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Huntsville Cemetery (Bicklehaupt Hill Cemetery)
Huntsville, Columbia County, Washington

Contributed by Pat Higley, May 2000 [thehigs52@comcast.net]. Total records = 22.

To reach Huntsville cemetery, travel west from Dayton on Highway 12 toward Walla Walla Turn right onto Huntsville Road and cross the railroad tracks. Keeping to the right follow the road approximately .7 miles to a barbed wire gate on your right. You have to leave your car and walk up the hill on your right through a field to this cemetery. You cannot see the cemetery from the road but if you walk straight up the hill from the gate you can't miss seeing it after you reach the top. This cemetery is enclosed by a lovely old iron fence.

These records were transcribed by Pat Higley in 1999, from readings done by the Columbia County Genealogical Society in 1978, used by permission. CCGS, Rte #1, Box 43, Dayton WA 99328

Brown, Eileen, b. 1912, d. 1912
Chapman, Geo., b. Nov 04,1845, d. Mar 10,1921
Dennis, Margaret C., d. Nov 25,1888, w/o R.H.
Eliot, Francis M., No dates, Co. H. Cal. Cav.
Cave, Elsie, b. Oct 13,1913, d. Nov 15,1916
Hammer, Alvah, b. May 23,1864, d. Nov 24,1881
Hammer, Elias, b. Apr 06,1858, d. Dec 13,1881
Hammer, Noah, b. Dec 02,1853, d. Mar 30,1902
Hammer, baby, d. 1895
Hammer, ANNA C., b. 1860, d. 1952
Hammer, Goldsmith, b. 02/09/1844, d. 02/10/1935
Hammer, Leurissa Anna, b. 10/19/1845, d. 03/29/1934
Hammer, Lorenzo, b. 1850, d. 1935
Hammer, Richard Dee, b. 11/19/1915, d. 09/1929, age 14 years
Harrison, Eudocia, b. Feb 14,1852, d. Sep 0l,1884
Hurt, Olive J., b. Dec 09,1864, d. Mar 15,1912
Hurt, S.A.D., d. 1938
Kenworthy, b. 1890, d. 1905
Kenworthy, Carrie Hammer, b. Oct 08,1874, d. Sep 11,1898
Kenworthy, Lydia A., b. Aug 07,1840, d. Oct 23,1917
Kenworthy, James, b. Jan 26,1840, d. Oct 23,1911
Kenworthy, Ezra, b. Sep 02,1876, d. Sep 20,1886, s/o Lydia A.& James

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