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Beazley Burial Ground
Smoots, Caroline County, Virginia

Smoot's Mill, Smoots, VA
Lat: 38° 01' 04"N, 77° 16' 44"W

Contributed by Jeannette Seitz, Jan 25, 2004, last edited Feb 21, 2007 [j-gen@cox.net]. Total records = 10.

They are on the northeast side of the road, across from historic Smoot's Mill (c. 1868), which is still standing and marked with a small sign on the roadside. This location is just south of the boundary of Fort A. P. Hill, and just northwest of the intersection of Smoots Road (Rt. 640) and Perimeter Rd. (Rt. 641).

These ten graves are located along the side of Smoots Road adjacent to an agricultural field. They appear to be the responsibility of the property owner and are not well kept. Some of the stones are broken or damaged, and are in danger of being buried.

Considering the condition of the grounds and the latest date there of 1974, I doubt any additional burials will be made there. I have heard that there are many more unmarked graves in the field at this location, but I cannot substantiate that information.

This is all the stones we found in September 2003, which I have transcribed from photos taken by my mother, Criss Faison, at that time and used with her permission.

- Jeannette Seitz

Beazley, Annie L., b. 1893, d. 1963, nee Annie Louie Howard, wife of James Power Beazley
Beazley, David, "Thornton's Co. VA Arty CSA", (no dates), stone is old and worn
Beazley, Ellis D. (Doswell), b. 28 Nov 1917, d. 14 Sep 1974, "Footie"
Beazley, J. (James) Maxie, b. 1914, d. 1962 (10 Dec 1862), "Rest in Peace"
Beazley, James P. (Power), b. 1871, d. 1943
Beazley, Pvt. Charles E., b. 1831 (June), d. 1917, "Co. D 30 VA Regt CSA", husband of Mary Jennie Chandler Beazley
Beazley, S. (Scott) Roosevelt, b. 1922, d. 1947, "Rest in Peace", son of James Power Beazley
Beazley, W. (William) Hazel, b. 1911, d. 1966 (16 Jun), "Rest in Peace"
Fraughnaugh, John H., b. 3 Feb 1874, no death date remains, stone is broken/damaged
Fraughnaugh, Louise P., b. 15 May 1848, d. 29 Sep 1924, stone is broken/damaged

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