4-Jul-1947, WI Pfc Co F 4 Reg Inf Spanish Am War
PETERSON, Christine D, birth: 1951, death: 1968
PETERSON, Dorothy M, birth: 1891, death: 1969
PETERSON, Gladys Florence, birth: 11-Oct-1919, death: 2-Jul-1999
PETERSON, Hilmer L, birth: 1888, death: 1967
PETERSON, Jack M, birth: 3-Apr-1924, death: 26-Jun-1971, WA Momm3 US Navy WWII
PETERSON, James L, birth: 1860, death: 1922
PETERSON, Lois Gene, birth: 1928, death: 2002
PETERSON, Mary Ethel, birth: 1892, death: 1982, w/o Peary; married December 14 1915
PETERSON, Miles A, birth: 1915, death: 1980
PETERSON, Minnie L, birth: 1909, death: 1998
PETERSON, Peary H (Rev), birth: 1883, death: 1971, h/o Mary; married December 14, 1915
PETERSON, Roy S, birth: 30-Jul-1927, death: 10-Sep-2012, US Navy
PETERSON, Ruth V, birth: 1922, death: 1988
PETERSON, Vernon L, birth: 1913, death: 1961
PETHICK, Julia, birth: 1858, death: 1945
PETITE, Laurel Christine, birth: 1968, death: 2008
PETITJEAN, Leland s, birth: 15-Dec-1920, death: 15-Aug-1970, WA Lt Commander USNR WWII
PETITJEAN, Noel Ann, birth: 21-Dec-1944, death: 10-Sep-2013
PETTY, Steven Jon, birth: 1948, death: 1976
PETZKE, Helen, birth: 1932, death: 1997
PETZKE, Kenneth, birth: 1932, death: 1990
PETZOLDT, Cameron David, birth: 1968, death: 1969
PHEBUS, C Marshall, birth: 23-Jul-1915, death: 25-Aug-1995, Maj US Army Air Corps WWII
PHEBUS, Dorothy LePiere, birth: 29-Feb-1916, death: 22-Sep-1990
PHILLIPS, A Laverne (Dr), birth: 14-Jun-1938, death: 5-Jul-1992, d/o L.P. & Essie
PHILLIPS, Elmer L, birth: 1907, death: 1987
PHILP, Elsie May, birth: 1884, death: 1969
PHILP, Thomas A, birth: 1877, death: 1968
PICKERING, Anne O, birth: 1906, death: 1971
PICKERING, Donna Miller, birth: 1923, death: 1990
PICKERING, Dorothy M, birth: 2-Jan-1933, death: 13-Sep-2013
PICKERING, Drury D, birth: 5-Apr-1925, death: 23-Feb-2017
PICKERING, Eldon Lee, birth: 23-Jan-1939, death: 8-Jun-2014
PICKERING, Ellsworth E Jr., birth: 1926, death: 1950
PICKERING, Ellsworth E Sr., birth: 1904, death: 1991
PICKERING, Esther m, birth: 1897, death: 1987
PICKERING, Louise Schooss, birth: 1919, death: 2005
PICKERING, Royal R, birth: 1880, death: 1974
PICKERING, Wilbur William, birth: 1923, death: 2011
PICKETT, Melvin D, birth: 1934, death: 1997
PICKETT, Pearl L, birth: 1941, death: 1986
PIERCEY, Marsha, birth: 28-Mar-1944, death: 12-Jun-1990
PILLIE, Arie, birth: 1891, death: 1968
PILLIE, Jakoba, birth: 1890, death: 1979
PILLIE, June Aileen, birth: 13-Jun-1918, death: 19-Apr-1993
PILLIE, Martin C, birth: 1916, death: 2003
PILLIE, Meindert, birth: 1-Dec-1914, death: 10-Mar-2010
PILON, Hildegard, birth: 1923, death: 2016
PILON, Michael G, birth: 1968, death: 1978
PINELLI, Domenico, birth: 1881, death: 1952
PINTER, Alice M, birth: 1921, death: 1979
PINTER, Gasper, birth: 1916, death: 2001
PINTER, John R, birth: 1947, death: 1965
PINTER, Menhart, birth: 1884, death: 1954
PINTER, Verna, birth: 1891, death: 1969
PITNEY, Helen C, birth: 1936, death: 2006
PITSITOS, George, birth: 1895, death: 1971
PITTON, Louis S, birth: 9-Jan-1892, death: 14-Apr-1971, AK Sgt Quartmaster Corps WWI
PLATTER, Donald Lee, birth: 1933, death: 1998
PLUM, John H, birth: 4-Mar-1923, death: 8-Mar-2004, US Navy WWII
PLUM, Joseph E Sr., birth: 8-Aug-1908, death: 15-Sep-1982, Pvt US Army
PODKRANIC, Louis, birth: 13-Feb-1909, death: 23-Apr-1969, WA SK2 US Navy
PODKRANIC, Mary, birth: 19-Jan-1913, death: 12-Nov-1991
POLLOCK, Linda Ann, birth: 8-May-1953, death: 24-Sep-2012
POLOTZEK, Erna, birth: 2-Aug-1914, death: 19-Aug-2009
PORTER, Clifford A, birth: 10-Apr-1911, death: 31-Aug-1949
PORTER, Martha, birth: 1891, death: 1948
PORTER, Orville, birth: 1876, death: 1944
POSTOVIT, Lois A, birth: 1928, death: 1972, Married October 1, 1949; w/o Robert
POSTOVIT, Robert L, birth: 1911, death: 1979, Married October 1, 1949; h/o Lois
POTTER, Darleen E, birth: 1900, death: 1970
POTTER, William M, birth: 1901, death: 1967
POWELL, Matilda, no dates
POWELL, William, no dates
POWLISON, Ford, birth: 1892, death: 1948
POWLISON, Violet, birth: 1901, death: 1989
PRAH, David Anthony, birth: 17-Mar-1962, death: 15-May-2014
PRICE, Benjamin, birth: 1841, death: 1911
PRICE, Mother, birth: 1844, death: 1922
PRICE, William, death: 26-Apr-1902
PRILLIMAN, Maria, birth: 1830, death: 1926
PRILLIMAN, Peter, 8th IN Inf Co K
PRINS-GLASER, Liselotte Eugenie, birth: 1928, death: 1995
PRINTUP, Andrew Ivan, birth: 1900, death: 1958, masonic symbol
PRITCHARD, David Lloyd, birth: 15-Oct-1915, death: 22-Sep-1983
PRITCHARD, Rose Therese, birth: 12-Oct-1913, death: 17-Feb-1982
PROSPEK, Jessie, death: 1915
PROSPEK, Mike, birth: 3-Jan-1873, death: 14-Dec-1953
PROSPEK, Ronald A, death: 1946
PROSPEK, Theresa, birth: 15-Oct-1880, death: 8-Mar-1967
PRUE, Edgar, birth: 1889, death: 1961
PRUE, Samantha, birth: 1855, death: 1944
PULST, Sharlene, birth: 16-Jul-1972, death: 4-Jun-2011
PUPO, Anne, birth: 1917, death: 2005
PUPO, Joseph P, birth: 1914, death: 1990
PUSCH, Donald A, birth: 1905, death: 2001
PUSCH, Margaret, birth: 1912, death: 1973
PUSCH, Peter J, birth: 1877, death: 1953
PUSCH, Robert A, birth: 1937, death: 2012
PUTNAM, Ellis, birth: 22-Sep-1844, death: 27-Jan-1892
RAHM, Beverly, birth: 3-Oct-1937, death: 5-Feb-2000
RAHM, Karl M, birth: 23-Aug-1934, death: 24-Nov-1996, US Navy Korea
RALEIGH, Kathleen Celine, birth: 1927, death: 2016
RALPH, Albert A, birth: 1904, death: 1988
RALPH, Daniel V, birth: 20-Jan-1919, death: 30-Mar-1985, US Army WWII
RALPH, Grace D, birth: 1906, death: 1985
RALPH, Robert A, birth: 20-Jan-1941, death: 22-Dec-1998
RALPH, Rose Sellers, birth: 1914, death: 1990
RAMSAY, Mark J, birth: 25-Dec-1967, death: 28-Jun-1987
RANDALL, DeWitts S (DMD), birth: 17-Feb-1940, death: 24-Sep-2012
RANDALL, Marci Suzann, birth: 11-Jan-1964, death: 22-Nov-1983
RANDALL, Trevor Mark, birth: 28-Aug-1970, death: 29-Nov-1970
RASH, Floy E, birth: 1885, death: 1976
RAWLINSON, Dorrit W, birth: 1894, death: 1989
REARDON, Mary A, birth: 1872, death: 1972
REAVIS, Julia Merrill, birth: 1914, death: 1989
REBENECK, Catherine, birth: 1899, death: 1984
REED, Alzina A, birth: 23-mar-1873, death: 8-Oct-1892
REED, Annette, birth: 22-Mar-1920, death: 19-Apr-2012, married 5/23/1941
REED, Bessie Cubbon, birth: 13-Feb-1893, death: 25-Jun-1983
REED, George E, birth: 1877, death: 1944
REED, Raymond Francis, birth: 4-Apr-1895, death: 4-Jan-1934
REED, Starr, birth: 14-May-1921, death: 11-Jan-1917, married 5/23/1941
REEHL, Frederick W, birth: 4-May-1872, death: 22-Jul-1962, NY Pvt 61 Prov Ambulance Co WWI
REEVES, Beverly J, birth: 1934, death: 2014
REEVES, Bob Sr., birth: 1934, death: 1991
REEVES, Gayle Krein, birth: 1964, death: 1993
REEVES, Randy W, birth: 1966, death: 2006
REID, George Andrew, birth: 20-Nov-1922, death: 8-May-1997
REID, Ted Andrew, birth: 24-May-1959, death: 17-Aug-2015
REINER, Edith E, birth: 1-Mar-1912, death: 19-May-1997, US Army WWII
REINI, Charlotte, birth: 1916, death: 2006
REINI, George, birth: 5-Mar-1914, death: 16-Feb-1989, US Army Air Corps WWII
REINI, Matilda, birth: 1879, death: 1960
REINI, Matt, birth: 1879, death: 1944
REPPE, Arthur, birth: 1890, death: 1949
REPPE, Catherine, birth: 1869, death: 1936
REPPE, Peter, birth: 1897, death: 1964
REPPE, Peter A, birth: 1866, death: 1923
REPPE, Rose, birth: 1898, death: 1954
REYMAN, Cora E, birth: 1904, death: 1987
REYMAN, William F, birth: 1906, death: 1988
REYNOLDS, Margaret, death: 13-May-1903, age 5 months
RICE, Adeline Nora, birth: 1919, death: 2008
RICE, Edward F, birth: 1908, death: 1990
RICE, Elizabeth Rose, birth: 1912, death: 2004
RICE, Fred H, birth: 1877, death: 1950
RICE, Jules J, birth: 1916, death: 1983
RICH, Clarence, birth: 1897, death: 1950, masonic symbol
RICH, Terry James, birth: 13-Jun-1961, death: 21-Mar-1962
RICH, William E, birth: 1928, death: 1953
RICHARDSON, Sharon Noel, birth: 1941, death: 2004
RICHOLT, Doris A, birth: 1918, death: 1988
RICHOLT, Robert R, birth: 1906, death: 1981
RICKERD, Josephine, birth: 1913, death: 1945
RIDER, Annie M, birth: 1895, death: 1983
RIDER, Fred A, birth: 1889, death: 1969
RIDER, Mary, birth: 5-Apr-1916, death: 23-Nov-2009
RIDER, Norman J, birth: 19-Aug-1918, death: 28-May-1998, US Navy WWII
RILEY, Donald D, birth: 1927, death: 1972
RILEY, Henry, birth: 1911, death: 1993
RILEY, Vera, birth: 1910, death: 1998
RISCH, William Robert, birth: 1921, death: 2012
RISDON, Alan, birth: 24-Jun-1951, death: 2-Nov-2010
RISDON, Alice, birth: 1902, death: 1954
RISDON, Dan, birth: 1924, death: 1980
RISDON, Ivan, birth: 1886, death: 1964
RISSER, Elaine Orzechowski, birth: 20-Feb-1947, death: 18-Sep-1988
RIVERA, Brittany Amanda, birth: 10-Dec-1990, death: 25-Mar-1994
ROBBINS, William W, birth: 12-Sep-1932, death: 28-Mar-1985, US Army
ROBERSON, Angela Louise, birth: 1932, death: 2012
ROBERTS, Anna, birth: 1881, death: 1978
ROBERTS, Glyndon, birth: 1876, death: 1967
ROBERTS, Lois H, birth: 23-Nov-1922, death: 19-Oct-1980
ROBERTSON, Evie R Beaty, birth: 22-Oct-1930, death: 31-Oct-2016
ROBERTSON, Goldie G, birth: 20-Jul-1900, death: 5-Mar-1989
ROBERTSON, Mildred J, death: 11-Apr-1913
ROBERTSON, Raymond F, birth: 11-Feb-1897, death: 16-Feb-1994, US Navy WWI
ROBERTSON, Roy M, birth: 29-Jul-1925, death: 5-Nov-2009
ROBERTSON, Ryan David, birth: 14-Jan-1989, death: 16-Jul-2009, s/o Robert & Linda; age 20 years
ROBERTSON, William Carl, birth: 29-Oct-1918, death: 4-Dec-1979
ROBINSON, Mary Teresa, birth: 26-Mar-1957, death: 7-Jun-2007
ROBSON, Rosa, birth: 1882, death: 1951
ROCKWOOD, Francis S, birth: 1920, death: 1963
ROEHL, Dennis Charles, birth: 1932, death: 2015
ROEHL, Terrance Michael, birth: 13-Feb-1954, death: 8-May-2003
ROGERS, Dorothy M, birth: 1891, death: 1959
ROGERS, Joseph S, birth: 1889, death: 1967
ROLANDO, Zeffereno, Italy, death: 4-Aug-1892, age 40 years
ROLF, Theodore A, birth: 27-Oct-1952, death: 11-Dec-2001
RONNE, Evelyn, birth: 6-Aug-1901, death: 10-Sep-1987
RONNE, John, birth: 29-Oct-1896, death: 26-Jun-1949
ROOT, Lee, birth: 4-Feb-1919, death: 1-Jun-2000, US Army WWII
ROOT, Rose Ann, birth: 22-Feb-1924, death: 11-Jun-1988
ROSELLI, Geraldine Ruth, birth: 5-Mar-1958, death: 15-Nov-2014
ROSELLI, Rose Elliott, birth: 9-Mar-1934, death: 24-Oct-2012
ROSELLI, thomas haines, birth: 19-Aug-1932, death: 13-Mar-2003, US Navy Korea Submarine Service
ROSS, Coleen L, birth: 1948, death: 2004
ROSS, Josephine M, birth: 1902, death: 1986
ROTHLEUTNER, Adolph J, birth: 1909, death: 2000
ROTHLEUTNER, Gene, birth: 1938, death: 2009
ROTHLEUTNER, Ronald D, birth: 1939, death: 1997
ROTHLEUTNER, SaDee V, birth: 1917, death: 1995
ROUNDS, Elizabeth Jane, birth: 1897, death: 1947
ROUNDS, Ira M, birth: 1896, death: 1970
ROWE, Ethel E, birth: 19-Jan-1912, death: 16-Nov-2006
ROWE, William C, birth: 22-Feb-1904, death: 16-Mar-2000
ROWLEY, George W, birth: 1908, death: 1988
ROWLEY, Pat , birth: 1918, death: 2007
RUDSTROM, Elmer N, birth: 1894, death: 1961
RUDSTROM, Hannah, birth: 1870, death: 1945
RUDSTROM, John, birth: 1865, death: 1945
RUEHLE, Edward W Jr., birth: 19-Dec-1935, death: 18-Apr-2003, US Air Force Korea
RUEHLE, Jeff, birth: 1968, death: 1986
RUEHLE, Linda, birth: 1941, death: 2005
RUSH, Philip James, birth: 1947, death: 2011
RUSHING, Charles W, birth: 30-Jan-1924, death: 2-Oct-1961, IL Tec4 US Army WWII BSM
RUSICH, Beverly Mickey, birth: 1929, death: 1984
RUSSELL, Kenneth H, birth: 1938, death: 1996
RUTLEDGE, Emma, birth: 1869, death: 1952
RUTLEDGE, Ernest, birth: 11-Feb-1905, death: 4-Dec-1970, WA Tec4 Co F 363 Engr Regt WWII
RUUD, Barbara, birth: 3-Mar-1943, death: 14-Jun-2011
SABY, Peter Wold, birth: 1896, death: 1898
SACKMANN, Jean Bakamus, birth: 1947, death: 2006
SADLIER, Ruby L, birth: 1923, death: 1990
SADLIER, Thomas J, birth: 1924, death: 1987
SAKAMOTO, Dhana, birth: 1968, death: 2015
SALMI, Anna, birth: 1882, death: 1963
SALMI, John, birth: 1884, death: 1961
SALO, Gust, birth: 1881, death: 1963
SALO, Ida, birth: 24-Aug-1868, death: 6-Jun-1928
SALO, Jennie, birth: 1882, death: 1971
SAMAS, Diane Ashbaugh, birth: 1955, death: 2003
SANCHEZ, Nina Hays, birth: 11-Nov-1911, death: 17-Oct-1993
SANDELL, Frank, birth: 1884, death: 1903
SANDELL, Gustava, birth: 1859, death: 1893
SANDELL, Samuel John, birth: 1888, death: 1946
SANDELL, Victor, birth: 1857, death: 1916
SANTOS, Joy Kam See, birth: 4-Oct-1995, death: 12-Oct-1995
SARMA, Aditi Prashant, birth: 20-Nov-2009, death: 1-Jul-2010
SCHELL, Emery, birth: 30-Jul-1895, death: 6-Dec-1987, US Army WWI
SCHERUBEL, Anne O, birth: 1906, death: 1971
SCHERUBEL, Charles O, birth: 1898, death: 1975
SCHIMO, Pauline, birth: 1912, death: 1990
SCHIMO, Sylvester, birth: 1905, death: 1989
SCHISLER, Robert M, birth: 11-Oct-1920, death: 11-Oct-1993, US Army Air Corps WWII
SCHLEMLEIN, Olive Avis, birth: 28-Feb-1897, death: 19-May-1994
SCHMIDT, Blanche Mary, birth: 18-May-1923, death: 9-Jul-2011
SCHMIDT, Herman, birth: 1880, death: 1963
SCHMIDT, Nettie, birth: 1886, death: 1968
SCHMIDT, William, birth: 1904, death: 1939
SCHNEIDER, Finn Hutton, birth: 16-Mar-2010, death: 7-Aug-2010
SCHNEIDER, Marianne E, birth: 16-Nov-1957, death: 16-Nov-2004
SCHOMBER, Anna, birth: 22-Jan-1862, death: 27-Mar-1949
SCHOMBER, Eloise, birth: 1913, death: 1992
SCHOMBER, Grace M, birth: 1906, death: 1983
SCHOMBER, Henry, birth: 16-Dec-1860, death: 7-Aug-1936
SCHOMBER, Henry J, birth: 1899, death: 1965
SCHOMBER, Jacob H, birth: 4-Oct-1887, death: 2-Feb-1973, WA Cpl Co 1 26 Inf WWI
SCHOMBER, Minnie W, birth: 22-Jul-1897, death: 6-Jun-1994
SCHOMBER, Regina, birth: 1894, death: 1926
SCHOMBER, Richard Eric, death: 1920, age 6 days
SCHOMBER, William L, birth: 1895, death: 1985
SCHONEBAUM, Elizabeth H, birth: 1901, death: 1988
SCHONEBAUM, Elizabeth H, birth: 1901, death: 1988
SCHRADER, Gertrude A, birth: 28-Dec-1893, death: 10-Apr-1973
SCHRADER, Howard C, birth: 5-Jun-1891, death: 25-Mar-1966, OH 2nd LT 33 Engineers WWI
SCHROEDER, Betty V, birth: 1918, death: 1996
SCHROEDER, Edna A, birth: 27-Nov-1892, death: 29-Jan-1971
SCHROEDER, Gale Robert, birth: 4-Mar-1935, death: 18-Jun-2005
SCHROEDER, John, birth: 23-Feb-1888, death: 10-Jan-1973, WA Pvt US Army WWI
SCHROEDER, Maria Christa, birth: 19-Feb-1936, death: 7-Nov-2015
SCHROEDER, Martin, birth: 25-Apr-1906, death: 22-Feb-1987
SCHROEDER, Michael, birth: 25-Sep-1891, death: 28-Dec-1908
SCHROEDER, Nicholas, birth: 1885, death: 1943
SCHROEDER, theophila, birth: 1864, death: 1953
SCHULTZ, June A, birth: 1917, death: 2012
SCHULTZ, W. Roy, birth: 1912, death: 2008
SCHUMACHER, Charles A, birth: 1930, death: 1990
SCHUMACHER, Helen (Jokinen), birth: 1914, death: 2000
SCHUMACHER, James, birth: 1923, death: 1984
SCHUMACHER, Joshua David, birth: 1978, death: 1985
SCHUMACHER, Twyla J, birth: 1930, death: 2005
SCHWEIN, William Grant, birth: 1934, death: 1986
SCHWENKER, Martha C, birth: 22-Apr-1892, death: 19-Nov-1974
SCONTRINO, Angela Marie, birth: 20-Aug-1973, death: 21-Aug-1973
SCONTRINO, Anthony Peter, birth: 15-Nov-1974, death: 3-Jul-1992
SCOTNESS, Arthur, birth: 1887, death: 1942
SCOTNESS, Jennie, birth: 1861, death: 1945
SCOTNESS, Olga, birth: 1891, death: 1957
SCOTT, Barry Allan, birth: 1947, death: 2012
SCOTT, Charles T, birth: 1937, death: 1975
SCOTT, Coriene M, birth: 1903, death: 1990
SCOTT, Emma, birth: 1892, death: 1949
SCOTT, Katherine A, birth: 1940, death: 1998
SCOTT, Reginald P, birth: 1900, death: 1985
SEBASTIAN, Patricia C, birth: 1922, death: 1996
SEFI, Richard Rowley, birth: 1927, death: 2011
SEGIEN, August J Jr., birth: 7-Aug-1937, death: 9-Aug-1977, RM3 US Navy Korea
SEGIEN, Nadia, birth: 11-Sep-1927, death: 20-Jun-2012
SEIL, Ada P, birth: 1920, death: 2012
SEIL, Earl, birth: 1911, death: 1940
SEIL, Edward, birth: 1874, death: 1964
SEIL, Edward, birth: 1897, death: 1975
SEIL, Elinor, birth: 1875, death: 1967
SEIL, Ethel C Ingertila, birth: 1914, death: 1996
SEIL, Howard Lee, birth: 4-Mar-1909, death: 5-Nov-1936
SEIL, Howard Lee, birth: 8-Apr-1936, death: 16-Aug-1965
SEIL, Jack Raymond, birth: 9-Jun-1928, death: 9-Nov-2012
SEIL, Joe L, birth: 1902, death: 1969, masonic symbol
SEIL, John, birth: 1876, death: 1942
SEIL, Jordan, birth: 1899, death: 1901
SEIL, Josephine, birth: 1901, death: 1971
SEIL, Judith, death: 1951
SEIL, Leonard Henry, birth: 1919, death: 14-Nov-1926
SEIL, Lue A, birth: 9-Sep-1928, death: 29-Sep-2005
SEIL, Michael, birth: 1845, death: 1916
SEIL, Myrtle R, birth: 1900, death: 1970
SEIL, Nancy, birth: 1855, death: 1940
SEIL, Norman, birth: 1899, death: 1901
SEIL, Olga A, birth: 8-Jan-1919, death: 1-Jun-2009
SEIL, Rachel, birth: 1896, death: 1901
SEIL, Ruby, birth: 1903, death: 1984
SEIL, Russell J, birth: 1914, death: 2003
SEIL, Walter W, birth: 15-Sep-1920, death: 30-Oct-2008
SEIL, William E, birth: 6-Jul-1924, death: 15-Apr-1998, Col US Air Force WWII Korea Vietnam
SEIL, William M, birth: 1907, death: 1962
SELLERS, Dallas C, birth: 1-Nov-1919, death: 18-Feb-1975, BM1 US Navy
SELLERS, Mary A, birth: 1899, death: 1968
SEMANS, Gilbert R, birth: 12-Apr-1921, death: 2-Apr-2002
SEMANS, Mary, birth: 23-May-1920, death: 2-Dec-2004
SERMENO, Richard John, birth: 6-Aug-1940, death: 9-Oct-2014
SERVOLD, Hazel Lois, birth: 1923, death: 1994, w/o John; marreid April 4, 1983
SERVOLD, John Emerald, birth: 1923, death: 2004, h/o Hazel; married April 4, 1983; US Merchant Marine
SERVOLD, Matilda J, birth: 1920, death: 1977
SETH, Dina M Bystrom, birth: 14-Jan-1886, death: 20-Dec-1967
SETH, John B, birth: 30-Aug-1919, death: 9-Jul-1985, US Army WWII
SETH, Tessabelle E, birth: 1917, death: 1999
SETTEM, Dora B, birth: 1911, death: 1991
SETTEM, Gordon, birth: 1913, death: 1978
SETTEM, Joseph P, birth: 1877, death: 1945
SETTEM, Mahlon E, birth: 1911, death: 2003
SEWELL, Betty J, birth: 1922, death: 1983
SEWELL, Jack O, birth: 22-Mar-1919, death: 6-Dec-1997, US Army WWII
SEWELL, James H, birth: 28-Oct-1924, death: 10-Jan-1989, US Army WWII
SHABO, Susie, death: 25-Aug-1902
SHACKELFORD, Adria Mary, birth: 10-Jan-1974, death: 23-Sep-2013
SHACKELFORD, Irvin Lock, birth: 1874, death: 1941
SHAIN, Mike G, birth: 1899, death: 1977
SHAIN, Rena E, birth: 1902, death: 1993
SHANKS, Allison J, birth: 17-Jun-1966, death: 31-Jan-2000
SHANKS, Gerald R, birth: 7-Nov-1929, death: 16-Dec-1983
SHAPLAND, Joan, birth: 1937, death: 1999
SHAPLAND, Robin, birth: 1937, death: 2013
SHARMA, Kakuram, death: 19-Dec-2012, baby girl
SHARP, Ida L, birth: 1903, death: 1977
SHARP, JoAnn, birth: 8-Aug-1935, death: 25-Feb-2000
SHARP, John Robert, birth: 1928, death: 2000
SHARP, John W, birth: 1902, death: 1985
SHAUENBERG, Grace P Wilkinson, birth: 14-Nov-1909, death: 17-Dec-2000
SHELDON, Clarence J, birth: 1902, death: 1968
SHELDON, Grace M Jean, birth: 1904, death: 1995
SHEPPARD, Louise M, birth: 1908, death: 2004
SHEPPARD, T. Earl, birth: 1911, death: 1992
SHERRILL, Estes Dee, birth: 24-Dec-1913, death: 13-Apr-1965, WA Cpt US Army WWII BSM
SHERRY, Addie Mae, birth: 1910, death: 1982
SHERWOOD, Ruth, birth: 9-Apr-1921, death: 31-May-2009
SHIELDS, Linda L, birth: 24-Oct-1914, death: 1-Feb-2000
SHUI-KUEN, Lo-Kwan, birth: 25-Nov-1921, death: 3-Mar-2005
SHULTZ, June Adelle, birth: 10-Sep-1917, death: 29-Sep-2012
SIBLEY, Thurber C, birth: 1883, death: 1959
SIK-KWUN, Lo, birth: 5-Apr-1919, death: 7-Dec-1998
SILLS, Gary L, birth: 28-Apr-1931, death: 9-Sep-1994, US Air Force Korea
SILVA, Bernardo A Jr., birth: 3-Aug-1970, death: 28-Dec-1995
SILVA, Maria Raquel, birth: 21-Aug-1931, death: 25-Aug-2005
SIMMONS, Mary Ellen, birth: 1876, death: 1940
SIMPSON, Lessie Fay, birth: 21-Oct-1910, death: 7-Jun-2001
SIMSAY, Irene L, birth: 18-Apr-1911, death: 22-Aug-2007
SIN, Pok YI, birth: 1-Mar-1928, death: 28-Jul-2016
SIN, Soon Dok, birth: 16-Feb-1926, death: 19-Mar-2014
SINGLETON, Lillian Barr, birth: 16-Jul-1904, death: 14-Aug-1999
SIXT, Martin, birth: 1896, death: 1986
SIXT, Verna, birth: 1907, death: 1996
SKAMFER, Lester C, birth: 20-Nov-1894, death: 19-Apr-1948, WA Pfc 16 Evac Hosp WWI
SKAVARIL, Megan, death: 11-Jun-1992
SMALL, Leatrice, birth: 1925, death: 1973
SMALL, S. Reuben, birth: 1919, death: 1990, US Army WWII
SMITH, Albert R, birth: 1914, death: 1970
SMITH, Alice M, birth: 1907, death: 1980
SMITH, Allan T, birth: 19-Oct-1936, death: 29-Mar-2014
SMITH, Anna M, birth: 1875, death: 1953
SMITH, Carl E, birth: 1910, death: 1985
SMITH, Catherine A, birth: 1914, death: 2000
SMITH, Charles W, birth: 1873, death: 1957
SMITH, Chas, Co ? 38 Ill Inf
SMITH, Don A, birth: 24-Jan-1929, death: 5-May-2001
SMITH, Doran Jr., birth: 1905, death: 1971
SMITH, Elizabeth Owens, birth: 31-Mar-1843, death: 13-Jul-1922
SMITH, Grace M, birth: 1893, death: 1988
SMITH, Ira H, birth: 2-May-1887, death: 3-Jan-1962, WA Wagr 20 Regt Engineers WWI
SMITH, James H, birth: 1913, death: 2002
SMITH, Joseph F, birth: 29-Apr-1931, death: 20-Feb-1989, M Sgt US Army Korea
SMITH, Leonard Elmer, birth: 5-Aug-1880, death: 25-Oct-1918
SMITH, Michael B, birth: 1944, death: 2009
SMITH, Michael D. K., birth: 1951, death: 1973
SMITH, Sadie Eveline, birth: 8-Jul-1881, death: 24-Feb-1925
SMOTHERS, George R, birth: 11-Jan-1917, death: 23-Apr-2005, Cpl US Army WWII
SMOTHERS, Gertrude Castagno, birth: 5-Dec-1918, death: 9-Feb-2007
SNYDER, Aurelius, birth: 1896, death: 1974, Masonic symbol
SNYDER, Ernest A, birth: 1892, death: 1950
SNYDER, Flora, birth: 1866, death: 1954
SNYDER, George, birth: 1865, death: 1943
SNYDER, Mildred, birth: 1907, death: 1984
SODERBERG, Jordan, birth: 1985, death: 2015
SODERBERG, Lynn, birth: 1956, death: 2016
SOFFE, Gerard Raphael, birth: 23-Oct-1924, death: 10-Mar-2007
SOMSAK, Agnes, birth: 27-Jul-1890, death: 2-Jul-1955
SOMSAK, Eleanor Elizabeth, birth: 1924, death: 2008
SOMSAK, Frank, birth: 1918, death: 1990
SOMSAK, James Rose, birth: 17-Oct-1959, death: 28-Nov-1959
SOMSAK, Mary Josephine, birth: 1948, death: 2013
SOMSAK, Steve, birth: 24-Apr-1886, death: 22-Apr-1967
SOMSAK, William Andrew, birth: 1924, death: 2017
SOPER, Clare M (Rev), birth: 1899, death: 1976
SOPER, Margaret M (Rev), birth: 1911, death: 1985
SORENG, Ron W, birth: 1963, death: 1984
SORENSEN, Leo H, birth: 20-Mar-1917, death: 30-Jan-1993, US Army WWII
SORENSEN, Millie Lu, birth: 1919, death: 2006
SORENSEN, Randy Leon, birth: 13-Nov-1957, death: 1-Aug-1980
SORTINO, Joseph, birth: 1919, death: 2012
SORTINO, Marie, birth: 1918, death: 2012
SOUDERS, Ernestine F, birth: 1-Oct-1913, death: 10-Mar-1992
SOUDERS, John R, birth: 13-Feb-1904, death: 14-Feb-1968, WA AM2 US Navy WWII
SOUDERS, Robert R, birth: 1873, death: 1962, masonic symbol
SOWA, Chari, birth: 10-Aug-1942, death: 17-May-2013
SOWA, Ron, birth: 23-Apr-1930, death: 7-Nov-1999
SPEARS, Bertha E, birth: 23-May-1888, death: 18-Jul-1984
SPOON, Elma J, birth: 1913, death: 1990
SPRENKEL, Henry W, birth: 17-Oct-1906, death: 29-Nov-1998
SPRINGER, Charles B, birth: 24-Sep-1926, death: 12-Apr-2007, S1 US Navy WWII
ST. PETER, Joseph, birth: 1861, death: 1918, masonic symbol
ST. PETER, Minnie E, birth: 1865, death: 1923
STACK, Anna, birth: 1879, death: 1963
STANDIFORD, Barbara, birth: 1925, death: 2013
STANDIFORD, Ferris, birth: 1922, death: 2003
STANGLER, David W, birth: 3-Jul-1923, death: 27-Jun-1997
STANGLER, Larry, birth: 1966, death: 1995
STANLEY, Henry W, birth: 1862, death: 1954
STEARNS, Geraldine Edith, birth: 3-Mar-1934, death: 22-Jun-1999
STEBBINS, Wallace A, birth: 3-Sep-1908, death: 1-Oct-1988, US Army WWII
STEELE, Helen, birth: 1915, death: 1986
STEELE, Hugh, birth: 1915, death: 1993
STEFANI, Angelina, birth: 1871, death: 1947
STEFANI, Clement E, birth: 1-Mar-1908, death: 7-Jul-1977
STEFANI, Francis, birth: 1904, death: 1908
STEFANI, Frank, birth: 1863, death: 1953
STEFANI, John, birth: 1893, death: 1898
STEFANI, Peechie, birth: 13-Feb-1908, death: 30-Dec-2003
STEPHENSON, James R, birth: 1900, death: 1979
STEPHENSON, Myrtle, birth: 1899, death: 1962
STETSON, Mildred E, birth: 1876, death: 1944
STEVENS, Daniel F, birth: 10-Aug-1919, death: 23-Jul-1997
STEVENS, Geneva Rose, birth: 6-Feb-1918, death: 10-Aug-1990
STEVENS, Harry A, birth: 30-Jun-1894, death: 8-Jan-1971
STEVENS, Maurice H, birth: 3-Aug-1921, death: 16-Jan-1991, US Army Air Corps WWII
STEVENS, Michael D, birth: 8-Jan-1948, death: 17-Sep-2010
STEVENS, Rachel, birth: 23-Dec-1895, death: 9-Jan-1973
STEVENS, Robert A, birth: 28-Dec-1922, death: 8-Feb-1960, WA S Sgt 556 Bomb Sq AA1 WWII
STEVENS, Shirley, birth: 6-Oct-1927, death: 10-Feb-1960
STEVENS, Virginia A, birth: 20-Jan-1917, death: 4-Apr-2006
STICKNEY, Ethel A, birth: 1911, death: 1980
STICKNEY, Frank C, birth: 1910, death: 1996
STICKNEY, Lois Marie, birth: 1911, death: 1971
STILL, Gaylord J, birth: 1932, death: 2003
STILL, Janet, birth: 1933, death: 1998
STOCK, Mary, death: 1963
STODDARD, Edward T, birth: 21-Jul-1919, death: 16-Mar-1993, US Marine Corps WWII
STODDARD, Sarah Natalie, birth: 1918, death: 2004
STONE, Angela, birth: 1971, death: 1971
STONE, Bobby R, birth: 1927, death: 1995
STONE, Ida E, birth: 1928, death: 1984
STONE, Rodney A, birth: 1964, death: 1966
STONEBRIDGE, Eleanore L, birth: 1924, death: 1998
STOVER, Edward, birth: 1877, death: 1958
STOVER, Mary, birth: 1882, death: 1964
STRASSNER, Nickolaus, death: 11-Nov-1892
STRAUB, Adolph T, birth: 1890, death: 1963
STRISSEL, Richard L, birth: 29-Jan-1937, death: 1-Nov-2008
STRNAD, Father, birth: 1860, death: 1921
STRNAD, Mother, birth: 1861, death: 1918
STRNARD, Alex E, birth: 1904, death: 1977
STRNARD, Alex Jr., birth: 1929, death: 1996, h/o Hazel; married September 25, 1924
STRNARD, Florence M, birth: 1907, death: 1977
STRNARD, Hazel, birth: 1930, death: 1997, w/o Alex; married September 25, 1924
STROM, Andrew, birth: 21-Aug-1866, death: 15-May-1936
STROM, Irene I, birth: 1-May-1904, death: 4-Jan-1989
STROM, Ivar E, birth: 1920, death: 1986
STROM, Sophia M, birth: 19-Feb-1871, death: 14-Jul-1957
STROM, Warner A, birth: 25-Jun-1894, death: 11-Nov-1970, WA F2 US Navy WWI
STROMSWOLD, Orrin Odell, birth: 12-May-1928, death: 2-Jan-2014
STUART, Bessie, birth: 1856, death: 1931
STUART, Christena A, birth: 10-Oct-1892, death: 8-Feb-1913
STUART, Daniel, birth: 1886, death: 1938
STUART, John, birth: 1858, death: 1924
STUART, Mabel M, birth: 11-May-1908, death: 20-Mar-1986
STUART, Mary E, death: 24-Jun-1899, Native of Cumberland Co, Nova Scotia; age 16years 3 months
STUCK, Hazella M, birth: 1915, death: 1976
STUMPF, Gus, birth: 21-Jun-1901, death: 24-Aug-1963, WA Pfc US Army WWII
STUTH, Alvin Earl, birth: 17-Jul-1935, death: 4-Jan-2017
SUBER, Aaron Atkins, birth: 20-Nov-1981, death: 12-Jan-1994
SUEME, Eileen Adele, birth: 24-Jul-1923, death: 22-Dec-1988
SUEME, Harold, birth: 16-Apr-1909, death: 20-Apr-2000
SULLICE, August, no dates
SULLIVAN, Albert, birth: 1894, death: 1971
SULLIVAN, Albert F, birth: 28-Jan-1921, death: 12-Jan-1969, WA Cox US Navy WWII, Pearl Harbor Survivors Assoc
SULLIVAN, Barbara, birth: 1932, death: 2014
SULLIVAN, Doris, birth: 1916, death: 1992
SULLIVAN, Dorothy, birth: 1898, death: 1966
SULLIVAN, Elmer, birth: 20-Jan-1881, death: 14-Nov-1958
SULLIVAN, Flossie, birth: 6-Aug-1885, death: 15-Oct-1964
SULLIVAN, Gregory, birth: 1954, death: 1967
SULLIVAN, Wesley A, birth: 1913, death: 1981
SUN, Guode, birth: 27-Mar-1943, death: 23-Oct-2014
SUN, Wendy Lynn, birth: 1-May-1963, death: 26-Jun-2011
SUN, Wendy Lynn, birth: 1-May-1963, death: 26-Jun-2011
SUNDE, Carl, birth: 1869, death: 1940
SUNDE, Henriette, birth: 1865, death: 1952
SUNDERHAUF, Bertha, birth: 1840, death: 1922
SUNDERHAUF, David, birth: 1842, death: 1917
SUNDERHAUF, John Otto, birth: 1871, death: 1942
SUTCLIFFE, Patricia, birth: 1-Aug-1945, death: 21-Jul-2010
SUTCLIFFE, Rex Alan, birth: 1963, death: 1965
SUTTER, Alfred L, birth: 1926, death: 1998
SUTTER, Baby Boy, death: 7-Jul-1949
SUTTER, Baby Girl, death: 6-Sep-1948
SUTTER, Bernhard, birth: 1835, death: 1889
SUTTER, Edward J, birth: 1901, death: 1951
SUTTER, Fritz D, birth: 23-Sep-1904, death: 30-Dec-1989
SUTTER, Helen L, birth: 25-Aug-1916, death: 8-Feb-2000
SUTTER, Jack D, birth: 19-Mar-1929, death: 12-Mar-1958, WA Cpl Co B 802 Engr Avn Bn Korea
SUTTER, Lois, birth: 1905, death: 1979
SUTTER, Louis G, birth: 1896, death: 1989
SUTTER, Roylene, birth: 1936, death: 1990
SUTTER, Theresa, birth: 1838, death: 1923
SVAREN, Carl F, birth: 23-Feb-1915, death: 28-Jun-1965, ND Tec4 200 Agf Band WWII
SVAREN, Verna, birth: 1891, death: 1977
SVARVAR, Gus, birth: 22-Oct-1883, death: 1-Jun-1978
SVENDSEN, Einer S, birth: 19-Jan-1901, death: 28-Mar-1974, WA Sgt Army Air Forces WWI & WWII
SVENDSEN, Pearl Sutter, birth: 1902, death: 1981
SWAIN, Margaret Doris, birth: 26-Jun-1909, death: 1-Jul-1983
SWANSON, Adolph, birth: 1891, death: 1955
SWANSON, Olive A, birth: 1891, death: 1963
SWANSON, Susie, birth: 1915, death: 2002
SWEENEY, Isabel Lenore, birth: 1918, death: 2004
SWEENEY, Lawrence E, birth: 1916, death: 1973
SWEET, Alonzo Lee, birth: 1938, death: 2003
SWEZEY, Lorna Belle, birth: 1929, death: 1995
SWEZEY, Roger Allen, birth: Feb 1958, death: May 1978
SYLVESTER, Ella I, birth: 1854, death: 1896
SYLVESTER, Wilber W, birth: 1850, death: 1920
SZELLE, Magdalena D, birth: 1921, death: 2017
TALLEY, Donald R, birth: 1937, death: 1990
TALUS, Aleilda, birth: 1876, death: 1920
TALUS, Alfilda, birth: 1876, death: 1920
TALUS, Arthur, birth: 1904, death: 1946
TALUS, August, birth: 1879, death: 1944
TALUS, John, birth: 1868, death: 1937
TALUS, Mary, birth: 1870, death: 1930
TALUS, Oliver, birth: 1908, death: 1938
TALUS, Oscar, birth: 4-Mar-1912, death: 15-Mar-1913
TALUS, Senia M, birth: 1906, death: 1920
TALUS, Walter O, birth: 1912, death: 1913
TALUS, William, birth: 1903, death: 1933
TAM, Charles E, birth: 4-Jan-1925, death: 15-Jan-2008
TAM, Christopher E, birth: 20-Aug-1954, death: 15-Mar-1988
TAM, Michael R, birth: 27-Jan-1952, death: 5-Dec-2001
TANSKA, Eino, birth: 1905, death: 1958
TANSKA, Ida Maria, birth: 24-Mar-1879, death: 6-Dec-1953
TANSKA, John Henry, birth: 10-Aug-1869, death: 3-Jan-1940
TANSKA, Leonard John, birth: 1900, death: 1964
TANSKA, Mamie, birth: 1910, death: 1970
TANSKA, Mary E, birth: 1912, death: 1974
TAYLOR, Alice Muir, birth: 1913, death: 1990
TAYLOR, Anna, birth: 1858, death: 1911
TAYLOR, Charles R, birth: 1911, death: 2000
TAYLOR, Donald K, birth: 1934, death: 2011
TAYLOR, Greg Allen, birth: 12-Apr-1957, death: 10-Dec-1991
TAYLOR, James H , birth: 9-May-1897, death: 18-Jan-1949, WV Pfc 5 Cav WWI
TAYLOR, Kathryn L, birth: 1914, death: 2000
TAYLOR, Kyndal Justine, death: 21-Sep-1986
TAYLOR, Martha, birth: 1842, death: 1902
TAYLOR, Mary J Bergsma, birth: 1908, death: 2004
TAYLOR, Stanley Burdick, birth: 1911, death: 1995, masonic symbol
TEICHMANN, Adrian Andreas, birth: 1-May-1989, death: 31-Jul-1989
TEMCOV, John M, birth: 7-Sep-1911, death: 30-May-1995, US Army WWII
TERHUNE, Alma E, death: 5-Jan-1895
TERHUNE, Melissa Virginia, birth: 1865, death: 1935
TERHUNE, Thomas L, birth: 1867, death: 1953
TERMAN, Dorothy J, birth: 1910, death: 1994
TERRELL, Joanne Elizabeth, birth: 1933, death: 1980
TERRELL, John Ruby, birth: 6-Jun-1933, death: 20-Jul-2007
TERRY, Alan W, birth: 12-Apr-1958, death: 22-Jul-1989
TERRY, Dorothy P, birth: 1929, death: 1992
TERRY, Willard F, birth: 1916, death: 2008
TETLEY, Frances, birth: 18-Aug-1914, death: 6-Jul-2005
TETLEY, James R, birth: 1946, death: 1990
TEUMA, Roxann Belle, birth: 17-Feb-1937, death: 2-Dec-2006
THEW, Ivan, birth: 1899, death: 1962
THEW, Norma Rae, birth: 1-Feb-1893, death: 5-Sep-1978
THOMAS, Claudia A, birth: 1934, death: 1987
THOMAS, Dorothy C, birth: 1917, death: 2005
THOMAS, Gert, birth: 1904, death: 1997
THOMAS, Harold E, birth: 1928, death: 2011, US Navy WWII
THOMAS, Howard, birth: 1901, death: 1982
THOMAS, Julius A, birth: 6-Jan-1890, death: 11-Feb-1979
THOMAS, Kathryn Carrithers, birth: 31-May-1901, death: 2-Dec-2000
THOMPSON, Andrew, birth: 1872, death: 1947
THOMPSON, Billie L, birth: 1918, death: 1996
THOMPSON, David, birth: 1875, death: 1941
THOMPSON, Emma D, birth: 1884, death: 1970
THOMPSON, Fred F, birth: 1887, death: 1962
THOMPSON, Gilman, birth: 1914, death: 1997
THOMPSON, Harry W, birth: 1918, death: 1994
THOMPSON, Helen R, birth: 1847, death: 1927
THOMPSON, Helen s, birth: 10-Nov-1923, death: 1-Jun-2010
THOMPSON, Hugh, birth: 1926, death: 2008, masonic symbol
THOMPSON, Ida, birth: 1917, death: 1972
THOMPSON, James, birth: 1876, death: 1945
THOMPSON, John Matthew, death: Aug 1989
THOMPSON, Linda V, birth: 1910, death: 2012
THOMPSON, Lois Darlene, birth: 1-Nov-1916, death: 10-Jan-1969
THOMPSON, Mark Matthew, death: Aug 1989
THOMPSON, Mary C, birth: 1875, death: 1956
THOMPSON, Patricia, birth: 1945, death: 2002, w/o LeRoy; married October 4, 1963
THOMPSON, Patricia, birth: 1925, death: 2002
THOMPSON, Robert, birth: 1886, death: 1954
THOMPSON, Robert L, birth: 1916, death: 1992
THOMPSON, samuel L, birth: 1910, death: 2006
THOMPSON, Wilfred A, birth: 5-Mar-1913, death: 30-Nov-1991, US Army WWII
THOMSON, Helen R, birth: 1847, death: 1927
THOMSON, Robert, birth: 1848, death: 1927
THORNTON, Edward A, birth: 18-Mar-1925, death: 10-Nov-1967, NE K2 USNR WWII
THRESS, Arnold H, birth: 11-Feb-1914, death: 4-Jan-1986, US Army WWII
THRESS, Lillian M, birth: 27-May-1915, death: 11-Aug-1985
THURBER, Sibley, birth: 1883, death: 1959
THURMAN, Dan J, birth: 1932, death: 2002
THURMAN, Grace L, birth: 1881, death: 1968
THURMAN, Grace V, birth: 1903, death: 1990
TIBBETTS, Mary Ann, birth: 1903, death: 1926
TIBBETTS, Vera P, birth: 1913, death: 1994
TIEKAMP, Jamie Leann, birth: 30-Jan-1969, death: 16-Oct-1969
TIETJE, Barbara L, birth: 1931, death: 1966
TIMLIN, Gregory Thomas, birth: 1929, death: 2005
TIMLIN, Lois Marie, birth: 1922, death: 2017
TIRTON, Rose, birth: 1872, death: 1953
TODD, Pearl A, birth: 6-Oct-1902, death: 29-May-1967, WA Pvt US Army WWII
TONDREAU, Joseph J, birth: 25-Apr-1890, death: 18-Nov-1963, WA Wagr 17 Co 20 Engineers WWI
TONDREAU, Louise, birth: 4-May-1898, death: 27-Oct-1966
TORREY, Janet, birth: 1943, death: 1984
TOTTEN, Dessie A, birth: 3-Oct-1891, death: 23-Oct-1974
TOTTEN, Earl C, birth: 7-Feb-1889, death: 5-Feb-1968
TOUMALA, Allan V, birth: 1918, death: 1919
TRAVIS, Irene Vick, birth: 1918, death: 2011
TRAVIS, Pamela M, birth: 11-Oct-1945, death: 8-Aug-2011
TREAT, Edith M, birth: 1900, death: 1992
TREAT, Richard E, birth: 1901, death: 1970
TREAT, Richard E Jr., birth: 8-Dec-1931, death: 28-Feb-1983, US Marine Corps Korea
TREHARNE, Kathy, birth: 1943, death: 1991
TREHARNE, Louise marie, birth: 1904, death: 1985
TREHARNE, Owen G, birth: 1903, death: 1966
TRENHOLM, Harold H, birth: 14-Oct-1925, death: 3-Nov-2016
TRENHOLM, Rosemary, birth: 1933, death: 1988
TRIGG, Anna, birth: 1899, death: 1993
TRIGG, Arthur, birth: 1890, death: 1953
TRIGG, Ben, birth: 1902, death: 1987
TRIGG, Betty, birth: 1919, death: 1990
TRIGG, Doleres J, death: 1928
TRIGG, Hannah, birth: 1897, death: 1968
TRIGG, Jarrad, death: 3-Feb-1916, age 77 years
TRIGG, Jennie, birth: 1880, death: 1967
TRIGG, John, birth: 1877, death: 1958
TRIGG, John I, birth: 1909, death: 1970
TRIGG, Lawrence T, birth: 1904, death: 1988
TRIGG, Louise, birth: 1881, death: 1963
TRIGG, Rose M, birth: 1908, death: 1993
TRIGG, William, birth: 1885, death: 1963
TROSTLE, Charles W, birth: 1906, death: 1966
TROSTLE, Christine M, birth: 1906, death: 1990
TRUDEAU, Maurice, birth: 13-Jan-1913, death: 5-Jan-1977
TRUONG, Chau Lap, birth: 1925, death: 2014
TRUONG, Ha Trac, birth: 1927, death: 2003
TUCKER, Marion E, birth: 1909, death: 1987
TUCKER, Norman F, birth: 1902, death: 1982
TUOMALA, Josephine, birth: 1881, death: 1964
TUOMALA, Victor, birth: 1879, death: 1957
TURCOTTE, Annette J, birth: 13-May-1930, death: 9-Jan-2002
TURNER, Lisa, birth: 1967, death: 1992
TURNER, Liz, birth: 1933, death: 1989
TURNER, Robert C, birth: 1932, death: 1990
TURNER, Roy R, birth: 1960, death: 1997
TWISS, Bernard E, birth: 5-Jan-1927, death: 25-Nov-1979, US Army Korea
TWISS, Francis Joel, birth: 1966, death: 1970
TYLER, L Douglas, birth: 1916, death: 1992
TYLER, Rachel Christensen, birth: 1917, death: 2001
ULBERG, Howard M, birth: 1913, death: 1996
ULBERG, Ingeborg A, birth: 1916, death: 2008
UNDERWOOD, Don, birth: 1934, death: 2009, US Navy Korea
UNDI, Geraldine A, death: 24-Mar-2008
UNDI, Norm, birth: 1925, death: 1981
UNDI, Roland O, death: 12-Feb-2011
UNDI, Stanley I, birth: 31-Mar-1923, death: 30-Mar-1995, US Marine Corps WWII
VAN DEWALLE, Astrid, birth: 1907, death: 1988
VAN DEWALLE, William, birth: 1891, death: 1983
VAN DUSEN, Gladys, birth: 1887, death: 1975
VAN DUSEN, Roy, birth: 1884, death: 1961
VAN LOAN, Gladys, birth: 1882, death: 1955
VANDERMEER, James, birth: 1949, death: 1960
VAVAK, Sharon Lee, birth: 25-Apr-1936, death: 20-May-2016
VEZZONI, August, birth: 1891, death: 1966
VEZZONI, Dean, birth: 1921, death: 1987
VEZZONI, Mary, birth: 1904, death: 2001
VEZZONI, Peter, birth: 1892, death: 1965
VEZZONI, Sudie B, birth: 1896, date of death missing
VIDONIS, Katie, birth: 1-Feb-1889, death: 3-Nov-1972
VOLK, Christopher, birth: 1971, death: 1971
VOLK, Duane, birth: 1969, death: 1969
VOSBURG, Harry, birth: 1900, death: 1986
VOWELL, Calvin M, birth: 18-Nov-1844, death: 21-Aug-1900
WACEK, Louis, birth: 4-Feb-1898, death: 27-Jun-1950, CA Pfc Cmp WWII
WAGSTER, Sandra, birth: 1942, death: 1991
WAHLMAN, Charlotte B, birth: 1881, death: 1961
WAITT, Robert K, birth: 1931, death: 2016
WAKKURI, Andrew, birth: 1893, death: 1963
WAKKURI, Hilma K, birth: 1893, death: 1964
WALD, Sebastian C, birth: 1909, death: 1971
WALDOWSKI, Boleslaw, birth: 1861, death: 1893
WALDOWSKI, Stanley J, birth: 28-Nov-1892, death: 3-Oct-1980
WALEN, Anna, birth: 1887, death: 1969
WALEN, Baby Boy, death: 22-Apr-1956
WALEN, Carol, birth: 1917, death: 2005
WALEN, Frank W, birth: 1918, death: 1989
WALEN, Gary F, birth: 4-Aug-1945, death: 8-Sep-1968, WA ETN 3 US Navy
WALEN, Joseph W, birth: 1910, death: 1975
WALEN, Marjorie M, birth: 1912, death: 1987
WALEN, Ruth H, birth: 1916, death: 2004
WALEN, Tony F, birth: 1914, death: 1961
WALEN, William, birth: 1883, death: 1963
WALIMAKI, Amelia, birth: 1870, death: 1930
WALIMAKI, John, birth: 1870, death: 1941
WALIMAKI, Richard (Capt), birth: 13-Jul-1929, death: 25-Feb-2010, sgt US Marine Corps
WALIMAKI, Vivian Amelia, birth: 1905, death: 1971
WALKER, Ann T, birth: 1921, death: 2006
WALKER, Bonnie L, birth: 1916, death: 1998
WALKER, Francis L, birth: 1942, death: 2007
WALKER, Francois, birth: 1908, death: 1971
WALKER, Hattie A, birth: 1909, death: 1996
WALKER, Howard Edmund, birth: 1918, death: 1992
WALKER, Joseph P, birth: 1884, death: 1951
WALKER, Lloyd A, birth: 1916, death: 2001
WALKER, Mary, birth: 1914, death: 2003
WALKER, Rachael E, birth: 1884, death: 1959
WALKER, Ronald, birth: 1945, death: 2008
WALKER, Ted, birth: 1908, death: 1976
WALLACE, Donald M, birth: 16-Apr-1902, death: 10-Dec-1910
WALLACE, Elma Ruth, birth: 1885, death: 1980
WALLIKARIM, Salim Noormohamed, birth: 1948, death: 2000
WALLIN, Gunnar Henry, birth: 1932, death: 2012
WALSH, Genevieve, birth: 11-May-1897, death: 6-May-1909
WALSH, Harold, birth: 13-Dec-1907, death: 1-Apr-1911
WALSH, Patrick T, birth: 1853, death: 1912
WALSH, Walter, birth: 17_Jun-1892, death: 15-Feb-1911
WALTER, Hansena, birth: 1833, death: 1905
WALTER, Joseph A, birth: 1900, death: 1968
WALTER, Ludwig, birth: 1830, death: 1908
WALTER, Richard, birth: 1947, death: 1949
WALTER, Vera D, birth: 1905, death: 1967
WALTERS, Lylia M, birth: 1916, death: 1995
WALTERS, William T, birth: 28-Jan-1934, death: 22-Mar-1984, MSgt US Air Force
WALTERS, William W, birth: 1915, death: 1983, masonic symbol
WALTMAN, Cecelia, birth: 1901, death: 1998
WARD, Archie Dean, birth: 11-Apr-1926, death: 7-Aug-2015, S1 US Navy
WARD, David E, birth: 13-Feb-1943, death: 4-Feb-1970, WA Pfc US Army
WARD, Ella F, birth: 1910, death: 1993
WARD, Keturah Ellen Seil, birth: 1917, death: 2009
WARD, Marjorie Miller, birth: 10-Sep-1911, death: 26-Sep-1976
WARD, Marjorie R, birth: 24-Jun-1928, death: 7-Mar-1980
WARD, Thomas W, birth: 1903, death: 1961
WARNER, Elaine E, birth: 1923, death: 2012
WARREN, Jack, birth: 1892, death: 1960
WARREN, Stephen C, birth: 19-Feb-1959, death: 21-Apr-1994
WATERS, Agnes, birth: 1882, death: 1949
WATERS, Fredrick, birth: 1858, death: 1946
WATKINS, Alma G, birth: 1890, death: 1984
WATKINS, Evan D, birth: 1890, death: 1986
WATKINS, Florence, birth: 30-Sep-1933, death: 4-Oct-2012
WATKINS, Twins, death: 27-Apr-1953
WATKINS, Walter, birth: 1927, death: 1994
WATSON, Everett, birth: 1911, death: 1984
WATSON, Roberta f, birth: 1922, death: 1982
WATSON, Sondra, birth: 1939, death: 1976
WATT, William T, birth: 1869, death: 1944
WAUNCH, Joseph L, birth: 25-Feb-1895, death: 16-Oct-1966, WA Cook 8 Truck Mortar Btry WWI
WAYTINE, Joseph A, birth: 6-May-1926, death: 8-Nov-2013
WEBSTER, Marguerite, birth: 1868, death: 1943
WEED, Lucinda J, birth: 1908, death: 1983
WEED, Paul A, birth: 10-Sep-1934, death: 21-Nov-2008
WEFLEN, Ron, birth: 30-Nov-1925, death: 26-Feb-1984, US Army WWII Korea
WELFLEN, Susan Hircko, birth: 11-Aug-1914, death: 18-Feb-2010
WELTY, Maurice L, birth: 20-Jul-1928, death: 1-Jan-1977, BT1 US Navy WWII
WEMMER, Paul, birth: 1900, death: 1986
WENDT, Henry, birth: 1876, death: 1961
WENGER, Jeri L, birth: 1959, death: 2001
WEST, Darrell, birth: 1966, death: 1966
WEST, Ernest wayne, birth: 24-Jul-1918, death: 11-Jan-1972, OH Pfc US Army WWII
WEST, Joan, birth: 1942, death: 2008
WEST, Mary Mae, birth: 20-May-1919, death: 30-Mar-1985
WESTFALL, Jimmie P, birth: 12-Jun-1914, death: 4-Jan-1985, Maj US Army
WESTFALL, Malinda, birth: 1831, death: 1903
WESTLAKE-FRAAS, Virginia, birth: 1-May-1926, death: 9-Sep-2013
WETTIRCK, Dolores S, birth: 1904, death: 1987
WETTIRCK, Fred J, birth: 1883, death: 1983
WHALEN, Catherine E, birth: 18-Oct-1922, death: 17-Apr-1990
WHALEN, William F, birth: 2-Nov-1919, death: 10-Apr-1999, Lt Col US Army WWII
WHEELER, Bertha, birth: 31-Mar-1896, death: 26-Sep-1987
WHEELER, Joseph H, birth: 15-Nov-1889, death: 6-Aug-1973, WA Pfc US Army WWI
WHITE, Ann M, birth: 1922, death: 2006
WHITE, Betty Elaine, birth: 20-Jun-1936, death: 13-Jan-2009
WHITE, Bynum A, birth: 10-Oct-1892, death: 27-Apr-1961, ME Cpl Co A 5 Inf WWI
WHITE, Charles Eric, birth: 1920, death: 2005
WHITE, David John, no dates
WHITE, Gilbert W, Co D 149 NY Inf
WHITE, Kathleen D, birth: 1958, death: 1973
WHITE, Marie H, birth: 1896, death: 1952
WHITE, William Robert, birth: 1866, death: 1943
WHITEHEAD, David Earl, birth: 6-Oct-1960, death: 3-Jul-1989
WHITFIELD, Donald F, birth: 22-Aug-1921, death: 15-Oct-2000, SSgt US Army WWII
WHITFIELD, H. Delia, birth: 22-Aug-1921, death: 15-Oct-2000
WHITNEY, Frank , birth: 1918, death: 1983
WHITNEY, Judith, birth: 1921, death: 2009
WIARD, Doris E, birth: 1907, death: 1982
WICKS, Oscar, birth: 1890, death: 1961
WIDENER, Jack F, birth: 5-Sep-1925, death: 29-Jan-1990, US Army Air Corps WWII
WIESCHKE, August, birth: 1854, death: 1946
WIESCHKE, Marie, birth: 1862, death: 1941
WIESCHKE, Otto, birth: 6-Jun-1891, death: 29-Jan-1957, IL Pvt Co D 20 Bn US Coast Guard WWI
WIGGINS, Austin V, birth: 1924, death: 1999, h/o Betty; married January 21, 1949
WIGGINS, Betty J, birth: 1927, death: 2015
WIGGINS, Hettie, birth: 1916, death: 2001
WIGGINS, Ruel A, birth: 1916, death: 1981
WILES, Elva L, birth: 25-Aug-1920, death: 27-Oct-2005
WILES, Henry C, birth: 23-Feb-1921, death: 16-Jan-1982, CPHM US Navy
WILFONG, Hazel Fern, birth: 1910, death: 2004
WILFONG, Jacob W, birth: 1862, death: 1942
WILFONG, Mary A, birth: 1867, death: 1947
WILFONG, Paul, birth: 1905, death: 1984
WILKINSON, Benjamin A, birth: 1891, death: 1921
WILKINSON, Edward, birth: 1867, death: 1927
WILKINSON, Mary a, birth: 1870, death: 1946
WILKINSON, Willie, death: 1897
WILLECKE, Patricia A, birth: 1924, death: 2002
WILLECKE, Wade E, birth: 1953, death: 1996
WILLIAMS, Abraham, birth: 1895, death: 1986
WILLIAMS, Dorothy M, birth: 1918, death: 2001
WILLIAMS, Esther Smith, birth: 1912, death: 2001
WILLIAMS, George H, birth: 1899, death: 1901
WILLIAMS, Ingrid H, birth: 1900, death: 1975
WILLIAMS, Laura L Phillips, birth: 1892, year of death missing
WILLIAMS, Robert, birth: 1-May-1849, death: 4-Feb-1898
WILLIAMS, Roy E, birth: 25-Jan-1920, death: 1-Sep-1992, masonic symbol
WILLIAMS, Ruth E, birth: 22-Jan-1924, death: 25-Jul-2005
WILLIAMS, Vernon C, birth: 1903, death: 1956
WILLIAMS, William W, birth: 1915, death: 1997
WILLIAMSON, Nina A, birth: 1915, death: 1988
WILLIG, August, birth: 1863, death: 1944
WILLIG, Emma, birth: 1864, death: 1938
WILLIS, Gladys E, birth: 1899, death: 1966
WILSON, Arabella, birth: 30-May-1877, death: 6-Dec-1961
WILSON, August, birth: 1878, death: 1963, Alaska Yukon Pioneer
WILSON, Emma, birth: 1886, death: 1972, Alaska Yukon Pioneer
WILSON, James D, birth: 21-Dec-1873, death: 12-Dec-1909
WILSON, James H, birth: 1898, death: 1980
WILSON, Lois Elain, birth: 1929, death: 2014
WILSON, Patrick G, birth: 8-Oct-1926, death: 17-Jun-1995, US Army
WILSON, Thelma L, birth: 1908, death: 1968
WILSTON, Charlotte, birth: 1904, death: 1963
WILSTON, Jacob W, birth: 1903, death: 1959
WINANS, Maud D, birth: 1872, death: 1962
WINCHESTER, George G, birth: 1910, death: 1986
WINCHESTER, Lischen H, birth: 1912, death: 1992
WINDLER, Arthur, birth: 1892, death: 1965
WINDLER, Celia, birth: 1896, death: 1962
WINDOM, Sally, birth: 1929, death: 2002
WINTHROP, Eric A, birth: 23-Jun-1950, death: 11-Jan-2004
WIRTA, Andrew, birth: 1903, death: 1957
WISSINGER, Robert B, birth: 1939, death: 1996, h/o Joan; married May 11, 1963
WOLD, Andrew L, birth: 1885, death: 1972
WOLD, Lars A, birth: 1832, death: 1924
WOLD, M. Elsie, birth: 1885, death: 1952
WOLD, Peter, birth: 1896, death: 1898
WOLF, Harry L, birth: 13-Oct-1920, death: 19-Nov-1983, Capt US Army WWII
WOLFE, Mary F, birth: 1871, death: 1961
WOLFF, Mary A, birth: 1878, death: 1961
WOOD, Alice K, birth: 25-Apr-1912, death: 24-Nov-1994
WOOD, Charlotte Whaley, birth: 6-Oct-1920, death: 4-Aug-1997
WOOD, David James, birth: 1980, death: 2016
WOOD, Edith M, birth: 1907, death: 1991
WOOD, Martha, birth: 1882, death: 1933
WOOD, Wallace Robert, birth: 29-Jan-1920, death: 22-Jul-2001
WOOD, William, birth: 1868, death: 1942
WOOD, William, birth: 17-Feb-1868, death: 19-Jan-1942
WOODS, Charley, birth: 1877, death: 1957
WOODS, Harold F, birth: 1-Mar-1916, death: 30-Jan-1982
WOODS, Klara A, birth: 30-Aug-1913, death: 27-Mar-1970
WOODS, Minnie, birth: 1880, death: 1965
WOOTON, Catherine, birth: 1909, death: 1960
WORKMAN, Carlos, birth: 1930, death: 1994
WORKMAN, John E, birth: 29-Jan-1906, death: 17-Jul-1980, US Navy
WORKMAN, thelma M, birth: 18-Dec-1907, death: 7-Mar-1997
WOSSER, Elinor Hunt, birth: 1930, death: 2005
WOSSER, James Joseph, birth: 1961, death: 2014
WOSSER, James Robert, birth: 1924, death: 1982, WWII
WRIGHT, Ashley Kay, birth: 3-Sep-1990, death: 6-Dec-1990
WRIGHT, Dean H, birth: 1922, death: 2011
WRIGHT, Joanne Demarco, birth: 1941, death: 2002
WRIGHT, Mary A, birth: 1925, death: 1994
WRIGHT, Robert Erskine, birth: 1931, death: 1989, USMC
WRIGHT, Saima E, birth: 27-Jun-1910, death: 10-Jan-1967, w/o Wm Ross; married July 13, 1929
WRIGHT, William R, birth: 1930, death: 1965
WRIGHT, William Ross, birth: 26-Nov-1907, death: 4-Apr-1967, h/o Saima; married July 13, 1929
WUNDEPLICH, George, birth: 1854, death: 1902
YAEGER, Jeff, birth: 6-Apr-1970, death: 4-Jul-1987
YATES, Flora W, birth: 19-Dec-1904, death: 11-Feb-1991
YATES, James J, birth: 1-Aug-1893, death: 21-Jan-1969, WA Sgt Mg Co 163 Inf WWI
YATES, Suzanne, birth: 24-Mar-1936, death: 9-Jun-1995
YEE, Ho Yee, birth: 1939, death: 1995
YEISLEY, David Leslie Sr., birth: 1890, death: 1980
YEISLEY, Ethlynde G, birth: 1897, death: 1980
YOUNG, Frank A, birth: 1884, death: 1962
YOUNG, Loren Monroe, birth: 13-Jan-1979, death: 31-Jan-1979
YOUNG, Maggie A, birth: 1879, death: 1964
YOUNG, Winnie, birth: 1855, death: 1919
YOUNT, August M, birth: 13-Aug-1919, death: 6-Aug-1987, US Air Force WWII
YOURGLICH, Avis L, birth: 19-Jan-1904, death: 29-Jan-1983
YOURGLICH, Barbara, birth: 1870, death: 1945
YOURGLICH, Frank, birth: 1896, death: 1967
YOURGLICH, J. Alice, birth: 1910, death: 1996
YOURGLICH, John, birth: 1900, death: 1972
YOURGLICH, Joseph, birth: 1865, death: 1911
YOURGLICH, Matthew J, birth: 8-Apr-1884, death: 20-Aug-1977, F1 US Navy WWI
YOURGLICH, Winston M, birth: 9-Nov-1925, death: 23-Oct-1994, US Navy WWII
ZADRA, Giacinto, birth: 1869, death: 1907
ZAWADZKI, Felix, birth: 1895, death: 1970
ZINTEL, Stanley George, birth: 13-Feb-1950, death: 15-Oct-2016
ZYTKOWICZ, William S, birth: 1942, death: 1983

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