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Saint James Cemetery
King William County, Virginia

Rte 30 and Courthouse Lane
P.O. Box 114
King William, VA 23086

Lat: 37° 41' 05"N, Lon: 77° 00' 41"W

Submitted by Jeannette Seitz, Aug 26, 2006, last edited Feb 19, 2007 [j-gen@cox.net]. Total records = 99.

Cemetery is located on the north side of Rt. 30, near the intersection of Rte 30 and Courthouse Lane, just southeast of the King William Courthouse, beside the church.

The sign in front of Saint James Presbyterian Church states that it was built in 1894, so the cemetery probably was establish shortly thereafter. The cemetery appears to still be in use.

I assume that the church staff is responsible for maintaining the cemetery, which surrounds the church building on three sides and is in very good condition.

I have transcribed from the digital photos taken by my mother, Criss Faison, in May of 2005. This transcription includes all existing and legible headstones up to that date.

- Jeannette Seitz

Arnold, Vernon E., b. 1 Oct 1885, d. 27 May 1912
Bahlmann, Semira Abascal, b. 1915, d. 2001, "Wife", s/w William F. Bahlmann
Bahlmann, William Frederick, b. 1909, d. 1987, "Commander", "CDR US Navy World War II", s/w Semira A. Bahlmann
Banning, Dorothy Lee Puller, b. 12 Nov 1957, d. 23 Dec 1999, "Loving Mother"
Buckley, Benjamin C., b. 25 Oct 1894, d. 7 Oct 1967, "Virginia Pvt US Army World War I"
Campbell, Bessie Blackwell, b. none, d. 4 Dec 1950, "Her Christian faith was as real as the perfume of flowers", n/t Walter D. Campbell
Campbell, John H., b. 10 May 1889, d. 4 Oct 1964, n/t Thomas H. Campbell
Campbell, Thomas Healy, b. 21 Dec 1893, d. 9 Dec 1975, "Of New Farm", "Farmer and gentleman", n/t John H. Campbell
Campbell, Tommie McGuire, b. 30 Nov 1890, d. 17 Jun 1954, n/t Thomas H. and John H. Campbell
Campbell, Walter D., b. 7 Nov 1849, d. 18 Feb 1934, "Always loving and faithful", n/t Bessie B. Campbell
Cobb, Doris Lee, b. 24 May 1932, d. 9 Jan 2001, "Beloved mother", "Robert, Kenneth, Gregory, Carole"
Cobb, Lina J., b. 10 Nov 1907, d. 27 Dec 1978, s/w William T. Cobb
Cobb, William Thomas, b. 4 Sep 1899, d. 7 Mar 1980, s/w Lina J. Cobb
Davis, H. Linwood, b. 28 Dec 1929, d. 1 Jun 2001, s/w Virginia C. Davis
Davis, Virginia C., b. 28 Feb 1936, d. none, s/w H. Linwood Davis
Dykes, Ellen Rose Shivers, b. 19 Nov 1907, d. 10 Apr 1997, "Posie", "God is love", s/w Ray F. Dykes
Dykes, Ray Francis, b. 15 Feb 1909, d. 6 Aug 2000, "Dr.", "God is love", s/w Ellen R. S. Dykes
Francis, Ora Robinson, b. 1890, d. 1983, s/w Raymond B. Francis
Francis, Raymond Ben, b. 1900, d. 1984, s/w Ora R. Francis
Gara, Marjorie P., b. 4 Feb 1920, d. 8 Apr 2004, s/w Victor V. Gara
Gara, Victor V., b. 8 Dec 1907, d. 1 Nov 1988, "S Sgt US Army World War II", s/w Marjorie P. Gara
Garber, Charles F., b. 11 Aug 1887, d. 8 Dec 1962, "At rest", n/t Thelma W. Garber
Garber, Christy Ann Lockhart, b. 21 Feb 1956, d. 7 Feb 1991, "He will wipe away all tears"
Garber, Emma L., b. 1879, d. 1959, "She gave her life for others"
Garber, John Lewis, b. 11 Jun 1895, d. 3 Mar 1971, "South Carolina Pvt US Marine Corps World War I", "God is our refuge and strength", s/w Marion S. Garber
Garber, Marion S., b. 21 Jan 1906, d. 23 Mar 1994, "God is our refuge and strength", s/w John L. Garber
Garber, Thelma Woodward, b. 1898, d. 1932, "Wife of C. F. Garber", "At rest", n/t Charles F. Garber
Garrett, Ada McEnery, b. 1 Jul 1874, d. 22 Apr 1928, "Born at Nottoway Courthouse, Virginia", "Her unselfishness, happiness and love made life beautiful", s/w Benjamin C. Garrett
Garrett, Benjamin Camm, Jr., b. 21 Dec 1899, d. 25 Feb 1973, "Clerk of Circuit Court of King William County from 7-19-1923 to 2-25-1973", n/t Thomas H. Garrett, Jr. and Ella T. R. Garrett
Garrett, Benjamin Camm, b. 22 Dec 1861, d. 17 Jul 1923, "Born at Longwood, King William County, Virginia", "An honest man is the noblest work of God", s/w Ada M. Garrett
Garrett, Camm S., b. 9 Feb 1821, d. 18 Mar 1875, "Beloved in life and lamented in death. He was an honest man, the noblest work of God. Blessed are the pure in heart.", n/t wife Caroline E. Garrett
Garrett, Caroline E., b. 17 Mar 1824, d. 1 Mar 1892, "Wife of Camm S. Garrett", "Gone but not forgotten", n/t Camm S. Garrett
Garrett, Caroline Elizabeth, b. 6 May 1898, d. 27 Jun 1899, "Asleep in Jesus", s/w John E. Garrett
Garrett, Caroline Harris, b. 29 Apr 1906, d. 20 Aug 1961, "Born at Longwood", n/t John M. and Marion F. Garrett
Garrett, Edward Chaisty, b. 3 May 1914, d. 31 May 1979, "MSGT US Army World War II", "A fool takes no pleasure in understanding but only in expressing his own opinion", s/w Helen M. Garrett
Garrett, Ella Thomas Robins, b. 5 May 1903, d. 21 Jan 1979, n/t Benjamin C. Garrett, Jr., Thomas H. Garrett, Jr. and Edward C. Garrett
Garrett, Helen Margaret, b. 19 Jul 1920, d. 29 Dec 1984, "A fool takes no pleasure in understanding but only in expressing his own opinion", s/w Edward C. Garrett
Garrett, John Edward, b. 22 Nov 1901, d. 22 Feb 1903, "Asleep in Jesus", s/w Caroline E. Garrett
Garrett, John McEnery, b. 26 Apr 1904, d. 31 Aug 1946, "Blessed are they who die in the Lord", s/w Marion F. Garrett
Garrett, Marion Fox, b. 24 Jul 1903, d. 23 Aug 1965, "Blessed are they who die in the Lord", s/w John M. Garrett
Garrett, Thomas Henry, Jr., b. 4 Feb 1937, d. 18 Sep 2002, "A gentle soul", n/t Benjamin C. Garrett, Jr. and Ella T. R. Garrett
Garriock, Elizabeth G., b. 20 Aug 1880, d. 24 May 1954, s/w Frederick J. Garriock
Garriock, Frederick J., b. 23 Mar 1885, d. 17 Sep 1945, s/w Elizabeth G. Garriock
Gatewood, Franklin Bates, Jr., b. 19 Oct 1929, d. 30 Nov 1942, "Our loved one", n/t Franklin B. Gatewood
Gatewood, Franklin Bates, b. 1893, d. 1951, n/t Franklin B. Gatewood, Jr.
Gatewood, Maggie Garber, b. 28 May 1920, d. 7 Oct 2003, "I am the light of the world. He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life", s/w Warren T. Gatewood
Gatewood, Warren Temple, b. 16 Aug 1921, d. 15 Jun 2003, "US Army World War II, Silver Star medal, Purple Heart", "I am the light of the world. He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life", s/w Maggie G. Gatewood
Gatewood, William S., b. 2 Mar 1970, d. 31 Aug 1988, "Son", "Asleep in Jesus"
Hall, John Edward, b. 1 May 1923, d. 30 Aug 1965, "Gone but not forgotten"
Hargrove, Elsie J., b. 25 May 1898, d. 1 Jan 1975, "Faith hope love", n/t James Hargrove and James Hargrove, Jr.
Hargrove, James, Jr., b. 17 Mar 1921, d. 11 Dec 1950, "Virginia PVT 9207 Tech Svc Unit", "Love is love forevermore", n/t James and Elsie Hargrove
Hargrove, James, b. 4 Nov 1870, d. 31 Jul 1943, "At rest", "I will fear no evil for Thou art with me", n/t Elsie J. and James Hargrove, Jr.
Heffler, Jack, b. 1883, d. 1936, s/w Willie Ann Heffler
Heffler, Willie Ann, b. 1889, d. 1971, s/w Jack Heffler
Hill, Bernard Winston, b. 1878, d. 1940, "In loving memory by his devoted wife: He had a smile for every one, A heart as pure as gold, To those who knew and loved him, His memory will never grow old", s/w Ethel E. Hill
Hill, Clarence, b. 4 May 1880, d. 21 May 1957, s/w Lenore B. Hill
Hill, Ethel Eldredge, b. 1875, d. 1967, s/w Bernard W. Hill
Hill, Lenore B., b. none, d. 10 Jan 1993, s/w Clarence Hill
Hill, Leonard W., b. 18 Sep 1889, d. 4 Oct 1946, s/w Mae Hill
Hill, Mae, b. 30 Jul 1900, d. 13 Oct 1945, s/w Leonard W. Hill
Hughes, Betty Lou Gatewood, b. 31 Mar 1943, d. 5 Jun 2001, "A better mother a child could not have. A better wife a man could not want. A better woman God could not give", s/w Wilbert G. Hughes
Hughes, Wilbert "Will" G., b. 24 Jan 1943, d. none, s/w Betty Lou Gatewood Hughes
Johnson, Anthony W., b. 15 Nov 1963, d. 21 Dec 1977, n/t William L. and Ruth L. Johnson
Johnson, Ruth L., b. 5 Oct 1923, d. none, s/w William A. Johnson
Johnson, William A., b. 1 Sep 1904, d. 2 Feb 1977, s/w Ruth L. Johnson
Kent, Gertie Adams, b. 17 Dec 1919, d. 27 Apr 1983, n/t Richard T. Kent
Kent, Richard Temple, b. 28 Sep 1912, d. 28 Oct 1966, n/t Gertie A. Kent
King, M. Chandler, b. 7 May 1846, d. 3 Jan 1932
Littlepage, Robert B., b. 23 Jul 1876, d. 11 Jan 1949, n/t Virginia L. Littlepage
Littlepage, Virginia Lee, b. 16 Apr 1866, d. 19 Aug 1923, "Wife of R. B. Littlepage", "Mother", "The souls of the just art in the hands of God. They are in peace", n/t Robert B. Littlepage
Morris, Virginia B., b. 25 Feb 1906, d. 12 Mar 1985, s/w Zack L. Morris
Morris, Zack L., b. 29 Mar 1911, d. 1 May 1993, s/w Virginia B. Morris
Puller, Annie O., b. 15 Apr 1873, d. 6 Mar 1939, n/t John B. M. and Madison W. Puller
Puller, Cary Overton, Jr., b. 25 May 1921, d. 18 Oct 1981, "Tec5 US Army World War II", s/w Doris C. Puller
Puller, Cary Overton, b. 1 Dec 1896, d. 18 Apr 1972, s/w Dorothy R. Puller
Puller, Doris C., b. 2 Sep 1921, d. 11 Nov 1992, s/w Cary O. Puller, Jr.
Puller, Dorothy R., b. 9 Nov 1899, d. 28 Jul 1971, s/w Cary O. Puller
Puller, John B. M., b. 8 Jun 1862, d. 13 Apr 1934, n/t Annie O. and Madison W. Puller
Puller, Madison W., b. 21 Dec 1891, d. 1 Oct 1943, n/t John B. M. and Annie O. Puller
Pumphrey, Hannah Garrett, b. 26 Sep 1910, d. 26 Nov 1992, "She lived for others"
Regester, Lucy Overton Campbell, b. 9 Mar 1894, d. 23 Mar 1970, "Wife of Samuel Regester", n/t Thomas H., Tommie M. and John H. Campbell
Robinson, Amelia, b. 1863, d. 1952
Rouzie, Kate Lewis, b. 1862, d. 1914, "Beloved wife of W. D. Rouzie", "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die"
Rouzie, Robert A., b. 13 Jun 1896, d. 20 May 1910, "Son of W. D. and K. L. Rouzie", "Of such is the kingdom of heaven", "At rest"
Rouzie, William D., b. 5 Nov 1846, d. 17 Feb 1917, "He was made kingly through his kindness", "Woodmen of the World Memorial"
Russell, Jannett, b. 1850, d. 1949, "At rest", s/w John Russell
Russell, John, b. 1853, d. 1942, "At rest", s/w Jannett Russell
Saunders, John Clarke, M.D., b. 29 Jul 1918, d. 24 Mar 2001, "In science as in life, achievement is the offspring of love"
Scott, Anna C., b. 10 Jan 1870, d. 15 Feb 1957, "At rest", s/w Walter L. Scott
Scott, Walter L., b. 23 Nov 1867, d. 13 Dec 1933, "At rest", s/w Anna C. Scott
Taylor, Burnley, no dates
White, Baby 1, no dates
White, Baby 2, no dates
White, Brydie W., Jr., b. 18 Jan 1924, d. none, s/w Margaret McD. White
White, Margaret McD., b. 27 Mar 1921, d. none, s/w Brydie W. White
White, Mary Hodges, b. 14 Aug 1921, d. 9 Jul 1996, "Wife of William Edward White", "Sleep in heavenly peace"
White, Maud C., b. 28 Sep 1906, d. 4 Feb 1945, "Wife of William E. White", "Faithful and loyal unto death"
White, William Edward, b. 2 May 1908, d. 23 Mar 1990, "Forever with the Lord"
Wood, Steptoe Christian Campbell, b. 7 Jul 1887, d. 22 Feb 1975, "Light beamed around her like the glory of morning", n/t Thomas H., Tommie M. and John H. Campbell

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