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Antioch Church Cemetery
Luray, Page County, Virginia

Stoneyman Ln (Rte 642) & S Antioch Ln (Rte 689), Luray VA

Lat: 38° 38' 27"N, Lon: 78° 26' 41"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, Jun 26, 2005 [annieB1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 57

In Luray, from the intersection of Highway 211 and Reservoir Road, go 1.2 miles southeast until you reach South Antioch Road. Turn there and go 1.4 miles until you reach the intersection of Stoneyman Lane and South Antioch Lane. The cemetery is behind the church on the northwest corner of the intersection.

This is a small, badly neglected church cemetery. It is overgrown and contains 8-10 fieldstones and 1 broken headstone. The first burials took place in 1833 with the last being 1966. A lot of the old families that lived in the area are buried there.

I walked and read all existing and legible headstones and markers in this cemetery Jun 22, 2005.

- Anne Braun

Aleshire, Mary, b. Dec 22, 1858, d. Jan 22, 1931, s/w Thomas
Aleshire, Thomas W., b. May 5, 1851, d. Jul 19, 1914
Blosser, .Barbara A., d. Sep 7, 1859, age 10 days, d/o Isaac and Mary
Blosser, Annie, d. May 27, 1862, age 1yr 7mn and 8da, d/o Isaac and Mary, s/w Barbara and Mira
Blosser, Daniel, d. Nov 27, 1898, age 78yr 8mn and 26da
Blosser, Diana, b. Jun 10, 1831, d. Jul 1, 1833
Blosser, Isaac M., d. Nov 23, 1906, age 73yr 8mn and 17da
Blosser, Lydia, b. Sep 1, 1829, d. Feb 10, 1833
Blosser, Mira T., d. Aug 5, 1865, age 7mn and 28da, d/o Isaac and Mary
Blosser, Samuel Milton, b. Jun 23, 1867, d. Sep 8, 1907, age 40yr 2mn and 15da
Blosser, Sarah M., d. May 9, 1873, age 4mn and 6da, d/o I.M. and M.M
Burner, Edith B., d. Jun 4, 1917, age 27 years, w/o W.L. Burner
Comar, Mary, d. Dec 25, 1901, age 51yr and 1mn, w/o William
Comar, William G., d. Jan 16, 1892, age 51 years
Corbin, Luther, d. Feb 24, 1894, age 1yr 1mn and 24da, s/o J.D. and M.A. Corbin
Corbin, Pearl, d. Sep 20, 1900, age 2yr and 11mn, d/o J.D. and M.A. Corbin
Foster, Carson C., b. 1947, d. 1950
Foster, Dorothy, b. 1911, d. 1913, s/w Simon, Carrie, and Dorothy
Foster, Fannie, b. Oct 2, 1876, d. Sep 20, 1886
Foster, George, b. 1909, d. 1924
Foster, Harold, b. Jul 13, 1921, d. Oct 5, 1924
Foster, Homer H., b. 1905, d. 1961
Foster, Simon M., b. 1870, d. 1939
Foster, Thomas, b. Jun 24, 1889, d. Jul 1932
Grayson, Benjamin F., d. Sep 11, 1893, age 78yr 11mn and 28da
Grayson, Caroline E., d. Jun 15, 1870, age 38yr 4mn and 23da, w/o Benjamin
Grayson, Mary C., b. 1838, d. 1921, w/o Benjamin
Grayson, Nellie M., d. Aug 6, 1880, age 19yr 5mn and 9da, d/o Benjamin and Caroline
Hauser, Abel A., d. Dec 28, 1885, age 1yr and 1mn, s/o J.F. and G.F. Hauser
Johnston, George, b. Jul 17, 1805, d. Mar 8, 1874, age 68yr 7mn and 20da
Johnston, Sarah A., d. Jun 22, 1880, age 80yr 10mn and 9da, w/o George
Judd, Dora L., b. Dec 24, 1863, d. Aug 16, 1942
Judd, James A., d. Dec 28, 1867, age 7mn and 23da
Judd, Joseph B., d. Sep 11, 1910
Judd, Otis H., d. Dec 24, 1892
Judd, Ruth, b. Sep 1899, d. Jul 1, 1900
Mercia, Ida E., d. Mar 13, 1915, age 50yr 11mn and 28da
Middleton, Helen Mae, d. Jun 5, 1915, d/o H.L. and M.C., Infant
Miller, Henry, b. Aug 27, 1835, d. Dec 13, 1909, age 74yr 3mn and 16da
Miller, James F., b. 1877, d. 1962
Miller, Mary E., b. 1873, d. 1947
Miller, Mary J., b. May 19, 1836, d. Aug 31, 1909, age 73yr 3mn and 11da
Musselman, Flora A., b. May 4, 1852, d. Mar 30, 1854
Nauman, Eliza, d. Jul 2, 1895, age 73yr 2mn and 10da
Pregraves. Iva Estell, d. Jun 20, 1915, age 10yr 2mn and 4da, d/o S.L. and J.L. Pregraves
Printz, Barbara, b. Apr 21, 1855, d. Nov 24, 1895
Printz, Leonard S., b. Dec 25, 1810, d. Apr 6, 1893, age 82yr 3mn and 12da
Printz, Lovey C., d. Mar 21, 1915, age 64 years
Printz, Nancy, b. Apr 5, 1815, d. Feb 12, 1913, w/o Leonard
Purdham, Clersey E., b. 1848, d. 1911
Richards, Diana, d. Jul 5, 1917, age 73yr 10mn and 5da, w/o John, Mother
Richards, Hiram, b. Aug 26,1879, d. Sep 12, 1886, s/o John and Diana
Richards, Ida Mae, d. Jul 12, 1966, age 80yr 5mn and 19da, Daughter
Richards, John W., d. Jun 15, 1917, age 68yr 7mn and 2da, Father
Richards, William, b. Feb 2, 1875, d. Sep 11, 1886, s/o John and Diana
Varner, Mary, d. Aug 19, 1868, age 18yr and 2mn, d/o Isaac and Mary
Young, Pamley L., d. Mar 17, 1922, age 56yr 2mn and 5da, w/o Casper

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