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Mount Pleasant Cemetery (South End Cemetery)
Sunderland, Bennington County, Vermont

Lat: 43° 03' 33"N, Lon: 73° 08'15"W

This cemetery is located on the north side of Old Mill Road just east of the East Arlington and Sunderland line in Sunderland.

This cemetery was originally called South End Cemetery. A date for the name change has not been found as yet.

It is located up a hill off of someones driveway, but the house has just been built so the cemetery has been there a lot longer. The only indication of the cemetery from the road is the sign on the road by the driveway.

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Aug 02, 2007. Total records = 46.

Contributor's Index:

Brandli, John D., b. 1908, d. 1997, h/o Rosemary G., [ND]
Briggs, Chas. H., b. 4 Jun 1887, d. 8 Jul 1933, h/o Marie G., [ND]
Briggs, Marie G., b. 4 Dec 1910, d. 15 Apr 1988, w/o Chas. E. Briggs, [ND]
Chadwick, Daniel, d. 12 Apr 1870, h/o Mary E., [ND]
Chadwick, Mary E., d. 15 Nov 1888, age: 83y, w/o Daniel Chadwick, [ND]
Darby, Ruth (Jepson), b. 1910, d. 1938, [ND]
Hicks, Esbon S., d. 9 Mar 1827, age: 30y, h/o Phila, [ND]
Hicks, Molly, d. 8 Mar 1846, age: 90y, w/o Capt. Simeon Hicks, [ND]
Hicks, Phila, b. 22 Mar 1800, d. 18 Oct 1867, w/o Esbon S. Hicks, [ND]
Hicks, Simeon, Capt., b. 22 Aug 1755, d. 24 Jan 1855, h/o Molly, [ND]
Hicks, Simeon, d. 28 Aug 1794, age: ?y 8m 17d, s/o Capt. Simeon & Molly Hicks, [ND]
Jepson, Forrest L., b. 1885, d. 1945, [ND]
Jepson, Gaynell M., b. 1891, d. 1987, [ND]
Knight, Amos, d. 13 Jul 1891, age: 85y 3m, h/o Lovina, [ND]
Knight, Anna (Hicks), d. 19 Apr 1864, age: 86y, w/o Needham Knight, [ND]
Knight, Lovina, d. 1 Jul 1880, age: 70y, w/o Amos Knight, [ND]
Knight, Luther, d. 20 Sep 1884, age: 49y, [ND]
Knight, Marilla H., b. 1816, d. 1892, [ND]
Knight, Maynard, b. 1808, d. 1895, h/o Marilla H., [ND]
Knight, Needham, d. 8 Oct 1874, age: 95y, h/o Anna Hicks, [ND]
Knights, ??, d. 5 Jan 1839, age: 2m 16d, d/o Amos & Lovina Knights, [ND]
McDermott, Andrew, b. 1842, d. 1897, h/o Mary, [ND]
McDermott, Mary, b. 1846, d. 1904, w/o Andrew McDermott, [ND]
McLaughlin, Elvira D., d. 19 Aug 183?, age: 27y 2m, w/o Franklin McLaughlin, [ND]
McLaughlin, Franklin, d. 2 Jun 1885, h/o Elvira D., [ND]
McLaughlin, John S., no dates, son of Franklin & Elvira D. McLaughlin, [ND]
McLaughlin, Polly, d. 17 Mar 1865, age: 66y, w/o Thomas McLaughlin, [ND]
McLaughlin, Thomas, b. 25 Dec 1778, d. 2 Feb 1859, h/o Polly, [ND]
Morse, Newel, d. 3 Jan 1869, age: 78y, h/o Polly, [ND]
Morse, Polly, d. 29 Apr 1824, age: 36y 12, w/o Newel Morse, [ND]
Parkinson, John A., b. 1866, d. 1912, h/o Nellie E. Whitman, [ND]
Parkinson, Leslie, b. 9 Jun 1897, d. 10 Sep 1898, s/o J. & N. Parkinson, [ND]
Parkinson, Nellie E. (Whitman), b. 1871, d. 1932, w/o John A. Parkinson, [ND]
Perkins, ??, d. 19 Sep 1828, age: 17d, s/o ? & Mary Perkins, [ND]
Perkins, Lydia, d. 29 Apr 1832, age: 65y, w/o William Perkins, [ND]
Perkins, William, d. 25 Oct 1852, age: 84y, h/o Lydia, [ND]
Rivet, Hiram, b. 2 Mar 1889, d. 8 Nov 1973, 302 Field Art., [ND]
Scott, John, d. 25 Dec 1854, age: 73y, h/o Urania F., [ND]
Scott, Urania F., d. 19 Mar 1815, age: 52y, w/o John Scott, [ND]
Webb, Gaynell J, b. 1924, d. 2003, [ND]
Whidden, Mercy, d. 17 Sep 1867, age: 87y 8m 12d, [ND]
Whitman, Alice J., b. 22 Aug 1852, d. 11 Nov 1926, w/o Charles M Whitman, [ND]
Whitman, Charles M., b. 25 May 1849, d. 11 Mar 1919, h/o Alice J., [ND]
Whitman, Clarissa (Holden), b. 1840, d. 1921, w/o Johnson Whitman, [ND]
Whitman, Johnson, b. 1837, d. 1905, h/o Clarissa Holden, [ND]
Wortley, William, b. 4 Mar 1825, d. 10 Nov 1906, [ND]

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