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Fletcher Cemetery (Central Cemetery)
Lamoine, Douglas County, Washington

Lamoine WA 98858

T26N R23E Sec 21
Lat: 47°44'35"N, Lon: 119°56'30"W

Contributed by Fred Pflugrath, Apr 10, 2002, last edited Aug 04, 2005 [fpflug@nwi.net]. Total records = 43.

Located 2 miles West of Lamoine and then turn north one mile on a dirt county road "I" NW. The cemetery is located on the southwest corner of the intersection of "I" NW and 9 NW. (You do need to ford a creek. The county dirt road is not passable in the winter and early spring - wait until the road is dry.)

There is one stone with a large M on the top and a smaller D on the side, standing about 3 feet tall. There are at least 6 graves without stones or markings.

Fletcher Cemetery is maintained by the Douglas County Cemetery District #2 out of Waterville.

Many of the listings have obits on file at the WAGS library in Wenatchee. I walked this cemetery on 16 June 2001.

- Fred Pflugrath

Armour, Phoebe, d. 26 Jun 1903, age 69 yrs, 10 mos, 11 days, I am the resurrection and the life! He that believeth in me, though he die, yet shall he live
Augst, Mattie L, b. 6 Apr 1910, d. 30 Sep 1912, Asleep in Jusus! Peaceful rest, Whose waking is supremely blest
Barrett, Velma, b. 12 Jul 1914, d. 12 Jul 1914
Brown, Mary Georgia, b. 1 Jun 1895, Douglas County, d. 29 Aug 1908, Sweet rest in heaven, d/o M/M George D &Amelia
Duncan, Gladys Fay, d. 5 Jul 1905, d/o HB & K Duncan, age 1 yr, 11mos, 1day
Fletcher, Son, d. 19 Jul 1915, s/o Fred & Susie Fletcher
Fowler, Jennie E, b. 23 Oct 1900, d. 25 May 1907, d/o JA & JG Fowler, Weep not Father and Mother for me, For I wait in Glory for thee
Fowler, John G, b. 1839, d. 20 Feb 1922, Douglas County, Father - age 82
Garberg, Edward, d. 15 Mar 1969 Douglas County, age 73, (funeral home metal marker had Mr Garberg and the date on the grave (given name is from the Washington State death index)
Hagen, Sevrin Martin, b. 7 Nov 1881, d. 23 Mar 1909, s/o OS & IM Hagen, Sweet Rest in Heven
Hawes, Helen, d. 1911, age 6 weeks
Heinrichs, Anna M, b. 21 Apr 1849, d. 22 Aug 1940, nee Julicher Im Margenglanz, im Abendchem, Wird segnend Sie aus Himmeishohen Herah, auf Ihre Kinder schen, Drum strebet fromm wie sie, Z U Sein!
Heinrichs, William Joseph, b. 4 Feb 1846, d. 3 Nov 1909, Wir sind ewig nicht geschiden, won dem Bund der uns umschlieszt: O Gedanke der mir Frieden, nin "die w unde, Seele griest!
Hofer, Elizabeth, b. 1 Nov 1849, d. 2 Apr 1907, s/w Frederick
Hofer, Frederick, d. 20 Jan 1842, s/w Elizabeth
Johnston, Neil A, b. 23 Jun 1892, d. 12 Jul 1914, let them rest in Peace Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him
Johnston, Samuel, b. 1855, d. 18 Jun 1927, Douglas County, Masonic - metal marker FLT
Marshall, Hester, d. 14 Jan 1898, age 67, unto them that look for them shall be appear the second time without sin unto salvation
McDuffie, Arthur S, b. 1908, d. 1910
McDuffie, J. C., no dates, (stone hard to read)
Norris, Joseph Ben, b. 1841, d. 28 Oct 1910, Post 104 G.A.R. metalmarker
Olmstead, Banjamin, b. 1823, d. 1908
Olmstead, Charles, b. 1853, d. 16 Feb 1935 Douglas County, s/w Mary
Olmstead, Enos, b. 1854, d. 10 Mar 1941 Wenatchee, WA, s/w Laura
Olmstead, Laura Idalia, b. 1854, d. 16 Jul 1926 Douglas County, s/w Enos
Olmstead, Mary M, b. 1847, d. 26 Jun 1935 Douglas County, s/w Charles
Osterkamp, Elizabeth, b. 1841, d. 25 Nov 1931 Douglas County, wife of Ernst
Osterkamp, Ernst, b. 1851, d. 4 Feb 1917 Douglas County
Polson, Ruth, b. 27 Dec 1926 Waterville, 6 Jan 1927 Waterville, d/o Hans & Martha, age: 10 days old, DC
Richter, William, d. 17 Apr 1895, age 28 yrs, 3 mos, 28 dys
Sawyer, David S, no dates, Corpl C.D Wash. Inf Sp Am War - metal marker WW Vet
Sawyer, Sarah E, b. 28 Jan 1838, d. 30 May 1907, s/w Stephen
Sawyer, Stephen, b. 9 Nov 1829, d. 16 Sep 190, s/w Sarah E - metal marker, G.A.R. 1861 - Veteran - 1866
Schmidt, Carl, b. 21 Dec 1862, d. 25 Jun 1912
Schmidt, Eddie Carl, b. 27 Apr 1908 or 1903?, d. 26 Sep 1908, Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven, Our Darling Baby
Schmidt, Emery R, b. 20 Dec 1910, d. 21 Dec 1975, Douglas County, TEC 4 US Army WW II
Schmidt, Fredaricha, b. 20 Nov 1864, d. 11 Jun 1937
Schmidt, Johnnie, b. 11 Jul 1886, d. 27 May 1911 Waterville, WA, Safe in the arms of Jesus, Safe on this gentle breast, There by His Love o'er shadowed, Sweetly his soul shall rest, s/o Carl
Shepperson, John W, d. 25 Nov 1902, 2 mos, 19 dys, s/o JM & JM
St. Germain, Madeia, b. 1 Mar 1848, d. 18 Nov 1916
St. Germain, Michael, b. 28 Sep 1844, d. 5 Apr 1914
Tolle, Marguete, b. 23 Oct 1910, d. 30 Aug 1916, our Darling
Tolle. Edward M, b. 21 Aug 1904, d. 9 Oct 1904, s/o JH & SE

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