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Waite Kerley Cemetery
Fairfield, Franklin County, Vermont

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 29.

Contributor's Index:

Waite/Kerley Cemetery, northern part of Fairfield Vermont on Sheldon town border. Cemetery has been restored by the Vermont Old Cemetery Association., [JH]

Brown, Francis, d. 11 Sep 1840, 1y 6m, s/o B & E Brown, [JH]
Fairbanks, Abel, d. 27 Mar 1842, 88y, [JH]
Fairbanks, Hannah, d. 09 Apr 1840, 85y, [JH]
Fairbanks, Benjamin, d. 27 Feb 1846, 65y, [JH]
Fairbanks, Infant, d. 07 Apr 1811, [JH]
Fairbanks, Chester, d. 12 Jul 1814, 4m 10d, s/o B & L Fairbanks, [JH]
Fairbanks, Clio, d. 14 Feb 1858, 56y 11m, w/o B Fairbanks, [JH]
Hill, Inez, d. 24 July 1854, 2y 1m, d/o Chas & M Hill, [JH]
Hickok, Rhoda, d. 13 Feb 1846, 20y 12d, w/o H F Hickok, [JH]
Hair, Saphrona, d. 21 Jun 1857, 56y 7?, w/o Wm Hair Jr, [JH]
Morey, Dorothy A, d. 02 Apr 1839, 22y 18d, w/o Wm J Morey, [JH]
Morey, Newton, d. 01 Feb 1849, 27y 1m, [JH]
Morey, Polly, d. Nov 1842, 93y, [JH]
Morey, William, d. 26 Feb 1854, 77y, [JH]
Morey, Sibey, d. 09 Apr 1828, 41y 2m, w/o Wm Morey, [JH]
Morey, M(ari)on, d. (1)828, 4y, [JH]
Morey, Lodama, d. 15 Aug 1830, 4y, ch/o W & S Morey, [JH]
Morey, Stephen, d. 05 Aug 1828, 22y 5m, [JH]
Morey, Samuel, d. 23 Nov 1866, 57y, [JH]
Morey, Orisa, d. 23 Aug 1870, 60y, w/o Samuel Morey, [JH]
Smith, Bessie May, d. 23 Aug 1882, 1y 11m, d/o Geo & G Smith, [JH]
Waite, Orrissa, d. 04 Aug 1862, 4y 10m, d/o N.& A Waite, [JH]
Waite, Leonard, d. 20 Aug 1893, 67y, [JH]
Waite, Edwin, d. 11 Apr 1870, 14y 11m 2d, s/o Leonard Waite, [JH]
Waite, William W, d. 04 Sept1848, 55y 22d, [JH]
Waite, Lois, d. 02 Dec 1842, 50y, w/o Wm W Waite, [JH]
Waite, Jasper N, d. 27 Mar 1834, 5y 11m 2d, s/o N & R Waite, [JH]
Waite, Abigail, d. 20 Apr 1861, 36y, w/o Nelson Waite, [JH]
Waite, Abby, d. 15 Feb 1860, 15m, d/o Nelson Waite, [JH]
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