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Shiloh Methodist Cemetery
Caroline County, Virginia

22410 Mattaponi Trail, Milford VA
Lat: 37° 55' 24"N, Lon: 77° 13' 25"W

Contact; P.O. Box 513
Bowling Green, VA 22427
(804) 633-9429

Contributed by Jeannette Seitz, Jan 24, 2004, last edited Feb 21, 2007 [j-gen@cox.net]. Total records = 47.

From Interstate 95, take the Doswell exit, #98, and travel east on VA Rt. 30 for 5.1 miles to Caroline. Turn north (left) on US 301 and travel 6.8 miles. Turn east (right) on VA Rt. 654 and travel 2.9 miles. Turn Right (southeast) on Mattaponi Trail and travel 2.2 miles to church and cemetery.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the Shiloh United Methodist Church, which was founded in 1832 and still meets today. This means the cemetery perhaps started shortly after that date. The presence of recent dates on some headstones indicates to me that they are still accepting burials.

This contains all existing and legible headstones, which I have transcribed from photos taken by my mother, Criss Faison, in September 2003 and am submitting with her permission.

- Jeannette Seitz

Beasley, Eugene Earl, b. 25 May 1913, d. 2 Sep 1916, "Our Darling"
Broaddus, Ethel Mead, b. 27 Jan 1873, d. 1 Dec 1921, "He leadeth me beside the still waters", next to James Irvin Broaddus
Broaddus, Ida C., b. 7 May 1855, d. 23 Jul 1934, next to James Irvin Broaddus
Broaddus, James Irvin, b. 30 Nov 1839, d. 8 Nov 1918, "In Memorium", "Blessed are the pure at heart", between Ethel Mead Broaddus and Ida C. Broaddus, (stone is damaged)
Broaddus, Mary E. (Eliza), b. 24 Aug 1893, d. 6 Dec 2002, s/w husband Woodford S. Broaddus
Broaddus, Mary Temple, b. 3 Aug 1916, d. 30 Mar 2001, "In Thee, O Lord, Do I put my trust. Psalm 71", daughter of Woodford S. & Mary E. Broaddus
Broaddus, Mollie Wright, b. 1852, d. 1926, "In the shadow of His wings will I make my refuge", next to Woodford Broaddus
Broaddus, Woodford S. (Silas), b. 30 Jan 1889, d. 21 Sep 1966, s/w wife Mary E. Broaddus
Broaddus, Woodford, b. 1844, d. 1920, "Blessed is the man whose strength is in Thee", next to Mollie Wright Broaddus
Chenault, Laura Ann Pruett, grave marked with small upright marker labeled only "L.A.C.", (b. 6 Feb 1854, d. 6 Feb 1936)
DeLoach, Joan L. Shelby, b. 25 Apr 1940, d. 20 Feb 1991, m. 20 Aug 1955, s/w John David DeLoach, "In God's Care"
DeLoach, John David, b. 10 Jan 1933, d. no date, m. 20 Aug 1955, s/w Joan L. Shelby DeLoach, "In God's Care"
Dunn, Andrew J., b. 1833, d. 1909, "Co. K, 30 Regt VA Inf CSA"
Dunn, J. J., b. 4 Jan 1858, d. 26 Jan 1914
Dyson, John W., b. 2 Oct 1858, d. 15 Aug 1920, "Twas hard to give thee up, but Thy will, O God, be done", next to William Roy Dyson
Dyson, Mattie S., b. 4 Dec 1867, d. 10 Jul 1947, "Twas hard to give thee up, but Thy will, O God, be done", next to John W. Dyson
Dyson, William Roy, b. 1906, d. 1980, next to John W. Dyson
Gouldin, Alfred B., b. 13 Jul 1904, d. 20 Feb 1908, "son of R. B. and P. B. Gouldin"
Gouldin, Pattye B., b. 20 May 1881, d. 9 Apr 1945, "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills", next to husband Robert B. Gouldin
Gouldin, Robert B., b. 9 May 1881, d. 14 Apr 1965, "The Lord is my strength and my shield", next to wife Pattye B. Gouldin
Gravatt, Myrtle, b. 1871, d. 1930, next to William Gravatt
Gravatt, William, b. 1860, d. 1921, next to Myrtle Gravatt
Kidd, Daisy B., b. 8 Nov 1880, d. 13 Jul 1937, next to William Kidd, she has 2 stones with the same information - an old barely-legible one and a newer-looking one
Kidd, Joseph T. (Thomas), b. 12 Sep 1870, d. 14 Jan 1950, next to wife Mozelle B. Kidd
Kidd, Mozelle B. (Broaddus), b. 16 Jul 1881, d. 6 May 1923, "Asleep in Jesus", next to husband Joseph T. Kidd
Kidd, William Gwathmey, b. 24 Nov 1907, d. 19 Jun 1918, "Only son of Joseph Thomas and Mozelle Broaddus Kidd", footstone "W. G. K.", next to Annie Broaddus Upshaw
Kidd, William, b. Sep 1879, d. 3 Jul 1953, "Men's Bible Class, Leigh St. Baptist Church", next to Daisy B. Kidd, stone is worn and difficult to read
Mama, b. 6 Jun 1837, d. 1 Mar 1908, "At rest", next to Willie, (stone is old and worn)
Mundie, Emma Jane, b. 18 Jul 1883, d. 29 Dec 1949, "Gone but not forgotten"
Mundie, Thomas Jeff, b. 4 Nov 1896, d. 16 Sep 1975, "Pvt US Army WWI"
Richardson, Harry Leonard, Sr., b. 8 Jun 1888, d. 17 Feb 1973, next to Virginia B. Richardson and Stuart B. Richardson
Richardson, Stuart Broaddus, b. 31 Jan 1925, d. 19 May 1925, "Son", "Of such is the kingdom of heaven", next to Harry L. Richardson, Sr.
Richardson, Virginia Broaddus, b. 26 Aug 1886, d. 17 Feb 1976, next to Harry L. Richardson, Sr.
Seal, Alice E. (Edwards), b. 11 Sep 1872, d. 28 Dec 1954, s/w husband Charles R. Seal
Seal, Charles R. (Rosser), b. 20 Feb 1876, d. 17 May 1944, s/w wife Alice E. Seal.
Seal, Gabriella H. (Harrison) Pruett, b. 8 Dec 1843, d. 13 May 1917, s/w husband Lawrence B. Seal, "Our Parents", " Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord", "Asleep in Jesus"
Seal, Lawrence B. (Battle), b. 19 May 1847, d. 7 Mar 1917, s/w wife Gabriella H. Pruett, "Our Parents", " Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord", "Asleep in Jesus"
Shepherd, Mattie, b. 24 Sep 1854, d. 9 Jul 1884, "In memory of Mattie Shepherd, wife of M. W. Gayle of Richmond, VA", "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Nea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me", "Thoa art gone but not forgotten"
Upshaw, Annie Broaddus, b. 28 Jan 1866, d. 19 May 1945, footstone "A. B. U.", "Jesus cover o'er my soul, let me to Thy bosom", next to William Gwathmey Kidd
Upshaw, Carl Douglas, Sr., b. 20 May 1926, d. 12 Mar 2003, s/w Margarette Carter, "The Lord is my shepherd"
Upshaw, Edwin Thomas, Jr., b. 25 May 1917, d. 7 Jun 2001, m. 19 Jan 1952, s/w Sally Ann Wild Upshaw, footstone: "T Sgt US Army WWII Purple Heart"
Upshaw, Ernest Lynwood, b. 8 Mar 1928, d. 12 Apr 2003, "Sgt. US Army Korea"
Upshaw, J. T., d. 13 Nov 1928, "Thoa art Gone But Not Forgotten"
Upshaw, Margarette Carter, b. 15 Sep 1934, (no death date), s/w Carl Douglas Upshaw, Sr., "The Lord is my Shepherd"
Upshaw, Sally Ann Wild, b. 31 Dec 1925, (no death date), m. 19 Jan 1952, s/w Edwin Thomas Upshaw, Jr.
Upshur, Virginia, b. 1857, d. 3 Mar 1942, "Gone But Not Forgotten"
Willie, b. 20 Aug 1871, d. 11 Mar 1907, "At rest", next to Mama, (stone is old and worn)

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