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Brubaker Cemetery
Roanoke City, Virginia

Lat: 37° 17' 59"N, Lon: 80° 04' 39"W, approx.

Contributed by Chuck Garst, Mar 29, 2000 [cgarst@garstfamily.com]. Total records = 101.

From Roanoke, take Rt. 11 north and turn left on Rt. 117 (Peters Creek Road). Travel south approximately 2 miles, turn right on State Route 628 and continue to State Route 805, turn right to Montgomery property. The cemetery is on the hill and runs parallel to Interstate 81.

The J. E. Brubaker cemetery has been restored and is mowed regularly, it is a large one and is still in use.

Some dates were furnished by Marvin Neighbors, who copied the stones before they were submerged in concrete. The graves are listed as they lie.

I walked the cemetery and completed this transcription in March of 2000.

- Chuck Garst

Beckner, Eliza E., b. Nov 22, 1874, d. Sep 30, 1875, age: 10mo 8da, Dau. of Samuel O. & Susanna Beckner
Beckner, Elizabeth P Thompkins, b. Jan 17, 1800, d. Jul 14, 1888, age: 88yr 5mo 27da, wife of John Beckner, m. May 27, 1844
Beckner, John, b. Jun 27, 1799, d. Oct 6, 1866, age: 67yr 3mo 9da
Blackwell, Angie V., b. Mar 13, 1861, d. Sep 7, 1906, wife of D.T. Blackwell
Blackwell, D.T., b. Jul 4, 1861, d. Jul 1, 1906, A precious one from us has gone... (remainder of stone submerged in concrete)
Bonsack, Mary B., b. Feb 7, 1824, d. Mar 3, 1909, dau. of John & Susannah Bonsack
Brubaker, Bettie H.,, b. 1882, d. 1902
Brubaker, Christenia, b. Jan 15, 1828, d. Jul 29, 1910, I have fought a good fight. (Clasped hands carved at top)
Brubaker, Christian, d. Aug 8, 1863, age: 3mo 5da, Son of Elias & Susanah Brubaker
Brubaker, Elias B., b. Dec 30, 1868, d. May 14, 1890, age: 21yr 4mo 14da, Son of Elias & Susannah Brubaker
Brubaker, Elias S., b. Dec 2, 1865, d. Jun 14, 1866, son of Isaac & Christina
Brubaker, Elias, b. Jun 25, 1828, d. Jan 25, 1899. (Clasped hands carved at top)
Brubaker, Eliza C., d. Apr 7, 1864, age 24yr 5mo 19da, wife of Henry L. Brubaker, She was a tender mother here, And in her life the Lord did fear, We trust our loss will be her gain, and that with Christ she's gone to reign, dau of Daniel & Catharine Miller, (A full blown rose carved by Gaddess, Lynchburg)
Brubaker, Elmer, b. Oct 26, 1877, d. Dec 11, 1877, Son of Jeremiah C. & Sarah F. Brubaker
Brubaker, Elsie Lois, b. Aug 16, 1902, d. May 27, 1903, Dau of C.E. & C.E. Brubaker, Her end was peace.
Brubaker, Ezra, b. Sep 24, 1856, d. Sep 2, 1857, (A small bud carved at top)
Brubaker, Gertrude A., b. Sep 25, 1879, d. Jan 10, 1881, age: 1yr 3mo 15da, Dau. of Wm. H. & Laura P. Brubaker
Brubaker, Henry, d. Nov 18, 1848, age: 73yr 43da
Brubaker, Idia C., no dates, age: 1yr 2mo 20da, dau of Jacob O. & Elizabeth Brubaker, Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest, God called thee home, He thought it best. (A dove carved at top of stone)
Brubaker, Infant, d. Apr 10, 1865, Dau. of Elias & Susannah
Brubaker, Isaac, b. Sep 9, 1825, d. Apr 19, 1857 (Epitaph illegible, has concrete on it) (Clasped hands carved at top)
Brubaker, Jacob D, b. Mar 10, 1853, d. Jun 21, 1866, son of Isaac & Christina
Brubaker, Joel, b. Mar 17, 1801, age: 51yr 9mo 20da, Farewell my wife and children all, From you a father Christ doth call, Mourn not for me it is in vain, To call me to your sight again (Stone cut by J.B. Gaddess, Lynchburg)
Brubaker, John A., b. Jan 19, 1860, d. Jun 13, 1866, son of Isaac & Christina
Brubaker, John D., b. Mar 12, 1852, d. Dec 23, 1856, (A small flower carved at top of stone)
Brubaker, John, d. 3 Jun 1887, age 75yr 10mo 12da (Field stone)
Brubaker, Julia C., b. Mar 14, 1862, d. Aug 8, 1863, Dau. of Isaac & Cristena Brubaker
Brubaker, Leliat, b. Oct 14, 1874, d. Oct 24, 1891, age: 17yr 9da, dau. of Wm. H. & Laura P. Brubaker
Brubaker, Luana, d. 1864, age: 5mo 25da, dau of Henry L. & Eliza C. Brubaker, Sleep on sweet babe, And take thy rest, God called thee home, He thought it best. (Reclining lamb carved on top of stone)
Brubaker, Magdalena A., d. 1864, age: 16yr 6mo, dau of John & Susanna, Weep not, oh weep not, kindred dear, For her whose last remains lie here, For Jesus she on earth did love, and now she dwells with him above. (Full blown rose carved on top)
Brubaker, Margreta, b. Feb 9, 1881, d. Jul 11, 1881, Dau. of Jeremiah C. & Sarah F. Brubaker
Brubaker, Mary F., d. May 1, 1859, age: 16yr, "She was lovely, she was fair, And for a while was given, An angel came, and claimed his own, and bore her home to heaven." (A full blown rose carved at top)
Brubaker, Mary S., b. Mar 28, 1858, d. Jun 14, 1866, dau of Isaac & Christina
Brubaker, Saloma E., b. Mar 28, 1858, d. Jul 16, 1866, dau of Isaac & Christina Brubaker
Brubaker, Susan B., d. Aug 1 1886, wife of Elder John Brubaker
Brubaker, Susannah, b. May 31, 1830, d. Feb 10, 1904, wife of Elias, I have fought a good, fight, I have finished my course (Clasped hands carved at top), (remainder submerged in concrete)
Cabaniss, Matthew D., b. Jul 20, 1830, d. Jun 14, 1902, s/w Susan A
Cabaniss, Susan A., b. Nov 4, 1827, d. Apr 2, 1891, s/w Matthew D
Deaton, Johny A., b. Jun 28, 1887, d. Jun 27, 1888, Son of W.A. & M.M. Deaton, Asleep in Jesus.
Eller, Emry A., b. May 9, 1885, d. Jan 31, 1887, Gone home, Son of F.A. & B.S. Eller
Eller, Infant, b. Dec 8, 1903, d. Dec 9, 1903, Dau of J.F. & O.B. Eller
Eller, Lula J., b. Sep 13, 1896, d. Dec 11, 1898, age: 2yr 2mo 29da, Dau of J.F. & Orpha Eller, Budded on earth to, Bloom in heaven, (A drooping lily with foliage carved at top of stone)
Eller, Mary Lucy, b. Sep 17, 1881, d. Mar 6, 1904, Alas, she has left us, her spirit has fled, Her body now slumbers, along (remainder submerged in concrete) (Clasped hands carved at top of stone)
Eller, Mary, b. Mar 31, 1814, d. Dec 13, 1906, wife of Abraham Eller, (Clasped hands carved at top)
Garst, Ann C., b. Oct 13, 1832, d. Nov 29, 1895, age: 63yr 1mo 16da, She that followeth after righteousness, (remainder submerged in concrete)
Garst, Anna Graybill, b. Mar 12, 1811, d. Aug 20, 1899, wife of George Garst, had 2 children, (Carved on stone: clasped hands)
Garst, Anna, d. Jan 24, 1827, age 5yr, daughter of George & Catharine (Stone cut in Salem, Va.)
Garst, Benjamin, d. Nov 8, 1829, aged 6yr 7mo, son of George & Catharine Garst
Garst, Catharine Markey, b. Jan 18, 1804, d. Jan 15, 1849, Mother, wife of George Garst, m. Nov 12, 1824, and had 13 children
Garst, children, Mar 20, 1890, sons of Marshall & Mary C. Garst (Reclining lambs carved on the stone)
Garst, Dinah, b. Jan 19, 1893, d. Jan 20, 1893, s/w Jas W, child of H.M. & A.C. Garst
Garst, Eliza J., b. Apr 6, 1883, d. Jul 8, 1887
Garst, George, b. Jun 29, 1800, d. Aug 20, 1886, Aged 86yr 1mo 21da, Father, Affliction sore for years I bore Physicians were in vain, At length God pleased to give me ease, and freed me from my pain (Stone cut by Salem Marble Works)
Garst, Henry M., b. Mar 23, 1835, d. Oct 7, 1896, age: 60yr 6mo 14da, (Stone is presently only 18" tall and has been reset in concrete so that only name and birth date are visible)
Garst, Jas. W., b. Oct 6, 1861, d. Aug 6, 1862, s/w Dinah, child of H.M. & A.C. Garst
Garst, Jeremiah, b. Apr 4, 1845, d. Mar 8, 1897, Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal, (Open book carved at top of stone)
Garst, Magdalene, b. Apr 9, 1850, daughter of George & Anna Garst, (Stone cut in Salem, Va.)
Garst, Mary, b. Jun 12, 1833, aged 3yr 5mo, daughter of Geo. & Catharine (Stone cut in Salem, Va. )
Garst, Nancy, b. Jan 25, 1845, d. Mar 7, 1895, wife of Jeremiah Garst, d/o Hawkins Grisso, (Clasped hands carved on stone)
Garst, Sarah Catharine, d. Jul 17, 1887, Aged 21yr 3mo 15da, A precious one from us has gone, A voice beloved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled
Garst, Susan, b. Sep 29, 1876, d. Mar 23, 1883, dau of J. & N. Garst She was lovely, she was fair (remainder submerged in concrete)
Garst, Walter W., b. Jun 4, 1894, d. Feb 18, 1895, Asleep in Jesus, son of M. & M.C. Garst, (Bird in flight carved on stone)
Garst, William Garst, b. May 4, 1828, aged 3yr 6mo, son of George & Catharine, (Stone cut in Salem, Va.)
Hubbard, Infant, d. Dec 14, 1910, son of G.E. & Ida Hubbard
Hubbard, James E., b. Feb 6, 1917, d. Mar 2, 1917
Jamison, Clarence E., b. Feb 2, 1905, d. Jul 15, 1905, Son of E.W. & S.M. Jamison
Jamison, Emory J., b. Aug 2, 1917, d. Jan 26, 1918, son of E.W. & J. Jamison, (Reclining lamb and draped swag with bow and tassles carved at top)
Jamison, Orpha C., b. Feb 20, 1908, d. Feb 14, 1913, A little bud of love, To bloom with God above.
Jamison, Susie M., b. Sep 22, 1879, d. Nov 12, 1905, Wife of E.W. Jamison, (A dove carved at top of stone)
Janney, Will, no dates
Jones, Winburn 0., b. Jan 31, 1855, d. May 23, 1912, Farewell my wife (the remainder submerged in concrete) (Clasped hands at top of stone)
Mangus, Jno. H., no dates, s/w Jas. W. Garst, "Asleep in Jesus" on one side, "Safe in the arms of Jesus" on the other side. (Has reclining lambs carved on the stone)
Myers, Malinda J., b. Apr 4, 1853, d. Feb 24, 1901, wife of W.M. Myers
Naff, Orpha Annie, b. Feb 9, 1905, d. Apr 4, 1906, dau of D.C. & Amy Naff, A little bud of love, To bloom with God above
Naff, Clara Mae, b. Apr 15, 1900, d. Apr 30, 1903, Dau. of D.C. & Amy Naff, Our darling one hath, gone before, To greet us on the, blissful shore (A carved spray of leaves at top of stone)
Naff, John B., b. Jul 12, 1836, d. Aug 7, 1905, Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep, From which none ever wake, to weep
Newman, Louis Calvern, remainder of stone submerged
Peters, Valarie B., b. Oct 12, 1880, d. Oct 3, 1902, (A full blown rose with foliage carved at top of stone)
Plaine, Elder D. H., b. Dec 30, 1820, d. Jul 21, 1905, I have fought a good, fight, I have kept the faith (from Carroll County, Md., f/o Ida S. Musser & John William Plaine)
Pobst, Henry G., Jun 11, 1809, d. Aug 4, 1895, Carved spray of flowers, base sunk in concrete
Puckett, Georgia Annah, b. May 21, 1862, d. May 10, 1889, wife of Joseph Puckett
Puckett, Infant, no dates, child of J.& G.A.P.
Riffey, James, b. Jan 6, 1819, d. Dec 14, 1862
Ronk, Barbary, no dates, field stone
Ronk, Elizabeth, b. Aug 27, 1824, d. Nov 29, 1899
Ronk, Infant, b. Jan 20, 1893, d. Jan 22, 1893, child of N.R. & L.L. Ronk (Reclining lamb carved on top of stone)
Ronk, Jacob M., b. May 21, 1815, d. Oct 11, 1855, m. M. Booth, 27 Sep 1840
Ronk, John, no dates, field stone
Ronk, Sallomy, b. Aug 28, 1811, d. Dec 29, 1853, aged 42yr 4mo 1da, (carved on field stone)
Ronk, Salome Showalter, d. Jul 6, 1883, age: 74yr 6mo 8da
Ronk, William, b. Sep 4, 1827, d. Feb 28, 1894
Sarah B. Stover, Jun 30, 1821, d. May 19 1901, w, o Henry, m. 15 Sep 1839, Carved spray of flowers, base sunk in concrete
Showalter, Joseph, b. Sep 26, 1859, d. May 5, 1884 (Death date presently submerged in concrete)
Showalter, Samuel, b. Aug 1, 1824, d. Feb 14, 1895, age: 70yr 6mo 13da, h/o Anna Brubaker, dau of Jacob)
Showalter, William, b. Jan 3, 1858, d. Jan 12, 1885
Skeggs, Infant, no dates, s/w dau, s, o F.E. & Annie M., (crosses, vines, trefoil at top)
Skeggs, Infant, no dates, s/w son, d, o F.E. & Annie M., (crosses, vines, trefoil at top)
Webster, James W., b. Aug 5, 1860, Sep 18, 1906, Let our Father's will be done, (Shaft with cross atop with Christ's figure in relief & INRI above his head. Lillies on all four sides of shaft)
Wimmer, Ernest E., b. Jul 4, 1906, d. Jan 20, 1907, son of J.H. & L.E. Wimmer
Wrightsman, S, no dates on field stone
Yopp, Isabel C., (remainder of stone submerged in concrete)

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