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Woolfolk Cemetery
DeJarnette, Caroline County, Virginia

Route 721 (Sparta Road) DeJarnette VA

Lat: 37° 59' 24"N, Lon: 77° 19' 19"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, Nov 04, 2010, last edited Nov 06, 2010 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 19.

From DeJarnette, go .6 miles northwest on Route 721 (Sparta Road) until you reach a gravel road that has a gated entrance. Go though the gate and go .8 miles south on the gravel road until you reach a brick house. The cemetery is behind the house about .25 miles south.

This is a small family cemetery that I found in poor condition. There was some vegetation overgrowth that was in the cemetery. All of the burials that are in there are from the Woolfolk family who lived in a manor/farm called "Mulberry Place". The last two burials took place in 1958.

The property owner talked to me about this cemetery. He said that about fifteen years ago, some of the descendents of the family came to visit the cemetery and took two headstones with them.

I walked this cemetery on Oct 30, 2010.

- Anne Braun

*indicates that the headstone is missing

Roper, Anna Eliza, b. Jun 10, 1846, d. Apr 19, 1850, age 3yr 10mo, d/o William and E.C. Roper
Roper, Elizabeth Carr, b. 1821, d. 1902
Roper, Louise, b. Aug 23, 1851, d. Jul 1, 1856, d/o William and E.C. Roper
Roper, William Winston, b. 1818, d. 1866
Roper, Willie, b. May 10, 1850, d. Mar 18, 1855, s/o William and E.C. Roper
Woolfolk, Anna Barton, b. Jul 18, 1870, d. Oct 21, 1958
Woolfolk, Edmund Winston, b. Feb 3, 1854, d. Aug 2, 1933
Woolfolk, Elizabeth T., b. Nov 4, 1862, d. Sep 6, 1945
Woolfolk, Elizabeth, b. Mar 26, 1796, d. Dec 16, 1876, In her 80th year*
Woolfolk, Ellen Broadnax, b. Jan 27, 1834, d. Jun 16, 1848, d/o Jourdan and E.T. Woolfolk
Woolfolk, Emma B., b. Jul 12, 1863, d. Mar 27, 1945
Woolfolk, John W., b. Jun 27, 1823, d. Jul 7, 1891
Woolfolk, Jourdan, b. Jul 23, 1796, d. Jun 6, 1868, In his 71st year*
Woolfolk, Jourdan, b. Sep 27, 1859, d. Feb 17, 1934
Woolfolk, Lucy M., b. Aug 1, 1874, d. Feb 1, 1939, d/o J.W. and Lucy Woolfolk
Woolfolk, Lucy T., b. Mar 25, 1832, d. Jan 27, 1914
Woolfolk, Mary Morris, b. Feb 25, 1867, d. May 16, 1958
Woolfolk, Sally Winston, b. May 8, 1829, d. Jan 22, 1851, age 21yr, d/o Jourdan and E.T. Woolfork
Woolfolk, William R., b. Aug 1, 1864, d. Dec 23, 1948

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